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Authors' notes: This lemon is a collective work of two authors and was inspired by an original Japanese Evangelion lemon called `Innocent Taboo' found in a certain infamous website, but is original in its own regard. It happens in the alternative Evangelion universe but slightly differs from this as it also includes Girlfriend of Steel characters. Needless to say this is for adults only, and some themes and scenes are rather strong, which some may and probably will find to be offensive, so be warned. Any connections with real life events are purely accidental.

The Strigon Team Presents:


Stage 01: When Life Gives You Lemons

Most students had gone home. The usually busy halls were empty. The classrooms were dark and quiet, the lights having been turned off throughout the school. All classrooms except number 1-B. Here the dim light of the evening revealed a set of four figures clustered together near the front of the room. Two of the figures, boys both of them, were sitting on the teacher's desk. The remaining two, both girls, knelt at their feet.

Seen from a distance they were little more than shadows. But moving closer the shadows resolved into details—a flash of golden-red, a bob of sky-blue, piercing sapphire blue eyes draws into a deep scowl and neutral red eyes.

Wet sounds, barely audible, filled the air like a cat lapping from a bowl of milk. The blue-haired girl, unlike her redheaded counterpart, was moving her head rhythmically up and down between the legs of the boy sitting in front of her.

"You are doing well, Rei nee-chan," a male voice said mockingly. "But you should pick it up now."

Rei Ayanami, middle school student, obediently increased the tempo, allowing the boy's hard penis to go deeper inside her warm, soft mouth. Her slender fingers sometimes went down to fondle his balls, squeezing them gently to heighten the pleasurable sensations. This, too, she had been told to do.

She never took her red eyes off his cock. Her face gave no sign of emotions whatsoever. She was so distant that it seemed like it had no relation to her. Like it wasn't her doing this humiliating task. But Rei was always quiet and always distant, so there was no way to know if this at all affected her, or if she was simply being herself. Yet she was fulfilling her duty perfectly, despite the fact that only a week ago she had never seen a man's penis. When she was still an innocent virgin.

Rei took him in to the root, until his pubic hair brushed against her nose and his balls bounced against her chin. She was sucking ever so slightly as she ran tongue messily along the bottom of his shaft. She seemed like she really knew what to do and how to do it. She gave a blowjob like any experienced prostitute.

"Hey Keita, how does Rei nee-chan feel?"

Keita Asari turned his head to his friend, who sat next to him on the desk. "It's the best, Musashi," he said, suppressing a moan. "Her lips are so incredibly soft. Makes me want to pour myself into her with each touch."

Musashi Lee Strasberg shot him a lopsided grin that was all confidence.

"Well the calm and cool nee-chan seems to be really enjoying herself," Musashi told Keita, gazing lustily at the kneeling, sucking Rei, the noises she was making growing louder and more obscene by the second. He patted the redheaded girl kneeling between his own widely spread legs on the head to draw her attention. "Look, look! Don't you think so, Asuka onee-chan?"

Asuka Langley Sohryu brushed his hand off her. Looking up at him, her blue eyes practically shook with rage and humiliation. She spat out venomously. “I don't care! I'm not like the doll anyway!”

Musashi just smiled down at her, and patted her again as if she were a little insolent puppy.

For someone as haughty as Asuka, the school's prettiest idol and most popular girl, it was utter misery to find herself in this situation, kneeling between a younger boy's legs and being patted like a dog. She was ready to snap—rather, to snap this twerp's neck. Her face was contorted in anger, her extraordinarily pretty features twisted. But there was nothing she could really do.

Not now at least. They had all the material they needed to make her life a living hell.

Although she was ready to tear this disgusting brat's smile off his face with her nails, Asuka mustered her strength to keep her voice civil. But even with all her effort, her tone was still filled with poorly hidden contempt and anger. "Listen. It's still not too late to stop this."

Musashi wagged his finger.

"Tsk tsk tsk. It's not the appropriate time to discuss this. You have broken the rules and now you have to be punished. You know that."

Asuka grimaced—she hated being talked to like that. Now she really wanted to dig her nails into that smiling mug of his.

"What? Are you stupid?! I was late by only a few minutes!"

Before she could even finish her excuse Musashi had started to shake his head. For all practical purposes, he looked like a younger Touji; his skin was dark, his hair turning into a shade of purple, eyes a light brown. His young frame was already well-built, and he oozed confidence and cunning intelligence though he wasn't particularly smart. And, although Asuka refused to admit it, he was handsome. Keita, on the other hand, was light skinned and geeky, more the Kensuke type. He even had freckles.

"Stop it, nee-chan," Musashi admonished. "You are a junior high-school student. Take the responsibility for showing up 30 minutes late."

"Mein Gott, I was only helping Misato and Baka-Shinji out! I didn't see the time!" Asuka whined. She hadn't really meant to be late. When she saw Rei silently slipping out of the classroom she didn't realize they were supposed to be going together. It was an honest mistake.

"That has nothing to do with us. Look, Rei nee-chan is already apologizing to Keita." Musashi pointed at the other couple.

Asuka refused to look. She didn't want to see what the other girl was doing, partly because they were in this together but also because she knew it was only a matter of time before it was her turn. And Asuka did not want to see what she would look like. She had to resist, mentally at least, or else she would end up just like the doll.

"Rei-chan is much more understanding," Musashi continued almost like he was reading her thoughts. "You only have to order her once and she already is doing it. And what about you?"

Of course the blue blow-up doll was much more understanding, Asuka thought bitterly. She always listened to her orders anyway. Expressionless, cold and lifeless. Hell, fucking her was probably the same as fucking dead-fish.

Again Asuka tried to pierce Musashi with her icy blue eyes.

“I already told you, idiot—I am not a doll! If you want a one that much then ask your perverted buddy to share his dolly with you!”

“Aww, don’t be so cold, nee-chan. That night when you lost your virginity you were much more… affectionate.” He winked at her.

“You little—” Asuka had a thought of stabbing his eye out with her finger, but she knew she had to put up with this for now, until she could see an opening. Until they made a mistake. It was only a matter of time. Yet despite reassuring herself that she would win in the end, tears of anger and helplessness started to form in her eyes, blurring her vision. How ironic - Asuka Langley was ready to cry--something she always made fun of Shinji for when they were kids.

“Me what?”

Asuka bit her lip hard. She refused to let him get to her like this. She was not a weak girl. And this brat will would not turn her into one either! No matter how bad the memory of her rape hurt her, she would not cry over it.

Not in front of Musashi, anyway.

“I really hope you are in the same mood today, Asuka nee-chan. You'll need it if you want to apologize properly to someone you made wait for you for half an hour.“ The vicious look in her eyes told him that she was certainly not the mood. Never was and never would be, but Musashi continued. “Or else I will be so upset that I might need to watch a certain video to feel better.” He grinned. “And I can't guarantee I'll be alone watching it. Are we clear, nee-chan?”

That was it. Those were the magic words and the annoying part was that Asuka knew that they would come, and despite that she had no answer to them except the one he wanted.


Asuka hissed through clenched teeth.

“Good.” Musashi reached out to pat her head again but was instantly brushed off by the furious redhead. “So how about we relive the old memories together right now?” He slid his hand to his crotch. “I know that you missed him just as much as he missed you, so don’t hold back, nee-chan.”

If she were not holding back he would be probably dead by now, Asuka thought with a sneer. However, there was no way out. She had to pretend to be weak. She had to endure it for now. To make this idiot lower his defenses and then… then she would have her revenge. And he would be sorry to be alive.

Clenching her fists hard, until the knuckles turned white, Asuka slowly moved her body forwards, slowly crawling on her knees to move closer to her target-the large bulge in this little pervert's groin. Endure for now, endure for now, endure for now, Asuka told herself like some sort of mantra while she extended her right hand—

"No hands, Asuka-nee chan."

Shooting another dirty look at him, Asuka clasped her hands behind her back. She leaned forward until her pretty face, framed by long golden-red locks of hair, touched the fabric of his uniform trousers.

Then, not using her hands, in a completely degrading act, she reached out with her soft trembling lips and caught the zipper, which she pulled down using her teeth.

It wasn't easy to get past to his boxers; she had to nuzzle her face into his crotch and wriggle about until she managed to open his fly enough that she could take a hold of the underwear beneath and awkwardly push it out of the way with her nose.

Musashi's large dick sprang free, uncoiling like a serpent, already mostly erect. Some of the dark skin still touched the head, showing that it was not at full hardness. The size was big despite him being as young as he was. For Asuka, who had not seen an erect dick so close up until recently, it was a massive. It was a, nasty, bulbous-headed purple thing--disgusting in every way she could imagine.

It would have been much simpler if disgust were all that she felt...

Because Asuka, as a young teenage girl now forced to discover her own sexuality, was also curious about it. She had always pretended to be experienced with her friends, but the reality was that she hardly knew anything about sex. She hadn't wanted to be deflowered by such pervert, but that's what happened. She had seen her excitement in her own face-they had the tape to prove it. And if she was now curious, she sure as hell didn't want to have her curiosity satisfied under such degrading circumstances.

Noticing her hesitation and some excitement, as a pink blush appeared on her cheeks, Musashi urged her on. "Go on, Asuka nee-chan, you can use your hands now."

“I don't even want to be near that filthy—”

“Nee-chan…” Musashi let the warning hand in the air.

Reluctantly, Asuka took his throbbing manhood completely within her hand, wrapping her delicate fingers along the meaty shaft. It felt like some kind of warm, soft toy.

It was not the first time she did it, but she still had no real experience of stroking a man. This was one of the things she had seen porn actresses do, from those dirty videos that Aida gave to Idiot-Shinji, but she never imagined that one day she'd be the one doing it. Her hand often pressed too tightly or too softly, and had she couldn't get any kind of rhythm going besides some rudimentary pumping.

"Move your hand faster," Musashi instructed.

I'd rather tear your dick completely off, Asuka thought angrily. But she was not in a position to protest; her hand started to move faster, pumping him more vigorously as she slowly she began to get the hang of it. After all, Asuka always was a fast learner.

Already some of the clear pre-cum appeared dripping from his tip, and with the help of her hand movements it spread like a thin glossy coat over the length of his dick and her fingers.

Disturbing wet sounds could be heard created by her hand rubbing over his now slick penis. She hated to be covered by it, even if it was just her hand. She hated every single touch of him as well, every look, every disgusting word.

At least that's what she had been telling herself.

Her delicate fingers could feel hot veins on his rod. His member was now fully released from the skin imprisonment, and was pointing straight into the air, hard and ready, head glistening as she coaxed more and more fluid out of him.

The initial smell of his sex made Asuka hold her breath for few moments. It was smelly and dirty, but eventually she got used to it. Nevertheless it was so strong that she had to force herself not to turn away. It was always like this - at first she always fought.

But no matter how much she hated it, a small part of her twitched every time she was degraded. There was something deep inside. No matter how much she hated it, she always ended up doing what he wanted and from time to time she felt that little throb of excitement. Was there something wrong with her? Long hours of blame and recrimination had failed to provide even the most basic answer

Despite how disgusted Asuka was to hold a man's thing in her hands, which she thought only the biggest sluts would do, her hand soon began moving on its own, finding its rhythm. The wet sounds grew louder and louder as her pace increased, until they matched those made by Rei's sucking and the room filled with a fap-fap noise.

Pre-cum started to ooze down her fingers in heavier globs, under and between them. Musashi's hand covered hers, guiding her. Her movements soon smeared the fluid over his full length, head to balls, so it looked shiny even in the poor light and made his cock feel squishier. All she could do was try to ignore the slightly damp feeling of her hand.

But the more she tried the more she realized how awful it felt, and the stronger that weird tingle inside her grew.

To Musashi, Asuka knew, having such a strong willed and prideful schoolgirl as herself on her knees, stroking his dick like a lost child, or a slut, or both was definitely a thoroughly enjoyable sight.

Which was the exact opposite for Asuka, the fiery, smart, number one idol, to whom even a wrong look seemed like the epitome of perverseness. Her haughty and harsh personality meant that only a few people could put up with her, but she had enjoyed her life with Shinji so far. After the death of her mother she finally found a place to be. Even if she had arguments with him almost everyday, even if her talks with Hikari seemed shallow and pointless at times she was happy with them.

But that was before...

"Good," Musashi's voice broke into her thoughts. "Now use your mouth."

Asuka recoiled in disgust, wriggling her pre-cum-smeared hand free with a yank that almost sent her tumbling backwards.

"You...want me to take THAT in my mouth?!" Asuka yelled out. "Never, it's dirty and unsanitary! Stop joking!"

"Rei nee-chan does it to Keita," he said, pointing to where the blue-haired doll was feverishly and almost mindlessly engaged in sucking the other boy off. "It is only natural. Besides you already did that once, remember?"

Natural to whom, Asuka thought. She doubted if he was forced to suck someone's dick if it would still look natural to anyone. Just the idea of having that smelly, dirty thing in her mouth made her gag.

And so what if she had done it before... she hadn't been willing back then, either. That was the day when her life started to crumble, when both her and the doll lost their virginity at the same time. They became sisters in shame that day, sluts, slaves.

Asuka gave the blue-haired albino a glance.

Rei was really getting it done now, her head moving up and down at a frantic pace. Always perfectly composed and calm, she was drenched in sweat, her alabaster skin almost glowing with perspiration, and her uniform soaked in parts. Her face remained blank, like she didn't care that her mouth and her body were being used in such a way.

Asuka had looked like that once too, and worse.

While the redhead stared at the other girl, trying to shake away the terrible memories, she felt Musashi's penis suddenly press against her left cheek. He had moved forward on the desk, bringing his meat ever so close to her vulnerable mouth.

She snapped out of it and shook her head, still reluctant to open her lips. Although he indeed fucked her mouth the first time, she had been nearly unconscious--driven only by primitive nature, her raging teenage hormones that demanded pleasure at any cost, and whatever drugs they had given her. To do that consciously, fully aware of what she was doing, would feel much more horrible for her.

Musashi pressed Asuka to open up, literally. But since she was unwilling his penis head just slid along the pink outline of her pursed lips. He clasped her head firmly in his hands, knotting his fingers around her hair and pulling her forward while pushing his cock head past her lips, lifting them with its slick purple head and meeting the white barrier of her teeth.

“Come on, nee-chan. Open up.”

Asuka lifted her eyes, giving him a deadly stare, as if he was some kind of annoying bug bothering her.

Musashi didn't care, brushing against her closed mouth with the tip of his head as if it was one big meaty toothbrush, smearing the front of her teeth with his pre-cum. Asuka resisted, holding on to whatever dignity and pride she still had.

Finally, tired of playing with her, Musashi cupped her pretty face with a hand, forcing up her cheeks as his fingers dug into the soft flesh there, and looked straight into her sparkling blue eyes. Her face was caught between the vice-like grip on her head and his throbbing meat. She tried to protest but all that came out was an unintelligible grunt.

The tears that had been gathering in her eyes finally ran down her cheeks.

Gott, he was really going to make her do it. Asuka was scared-terrified, in fact.

"Suck it," Musashi commanded, squeezing her face painfully. "You know what will happen if you don't. This is just a punishment for you being late. So take it like a big girl."

Asuka was not stupid, and although his words didn't carry much menace the threat they implied was too big for her to refuse.

Ultimately, even the chance that exposing her might land these two perverts in jail was not worth the risk that Shinji might also see. Public humiliation was one thing, but dealing with the potential fallout from Shinji was another. In a twisted way, the brown-haired boy had become the most useful tool of her subjugation, though he could never, ever know it.

To her own horror, Asuka slowly parted her lips. Yet at the same time a sense of perverted excitement came back to her. Regardless of what her conscience and her pride told her, Asuka's body still remembered every single thing that had been done to it and craved for more, even if her mind was not willing to admit it.

The salty taste and the disgusting, musky smell of his penis were making Asuka‘s knees weak. The single humiliating thought of having it in her mouth suddenly made her shudder in terror and reluctant pleasure.

Slowly, as if trying to mock her, his dark penis slid into her open, waiting mouth. Asuka's expression was one of disgust, her gag reflex making her throat lock up and her face contort grotesquely.

Once it was inside Asuka had trouble adjusting to it. For a second she couldn't breath, before her nostrils stared flaring laboriously to compensate for the blocked airway of her mouth. But just holding him would not please this pervert. She knew she had to do something or else this nightmare would never end.

Asuka tried to suck his pulsating cock, but because she was still new at this sort of thing, she failed to do a good enough job. She was not even sure how to use her tongue.

"Do I always have to do everything for you, Asuka nee-chan? Shouldn't a senpai be a little bit more knowing?" Musashi sighed and took two handfuls of her luscious red hair.

He jerked her head forward, hard.

Eyes going wide with alarm, Asuka give a muffled yelp of pain around his cock

She gagged violently as his head hit the back of her throat, saliva erupting from the corners of her mouth. Musashi ignored her discomfort and kept his strong grip on her hair. Thrusting his hips forward while pulling her to him, he started to face fuck her. Asuka's face turned a bright red as Musashi's long cock slithered in and out of her mouth, already slick with saliva and own pre-cum, his bulb-shaped head seeming to push back all the way against her throat. Again Asuka fought to stabilize her breathing, clenching her eyes tightly shut. She succeeded somewhat-she could breathe when he slid outwards, then choking as her mouth was stuffed with cock again.

All the while she made loud, angry, yet helplessly muffled noises. "Mmmmhgph! Mnnphhg! Nggh!"

From the side, it looked more like he was riding a lifeless mannequin than a living girl. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and she could not push it back due to constant pressure of his penis and sharp pain. She was drooling copiously like a dog. It felt like he was tearing her head off, the roots of her hair felt like little needles made of fire as he pulled on her long tresses and used them to guide her.

She wanted to howl as he kept her moving up and down his cock. She wanted to scream. To vomit. To bite it off. To do something.

Yet all she did was watch how his relentless cock filled her mouth to the bursting point. She gagged and coughed until her tears ran unimpeded down her burning red, swollen cheeks . Her nose was running as well-she was drooling even more-her eyes were half closed and starting to fog over-Asuka was reduced to a disgusting spectacle.

Musashi increased the pace, making more saliva drop from her mouth. Many strings of drool were running down her chin and hanging off, falling on the floor and the front of her uniform. She looked like one of those ravenous monsters with constantly drooling mugs from the fairy-tales rather than the school's prettiest idol. Her face contorting and red, she tried to swallow to keep from gagging, but her throat locked up and wouldn't function.

Slap, slap, slap--the wet sounds of his dick fucking her mouth kept on increasing in volume and tempo.

Asuka's hair felt like falling off any second now, but Musashi did not care. He just pushed her face deeper and deeper onto his penis, impaling her, scrapping her teeth on his meat. Soon she found his pubic hair brushing against her nose, lips and skin of her face like a coarse brush.

One of the curly hairs stuck to her lip; Asuka felt like she was about to throw up. Although he was young enough that his pubic hair wasn't especially thick or bushy, it was still repulsive to have it brushing against her face. The repeated thrusts wore her resistance down to almost nothing, exhausting the last reserves of strength, and her pride with them, leaving her a pathetic sight of desolation, previously unthinkable of the stout-hearted redhead.

Fortunately, Musashi's soon got tired of her general lack of responsiveness. He let go of her hair and cupped her delicate chin instead, but did not take his dick out of her mouth. This new, more gentle touch made her look up with a surprised glimmer in her eyes.

"Asuka nee-chan," he teased. "Just think about it as special training for Shinji-kun."

He giggled a little when her eyes widened, knowing he had touched a nerve

"Everyone in school knows that you are in love with him. Your are the school's number one married couple after all. In fact, I am really happy that Asuka nee-chan gave her virginity to me and not to her husband. Now I feel the responsibility to train you so you can give him first-rate service."

Training? Asuka thought in bitter surprise. What kind of bullshit was that? She was not one of those stupid bimbos from hentai magazines that fall for that! He just wanted to have his way with her, and say anything to try to make her enjoy it.

"Well you probably will never match Rei nee-chan, but you can at least try to shorten the gap."

Now that hit her weak spot. Her pride, no matter how humiliated and diminished as of late, was still in there. And nothing could make it burn more intensely than comparing her to the blue blow-up doll.

If he was going to force her to do it anyway, Asuka would at least beat the doll at it.

Such thoughts, combined with that weird tingle between her legs, made Asuka pull back off his cock, readjust her tongue inside her mouth, shoot another killing glare at Musashi for making her do this, and lowered her warm, hot mouth on his stiff penis again.

She rolled her tongue in her mouth trying to rub and lick his meat as if eating a lollipop. She even pushed his foreskin back to get access to the edges of his head and lick him there, covering his stiff cock in a heavier coat of her saliva.

Eventually she got used to it and was bobbing her head faster and faster on her own. She threw a side-glance toward Ayanami and saw she was already ridding Keita's cock, pressed against Keita, who had moved all the way to the edge of the desk, Rei's head lolling on his shoulder. And she looked …

Asuka was taken aback for a second, Musashi's penis bouncing out of her mouth with a loud pop.

Rei looked decidedly out of it now, like her mind had completely escaped her body and truly left just an empty shell behind. She was moving and riding cock, thrusting her pussy mindlessly back and forth, but she wasn't really there. Her eyes had rolled so far back that the vivid red orbs had almost completely disappeared, leaving only white. Her mouth was hanging wide open, her tongue flopping up and down, drool, tears and snot escaping her orifices and making a mess of her shinny sweat covered face.

The front of her uniform blouse was open; her bra pushed down to expose her pale breasts to the air, which she was kneading mindlessly even as she mashed them against Keita's chest. The boy had his hands on her butt cheeks, holding them apart while keeping her skirt bunched up at her waist. The pale albino globes showed a hint of crimson flush, and like her face were shinny with sweat. They hadn't even bothered removing her panties, having only pushed them aside. Keita's penis slid in and out of her swollen flustered cunt like a piston. There was juice flowing and dripping everywhere.

Asuka's attention was quickly brought back to her own situation as Musashi grabbed handfuls of her hair-not again!-and plunged himself into her well-used mouth and began ejaculating in it, determined to make her drink his jizz.

Asuka whimpered sharply in disgust, but it all happened so quickly that by the time she fully realized what was happening any resistance was pointless. She felt his sperm fill her mouth, and having no other choice left, she started to gulp his warm and sticky seed down her throat. It was thick and salty, and so foul. It clung to her teeth, her tongue, the roof of her mouth, and forced her throat to swallow.

Each gulp of cum made her resistance crack more and more, bringing her closer to the abyss. This was the ultimate humiliation, but there was a tiny, hidden part of her that didn't completely hate it. And this was what she hated the most.

Finally Musashi let her go and pulled out. Asuka did not even try holding up a hand and spitting out his cum. She had already swallowed so much of it. Now only a few thin ropes of her saliva escaped her lips as she coughed. But then, while she was still stunned, he grabbed her shoulders and brought her to her feet. Before she knew what was happening Musashi had pushed her against the desk and she found herself being bent over.

Asuka braced her hands on the hard wooden surface, all she could do to resist, and looked back over her shoulder, her face puzzled. “What are you—”

“I think it's time we move to something else.” Musashi lifted her skirt, leaving it crumpled around her waist, exposing her panty-clad bottom.

“Eeek!” As she usually did, Asuka wore a pair of demurely cut white cotton panties under her school uniform, tightly hugging the curves of her ass and the rising mound of her pussy. Showing them like this, with her bum in the air, a brought blush to her already considerably reddened face. Asuka's rear end was, unquestionably, the most coveted piece of ass in the whole school, maybe even the whole city. If any of her classmates could see her like this she would die of shame.

Musashi, knowing this, smirked. “Those are some very nice panties, but I think I prefer you without them.”

Asuka shuffled her feet forwards, gripping the edge of the desk as if for support. She felt so vulnerable, even more than when she had been on her knees. Besides her Rei was moaning like mad, grunting, practically sitting on Keita's lap and so close Asuka could almost taste her arousal. Or maybe it was her own. She wasn't sure anymore.

She was about to start screaming at Musashi when he took hold of her panties' elastic waistband and tugged at it. With little more than the flick of a wrist and a pull of a hand, the mighty Asuka was stripped bare, her bottom and pussy left in plain view for any and everyone to see. Thankfully it was only Musashi, but that was embarrassing enough.

“What are you doing?” Asuka demanded, her panties now dangling between her thighs, stretched out. She reached back for them only to have her hand harshly slapped away.

“Stay put,” Musashi said, then raised his hand, and brought it down hard on Asuka's butt.

“Yaay!” Asuka yelled, driving herself against the desk to escape the sudden stab of pain coming from her rear. She gritted her teeth and turned her head to Musashi. “Idiot! What the hell do you think you are doing?!”

Then she stared in horror as Musashi removed his belt and doubled it on itself.

“I said you had to be punished, right?” Musashi said almost casually, noticing a red hand-print had begun to form on his victim's flesh. The color suited her very much.

Asuka forced the most angry glare she could. „Not like that!”

“Well, maybe next time you won't be late.” He swung the belt.

“N—” The rest got lost in a scream as Musashi's belt ,with a quick swish through the air, landed with a crack across her rosy, creamy buttocks.

It sounded like a gunshot. Asuka buckled, throwing her head back and jamming her hips against the desk. The sudden blow, and the violent movement it produced, sent spit flying from her mouth and a mist of sweat and other substances from her tight-lipped cunt as it clenched.

Looking very pleased, Musashi drew back his hand again. Asuka shook her head unconsciously gripping the edges of the desk. The second blow landed right below the reddening horizontal stripe left by the first. This time Asuka was better prepared for the pain and managed to grit her teeth to suppress her cry, still flinching badly at the sting. Musashi didn't like that—he wanted to hear those cute noises out of her. The smirk faded from his face as he swung the belt again.

The third lash landed further down, close to where Asuka's thighs and the rounded globes of her ass merged into her twat. She yelped loudly, unable to control her reaction. She squeezed her eyes shut at the same time that she reached back with both her hands to cover her vulnerable rump, now throbbing painfully.

“Stop!” Asuka whimpered. “You made your point!”

It didn't take very long for Asuka's glorious rump to be colored a vivid, painful red, crisscrossed by sweltering red stripes in every direction as if they had been painted there with a brush. She was in agony, her sensitive flesh not used to this sort of treatment. Her bottom felt like it burned, almost as though she were sitting on an open flame. She was slumped over the desk, panting heavily and whimpering in time with her breathing. Her body was covered in sweat.

By now Keita and Rei had finished. The blue-haired girl lay crumpled on the floor, her clothes askew—blouse open to show her heaving breasts, her skirt up, the stained gusset of her panties wedged into the fold of flesh between her upper thigh and pussy. Keita stood over her, looking proud of himself.

“How was it?” Musashi asked, turning away from the thoroughly-spanked and red-assed Asuka for a moment.

“Awesome, as always.” Keita rubbed sweat from his cheeks with his forearm. His penis had diminished considerably. It dripped with a combination of his semen and Rei's cunt juices. “Rei nee-chan is the best.” He snickered towards Asuka. “Aren't you going to take Asuka nee-chan? She looks like she could use a good fucking.”

Feeling her anger at her situation returning, Asuka pushed up with her hand, lifting her body a little from the desk on which she had been lying … only to feel Musashi's hands on her sore backside. Then the hands moved downwards, gently caressing her in away that send a warm wave over her abused nerves. Musashi grabbed her panties, rolling then down her shapely legs, then made her step out of the right leg hole and left them scrunched up around her left ankle. Finally, Musashi grabbed her by the arm and turned her around.

Lying on her back, Asuka stared blankly at the ceiling. The belting had taken most of the fight out of her, and though she hated being such a weak position, she realized there was nothing she could do about it. Then Asuka's own feet entered her field of view, the panties wrapped around her ankle waving high in the air like some sort of flag—Musashi was holding up her legs, opening her up for the assault of his penis. Asuka let her gaze wander down her body and saw the exposed curve of her pussy, traces of her red pubic hair making a fuzzy triangle over her swollen, tight-lipped entrance.

Asuka had been so proud when that hair had begun to come out. It was a confirmation of her growing womanhood, that she wasn't a child anymore. But now it was such a shameful sight she covered her face with her hands, unable to look, and bit back a whimper.

Had she been able to look she would have seen Musashi lining up his purple cock head on her tight entrance, and her own swollen clit sticking out from its hood in waiting excitement. He rubbed the slick purple head against her soft vulva lips, brushing and pushing them slightly to the side. Asuka didn't know what was happening to her, but at times like this her body just reacted. She couldn't control it. She wished she could. How could anyone being forced against her will have such shameful reactions? How could the proud Asuka Lan—

All thoughts suddenly left her as Musashi pumped his hips forwards, breaking the seal of her tight cunt tunnel and entering her. She squeezed her eyes shut, electric pleasure shooting up her spine.

He leaned forward, planting his hands on either side of her head, bringing her feet almost to her ears and causing her pelvis to rise from the desk. Asuka was so full; it felt like his penis had reached all the way to her stomach. He pulled out slightly, just give himself some room, and then, with the wet sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, began pounding her mercilessly.

“OH GOTT!” Asuka cried out. “IT'S SPLITTING ME OPEN!”

“Don't worry, Asuka nee-chan,” Musashi panted, increasing his frantic pace, his hard penis thrusting in and out of Asuka like a piston as his hips smashed violently against her. “I'll be sure to come soon like this!”



Asuka rode the train home an hour later, a blank expression hanging on her pretty face. She was still picking Musashi's dried-up cum remnants from between her teeth, and could feel even more of the sticky substance working its way out of her, leaking from between her lower lips and soaking into her cotton panties.

Thankfully the boys hadn't insisted that she go commando or she would have had a hard time keeping other people from noticing.

The pretty teenage redhead looked as though she had run a marathon--her once well-pressed uniform was wrinkled and spotted with sweat; her hair was matted and stuck to her face; her eyes downcast; her body language slouched in defeat. She had fixed herself up in a hurry, not caring about anything except getting away from that classroom. Musashi had been very thorough, fucking her relentlessly until he came for a second time, splashing her insides with his hot, gooey cream.

She was very sore. Her pussy had not yet grown used to the kind of abuse that came with Musashi's hard fucking. Her ass throbbed, the heat emanating from it making the beating she had taken impossible to forge.

But for all the pain and humiliation, what pissed her off the most was that the bastard had not even bothered to make her cum. Sure, she was forced to make Musashi cum in all the degrading ways he could think of, but if he got her off at least she felt that she had gotten something in return, not that she was just his doll, like Ayanami was a doll; that her pleasure mattered. Sometimes it seemed like all Asuka had left.

Being denied relief, if only out of his neglect, felt like another punishment. The ability to cum, to enjoy her torment in the most basic and instinctive way, gave her something to hold on to.

That thought hit her like a ton of bricks. Asuka lowered her head in shame. "God, what's happening to me?"

She stood in the aisle of the train car, holding on to the loop overhead with one hand and her school bag with the other. The car was fairly empty and there were plenty of seats for her to use, but she didn't want to sit on her sore bottom, which stung quite a lot. Also, she might squeeze out all the remaining cum Musashi had pumped deep into her womb. While no one was likely to notice if she was sitting, it would just feel too disgusting. At least she didn't have to worry about keeping all that stuff inside.

Asuka had never thought she would be so grateful for birth control. Without it these two perverts would have surely gotten her pregnant by now. That truly terrified her. Nothing else would ruin her life so permanently, so irreversibly. Even forcibly loosing her virginity would pale in comparison.

Her virginity …

Asuka's head dipped even lower. She closed her eyes, and remembered the most painful day of her life since her mother died.

When Yui Ikari had asked her and Rei Ayanami to tutor some younger students, Asuka had been immensely annoyed. Tutoring sessions normally took place on weekends, which meant she would have to waste a whole day when she could be at home with Shinji. She would never say it to his face, but she enjoyed the time they spent together. As the best in their class, Asuka and Rei were specially suited to be tutors, and it was, technically, an honor. It was still annoying.

The younger students Yui mentioned turned out to be Musashi Lee Strasbourg and Keita Asari. Asuka had to admit nobody could have benefited more from a few remedial lessons; their grades were among the worse in he whole school. Because Keita's parents were away due to work, Yui suggested they all meet at his place. Asuka had reluctantly agreed. At least this way none of her classmates would see her with these losers.

Being in the presence of the expressionless doll was bad as far as Asuka was concerned, but the notion that she would have to spend her entire afternoon with these two self-conceited brats and failures was nearly intolerable. She was doing Yui a favor, and only for Yui, who had become more like a stepmother than a host, would she do it.

After some terse introductions, the four teens sat in the large living room around a big black table. Musashi and Keita spread their books and notebooks on the table and got to work on some math problems. Asuka tried to keep her icy demeanor from cracking into outright hostility. She managed to make her answers direct without being rude. Rei was mostly silent. Nothing new.

"So, does Asuka senpai study on her own?" Musashi suddenly asked, looking up from his notebook.

"Feh!" Asuka huffed, crossing her arms across her chest and leaning back on the sofa. "I don't need to! I have a college degree."

People always found that amazing about her, but it was true. In the years after her mother's death she had spent the majority of her time studying. As a result she already had a college degree form a foreign university. She attended school now mostly because she was too young to get a good job, and to practice her Japanese--whoever thought doodles made a good alphabet was a complete idiot. And, of course, Shinji went to the same school.

“That's really cool,” Musashi said, sounding impressed.

Asuka didn't know whom he thought he was kidding. She could practically feel Musashi's eyes wander up and down her long, shapely legs. He even tried to look at her breasts, as if she wouldn't notice that. When she shifted, his attention returned to her face.

It was by no means the first time a boy ogled her teenage body, and actually Asuka liked to encourage such behavior. Like any pretty girl her age, she was proud of her looks, specially as her figure started to fill out more. In terms of her body, she was very much an adult already. But while she normally had no problem getting attention, this situation was uncomfortable enough without two perverted juniors lusting after her. It wasn't like she had nothing better to do than sit here for their enjoyment.

"You want anything, senpais?" Keita asked, setting down his pencil. He looked at Rei in the same lusty way Musashi had just done to Asuka.

Yeah, Asuka thought, to get away from you two, no, three—she glared at the doll—as fast as possible.

"I'll get some lemonade," Musashi offered before either girl answered.

He was off to the kitchen. Again a strained silence followed. Asuka turned her head away, refusing to look at the dumb faces of her companions any longer.

Musashi came back with two glasses of lemonade on a metal tray, which he placed before the girls. While Asuka did not want to take anything from him on principle, she couldn't deny she was thirsty. To make matters worse, the air conditioning didn't seem to be working properly and the living room had become unbearably hot. She was starting to sweat. Cooling off a little sounded like a good idea.

Asuka grabbed a glass from the tray, and sniffed. "You didn't put anything weird in there, did you?"

Musashi smiled. "No."

"Nothing harmful?" Asuka eyed him carefully, attempting to measure his reaction.


Asuka shrugged, marginally convinced, and drank it. Rei already had her glass empty by the time the lemonade touched Asuka's lips.

Drinking like a cow, now, aren't you, Wondergirl? Asuka thought with a smug ignoring the fact that she also emptied her own glass in a few gulps. The cold drink felt good going down her throat. It was definitely refreshing in the stifling heat of the living room.

Keita and Musashi exchanged quick glances.

Then another silence followed as they boys resumed working on their homework. Asuka was about to declare that she had enough and was going home, as she only seemed to be wasting her time with them. Besides, Shinji had promised to make her favorite pancakes that evening, with syrup.

But when Asuka was about to open her mouth she felt a sudden dizziness taking her. She nuzzled back against the sofa, realizing she wasn't really dizzy but more like becoming drowsy. The world suddenly seemed fuzzy around her, and she felt very tired.

She tried to look angrily at the boys but her eyes could not see anything, as if surrounded by a foggy haze. She didn't understand. Her body felt heavier than ever, and she slowly felt herself falling deeper into the sofa like it was trying to swallow her whole.

Asuka only barely noticed her blouse getting torn open and the sensation of sleek fingers upon her bra and her nipples. Hands made their way under her skirt and tugged at her panties, then her shoes. Soon she felt completely naked and ... something cold underneath her. The last thing she heard was moaning and grunting. They sounded familiar, like they were her own. Then she was floating. Floating in an ocean of pleasure … and she was diving faster, deeper, until the blackness took her.

The first thing Asuka realized when she opened her eyes again was that she was still in Keita's living room. Then she saw the black table, then the two white towels placed next to each other, and finally two teenage girls, completely naked except for their socks.

"Uh ..."

Her head throbbed as she pushed herself into a sitting position. She noticed a strange, gamy taste in her mouth. Her jaw ached. She was lying on the couch, and judging by the aches of her body, had been for a long time. Then she looked down at herself and saw she was a mess: her blouse that been unbuttoned, her bra didn't fit properly over her young breasts, and the sides of her jumper had been opened. Her clothes were all wrinkled and bunched up in several places, like a drunkard clumsily attempting to dress.

Besides her, Asuka noticed Rei was in a similar state. She looked as bad as Asuka felt.

"Wondergirl?" Asuka groaned, the pain in her head nearly overwhelming. She rubbed her hands over her temples, inching towards the end of the sofa. She gasped as more pain shot through her--a flaring spike of agony emanating from between her legs. It felt as though her belly had been scrambled from the inside. Not even her menstrual pains were ever this bad.

Pressing a hand carefully against her aching lower stomach, Asuka turned her gaze to the two naked teenagers she'd seen in front on her as she awoke. It was an image frozen in the big screen TV, like some kind of odd porno video. Disgusted and confused, Asuka wanted to turn it off. But then she noticed the video's familiar setting--it was Keita's living room on the TV, the same large black table. And both naked girls had unusual hair color: blue and red.

It didn't take long even for her dazed mind to understand that the girls spread naked upon the towels were none other that Rei and herself.

Asuka's mind immediately refused to accept what she saw. It was someone else lying there, not them; some other two girls who just looked very similar to them, who also turned out to be in Keita's room. She just could not admit that it was her lying there like a naked piece of meat, spread on a white towel upon the big black table, all her most intimate secrets exposed.

"Oh God." Asuka brought a hand over her mouth.

The young girl whose tight vagina was framed by thin pink lips and short red pubic hair was not Asuka Langley Sohryu. She was not the school's idol, not the genius that had a college degree, not the haughty teenage girl secretly in love with Shinji Ikari.

It just could not be her. It had to be some trick of photography or a special effect. Something. They had placed her face upon the naked body of someone else—it was someone else showing their firm breasts; it was someone with their bare butt lying on the towel; someone else with their legs spread and young pink pussy gaping. Someone else, definitely someone else. Not her.

But as Asuka watched in horror two familiar boys took positions between each of the girls' legs, parting them slightly with their hands; Keita paired up with the Rei look-alike, Musashi with the redhead.

They, like the girls, were completely naked.

Musashi wasted no time. He took a firm hold of the redheaded girl's right breast using his right hand then slid his other one down between her thighs.

Asuka shook her head in disbelief as the tanned boy began to grope the naked teenager‘s body on the screen.

At first he softly patted her curly red hair above her pussy lips, tracing his fingertips around the pubic bush, before he got a few of his fingers between vulva lips and tugged playfully, spreading the pink folds and making the naked girl groan.

Musashi started to rub up and down slowly, pressing his middle finger into her furrow while his first and third slid in the creases between thigh and vulva. He curled his finger slightly on the upstroke and the spread on the towel girl twitched and sighed explosively as it slipped over the tiny bump of her erecting clitoris.

The redhead‘s feet twitched as Musashi continued to trace a finger from side to side across her labia, before finally sliding into the place where no other hands had ever been. In response, the Asuka look-alike on the television lifted her pelvis up from the towel. As if ... as if inviting him.

"Mmmmmm," the naked girl hummed in pleasure. She stretched her neck, pointing her chin up at the same time. Her nude belly rose and fell in the dim light of Keita‘s room. Each toe of her white socks curl together and release as the boy‘s touch sent little shocks of pleasure through her slender body.

Musashi went in and out of her slit, his finger drenched with her gooey, slippery juice. The redhead twisted her torso from side to side, in rhythm with the touch

"Ah! Ah-HAH! "

Only the membrane barrier of her virginity prevented Musashi from pushing his finger too deep, but suddenly her pubic bone shot up and Asuka, watching the screen with open horror, thought he'd broken her hymen right there and then.

Her double‘s legs scissored closed, trapping the hand molesting her for a second, then opened again as her entire body tensed. There was no blood, signaling that, at least for now, her hymen was still intact, but there were lots of other secretions, which Musashi messily spread across the clitoral hood and her soft labia.

The redhead panted louder and louder, lost in her own world of seemingly uncontrolled lust. Her entire naked body twitched with each flick of his fingers like a perverted meat puppet.

Asuka felt sick, as much by what she was seeing done to her as by her apparent reaction. A part of her subconscious triggered the sensation of fingers around her pubis, like she was remembering.

Rei was also looking at the screen, her expression blank and hard to read.

Meanwhile, Musashi continued kneading the redhead's right breast, digging his fingers into her soft flesh. Asuka shuddered. Her breasts had never been groped directly, let alone by a boy younger than Shinji.

And what was worse, she saw her nipples had already started to harden.

Musashi noticed this right away, and pinched her nipple between his two fingers while adding yet another digit into Asuka's virgin pussy. Now with two fingers inside of her, he increased the tempo of his left hand, pumping in and out, in and out of her warm entrance.

His right hand pulled her right breast by the nipple, stretching it upwards, causing another wiggle from the girl below him and a deep guttural moan. He continued pulling for moment, then went back to kneading.

After much harsh groping, Musashi suddenly stopped and cupped her left breast, making it stand out more prominently. He moved his body up. He placed his tongue at the center of her navel, circling around and in it. Then, leaving a thin trail of saliva, he licked up, slowly climbing the mound of her left breast until reaching her nipple. Swirling around the dark, hard nub, Musashi poked the little tip with his tongue before finally taking it all into his mouth and sucking like a baby on his mother's breasts.

But this scene was far from innocent. It was dirty and grotesque.

And he wasn't even careful while doing it. Musashi's cheeks hollowed as he tried to suck on her breasts as hard as possible. He started to move his head up and down, and due to the strong suction made her breast stretch and squish like a weird jelly toy.

Asuka could see herself moving her head from side to side, rolling. Her naked counterpart's eyes were foggy with pleasure, lost, pathetic. Obviously, Keita was doing something similar to Rei as the doll was getting more and more exited on the table besides her. But Asuka never really cared what happened to her anyway.

What concerned her the most--what horrified her--was this tanned junior now trying to milk her breast dry with his mouth, and that she was clearly enjoying it.

Then, with a loud plop, Musashi released her tit from his oral cavity leaving red traces where his mouth sucked into her tender flesh too much and his teeth had begun to dig into the creamy flesh.

But the relief was short lived as Musashi switched over to her other breast. He licked from the bottom upward, working his way quickly to her pencil-eraser sized nipple, which he took into his mouth and began to suckle. The redhead‘s hands twitched as if wanting to came up to the back of Musashi‘s head and push him further into her.

Up and down, up and down Musashi moved his head; up and down, up and down followed her firm, young breast. Musashi licked and suckled and bit her, smearing her with his saliva. He looked like a dirty bug trying to get his nectar at any cost.

Another loud plop and her breast was released from his mouth, and, as before, Asuka could recognize red traces left on her white skin. There were also a few barely visible strings of saliva connecting the top of her breast with his mouth until he brushed them off with the back of his hand.

“Tasty, Asuka nee-chan.”

Musashi then moved off of her, kneeling on her left side his left hand still rubbing her pussy. Asuka lifted her chin and the boy leaned in to kiss her throat not breaking the caress on the tight slit.

She hissed and writhed as he drilled his tongue into her throat, and his fingers were slipping inside her with an increasing speed. She rolled her pussy upward for his touch and pumped her hips, urgently.

“Mu … Mu-sashi ...” Asuka moaned, not seeming to know what she was even saying.

Musashi laughed. “Eh, you sound like a cow, nee-chan. But you are a pretty cow.”

He dug his fingers as deep as the hymen allowed and pressed his palm against her clit, moving it in circles. Asuka made a strangled sound and threw back her head as Musashi bit her slender throat.

The boy stroked her long and deep, keeping the smoothly sliding contact with her clit and with her pulsing pussy walls, making her grimace and shudder.

Her pussy clenched and wetly grasped at his fingers as she tensed. Musashi shook her captured pussy hard before finally releasing his fingers from her warmth, still holding her soaked and trembling pussy firmly in his palm. After a few seconds, he released her crotch and grasped Asuka's face with both of his hands at each side, the left shining with her juices.

With her face held in place, Musashi extended his tongue and licked the outline of Asuka's tender lips, smearing them with his saliva. He pushed his tongue behind the inner sides of her lips, licking and exploring the space between the inside of her lips and her gums. It was like a perverted sort of kiss, like he was rinsing out her mouth with his.

Watching this, Asuka felt nausea locking up her throat. But she could not take her eyes off the screen, where the tanned boy continued his assault. He brushed his tongue against her teeth, but since Asuka apparently still had trouble focusing her mind on what was happening he got no response. He reached back with his hand, still leaning over her, and pinched her left nipple hard. Asuka opened her mouth to moan, and that was all Musashi needed.

His lips covered hers, and Asuka let out another muffled moan into his mouth as he twisted the nipple harder.

Musashi kissed her wildly and passionately, as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Her throat moved, gulping down their mixed saliva. Her breasts heaved as she grew more excited and her breathing quickened, her pussy leaked onto the white towel beneath her.

Though she could not see her face because the back of Musashi's head was now blocking the view of the camera, Asuka had a faint memory of a warm wriggling thing in her mouth, stroking her tongue from above and below, everywhere.

His lips covered hers completely, like he was intent on eating her face, yet moving more expertly than might seem possible for someone so young as him. He clearly had some experience with this. As their kiss degenerated into all-out making, he started thrusting his hips, his huge dick sticking straight out. He was hard beyond belief.

Musashi finally pulled up, licking his lips, and playfully winked at her. “Not bad, Asuka nee-chan. But I think you'll need some practice.”

Asuka shook her head at the television. At least it wasn't her first kiss, she thought, her mind clutching any lifeline it could find. She had given her first kiss to Baka-Shinji when, upon returning from yet another unsuccessful date, she challenged him to a round of truth or dare. The game eventually ended up with them kissing as a dare. She had pretended not to like it, but she really had. She was just very annoyed by his unresponsiveness.

Shinji's lips were soft, cool and soothing. Asuka had wanted to kiss them forever and ever, but she was too prideful to admit such a thing. And she couldn't allow him to see her weak side. Afterward she ran to the bathroom pretending to rinse her mouth, screaming that she should never kiss as part of a game and not with someone like him.

And now another kiss had been ripped from her. Asuka felt her heart sink.

Meanwhile, on the screen, Musashi had already started his trip down her body, letting his hands linger on her shiny from his saliva breasts. First the tanned boy allowed his fingertips to move downward, across her upper chest to the swell of her breasts. They glided down the nipples, swirling around each and then around the aureola circling them, before continuing onward, over the bottom-swell and down to her lower rib cage.

His lips meanwhile began planting small kissed over the slight protuberance of her ribs, across her smooth stomach to her navel. Musashi‘s slick tongue plunged inside and around the walls of her belly button.

He paused for a few moments to climb off the table, before continuing south, kissing her lower stomach, tasting the soft skin with both his tongue and his lips, inch by inch moving closer to her spread-open crotch and hips.

Just as his chin tickled the top of her red pubic hair, Musashi diverted to the side, continuing to kiss his way down her hip, to the outside of her thigh. The younger boy bathed the redhead‘s upper leg with his lips and tongue, moving downward to her knee. Unnoticed, his hands slid under her soft but firm buttocks.

“Mmmn … " the redhead moaned drunkenly, "d-don't go … go .. ah!”

Musashi, as if obeying the naked teen‘s demands, began moving back upward again, this time kissing the skin of her inner thigh, interjecting his body between her legs. He kissed all the way up her inner thigh, until his tongue was licking in the crease between her leg and her wet crotch, catching whiffs of her aroused odor with his nose.

The tanned boy’s nose tip was barely touching her. He took a deep sniff. And another. He was smelling her muff like a dog might smell a potential mate. Asuka giggled throatily in response, as the air from his breath tickled her sensitive tissues.

“There … me-mein pussy … leck mich.”

Though the befuddled redhead was urging him in slurry half-German and half-Japanese, the way she parted her legs and wiggled her butt, pushing up her pubic bone almost invitingly, spoke volumes about what she wanted.

Her vulva lips, pouting outward from the thin curtain of pubic hair, glistened with moisture, secreting her scent into the air. Her clitoris, already erect and waiting, bulged noticeably from its fleshy pink hood.

Musashi raised his head from her between her parted legs and said for the camera, "Asuka nee-chan, you have such a sweet, innocent pussy. It smells great!"

This comment sent the naked girl into another giggling fit. He rubbed the top of her entrance with his nail, pulling further back the protective fleshy hood of her clit, making Asuka groan.

Taking it as a sign, the boy clapped his hands once and said, "Ittedekimasu!"

Dipping his head again, Musashi let the tip of his tongue lightly slide through her nest of Asuka's pubic hair and track down the side of her right labial lip, tasting the faint bite of her secretions.

“Bitte ...” Asuka made another slurry noise while her hands moved aimlessly around as if trying to find Musashi’s head and pull him deeper between her spread legs.

Musashi quit the teasing and went to work, sliding his tongue between her blood-filled lips and licking, gathering her juices, tasting the slipperiness of her inner membranes.

"Ohhhh!" The red-blonde head shook from one side to another at this first contact.

Musashi dug in deeper, slowly probing into her with his rolled up tongue, forcing his way inside. His wet muscle flicked out and around, and stabbed inside her virgin pussy.

It was surprising that Asuka had never been touched by any man before. Going by her looks such a thing was hard to believe. Certainly she had never been touched in there, by fingers or tongue or anything. Obviously, Musashi intended to correct this mistake.

Like a man dying from thirst, he lapped her juices, which had now started to flow abundantly. Asuka was trashing again on the table, her white shoulders slipped off the towel and started rubbing against cold surface of the table but she seemed not to be aware.

From time to time, he would flick his tongue over something Asuka had trouble seeing due to camera angle. She could guess from the way her own self was lifting of the table every time he did that it was her super sensitive clitoris. The tiny nub was probably rock hard by now, sending agonizing waves of pleasure through her nervous system.

Asuka knew from her own experimentation that this was her most sensitive spot--such a tiny thing could cause her to loose her mind. Indeed, the new blissfully mindless expression that had taken over her face on the screen seemed to indicate that she was indeed slipping.

Her hips began to rise and fall the second Musashi made contact, and continued thrusting, humping herself against his tongue.

It was disgusting. A younger boy, feasting between her legs, was making her moan and trash around like a horny slut.

Musashi lapped at her more rapidly, drenching his face in her juices, while her white thighs rubbed on his cheeks.

At the same time, he probed between her moist lips with a finger, her clear pussy juices providing abundant lubrication for the assault. Of course this caused a new wave of moans from the redhead spread on the table.

His finger could only penetrate a short way before coming to the barrier of her maidenhead, scratching the thin membrane with his nail before pulling out. But it was still enough to drive the teen crazy.

Following the rhythm of his tongue and finger, her bare hips rose and fell so fast now that Musashi had trouble maintaining the lock he had upon her.

Looking up the length of Asuka‘s body, across the heaving tear-drop shaped breasts to her face, one could see a deep blush of pleasure clearly visible now. Her blue eyes still closed but the corners of her lips were upturned in a sort of insane grin, and drool was escaping her mouth, like she had lost all ability to control herself. How could she be enjoying this? She was being raped, and rape victims do not enjoy their ordeal. And yet there it was, caught on tape for the entire world to see.

Asuka might not have wanted this, but the grinding of her pelvis against the younger boy's face sure made her look like she was eager to have his tongue deeper inside of her.

“Soooo geeeeil!” the redhead panted out.

Slurp, slurp--the amount of wetness increased, as did the perverted sounds coming from between her legs while Asuka‘s pubis continued to mash into the boy, wetting his whole face with her secretions.

The slick sounds were louder than the ones coming from her right where Rei was taking the same service from Keita. It looked like both bastards were in-synch, like they had practiced this beforehand. Their victims' reactions were certainly different: Rei, though wiggling on the table, moaned much less and more quietly than Asuka. And the wetness between her and Asuka's thighs was also different.

Asuka's pussy dripped with wetness while Rei's seemed only slightly wet so far. Despite that, Keita was working as hard as Musashi. It was still enough to make the albino teenager jump up from his perverted touches, though it was still different from the wild trashing redhead on her left.

When looking at them both it was clear that Asuka was enjoying it more and was louder than Rei...

Was her reaction normal? Asuka wanted to believe so, but terrible doubts crept in. Why wasn't Rei responding in the same way?

Shouldn't it all be reversed? Shouldn't the doll be doing everything to please them, like a good doll should do, while Asuka fought fiercely to the bitter end?

Musashi did not leave much room for musings. He caught her clitoris with his lips and bit on it. Hard.

A long shriek escaped Asuka's lips. But it was not because of pain. It was because of her own impending orgasm. Her thighs squeezed painfully into Musashi‘s neck, threatening to cut off his blood supply, while her whine became increasingly high-pitched, eventually inaudible to ears.

Every muscle in Asuka‘s body tensed as Musashi continued to suck on her. Her eyes and mouth shot open, saliva erupting out of her and into the air as her pelvis thrust spasmodically, still trying to follow the lead of his tongue. Slender fingers finally found their way into Musashi‘s hair, pulling him harder against the trembling pubis Her back arched and she seemed about to jump of the table. Her faced scrunched in a grimace of ecstasy - she was smiling, drooling, crying and leaking from her snatch.

Asuka came.

She came while being raped.

Asuka stared at herself in disbelief, watching her own swollen, flustered vulva leak girl-cum like an open faucet onto the towel set beneath her. Her fingers relaxed and untangled from Musashi‘s hair and she plopped down upon the table, panting so loudly she sounded as though she was about to have a stroke.

“Gott … ” the redhead moaned absently. “Mein Gott... ”

Musashi continued sucking softly until her body completely relaxed and a sigh escaped from her lips into the air. “That's right,” he said. “Now show me how good your pussy looks after cumming.”

The panting teen drew her knees up and open, spreading herself on the table surface like a frog on its back.

Asuka was stunned, and for once she felt neither shame nor anger-she felt nothing. Suddenly her vision began to blur and she knew she was about to cry.

"Oh God," she sniffled as if repeating her double on the screen. "Oh God..."

On the TV, Musashi lifted his now soaked face from between Asuka's legs, and demonstratively licked his lips for the camera. "Mmmm. You sure taste sweet, Asuka nee-chan."

He brought his face to hers, and kissed her again. Soon Asuka's face became smeared by her own wetness--the sticky, musky essence of her cunt. Musashi broke the kiss and settled between her legs.

As she watched the perverted spectacle before her, Asuka felt her pride being destroyed. Her sense of identity as a strong, popular girl was being stripped away by this little monster. She started to whimper and shake almost hysterically.

Musashi flexed his knees, lifting himself just enough to give the camera a good view of Asuka's twitching, waiting pussy. As she saw him press the tip of his penis against her entrance, getting it covered with her love juices, the redhead realized with growing horror what would happen next.

In her mind, Asuka was screaming for it to stop, but Musashi looked over at Keita, who had also taken position between Rei's legs. The two boys nodded to each other. They plunged in together, like some perverted synchronized exercise, parting the girls' pussy lips apart with their meat poles. And though Musashi must have felt the resistance of Asuka's hymen, it only took a little additional force to the pressure to pass her last line of defense.

“NO!” Asuka screamed on the couch. “Don't come into me!”

But there was nothing she could do. Her penetration continued, and soon Musashi was almost completely inside of her. By a twist of fate, Asuka Langley Sohryu had lost her virginity at the same time as Rei Ayanami, the person that she least liked in the whole world. Both girls let out a loud shriek as the boys' dicks tore into them.

Asuka slumped back, staring blankly at the screen with tearful, shaking eyes. “It's over … ” she whimpered as a trickle of blood escaped the place where Musashi's genitals squashed down on hers. “I will never be a virgin again.”

When Musashi reared back Asuka could see the base of his penis now slick from not only her juices but her blood as well.

Just like that, Asuka, the school's number one idol, on a big black table, with a white towel beneath, became a woman. And made so by a boy who was younger than her, and whom she had no feelings for.

Seeing the act in front of her seemed to trigger something in her mind, and she could suddenly remember the pain. How much it hurt when he broke through her and ripped her innocence away.

But the redheaded girl on the screen didn't even seem to care. She was still smiling mindlessly. Asuka utterly hated herself at that moment for it.

And if she didn't care, Musashi was not about to. He kept on pushing his meat in and out of her. This was the place that no one had ever entered before, and he was eager to defile it.

Asuka still wanted him to stop, but she knew it was useless now. She could not ever get her first time back. Yet she hadn't given her first time either-it was taken from her by force. Torn from her. A gift that she wanted to give to someone whom she loved was lost forever, by her junior, and recorded on camera. Proof that it really happened, as if her eternal proof--that of her own ruined body--was not enough.

Sure, in the modern world virginity was not as big an issue as in old times, but Asuka always wanted her first time to be special. It was a seal, a mark like a wedding ring, saying that you were where no one else had been before. That you were the first one to reach this point with her.

As Asuka watched Musashi break her hymen and continue to fuck her, the image of Shinji flashed in her mind. It was hard to admit, but the erotic dreams that she had about Shinji had increased lately. She had grown attached to him, and whenever she thought about her first time it was Baka-Shinji whose image she recalled most often.

If only he would have been more assertive... maybe on that evening when they had their first kiss.

But he had always pulled back, afraid of her, afraid of himself, afraid of the relationship that stood in between. He was a coward, running away from everything, eternally passive, waiting for things to happen rather than making them happen himself. And he was kind of slow, at least for Asuka's standards. But Asuka thought she loved him, and loved him more than a friend...

A loud moan brought her from the pit of despair back to the reality of the video before her eyes. And there she saw something that she never expected to see. Instead of her own face twisted in pain and hurt at her rape, she had begun moving her hips to match Musashi once again, allowing a deeper penetration. Her face showed pleasure instead of hurt.

Her trim legs were now wrapped around Musashi's hips, crossed at the ankles, not allowing him to go anywhere but inside her pussy. The white socks looked grotesque amidst so much naked flesh.

“You are really a slut, aren't you Asuka nee-chan?" he said, a mocking ring in his words. "Even though you are being forced you are enjoying it, aren't you? It can't be just the stuff we put in your lemonade."

He reached with his hands to cover hear breasts and pinch her pink, erect nipples between his fingers. Each time he said degrading things about her or hurt her physically, her moans of pleasure were stronger and louder.

And the faster he moved the more she seemed to like it.

The boy was now driving at his full force, riding her still freshly broken, once-virgin canal. Even though the blood hadn't dried yet, the girl in the video did not show signs of pain. Instead she was the epitome of pleasure. The movement of her pelvis equally matched each of his thrusts. Asuka could see her white buttocks lifting of the black table surface and the towel on which had been laid to meet him and make the penetration deeper.

Their bodies, lying one on top of the other, shimmered with a great deal of sweat. The flush around Asuka's pussy began to spread, covering more of her inner thighs and lower belly in a red hue. Both were moaning, but the noises Asuka made were on a whole different level. She was panting like an animal, groaning gutturally with each piston-like penetration of her loins.

She was so eager that it became unclear who was fucking whom. Asuka was disgusted with the expression her doppelganger made on the screen. Her tongue falling out of her mouth, drooling, she had a grin of demented lust that spread from ear to ear over her reddened face. With crying eyes fully dilated and rolled back from pleasure, she started to beg him incoherently.

"Aaah! Faster...ngh! Move...Uuuh! Ja! Hard...ahh!"

"Let's massage Asuka nee-chan's breasts a bit more to make them bigger," Musashi replied between pants. "So you'd definitely surpass Katsuragi-sensei in the future. Wouldn't it be great?"

But Asuka didn't seem to hear anything over the wet sound coming from her crotch.

"Aaah!" she whimpered incredibly loudly in comparison to Rei, being fucked quietly besides her like a good doll. "Deeper...Yeaah! Ngh, aaah!"

Musashi giggled at her response and continued kneading her breasts with renewed interest. His dark hands on her white skin looking like little black snakes encircling two round cream pies with little pink cherries on the top.

Not able to hold himself, he leaned over her breasts and started flicking the cute little nipple on the right with his tongue, lifting up the mass of the breasts with a hand so it stuck out almost vertically, while continuing the hard movements of his hips. His tongue then continued traveling down in circles until he got her entire breast glistening as if it was covered by oil.

Once he switched to her other breast Asuka threw a quick glance to Rei, who also now had her legs behind Keita's back, but was still not moaning in pleasure. Her face was blank, even though her eyes were rolled back and she was drooling. By contrast, Asuka looked completely deranged--a crazed sex freak.

Then Asuka saw herself placing her hands on Musashi's head and pulling him close to her glistening, saliva-covered breasts.

"Faster. More, MORE!"

Her double tried desperately to increase the rhythm with her own pelvis. But instead Musashi pulled away a little.

"It's not nice, Asuka nee-chan, to leave your friends behind. Come together this time."

Asuka groaned in frustration, but settled down a little. Clearly, even drugged and raped, she still retained a little of her personality. Her ass was still moving, frantically meeting each of his thrusts, but she wasn't trying to force her pace on him.

Each thrust of her own hips hurt Asuka as she watched the video, and each thrust hurt more than the last. It was as if she was betraying who she was. And betraying Shinji.

A thought pierced Asuka's mind.

I'm sorry Shinji. I am doing this with someone else but you.

She felt guilt, anger, and humiliation every time she looked at those moving hips, those rolled back eyes, and the flopping tongue, bouncing left and right like a dog's. She was a disgusting creature. She always knew that. Or else her mother would not have abandoned her and chosen the doll and death over her and life.

There was no point in deceiving herself any longer--the one acting like a bitch in heat was Asuka Langley Sohryu. This was her real self: the nasty, angry thing that lurked beneath the surface. The pretty, haughty girl was a sham. This was the reality. She was crazy for sex. And not even with a person she might love, but with someone who she barely knew, and who certainly didn't love her.

But the girl on the screen seemed not to care. All that mattered to her was his stiff cock driving in and out of her ravished pussy. She was being raped. She was humiliated. And she enjoyed every second of it.

As his dick pushed in and out of her passage that was never used before, and as her hips moved up and down in a fast rhythm, the towel on which she was laid was so rumpled by their rapid movement that it was now only protecting from her waistline to her back against the rough and cold surface of the table. Her naked ass was hitting the surface with a muted flesh sound whenever she moved down.

She wrapped her hands around his head, as if hugging him and pulled him closer. Her sweaty face was visible over Musashi’s shoulder, while one grotesque grimace of pleasure changed another as she was frantically banging her hips into the tanned boy’s crotch.

Asuka dully noted that Rei's towel was still pretty much intact. Even though both the redhead and the albino looked like they were really enjoying themselves, Asuka was the only one moving wildly.

Although Asuka often masturbated these days--she was a healthy teen girl after all—she never thought she could herself go as completely as this. Even the pain of her lost virginity seemed dampened by the turmoil of the pleasant sensations that coursed through her body.

She wanted to slap that shameful face, lost in blissful pleasure; those drooling lips; those rolled-back eyes. But all she could do was grit her teeth and watch how she was fucked, blind and deaf to the world around her and the shame of it all. Her whole world was now trapped between her pussy lips, trimmed by red curly pubic hair and set in motion the hips of a younger boy.

"Not enough!” the Asuka on the TV whined shrilly, her expression growing even more crazed when she tried to talk. “Not-Oh!-enough! More! I want more! Give me more! Cu-uh-um-make me cum!"

"That's right, nee-chan, but you need to learn how to give pleasure back instead of just pleasuring yourselves," Keita panted. "Well, everything-ah!-in due time. Ngh!" Both girls' bodies were following their movements, both of their beautiful breasts jiggling fast as the pace grew.

"Asuka nee-chan you are pretty good," Musashi teased. "You are so soft, warm and yet so--ngh!--tight. It's like you have been made just for this--ah!"

The increasingly faster movements were accompanied with moans, and the odd sounds of Asuka's naked bottom furiously hitting the table, dragged Asuka and Rei deeper and deeper into a sea of pleasure.

Finally the wave of orgasm washed them together as both boys came inside them. Muscles clenched tightly, they thrust deeper and harder to deliver their loads with loud grunts of effort. The girls followed suit: Asuka screaming, eyes grotesquely wide, crying, her face redder than a tomato, thrashing so wildly that she had to be pinned down by Musashi and clutching him tightly around the waist with her legs; Rei moaning mutedly, half closed red eyes rolled back, her back arching spasmodically as her body reacted to the powerful orgasm.

Asuka remembered the feeling of something warm erupting inside of her, like hot burning magma, pouring into her empty womb.

She instinctively pressed a shaking hand against her stomach. Though her partner was very young, she knew she could still conceive from his semen and become pregnant.

It was a terrifying prospect—barely into her teens, having a child would ruin her life. What would she do? Could she have an abortion? Could she live with herself after that?

She didn't want to get pregnant. She didn't want to have a child. She didn't want to be raped. Why couldn't she just go home and be with Shinji? Why did this have to happen to her?

Growing more dismayed by the second, Asuka could only stare at the perversion on the screen. After resting on them for a while, the two boys rose from the two sweaty, panting girls and went somewhere off the screen. Both pussies leaked heavily, globs of white cream and red blood mixing and soaking the towels, and in Asuka's case, the table.

One of the boys took the camera, making it shake as he lifted it up, and brought it closer to both girls on the table, spread widely like lewd lifeless dolls. Violated teenage pussies filled the screen as the camera zoomed in. First up was Rei's pussy, which looked shockingly red because of her pale skin. There were sperm and droplets of blood pouring out of it.

"It felt good, didn't it?” Keita's voice was heard from behind the camera. “Rei nee-chan is not a virgin anymore!"

There was no response from albino, who was still panting wildly, her red eyes rolled back and tongue sticking out. Her face was slack, jaw hanging open, her mind seemingly all but gone now.

Rei had not only been a virgin, but Asuka doubted she had ever even thought to touch her pussy. She simply wasn't much of a sexual creature, certainly not on the level that befitted an adolescent rushing like a speeding train through puberty. It would have been strange on anyone else, but not Rei; dolls didn't feel horny; dolls didn't need affection; dolls didn't feel. But Asuka could do all those things and she--

Midway through that thought the camera panned out and then closed in on Asuka's own swollen pussy. Musashi's dark fingers spread her slightly bruised lips, showing the white-yellowish spunk mixed with blood oozing out like thick cream. He patted her mound, brushing her red pubic hair back.

"This is the proof that I am Asuka nee-chan's first man!" he said in a happy voice and made a victorious V' sign for the camera. But he wasn't happy with the redhead's lifeless response. He turned around and said, "Show that you are happy too, Asuka-nee chan. Smile."

He took her hand and helped her form another V' sign, as her finger apparently did not have any dexterity in her current state to do so on her own. He then gave the sign in front of the camera again and this time it was matched by Asuka drunkenly holding out her hand to give a sign of her own, and raising her head off the table to look at the camera, a stupidly and mindlessly satisfied grin on her sweaty, red face. Her eyes were unfocused and dull, blurred by tears that could just as easily been tears of pure pleasure as she continued panting as heavily as Rei next to her.

This image burned into Asuka's mind. Lying on the hard surface, naked but for her socks with a load of fresh, warm sperm and her own virgin blood running down her brutally raped pussy, and flashing a 'V' sign, she had been fucked beyond any ability to comprehend that her innocence had been stolen and her life changed forever. In fact, anyone watching this scene would probably think she was quite pleased.

There was some shuffling around before the camera was placed back to where it was overlooking the table and both naked boys returned to their victims. However, this time Musashi went to Rei while Keita took position between Asuka's legs.

Keita smiled at Asuka, who was still panting raggedly.

"Hope you don't mind, Asuka nee-chan," he said. "After all, good things have to be shared."

He rubbed the tip of his penis against her entrance, getting it wet with her pussy juices and his friend's jism. Then he took a hold of both her legs and placed them over his shoulders, holding them in place with his hands, opening her up. This new position made Asuka's filled pussy leak even more, and allowed him to get a better angle to penetrate the redhead.

Not waiting anymore he plunged into her. Feeling another penis inside of her, TV Asuka screamed again.

"Heh heh, I am Asuka's second." Keita faced the camera and gave another V sign before, turning his focus back to the spread red-head. "Ugh! It's so tight it feels like you are still a virgin."

Like a warm glove her vagina engulfed his penis as he started sliding in and out, in and out. Even though Asuka was badly exhausted and not moving her hips this time, he still reached deep in her because of the position. His cock had no trouble pressing against the fleshy, already gapping opening of her cervix. Her innermost womanhood.

Musashi meanwhile was enjoying his time with Rei. He had rolled her on the left side with one leg dropped over his shoulder. He already had his penis buried in her snatch. His movements were fast and hard, making Rei moan and grunt.

But Asuka's moans were louder.

Wet sounds once again filled the room as both boys resumed pounding into the older girl's vaginas. Asuka watched in disgust as Keita, with her legs over his shoulders, made her moan and cry.

Would this humiliation never end? She was already pretty much dead inside. What else was there to take from her now?

Keita leaned against her, pressing her legs to her body. Her feet were now dangling near her head, besides her ears. It was a difficult position to maintain for a longer time, but it was not like she was given a choice. And it was not like she could have refused it either, as now Keita could move even deeper inside of her.

Now another boy was fucking her into the dark table and she was enjoying it just as she had before.

Soon, though, Keita's hands got tired of holding Asuka's legs and he motioned for Asuka to hold them up herself. "Asuka nee-chan, help me please."

As told, Asuka took a hold of her legs, spreading them open for him-she was now a willing participant in her own rape, obediently allowing this to happen to her. Keita placed both his hands under her ass trying to increase the speed. His penis moved rough against her vaginal walls, bruising and hurting her. But Asuka was in heaven.

"Musashi was right, Asuka nee-chan, your pussy is the best. So warm and tight, ngh! You should have shared it with us sooner!"

Asuka's only response was helpless moaning as he kept grinding her against the table surface, screwing her into oblivion.

Back in the real world, Asuka was crying inconsolably. She wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. Even someone as strong as her had their limit, and Asuka was well past hers. She just wanted it to be over.

Musashi came inside Rei, but his fuckdoll barely even seemed to notice. He laid panting for a bit on top of her as if she were a body pillow made from flesh, before finally getting up and going to the spot where Keita was sticking his penis into Asuka's once virgin pussy. Moving around to the other side of the table, he knelt by her messy red head, facing Keita.

Asuka was making all kinds of sexual noises as Musashi leaned forward to lick her breasts and knead them with his hands. Cum from his dick was dripping on Asuka's brow and nose. Keita decided to join in. Leaving the left breast for Musashi he focused his attention to the mound on his right. He started to suck it vigorously.

Now it was four hands and two tongues working magic on her. They licked, tickled, groped, patted, and sucked her breasts, belly, the sides of her hips, and finally settled with her breasts again.

Keita used his tongue to tease her nipple. His technique was different from Musashi's as he was less aggressive, but the result was still the same moaning and panting, covered in small beads of sweat, the redhead thrashed on the black table.

Musashi bit down on her left nipple and moved his head from left to right, as if trying to bite it off. Asuka's mouth opened even wider. All too soon, he moved off her breast. Asuka, suddenly loosing the source of her pain and pleasure, grunted in frustration. Musashi looked down at her face, his penis fully erect and still slick from the previous fucking.

Musashi pointed at his erection. "Asuka nee-chan, open your mouth."

Asuka hesitated for a bit, as even at her current state, she had enough pride to put up a fight against her lust, but it was not enough to win.

After a few seconds passed, and her insatiable desire overtook her, she slightly parted her trembling lips in slow motion, moving back her head.


Abandoning her pride completely, the pretty girl chose to surrender to the pleasure and give in, allowing the dark skinned boy to violate her warm mouth with his half-flaccid penis.

He plunged his dick into her mouth, covered with sperm and remains of Asuka's and Rei's virgin blood and their juices. Since the camera remained still Asuka could not see her own expression, just her white throat moving difficultly as if gagging. Lying on her back, she was in no position to suck him off as his cock was basically upside down in relation to her throat, so he just fucked her mouth. Asuka could see his dark balls rapidly slapping against her nose each time he penetrated her warm mouth. She gagged badly, his dick seemingly making a bulge in her throat.

With Keita still riding her pussy, his hands on her thighs as she kept on holding her legs apart for him, and Musashi pounding her mouth like there was no tomorrow, she looked like some ragged fuck doll getting pounded on two ends. Her whole body was now covered in sweat, which slowly started to collect on the table as well.

And still she held up her legs. And still she swallowed cock, both with her inflamed pussy and her ravished mouth.

But as Musashi pulled his cock out of her mouth, Asuka gagged more violently than ever before, sending a torrent of drool up her face, and something more. Yellow-green spew gushed from between her lips and back over her face. She didn't puke, but it was obvious that she had reached her limit as far as eating cock was concerned. This was confirmed a second later when Musashi tried to slide back inside her mouth only to immediately trigger more heaves.

Keita kept hammering Asuka's pussy as hard and fast as he could, pushing her more and more against the table; Musashi, now unable to have fun with her mouth for fear she might retch the contents of her stomach, found himself with nothing else to do. He slapped her disgusting face repeatedly with his cock, and followed up by sucking and pinching her hardened nipples.

And with a shudder, Keita began to come inside Asuka, just as his friend had done before him filling her pussy with his hot seed.

Spent, he collapsed on top of her, letting his dick go limp inside of her as Musashi looked on with a smug grin of satisfaction on his face. Finally, Keita lifted off her violated body, shaking off the remains of his cum on her white skin as if it were a napkin. They took turns kissing her stupidly gaping mouth for some minutes, covered in sweat and obviously exhausted from the acts they had just performed.

The last shot that Asuka could see was globs of white sperm running from her pussy.

Asuka closed her eyes. And she could not hold it in anymore, and brought both hands to her face as she tried not to puke. She had already been crying for a while, but now she really lost it and wept as she had never done before in her life.

They had fucked her, filled her with cum, fed it to her, molested her, raped her. She couldn't take it. She wanted to go crazy. To escape.

Rei seemed unmoved besides her on the sofa, as if the spectacle they had just witnessed and what they had gone through didn't affect her. Asuka hated her more than ever for that.


The voice came from behind them. Asuka turned her head to see the two boys standing there to the side. How long they had been she couldn't tell. For all she knew they were there since the beginning. And the bastards were smiling, like little boys who'd just pulled a mischievous prank.

"You! You little fuck!" Asuka sprang from the sofa and rushed over to them in a blur of pure, unrestrained hatred, her hands extended as claws, ready to throttle them, tears flowing from her wild eyes. “I'll kill you!”

However Musashi expected her to react, this wasn't it. She caught a look of shock on his face right before she closed her hands around his neck. A second later they were on the ground, Asuka lying on top of him, digging her fingers into the soft flesh of his throat as he struggled frantically to get her off. She screamed. “I'll KILL you!”

“Hey!” Keita quickly came to Musashi's aid, slipping his arms around Asuka's shoulders and waist, trying to pull her away from his friend. Asuka held fast, her anger fueled by rage. It took both of them to keep her from gaining enough leverage to strangle Musashi.

“You fuck!” Asuka bellowed in almost hysterical rage. “I'll make you sorry!”

"Don't … don't act like you didn't like it," Musashi groaned, taking one of his hands from around Asuka's slender wrists and pointing towards the TV. "Didn't you see the look on your face?"

Asuka couldn't bear to look. She squeezed her eyes shut. “You did that to me!”

"I wonder if Shinji will think the same when we show him."

Somehow, despite everything she had been put through, that hit Asuka hard. Her flew open, her voice quivered. “W-what?”

“I doubt he'd be surprised,” Musashi continued, exploiting this weakness. As the pressure on his throat eased and Asuka's grip loosened, his tone became more taunting. He was looking right into her eyes. “Maybe he already knows how much of a slut you really are, Asuka nee-chan. That would explain why he's never made a move on you despite knowing you for so long. Maybe he knows, and that's why he's been hanging out with Mana lately."

What would Shinji think of her? Would he side with her and try to convince her to get help or help her himself? Or would he simply see the popular view of her—that she was a loose girl whom many in their school claimed to have had sex with or gotten sexual favors from—confirmed on her mindlessly grinning face and throes of pleasure? Would it be proof of what he already knew? What would he do? What would he think?

The questions ate away at her. Asuka wanted to believe that he would help her but she wasn't sure. She just wasn't sure because she didn't know anything about how Shinji saw her. He was so quiet and withdrawn and she had never made the effort.

"No!" she cried out. "Shinji doesn't think that!"

“And if he does?” Musashi asked. “You love him, don't you? Can you afford to let him see you like this? He will never think of you the same way. He might even blame you for letting us do this. Who knows.”

Had she known for sure how Shinji would react, things would have been different. She would have called their bluff and had them arrested. But she didn't know, and even the possibility that Shinji would turn his back on her for good was enough to terrify her beyond anger and send her spiraling into a much darker part of the abyss that was her own mind. She could not let them show him, not matter what it took.

"Why?" was all Asuka could ask, her voice breaking like that of a little girl ready to burst uncontrollably into tears once more at any moment.

Keita finally let go of her, sensing that she was no longer a threat, leaving her to sit astride Musashi.

"Now you belong to us, nee-chan," Musashi said with a satisfied grin. His left hand slipped under Asuka's skirt and started stroking the swell of her buttocks, hesitantly at first. But as the downbeat redhead made no move to stop him, his fingers became more daring and possessive, kneading her panty-covered flesh.

"You'll do everything we say or we'll show everyone the tape," he continued, one of his fingers lazily tracing the crack of her bottom through the panties. "Not just Shinji. We'll make sure everyone knows what kind of slut you are. Nobody will believed we raped you when they see the look on your face—when they hear you moaning and begging for more."

Asuka shuddered in disgust, his touch as repulsive as the images his words forced her to recall. How could she even try to deny them? Everyone could see her face on the video; everyone could hear her moaning.

But for Asuka, more than the pain and the assault, or even the humiliation of having the video shown to strangers and everyone thinking she was a slut, it was the thought of being exposed to Shinji that proved the last straw. And if he saw, anything that might have been between them would be over. Her body would recover, but her heart could not afford to lose him.

Asuka was so distraught that she couldn't even muster enough anger to tell them Rei could die for all she cared. Despite her strength and intelligence and all the things she had always been so proud of, she couldn't do anything.

And so she looked away and covered her face with her hands, and surrendered.

The screeching of the train's brakes brought Asuka back to the present, out of the nightmare that had been that evening. She wiped her eyes on her sleeves, taking away the tears that had absently started to form. The train came to a stop on the platform and the passengers began stepping out. Asuka followed them, trying not to look at anything around her--trying not to feel anything.

But despite her best efforts to blend in, her head of vivid yellow-red hair stood out from among the crowds. There was no hiding for her and her shame.


She walked through the empty neighborhood streets in the dusk. The Ikaris lived on a nice two-floor house in the suburbs. At first Asuka hadn't thought she'd like living there. She'd be intruding on another family after losing hers. She knew Shinji since they were children, and thus was comfortable enough to live close to him, but his parents used to creep her out. They were too normal-too hubby and wifey, like they were hiding some terrible family secret.

Then one day Gendo Ikari moved out. It didn't help ease the tension in the household, as Asuka felt like she didn't belong even more. Shinji didn't talk about him, and he was lucky to at least still have him mom, but Asuka knew what it was like to be estranged from someone without actually losing them-well, she knew what losing them felt like, too.

Eventually, however, she'd gotten used to it, and slowly began to feel at home. But that had again changed; home was now just another place to be miserable in.

Slipping the keys into the lock, Asuka opened the door. She kicked off her shoes just inside and cast her leather bag aside. She was hungry, her rumbling stomach reminding her that she hadn't had anything to eat for most the day-except for Musashi's filthy cum-but for some reason she didn't really feel like eating now. It wasn't that she had some kind of disorder that always afflicted young girls, her appetite was just nowhere to be found. Anyone going through what she was would understand.

As Asuka entered the kitchen she was met by the sight of Shinji sitting at the table, doing his homework. He wasn't alone.

Asuka stopped in her tracks. There were few people in the whole world the half-German teenager disliked more than Rei Ayanami, but one of them was now sitting right next to Shinji—the red-haired bitch named Mana Kirishima.

Asuka snarled, feeling a bitterness in her mouth that had nothing to do with what she'd been forced to swallow earlier. Her eyebrows dropped into a sharp, angry frown.

"Oh, hi, Asuka," Shinji said in that usually pleasant way of his.

"What is she doing here?" Asuka spat, sticking her nose out towards Mana.

The girl in question was younger than Shinji, and one grade below him in school. Although she had never bothered so much as hanging out with him before, the bitch had lately gotten it in her head that the two of them made a cute couple. Shinji was too naive to realize the truth, and Mana had always been good a manipulating people. But Asuka wasn't fooled.

It had nothing to do with Shinji—not really. Mana was only interested in him because she knew Asuka herself was interested. She had always been jealous of Asuka's popularity and her status as the school's idol and how the boys looked at her while the girls wanted to be her. So, after finding out about her feelings, Mana was using Shinji to get back at her because she thought it she should be the one who got the all the attention instead. She was jealous. She had been jealous since the day they met.

"Uh, well, she was helping me with my homework," Shinji said timidly.

Mana smiled, pleased with herself somehow.

Asuka stalked toward them. "If you needed help you should have called me."

"I did," the boy said. "But you wouldn't answer your phone. Where have you been, anyway? You look tired."

Asuka bit her lip, knowing perfectly well she couldn't answer him honestly without giving up the game. "I was running some errands for Misato-sensei. Then, ah, I thought I'd go to the gym with Hikari."

She was grasping at straws, but it was as good and excuse as any.

The look on Mana's face was enough to make Asuka want to slap her out of the chair right then and there and beat her with it. The smugness reminded her of Musashi, which only increased the intense dislike for her, as if she'd caught Asuka doing something she shouldn't have. Of course, she couldn't have known how close she was to the truth. Shinji, predictably, was completely oblivious to any of this.

"Um, well," Shinji started, his eyes averted, "you shouldn't go without saying where you are going. You know I worry."

Asuka was in no mood to explain herself, even if she did secretly appreciate his concern. She had other things to take care of at the moment.

"Whatever," she turned around and, hands balled into angry fists, marched across the kitchen towards the bathroom. "Her answers are probably all wrong anyway."

"Geez, what's up with Miss Perfect?" Mana say snidely, turning back to Shinji.

Asuka ignored her. She locked herself inside the bathroom, and immediately began shedding her wrinkled clothes. By the time she was completely naked there was a pile at her feet. She reached down and grabbed the soiled panties, which had seen better days. They were badly wrinkled, like the rest of her uniform, and spotted with large, messy stains from the cum that she'd been leaking constantly out of her pussy.

She was disgusted that she could have been wearing such a filthy thing, but couldn't afford to throw them away. Dumping the panties dejectedly in the laundry basket, she set out to run the shower. Already she could feel more of cum that was overflowing her insides beginning to slip past the seam of her pussy lips.

The hot water had already started to make steam when she stepped below it. After rinsing off most of her sweat, Asuka pulled the handle down and pressed the stream of water against her pussy, hoping to wash off as much of the offending semen as she could. It was caked to her lips and chunks of it clung to her curly pubic hair. She then opened her legs as far as she could in the narrow tub, planting her feet firmly, and, spreading her tender nether-lips with one hand began directing the water inside the sore tunnel of her vagina.

She bit her lips to keep from moaning as the water sent an indescribably pleasurable sensation up her body. This was different that fucking--gentler, more subtle. Intercourse had make her much more tender than before. She couldn't tell if washing out the semen could prevent her from getting pregnant, but it did make her feel better. Now she was taking hormones to keep the babies at bay, anyway.

Asuka was careful not to touch any more than absolutely necessary: she was sore and tired from her earlier ordeal in the classroom, and that was part of it, but also because she was afraid that any feelings down there might re-ignite the fuel of her libido and compel her to seek the release that Musashi had denied her. She didn't want anything to do with her sexuality when she hadn't been made to.

It wasn't repulsive to her, not really, just unnecessary. At times it was harder to resist the temptation. The things they did to her didn't just disappear, but rather seemed to echo greatly in her soul. Gaping holes that had to be filled with something.

Absently, Asuka brushed a finger against her hooded clit. The shudder that ran up her spine was like an electric shock, and she moaned. Immediately her body released endorphins that quickly began to turn her aching pussy into a bothersome itch.

"Dammit," she cursed, looking down at her beautiful soaked body.

The water draining between her toes seemed to be exhausting her pride and resistance. The sensation of her pussy drowned away her shame, her pride, her sense of self-worth. Pleasure reduced everything to that one pressing need that hadn't been there before her innocence had been torn from her. Pleasure seemed all that her mind was now willing to understand.

There was no shame in pleasure, no anger. She could live with herself that way. With what they had done to her and made her become. A pathetic, sex-craving little fuck toy.

Having lathered and rinsed several times, Asuka finally felt clean enough. She stepped out of the shower, dripping wet, and reached for a nearby towel. She dried her hair quickly, the moved down her body; her young face, slender neck, budding breasts, flat stomach, flaring hips, long shapely legs, pretty feet, and finally—very carefully—her snatch and the triangular patch of pubic fuzz above it. Wrapping the towel securely around her body, she picked up her uniform from where she had left it discarded on the floor.

She dipped into one of the skirt pockets; predictably enough there was a message in her mobile phone. The text read: AT KEITA'S. CUM 4 DINN3R?-M'

The fucking prick just had to make it a question, playing on the illusion that he was giving her a choice. He wanted her there. But two could play that game. If he wanted to play it dumb, Asuka could as well.

The corners of her lips turned up as she tossed the mobile back in her pocket. She would simply explain that she did not understand his ulterior order and had taken the choice that was never intended to be there in the first place. She would not go.

Asuka knew it was a pathetic attempt to save face, but this was the least she could do to mend her wounded pride. The result would inevitably be another hard fucking from Musashi, or worse—the memory of the painful belting she had received for being late was still fresh in her mind, and even fresher in her sore bottom. It wasn't something she was eager to repeat. But at least for now, she could gloat over her fake victory, safe in the knowledge that Musashi couldn't hurt her at home.

With such thoughts swirling in her head, she stepped over to the sink. Trying to ignored her reflection as best she could, she proceeded to brush her teeth and rinse repeatedly with mouthfuls of peppermint-flavored wash. Then, satisfied that the taste of sperm was gone from her mouth, she bundled her clothes in her arms. They would be wrinkly no matter what she did now. She rued only the fact that she would have to pass through the kitchen again to reach her bedroom.

Asuka had never been too shy around Shinji, and though she accused him of being a pervert whenever he ogled at her prefect round bum or firm breasts, she always secretly enjoyed the attention.

Besides seeing more of her body might actually deter Mana from intruding in her territory. At best, the little slut was a C compared to Asuka's A+ in the looks department.

But as she re-entered the kitchen, clad only in a towel, Asuka found a scene that made her blood instantly boil. Mana was sitting even closer to Shinji, and her hand was on top of his. And there was a guilty blush on his face--and an infuriating smile on Mana's. It didn't take too much to image what Asuka had caught them doing. When Shinji dropped his gaze she knew she was right.

Asuka's eyes were hidden from view by her bangs, but there was no mistaking the anger that clenched the rest of her pretty young face.

Then, while Shinji wasn't looking, Mana mouthed silently to her, "I win."

Even through all the humiliation she had been put through, Asuka felt the spark of unbridled hatred flare more intensely than ever before.

Asuka turned abruptly, realizing that it was hopeless, and not wanting to give this shrew the benefit of seeing her crack. She could have anybody else she wanted; if Mana wanted to settle for stupid, naive Shinji, who couldn't see her for who she really was, that was her own fucking problem. But she did resent Shinji for not choosing her, not defending her. She wanted to punish him as she wanted to punish herself.

Rushing into her room, Asuka slammed the door and took out her mobile again. She dialed a number from the phone book.

"I'll be there in 40 minutes," she said bluntly, and hung up without waiting for a reply. She tossed the mobile aside, then threw the towel onto her bed.

Asuka chose a pink sleeveless blouse from her closet, together with a short pleated skirt in white. She wore these over a fresh pair of plain cotton panties and matching bra. Sitting at her dresser, she was met by the pretty face of a redheaded girl that seemed to have nothing to do with her. She was, for all purposes, flawless, the sort of beauty seen only in fashion magazine. It was no wonder so many boys lusted after her. There were no scars to reflect the way she felt inside. She swallowed the taste of self-loathing rising up in her throat and set to work.

As always, she pulled back her hair with her favorite pointy red hairclips, a gift from her mother when she was little. She took out a makeup kit from a clear plastic handbag, and carefully applied some eyeliner to accent the clear blue of her eyes. The put on some blush, only enough to highlight her cheeks, turning her face this way and that. Asuka almost never used makeup. She had always thought she didn't need to, at least not in her everyday life, but she was still a vain girl and there were times when she wanted to be absolutely astonishing. This was one of those times. Not for the two perverts she knew were waiting for her, but just to see the look on Shinji's and Mana's faces.

She held up a stick of lip-gloss and traced it on her already supple pink lips with practiced mastery, turning them shinny and even more inviting than usual.

She smiled despite herself, and the girl in the mirror smiled as well. Somehow that made Asuka feel slightly better. Her innocence had been stolen, but at least she still had her looks.

Asuka sprinkled some perfume, got a watch on her right wrist and a bracelet on her left. Returning to her closet, she slipped her feet into a pair of strappy white sandals. She removed her wallet from her uniform skirt and dumped it in a bright pink purse along with her mobile.

On the way out of her room, Asuka caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror again. Despite her young age, despite being barely a teenager, she looked like the very personification of feminine maturity, grace and beauty. But she was none of those things, and all that she felt was revenge and anger and lust.

Asuka slammed her bedroom door behind her and stormed to kitchen. She could have gone out through the patio door, but she wanted them to see her. As she expected, and to her great satisfaction, the look on Mana's face upon entering was pure jealously, her eyes wide, mouth handing open. And this time Shinji didn't seem able to take his eyes away from her.

"W-where are you going?" he stammered stupidly, stunned by her looks. He started to rise out of his chair.

"Out," Asuka said shortly, pleased with the reaction, not breaking her determined stride. This was something the idiot could have had but chose not to. Mana brooded silently besides him, the smile now wiped from her face. "Don't wait up. I'll be gone late."

Asuka did not stick around to hear anything else either of them had to say.


Nothing in the well-lit modern kitchen seemed out of place. Nothing except for the figure of a tanned young boy sitting completely nude on a stool with a teenaged girl kneeling on the floor in front of him. The girl was dressed in a pink sleeveless blouse and short white pleated skirt, and her head of red hair was bobbing up and down between the boy's legs.

But as Asuka furiously delivered her second blowjob of the day, Musashi cupped her face and made her turn her gaze up to him. She stopped in mid stroke, her glossy, made-up lips welded around the dark meat of his penis, seamed with veins and covered in a thick coat of her saliva.

“Go on,” Musashi told her. “But keep your eyes on me.”

Asuka scowled, and resumed stroking him with her mouth, her lips gliding up and down his huge length. Sloppy wet noises filled the air. As instructed, she kept her eyes on him. It only enhanced the humiliation.

After all the times she had looked down at him, never bothering to hide her contempt as if he were just a vulgar insect, Asuka knew he loved the sight of her once-proud crystal blue eyes looking up at him like this. On her knees, his purple meat disappearing between her glossed lips, it seemed hard to believe that she could have fallen so low so quickly. The shame and humiliation burned through Asuka almost as much as her anger. But there was no doubt in her mind about what she had come here for.

Musashi had noticed the makeup and strong perfume the moment she stepped through the door, still fuming. He commented that it made her look more like a woman. He also commented on her bad mood. She shot him a glare and told him to shut up, but if looks could kill, the tanned boy would be dead a dozen times by now. Far from intimidating him, her anger only made him more eager to humiliate and break her.

But even more troubling for Asuka was the fact that it wasn't just anger in her expression. Her encounter with Shinji and Mana had left her emotions boiling, and that same strange impulse that had driven her to dress up for her rapist and tormentor seemed to have turned her resentment into a burning lust. She had made no attempt to hide this, and ever since arriving at Keita's house had been acting both angry and slutty.

Musashi had somehow sensed that neither her anger nor lust were really directed at him, but he seemed okay with it as long as he could have her gorgeous redheaded body for his personal pleasure. For once Asuka didn't care—it was as though by having sex and acting like a slut she was getting back at Shinji for rejecting her.

In the background Asuka could hear Keita giving it to Rei. When she arrived, the light-skinned boy had the albino girl spreading herself disgracefully on the black table which had been the scene of their first violation while he played with her wide-open pussy. Maybe she was heartless, but Asuka didn't care about Rei at all. How could anyone care about a puppet being thrown around, raped or killed during a puppet-play?

A small tug on her hair broke Asuka's line of her thought. “Pay attention, nee-chan.”

Asuka furrowed her brow, trying to concentrate on her task. She still kept her eyes on Musashi as her open mouth ran up and down his penis. She sucked in, causing her cheeks to hollow and her lips to distend over his length. She was effectively like a vacuum cleaner, sucking the cum out right out of his balls. Her hands stayed folded in her lap, so only her head moved.

Musashi placed his hands on the sides of her head, guiding her over his slick member. He moaned as the seal caused by Asuka's sucking increased the pressure of her lips around his circumference, and she had again started using her tongue.

Finally, Musashi pushed her off.

He grinned. "That's good, nee-chan. You are really becoming an expert at this. Soon you'll be able to charge the boys at school for your services.”

Asuka gave him another deadly glare, flexing her jaw and wiping her saliva and the traces of his pre-cum from her mouth. “I will never do that, you freak.”

“Never say never, nee-chan.”

“Whatever.” Asuka's voice grew more determined. “I'll be your whore, isn't that good enough? Just tell me what you want me to do.”

Musashi considered, his eyes looking her over carefully. Asuka met his gaze evenly, almost daring him to prove he had some balls and take the opportunity she was offering. There was no limit to how far she was willing to lower herself tonight. She wanted to be made really dirty—anything that might end up hurting Shinji even if it hurt her in the process too. She didn't care.

“Okay,” Musashi finally said. "But you'll have to show me you are serious this time. Now, let me your tits."

Without her usual words of protest, but still somewhat reluctantly, Asuka opened her pink blouse, slowly undoing each button with her fingers, revealing her bra-covered breasts. Then she pushed the bra down, wedging it underneath her supple breasts so it actually lifted them, and presenting him with her erect pink nipples.

"Touch them," he ordered.

Asuka knead her breasts obediently, pinching her nipples while looking intently at his hard penis, sticking in front of her. She extended her pink tongue and ran it seductively over her glossed lips.

This was the same massive, ugly purple thing that had ripped away her virginity. And maybe she was just really good at convincing herself, but she had to admit that her mouth started to water from looking at this it. Even her pussy was already dripping, stewing in its own juice inside her clingy panties. Obviously, her body, fueled by her passionate anger, wanted it‘s reward. Like Pavlov's dog.

Musashi, noticing her growing excitement, stood up and placed his dick right under Asuka's nose. “Here. Smell it.”

The redhead took a deep sniff. The smell was weird, pungent, and a little repulsive—a mix of his sweat and musk with her saliva. But it made her hot. Or she wanted to believe it made her hot. It didn't matter.

With a strange smile on her lips, Asuka tried to take him into her mouth. He moved away.

"Nuh-uh, Asuka nee-chan," Musashi teased. "If you want a treat you'll have to ask nicely."

Asuka's frown deepened. What the heck was wrong with this guy? She was willing to suck his cock freely and yet he would not give it to her? Well, whatever. The hot pulse between her legs left no room to argue.

"Can I have your cock?" Asuka asked in an even, almost disinterested, tone.

This wasn't good enough for Musashi, who shook his head sternly. "I don‘t think you are being honest with me,” he said and pointed. "Stand up against the counter. That skirt looks really good on you, but I want to see what's under it."

Asuka stood wordlessly and headed to the wooden-topped counter he had signaled, turning her back to him. She placed her hands flatly on the cool surface and leaned forward, causing the short hem of her skirt to ride up slightly. Looking over her shoulder, she caught Musashi's grin.


Though she was angry, Asuka didn't want to fight anymore. She was tired of it and nothing good ever came from her resistance. She hadn't shown up tonight expecting they'd go easy on her. She knew they wouldn't.

Asuka bent over the counter until her stomach was resting on it and its hardness pressed intrusively against her firm yet tender boobs, squeezing them underneath her like twin squishy pillows of flesh. She was like some sort of dish that needed working on. The position forced her skirt higher, revealing a hint of her panty-covered ass and the white mound where the garment's gusset fit tightly over her pussy. Instinctively, yet knowing that there was only one way to get what she wanted, she spread her legs.

Musashi nodded, appreciating the view in front of him. "Good, Asuka nee-chan. Now lift up your skirt."

The horny redhead wasn't even shamed as she reached back a hand, grasped the hem, and lifted it up, fully exposing her shapely rump. The thin, cotton panties were hardly an effective barrier, but they felt odd and unnecessary. They stuck to her pussy, showing tiny wet spots were her leaking dribble had soaked into them.

It wasn't as bad as when they came inside her only for the cum to later leak out and soil her panties, but that provided little consolation. She didn't want to be used. She didn't want to be cumed into. She did want to get off, however, and if that meant getting fucked, so be it. Somehow, coming made everything better in her head. Somehow, those brief moments of bliss made up for it.

And the boys enjoyed it, too--enjoyed her, though only her body. They knew how good she could be. Unlike Shinji, they at least appreciated her. Unlike Shinji, they at least liked to touch her.

So what if they treated her like meat. Being meat was better than being ignored.

As Musashi came closer, Asuka craned her neck to see behind her. He stood next to her, looking down at her beautiful, lewd form, bent over the kitchen counter, pantied ass on full display. Asuka expected he would drop his trousers and fuck her to his heart's content. Make her scream, make her cry, and, above all, make her cum. But he didn't.

"What's the matter, Asuka nee-chan?" Musashi asked with surprisingly gentleness.

"What?" Asuka's brow wrinkled in confusion, not understanding what he meant. “Are you stupid? What are you asking me that for?”

Musashi reached out a hand, taking one of her arms by the wrist and pulling it from under her chest where it had been tucked uncomfortably. "You are never this compliant," he said. "You always fight over everything. And you always argue. To be honest, I didn't really think you'd come tonight. But then you did, and you even dressed up for me. And you won't fight or argue. You obey, like Rei nee-chan. It isn't like you."

"It's nothing," Asuka said vaguely. "And don't compare me to the doll."

"It's Shinji-kun, isn't it? He did something to you."

Asuka bit her lip, not wanting to share anything so deeply personal with this idiot. He wouldn't understand even if she explained it him, which she had no desire to do. She turned her head away, pressing her other cheek on the surface and closing her eyes, trying not to think.

"Just fuck me already." She tucked her arm back in under her. It made her feel protected-like the was to shield her hear than just cum and saliva smeared breasts laying on a cold, wooden counter. .

Those words had barely left her lips when Musashi pushed a single finger against the spot where the thin fabric of her panties covered her tiny asshole, making her feel the material pressing on her opening. Asuka hissed.

"Not there."

Musashi's grin widened and became more lop-sided. "You are cuter when you are mad, Asuka nee-chan."

His finger moved down an inch, to the very top of her slit, where her labia began to part on either side of her vaginal opening. Even through Asuka was wearing her panties, she could feel his touch and the heat from his finger as clearly as if she were bare. It made her whimper. Then, with teasing slowness, Musashi drew his finger into the sunken path between her lips and down the length of her slit, leaving a trail of dark, damp cotton as he went, finally ending up under her pelvis, dangerously close to her clit.

Asuka could feel the little pearl of flesh, fully engorged by the waves of her pleasure, pushing itself against its protective hood and scratching on the fibers of her panties. It was a faint, feathery touch, barely noticeable. Yet it was merely the edge of the abyss. Not much was needed to throw her over.

Her clit was the single most sensitive part of her body. It hid away in its shallow nook atop Asuka's pussy, appearing only when thoroughly aroused to lord over its kingdom. It was the blazing core of her sexuality, capable of generating mind-bending pleasure. This little nub was enough to drive her crazy with desire, to bring proud Asuka Langley Sohryu to her knees crying for relief. She could be controlled by it, from it, through it. Her entire being seemed to flow into it at times. Asuka was her clit.

And right now, from the root--the nerves that reached deep within her--to the very tip brushing softly against the front of her panties, it was on fire.

Asuka moaned helplessly as Musashi sifted his hand, keeping the pressure on the area by her super-sensitive love button, but now also cupping the underside of her pussy through her panties, pressing the heel of his palm against her soft womanhood.

The hand began to massage her, flooding Asuka's brain with the sensation. Musashi leaned over her, bringing his lips close to her ear as he put some of his weight on her body, squeezing her between him and the hard counter. "You know, Asuka nee-chan," he whispered, "You are a special girl. Shinji will see that, too. And when he does you'll be ready for him."

What was he saying? Why was he talking like that? She was ready. Now. Why couldn't he just-God, it felt so good—why couldn't he just fuck her?

Shinji—he was the reason they were doing this to her. Because she had feelings for him. Because he meant something to her. And they had taken that and used it against her, and twisted what she felt until now she didn't even know why or what she felt, what she wanted. But Shinji wasn't the one talking softly to her ... wasn't the one asking her what was the matter ... wasn't the one with his hand between her legs. He was at home, sitting on the kitchen table, talking to Mana and acting as though they were together. And for all those things Asuka felt only anger toward him.

Asuka did not want to think about him anymore. In her anger and arousal, she just wanted to be taken and didn't care if it was Musashi or Keita or whoever as long as they stuffed a cock in her pussy.

Then, as if somehow rejected by that thought, the hand and its owner moved away.

"Damn it ..." Asuka growled. She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him. "What are you doing? Don't stop."

Musashi smiled at her, a grin that suddenly reminded her that he was actually pretty handsome. Asuka was taken aback by the thought-the fact that she could even think that of this boy, knowing what he'd done to her, was a sad commentary in itself. He raped her, violently, brutally, remorselessly, and now she found him attractive? There could be only one explanation ...

I'm so fucked up, Asuka thought bitterly. I really am fucked up.

In the silence that followed they could hear Keita and Rei again. Asuka stewed, confused and utterly desperate. Her panties were wet and hot and sticky-her whole body felt flushed-her mind, fogged with lust, falling into that bottomless pit of self-disgust.

“Show me you want it, nee-chan,” Musashi said, taking a hold of his erect penis, his hand wrapping around the base of the thick shaft. “Show me you really want this treat. Crawl around like the little doggie you are."

Asuka opened her mouth to tell him where he could stick his treat … and closed her lips tight again. She had a choice to make: she could disobey and likely get herself punished, and probably not be allowed to cum again, or she could do what he said, satisfy her lust and get a welcome orgasm out of her ordeal. There was nothing else for her. Even if she told him off and returned home she would just find Mana and Shinji hanging out together, the very reason she had wanted to leave in the first place.

Suddenly, the thought of crawling around didn‘t seem all that bad to her. Seeing those two together would hurt her pride much more than playing some stupid game for a bratty pervert.
And so Asuka got into position on her hands and knees, feeling utterly humiliated and even angrier than before.

“Good. Now crawl.”

Asuka lowered her head and started crawling on all fours, making a small circle around Musashi's stool like an obedient dog looking for a place to lay. Her bare knees screamed in agony as she dragged them against the hard tiled floor. Her breasts jiggled under her as she moved, her open blouse and pushed-down bra offering no support whatsoever.

Musashi smiled and adjusted himself on the corner of the stool he had previously occupied. With a hand he signaled for Asuka to crawl over to him and place herself between his legs.

“Good girl.” He patted her head. “Lay on your back.”

As she obeyed, the redhead tried to look especially wanton and slutty, lying herself on her back, her breasts sticking up, her legs opening instinctively to reveal the wet gusset of her panties. Doing so seemed to take some of the edge of the humiliating posture. She could imagine the shocked look on Shinji‘s face if he were to see a such spectacle, and it gave her a sick sense of satisfaction.

Musashi stepped over her, then got to his knees so that his penis hovered just over Asuka's exposed chest. He slid his meat pole between her breasts, taking a hold of each soft mound with a hand to guide himself, and started tit-fucking her cleavage with short thrusts of his hips. Asuka groaned, the weight on her tender globes feeling very uncomfortable. But there was no lubrication, and the slickness from her sweat alone was not enough for Musashi to move smoothly. Though her breasts were as soft and warm, as always, he couldn't fuck them like this.

Pulling back, Musashi grabbed Asuka by the hair and lifted her upper body off the floor, forcing her to support herself on her elbows.

"Use your saliva to cover your breasts," he ordered, guiding her head so that she was looking down at her own perky breasts.

Asuka was already at the point where she did not really care. She'd deal with the shame and guilt later.

She opened her mouth, bowing her head as low as she could and allowed a huge glob of saliva to escape, dropping onto her naked breasts. Without hesitation she brought up her right hand, shifting her weight onto her left elbow, and started smearing her spit over her chest as if it were sun tan lotion.

When she was about to spit again, Musashi said, "Let me give you a hand."

With those words he opened his mouth and let one long rope of his spit land next to the redhead's right breast and winked at the naked girl.

Asuka just shot him a short glare, opened her lips and let another thick globe of saliva land close to Musashi's. Then she smeared both their spit together, covering her nipples aureola's and the creamy skin around them with a thin sheet of their drool. Even with his help, it took a lot more spit to make her bust glisten. But Asuka did thorough work, and by the time she was done smearing drool all over her mounds even the places under her breasts were shining and soaked.

“That's more like it!” Musashi eagerly placed his dick once again between her breasts and squeezed it in between, using her palm together with his to press her breasts together and created a firm hold.

To Asuka it felt like a hot stiff spear was pulsating against her chest, stabbing her, rubbing on her. Musashi pumped his cock across the wet crease, and in return Asuka thrust her chest back and forth, practically fucking him with her breasts.

When he put his hands around her globes she then removed her palm, allowing him to take her breasts fully in his hands and tit-fuck her on his own. Loud wet sounds of wet meat rubbing against other wet meat filled the kitchen, followed by both their moans.

As his thrusts grew increasingly faster and harder, Asuka laid back onto the floor again in mute acceptance of whatever he intended to do with her body. He squeezed her breasts, causing them to swell up and seem much bigger than they really were, her engorged nipples pointing straight up. The change in position meant he was now thrusting downward as well as forwards.

Asuka moaned like a common whore. At first she kept her hands firmly at her sides, but eventually could not resist and moved them to grasp Musashi's bare bottom. Her palms, still wet from their saliva, glided over his firm buttocks, encouraging him to increase the pace and secretly enjoying the way his hot skin felt in her hands, and the way his muscles tenses whenever he pushed up against her cleavage.

One thing she had to admit—he had a gorgeous ass.

Up and down his member appeared and disappeared between the valley of her sticky breasts, its grotesque purple head peeking at her. Musashi used his full force to press them harder against each other, making Asuka moan even louder. This also made the rubbing more pleasant.

Asuka's right hand absently slid between her slightly parted legs and started fingering her already wet pussy. She wanted to cum so bad ...

Just then, however, Musashi ordered Asuka to use her hands to hold up her own breasts again, depriving her of even the faint satisfaction that came with touching herself, or touching him. She did what he wanted, and like an obedient slave-girl, squeezed her boobs together for the pleasure of her junior. Asuka was getting more and more carried away.

From time to time, as his cock went up closer to her mouth, she would drop butterfly kisses on the mushroom shaped, slick glans, or swirl her tongue around it, licking the pulsating purple tip as it dribbled pre-cum on her chest and chin and lipstick accentuated lips.

Then, lifting her head, she took him into her mouth without a peep of protest and started sucking him off. Musashi reached down and pinched both her nipples hard, twisting them in opposite direction like dials on an old-fashioned radio. She looked up at him as he looked down at her and their eyes meet. Her eyes were still full of anger, but he could see them being fogged by an irrepressible desire. She was less the haughty Asuka and more a horny animal now. Just the way she wanted.

Her blue orbs stared right up at him, her face red and flustered and his cock slid in and out of her gaping, slobbering mouth like a greased purple pole.

"Suck harder, Asuka nee-chan," Musashi told her.

And she did.

All that she needed was to imagine Shinji‘s blue eyes watching and she took an especially strong suck, making as many loud and dirty wet sounds as possible

Harder and harder, she sucked him as if extracting the sweetest honey in the world and her life would depend on whether she got to drink it or not. Her crimson cheeks turned hollow from the effort as her glossy lips became welded around the circumference of his shaft. It was a sight that any who knew Asuka Sohryu Langley would never believe could happen. Yet here she was.

"Don't swallow when I come," Musashi instructed, placing his hands on his hips, letting Asuka's mouth do all the work. "Keep it in your mouth until I tell you. And don't spill any of it or you'll be punished."

Asuka did not acknowledge the order, but such a thing was not necessary. She knew what he expected of her, and plunged him deep into her mouth as far as she could take. Her face was now tucked into her chest, her neck bowed uncomfortably as she jerked back and forth.

Musashi grunted, and with a final thrust began releasing his sticky load.

White streams of cum erupted from his penis like jets, splashing inside Asuka's mouth, filling her up until her cheeks bloated out as if she were holding onto a lot food in her mouth. The sperm was thick and felt horrid to hold, and the fetid taste made her wrinkle her face in disgust. Her throat quivered reflexively, wanting to swallow or gag, but she managed to keep in check.

Slowly, Musashi pulled his messy cock away. Asuka sealed her pink lips as he did, holding on to his load that now filled every inch of the inside of her mouth as she had been ordered to do.

Musashi dismounted her and went looking for his school backpack. Free from his weight, Asuka sat up and pressed a hand against her mouth. Her whole was about to revel as the taste of sperm grew more pungent with each passing moment. Musashi finally returned, his mobile phone in his hands. He used the tiny built-in camera to film her disgusted, bloated face.

"Hey, Asuka nee-chan, how does my sperm taste?"

Asuka hesitated, shaking her head, not knowing how he expected her to talk with her mouth full like this.

"Ith's bhither andh dhisghusthiung," she managed, her speech slurred badly.

But despite her best efforts, some of sperm escaped her mouth, falling down her chin and onto her exposed breasts, mixing with the saliva that had already covered that part of her anatomy.

"Bad girl," Musashi playfully mocked her. "You just made your breasts dirty, nee-chan."

Asuka just stared blankly at the camera, silent and not caring. After a moment of this humiliation she lifted a hand to wipe the offending substance from her bosom.

"Don't wipe it off,” Musashi ordered her. The camera clicked in his hands, capturing this perverted sight forever. “Leave it."

A thick white string of sperm connected her lips and breasts. It was disgusting, and made Asuka feel even worse. That, the redhead sadly knew, was why Musashi loved it. He enjoyed how filthy such things looked on camera, and was eager to capture her humiliation on video. He also took a few pictures as keepsakes.

After a few more moments, Musashi finally allowed her to swallow the load.

Asuka did with some trouble, gagging and coughing, obviously not enjoying the bitter-salty taste. No matter how much she was made to swallow, she would never get used to it.

Musashi patted her head forgivingly, and said, "You spilled some of it, though. I think this calls for another lesson after school."

Asuka wondered what the hell else he could do to her and why, if he wanted to punish her, he could just do it here. She would have much preferred it, as at least they had more privacy than in school.

But it was something she would worry about later. Another, more immediate urge needed taking care of at the moment.

"Can I cum now?"

Asuka was shocked to find that the desire was actually real. She had originally planned to ask for him to make her come one way or another because that would be another stab at the idiot Shinji. She felt so betrayed and angered that she was ready for anything. But as things went, she could find genuine lust now burning between her legs.

Maybe the emotions still fed off mostly from her anger at Shinji, but she could not deny the fact that she was hot. It was weird and ridiculous. She did not want to waste her time thinking about it.

Musashi looked at her with bewilderment. She had never asked for permission to cum before, and he took it as an accurate sign of how desperate she was becoming.

“I'll give you a chance, since you've been so good tonight.” He looked around the kitchen, his dark eyes searching for something. Finally he spotted a tall wooden pepper shaker sitting next to a cupboard by the sink. He quickly retrieved it and handed it down to Asuka. “Here you go. Give it a whirl.”

Asuka took the utensil and weighted it in her hand. It was slightly heavy, made of a light-colored wood, and more than a foot long. The bottom was flat and bulky with a sort of metal grate with tiny holes in it. The top was bulb-shaped. It was effectively a kitchen dildo, and a rather large one at that. The German redhead shivered at the thought of such a thing going inside her, but a look at Musashi left no doubt that was just what he wanted her to do.

"You can't be serious!"

"Oh, I am. Don't worry. I'm sure it'll fit.” Musashi pointed at her mouth. “Just lubricate it properly. And you better hurry it up, Asuka nee-chan. If you can't make yourself cum within five minutes you'll waste your opportunity.”

Asuka's eyes widened. “What?”

“Since you are so hot then you should be able to cum in five minutes, shouldn't you?” he said, then shrugged. “Otherwise, I'll know you were lying to me.”

Gritting her teeth against this new ridiculous demand, Asuka reluctantly brought the end of the shaker to her face and slowly opened her mouth wide and tried to get as much of it as possible inside, which wasn't much at all. Only the first couple of inches would go in.

Musashi smiled. "That's it. Get it warm and wet, just like your always hungry cunt.”

Asuka closed her eyes continuously sucking while her tongue moved quickly around the end. Her lips glistened with saliva which began to string down from the shaker and turning the wood a darker shade.

Pulling the tool out of her mouth, leaving trails of stringy spittle connecting the stocky head with her mouth, Asuka looked at it with great hesitation. This end would barely fit her mouth, how was she supposed to put it inside of her?

“Time is running.“ Musashi smugly reminded her, making as if to look at his watch.

Asuka cursed him under her breath. The little bastard had to make everything into a game. She hated that about him. But even so, she wasn't about to waste her five minutes. He was right, though—being as hot as she was it should be plenty of time. With that in mind, Asuka got on her knees and reached down into her skirt. She hooked her fingers around the gusset of her panties, drawing the cloth aside and exposing her heated pussy to the cool kitchen air and Musashi's eyes.

Dropping her head to look down at herself, Asuka was shocked. Her skirt still bunched up around her waist and her top tucked in below her breasts, she was a lewd spectacle of sweaty flesh smeared with saliva and cum, enough to make any man hard. Her pussy was heaving, the thin slips parting slightly with her breathing, a tight pink vertical mouth between creamy thighs. She held the long shaker-turned-dildo gingerly, pressing its rounded end against her entrance.

Asuka shuddered, her juices running out and smearing on the wood, and a bit dripping down on the floor in clear strings. For all the humiliation, this was ultimate proof of her lust. The juices simply flowed out of her like a river through the folds of her swollen pussy lips. She felt so ashamed of herself for letting this get to her, and even more so for enjoying it.

But Musashi was watching, the clock was running. And having been denied once today Asuka was pretty sure she wouldn't get another chance.

Ignoring the unpleasant feeling of her cheeks burning from shame, Asuka concentrated on the task before her. She lined the bulbous head of shaker at the entrance of her pussy and gave it a gentle but firm push.

Asuka moaned and bit down on her lower lip, feeling the stretch in her pussy, and the uncomfortably hard object entering her.


The redhead tightened her grip on the handle, twisting it like a screw driver, and pushed a bit more. It hurt.

Trying not to cry out, Asuka looked down at herself. Her wet, vagina lips slowly parted around the brown, rounded tip, smearing it further more with her juices as it slowly penetrated her opening with its brutal hardness. With trembling fingertips, she stroked the wet skin bulging around the wood dildo, hoping to relax it and ease the tool's passing inside her. She even tried spreading her own lips like a pink flower. It was still rather painful.

But Asuka was not the one to give up so soon. She extracted the tool out and rubbed it up and down her soaked slit to get it better lubrication. It was hardly necessary, as her tight cunt canal was already a wet as it could possibly get.

Regardless, she pushed the shaker tip once again against the fleshy hole, and her pussy lips were quickly stretched to their limits, wrapping themselves around the unyielding wood circumference. She only needed to get pass the head. The shaft itself was much thinner, and would surely fit. But the head just didn't seem to want to go in.

“You are letting me down, nee-chan,” Musashi said to Asuka's consternation. “This isn't what I want to see.”

Desperate to please him—not to mention to get off and escape punishment—Asuka pushed the handle with her hand while making her hips buck against the head, trying to force the rounded wooden tool further inside her. It felt like she was forcing a damn baseball bat between her legs.

Her breathing grew more labored as she humped against the shaker without any noticeable success. The tip was stuck between her folds, refusing to budge. Her stretched, pulsating vulva lips felt raw and pushed out, the wrinkled pink tissues of her cunt looked obscene as they tried to swallow the dark wood. Asuka could see her vulva lips throb around the stubby utensil, gushing and leaking out more of her juices as her hand still tried to push the item deeper into her folds.

But the monstrous tool just did not want to get inside. It felt like her tender inner tissues were about to tear. The shaker seemed bigger and thicker with each push and buckle, and because of her amount of her juices the damn thing soon began to be too slippery. Her pussy was just chewing on it, making wet, slurping sounds, and not not taking it in. Her hands became wet from both her juices and the sweat, but she just could not force the whole tool inside of her.

Moaning in frustration, Asuka furiously stroked her vulva with the wood dildo, the handle slipping from her slick fingers, but it was simply too big.

Throwing an angry look at Musashi, Asuka hissed through clenched teeth, “I told you! This fucking thing is too damn big!”

“Such an amateur.” Musashi let out a deep sight. “Do you always give up so quickly?”

But as Asuka opened her mouth to kindly suggest he could shove the shaker down his little bratty ass, he added, “I guess you are right, though. Maybe it was a little to ambitious for you right now. You need more practice.” He mockingly shook his head, but a cruel smile was already playing on his thin lips. “How about having a look in the fridge? I think you can find something suitable for your tastes there. Oh, and don’t worry. I will add a few minutes to your time. It’s not like I am a sadist or something.”

He made that annoying giggle again, which always made Asuka feel like pounding his mug against the wall. However, she really wanted to come. And the prospect of returning back home and having to watch Shinji and Mana together seemed as unpleasant as ever. She dropped the shaker aside and got up. Her legs were wobbly, all the recent exertions having taken a toll. The sandals on her feet didn't help either as she stumbled to the fridge.

She had just grabbed the door handle when Musashi pushed up behind her, trapping her against the cold door. “Hold on, nee-chan,” he whispered in her ear. “I think we should have a little more exposure for your assets.”

His hand shot under her skirt, grabbing her panties. By now the cotton material was soaked and stained, having absorbed a lot of the juices which had been constantly dribbling out of Asuka's eager cunt. Asuka hissed at his touch. It would be pointless to pretend she hated it, but she didn't have to admit she liked it. Though, to her over-stimulated body, it certainly felt nice.

Musashi moved her back, tugging her along by her panties' elastic waistband, giving her enough room to open the fridge door. She did, and the cold air rushed over her exposed chest and pushed-up tits.

“Go on,” Musashi urged. “Have a look.”

But as Asuka bent over to do just that, Musashi pushed his fingers behind the waistband and yanked her panties down, revealing her firm and naked buttocks. The pull was so strong that the teen stumbled back a little and stuck out her ass more prominently, as if offering it. The wet cloth rolled up on itself as it was pulled down her thighs. The stained, cum-soaked gusset was stretched taut, like a little cotton platform between her knees. Musashi stopped long enough to appreciate this, then gave the panties a few more forceful tugs, pushing the wadded-up underwear all the way down to the redhead‘s ankles.

Refusing him to give a pleasure of seeing her humiliated again. Asuka kept her eyes on the fridge, acting as if nothing was happening. Musashi gave a tap on her right ankle, but Asuka continued ignoring him and watching the contents of the fridge instead. A little irritated, the younger boy slapper her right thigh.

“Lift your ankle, Asuka nee-chan.“

“Just drop dead already,” Asuka hissed without turning her head. Yet, despite the harsh words, her right foot slowly raised, and Musashi quickly freed the right leg hole from her sandals. Then he tapped her left ankle, and, without more protests, the redhead lifted it, allowing him to pull off the soiled garment off her altogether.

The girl shivered as the cold air from the fridge trickled playfully between her totally exposed and hot pussy lips like a frozen hand.

Musashi straightened up behind her, giving her panties a good whiff before turning his attention back to the floundering redhead, who was once again staring at the contents but didn't seem able to make up her mind. “I’ll give you a hint, nee-chan. Pick something green.”

Going by his description, there wasn't really a lot of choice. In fact, there was only one, and when Asuka realized it she felt a shudder that had nothing to do with the cold on her pussy. Musashi's hand hovered over her ass, ready to deliver some more encouragement should it prove necessary.

Asuka didn't want to give him a reason. She bent over and opened the box of cucumbers on the bottom shelf, staring at the long green vegetables contained inside. They were firm and fresh, and had a few bumps, making the redhead increasingly worried that it would irritate the soft, tender delicious inner walls of her cunt, where they would undoubtedly end up.

But instead of straightening right away, Asuka made the mistake of staying bent over, flashing her bare bottom to Musashi, engorged pink cunt, dripping, and firm ass cheeks, hiding the tiny treasure of her asshole within them.

This view was too much for the tanned boy. He suddenly pressed himself against her from behind, slipping his hard penis between her legs. Her pussy was just so wet—the thrusting member plunged in, gliding on the lubricating juices despite the tightness.

“Hey!” Asuka squealed sharply at the unexpected penetration, pitching forward, clutching the sides of the fridge to keep the lustful boy behind her from forcing her into the cold box.

“What's the matter, Asuka nee-chan?” Musashi whispered in her ear, wrapping a hand around her waist and pulling her secure to him, driving her back onto her pole, impaling her. “Isn't this what you wanted all along?”

Asuka shook her head, golden-red hair flying in all directions. The feeling of being suddenly stuffed sent a flood of pleasure through her. Her legs bowed out; her back arched. “N-no!” She cried out, but didn't even believe her own words. “I hate it!”

“Your mouth says you hate it, but your pussy loves having my cock inside it, doesn't it?” He began pulling out, only to have Asuka's pussy muscles clench around his penis in response, desperately trying to keep him from leaving.

Her eyes squeezed shut, her ass instinctively moving backwards to keep as much of him in her.

“See?” Musashi teased, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. “That mouth of your will get you in trouble, nee-chan. Some times I wonder if I should just keep you gagged. But then,” he thrust his hips, extracting a reluctant whimper from her, “you always make the cutest noises with my penis deep in your pussy!”

He thrust a few more times to make his point, and Asuka uttered a whimper with each one, closing her eyes, letting herself go. Despite the humiliation, she couldn't deny that a full pussy was simply the best.

“Now pick up a cucumber.”

Asuka clutched the sides with all her strength. “I can't! I can't move!”

“Do it,” he said, waving her panties in front of her face. “Unless you want me to shove these in that tight little ass hole.”

It was like trying to bend over with a pole stuck in your stomach, but Asuka was a flexible girl and she managed to tip herself down low enough to reach into the cucumber box.

She took the smallest one. Musashi shook his head. “Don‘t cheat, Asuka nee-chan. You won't get to come with such a small thing. I know your pussy is still tight, so to show you I understand your situation I won't make you pick the big ones. Find one in between.”

Shooting him a glare over her shoulder, Asuka bent again and took a bigger vegetable this time, though still not anywhere near the biggest ones in the box.

“That's much better.” Musashi tugged her back by the hair, moving her away from the fridge yet keeping her firmly in her saddle, his hard rod pressing deep into her womb. “Now feel it.”

Asuka moved her hands up and down the cucumber. It was thick and long, giving good space to clutch one end while the other could be sliding into something wet and tight. Wrapping her fingers around it, the redhead could feel that its hard surface was textured with lots of ridges and knobby bits but without any sharp pokey things to scratch her. It was a solid dark green with the girth being the thickest right at the center. At least this was an improvement from the pepper shaker, which was thickest at the ends.

It was also very cold from the fridge, and the teen tried to imagine how it would be to have this coolness inside her. She didn't have to imagine for long.

“Touch it to your pussy. It's going inside that fuckbox of yours, after all.”

Almost without thinking, Asuka lowered the cucumber down between her legs, slightly pressing it over her mound, just above the stretched opening of her vagina, brushing the scant pubic hairs she had there. Her eyes widened instantly on contact, and she gasped as a frozen bolt suddenly caused her to yelp and twitch.

She hissed. "Shit, that's cold!"

A second later she yelped again as Musashi's hand smacked her right butt cheek.

“Deal with it, nee-chan.” He grabbed her by her waist and guided her back over to the counter, all the while keeping his cock firmly lodged in her honeyed flesh sleeve. Asuka felt like a snaked was moving in her lower belly as her muscles tightened with each step.

Finally at the counter, Musashi let go of her and pulled out. Like a hungry mouth, Asuka's pussy refused to let him go so easily, clinging to him to the very last before he plopped out amidst a gush of musky girl-cum. Asuka slumped forward, still holding onto the cucumber in her hand. Leaving her there, as suddenly empty as she had been suddenly full, Musashi resumed his place at the stool, his slick dick bobbing with each step. He used her panties to wipe the pre-cum and her own mess from his member and balls.

“Bastard. Those are expensive.”

“They're a useless rag.” Musashi spat on the panties, then tossed carelessly aside. “Now get to work. Your time's ticking.”

Supporting herself on one arm, Asuka turned to face him and leaned her back against the counter. Once she was sure she wouldn't simply slide down, she used her free hand to hike up her skirt, parting her legs. Her chest heaved as her eyes focused on her crotch, droplets of her juices running down her inner thighs.

She looked like such a whore, yet it did little to stop her. In fact, it aroused her even more.

Asuka brushed the tip of the firm cucumber against the neatly trimmed patch of pubic red hair above her entrance. Her pink pussy lips glistened in the kitchen light, almost asking to be fondled and fucked. Her protruding clitoris was hard and erect.

The redhead moaned as she continued to move the cool and bumpy vegetable up and down between her legs. With the fingers of the hand that was holding up her skirt, she spread the puffy lips of her pussy, and with the other hand she traced the cucumber around the edges and over her clit again. The contact still made her jerk, but she did not pull away. Her desire mounted, and through Asuka wasn’t sure if she would be able to take in this massive vegetable, her pussy was aching for something to be placed inside. She knew that was the only way she’d cum.

The horny teenager planted her backside back against the side of the counter and crouched to spread her thighs, peeling her lips further apart with her hand. Feeling Musashi‘s hungry eyes on her, Asuka glided the cucumber over her moist folds and across her firm clitoris few more times. A moan escaped her lips, the pressure of the smooth cucumber on her clit increased, and the rubbing picked up speed. She probed and rubbed the outside of her pussy, proceeding to lay the cucumber against her pulsating pink vulva. Tingling energy shot through her hardened nipples whenever she pressed the thicker end of the cool tip against her tender flesh.

Holding the vegetable's girth in one hand, she nuzzled its tip against her hole. This was it—she was about to violate herself with a vegetable.

And they weren't forcing her this time. There were no drugs. She was doing out of her own free will, and all because she wanted her release, and to be angry and a whore.

Unable to contain herself any more, Asuka bit down on her lower lip. Taking the cucumber firmly in hand, toes curling up in preparation to receive the invading object, she slowly pushed the glistening green tip in, stretching her cunt open. It was really thick, but the slippery wetness helped ease the end of the bumpy vegetable into her vagina.

She threw back her head and moaned loudly.

There was some resistance as the bumpy cucumber entered into her, so the redhead had to take it slowly and gently rotate the green vegetable as it slid in. After about an inch and a half, the resistance diminished and the next two inches went into her moist folds effortlessly. She paused for a moment growing accustomed to the thickness inside her once delicate sex, before slowly spinning the cucumber inside, the small bumps brushing against her soft inner walls.

But Asuka knew that she needed more if she wanted to come. It was between her labia, but had not really fully penetrated into her vagina.

The half naked teen tried to relax her body, allowing the cool vegetable to invade her pleasure palace even deeper. She shifted her legs a couple of times, spreading them further apart, and pushed harder against the cucumber. It went inside another inch. As she eased it in further, she gave another twisting motion to help its progress. She was being gently opened.

Her fingers around the cucumber were now covered with the wetness from her spongy insides. It felt really good, but the walls of her well-lubricated tunnel were starting to stretch.

But Asuka couldn't stop herself even if she had wanted to, which she didn't. With determination born of lust, the redheaded teen continued to feed the cucumber into her gaping hole, chewing her lip to keep from crying as knobs and bends in the vegetable's length stimulated her needy cunt. She thrust it in, planting half of the vegetable in her cunt. Then, slowly, she began fucking herself with it.

Asuka pushed it in an inch, then pulled it back out. Each time she pushed the converted dildo between her swollen vulva lips it would go in a little deeper into the her gushing vagina. From time to time she twisted the cucumber side to side, twirling it in soft gentle, motions as she pumped it into her soaking flesh.

In a full squat now, the horny redhead was getting more and more into it. Her cunt lips were peeled back around the makeshift toy, stretched wider than she'd known they could, with half the cucumber's length already buried in her greedy cunt. The other half hung obscenely out of her pink folds. She felt all the bumps and ridges, brushing against her inner walls. It was large, thick, chilly and solid. She enjoyed the mixture of her warmness and the cucumber's coldness, and she let herself go in moan after moan, her naked ass squirming.

Asuka shivered repeatedly, mostly from pleasure, but also from the shock of the raw cold. But although it felt so good, she knew it wouldn't be enough to get her off in time.

The half-naked redhead seized the vegetable's fat base with both hands, trying to force it deeper into herself, but it stubbornly refused to go further. She whimpered, desperately frustrated.

Asuka slid the toy out until just the tip was inside, sliding its gleaming length free. She spat on her hand to wet the toy, and dipped it in and out, wetting it with the twin lubrication from her saliva and girl cum. Inch by inch, Asuka fed the massive cucumber into her aching hole, sawing it back and forth, stopping only to adjust to the size of the bumpy monster making its way inside her. Each time she withdrew it, she could see the hole the cucumber left behind from stretching her out grow larger and take longer to close.

The shiver ran through redhead‘s wet thighs as pushed the cucumber deeper and deeper inside her overheated pussy. She unconsciously began to rock her bare hips back and forth. She could feel there wasn’t much room left in her cunt before she would start hitting her closed cervix, but there was only another inch or so before the vegetable evened off.

Asuka psyched herself up for it, gritting her teeth. It went in easier than she thought it would, stretching her swollen pussy lips all over the vegetable's skin to the max like a lewd mouth. The redhead let out a small breath of mixed pleasure and surprise. Finally it was in. Only the slick tip of the vegetable was left for her to grasp, the rest hidden deep inside her pulsing cunt, and she could feel the cool tip of the cucumber touching her cervix. She was stuffed, literally. She leaned back against the side of the counter, panting and trying to get a hold of herself.

Meanwhile, the naked boy silently stared at the juncture of the white thighs where the round end of the cucumber was poking through the pink labia at him. It was quite a show.

Without being told, Asuka ran her shivering fingers around her pussy, feeling her outer labia and then her inner labia, which was stretched around the cucumber and very taut. Gentling moving up her fingers, she teased and rubbed the hard little bud of her clit. Her wrinkled asshole clenched and unclenced with the rhythm of her breathing.

Musashi was first to break the silence. “Time's running out, nee chan. Hurry up and fuck yourself with it.”

Asuka glared at him as best she could, but it came out more like a lustful stare. Her hand moved down to grasp the round green tip as her pussy muscles worked to push the vegetable so that her fingers could wrap around it. She pushed out, and shivered as the cold vegetable moved through her split, slick vulva lips. Asuka closed her eyes and threw her head back, red locks sticking to the sweaty skin of her face. She held on to the slick end and pumped the long veggie in and out of her steaming cunt.

“Look at me,” Musashi said, his own breath quickening.

Asuka opened her crystal clear eyes and looked into his, quickly pumping the cucumber into her vulva. She couldn't hold his gaze, though, and soon she was focusing on his hard, succulent penis in near mindless attention. She stuck out her tongue and traced her lipstick accentuated lips, hungry for his cock. Her tender sheath gushed and her moans were growing louder. She slowly worked the cucumber at a steady pace in and out of her vagina, her erected clit rubbing and pulling with each thrust. In the drunken stupor, she imagined that the thing penetrating her cunt was really his penis, and it send a shudder up her spine that nearly caused her to buckle.

The resistance from her tight cunt was still there, as the half-naked redhead could feel it trying to push back, trying to shove the invading toy out of her hole. But her white hips were flying around in circles, arching her back, trying to have sex with the veggie in her hand—with Musashi's imaginary penis.

The thick shaft was stretching open her pussy wide, but she didn't stop her wild gyrations, her firm, breast, wet from cum and sweat, heaving with her motions.

“Oh, Gott!" she panted, not trying to be too loud but letting out the lust building in her belly. The many bumps of cucumber created havoc within her body, but it grew steadily warmer. Her round ass cheeks clenching harder, she humped the vegetable faster and faster.

Asuka felt ashamed, though more because she was enjoying herself than anything. Her pussy juices roped down from her labia onto the kitchen tiles in a thick stream, like a raging waterfall. With her skirt rolled up and her bra resting around her stomach, squatting in the kitchen, sex bare for the world to see, naked chest covered with sperm and perspiration heaving and flushed, panting, her white hips bucking desperate as she fucked herself with the contents of the fridge, she thought she must have been the most obscene thing that was ever seen by a nude teenage boy. A flood of heat rose to her cheeks. A guilty flush that only drove the young girl further.

She wanted more. She needed her pleasurable conclusion. Musashi‘s eyes on her sweaty body only fueled her passion.

Growing more desperate for her release, Asuka pounded the cucumber in, over and over, faster and harder. She grunted loudly whenever it stretched her soft insides. Drops of her satiny juices splashed onto her hands and legs.

The redhead was on fire. Each stroke of the cucumber reduced redhead‘s level of control over her body as the tingles continued in her toes and rapidly moved up the back of her legs. When the tingles reached her spine, her whole body tensed, sensing climax coming closer. Squatting down, her pussy lewdly sticking out in front of her, her legs buckled.

“One minute, nee-chan.”

Asuka almost panicked. She had been so intent on her pleasure that she had all but forgotten about the time limit. There was no way she could make it in under a minute if she kept this up. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Calling up what was left of her willpower, Asuka forced her hand to stop plunging the cucumber into her sheath. She got on her knees and turned herself around. Her rolled-up skirt left nothing to cover her from behind, showing her swollen cunt and her pink tight anus to Musashi‘s hungry eyes.

Looking over her shoulder at the tanned boy, Asuka bit down on her lip as she reached around and wedged the green vegetable into her cunt until she was filled once again. The hard thickness was almost painful against her soft inner walls this time as her movement were frantic and not at all gentle. She stopped after a few seconds, the pain simply too much. Breathing heavily while standing on all fours, her naked rump slightly shaking, she let her pussy grip the vegetable and hold it in while she moved back to create more room in which to maneuver.

Asuka then reached back and pulled the green shaft out of her pussy. As she looked down between her legs, she could see three thin strings of juices roping down, her wet vagina still gaping open, still stretched from the cucumber tip. For a second the teen worried that it had gone too far and that her pussy would never be the same after being stretched so wide. But the thought soon disappeared in the burning need.

Her bare hips jolted upwards as her hand slammed the vegetable back in. Asuka felt it rub against her G-spot and shuddered at the sensation. She arched her back, slacked jawed with her eyes closed, her mouth open wide in a mute moan that never left her slender throat.

The redhead continued to pound the thick vegetable into her juicy vulva until she fit as much in as she could, poking the squishy opening of her cervix.

Overwhelmed, Asuka lowered her head to the floor, allowing her left cheek to rest against the pleasantly cool surface of the kitchen tiles. Goosebumps now raked her creamy, sweaty skin. Lowering her head meant that her firm rear was pushed even higher in the air, even more exposed. Her nectar coated the invading cucumber profusely and oozed out onto the ground, an unstoppable tide of musky girly essence.

The hand never ceased its movement between her wide-spread wet thighs. The redhead relentlessly continued to fuck herself with the green fake phallus. Almost in seconds she got used to her aching pussy being stretched wide again and started to hump that cucumber like crazy, riding it, taking it harder with each thrust, moaning as she felt each of the ridges and bumps stroking her stretched pussy rim. God, it felt good.

But then she thought of Musashi‘s hungry eyes sliding up and down the sweaty crevice of her buttocks, watching her trembling anal ring and the pink folds of her pussy, stretched to its limits by the massive tool sliding in and out, and it felt even better.

Then it hit her.

She wanted Musashi.

Right now, Asuka Sohryu Langley simply wanted Musashi Lee Strasberg. She wanted his sparse pubic hair-covered balls to bang against her smooth butt, to hear them slapping her ass as he pounded his hot manly sexiness into her, just fucking her and fucking her harder until she lost consciousness. She wanted to feel his cool, dry palms kneading the sweaty flesh of her ass cheeks and his weight on her back as he hammered her silly doggy-style. It was a simple, natural lust, nothing more, nothing less.

But she‘d rather die before letting him know that. Besides, it was probably nothing a good climax couldn‘t fix. So Asuka picked up the pace, frantically jamming the cucumber into her lovebox, the slight pain of it hitting hard on her cervix blending with the pleasure.

Her soiled breasts rolled against the kitchen floor with each thrust of her hand, smearing the tiles with Musashi‘s sperm and her own sweat. The hard surface was murder on the tender erect nipples, but she pushed the pain aside. She alternated pressure and speed as she twisted the thick vegetable inside of her. She panted and moaned like a cheap whore. The whole room smelled like her damp and leaking pussy.

The engorged knob of her clit was clearly visible peeking through its fleshy hood. Her naked butt was shaking and jerking as the cucumber pumped inside her labia, picking the wild rhythm again. Her nostrils widened and her breathing grew quicker while she rode the fat intruder harder, drooling onto the floor.

“Y-yeah! Oh, God. Yessss! Ah-ahhh!”

Her hand moved in a blur and she met every wild thrust with a buckle of her hips. Her juices were literally splattering around, and everything was so wet she could barely grip the cucumber now.

The redhead could feel it bottoming out inside her with each push, scraping against her cervix, her wet thighs parted widely, her cum covered breasts rubbing against the tiles, her erect nipples raw and on fire. Her whole body swam in a thick sheen of sweat and her pussy was pulsing around the firm green shaft. Deeper and deeper into her swollen cunt it went, and she felt herself stretch wider and wider, swallowing the cucumber whole.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" Bathing in perspiration, the redhead didn't hold back her moaning, not caring who could hear her. She raised her rump higher and reaching behind with the other hand, rubbed her clit in circles – her nails poking, stroking and pressing it against the sliding veggie dildo. “Fuck...ugh. Fuuuuck! Yeah!”

The strong pungent smell of her arousal mixed with Musashi‘s sperm was heavy in the kitchen. But she did not care. She just thrust and bucked her ass high into the air. She inhaled sharply and her back went stiff as a board as she rammed the cucumber in again, making slight wrist motions that ensured her clit was served.

Asuka rammed the cucumber deep inside her with both hands now. Her sweaty buttocks clenched hard, her firm teenage ass wiggled from one side to another, raised high. Her knees slipped on the tiles, slick from sweat and her juices, and her hands moved with such force that Musashi expected the poor vegetable to snap anytime.

He had completely lost track of time. Surely it must have been more than a minute by now, but he could not tear away from her beautiful globes and the pink gaping cunt, the green cucumber buried inside. Her show had made his cock especially hard and he had to fight the instinct to just grab the horny teen and fuck the shit out of her in the middle of Keita‘s kitchen.

The redhead trembled and twitched, her walls clamping down tight on the vegetable inside her, squirting all over her hand, pussy juices dripping off her fingers and pooling on the ground. Her hands were aching from holding the cucumber at one end, but she kept furiously banging herself with it, her pink lower lips stretching to their limits.

Small frothy bubbles formed around the spongy lips of her outer labia, her fists still pistoning the cucumber in and out of her dripping cunt. Asuka stretched herself even further, her leg muscles tightened and her back arched while her cunt gushed. Just a little bit further. Just...

“Nee-chan, your time is up. Stop.”

But Asuka didn't. She was far too lost. Her hands carried on automatically, not missing a beat as they continued to plunge the huge vegetable inside her.

“Yaaaah!” Asuka cried out as a hard slap on her right buttock made the firm flesh ripple, spraying beads of perspiration into the air.

“I said stop!” Musashi’s tone hardened but Asuka’s hands only tightened their grasp on the thick shaft and rammed it inside her even faster than before. He smacked her again. “Stop, you slut.”


Annoyed, tanned boy grabbed the cucumber and tried to pull it out of Asuka's hands. The German girl continued to struggle, her slick fingers grabbing hard on his hand, trying to make him release the cucumber, clenching her pussy to prevent the vegetable from leaving her hot tunnel. But Musashi was stronger, and with a pull and with a plopping wet noise the cucumber was yanked out.

"Aahhh..." Asuka moaned and oozed out a thick dribbling of pussy juice that went streaming down between her legs. The cucumber too was covered in thick creamy juices and looked like it had a nice thick coating of spunk.

Loosing her strength, Asuka collapsed on the ground. Her cum covered chest heaving and bare hips pressed against the wet but still pleasantly cool tiles, panting for air. Suddenly she felt Musashi‘s weight on top of her, his breathing on her neck and his hard, hot penis pressed between her ass globes.

"Is there anything you want, Asuka-nee chan?" He mockingly asked against her ear, brushing a few stray strands of wet red hair from her face.

“Fuck me ...” the redhead breathed out., barely conscious. She didn't even care that she was begging. “Fuck me … hard. Make … me … cum.”

Musashi’s hips pushed up and down, humping the redhead’s naked backside, making the girl underneath him groan.

“I will fuck you real good. But… this whole exercise must have made you real hungry. How about a little snack to get your strength back?”

With that Musashi grabbed a fist of Asuka's hair and yanked her head up, bringing the wet cucumber next to her face. Her face was slack and dumb, eyes glossed over with unfulfilled lust.

"Come on.” Musashi waved the cucumber in front of Asuka‘s nose. The thing was soused in her sweet marinade. It had her acrid arousal all over it. He pushed the slick tip against redhead‘s lips, but she pressed them hard together and the cucumber ended up smearing Asuka‘s lipstick colored lips her cheeks and her chin with her girl juices.

“Don’t act like a spoiled brat, nee-chan. Take a bite. It‘s the least you can do for disobeying my orders just now. If you won‘t – then you can get your things and go home.“

The last threat proved to be very effective, as the redhead gingerly opened her mouth, allowing Musashi to push the vegetable into her mouth. The taste of her arousal filled Asuka’s mouth, her pungent juices mixed with her saliva. She took a bite and slowly chewed. More of her taste mixed with the taste of the cucumber.

Asuka frowned and made a disgusted face but took another bit. For a second it looked like she was going to spit it out, but squeezing her eyes shut, she audibly gulped, forcing it down her throat.

“What's the matter? Don't like the taste of your own pussy?” Musashi smiled, let go of her hair and gently kissed Asuka’s sweaty temple, leaving the cucumber between the redhead’s lips. Then he stood up.

Asuka‘s hand was trembling a little when she pulled the green vegetable out of her mouth. “N-no. I hate cucumbers.”

Looking up she saw the very well familiar smirk on tanned boys face.

He was not going to let her cum yet. All that work for nothing. That more than anything ignited a heavy sense of despair that threatened to crush her last shred of dignity. Orgasm was the most important thing in her revenge, but now she genuinely wanted it; she needed it desperately. She'd done everything he wanted, so why wouldn't he ...

Maybe for the same reason that Shinji refused to acknowledge her--maybe because it meant something was really wrong with her.

Asuka silently clenched her fists, still lying on the slick tiles, listening to the sounds of sex coming from the background. She both envied and despised the blue-haired little sow right now, and she would have done just about anything to be in her place. To just not care about what was being done to her.

Such a thought was another massive blow against Asuka's pride, but still true. Asuka found herself on the verge of tears.

"Sounds like Keita and Rei nee-chan are starting to get serious," Musashi said, turning an ear towards the impudent sounds before looking down at the teen lying at his feet. "Asuka nee-chan, why don't you move that lovely ass of yours and go to see how they're doing while I get us something to drink? And get naked, like you should be."

Asuka knew immediately what he meant by 'drink' and was not looking forward to drinking more of whatever the hell that lemonade really was. But she wanted release so badly that it wasn't even a real choice, not anymore than the text message on her mobile.

Shakily, Asuka pushed herself off onto her feet and straightened. She began shedding her clothes without so much as a questioning look, hardly able to keep up her head as did. Meanwhile, Musashi pulled some glasses from a wooden cupboard and set about making the accursed lemonade.

The dejected and very horny redhead finally removed her sandals, the last bit of clothing left on her slender teen body, carelessly tossing them aside. Now completely naked, she shuffled her way to the living room-back to where it had all started, dragging her pretty bare feet on the tiles without energy.

Contrary to Asuka's expectation, Keita and Rei weren't having sex, though it was clear from looking at them that they gone at it at least once by now. They were making out at the moment—sort of, as Keita wasn't so much kissing her as he was trying to eat her face, and wasn't groping her as much as he was physically assaulting her. Their bodies were covered in sweat, and Rei's dark cunt lips where dripping, oozing a load of spunk onto the carpet. It looked like she had been pumped full of the white stuff.

Rei was propped up against the side of the table while he knelt over her, effectively pinning her down, while Keita's mouth worked the clear porcelain skin with real hunger, sucking her nose, her teary cheeks, her chin and lips, pulling and tugging and biting. He swirled his tongue over her, coating her features with his hot drool. Throughout this Rei's face remained a complete blank, slack and emotionless.

His hands were busy as well, slapping Rei's round, firm, and very evidently well-sucked breasts from side to side like some kind of meaty punching bag, making them flog and bounce against one another with the distinctive noise of sweaty naked flesh hitting flesh. Not surprisingly, all the noise came from Keita; Rei, like a good doll, was entirely silent.

Though Asuka knew Rei was also a victim and it was wrong to do this to her, she wanted to ask permission to relieve her own frustrations on the meat doll before they had a chance to do it to her. It would make her feel better, though it was only a matter of time before she was placed right next to her and served up as sex meat herself.

Noticing that he now had an audience, Keita turned his attention to Asuka. “Get on the couch, Asuka nee-chan. Open your legs. I want to see your pussy.”

Without further delay the red head sat on the sofa, feeling the rough material brush against her bare buttocks as she lied down on her back, spreading her legs wide. With one hand she spread her bruised cuntlips showing her pinks insides to Keita. Her labia lips were still sore after she masturbated with the cucumber, but she expected that Musashi’s hard dick will make her forget about it soon enough.

“Look, Rei nee-chan. Asuka nee-chan is all wet. Just like you.” He grabbed Rei by the hair and dragged her over to the couch. The albino girl crawled on the hands and knees to keep up, her head down. He sat next to Asuka and guided Rei between his legs, where his hard pole waited.

Taking two handfuls of Rei's shaggy blue mop, he drove her mouth onto his cock. Rei barely reacted, making a slight gagging noise as the bulbous purple hit the pack of her throat, rolling her eyes pleadingly towards Asuka as Keita started bobbing her head up and down, forcing her to give a blowjob. But those eyes … without saying a word, Asuka knew Rei was begging her for help.

The redhead looked away.


Several hours later, though neither girl cared to know how many, Asuka and Rei were still in the living room, and the orgy of sex and degradation was reaching a climax. After the last round of blowjobs, in which Asuka had made Musashi come before Rei could do the same to Keita, the sex had practically become a contest, each boy trying to make his bitch come first.

The black table, holding a tray with two empty lemonade glasses, had been moved aside and a plastic mat laid down in the middle of the living room. The video of their deflowering was again playing on the big screen TV, the volume turned up high so it filled the room and every grunt and moan echoed like thunder.

Both girls were now on their hands and knees, completely naked as the day they were born, facing each other as they were fucked doggy-style like the sex-craving animals they had been reduced to. They were covered in sweat, their pussies dripping like fountains onto the mat below. Their drooling mouths hung open, tongues waggling and hanging out. Their eyes were blank as they looked at one another, shedding tears of mind-blowing pleasure.

They were so close all they could see was the other girl's sweaty face, contorted into an overtly exaggerated, grotesque expression of pleasure. Musashi had a hold on Asuka's long tresses and was using them to drive her harder and faster, pounding her squirming pussy mercilessly. As he had threatened to do earlier, her anus was packed with her dirty panties, which he had shoved inside after making her lick them. A small bit of cloth still protruded from her wrinkled asshole, flopping against her skin with each thrust, but she was beyond caring what he did to her so long as he fucked her.

Because Rei had much shorter hair, Keita had less leverage of the albino and had to content himself with holding onto Rei's slender hips. Her nipples had turned a bright shade of red from his pinching and twisting and stuck out at full hardness. Her ass was equally red, sporting several bruises and red hand prints. Her mind was gone.

The girls were moaning and crying into the others' face, lewdly showing the pleasure their respective partner was putting them through and enjoying every hard thrust, every smack of their hips against their bouncing buttocks.

"You look so cute being fucked together, nee-chans," Keita panted, ramming into Rei hard. He was sweating, face red.

"Yeah," Musashi said, doing his best to out-fuck his friend at Asuka's expense, pounding her helpless cunt like a hammer. "Why don't you kiss her, Asuka nee-chan?"

A tiny, remote part of Asuka's mind, the part not entirely overcome by lust, knew that it was wrong, that she should be ashamed. Such thoughts were quickly pushed aside. All she wanted to do right now was fucking, fucking and more fucking. And when she looked at Rei she couldn't even hope to resist Musashi's command.

That pale face, twisted as it was in utter pleasure, seemed so inviting, her rolled back eyes and drooling lips beautiful in a primal animalistic way. She was sure her own face looked much the same. And they were so close-she could smell Rei's sweet, sweaty musk, her breath; taste her saliva, her tears, her pain and her pleasure as she could taste her own.

The girls were crushed, with nothing left save their lust and that of the equally crushed creature in front of them. For all their differences, they were now the same.

And so the two girls kissed in a desperate, perverted, and mindlessly passionate kiss. Their lips became welded together, their tongues wrestled, moving without any conscious control from the either of the girls' brain, which at this point had completely disconnected. Their eyes rolled back until the blue and red orbs could hardly be seen. They smooched and sucked each others' face, twisting tongues and puckering lips, sharing their saliva until they were intimately connected by many strings of dangling drool roping down between.

With renewed motivation, due in no small part to the perverted spectacle of two beautiful girls kissing, Musashi quickened his pace, driving into Asuka's meat sleeve with pure, uninhibited violence. “That's right—ugh! Feel that cock, nee-chan!”

Already so close, it was all Asuka needed to go over the edge. But as the redhead was forced to come, her body lost all control and she let go of her bladder, pissing out a strong stream of pungent yellow liquid that splashed all over her legs, her partner's, and the plastic mat like a garden hose. Her piss went everywhere.

"Asuka nee-chan!" Musashi yelled in surprise, pulling out of her humid, cum and piss soaked pussy, and slapping her ass. The slap was loud and strong, making her round buttocks quiver like two jelly pies. “That's disgusting!”

But Asuka was too far gone by then to care about it, her mind warped by the unrelenting tide of orgasm. She shuddered uncontrollably, still pissing and cumming. Rei took a cue from the redhead, and soon followed suit, pissing as she violently came, clutching the mat below her and throwing globs of spit on Asuka's face.

"Rei nee-chan too?" Keita mocked.

Asuka's eyes rolled back completed, and she collapse on the puddle of piss, shaking as the last throes of orgasm rocked her young form. Rei continued to piss, getting it all over Asuka's face and chest and hair, then collapse on top of her, completely spent.

"You two really are just like bitches in heat, aren't you?" Musashi said, giving Asuka a few hard slaps to her piss-soaked face.

“Yeah.” Keita said, slapped Rei's reddened bottom. “Don't you sluts have any shame?”

Upon hearing his words, Asuka's shattered pride--or what was left of it--reared its head deep down amongst the emotional turmoil. But far from giving her the strength to resist and perhaps already knowing it was a lost cause, it only served to emphasize the feeling that he was right. That she had allowed herself to fall as far as it was possible for anyone to fall, and that, because she had found a way to enjoy it, somehow it was really all her fault.

So Asuka became resigned, assaulted from within and without, and her pride sank back into the darkness, along with her consciousness and everything else that would have otherwise compelled her to fight.

And what was left behind, as Musashi fittingly said, was just a bitch in heat.

The boys got up, exchanging pleased grins and standing above the heap of naked girl flesh, of slender arms and bare legs, heaving breasts, gaping, sperm-oozing cunts and red asses. The smell of urine filled the room, overpowering even that of cum and sex. Asuka's breath made little bubbles in the yellow puddle, while Rei gave a few farts. Both were finished.

But their tormentors were not. Musashi planted his bare foot triumphantly on Asuka's raised sweaty bottom. A flick of dirty white cloth waved into in air like a tiny flag of surrender; her useless panties still hanging from her asshole.

He turned to Keita. “Hey, you wanna get the ropes?”

Keita nodded eagerly, before rushing off. As he did, Musashi grinned to himself, petting Asuka's tender rear with his foot. The redhead grunted vaguely, and he doubted she even realized what was happening to her. And it was not even midnight.

To be continued…

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