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A promotion celebration with a mother and her son turns into sex.
Hello my name is Sha'Kia, I'm 41 years old, and I live in Los Angeles, California. For a woman in her early forties I don't consider myself bad looking. In fact I still get hit on every now and again. I am a short, skinny, well built, African American. I have long hair that comes to the middle of my back, my hair has some blond high lights (that drive men crazy), my ass is big (and soft so they say), and 36 C cup breast (that men say are perfect).

I have one son. his name is Tra'Von. People call him Von for short. He's much like his father, tall around 6' 11"- 7'5", and 220 pounds (football and basketball keeps him in shape). I like to call him a "jock geek" because his loves to play sports, but also very passionate about his studies. He's the most caring, loving, and sweetest young man I know.

When I ask what he wants to be when he gets older. He says, "I want to be a well paid doctor so you don't have to work any mo." When he says that my eyes starts to tear up with joy and happiness. He kisses me on the cheek and tells me to have a good day at work.

I arrived at work at 8:30, went in my office, sat down at my computer, and started doing some paper work that I've been putting off for far to long. Moments latter my sectary came in and said. "Mrs. Richardson, did you forget about your meeting?" "Shit," I thought, "I'd completely forgot, and I was on the brink of getting promoted."

I quickly saved my work, straited my skirt, and freashed my makeup. "How do I look," I said to her while I adjusted my top over my breast. "Fabulous," she replayed.

I ran to my meeting. Upon arriving I saw my boss Mr. Dickerson, and two other men I've never seen. Mr. Dickerson stood up and greeted me with a hello and a handshake. typical business man getting you know. He then went on to introduce me to the other men in the room. "Sha'Kia," he paused then went on, "I'd like you to meet the C. E. O Mr, Butler, and the V.P. Mr. Jones." I replayed with a quick hello and pleasure to meet you both. Mr. Dickerson instructed me to sit and he began bragging about me.

"Sha'Kia is an excellent worker, always on time with everything, loves to help in every way she can, and very dependable," he says to them then smiling back at me. He then went on to say, "if I had to fire all my staff except for one. I'd defiantly keep Sha'Kia," I blushed a little bit. Mr. Butler began to speak, "Sha'Kia, what would you do with a $50,000 raise?" I nearly choked on my own saliva, "well. Mr. Butler I'd put most of it towards my sons college fund, and save the rest," I replayed with the up most sensarety. They all three stood up and said, "congratulations you have been promoted to this branches V.P."

I got off work early, so decided to stop and get dinner and some wine for celebration with my son. When I got home it was two hours before Von came home. I sat the table, took a shower, fixed my makeup, and waited for my son to arrive home.

It was 6:00 when my son came in from school. "Glad your home," I said with tons of excitement in my voice. I said, " go take a shower and come have some dinner. He quickly took his shower and was at the table before I had knew it. "That was quick," I said to him. "yea," he paused and continued, "I didn't have football practice today so I wasn't as stinky," he said jokingly. We both laughed and began eating. I stood up and said, "son I got something to tell you." "Okay mom what is it," he asked. "I got promoted," I said with enthusiasm. We both sat there celebrating, before we realized we were both drunk.

When I get drunk I tend to need some dick, and the only dick that was around was Tra'Von's. "Was I really thinking about fucking my son," I asked myself. I was and it was going to be the best damn sex I ever had.

"Tra'Von, I need to ask you a question. You don't have to answer, I just wanna know."

"What is it mom," he asked.

"Well...have...have you ever...have you ever had sex," I asked with an ashamed look on my face.

"No mom, I am still a virgin, why," he asked. I was shocked he didn't find it embarrassing .

"Just wondering sweetie, I haven't had sex since your father past away, and I am a bit lonely," I confessed teary eyed.

With out saying a word he grab my hand and said, "come with me." He lead me to my bedroom and told me to lay on my bed, and let my legs hang off the bed. He knelt between my legs and rose my dress up, when he did that he pulled my panties off. I just layed there wanting him to do what ever he wanted. "Relax mom, I'm going to take care of you," he said not knowing I was fully relaxed and willing to do what ever.

He started to lick my clit, and fingure my pussy. By this time I was shoked, so he had no trouble sliding three of his fingers inside my fuck hole.

"Oh, Von mommy's going to cum, oh, oh, oh, don't stop, keep going make me cum daddy," I moaned to him. He got faster and faster I felt my climax coming. "Oh Von I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING," I screamed as my fuck juice sprayed all over his waiting face.

"Oh Von, no man had ever done that to me, that was amazing," I said with pleasure in my eyes.

"Mom can I fuck you now, and cum in your fuck hole," he asked with hope.

"Sure, come give it too momma,"

He ripped his clothes of and stood there with a massive hard on.

"You sure you can take all of my fuck stick baby," he said with confidence

"Baby if I can't make me, " I said hoping he would just fuck the dog shit out of me.

He climbed on top of me, and shoved his massive 8 inch cock deep inside me, ripping my fuck hole apart..

"Oh yes baby give it to momma, don't go easy, fuck me like a fuck slut," I yelled.

"Oh mom I'm about to cum," he said in a strand voice

"Don't tell me just do it, fill your momma's pussy with your fuck juice," I yellled at me in encouragement. Not soon after I yelled that he let the monster load go deep inside my pussy. He fell off to the side of me, put his arms around me and fell fast asleep.

I layed there smiling and wondering what tomorrow and the rest of my year will be like.....

~Writer's note that concludes my first chapter... Hope you enjoyed, and if I get positive feedback it will continue..~

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2016-08-11 14:28:29
OOOPPS i made a Mixed stake on "yourselves"It should be

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2016-08-11 14:22:42
to those who dont like mistakes or (mix stakes or miss whatever)stop criticising and go F____ ____!!! yourselves.
let people wright any way they can.thanks for the story keep writing


2011-10-02 15:59:26
think you for your comments they help alot... in chapter two i will tell more about the father and how he died and so on and so forth...and to those who are worried about the spelling verses the over all content... well don't bother reading because i admit i have always had a spelling disability. once again those in favor of chapter two say i!! those who wanna b pricks'll can go FUCK YOUR SELVES!

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2011-10-02 13:42:55
Well you should care about spelling and grammar, human. Not only does it make it easier to read and visualize, but it seperates those of us who actually have more than a highschool diploma, or just those that cared to not degrade our society.

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2011-10-02 12:36:49
Who the hell cares about the spelling. do you really read this or any of the other stories on here because they are literary works of genus. And sent though a proof reader. No you are here because of the taboo nature of the stories. So just enjoy!!!!!!!!

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