Twins come back from a camping trip start to get a little intimate.
It was Monday morning and and we had got home from our camping trip. I woke up from my deep sleep and hopped out the crammed car. It was still dark and it was about 5 in the morning. We all helped and got the things out the car and put it inside our house. After we had finished unpacking the car mum and dad went bed to their room and fell sleep quite quickly. I slowly walked up the stairs and followed by my brother, I turned round to look at him but he was to busy looking up my short skirt to notice. His blue eyes glistened in the dim light as he stared up my skirt. I felt a heat between my legs and quickly hurried my pace and got to my room, I closed the door and leant my back against it. I stood there for a minute just thinking about my brother wanking over my bra and panties. I locked my door and closed the curtains, as I slowly walked towards my bed I started to take off my top. I lifted it up from the bottom, as it rose up my stomach felt a cold chill from the cool air coming from the window, as it got to my boobs it lifted them up as I got a little caught underneath. Then it suddenly slipped off and my boobs bounced as they swung free from the smooth top. I put my hands around my skirt waist and slid it over my hip and bouncy ass and down my long luscious legs. As I stood next to my bed, the heat in the room continued to increase even though the window was open. I reached round my back and got hold of my bra, I grabbed he clip and slid it apart and let go of it. I let slid off me I felt a small chill as my boobs were let loose. I grasped my tits and gave them a small squeeze and pushed them together. I let them go and lays down on my bed with the sheets half off to stay cool. 

When I woke up it was about 1 in the afternoon and I heard someone down the stairs making breakfast. Still laying in my bed I reached for my bed side draws and open one of them and pulled out a large t-shirt and short cotton shorts. I slipped the shorts on and stood up. My boobs bounced as I stood up swinging on my chest. I picked up the t-shirt and put it on but it still clung to my chest a bit but it didn't reveal too much. I made my way down to the kitchen and found mum and dad prancing around the kitchen together kissing and hugging each other every chance they get. 
"morning mum" I said loudly to wake them up from there day dream. 
"oh, good morning dear" she said surprisingly "how are you feeling this morning. "
"I feel okay. Why?"
"oh, no reason I'm just happy and wanted to know how you are. Is that okay?"
"yh, it just seemed a bit odd that's all".
"okay dear, me and your farther are just going out. So be good and your in charge." she quickly got her stuff and skipped out the door locking it behind her. 

About and hour later I decided to have a shower, I walked up stairs and turned on the shower and then went to get a towel and then I went to my room and got undressed quickly and threw my dirty panties in the laundry basket. With the towel wrapped round me I got into the bathroom and locked the door. I took off my towel and hung it on the towel rack. I stepped it the shower and and felt the warm water hit my boobs and pussy. It felt good and I then decided to fill up the bath next to the shower whilst I stood in the shower the bath filled and bubbles were formed from the bath bomb i put in. When it was full i hopped out the shower and felt a chill as air hit my wet body. Water dripped of the ends of my hard nipples and water slowly made it's way down my stomach and to my pussy. As I sat in the bath I felt a sensation when my pussy touched the surface of the water. After about 5 minutes in the bath I opened my legs and slid my hand down to my pussy and felt my hard clit. I slowly rubbed it and then I inserted my finger into my extremely tight pussy. I slowly pushed my finger in and out my pussy fucking my self, I used my thumb and played with my clit as I fingered myself. With my other hand I started to pinch my hard nipples and squeeze my boobs and my hand. My finger going in and out of my pussy faster now I started to climax I arched my back and push my finger in further and rubbed my clit harder I started to moan and then I scream in pleasure as I reached the point of my orgasm. I slowly brought my self down and I opened my eyes laying in the bath tub with my finger still in my pussy I looked at the door and saw a pair of eyes look at my through a crack in the door. I quickly covered my self up but then something took over me I sat on the side of the bath and started to finger my pussy with my legs as wide as can be. My thumb played with my clit again and within a few minutes I was screaming in pleasure again. My eyes closed and I arched my back as I continues playing with my clit I started to squirt it was everywhere. I slid into the bath in ecstasy and layer there with my eyes shut and my hand pinching my nipples. After I came down from my orgasm I got out the bath and reached for my towel I dried my body and then my hair. I wrapped the towel round my and I walked out of the bathroom and saw the laundry basket wide open and my panties hanging out. I slowly made my way towards it and I picked up my panties and saw a huge load of cum on the crotch part. I swooped some up with my finger and tasted it out of curiosity. The taste of what was presumably my brothers cum was excellent and delicious. I savored it for a moment and then swallowed it. 

With my eyes closed heard my brother rush past towards the bathroom and closed the door. I walked over to the door and looked through the crack and he had another pair of my panties and he had them wrapped round his cock and he was masturbating furiously and had his eyes closed. Then I heard him. 
"Suzy, fuck me Suzy. Ride my cock." after I heard that I felt a wetness come between my pussy and I dropped my towel and walked in the bathroom completely naked. My brother tried to cover himself up as best he could but I walked over to him lust dazed and grabbed his hands and stopped him from doing anything else. I stared into his eyes and saw my reflection, a lust filled horny teenager. I dragged him to my bedroom and pushed him onto my bed. I knelt down in front of his 10 inch cock and grabbed it I spit on it and started wanking him off. The feel of his cock in my hands felt good and exciting. I then took the head of his cock into my mouth and started to give him head. My lips wrapped the head of his cock and I slowly sucked it and licked the tip of it. Then I slowly pushes my mouth down his cock taking about 6 inches of him into my mouth then another inch and i started to gag. I pulled his cock out and stroked his cock before I took him back into my mouth. I licked the tip of his cock and stroked his cock at the same time and then without warning he spurted a load of cum into my mouth and I remembered the taste that I tasted earlier and this load tastes better. The warm thick liquid spurted out load after load and before long it started to dribble out the sides of my mouth and down his cock. I took his cock out my mouth and swallowed the load, I then saw some cum around his cock so I licked the length of his shaft and all the cum off it. He then layer on his back and I saddled his waist and gave him a long passionate Kiss. 
"I love you. Don't ever leave me." I said and then grabbed his cock and put it at the entrance of my pussy and before I sat Down on his cock we heard mum and dad walk through the door. I hopped of his cock pushed him off the bed. 
"be ready for my later Sam, you owe me"

To be continued...

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2011-10-05 22:26:34
lol i saw that 9in 10 in thing also i bet its gona get even bigger in part 3


2011-10-03 02:12:46
Good story but you have got to proof read. He had a 9 inch cock in the first story, now it's 10 inch. Average size of a man is 7 inches. Must be a metric thang.

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2011-10-02 12:46:19
Mate this is part two if you didn't realize.
I thought it was good. I wanna read the next part

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2011-10-02 10:10:55
Don't bother with part two...this is juvenile crap!

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2011-10-02 06:30:06
I like this story lets keep on keeping on.

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