first ever story be kind also all was written on my ipod so sorry for mistakes enjoy.
I was sat at home while my mom was out shopping with some of her friends when I stop watching tv as i can hear some sort of truck is outside my house. I stand up from the arm chair and see a moving truck and in seeing this i remember my mom telling me that we were supposed to have new neighbours moving in. as im stood there i see the most beutiful thing i have ever seen a young girl possibly 15 or 16 steps out of the truck shortly followed by an older version of this vision.

right well now let me describe myself im not the hottest guy in the world but i have been told that i am somewhat of a looker. i am 6"1 i am 15 almost 16, well built from doing sports since i could walk also i have short dirty blonde hair and green eyes shadowed by my very long eyelashes inherited by my dad who was unlucky enough to of died one christmas on his motorbike after visiting my grandmother he slid on the ice into a truck dieing on impact. so anyway back to the two hottest girls i have everseen the younger one looks to be 5"7 with long brunette hair and brown eyes, it looks like maybe a large C or small D size breasts. Now the older women has stepped into veiw she is tge exact same exept maybe a couple inches taller.

After seeing these breath taking women they gave me an achingly sore hard on so i ran upstairs to rub one off when i heard a familier voice.
"Hey nice to meet you im carol i live next door with my son will im sure he would like to get to know you sometime"
"shit" i said to myself i ran into the bathroom turned the shower on sat on the toilet and started to masturbate. Now i know im young but i have a 4" dick flacid and when errect almost 8"so yeah im pretty big.(also inherited from my dad) It doesn't take long before my seed is shootin onto the bathroom wall. I slowly come back to realization that my mom is home and i need to clean up. After cleaning the floor i turn the shower off and sprint down stairs to see what is for dinner as i run into the kitchen i see my mum pull a vobrator out of ome of her shopping bags.
"JESUS MOM, thats disgusting"
"oh im so sorry honey i thought you were out"
"no, i was just upstairs"
"never you mind mom"
A knowing grin spread across her face as she pulled out some frozen dinners silently asking my approval i just nod and leave.

I enter my room closing my door behind me and turn on my ps3 for a bit before dinner. After about half an hour of games i get bored and start to go downstairs. Upon entering the kitchen i see my mom bending over the cooker takin out our dinner then it occurd to me that she isnt a bad looking women. she is 5"6 shorter than me by a fair share and has a nice shapely body size 36Dd tits and an ass you just want to squeeze her blonde hair reaches just past her shoulders her gorgouse blue eyes and lusiose red lips.

she turns around catching me staring and smiles im shocked that instead of shouting at me she just..... smiles. after a dinner we decide on asking the new neighbours if they would like to come over for a film and a drink. while my mom was next door asking if they wanted to i was upstairs rubbing my self off so i could last longer around them without getting an erection. As i finish i start going downstairs just about the same time as my mum is leading the neighbours in.
"will this is lucy."(pointing to the younger of the two)
"And this is janet."(this time to the older one)
"nice to meet you both."
Lucy is the first to speak.
"it's nice to meet you to."
Her mom replys in a similar way
"so are we going to watch a film or what?" my mom buts in.

My mom get us some bear (she lets me drink at home) while the rest of us pick a movie we decide on watching "RED". we all get seated me and Lucy on the two seater and my mom and her mom on the two singles. halfway through the film both of our moms have fell victim to sleep Lucy notices this as well and decides that it would be more compfy if she were to lie hear head on my lap. after she has rearanged herself she starts to ask questions like basic stuff i ask her similar questions. I find out that she is only just sixteen and her dad died in 9/11 and thats why they moved here out to florida. after a while she somewhat changed the questions she asks me.
"Will what iis your favourite type of girl?"
to this i reply "erm..... a girl who is beutiful and knows she is also a girl who i can talk to."
i feel her start to smile.

closer to the end of the film she says. "Will i need you to do something for me, you see i left my boyfriend in new york and i now have an ich in need of a scrach."
"what are you getting at Lucy?"
"Will i need a release." and with that she stands up leads me outside into the back yard an sits me down next to the pool.
"Will, i need you to go down on me."
All i can do is nod at my good fortune, and she lies down lifts up her skirt and grabs me upto her head and whispers seductively.
"you do this for me and there might be a litt le something for you next time."
That was all the motivation i needed, and i got straight to it.

i startet to lap at her shaved pussy hmmmmm it tasted really good and smelt even better i was in heaven i slowly got into a rythm and started to suck an roll her clit between my teeth witch drove her crazy.
"OMFG Will this is FUKING amazing!" i then realized why she wanted to go outside shes a screamer. After a couple more minutes of this she says.
"FUCK WILL, im about to CUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!"
Boy 'oh boy did i get a mouth full shes a fucking squirter hmmm it was so nice. after she came down from her orgasm she pulled me up into a passionate kiss for a few minutes this is all we do then she finally whispers
"Now about that little something i promised......"

that is all for part one if you like it make sure u tell me u do and i may continue this and please some constructive critisism if u have some thanx :)

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Hot damn, looking prttey useful buddy.


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well what happens in the second part of that story

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story reads like the poorly rewritten rip-off of a previously posted story relating to a woman and her hot daughter moving in next door. sorry charlie!

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continuee it! Neooooow!!

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continuee it! Neooooow!!

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