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Ron quickly comes up with a plan to hide his failure from the Dark Lord as Harry prepares to raid Gringott's.
This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 7 part 2
Ron stood in horror as he felt his mask fly away, revealing his face to Harry. Ron saw Harry standing in shock and mouth the word, ‘Ron’ as he saw Dobby return and take Harry’s hand in his own. Seeing Bellatrix’s antique silver knife on the ground, Ron quickly picked it up and threw it with all his might at them. As if in slow motion, Ron watched Harry and Dobby begin to fade away in a cloud of light until finally they disappeared with a loud crack.

‘ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!’ screamed Ron as he dropped to his knees in fury. Ron could feel anger seething through his veins as he contemplated the fact that Harry had escaped his clutches again. Taking a final look around the battle strewn room, Ron stood up and with a quick turn, disappeared into thin air. Wind and snow howled around Ron as he appeared at the top of a high mountain. Suddenly, Ron let out an inhuman blood curdling scream of rage as he dropped to his knees and started beating the ground in anger. Even with all his newly acquired power, Ron felt for the first time in a long while... scared.


With a groan, Draco woke up and sat himself up on the soft carpet of his living room.
‘Ahhh fuck,’ Draco moaned as he circled his aching jaw gingerly where Harry had punched him surprisingly hard. Draco quickly looked round the room and noticed that Ron, Wormtail and Bellatrix had gone. Luna and Dean however, lay a distance away, their arms and legs tied tightly together. Suddenly, the doors burst open as Ron marched into the room in a hurry.

‘Where have you bee......,’ Draco began to ask until he stopped, noticing Ron’s appearance. Ron was even paler then usual and his wand arm seemed to be shaking slightly. His robes were drenched and flecks of what looked like snow covered his hair and robes. Ron quickly walked over to Draco and helped him easily to his feet.
‘Just been off to release a bit of steam,’ replied Ron as Draco looked worriedly back at him.
‘Where are Potter and Granger?’ asked Draco quickly as Ron’s face went even colder.
‘They got away,’ said Ron simply, ‘my cover’s blown as well, Potter saw my face.’ Draco swore loudly as Ron noticed Luna and Dean tied up on the floor.
‘Look Draco we don’t have much time,’ said Ron almost manically, ‘if the Dark Lord ever finds out we let Potter and Granger escape again he’ll kill us. Quick, help me take Luna up to your room then I’ll let you know what the plan is.’ Obediently, Draco took hold of Luna’s legs as Ron grabbed her body and carried her out of the room, up the stairs and into Draco’s grand bedroom. Pansy, who had been laying on the King sized bed, suddenly sprang to her feet as Ron and Draco entered the room, carrying Luna.

‘What is she doing here?’ asked Ron as he and Draco flung Luna on to the bed.
‘A man has needs you know Ron,’ said Draco defensively as Ron eyed Pansy.
‘Fair enough, in fact.....,’ said Ron as he looked from Luna to Pansy, ‘....anyway, we need to alter everyone’s minds so they forget Potter and Granger were ever here. You can go and do Dean, Bellatrix and Wormtail and I’ll do Luna here. Also you are a skilled legilimens now aren’t you Draco? You need to plant a false memory in Wormtail’s mind so that if the Dark Lord asks why Ginny isn’t here, Wormtail will say it’s his fault. Can I count on you Draco?’ asked Ron as he gave Draco’s shoulder a squeeze. Draco gave a determined nod as he quickly left the room, leaving Ron, Luna and Pansy alone.

‘What’s going on Ron,’ asked Pansy suspiciously as she stood hands on hips. Ron didn’t answer as he slowly turned to face her.
‘Imperio!’ Ron suddenly cried as he pointed his wand at her. Pansy swayed slowly on the spot until finally she looked at Ron with a submissive look.
‘Lie on the bed and be quiet,’ Ron ordered her as Pansy obliged. Ron quickly went over to the bed and untied the ropes around Luna’s slender ankles and wrists. Luna gave a small moan of pain as Ron cast the imperius curse on her as well.

‘I need a release,’ said Ron to himself as he removed his sodden robes, revealing his cold, powerful body, ‘if my plan doesn’t work I could be killed, or worse.....’ Ron lay in the middle of the bed as he controlled Pansy and Luna with his mind. Suddenly, the two girls jumped off the bed and stood by the edge of it as they placed their hands on each other’s asses. They gave each other a lustful smile as they began to kiss each other dirtily on the lips.
‘Yeahhh,’ grunted Ron in delight as he began to pump his soft cock at the show Luna and Pansy were giving him. Ravenously, Luna and Pansy began to tear each other’s clothes away until they both stood naked before Ron. Ron looked at the girl’s pussy’s with delight as he first looked at Luna’s small pussy, with wispy blonde hair covering it and then at Pansy’s completely bald pussy. Ron then stared at Pansy’s delicious D sized tits and admired Draco’s taste as Pansy began sucking on Luna’s small tits.

‘Mmmm yeah,’ moaned Luna playfully as she felt Pansy’s tongue flit all around her areola and nipple. Luna stared at Ron and bit her lower lip teasingly as she began to shake Pansy’s breast aggressively, causing it to ripple seductively. After having a good suck on each other’s breasts, Luna and Pansy began to make out once more with long, sloppy kisses as their hands went to each other’s clits.
‘Yeah play with each other’s pussies,’ moaned Ron who was by now nursing a massive hard-on. Pansy and Luna moaned into each other’s mouths in delight as the twin feeling of their kissing and their pussies being played with made each other hornier.

‘Come and suck my cock,’ ordered Ron after a while, as he peeled back his foreskin in preparation. Luna and Pansy smiled at each other as they bounded over to Ron and joined him on the bed. Ron dragged Luna by her slender hips and had her straddle his face as he began to lick at her tight pussy. As Ron started to lick Luna out, Pansy took hold of Ron’s fat dick by the base and spat on it a few times, rubbing in the thick strands of saliva into his shaft. Pansy quickly began to devour Ron’s cock as she began to suck on it quickly.
‘Mmmpf,’ mumbled Pansy as she tried to give a moan through a mouthful of cock. As Pansy sucked Ron’s cock, she began to fondle his tightening ball-sack, letting her sharp fingernails rake along his soft, wrinkly sack.

‘Ahhhh yeah,’ Ron moaned in appreciation as he continued to suck on Luna’s pussy. Ron placed his hands on each of Luna’s bum cheeks as pulled on her pussy lips lightly with his teeth. Ron gave Luna’s ass a hard squeeze as he soon found the little nub that was her clit and began to lick it and suck it quickly.
‘Mmmm Ron,’ Luna panted as she began to play with her own breasts. Ron spanked her ass hard with each moan she gave, as his tongue was like a blur all over her pussy, lubricating it nicely with his wet, tongue.
Pansy by now was deep-throating Ron’s cock effortlessly as she worked tirelessly to please Ron. She removed Ron’s cock from her mouth with a pop and quickly began to suck and blow lightly on his head, eliciting moans from Ron in the process. With a quick rub of her own wet pussy, Pansy straddled Ron’s hips and positioned his dick over her entrance. Quickly, she lowered herself down onto Ron, impaling herself on his fat, 6 inch dick.

‘Ahhhh fuck,’ moaned Ron who paused his licking of Luna’s cunt to watch Pansy bounce up and down on his cock, ‘yeah that’s it Pansy, ride my dick,’ said Ron lustfully as he felt Pansy’s pussy walls tighten around his cock in response. Pansy soon picked up a steady rythm, as she brought her weight forward so that she could kiss and bite Luna on the neck.
‘Ooo my,’ moaned Luna in a high pitched voice as a combination of Ron spanking her ass, licking her pussy and Pansy suckling on her neck caused her to orgasm. A gush of clear, pussy juices erupted from her vagina and landed nicely on Ron’s tongue as her body began to ripple in pleasure.

‘You taste so sweet,’ commented Ron as he lifted Luna off him so he could get a better view of Pansy. Pansy smiled back at Ron, glad of the attention she was now getting off Ron as she suddenly went balls deep onto Ron’s lap. Ron groaned back in appreciation as he placed his hands on her slim hips, which she began to grind and circle quickly.
‘Mmm yeah,’ moaned Ron as he watched Pansy take her large tit to her mouth and begin to suck seductively on her nipple. In response, Luna took her chest to Ron’s mouth, who quickly began to devour her small breasts.
‘Ahhh that’s nice Ron,’ groaned Luna as she felt her entire right breast enter into Ron’s mouth. Ron greedily began to suckle on her teat like a baby as he sucked and slurped all over it. Luna ran her fingers through Ron’s hair as she did this as Pansy began to bounce on Ron’s cock at a furious rate. Finally, after a few more minutes, Ron stood up from the bed and looked down at the two eager girls’.

‘Turn round and bed over now,’ said Ron commandingly. The two girl’s giggled as with a quick kiss on each other’s lips, they turned round and got on all four’s so Ron had a great view of their asses.
‘Shit,’ said Ron appreciatively as he looked at their asses which were placed side by side. Pansy’s looked rather flat he thought but Luna’s was gorgeously curvy and smooth. Ron smiled as he walked over to Pansy’s ass and gave it a quick spank. Pansy gave a little moan at this unexpected sensation, as quick as a flash, Ron whipped his dick into her pussy and began to fuck her once more.

‘Yeah.....yeah......yeah,’ panted Ron as he began to thrust into Pansy’s pussy quickly. Ron stood, legs wide apart as with each thrust, he slapped Pansy’s ass hard to and fro.
‘Ahhh Ron......ahhh yeah harder,’ begged Pansy as Ron began to spank her ass hard, so that angry red marks appeared on her pale cheeks. As he continued to give Pansy a hard fucking, Ron sucked his forefinger and reached over to Luna’s tight asshole. With a little bit of probing, Ron’s finger suddenly slipped knuckle deep into her tight ass, causing Luna to give a high pitched moan. The room was suddenly filled with the moaning of the three teenagers as they continued to pleasure each other. Luna and Pansy, who were kneeling on all four’s side by side, started to kiss each other once more, letting their tongues playfully wrestle each other in their mouths.

With a final hard thrust that caused Ron’s groin to smack loudly into Pansy’s ass, Ron sloppily removed his wet dick from Pansy’s pussy with a pop and took a few steps sideways towards Luna. Ron bent his knees slightly as he took hold of his fat dick and began to try and force it into Luna’s ass. For a few moments, he struggled until suddenly, Luna slammed her ass into Ron’s groin, so that 5 inches of his dick suddenly broke into her ass.

‘Ahhhh fuck!’ Ron panted as his weight collapsed onto Luna’s back. Ron took a hold of Luna’s hips to steady himself as he pushed himself up into a standing position once more. With the added lubrication of Pansy’s pussy juices on his cock, Ron was soon thrusting easily into Luna’s ass, who was moaning loudly in pleasure. Ron dug his fingers into Luna’s flesh, feeling her soft, supple skin under his fingers as he continued to pound his young dick into her. Ron by now was red-faced as he began to feel the pressure building up in his cock. As if sensing Ron’s climax, Luna clenched her ass tightly around Ron’s cock inside of her, so that his sensitive head was suddenly constricted even more. Ron could start to feel his knees tremble slightly as his thrusting started to become more erratic and hard. Ron began to spank Luna’s pale, curvy ass hard, causing her to moan even more as his panting became shallower and quicker with each thrust.

‘Ahhh God I’m cumming,’ grunted Ron loudly as he swiftly removed his cock from Luna’s ass and began to rub it furiously. Ron looked down at the two girl’s asses as they wiggled and swayed them erotically as Ron gave them each a spank with his spare hand. Suddenly, Ron felt his body tighten as he felt waves of excitement and pleasure overcome his body.
‘Ahhhhh.......ahhhh fuck, ahhhhh,’ moaned Ron as cum started to spurt from his cock erratically. Strands of cum landed on the two girl’s asses as Ron, his legs wide apart continued to spray his load over the girl’s, who were moaning encouragingly at Ron. With a final groan, Ron finished cumming on the girl’s bums as he admired his work. His pure white cum had completely pasted the two girl’s asses as dribbles of his seed began to seep down their cracks and onto their glistening pussies. Ron stood for a while and watched his cum begin to flow down to their pussies as he felt his breathing begin to steady.

‘Scourgify,’ said Ron eventually, pointing his wand at their asses as his cum disappeared, ‘get dressed quickly.’ The two girls followed Ron’s orders as the three of them quickly found their clothes and began to re-dress.
‘Obliviate!’ shouted Ron at each of the girl’s, as a bright halo of light enveloped their heads, wiping their memories. Just as Ron put away his soft cock, Draco burst into the room, slightly red-faced as if he had been running.
‘I’ve done what you asked Ron,’ panted Draco as Ron clapped Draco affectionately on the shoulder.
‘Excellent, good work Draco, very good work,’ said Ron cheerily.
‘I hope Pansy didn’t bore you too much,’ said Draco as he and Ron went to leave the room, leaving the two girls who were staring at them blankly.
‘O no,’ said Ron as just before he left the room, he gave the two girls’ a wink, ‘she proved to be very helpful.’


It was early morning, and Harry lay beside Ginny in their bed watching her sleep. Ginny’s head was snuggled deeply into Harry’s shoulder and her arm hung loosely around Harry’s middle as he stared into her beautiful face. Harry listened to the sound of her soft breathing and loved the sight of her voluminous hair, lazily covering her face. Harry began to tenderly stroke the side of her pale, naked body as he watched her eyes begin to slowly flicker open.

‘Morning gorgeous,’ whispered Harry as he carefully swept her flaming red hair from her eyes.
‘Heyyyy handsome,’ said Ginny sleepily as she gave Harry a sloppy kiss on the lips, ‘what’s the matter?’ asked Ginny as Harry gave a sigh and rolled onto his back.
‘Today’s the day Ginny,’ said Harry as he felt Ginny begin to rub his chest affectionately, ‘the plans complete, today’s the day I break into Gringotts.’ Ginny snuggled in closer to Harry, causing the bed sheets to move down slightly, revealing more of their naked bodies to each other.
‘But I thought you would be happy that your back fighting You Know Who again?’ said Ginny as she began to tenderly kiss Harry’s shoulder.
‘I am,’ replied Harry as he placed an arm around Ginny’s shoulder, ‘but these last few weeks with you have just been......amazing. I don’t want to leave you again.’
‘O Harry,’ said Ginny in a watery voice as she dropped her hand to Harry’s tummy, feeling it slowly rise and fall in time with his breathing, ‘you have to go Harry. If you don’t the world will never be safe.....we’ll never be safe.’

‘You’re right,’ sighed Harry sadly as he began to casually play with Ginny’s hair, ‘I’m just being selfish.’
‘Harry Potter,’ said Ginny suddenly as she looked into Harry’s eyes, ‘you are the least selfish person I know. You are the kindest, most brave man I’ve ever known, and I love you with all my heart.’ Harry smiled up into Ginny’s beautiful face as she gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever experienced. Harry placed his hand on the back of her head as they continued to kiss, their lips glued together in a loving passion. Harry felt Ginny’s soft, wet tongue enter into his mouth and begin to tenderly massage the inside of his lips. As they continued to kiss each other lovingly, Harry suddenly felt Ginny’s hand descend underneath the bed sheets and take hold of his morning glory.

‘Ahhh,’ moaned Harry into Ginny’s mouth as he felt her begin to pump his long shaft. Harry took Ginny right soft, supple breast in his hand and began to circle it and squeeze it gently as Ginny began to stroke his cock harder and faster. Ginny let her kisses descend to Harry’s neck, as she kissed and nibbled Harry’s sensitive neck.
‘Mmmmm,’ Harry groaned as he felt Ginny begin to rub his cock faster. For a few minutes, the sound of Ginny’s sucking on Harry’s neck, as well as the sound of her fist beating into Harry’s groin filled the room as Harry began to groan and pant in ecstasy. The feel of Harry’s hard, warm cock in her small hand felt so good to Ginny as she then began to kiss Harry once more on his soft lips. Ginny felt like she was in heaven; the man she had loved for years, lying naked in bed with her. Ginny felt Harry’s tongue enter her mouth and begin to explore her warm mouth. She could hear Harry’s groaning become louder and louder as they kissed, as she tightened her grip on Harry’s cock.

‘Ahhhh Gin, I’m about to cum,’ Harry groaned as he stopped kissing Ginny and placed his hands in her messy hair. Ginny wrapped her fingers around Harry’s long dick even tighter as she began to rub his cock at a fast pace, eliciting moans from Harry in the process. Ginny watched Harry, as his chest began to rise and fall faster and his stomach suck in slightly as suddenly a high moan escaped his sweet lips.
‘Ooo Ginny,’ moaned Harry suddenly as his body suddenly experienced an explosion of pleasure. A fountain of his cum suddenly erupted from the tip of his 7 inch cock and landed all over his tummy and Ginny’s hand. Ginny continued to rub Harry’s cock quickly as smaller and smaller amounts of his white seed gushed out of his cock until finally, the electric feeling around his body subsided and his panting began to slow down.

Ginny smiled at Harry as she took her cum pasted hand to her mouth and longingly licked it clean. Once every juice of Harry’s sweet tasting cum was licked clean from her hand, she collected the large amount of juices on Harry’s stomach and scooped it up and drank that lustfully too.
‘That was the best breakfast ever,’ said Ginny with a giggle as Harry laughed out loud. Ginny lay back on the bed once more as the two of them lay on their sides facing each other. Harry placed his hands on her pale, curvy bum and gave it a firm squeeze as they continued to kiss and cuddle for a good while. Reluctantly, Harry eventually rose from the bed when he began to hear the others awake and make their way down for breakfast.

‘I’ll be off soon,’ said Harry as he went to grab a towel in preparation for a shower, ‘I may not see you again for a while Gin,’ said Harry sadly as Ginny sat up against the bed-rest. Ginny watched as the most beautiful man she ever knew walked around the room naked, getting his clothes ready for after his shower. Ginny smiled up at Harry as she watched his soft dick sway and bounce with each step he took as finally he stood by the door that led to the shower.
‘I’m certain you’ll succeed Harry,’ said Ginny gently to Harry, ‘this isn’t goodbye, more like see you later.’ Harry smiled at Ginny before turning away and entering the shower.
‘I hope what you say is true Ginny,’ whispered Harry to himself as he turned on the shower and stepped in, his mind heavy in thought of what he was going to do that day.

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