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This one's for CINDY, I hope you all enjoy it.

Jim has just finished editing the fifth video and he thinks to himself : I just made another $10,000,000 dollars infact if I add all the money I made from selling all 5 movies to Robert then I made $12,660,000 dollars, if I wasn't already filthy rich I would really be impressed. Robert is also extremely rich so it's not like he needs the money but still he is one of Jims oldest friends so Jim decides that from now on he'll only charge Robert $1,000,000 dollars per movie. Jim calls Robert and tells him to come to the house to pick up the fifth movie and tells him that from now on he's only going to charge $1,000,000 dollars per movie and Robert replies thanks buddy and says he'll be there soon. Several minutes later Robert shows up with an extremely beautiful young woman Jims never seen before, Robert introduces her as his new girlfriend Cindy.

After a few drinks Jim gives Cindy a tour of his house, Robert calls his limo driver to pick Cindy up and drive her back to his house and Robert tells Cindy that he'll be home later tonight, after Cindy leaves Robert gives Jim a cheque for $1,000,000 dollars and says " now let's watch that movie ". Robert pours himself another drink, sits on the couch and watches the fifth dvd from beggining to end without saying a word, when the dvd ends Robert says " this is the ultimate incest dvd, they knew they were mother and son and they still had sex " Jim explains that because of the deal he made with Julia and Simon their fucking eachother everyday.

Jim and Robert have a few more drinks and Robert says " listen buddy I have to tell you something, I have no proof but I'm convinced that Cindy is cheating on me " Robert then says " If I tried to have her followed or investigated and she found out then she would leave me and if she was innocent then I just blew my chance at being happy, to be honest Jim I think I'm in love with her ". Jim says " listen buddy as one of your oldest friends I have to tell you that there's a 90% chance she's only with you for your money, now before you get mad just think about all of the people we know who thought they were in love and then their wives divorced them and took half of everything ". Robert says " I know that already but she makes me happy so I need a big favor from you buddy, I want you to have her followed and find out if she's cheating on me " Jim agrees and says " give me a few days and I'll let you know " Robert thanks Jim and leaves.

Jim hires the woman that helped him with the 4th and 5th movies and he tells her to follow Cindy around everyday and report everything she sees. Several days later the woman hands in her report that proves that Cindy is cheating on Robert with 3 men, Jim spends the next few days verifying the report wich does indeed prove that Cindy is cheating with 3 men. Jim calls Robert and says " hey buddy, I was really hoping I wouldn't have to tell you this but It's better that you find out from me now and not later on, Cindy is cheating on you with 3 men, I'm so sorry my friend " Jim then says " If you need anything all you have to do is ask ". The next day Robert shows up at Jims house and after having a few drinks he tells Jim that he broke up with Cindy, Jim says " I know it hurts buddy and you can't see it now but trust me your better off without her ". After a few more drinks and a lot of conversation Robert thanks Jim for all his help and leaves the house, Jim can't stand seeing his friend all broken up like this and he starts planning on how he can get revenge on the woman who hurt his best friend.

Over the next few days Jim finds out everything he can about Cindy and he comes up with a perfect plan for revenge. As mentioned before being filthy rich has many, many benifits and one of those benifits is having friends at police stations so together with a few of his cop buddies he starts the first part of his master plan. Cindy is at the home of one of her 3 lovers and after hours hot sweaty sex Cindy takes a shower, get dressed and says " Ok baby I have to go and help my mom with something but I'll call you later ok " and she leaves. On her way to the home of her second lover for more sex and some cocaine a black van pulls up besides her and sliding open the side door 2 masked men grab Cindy and drag her into the van, then closing the side door the van drives away. They drive until they reach a studio, then parking the van in the garage attached to the studio the 2 masked men pull Cindy out of the van and tie her to a chair.

Cindy says " What do you want? why me? I've done nothing to you " one of the masked men says " calm down and listen, we need a hot piece of ass and you just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time " Cindy with tears in her eyes says " are you going to rape me? " the second masked man says " no but we do need you to do something for us and if you do it then you get to go home ". One of the masked men explains that their trying to blackmail a very, very rich man by filming him cheating on his wife, the other masked man explains that the studio their in is full of hidden cams and that later tonight the rich guy will comming to this very studio to fuck some slut.

One of the masked men says " This guys a freak he likes wearing masks and he really likes the women he fucks to wear masks " the other masked man says " this guy also loves to insult women while he's fucking them, he calls them everyname in the book ". One of the masked men pulls a bag out of the van wich he empties on a table and he shows Cindy a mask that completely covers a face except for the eyes, ear plugs and he says " so you can't hear all the nasty things this guy is going to call you during sex ", and a gag ball and he says " this guy doesn't like the women he fucks to talk back, so this will make sure you don't say a word ". Cindy says " but how do you know he's comming to this studio? " one of the masked men explains that they have been following this rich guy for months and whenever he cheats on his wife he comes to this studio. The other masked man says " yeah so earlier today we broke into this studio and filled it with hidden cams, it took a lot longer than expected and we were on out way to pick up a hooker to have sex with this freak and that's when we saw you walking on the street, from what we know about this pervert your exactly the kind of woman he likes.

One of the masked men says " the hidden cams are all off right now, we can turn them on using a laptop inside the van " the other masked man says " we won't be inside the studio but were going to be very close and as soon as we see the man enter the studio we'll turn the hidden cams on " then he says " we know that he'll be wearing his mask even before he enters the studio so remember to keep your mask on even after he finishes fucking you and leaves the studio, we don't want to see your face on this video ". The masked men put the gag ball in Cindy's mouth, the ear plugs and the mask and then one of them positions her infront of the bed and she watches as both masked men get into the van and exit the garage, one of them gets out of the van and closes he garage door from the outside. Cindy thinks to herself if I try to run now and these guys catch me I'm dead meat, then she remember that the masked men are watching the studio from a distance so running is not an option.

After several minutes the studio door opens and a masked man enters and walks towards Cindy, his mask has three holes 2 for the eyes and 1 for the mouth. The man is talking but because of the earplugs Cindy can't hear what he's saying but she assumes he's insulting her. They hug eachother rubbing their hand all over eachothers bodies when the man lifts Cindys dress up and over her head, then he takes off her bra and thong underwear and then he lays her on the bed. The man spreads her legs and starts licking and fingering Cindys pussy with one hand and squeezing her tit with the other hand, he does this for a while until Cindy gets on her knees infront of himand pulls down his pants and underwear. Because her mask has no hole for the mouth she can't blow him so she starts to jerk his rock hard cock with both hands, the man lifts her up and puts her on the bed in doggystyle position and getting behind her he slides his cock deep inside her pussy and he starts to fuck her.

With one hand on her shoulder and another hand on her waist he keeps fucking her harder, faster and deeper, Cindy lets out a low moan as her pussy gets pounded. The man puts Cindy on her back and then grabbing her ankles in his hands she slides his cock back into her pussy and start fucking her again but within minutes he pulls his cock out and he shoots his load all over Cindys stomach. The man says something that Cindy can't hear then he gets dressed and leaves the studio, Cindy wipes the sperm off her stomach and gets dressed when the garage door opens and the same van parks. The 2 masked men get out of the van and they take off Cindys mask, earplugs and gag ball saying that they turned off the hidden cams as soon as they saw the rich guy leave the studio, one of the masked men say " good job we recorded the whole thing, so just like we told you earlier you can go home but if you tell anyone or go to the police your dead, do you understand? " Cindy says " yes I understand, I won't tell the police or anyone ".

One of the masked men gives Cindy some money to take a cab home and Cindy leaves the studio, the other masked man makes a phone call and says " the missions complete, we'll pass by tomorrow to pick up the money ". Several days later Cindy receives a package in the mail and when she opens it she finds a portable dvd player with a dvd already inside, playing the dvd she sees the same studio she was in, then the scene shifts to 2 masked men talking to her father. One of the masked men walks towards her father and says " Cindy is in a lot of trouble with our boss, she owes him a lot of money and unless she pays him back your never going to see your little princess ever again ". Her father screams " PLEASE DON'T HURT MY DAUGHTER " then he says " I'll do anything you want, I'll pay your boss back every penny but please don't hurt my daughter " one of the masked men laughs and says " there's no way you could ever pay back the full amount she owes but maybe there is another way ".

Cindys father says " anything, I'll do anything to save my little girl, just tell me what to do and I'll do it " one of the masked men makes a call and says " yeah boss we have the dad here and he says he'll do anything to save his precious little princess ". After talking on the phone for a bit he hangs up the phone and says " ok guy, here's the deal and if you do it my boss says he'll forgive the debt and well let Cindy go ". With tears in her eyes Cindy watches the next scene of the dvd wich shows her father at the studio but before he goes in he puts on his mask, then the scene shifts to inside the studio where Cindy sees herself wearing a mask and her father walking towards her. She hears her father say " I'm sorry lady but their holding my daughter, I have no choice " and Cindy watches in horror as her own father fucks her. After her father cums on her stomach he says " again, I'm sorry lady but I had to do this to save my daughter " then he gets dressed and leaves the studio. The final scene of the dvd shows one of the 2 masked man telling Cindys father that if he has sex with a lesbian who also owes their boss money then the both debts will be forgiven wich Cindys father agrees to.


Please leave comments, again both negative and positive comments are welcome, thank you in advance.


2011-10-05 00:54:02
We'll in this story it's implied that Cindy is in her early twenties.

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-04 13:54:05
I"m sorry but i didnt mean a pedo story i ment just younger like 18 or 19 i wasn't saying a 16 yr old girl i was saying i'm yr old girl with a hunk of a dad
sorry again


2011-10-04 10:48:02
Thanks for all the comments.
I will { for the love of god } make more stories. LOL..
Part 6 is leading up an extreme part 7 that's all about revenge.
I'm sorry but I don't do underage stories, that's pedo territory and to be honest I hate pedophiles.

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-04 09:16:45
I agree with the first comment you should change things make them more extreme As it is b4 you start we already know whats going to happen the only thing new in each story is the who. dont get me wrong your doing a great job. its just that basicly the story base is is the same in all 6 stories please keep writing
oh and ty for making it a dad and daughter story and can you make 1 with a younger daughter
(CINDY ( a 16yr old daughter with a hunk of a dad))

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-04 09:13:01
please keep going, for the love of god!!! make more stories!!!!

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