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hey guys this is my first stories so please keep the bad reviews to your self.

Ok so just now I had a cyber sex conversation, and i thought it'd be fun to post it. If you guys like it i'll post another one but for now, here you go.

*Connect Sucess*

????: Hi

Me: M or f

????: Hi. f you?

Me: hi m

Her: age

Me: U first real age no lies

Her: **

Me: i don't care if ur young

Me: **

Her: size?

Me: 8 inches (Total lie by the way)

Her: damn

Me: yup

Me: how ur size

Me: tits

Her: 34 d

Me: niiiiice

Me: I love it!

Her: Most guys do

Me: I bet so

Me: so whata u wanna do?

Her: Dirty Talk

Me: Im up for that

Her: Okay. you start.

Me: I slowly pull of my pants and boxers revealing my massive 8 inch dick.

Her: I rip off my shirt, revealing my boobs.

Me: It ake ahold of both of them gently sucking them and flciking ur nipples with my tounge

Her: I grab ur dick, massaging it roughly

Me: i kiss u passionately suckin on ur while massaging ur tits

Her: I grab ur dick, shoving it in my tight pussy

Me: I shag you hard at the same time fingering your asshole

Her: I nip ur neck, while digging my fingers into ur back

Me: i take it out and start to eat u out while still fingering your asshole

Her: I grab your hair, pulling, groaning in pleasure

Me: i stop grab my dick get behind you snd whisper get ready and plunge my dick into ur asshole

Her: I cry out and put ur fingers in my pussy

Me: I take my free hand and start massaging ur tits as i fuck ur tight asshole

Her: I pull u out, turn around, and start sucking ur dick

Me: I groan and twist around and start to eat u out

Her: we go to the bathroom, fill the tub with hot water, and you get in. i straddle ur dick, and u massage my tits as i jump on your dick.

Me: I take ur tits and switch between succking them and your mouth.

Me: Hey what r u doing rite now?

Her: Fingering myself.

Me: I'm whacking off so hard right now.

Her: I wanna suck ur big dick. and let u finger me so hard i cry

I then asked a couple questions and we talked then she said:

Her: I can't my parents are home. can we continue talking dirty? i'm so horny.

Me: Same ok

Her: you start again

Me: I start fingering u so gard and sucking your clit at the same time

Me: oh and tell me when u cum in real life

Her: I grab your dick and massage it

Me: I bring us back ina 69 and warn u im about to cum

Me: oh and wats ur name

Me: Mines ******

Her: ***

Me: sweet

Me: continue

Her: I pushe ur big dick into my tight pussy, while u massage my tits. i push my tounge on ur mouth, licking ur lips and tounge.

Me: I start to moan uncontrollably and shout out *** as i squirt a load deep in ur pussy then pull out still cumming and jizz on ur tits and on ur face and finish in ur mouth

Her: i lick the jizz off ur dick, then start sucking u hard

For some reason my Ipod spazzed out after that and I lost the tran.

So tell me what you think guys!

Oh and NOTE: alot the grammer and spelling mistake were what I typed on my Ipod if you want me to I will re-post this with spelling errors and shit fixed thanks and BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: please ignore these it's just cause i need a certain amount of characters.


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2011-11-19 14:25:27
سكس نسوان مع حيونات


2011-10-03 23:41:02
Thanks. Every one I will try to get a story out at least once a week. I have no school on thursday so hopefully I'll be able to get a story out then.


2011-10-03 01:05:58
not bad. i posted a couple like this too. it is a lot of fun to do cyber sex especially if it's with an underage girl! look forward to reading more of your cyber sex adventures.

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