Warren and Karen think they are out for a good evening together but the horror the awaits them. ( my tences and punctuation are not great but hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you would like more. )
The evening was warm and Warren and Karen made their way up to the VIP entrance of the latest club in town. Warren had been put on the guest list by one of his high profile clients. The main entrance was heaving with scantily clad sexy, horny boys and girls waiting their turn to get into the club as the hypnotic beats of the dance floor spilled out onto the streets.

Karen was dressed in a gorgeous yellow, orange and red sheer chiffon dress with no underwear. Her nipples pressing up against the fabric of the dress and clearly visible. The outline of her knickerless shaved pussy showing as the street lights shone from behind her. Her hair worn up and sexy 4 inch red open toe stilettos covered her stunning feet. Her finger and toe nails painted silver. Warren had on a black Armani suite, white shirt and black ankle high square toed boots, silver cuff links and jacket in hand.

The two approached the two handsome, muscle bound doormen waiting to usher them into the VIP section. The two of them could not take their eyes off of Karen. Their large cocks straining against their black trousers and as they showed the pair through the larger of the two stroked his hand over Karen's tight ass cheeks. Karen's little pussy twitching as he did. At the reception they were greeted by a young very pretty hostess who introduced herself as Tamryn and handed each of them a glass of champagne. She Warren's hand and in doing so lead them to the VIP area. It was jaw dropingly lavish and they were seated on the softest of white, warm leather sofas just opposite the bar. Tamryn removed their coats and bags and said she would return shortly. On her return she placed a small silver tray on the glass and stone coffee table in front of them. On it was an array of mind altering drugs. " These are on the house and any others you may want and or need, but if I may make a small suggestion, the red ones are new and after having one myself last night I can truly say they are the cleanest longest lasting high, I have ever had." Tamryn then refilled their glasses and retreated from the table, licking her plump lips and starring at Karen as she did. 

Karen looked at Warren " I think I might just go with Tamryns suggestion" and without even checking if he was keen popped the first one into her mouth and the other into Warren's. They washed them down with what was left in their glasses and sat chatting in eager stomach churning anticipation for some time before the first mild reactions were felt. " I think I'm coming on " said Karen and before Warren could even reply the player were slung head first into whirlwind rush of pure exhilaration and ecstasy. Not being able to move a limb or lift their heads from the sofa but knowing and seeing  everything that was going on out of body in three dimensional high definition and every sound as clear as crystal. After sitting there for what felt like hours in a pure trance like bliss people began to appear. Naked, sexy large and small breasted woman and massive, muscular large cocked men both black and white alike. They began to massage, pinch, lick, pull and suck every inch of flesh they could find and when there was no more un-clothed skin they began to rip and pull the pairs clothing until they were naked. Cock and cunt were pulled and sucked. Tits and nipples were squeezed and pinched and then their legs were yanked apart. Darkness followed without any sound or sensation.

" He's coming too Frank, is everything ready?" " Slap that whore of his and wake her up. " ordered Jerry.  Warren's blurred vision cleared to see Frank, a large, naked, bald man slam his flat hand throuogh Karen's face, her naked, hanging spread eagle body shuddering with the force of the slap as piss began pouring down from in between her wide stretched legs as she shakily came too . Her face turning purple where the hand had made contact and her expression becoming one of terror as she realised her and Warren's predicament.

Warrens stomach churning inside as a nausea like no other came over him. He's princess was being hurt and he could do nothing to stop the things about to unfurl. He and Karen were hanging buy their wrists in spread eagle position, their legs pulled wide apart and bound at the ankles. They were opposite and facing each other with a gap of about three meters between them and when Warren tried to scream out for Karen he realised they had both been fitted with ball gags and no amount of screaming would make a difference.

A quick panicked look around gave Warren a view of an enormous dungeon with what looked like bondage devices and torture equipment mounted all over the walls. There must have been 10 or 12 naked men and woman in the main area. All bound or shackled, wearing leather collars or latex suites with perfectly placed holes revealing swollen tits, abused cunts, rock hard cocks and tortured ass cheeks. There was also the big bald man who had slapped Karen, two other larger men who Warren remembered as being the doormen, another not so big middle aged man who seemed to be the one in charge and two completely latex clad woman, Tamryn and one other equally sexy but aggressive looking woman. She caught Warren starring  at her and in seconds marched up to him, grabbed his cock in her hand, looked him in the eye and said " What the fuck are you hoping to do with this slave?" and looked back down at his cock. Warren had not realised but his cock was rock hard and precome was streaming from it's end. He didn't answer but looked at her in disbelief. " Answer me you fucking slave!" she screamed as she squeezed his balls like a vice in her fist. " Mnthng! " Warren mumbled through his ball gag. 

" Oh but you will slave, you will do what you are told to do, you will fuck, suck, lick and be fucked on demand as will your whore wife." explained the woman and she yanked Warren's ball down firmly. A deep grunt escaping his gagged mouth. " I am Mistress Dahlia, you will call me this always unless otherwise instructed."  Dahlia then turned to Karen and without a word grabbed her by the face and spat in it.  Then turning to Frank she says " Tie her wrists to her ankles, turn her around and then untie him, he is to flog her 50 times and she will count every one until he is done, if she misses one he is to start from the beginning again and the same applies for a flogging the is too soft." " I'll see to it Mistress." and so he began.

After rearranging how Karen was bound, removing her gag and spinning her bondage device around so that her voluptuous round sweating ass was facing Warren, Frank leaned over to Warren and whispered in his ear. " You will do good to flog this whore as hard as you can because if you don't I will. You understand slave?" Warren looked Frank in the eyes and nodded with a clear understanding. 

Frank began to untie Warren's feet and wrists. Once released, Warren almost collapsed as his legs made contact with the floor but for a soft warm hand gave him the support needed to stay upright. Warren turned to see who had helped him. It was Tamryn and her warm angelic eyes seemed to bring calm to Warren's sole. " Everything will be okay, get through these next three days and all will be good." she whispered. " Frank is a piece of work though, so do as he says or your wife will suffer." and she kissed him on his forehead and made her way over to where Karen was doubled over and bound. SLAP! She had smacked her hand hard on Karens gorgeous right cheek. SLAP! An ever harder one on her left. On both occasions Karen wincing fiercely. Tamryn then leaned over and placing a hand on each ass cheek, wrenched then apart and licked Karen from cunt to ass, her mouth filling with Karen deliciously dripping juices. A muffled sigh leaving Karens mouth. Tamryn then moved around to Karens front and whispered in her ear, " Be strong and try to enjoy as much of this as you can, but do as you are told " then kissing Karen's face she walked away.

Seeing this made Warren's cock ache as the blood filled it to capacity, precum dripping from its end as he stood behind his now slightly whimpering wife's sexy bound body, a still ruby hand print on both her ass cheeks. SWISH, CRACK! A searing pain shot through Warren's back as he dropped to one knee. " That is how you will flog the whore " Frank scoffed as he shoved the large thick leather tasselled flogger into Warren's hand. " Now get cracking slave and remember, I am happy to step in any time." Frank smirked as he walked, large cock swaying from side to side and sat on a large leather chair adjacent to Karen. "Start slave!" he shouted " and don't forget to count, whore." he directed at Karen. Warren razed his arm hesitantly for the first time and Frank began to slowly and firmly stroke his cock, CRACK!! " AAAAH! Screamed Karen as the long, thick leather tassels slashed across her gorgeous ass and lower back. " Count, bitch!" bellowed Frank. "Flog her again slave! CRACK! "AAAAH, two" screamed Karen. " No whore, that's one." shouted Frank, jerking his cock. "Start again!" CRACK! "AAAAH, ONE!" screeched Karen " Yes, dirty cunt, yes! Again slave and don't you dare let up." ordered Frank as his cock now began to show it's full enormous size. CRACK! Went the flogger again and this time making full contact with Karen's tight ass hole and cunt lips. "AAAAH" came a scream again " Two!" moaned Karen almost breathlessly her legs quivering slightly. Warren's cock also now engorged to it's fullest and ached for some relief. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK went the flogger again each followed by a moan and number shouted out by Karen."Ten,eleven............twenty three" the cracking of the flogger ever loud and Karen's screams becoming moans and whimpers. Her ass, lower back, inner thighs and pussy a mixture of blood red and shades of purple. A stream of pussy juice running from her swollen cunt and her legs barely able to hold her up anymore. 

Frank got up, his huge dripping cock in hand and walked over to the front of Karen and looking over her at Warren said, "Don't, fucking, STOP! Flog this cunt or I will!" and he grabbed Karen's hair with his left hand and yanked her head upward, CRACK!! went the flogger and as Karen opened her mouth to scream again, Frank rammed his dripping, fist like cock head into the back of her throat and held it there, forcing it deeper. " Flog her now!"CRACK!! "Again!!" CRACK!! And Franks cock slid down her throat, his almost tennis ball size balls up against her chin. Karen began to gag and wretch on his cock."That's it you dirty cock sucking whore, take it all" And Frank steadily began to slip his cock out of her throat letting her takes a deep breath before shoving it seamlessly to the hilt down her throat again. Karen's eyes bloodshot and bulging with every thrust on Franks massive cock down her throat, saliva, tears and precum dripping off her face, her body convulsing as it battled for air. Warren's flogging intensifying and getting harder as he watched Frank fuck Karen's face. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!!!.....forty eight, forty nine and fifty went the last and most painful of the floggings. Warren dropped the flogger and made towards Karen but was immediately grabbed from behind and halted by four strong, muscular arms. "Terry, Geoff, bring the slave this side so he can see his whore take my seed." came Franks all to familiar bellow. 

Warren's quick look around at who Terry and Geoff were, revealed them to be the two doorman from earlier that evening. Both wore latex suites with their massive cocks hanging intimidatingly from the front and their asses bare for all to see. Both Terry and Geoff were at least 6 foot 8 inches tall. Geoff, a very handsome, clean shaven, balled and well groomed African American with an enormous circumcised cock,  who despite his size seemed to have a very friendly face and disposition. Terry, was dark haired, rugged and unshaven, aside from his gigantic, horse like uncircumcised cock which was smooth and hairless. His face, model like but harder than Geoff's with it's full lips and blue eyes. They quickly shunted Warren around to Karen's front where the unbearable sigh of Franks huge saliva covered cock sliding into Karen's face was presented to him. Frank looked him in the eyes and said "Are you watching slave?" and with that he pulled his 10 inch cock from her throat, yanked her head up more firmly with his left hand again so that Karen's mouth fell open and with his right hand firmly jacked his cock off until finally with a gut wrenching bellow he shot load after load straight into Karen's gaping mouth. Thick, off white cum filled her mouth and when it was full Frank shot three more massive loads over her face. Without a word of warning Frank plunged his now slightly deflated but ever large cock head back into Karen's mouth forcing her to do but one thing and that was to swallow what must have been a half a cup of his thick, salty cum. Frank then pounded his cock into her face three or four more times, the cum gurgling in her throat as he did. Frank then slid his softening cock from Karen's throat, stepped back from her letting her drop to the floor and proceeded to piss all over her body. He then turned leaving Karen collapsed and gasping for air in a pool of spit, piss and cum as he made his way back to his seat, shouting over his shoulder as he went." Let him clean the whore with his tongue then get them both ready for Dahlia and the Machine."

Terry and Geoff dragged Warren over to where Karen lay panting and shaking on the floor, removed his ball gag and explained to him that he was to lick every inch of Karen clean and not to miss a spot front or back. They then untied Karens wrists and ankles and lay her down on her back. "You have 30 minutes slave, best you get started." ordered Geoff as they both walk away and stood to one side. Crouching down besides Karen's face, his cock still rock hard. Warren began to lick Franks thick salty cum from Karen's lips, chin and cheeks and softly kissed her lips as he did. Karen seemed surprisingly calm and even gave off some very sexy and inviting moans as she was tongue bathed entirely by Warren and as he descended between her legs and reached her dripping swollen cunt, a strong stream of purest golden piss squirted into his face and mouth which he lapped up and swallowed eagerly. Warren then placed his lips over Karen's very engorged clit and feaverishly sucked on it" . "AAAAAH! OH, MY, FUCK!!" Karen screamed out and came convulsively, writhing and bucking on the floor as she did. Terry and Geoff both seemed to get more and more aroused the more they watched, their unbelievably large cocks swelling and begining to show their true girth and length. Terry's like that of a woman's fist and forearm and Geoff's like that of a mans, both freakishly large and both of whom were accompanied but a pair of tennis ball sized balls. 

Geoff and Terry stepped forward and grabbed Warren under his arms and pulled him up and away from Karen saying together " Times up slave, it's our turn now." then shoved him over waist high bench, spread his legs wide open and shackled them to the bench legs. The same was done to his arms on the other side of the bench and his ball gag replaced. The pair then made their way over to Karen, Terry grabbing her buy the hair and Geoff grabbing both her nipples and pulling her up violently, Karen screaming loudly as they did. Terry slapping her firmly through the face saying "Shut the fuck up whore." as they slam her tender dripping body down over a bench just in front of Warren. Her legs ripped apart and shackled as Warren's were, her dripping cunt gapping open. Her arms however tied behind her back and her hair pulled into a pony tail, bound and the rope pull through a pulley above her. Her head and upper body raised to a 90 degree angle so that Warren could see her face in the mirror on the opposite wall and she could see him. Clamps placed on both her nipples and small weights hung from both and lastly her ball gag replaced.

Terry and Geoff then took position on the left and right behind Warren. Terry poured oil all over Warren's back and ass then smeared it all over with his latex clad hands, making sure it coated every inch of Warren's back, ass, inner thighs, balls, cock and asshole, making sure to shove two or three fingers deep into it. Warren wincing and letting out a muffled groan of pain. Terry and Geoff stepped back slightly, Geoff raising his right had and Terry his left. Seconds later they began to consecutively slam their flat latex covered hands onto Warren's bare, oiled ass cheeks, Warren grunting with every blow. Karen seeing this became more and more arroused, her pussy twitching with every crack of their hands on Warren's ass and her clit swollen with excitement and her juices now streaming from her pussy hole. All she wanted now was cock, although seeing how fucking large Geoff's and Terry's had swollen too scared her no end.

Warren was now on roughly his thirtieth beating per cheek and although his ass was purple, the pain had almost become pleasurable and his cock again almost bursting at the seems, pre- cum practically pouring from it's swollen purple end. Geoff now squirting more oil over his ass and balls while Terry continued punishing Warren's ass but with every second CRACK!! of Terry's hand Geoff sunk three fingers into Warren's asshole. Soon it was four fingers and within 5 minutes had become Geoff's entire hand, Warren was being fisted, the pressure on his prostate bringing his balls to a point of explosion, then it all stopped. The slamming of his ass cheeks, the fisting of his asshole, it just stopped. Warren looked up and straight into the reflection of Karen's face, her eyes wide open in shock and in that second he realised why. There in the same mirror he saw Terry standing behind him, fully erect, uncut cock in hand and as if almost in slow motion  he watched and felt Terry slide just over half of it into his asshole and stop. " AAAARGH!!!" came the loud but muffled yell from Warren.

Terry didn't move once his cock was in leaving it buried for some time in Warren's ass hole then pushed in a little deeper. Steadily but firmly he began to slide himself all the way out then in again, a little deeper and firmer every time gripping his cock with a full fist at it's base to guide it as he slammed it now relentlessly into Warren. A little deeper every time until Warren .felt Terry's heavy, full balls slamming into his. Geoff had remained off and to the left behind Warren and was now jacking his cock as hard as he could but now moved around to Warren's front. He then dropped to his knees behind Karen and CRACK!!, " Aaaaaah Ffck!!" mumbled Karen as he slammed a massive hands down onto each of Karen's gorgeous orb shaped ass cheeks and pulls them apart exposing her completely. Geoff then leaned forward and started lapping away at her dripping cunt and tight little asshole, rimming it and forcing his thick tongue deep into both holes. Karen began to moan deeply as Geoff's tongue work began to pleasure her swollen clit, pussy lips and cunt hole. 

All the while Terry was still fucking Warren's ass, now sliding his cock head all the way out showing off Warren's now gaping hole, then slamming it all the way back in, his balls now slapping into Warren's firmly. Terry noticed Geoff's tonguing bringing on Karen's orgasm and with that he grabbed Warren with his right hand by the strap of the ball gag, raising his head to watch, then leaned forward impaling Warren to the hilt, swung his left arm around Warren and grabbed his almost bursting 9 inch cock and began to jack it off furiously. Karen began to wail as a torrent of orgasms shot through her body. Her hips bucking uncontrollably as the combination of the flogging, her nipples being clamped and tugged on, being bound as she was, utterly helpless, the sight of Warren being fucked relentlessly and Geoff licking her out drove her over the edge and to the most insane orgasm she had ever experienced. Her scream of pleasure lasting what felt like hours to Warren and along with Terry's now ferocious fucking of his ass, Terry's jerking of his cock and the sights and sounds infront of him Warren let out an almighty grunt " AAAAAAHH!!!!! " and a muffled but very loud " I'M COMING !!!!! " Then all at the same time, Geoff stood up and stepped back a little and yanked his cock with all his might pointing it at Karen's ass, Terry rammed his cock repeatedly into Warren and Jacked his cock down with every punctuated ramming and as he did, load after load of thick, brilliant white cum, shot from Warren's cock head, hitting Karen's ass. It must have been at least 7 or 8 massive loads. This set both Terry and Geoff off on a wave of ejaculation that only a horse could rival. What seemed like a hosing of thick, thick cum shot from Geoff's cock head covering Karen's back, cunt, asshole and legs. Terry on the other hand rammed his cock as deep as he could with every load and Warren felt it squirt powerfully into his ass filling his bowls and squirting out the sides as he rammed. Both letting out deep powerful groans and yells as they did. Karen feeling and hearing this managed to cum once more, this time squirting like a fountain as she did. 

Cum and piss dripping from her body, Geoff walked over to the front of Karen, his semi hard cock hanging in front of him still dripping cum. He raises his enormous cum coated cock head and after pulling the ball gag from her mouth shoves it into her mouth and says, " We are now going to fuck you so hard whore so get used to all your holes being filled you dirty little cunt!" and then forced his semi flaccid cock deep down her throat. Karen gagging, spit and cum dripping from her lips and chin once again, as he held it forcefully in the back of her throat until her face started going purple, then yanked it out leaving Karen gasping for air. " That's it cunt, take a deep breath ."  Geoff ordered, before shoving it into her throat once again, his cock seeming to be firming up again. Terry in the mean time, after untying Warren and leaving him draped and spent over the bench, cum dripping from his gaping asshole, made his way behind Karen. Her inviting cum coated ass and pussy all he had in mind and while Geoff's cock was still buried in her throat he shoved his right thumb viciously into her asshole and jurked it in and out. Then with his left hand he forced his slowly hardening uncut cock into her cunt, causing Karen to try and scream out fruitlessly around Geoff's cock which just slid further down her throat. " Aaaaaaaah yes!" Echoing moans of pure pleasure coming from both Terry and Geoff as their cocks once more filled with blood and stretched Karen's pussy walls and filled her throat.

Warren lifted his head to see Geoff's and Terry's cocks slide from Karen's face and cunt. Karen taking an enormous breath as Geoff's gigantic cock head almost popped out of her mouth. Her cunt gaping where Terry's cock had been and pussy juice dripping it. Geoff noticed Warren looking, " Come here slave! " he ordered. Warren stood up to join them and a stream of Terry's warm cum ran down his inner thighs. He came and stood next to Terry. "Get the oil" ordered Terry. Warren turned around and still not quite himself after his ass fucking obeyed. " Right, now we want you to oil up this whore asshole and fist fuck it, and if you don't Geoff or I will and you don't want that do you? " Terry said snidely. He then pulled his thumb roughly from Karen's asshole and gestured to it. Warren shook his head and began to squirt oil all over and into Karen's asshole. Geoff again forced his cock into Karen's mouth. Terry leaned forward spat on Karen's cunt, jacked his cock firmly a few times and pulled back his foreskin to reveal his large, pre-cum coated cock head and violently rammed it into Karen's cunt hole, sinking at least three quarters of it into her. Again, a soundless scream and again Geoff's cock slid deeper into her throat. They then both began to fuck their respective holes. Geoff slapping Warren in the face and screaming " Get, fucking, started mother fucker and fist fuck this cock sucking whore."  Warren began by sliding two, then three fingers into Karen's tight asshole. Terry first then Geoff increased their pace and depth of their fucking. Karen gurgling on spit and pre-cum as Geoff fucked her face with his cock head and first six inches of his cock. Terry was really going to town on her cunt now and was slamming his giant cock in as far as Karen's pussy could take it, his uncut cock head smashing into her cervix. Then pulling all the way out and grabbing his cock in hand slapped it into Karen's now massively engorged clit, causing her to jump and swallow more of Geoff's cock. As he smashed his cock back into her drooling cunt, Warren slid his fifth finger, then his entire hand into her stretched asshole and began fist fucking Karen's hot voluptuous, oil, cum and spit coated ass. He could feel Terry's cock sliding in and out, and before he knew it, his cock was stiff as a board and throbbing. His excitement causing him to loose control and his fisting became as rough and violent as Terry and Geoff's fucking. Their fucking and fisting reached fever pitch and in a split second Terry ripped his cock and Warren's hand from Karen's cunt and asshole, then plunged his bursting cock to the hilt into Karen's asshole. Geoff spun around to Karen's rear and forced his giant cock into her already gaping and dripping cunt to her cervix, then pushed it harder. Karen's scream, silenced by Warren's cock being rammed balls deep into her mouth. The three fucked her every hole faster and harder and Geoff and Terry slapped and pinched her ass cheeks with all their strength. Warren finally pulling his cock from her face and jerked it violently. Karen now able to scream with pleasure or pain did both, and howled " AAAAAAHHH! JESUS, FUCKING, CHRIST I'M CUMMING!!!!! Piss and cunt juice squirting everywhere. Geoff, Terry and Warren all yelling out AAAAAAHHH YES, FUCK YES!!!! As they all shot load after load after load of thick salty cum into Karen's cunt, mouth and ass, onto her face and then pulling out, all over her body. Then after untying Karen, the four of them collapsed in a pool of mixed and warm bodily fluids  

Geoff and Terry looking at each other and saying " What about Dahlia and the machine???.......................... Day Two................

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One of my favorites. Im up late night reading these dirty stories. I have no panties on just short bootie shorts. Between my legs is soak and wet . U gotta keep writting

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