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This is true story of how i became a slave
This is a true story of what happened to me and not some kind of fantasy. I write this with permission of the Mistress. Maybe my English is not always as perfect as I want it to be, but that is due to the fact that I am from the Netherlands.

I am a happily married man of 41 years old, living in a nice town. I am very outgoing, quite successful in my business and can be very charming. Anyway, one late summer day in September when I was working in my home office on the second floor of our home, I was looking out of the window to see the sun shining when I noticed something in the garden of the neighbors. We bought this house only like year ago and we know the neighbors, they are OK, but we are not friends. She is a veterinarian and he is some kind of clerk and is often engaged in church activities. They have two children, a boy of 19 that is already working but still lives at home and a daughter of 14.

I had noticed that the parents were off on a holiday and the children were home alone, because the boy needed to work and the girl had to go to school. When I leaned forward to have a better look I saw the girl next door, she is called Marit, lying on a long chair. She wore a very small black bikini and I noticed her nipples of her small breasts were hard. She wore an ipod, dark sunglasses and was sipping from a cold glass of juice. I never really paid attention to Marit before, she is not exactly pretty, because she has a somewhat bigger nose, long hair and dark brown eyes, but in bikini she looked great. She had the figure of a young woman and I was surprised to notice my cock growing. I never really looked at other women since I love my wife and here I was rubbing my now hard cock in my pants over a girl of 14. Suddenly she looked up to my window and I dove away hoping she did not see me. Damn, I was blushing and felt stupid and it took me maybe 5 minutes before I dared looking again. Marit was just reading some magazine and much to my relief she did not see me. For me it was hard that day to concentrate on work and my mind filled with lust wandered often to Marit.

The next day I heard the doorbell ring when I was working again in my office, but I knew my wife would open the door. On the background I heard her talk to someone and then the door closed and my wife came to my office. “It was Marit”, she said and before I knew I blushed and my heart started pounding in my chest. Om my God, what did she tell my wife? “She has to go to her horse riding practice, but her bicycle is broken and since her dad is not home she wondered if you could help her quickly”. Phew, I felt relieved. That was a narrow escape. “Sure, let me do it right away”, I said and went next door.

I rang the door and it was opened by Marit and I lost my breath. She wore white riding pants, black riding boots and a black top. She was almost as tall as I am. “Follow me”, she said and she walked into the house. I noticed how well formed her ass was in the pants and took a deep breath and followed. She went to the garage and all of sudden turned around and face-slapped me hard while she asked me the question “Did you drool over me yesterday?” Before I knew it she face-slapped me again very hard and hissed “I asked you a question and expect an immediate answer!”. “Uh yes, Marit, yes, I noticed you in the garden”. Much to my embarrassment my cock was swollen again in my pants and she noticed that. “Did you masturbate on me, neighbor?”, she asked with a smile on her face. “Well, uh”, I started to stammer and again I got a face-slap. “Yes, Marit, I masturbated when I was looking at you”, I immediately answered. What the fuck is going on, I thought. She handed me a piece of paper and a pen and told me to write down my email address. Before I knew it I did what she said and she then said: “Go home! You will hear from me.” Like a small boy I left the house and was in total shock. What just happened? For the rest of the day I tried focusing on my job, but somehow I kept returning to the incident this morning and I kept checking my email.

The next morning when I started my email I immediately noticed that Marit send me one. When I opened and started reading I started to panic:

Yes, to Me you are a boy, a boy that only thinks with his cock. Drooling like a dog when it sees a girl in a bikini. You are really pathetic and I wonder what your wife would think of you. I noticed yesterday that you liked to be treated like the boy you are and that your cock even grew more when I corrected you. I think you like to be dominated by me and I want you to think about this and write me an email back before 11:00 if that is true.

Damn, 1000 thoughts and emotions raced through my mind. Stupidly my cock was hard again and that gave away that she was right. I did like it when I was corrected like that. How can this be? I am strong-willed man that gets what he wants. She is a girl of 14 and old enough to be my daughter! On the other hand, I am married and cannot fool around with Marit. The mind in this case must be stronger so I braced myself and send an email back:

“Hi Marit,
Wow, your email is flattering and I sincerely apologize if I crossed the line somewhere, but I think it is better for both of us when we forget about all.

Five minutes later I already had a reply:

I knew you would try to get away with it, but I suggest you look at the attached file and think of what your wife would think of that when I showed it to her. In your next email – that I will get in 5 minutes - I want you to clearly state that you want to be dominated by Me.
P.S. you call Me Mistress from now on”

I opened the file and a short movie appeared where I stood in the garage and got face-slapped by Marit and in which I said: “Yes, Marit, I masturbated when I was looking at you”

My heart was pounding in my chest. She filmed the entire incident. How smart and on the other hand how humiliating. It was only now that I noticed I stood there like a little boy, looking at the ground, with my hands next to my body when I confessed to Marit. Damn, what am I to do. When my wife finds out I am dead, but on the other hand when I obey, where will it lead. It was not only my heart pounding, my cock was also harder than it ever was. I have to buy time and find a way out of this I thought and started typing:

“Dear Mistress,
Yes, I want to be dominated by You. I need to be corrected by You and I want to be Your dog and slave.

Immediately I got a reply:

“Good dog! Now I have in addition to the movie your confession that you want to be my slave. So think twice of cheating on me! You always tell me the truth and obey me without any question or hesitation. I have been reading a lot on this subject (hurrah for internet) and know exactly what I want. You will find out in due time. For now I want you to be at my door tomorrow AM at 10:00 exactly. Mistress”

My God, what have I got myself into! Ok, maybe if we talk tomorrow I can convince her to stop all of this. I made up a story to my wife I had some business meetings tomorrow AM and for most of the night I was awake thinking of Marit. This 14 year old girl was blackmailing me and it had to stop. What in the end did I do? Nothing, just looking at an girl with a beautiful body. Actually it was compliment I looked at her at all, because not many people would find her attractive.

The next morning I had breakfast and dressed up in my suit and at 09:45 left the house and drove the car a few streets away. I then walked quickly back to the neighbors house and hid in the alley till it was almost 10. When I went to the door I felt extremely nervous. This was a new sensation for me. Why should I be nervous when I am going to have a chat with Marit to clear it all up. I rang at exactly 10 and immediately the door was opened. Marit was standing there in the same outfit as yesterday, but she added her riding crop. “Stop drooling and come in slave!”, she said with a strong voice. I followed her into the living room and just when I wanted to say something Marit face-slapped me. “You don’t speak until I ask You a question and You never look at me. Now undress!”. Before I could explain it, I started to undress in the middle of the living room when I noticed Marit sat in a comfortable chair, cross legged and was wiggling her foot. “Hurry up slave!” When I was naked up to my underpants, she got up and gave me a blow with her riding crop on my chest. “How stupid are you? What part of the word undress You do not understand? It is now certain that You are nothing but a stupid dog! Now get naked!” I quickly removed my underpants and stood there naked in front of Marit. My cock was betraying me and stood fully erect. “Hands behind your head and on your knees”. I quickly obeyed. When was it that I have accepted Her command?

I heard her stand behind me and then I felt her put a dirty pant in my mouth and tape it closed. She then went back to Her position in the chair. “I do not want to hear any stupid words coming out of Your mouth. You are just a slave and here to obey Me. Nod, when I am correct!” I nodded. “Good dog. Well it is clear you need a lot of training and for me many things will be new also. We will both grow into this, but let me be very clear: your life is now mine. All you have, mind, body and soul and earthly possessions, are mine to posses and command. Is that clear?” I nodded and quickly looked at Her. I saw how Her eyes were glittering and a victorious smile on Her face. But it was a mistake to underestimate Her. She might be young, she is also extremely strict. She shot from her chair and slapped me extremely hard across the face. “I told you not to look at me! I am way above you and you can only look at the ground. In my presence you will only crawl with your forehead touching the ground. Is that clear?” I nodded and had tears in my eyes, because of the blow, but also of the humiliation.

She removed the gag in one quick jerk and said “Kiss my boots!” and I quickly started kissing and licking her black riding boots. “Ass up when you worship me!” And then I got it: blow after blow of Her riding crop on my ass. “This is to remind you of what You are and who is control!” I lost count and could only think of licking the boots of my new Mistress. When She was done She pulled me up at my hair and order me to stand with my legs spread apart and hands behind my back. “We will learn you to assume the proper positions upon command later slave!” and since I at that moment got a blow with Her riding crop on my cock I was to confused to notice the word “We”. “This cock is now mine and you will consider it as such. You will not touch my cock unless I say so. You will shave it and keep it clean”, she said while she kept hitting the cock with her riding crop. “It will learn to get hard on command, come on command”, every word combined with a hit “and get soft of command.” And then I felt her hand around the cock and she started to masturbate me. It felt as if I was on fire. My mind was exploding with emotions. This is a Goddess, She is my Mistress and I will do everything for Her. “Come on my crop”, she whispered in my ears and with a lot of spasm and totally out of control I let go and came on the crop and some of it dropped on the ground and Her boots. “Now lick it up, slave” and she put the crop to my lips. I never tasted my own cum and hesitated, which was a mistake again, because She hit me with her fist hard in my stomach. I collapsed and she pulled me up by my hair and hissed “Lick!” and I opened my mouth and licked my own cum. It was salty and not so bad. She then pushed me to the ground. “All of it slave!” and I licked my cum from the ground and Her boots until all was gone.

Normally after I come my mind takes over, but in this case She did not give me a chance. My God, She was fully in charge and I knew it and She knew it. It was as if all pieces of the puzzle came together. The cock was still as hard as it was when it came. “So, this was the last time my cock came for a while! Kneel with your forehead to the ground and tell me what You are!” I quickly took the position and said: “You are my Mistress and I just a slave not worthy of You. I just live to obey and serve. You are a Goddess that is to be worshipped and honored.” All thoughts I had of having a chat with Marit to solve this were gone. “Good dog!” and she padded me on the head and left the room.

I do not know how much time went by, but I remained silent and in position. I did not dare move. Mistress Marit made it clear with Her whipping that I was to obey and I did not like pain so I would do all to avoid that. Many things went through my mind, like the fact that only next door was my wife. After a while I heard her come in again. She changed her outfit, I noticed when She stopped just in front of me and I saw a pair of high heeled black pumps. She went to her chair and I heard Her say: “Worship!” and as if it was implanted in my head I crawled to Her keeping my head against the ground until I was just in front of Her and I started kissing and licking her shoes. She put the heel in my mouth and I sucked it. “Go up”, she whispered and for the first time I touched her skin. I started with her ankles and then slowly went up until I was at her thighs. She opened Her legs a little and I could smell Her and it was like chemistry. My mind went into overdrive and this body perfume was blocking all thoughts. All I could think of was tasting and serving her pussy. Just when I came to the point of touching her lips with my tongue she pulled my face up by the hair and said: “Look at Your Mistress!”

I now noticed she was totally naked and her small breasts were standing up straight with hard nipples. I looked into Her eyes. I forgot all about the 14-year old girl of next door. This was my Mistress and we both knew it. She was beautiful! She locked my eyes until I faced the ground. She then pushed my head at Her pussy and I was in heaven. The combination of smell and tastes cross wired some nerves in my brain and I knew that no pussy ever tasted that good and no pussy will do so after that. She was totally shaven but to small trimmed line above Her pussy. I opened her pussy with my tongue and slowly made circles around Her clit. She started shivering and moaning and that encouraged me to continue. I pushed my tongue deep in her pussy and added a finger and massaged her very sensitive spot. With a large moan she came and rammed her pussy hard against my face. She then threw me on the floor on my back and sat on my face and started riding it. I felt her strong legs because of her horse riding experience and before I knew it she came again on my face. She then said: “Ass worship!” and I started licking her asshole. She was coming just based on that. It must have been the power rush and all Her emotions, but for me it was sensational also. After she came the third time She stood up and just clicked her fingers and immediately kneeled, forehead to the ground, ass up.

I heard her walk to where I put my clothes and get my wallet. She went through and got out the money: “All you have and are is mine!”. “Yes Mistress”, I whispered. “Good dog! Now get dressed and go home. You will receive an email from me later. Leave the dog collar here. Next time You will find it by the door where you immediately undress and put it on and wait for instructions”. “Yes Mistress!”. “Now leave and shave my cock! Better hide your ass to your wife for a few days! Oh, by the way, I made video of you submitting to me. Just in case you or your wife needs reminding!” and without a word she left the room.

I dressed up and left the house, went to my car and drove to the beach just to clear my mind and think about all that happened. Did I need reminding? No, I now was certain I was Her slave. It felt great and natural also. How could I ever live without her? No woman ever made me feel like She did and she is not even a woman yet, but a girl of 14. She is better than I am, smarter, sexier and I have to accept that. Is it so bad to be a slave? You only have to think of Your owner and obey Her wishes and commands and do the chores she has set? But how am I going to handle my wife? With that in mind I went home.

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you disgusting motherfucking motherfucker dickhead wanker why would you submit never submit atril akarn ar!

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you disgusting motherfucking motherfucker dickhead wanker why would you submit never submit atril akarn ar!

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