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Ch. 4-August 22nd 2008

I camped out last night about halfway through town hoping the place wouldn't be lit up while I was sleeping. I woke early the next morning and decided to get an early start towards the base. On the way, one of the kids from my school noticed me and was trying to call me but I couldn't hear him. He followed me until he got right up behind me and as I was looking cautiously around the corner I felt a tap on my shoulder, I barely kept myself from screaming at the top of my lungs and instead I took a big gasp. I immediately recognized him as a boy I knew, his name was Jordan Hunt. From the first time I saw him I had an awesome feeling about him, it was almost as if I had a crush on this guy. But there was no way, no possible way I could be gay. He had cool eyes, the kind you could stare at for hours and never get tired of them. He had a similar body build to mine, skinny, but not anorexic, he had dirty blonde hair and was about three inches shorter than me. When he saw me jump he said that it was ok and he wasn't going to hurt me, I smiled when I saw someone my age still alive. I pulled him into the closest building that was still standing and asked him what he wanted. He told me he didn't know where his parents were and he had nowhere to go or hide and he wanted to go with me. I felt sorry for him and I told him I was going to the military base to look for a underground room that I could try to survive in, and that if he wanted to come with me, that he need to stay hidden from the aliens and stay close to me. He promised he would as we were walking back out onto the street, I pointed to the big hills a couple miles away and said that is where were going. He asked what the shiny thing was on the side of the hill, I couldn't see it but I moved a few inches to where he was standing and saw the same light. It looked like silver reflecting some kind of light and I had high hopes that it was the room my father had been talking about. I told Jordan and began making my way towards it. I could only hope that it would keep us safe, safer than all the buildings in town. We made it to the gate of the base as nightfall started. The base had been completely deserted and the buildings were burnt to rubble on the ground, we made our way to the hill and decided to camp at the bottom and search for the room tomorrow.

Ch. 5-August 23rd 2008

I was awakened the the next day by Jordan, he told me he had been up for a while and I wondered what he had been doing. I sat up and stretched and wiped the grass and dirt out of my hair, wiped my eyes and attempted to stand up. I stumbled a little and Jordan caught my hand before I fell over, I looked up at him and he had a nice smile on his face and he asked, "been walkin' long?" I answered "no" sarcastically. I told him we should probably start looking where we had seen that reflection the day before. He agreed and we started climbing the hill at an angle heading straight towards where we thought we had seen the reflection. After almost an hour of climbing we both started complaining of hunger, so I pulled a package of pop-tarts from my bag, I got one and he got one. I told him if he didn't like them then I would eat it and give him something else. "This is what I ate every day for breakfast, thanks Liam!" I turned my head quickly to look at him, shocked that he knew my name. He must have read my mind as he asked, "what, you don't think I know you?" "just surprised you remembered my name is all," I said. He looked around me and and pointed to an exposed handle jutting out of the overgrown grass, his eyes got wider and he looked excited. I turned around, fearing an alien might be staring me down. But when I had seen the same handle he had, I sprinted towards it, happier than ever! I opened the heavy metal door to see a small room with a full sized bed with the headboard against the left wall, a small shower in the back left corner, a sink in the middle of the back wall, and a toilet to the right of the sink. I walked in and tried to run the sink and the first bit of water was dirty, but after that, the room was perfect, I couldn't have asked for more.

Ch. 6-August 23rd 2008

I walked back out the door and ran back to where Jordan and I had stopped to grab a bite to eat. I stopped to grab my bag and told Jordan, "come on!" He followed me and was surprised when he stepped foot into the place we would be staying for a while. He only had a surprised look for a second and then it was quickly a look of disappointment. "what's wrong?" I asked. "There's one bed, and no privacy." He exclaimed. "Desperate times call for desperate measures." I told him. He giggled and I realized that he was worried only one of us was going to stay here. I turn and asked, "is that a problem?" "No." He said, "I thought I was going to have to leave. I walked over to him, "as long as you are ok with it, we will always stick together, and I promise to always have your back. Ok?" "Ok." He said. I turned around to lay on the bed and he grabbed my shoulder. "what?" I asked. And he kissed me, I was surprised and tried to pull away at first but he held me there and started to kiss him back. I wrapped my arms around him, picked him up, walked over to the bed and layed down without breaking the greatest kiss ever. I was laying there with Jordan laying on top of me and we kissed for a good couple of minutes. When he broke the kiss he was breathing heavily and I giggled figuring he hadn't really done anything like this as he didn't know to breathe through his nose so we could kiss longer.

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2011-10-05 00:52:57
Nah its Pendleton I used to live there : )

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2011-10-04 19:30:54
Write more please, good story so far!


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It may be pindleton ;)

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The base your talking about is camp Pendleton huh?

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