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Bryan and Jamie reunite but is it a dream or reality? All characters are twenty-something+
Dreaming of Yesterday

Tags: lovers, dream, wish, consensual, twenty something

Bryan and Jamie reunite but is it a dream or reality? All characters are twenty-something+

I slept through most of Saturday and heard, in the silence of Sunday's darkened morning a knocking upon my front door. At the bottom of the stairs, a silhouette stood behind the glass panes of my heavy oak entryway. I trudged down the flight of steps carefully. Counted each thud of my foot and concluded that I'd reached the last one. When I tumbled forward, my eyes were half closed and I landed hard against the door. The figure jumped in fright though never left the stoop. I peered out, straining at what I saw was a woman. Her long blond hair peeked out from her hooded sweatshirt and I couldn't see any features of her face or body.

She appeared harmless enough so I unlocked the door and invited her in. I rushed to the kitchen and wrapped some ice in a ziploc storage bag, held it to my head and realized who the person was standing just outside my kitchen.

"I apologize. Where are my manners?"

I glanced toward her and held out a hand.

"Aren't you one of -"

"No. I mean yeah. I used to be her friend. I haven't seen her in years, since school."

"How have you been? Come. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable."

She began, "I am glad you still live in the same house or I'd have nowhere else to go. I'm fine. Surviving life, you know?"

"All too well. I just returned to town and this place a month ago. Some of my stuff is in boxes in the living room."

"I have the clothes on my back and what's in this knapsack. The rest of it was too torn and tattered to take along. I would go shopping but I ran out of money when I bought the plane tickets and paid for the taxi here."

"A grandmother I never knew I had died and left me this house, a sizable trust fund and a car so if you want something I've got you covered. There's a few bedrooms I've kept as they were upstairs. Take one."

"You're too kind. I've wanted to shower for the longest time but I don't have clothes to change into."

"No problem. There are robes behind the bathroom door upstairs, you can grab a shirt or pants of mine for now. I'll bring you shopping too once you're settled in."

She stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up. I stood, holding the ice in my hand and led her to a bedroom.

"It has its own bathroom, so you can have privacy. I have one on the opposite end of the house and downstairs. Feel free to pick out a shirt or jeans of mine before you go in there. If you need anything, I'll be back in my room changing out of my designer sleepwear."

I gave her an exaggerated gesture, pointing towards my torn jeans and muscle shirt. I had a week's worth of stubble and desperately needed a shave. She looked me over for a moment and followed me into my bedroom, smiling when I gazed into her eyes. They were tired but precisely as I recalled. I showed her the shirts I had and my jeans, the better ones.

"I'll wear these."

She said, carrying them in her arms. I watched her cross the hall to where she'd be sleeping indefinitely and sat on the edge of my bed. I tossed my clothes into a hamper beside the door, stacked a pair of jeans, a buttoned shirt, socks and boxers atop my bed, carried them into the bathroom and closed the door. Barely after I'd finished shaving and rinsed my hair of shampoo, she knocked lightly on the bathroom door. "I can't find the soap in there. Could I grab some out of here?"

"Sure. It's under the sink."

I peeked over the glass door and saw her, unclothed, bending forward to reach a bar of soap. Her name jumped to the front of my mind and I felt my prick swell.


She glanced over her shoulder and saw my face through the ajar door.


"You can join me here if you wish to. I don't mind. Really."

"You don't?" she said with a hand on her hip.

"No. Come on. There's plenty of room."

She walked over and lifted her ankle over the partition, brushing against my cock with her pert ass.

"I've missed you."

Jamie turned to face me and smiled prettily, lightly hugging me. I felt the heat of her pussy. It had been too long since we'd seen or heard from each other and I longed to make love to her. She adjusted the angle of her hips, inviting the tip of my head barely inside of her warm crease. I didn't dare move a muscle, out of fear that this all was a dream.

"It's not a dream."

She whispered, easing herself a smidge closer. I leaned my lips toward hers hesitantly, seeking to taste them. Yearning for what I'd lost and not yet being granted that which I sought. Jamie touched my chest, holding me an inch away from her pouted mouth and I obeyed. I'd do anything she asked of me. Anything at all. She relaxed the pressure on me, meeting my lips with her own. We tasted each other's saliva, lingering in the moment for its duration. Our hearts beat as one. Like time never progressed. A decade had passed between then and now, but it seemed to be yesterday once more.

Her pussy covered my shaft, moving downward at the most frustratingly cautious pace. I kissed her harder, hugging Jamie tighter and feeling her tense as I slipped entirely within her quivering quim. We remained under the water, feeling it cascade between the two of our bodies, then down her back as it soaked her long locks. I helped to soap her scalp and massaged the suds through, rinsing as I went along. She let me slip out of her, turned towards the door and backed up against me. I entered her pouch, again relieved to be pleasured by the intimate softness caressing my length as I barely made love to her.

"I forgot how good you feel" she murmured.

I reached around her front and embraced each boob, recalling our last time together many years ago. When I thought I lost her, the world turned in on itself and the stars fell from the sky. She leaned her head on my shoulder, gasping, panting, sighing from relief. Her creamy wetness drizzled me. I wanted to finish inside of her like I used to. Every time we had sex, I never used protection nor did she. Whatever happened would unless some outside force prevented it. She reached down between her thighs and handled my balls, feeling their weight in her hands as I pumped in and out. Jamie shoved me into the wall behind us, meeting my thrusts with some of her own. I made an effort to try and avoid shooting inside of her but I was thwarted.

"Come in me. I know you've been waiting forever to. I bet I feel so good inside, so warm and tight around your hard cock."

I cried a little as I blew my load, feeling the dream slip away. I woke in bed sweating. My mind wouldn't let me sleep anymore tonight, though there was a figure sleeping there next to me. She adjusted her position and hugged me.

"It did happen, don't worry. It wasn't a dream."

There Jamie was, naked as the day she was born. I couldn't believe it.

"You said I could sleep with you since there weren't any blankets on my bed, remember?"

I pulled her close to me and hoped I wouldn't wake up again to disappointment. She hugged me back, rubbing my back in slow smooth motions along my shoulder blades and spine. I fell asleep in her arms listening to her heartbeat. Hoping that this wasn't all just a figment of my imagination.

Dreaming of Yesterday II

For a long while I listened, laying still in my bed and embraced her. Dreams never granted me solace from the fears in the back of my mind, the ones which assured me that we'd never find each other, that my efforts were meaningless and would lead to a solitary life of unfulfillment.

She soothed me with her voice, doing what I'd wished someone would come along and do for me. I just needed to hear that everything would be okay. Is that too much to ask? To be reassured and in a way parented by a lover or a good friend for the slightest and most infinitesimal moment, barely negligible in the grand scope of life's hourglass.

Jamie was there when I woke again. Her blond hair fell loosely over her breasts, their puffy nipples obscured partially by a few stray locks which I carefully moved away. My mouth rose to meet the tip of one and gently suckled it, nursing off her. She must have reached down because I felt her hand pumping along my length, slowly but surely hardening my partial erection to full mast.

I wanted her, yes, but the desire and love I harbored for this woman surpassed reasoning. It was wholly incomparable to any others I've dated, teetering on the borderline of familial loyalty, the unquestionable right to protection and honor I vowed to always let my siblings know of was the exact vow she claimed for herself. I would worship at her feet like a religious saint and talk of her ability to cause miracles within the coldest part of my heart, sparking the cinders and encouraging a once snuffed out fire to once more smolder and burn healthily.

Her wet mouth lowered to my lap, positioning her hips over my own lips so I could taste her sweetness. Jamie's nectar dripped onto my tongue and I delved deeper, parting her folds wider to catch more of her juices. Sucking her clit like a pacifier elicited quiet yearning sighs to escape her busy mouth, lighting the dim early morning with our passion before the sun ever had the chance to view us. She drew me into her throat. It tightened knowingly, bracing itself for the rest of my length to enter.

I wanted to make love to her in the worst way. My knees trembled as I tolerated the rhythmic motion of her blond head bobbing, teasing me endlessly into a sexually driven catatonia. I felt her rise and turn towards me. The sensation of her pussy lowering onto my cock was euphoric, I groaned aloud and came to, gazing into her deep brown eyes. She clenched around me, laughed, paused and kissed my mouth. I held her in my arms bathing in her creamy climax as our tongues danced.

Her hips began to roll in a small circular motion, stroking me off to an orgasm. I tensed up not wanting to deter my own release nor her pace.

"I need to come. Please don't stop Jamie."

She kissed a spot on my neck and kept whispering the same phrase, over and over.

"It's time for your medicine...wake up.

It's time for your medicine, Bryan. Wake up."

I was in a padded cell on the floor, curled into the fetal position. Drool and spittle were coming out of my mouth. I sat up and looked toward the double paned shatter proof glass and saw her.

Her jacket looked long and seemed to reach her knees. I calmly waited for them to open the door.

"We're moving you to another home, Bryan. You've recovered enough and will be leaving us."

She gave me something to drink, water I think, and we walked down a gray corridor together.

"What about my medicine?"

"You won't be needing it anymore. Your neural damage is healed, so now the struggle will be living without being hindered day to day."

"Where will I live now?"

"With me, Bryan. Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?"

"That night in 2012? We made love in your house for weeks on end. All of that actually happened. I went to school and got my degree in therapy, then applied here for an opening two years ago. The two of us have been working through your issues for the past five years."

She smiled politely and hugged me once I'd changed out of my uniform and into jeans and a tee.

"Will I remember what happened before I was placed here?"

"I doubt it. Those are suppressed memories, they might return or you could be forever clueless as to why you came here. As far as we know you had a mental break. Something set you off, a trigger. Maybe it dealt with our mutual past."

She led the way through a few sets of electric gates and held onto my hand, "I'm sure you'll be alright. I thought you might want to go for breakfast, maybe afterwards we'll see a movie."

"That sounds good right now. I'm groggy but my mind is adjusting like you said."

Jamie parked on the side of a diner and we walked inside. She took my hand in hers, cut the tag around my wrist and stuffed it in her jeans pocket. Her brown eyes sparkled, burning for me, for what she lost and hoped to reclaim.

"I've been faithful to you, Bryan. I waited because you had to. We have a daughter now, I'm sure you'd like to meet her. She's seen pictures and heard enough stories from me that it isn't enough. Everyday she asks me when her daddy is coming home. It's hard to keep telling her soon."

"I want to meet her."


She smiled and held onto my hands atop the table after we'd finished eating.

"Let's go and see her, baby."

With that, the two of us walked outside to our car and drove away.

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