The neighbor kids spend another afternoon after school.

Strawberry (Chap 4) Day Three with Strawberry

Background: I met Janet and her daughter Janice, aka Strawberry on Sunday morning. It started innocently enough by me staring at mom’s pussy in a coffee shop. By lunch time she had me agreeing to rent her basement rooms. She is a landlady with a curious daughter who received a great sex education all day long. I met the three neighbor girls on Monday.

Ding, Ding. My i-phone chirps with an incoming message. “Tom, just go home. We are in the kitchen”, reads the note from Strawberry on Tuesday afternoon. “My four girls are waiting for me”, I think as I am on the way home after school.

Whoa, there little pony. A small jolt of reality hits me. It is not my home; I’m renting the basement from Janice. Strawberry is not one of ‘my girls’; she is Janice’s eleven year old daughter whose cherry I popped on Sunday. And the other three girls are the neighbor’s young daughters, whom Janet does not know about. I’m not coming home ‘from school’; the girls are. But, I think we will have another fun afternoon full of sex. The jolt of reality slips away like the sprinkles of raindrops hitting my windshield.

Well, maybe they will be ‘my girls’ with some more education on when to shut their mouths and when to open them wide and swallow. In my truck’s mirror, I see a guy in his early forties with a big grin on his face. Since I met Janet on Sunday, it’s been a constant condition. A few of the ladies at work have looked at me strangely and one of the guys said in passing, “Got laid finally.” Shit, I thought only women had the ‘just fucked’ look.

It makes me laugh because it’s so true. Of course changing your behavior is a giveaway also. I stopped at a high-end carwash and got my truck detailed and it shines like new. I’m wearing my newer suits and my shirts are starched by the laundry. Skipping out from work at 2:30 in the afternoon can’t last forever. Thankfully, Strawberry and Linda have their doctor’s appointment Wednesday afternoon. It will allow me to work late.

In the kitchen, Strawberry and Beth jump up from the table and give me a hug. Barb and Brit keep their seats and smile. Strawberry gets a nice kiss with a quick tongue and Beth get a kiss which lasts a bit longer. I notice today the girls are wearing skirts with a pretty blue plaid design. “Stolen right from a fancy British boarding school”, I think. I have two large shopping bags and one goes in the corner for later. The other one has some food stuff to make their afternoon snacks.

Strawberry helps me make the snacks and mix the drinks. Since yesterday’s made them very happy, I up the booze a bit. “So tell me what you did in school today?” I ask them as I serve the plates. Actually, I’m interested because I have no clue what kids do in school today. Barb and Brit look at each other and I expect what I hear moms tell in the office, “Nothing much”. Brit surprises me by talking numbers theory and she mentions Einstein. OK, its real basic stuff; but I’m impressed. Even Strawberry looks at her in amazement. Private schools are so much better.

While the girls are eating, I run to the basement and put on casual shorts and a blue t-shirt. Back in the kitchen I ask Janice and Beth to put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and to meet us upstairs. I take Barb and Brit and we go up to Janice’s bedroom.

In their school uniforms Barb and Brit look nearly like twins. Their brown hair hangs down to their shoulders and today they have it all curled. Bright blue eyes and little perky noses make them look so pretty. Wide lips and a big smile add to the package. They are nearly the same size around five-five with Barb the older about a half inch taller than Brit the younger. They have slender long legs and shapely little asses. I can’t wait to get my hands on those buns.

Sitting on Strawberry’s bed, the girls stand in front of me and smile knowing they can do anything they want and maybe some things they have not thought of. I smile in anticipation and my cock stirs in my jockeys. Down boy. “Barb, you got left out yesterday. Give me a little kiss”, I tell her and pull her to me and give her a gentle kiss. May as well test if she will play like her big sister. Barb smiles and moves into my arms.

Brit interrupts us and says, “Tom, don’t wrinkle our clothes. Our mom always checks. She thinks we fight.” Brit unbuttons her blouse and pulls it off along with her skirt. I watch for a minute and then unbutton Barb’s blouse. Brit hangs all the clothes up carefully and I think their mom must be a major pain. Barb and Brit are in front of me in their white undies, white socks and black shoes. I guess you could see two topless flat chested tweens on any beach in Italy; but having them in front of me with big smiles is a dream.

Barb comes back into my arms to finish her interrupted kisses and in a minute she opens her lips and I slide my tongue between them. The surprised look on her face is precious as my tongue explores her lips; but stays out of her mouth. Tentatively she does it to me and after a minute of letting her play I open wider and suck her tongue into my mouth. Barb gives a little moan and pushes her tongue into me a bit more and starts the first of many more adventures. Brit watches from over her shoulder and moves in real close. I break my tongue kiss with Barb and tell her how great a kisser she is. She grins and makes way for Brit.

Brit doesn’t waste time. Yesterday she sucked my tongue for just a few minutes and now her tongue goes into my mouth deep and hard. I guess ‘little sis’ wants to show she can play like her older sisters. Her arms go around my head and she holds me tight. With my hands free, I bring them up and rub her small pink nipples with my thumbs. Brit jerks and breaks the kiss and giggles. Yea, a guy’s fingers feel so much different from rubbing yourself.

To make Brit share the goodies, I tell her, “Remember what Beth said. You can’t be too greedy.” Brit grins and I pull her and Barb to me and rub their backs while placing baby kisses down their necks. They both giggle and squirm in my arms and I grab their asses and give them a squeeze.

“Brit kneel down”, I tell her and then motion for her to face her sister. “Pull her panties down”, is the next command. I want to find out if they have played with each other yet. Brit kneels and looks up at Barb, who is blushing red. Well I guess this is a new experience because they did not mind getting naked when Strawberry challenged them during the card game. Having them eat each other’s pussies may have to wait a bit.

When Barb’s little white panties hit the floor the both gasp a little. “Touch her pussy”, I command. Brit knows what she likes doing to herself; so she licks her middle finger and slowly rubs it up and down Barb’s pussy. Barb inhales deeply and looks first a Brit and then at me. I give her a big smile and say, “Wow Barb, that’s so sexy”. After a few minutes, I tell them to switch.

Barb is on her knees and Brit stands up. She moves into Barb’s face really close. Barb looks at me and I nod my head. Barb pulls Brit’s panties down and mimics the finger action. Her wet middle finger glides up and down Brit’s pussy and it makes Brit groan. I don’t think Brit expected the groan to escape her lips because she slaps both hands to her mouth. It’s funny and this time it’s me chuckling.

Both their slits are bare and clean. When the girls stand up the creases are visible and thin unlike more mature girls. Since they had fingered each other just a little bit, I may as well help. I hold my middle finger up in front of their faces and Brit knows what to do. She sucks it into her mouth as far as she can get it. Barb watches and then imitates her sis; except she adds a little thrill and runs her tongue up and down my finger. I let her have fun and she looks at me hard while she does it. Again, may as well put the idea in her head, “Very nice Barb, I want you to do my cock the same way”. Barb stops moving and her eyes go wide. I shake my head ‘Yes’ and pull my fingers out of their mouths and soft lips.

Rubbing their pussies at the same time and gently with my middle fingers they both close their eyes and groan. With each stroke I put a bit more pressure on them and slide my finger past their outer lips. Barb gives me the first serious reaction. She moans and rocks her hips against my finger and slides her feet apart. Brit eyes her sister’s rocking ass and grabs my arm and urges me to put more pressure on her pussy.

When my finger opens her inner lips, I can feel dampness and Brit moans hard. I don’t want the girls to cum too quickly so I slow my strokes but lengthen them. My fingers hit their puckered ass and both girls jump and grab my arms. By holding my arms they give me a bit of leverage and I push harder on their ass. My fingers don’t actually penetrate their tight ass holes and Barb yelps, “OMG, you can’t do that”. With my finger back on her pussy, I whisper to them, “You’ll be asking for it in a while.” Her eyes are big again and her head shakes ‘No’. It makes her curls swirl and makes me grin.

Giving their pussies a break for a minute, I pull them to me with a hand on each girl’s cute naked ass cheeks and kiss their little nipples. Their baby skin is so smooth and white; it’s amazing. They have tan lines from their bikinis and it makes me almost giggle again. One, two, three and four kisses to their nipples make it a series. The second round gets a little sucking action and the third round even more. The little nipples seem to stand up a bit and I can grab them better with my lips and suck them harder. Barb loves the hard suck and “Oohhs” so I keep doing it about three or four more times. “Come on girls, jump up on the bed”, I tell them. When I stand, I pull my t-shirt and shorts off. The girls giggle when the see the tent in my jockeys. “It’s all your fault”, I tell them and they giggle some more.

The girls are on their stomach and their shapely asses are right in front of me. Leaning over them, Barb gets the first series of kisses on her buns. She pushes her ass upward and I’m not sure she realizes how sexy it is. It opens her ass cheeks and I can see her little pucker and her pink pussy lips. I spread her cheeks with one hand and put my other hand around her and hold her up and then my tongue slides between her ass cheeks and touches her pussy.

Barb tries to wiggle out of my grasp as the first man’s tongue connects with her pussy and ass. I hold her tight and slide my tongue through her cheeks a few more times. This time it has the desired effect. She moves her ass up against my tongue and moans hard. Oh yes baby, let me tongue your pussy from behind. I pull her up some more and she is on her knees with her head down on the bed while I get low behind her and work my tongue through her pussy lips and up to her pucker. About four minutes later she wiggles and ‘Oohhs’ so hard she looks like she is having a little fit. When Barb lets out a low wail it hits me she is having a mini orgasm. Brit watches in disbelief, “OMG, did she just cum?”

“I think she did”, I tell Brit as I lie down between the girls and cuddle Barb to me. She shudders a bit longer and slides up on me until her head nestles into my shoulder. “Oh wow Tom, that is nice”, she purrs into my ear. We kiss and I tell her to rest a bit because there is more fun to come.

I pull the large shopping bag over and ask the girls, “Can you guess what’s in here?” They try to look into the bag and shake their heads ‘No’. I pull the first giant pink rabbit out of the bag and the girls squeal in surprise. The fuzzy rabbits have huge floppy ears and Barb stretches her arms out and cuddles to rabbit to her like a baby. “Barb gets the first one for having a nice climax”, I tell them and then watch their faces as the second rabbit comes out of the bag. “Brit gets the second one because she will have an even better climax in a minute”. Brit hugs the rabbit, but her eyes are on me and her mouth makes a big ‘O”. I smile and give her a nod.

The naked girls play with the rabbits for a few minutes and I ask them, “See if you can find the hidden surprise?” They look at the rabbits from top to bottom and in about two minutes their faces turn to frowns when they can’t find anything. I take mercy on them and show them the small snap opening on the bottom. I pull out a pink tube about four inches long and show it to them. Their faces are still puzzled until I push the button on the end and they hear the low hum of the small personal vibrator. “Just for my special angels”, I tell them as I push Brit’s legs apart.

I push some pillows behind Brit’s head so she can watch while I settle between her wide open legs. My knees are on the floor and her slit is just inches from me. Her knees are cocked up and she can both watch and experience what is going to happen. Sister Barb has moved around and her head is near mine so she almost has the same view of Brit’s pussy as I do. I turn the vibrator on and run it slow up and back down Brit’s barely open pussy lips. She watches carefully and by the third movement she inhales hard. She obviously likes it from the grin on her face.

From this close to her pussy, I can’t help but to study it closely. Her slit is a bit of an ‘innie’ meaning when she was standing her pussy lips were hidden away. Now spread wide apart her outer lips are a short straight line and not very prominent. The earlier finger play has opened her lips a bit and the pink inside is visible. I can’t help but to think of the two girls as ‘baby pussy’.

The vibrator moves slowly around her ass hole and rims her a few times and Brit closes her eyes and her breathing picks up a bit. It’s a really good sign that she likes the vibrator on her ass. I’m sure there is a natural tendency for girls, just like boys, not to want their ass touched. I use one finger to pull her lips open and let the vibrator make its move deeper into her pussy. Brit slowly moves her hips up in an acceptance of the invasion. Another good sign and I just love it. I let the vibrator buzz her for a few minutes as she rocks her ass more before the next step. When Brit inhales hard again, I tell her, “Ok baby, you hold the vibrator and I’ll help you some more”.

Brit grabs the vibrator and pushes it into her pussy a bit more and her head falls back on the pillows, her eyes are closed and her mouth is wide open in an ‘O’. Oh, it is fun watching her play. Barb is next to me and I can hear her breathing a bit more too. “Barb, pay attention, I want you to do the same in just a few minutes.” Barb mutters “Ok, Tom” with a big sigh. Using my two thumbs, I spread Brit’s pussy open wider and push the skin back from her tiny clit. The little pink nub finally pops up and I tell Brit, “Brit baby, buzz your clit”. She moves her hand up and when the vibrator hits her button Brit jerks hard. She lets out a bit of a little girl scream and falls back on the bed.

Barb’s eyes are even bigger and I tell her, “Ok Barb, I want to see you do it too”. Barb probably does not want to be ‘last sis’ and she opens her rabbit, pulls out the vibrator and she fixes her pillows and assumes the position. I hand her the bottle of baby lotion and tell her to put a few drops on the vibrator’s head and her pussy. Barb oils up, cranks up and works the vibrator into her little pussy.

What a picture. I have the two sisters buzzing themselves with their little presents and I have a front row seat. My face is still inches from their pussies and I still have my fingers in Brit’s pussy; but I have switched to stroking into her with two fingers. After about five minutes of stroking and her buzzing her clit, Brit is shaking like crazy. A climax is near and I now have three fingers in her little pussy. Unlike older sister Beth, she is real flexible.

When she screams her climax her eyes are closed tight and Barb watches it all. She sees me stand up and drop my jockeys freeing my hard cock. I line in up with Brit’s wet pussy and grab her hips as I push into her. She does not complain but keeps her eyes closed and moans hard. I glide into her at least two inches before she gets tight and I stop to let her get used to my cock. When she opens her eyes and smiles, I know we are good to go. “How does it feel baby?” I ask and Brit nods her head and says, “Ok, Tom”.

It is really hard to concentrate on being gentle. When I accidently glance at my watch I realize we have been playing for nearly an hour and I have a really bad case of ‘blue balls’. By the way, where the hell are Strawberry and Beth?

So, I inhale and concentrate on Brit. Pulling my cock back gives her a chance to exhale and then I push back into her again. She inhales again and I set up a little fucking motion. Barb is next to us and has stopped buzzing herself and is watching ‘little sis’ get fucked. Brit is now smiling as we mini fuck for a five more minutes. “Baby, I’m going a bit deeper, if it hurts too much let me know; but try to take a few more inches”, I tell Brit.

Well it was a great plan for one second only. As I push into her, I hit her hymen. Brit knows exactly what’s happening and she groans, “Oh Tom. It’s going to hurt badly”. I fuck her for another few minute and tell her, “Let’s try.” Barb hands her a towel and says, “Bite on this.”

Brit takes the towel and sticks it in her mouth and clamps down. When she nods, I push through her hymen and bottom out in her pussy. Brit jerks hard; but does not scream. Her legs kick up and she kicks my ass in a reflex motion and then falls back on the bed again. I pull back to where my cock is nearly out of her pussy and she exhales hard. She has held her breath. A half a minute later she spits the towel out and grins, “I’m alright, holy …”. She claps her hands to her mouth as she realizes she was about to curse.

Barb and I laugh and I tell her, “It’s Ok to curse in here. You are definitely a ‘big girl’ now. Just don’t let your mom hear you.” Brit grins and wiggles her ass, “Holy crap, you have your big cock in my little pussy.” As I push back through her hymen a second time I smile at her, “Holy crap, you even beat Beth.” It makes her smile even more and she rocks her ass up a bit more and now I fuck her a whole lot more seriously.

I know I can’t last too much longer after playing with the two babes so long. Brit and I have a nice rhythm going. I take slow strokes deep into her and she does little pelvic rocks in return. “Barb and Brit, I really want you girls to swallow my cum; but Brit you get it all right now”, I tell them as I hold Brit to me hard and shoot my whole load of Jizz deep into her.

Brit grins and she moans hard. She looks at sister Barb, “Holy crap Barb, it’s hot and I can feel it in my belly.” Their eyes are wide as I stay inside her as my cock deflates a bit. “Barb baby, help here”, I ask as I pull my wet cock out of Brit and face Barb. Barb looks at my cock and doesn’t know what I want. “Come suck me clean”, I tell her and gently pull her head to my cock as I stand up next to the bed.

Barb hesitates a bit but then moves off the bed and kneels next to me like a good little girl. She opens her mouth and closes her eyes as I push my cock into her mouth. I tap her chin and she closes it over my cock and I can feel her slight sucking motion and her tongue rubbing my under side. I groan at the pleasure and my cock stirs back to life. I think Barb is going to get a load of Jizz in a few minutes if she sucks me like this.

It hits me that Barb is doing exactly what I had asked her to do earlier; suck my cock and give me lots of tongue action. I may have to change my mind about their mother; the two honeys follow orders real well and don’t ask stupid questions. Wow.

After running her tongue over and under my cock for a few more minutes, Barb has me close to shooting into her mouth. My legs are quivering and I tell her I need to sit down. As I sit down on the bed and spread my legs wide, Barb tries to keep my cock in her mouth but I plop out. It’s when a better idea hits me.

“Barb baby, come and stand on the bed in front of me”, I tell her. Barb climbs up on the bed and stands in front of me one slender leg on each side. It puts her pussy right into my face and I stick my tongue out and give her a little lick. She grabs my head not only to steady herself but because my tongue was a surprise. “Now baby, squat down”, is my next instruction. As she lowers herself with her legs spread wide, Barb knows my hard cock will spear into her.

“Hold on tight”, I say as I guide my cock toward her opening. Barb is hanging on to my head but her total weight is coming down on my cock and it enters her pussy. I’m hoping she is not so tight that it will be painful. With my cock head in her pussy I put my hands on her hips and give her a little push to go another inch or two. Barbs face is in front of me now and I lock my lips to hers as I push down a bit more until I feel her hymen.

“OMG Tom, you are so huge”, Barb whispers. The complement makes my cock twitch and I can feel pre-cum leaking out of me like crazy and lubricating her pussy. What’s even better is that I’m a normal sized guy and calling me huge is better than a Christmas present. “What do you think Barb; ready to become a woman?” I whisper back to her. She puts her face right in front of me, looks at me hard and nods her head. In an instant she drops down to the root of my cock and we both yelp in unison. Good grief, she is tight and squeezes my cock head hard.

The tight squeeze is all it takes to set me off a second time. Jizz shoots into Barb’s womb like crazy. When the hot fluid hits her, she mimics ‘little sis’ and says, “Holy crap, you have your big cock in my little pussy.” It makes me chuckle and I pull Barb to me and kiss her neck and make her giggle. Nothing like a naked tween impaled on your cock with a fresh load of Jizz in her belly and she is giggling for all its worth. I can’t say I love these girls but it’s the next thing to love. I lift Barb’s ass an inch and drop her back down. When I do it a second time her face turns to a frown and she grabs my face and whispers into my ear, “Please don’t, it hurts.” So I whisper back, “Ok let’s stop and wait a few days.” I mean I am more than half a foot inside of her and she took it all in one quick move. She is a good little girl.

After Barb climbs off me and lies on the bed, I tell Brit she needs to help Barb ‘get clean’. Brit looks at me with a question and I wiggle my tongue and motion to Barbs pussy. “OMG, you want me to lick her pussy”, she says quietly and I tell her not to forget to suck all my Jizz out of her. Then Barb can do the same for her. Afterwards they need to take a quick shower and get dressed.

As I head into the bathroom, I remember, “Where the hell is Strawberry?”

When I open the bathroom door and come back into Strawberry’s bedroom, I see a wonderful sight. Brit is on her knees next to the bed and she has her face in Barb’s pussy. I hear slurping and licking and Barb wraps her legs around Brit’s head. When she does it both girls moan hard and Barb is pulling her little nipples hard. I think the girls are going to get each other off one more time. I stand there and watch for two minutes and can’t help but to stroke my cock. It’s just great.

I pull my jockeys on and grab the bag with the remaining two rabbits in it. Let’s go find Strawberry. Instead of running down the steps, I sneak down quietly and look into Janet’s bedroom; empty. As I head down to the basement, I can hear low moaning coming from the bedroom.

As I peak around the corner, I’m not surprised to see Strawberry and Beth naked. The surprise is it’s the exact same picture I just left upstairs. Strawberry is on the bed on her back. She has pillows staked up so she can watch Beth who is kneeling on the floor with her face between Strawberry’s legs. Beth has her lips locked to Strawberry’s pussy, the best I can tell. When I sneak into the room, Strawberry sees me and gives me a grin. Her hands come down around Beth’s head and she pulls her into her pussy and moves her face up and down for a few minutes. When she pulls Beth’s face back up and her ass starts rocking, I know Beth is sucking her clit and a climax is near. It only takes two minutes until Strawberry cries out, shivers hard and falls back exhausted. The show makes my cock tent in my jockeys.

When Beth gets up and climbs up on the bed her mouth goes to Strawberry’s tits. She sucks them gently and moans as she switches from left to right and back. Strawberry’s eyes open and she looks at me over the top of Beth’s head. She puts her hand back into Beth’s hair and holds her to her nipples. “Hi Tom, we started without you”, Strawberry says, not expecting what will happen next.

Since the three sisters are used to following orders I say, “Beth, you disobeyed me. I told you to come upstairs.” Beth’s eyes get like saucers first and then hit the floor. It’s a good time for a small lesson. “Beth, kneel by the bed like you did a minute ago.” Beth seems at the verge of refusing; but my look makes her get off the bed and kneel down. “Put your face on the bed”, I tell her and she leans forward with her face on the bed. Her ass and pussy are now pointed straight back. I let her wait for a minute to ponder it all.

“Strawberry, was it your idea to come down here?” I ask. Strawberry keeps quiet for a minute and the silence gets to her and she finally nods a ‘Yes’. “Ok, get next to Beth”, I tell her. Strawberry moves real slow; but finally assumes the same position next to Beth. “Strawberry, if you think you can just disobey you are totally wrong”, I tell her as my hand goes ‘Slap’ on her naked bottom. The slap was not hard and it probably just stings a little; but the surprise factor does the job. Strawberry wails, “Please don’t.”

“Beth, did you tell her not to disobey?” comes Beth’s trick question. She can’t win either way. When she shakes her head ‘No’ she gets the ‘Slap’, too. Beth lets out a big sob and I know it’s not from the pain. Both girls know there is more coming; but they remain frozen in their supplicant positions. I take a bottle of baby oil and rub it over the spot where I just slapped Beth and then slide my hands between her ass cheeks. Beth holds perfectly still. I get close to her and start her next lesson.

“Beth, does your daddy spank you?” I ask her and she shakes her head again. “I can’t hear you”, I say and Beth answers a bit louder, “No, Tom.” I dribble more baby lotion on her ass and ask her, “How many slaps does a bad girl deserve?” It’s another cruel no-win question. Beth has to pick a number which is not too small; but not too large. It could be a painful answer. Finally Beth mumbles something and I play the ‘can’t hear you’ game. Beth says a bit louder, “Three.” She gets three drops of baby oil and my hand is hard between her ass cheeks searching for her pussy and pucker.

“Beth, does your daddy put lotion on you?” I ask her and rub her pussy with my oily hand. The question is real clear. Beth doesn’t hesitate with a louder, “No Tom”. I slide two fingers into Beth’s pussy and stretch her as much as I can. My fingers work in and out and Beth’s breathing picks up nicely. Well I wanted to stop here; but I may as well combine punishment with pleasure. My cock is already hard in my jockeys.

I drop my jockeys and line my cock up behind Beth and push my cock head into her cunt. Beth inhales hard and Strawberry turns her head and watches us. As I push into her harder I’m deeper than the day before and I know I will hit her hymen in a second, so I ask, “Beth, who is the only man allowed to fuck you, ever?” Beth turns her head and looks at me and I give her a big smile. Slowly she answers, “Only you, Tom.” “Very good, baby. And you can have sex with Strawberry and your sisters also. Most important, I want you to make sure your sisters know to keep their mouths shut. No talking secrets to little friends.” I stroking into her as I give her the instructions. Ok, it may be a new way to get a lesson across. Wonder if it would work in school.

Beth realizes she will not be slapped again and she pushes back against my cock a bit as we speed up the rhythm. Strawberry has not moved and she watches Beth carefully, knowing what’s coming. “Beth baby, grab the sheets, we are going all the way”, I say quietly. Beth puts her head down and grabs the sheets. I grab her hips and hold her tight and push into her all the way. Interesting, there is hardly any resistance as I pop her cherry. Beth yelps a bit and I don’t slow down. Instead of stopping I keep up the steady rhythm, going deep. I turn her hips lose and Beth rocks her ass in tune with our fucking.

She pushes back harder and we make more noise as we slap together. It can’t last much longer. My brain floats away and I can’t believe I popped three cherries from the three lovely pre-teen sisters. I sure hope they want to learn more and it’s not a ‘one day’ affair.

Beth starts moaning harder and I can tell she is close and I’m right behind her. Her climax hits hard and she shakes and I grab her hips again to keep us together. I only last a minute more and give her the last loads of Jizz I can muster this afternoon. Beth feels it hot inside her and she gasps. “Tom, OMG don’t get me pregnant.” As I try to relax inside of her, I ask her if she has had a period and it seems to embarrass her so she shakes her head ‘No’. I tell her she is safe until then.

Of course Strawberry has to spread her news, “I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. To get the pill.” I don’t have anything to add, so I keep quiet and keep my cock in Beth for a few more minutes. It’s the only time she will be a virgin, at least in that hole. I may as well enjoy it. Beth makes an attempt at squeezing her cunt muscles; but it’s just a little rub. She has not yet built up the strength of a mature girl.

I pull out of her pussy and sit on the bed and pull Beth and Strawberry up to me. “You girls understand that little bit of spanking was just sex play. I’m not mad at you”, I tell them as I hug them to me. Beth grins wide and hugs me back hard. I pull her mouth to mine and kiss her hard. “Beth baby, all the other stuff is serious. Make sure your sisters don’t blab.” She shakes her curly head and grins some more.

I tell them there are presents in the bag and they rush over and pull the rabbits out. They grin like the little kids they are. Naked girls with pink bunnies. Wow.

“Beth, you need to hurry up. Go to Strawberry’s room and get cleaned up and make sure your sisters are dressed and ready to pass your mother’s inspection.” I give her one more hug and kiss and spank her little bottom one more time to get her moving. Then I turn to Strawberry. “Now what am I going to do with a naked Strawberry in my bed?” I ask her. Strawberry is no dummy, she says, “Strawberries taste really good right now.”

I check my watch and figure it will take Beth about ten minutes to get back. First I lock the door. Second I reposition Strawberry on the pillows so she can watch. Third I show her the real reason she got a rabbit. When the vibrator starts buzzing she grins from ear to ear. “OMG, for me”, she asks and I tell her it’s just for my special angels.

When the baby oil drops on her puckered little ass hole she knows she is in for a serious new experience. “OMG Tom, are you going to put it in there?” I don’t answer, I just buzz her ass. I go around and around and rim her and after she gets used to it and relaxes I pop her hole with my little finger. She inhales and closes her eyes, leans back and lets me play. Five minutes later I have her stretched enough to insert the vibrator about three inches. “Don’t lose it in there”, I grin to myself.

“Baby get on your hands and knees”, I tell her and she rolls over and spreads her legs wide. “Put your head down on the sheet”, I tell her and she follows orders. More baby lotion on her little pucker and she giggles as it drains into her open hole. I try for three fingers and Janice loosens even more and I can’t believe I have three fingers into her young ass. When I pull them out the hole looks big enough for my cock. Why not?

This is somewhat beyond what I had planned; but my cock is half hard again. So why not? I line up with Strawberry’s ass and pull her cheeks apart and insert my cock head with a push. Of course Strawberry knows it’s my cock and she gasps, “OMG Tom; you are fucking my ass.” “Yes baby, it’s your very special secret.” There is no hymen to stop me and I push into her as hard and deep as I can. Strawberry gasps and yelps, but does not tell me to stop. I hold for a minute when I bottom out and catch my breath.

The large pink rabbit sits on the bed next to us and it’s time to be a rabbit. I fuck her like crazy. Strawberry may not be able to walk straight in the morning; but right now she is just my favorite cunt. If she tells me to stop, I will in a second. Strawberry is in ‘big girl’ mode. She clutches the sheets and rocks her ass in unison with my down stroke. Good grief, for being fucked the first time just on Sunday, she has become an expert overnight. I do think I may love her not just for the sex.

“OMG Tom, slow down, I’m going to cum in a second”, Strawberry moans and I slow the pace. A few minutes later she howls like a beast and shakes and shivers. Her climax hits hard and her anal muscle clamps down on me like a vice. Shit, she is actually hurting me and I pull out of her. I stroke my cock and a minute later shoot a load of Jizz onto her back. Good grief.

Strawberry falls on the bed and is breathing so hard I think she may hyperventilate. I snuggle into her and hold her to me as she slowly cools down. My Jizz is spread all over her back and my belly. Geez, we are a mess. It takes us five minutes to relax and I take a quick look at my watch. “Baby, we are running out of time, let’s get cleaned up quick.” I grab a set of clean shorts and follow Strawberry up to her shower.

The three sisters are all dressed and sitting in the living room. As we streak by I shout at Beth, “Beth please make sure you guys are absolutely cleaned up and double check the rabbits.” Instead of a reply I hear, “Yew, you guys stink of cum.” Sounded like ‘little sis’ Brit to me. It makes me laugh and reminds me to air out the basement.

In the shower, Strawberry wants to wash my cock but I’m totally worn out plus Janet will be home soon and there is no telling if she doesn’t pull me into her bed right away. Fortunately after Sunday’s all day and night sex marathon she has slowed down a good bit. “Strawberry, save it for when we are alone in the house’, I tell her and I wash myself good but fast.

Everything falls into place, all the kids are cleaned up and playing in the living room. The house smells fresh and all the rooms are straightened. Dishes are in the dishwasher clean. Amazing what five people can do in a short time if they put their mind to it. My cum stained sheets and blankets are in the wash machine.

I’m in the kitchen working on supper when Janet comes home and says hello to the neighbor kids. They hear car doors slamming at their house a few minutes later and head for the front door. “Don’t forget to do all your homework”, I remind them.

Little Barb corners me in the entry hall and pulls my head down to her and whispers really quietly in my ear, “There is no school on Friday. Try to stay home and I’ll fuck your brains out all day long.” She hangs onto my head and adds even more quietly so the sisters can’t hear, “I’m going to get your big cock up my ass, too.” She smiles a real innocent little girl smile and gives me a quick kiss on the lips before my mouth hangs open. Beth opens the door and my lovelies disappear, squealing, “Mommy, mommy.” Good grief.

I go back into the kitchen and try to act normal. I know I better not pick up any knives for twenty minutes or I may cut my hands off from shaking so hard.

Strawberry stands next to me and rubs her hips against me and teases me, “What’s for supper. Is it jailbait special?”

I can’t hardly answer so I whisper, “Shut up or I’ll take your rabbit away.” She giggles.

I’m looking forward for tomorrow in a weird way. No neighbor kids or Strawberry in the afternoon.

Little do I realize what Wednesday has in store for me.

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