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An orphanned boy discovers love, lust and a shocking secret in a monastery
The Immaculate Deception (The Convent II)
Sister Angelina was my favourite. I adored her with all my heart and while I loved and missed Mother Ingrid dearly I was overjoyed to be spending more time with Sister Angelina.

However things were somewhat different now. There was a kind of tension in the air and a hint of secrecy became obvious to me from some of the Nuns.

This made it difficult to discuss the events that had occurred on the night of Mother Ingrid’s death and I was confused and so wanted to talk to someone about it. Especially as my exercise routine had become increasingly more difficult to get through due to my fondness of Sister Angelina.

I guess this had become obvious to Sister Annabelle as it was not long after dear Mother Ingrid’s death that she approached me in the barn.

“Stephan, are you here. Oh there you are”

“Yes Sister Annabelle, what is it?”

“Please call me Annabelle, at least when we are alone anyways”

“What is it Annabelle, what can I do for you?”

“I would like to talk with you, about Dear Ingrid and the night she died and.........”

“You were there?”

“Well no, but I talked with.....Oh that isn’t important. I have an incredible favour to ask of you dear Brother, but before I ask it I must explain some things. Firstly, you need not be embarrassed or ashamed about anything you sweet boy. You only know what you have been taught and the Nuns here have only ever tried to love and protect you.”

“I know that Annabelle? You seem upset?”

“Not upset, just nervous”

“Nervous? Why would you....”

“Please just listen and don’t interrupt”

“Ok Sister....erm I mean Annabelle”

She grinned and began a story that shocked me and also saddened me. You see before Angelina had met her and rescued her she lived and served in a very different way and in a very different place. She would pleasure men with her body for money, money that she handed over to her mother who would buy alcohol instead of paying the bills and buying groceries. Annabelle explained in great detail some of the horrific stories of some of her not so nice customers and what they would make her wear and do with her precious body as a 13 year old.

I began to cry hearing of her suffering all the while noticing that these horror stories had made my cock hard. I was annoyed at my cock, what an inappropriate time to spring to life.

“Oh dear Brother “she said taking out a hanky and wiping away my tears. “I do not tell you these things to upset you but that you may learn from my experience”

“Do you think I would become like one of these men?” I asked a little angrily

“Oh I’ve course not dear Brother. Believe it or not, not all of it was awful. Some men were very kind and said wonderful things about my face and my body. They made me feel nice and I guess I wanted to make these men feel nice. Anyway I am eternally grateful to the Nuns for rescuing me from that life and I have put all the hurt and anger behind me now. There is just one thing I cannot, no matter how hard I try, put behind me dear Stephan”

“What is that? Can I help you at all?”

“Well I hope so Brother. Every so often I get an overwhelming longing to feel a man’s cock in my pussy, this is one of the names they used for my vagina. I long to taste a man’s kiss and take his penis into my mouth. Oh I try not to think about it but then I find myself spying on you dear Brother as you shower, yearning to feel your big cock deep inside me.”

“But Annabelle” I paused nervously

“Go on Stephan”

“I saw you and mother Helena when the.....”

“Chastity is such a tormenting burden from time to time, for a person who has experienced the bliss of orgasm and the pleasure of two bodies coming together in sexual harmony. There are a small number of Nuns who have made a kind of pact to be there for one another in times of temptation. To quell each other’s intoxicating urges before they drive us from our home at the convent into the sinful world in search of gratification that is tainted by a wicked world.”

I was incredibly naive and had led a sheltered life but I was convinced I know where this was going.

“Oh my dear tormented Annabelle” I said taking her into my arms.

I held her close for a few moments and then kissed the top of her head. She looked at me pleadingly as I slipped onto the ground off of the bail of hey we were sitting on and slid in between her legs. I kissed her lips and her neck as I slipped first one hand then the other underneath her gown and up onto her exquisite breasts. I massaged her breasts in a circular motion, together then apart; first one way then the other feeling her nipples go rigid as I fondled her.

“Suck them Brother, please feed on my aching tits I beg you”

I bundled her gown up under her chin with one hand while grabbing her right breast with my left hand and squeezing it making the nipple protrude even further before hungrily taking it between my lips. I flicked the stiff nipple with the tip of my tongue which made Annabelle gasp.

“Did I hurt you Sister?

“Oh don’t stop, don’t stop. Pleeeeeeeeease don’t stop”

I pulled her robe off over her head and resumed feeding on her ample breasts. As I suckled now on her left breast as she reached down and unhitched my pants and started pulling my shirt up. I raised my arms letting her remove my shirt. I kissed the space between her breasts and kissed and licked my way down to her belly button. I explored her navel making her pant and then continued toward her ‘pussy’. Once there I eased her back against the hey behind her and blew hot air on to her twitching vagina.

“ me Brother. Eat me” she begged

I placed my mouth gently over as much of her tiny pussy as I could and feverishly started licking and sucking. I paused to ask her to let me know if I was doing it right as she was somewhat an expert and I was such a novice.

“Believe me you’re doing well, please keep eating me and don’t stop again”

I flicked my tongue in a swirling motion around her lips and then ran it firmly up between her lips and flicked her clit hard with my tongue making her hips jut forward. I took her clit into my mouth sucking hard as if I wanted it to come right off in my mouth making her scream in pleasure then started thrusting my tongue in and out of her. I propped myself up on one arm now and began using one finger to stimulate her pussy pushing it in and out of her as I sucked and flicked her clit with my tongue. I strengthened my assault by pushing a second finger into her as her hips thrust forward into my face and she began to scream.

“Oh my Brother I’m cumming, Iiii’m cuuuuummiiiiiiiing”

An almighty gush of fluid sprayed from her pulsating pussy all over my face as I tried to catch all of it in my mouth remembering the sweet flavour of dear Mother Ingrid as I swallowed. Her bucking stopped and she collapsed backward on the hey exhausted as I lapped at her pussy not wanting to waste a drop. I climbed up between her legs and teased each nipple with my teeth and tongue as I passed them on my way to placing a deep kiss on her soft lips. She placed her hands on the back of my head and looked in my eyes and whispered

“Oh my dear Brother Stephan, how I have wanted that for so long. You have a truly blessed tongue my boy”

She placed her hands under my strong arms and urged me to stand. My fully erect penis was now bobbing around in front of her, the sight of it caused her to gasp and smile.

“Oh my goodness Stephan, boy have you grown. It must be a good 2 years since I saw your great big penis and look at it now.”

I was now sixteen and a half and the work around the farm had helped develop my wonderful physique and Sister Angelina had last measured my penis at 10.5 inches.

“I guess the exercise program is working” I said

She grinned at me, I did not know why but I grinned back as she lowered my pants and I stepped out of them. I removed my shoes and stood in front of her again. She placed a hand on each of my ass cheeks and pulled me forward instantly and skilfully catching the tip of my penis in her mouth. She circled the tip gently one way and then back the other. She licked a small drop from the end of my penis and then holding it to her face said softly

“Brother, I have never seen a knob this huge; I hope you don’t break me”

She smiled to let me know not to worry and then sucked the knob back into her mouth. She inched forward slowly until half of my penis was in her mouth and then started bobbing back and forward as I enjoyed the soothing warmth of her moist mouth. She felt incredible sucking and licking along my cock, massaging the tip and then nibbling the underside of thee shaft. She began working my cock with one hand while massaging my balls with the other and sucking me frantically. My eyes rolled back in my head. All of a sudden she stopped and squeezed my cock so hard it hurt making me yell.

She stood up and said “I didn’t want you finishing before me” with a smile.

She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled herself up onto me. Taking the hint I put my hands under her perfect ass and pulled her up off the ground against me. I walked over to a big pile of hay and put her down. I grabbed a blanket from a wrack on the wall and spread it over the hay so Annabelle could lie down. I lay next to her kissing her face, her neck and beautiful tits as I located her slit with a finger and started massaging her clit. She stroked my cock gently. It wasn’t long before she urged me to fill her smooth pussy with my cock. I moved in between her legs and kissed her lips with her still holding my cock. She guided me to the delicious pussy placing the very tip of it between her clean shaven lips. I began to enter her; she gasped and bit her lip until I was all the way in. She urged me to wait saying

“It’s been a long time Brother; the cucumbers are tiny around here so please go slow.”

“Of course” I said nervously.

I began slowly pulling out and stopped before the head came out and pushed forward once more.
With every stroke I moved a little faster gliding in and out watching her head move up and down against the blanket as she received my full length with a gasp every time. I began to thrust into her. Her eyes opened and looked at me pleadingly.

“Oh Stephan, make me cum”

I started pumping as hard as I could watching her beautiful dark nippled breasts bounce round on her chest as she began to moan loudly. She grabbed my ass as if trying to pull me right inside of her. I felt her tighten around my cock and then her body spasmed uncontrollably several times as it gave way to orgasm.

I pulled out of her and turned her over so she was on all fours in front of me. I entered her without hesitation and began to glide in and out of her once more. I leant over her and grabbed and squeezed her breasts as I began to plunge into her harder again. Her gorgeous blonde hair flicked around on the flawless skin of her back and she puffed and panted as she built toward another climax. I stopped pumping rapidly and thrust into her fiercely as far as I could as I felt my balls tighten. Annabelle howled as I thrust into her with all my might. In one fantastic explosion we came at the same time, my seed pumping deep inside of her and her juice covering my legs and cock.

We collapsed on the blanket. I lay behind her writing ‘I love you’ on her back with my fingertip for a while until I realised I had to finish my chores. I got up and dressed with my dear Annabelle. She kissed me and said

“Thank you so much Stephan” and disappeared into the house.

As I continued my work I went over the events of the afternoon in my head with amazement. Poor Sister Annabelle, beautiful Sister Annabelle, wow Sister Annabelle. I smiled, sighed, and laughed until I cried. It was delightful but was it right? Could this be what my purpose was on this earth, in this life? To repay these ladies with pleasure for all the joy they had given me.

I brought it up with Sister Angelina that night in my room as I prepared for my shower. She was beside herself. She was not naive; she had much knowledge of the outside world as she had ministered to people with all kinds of stories and in all kinds of situations. There is nothing that she could hear that would surprise her except something like this happening inside the monastery.

“Oh dear Sister, I have disappointed you greatly haven’t I?”

“Heck no dear boy” she replied. I am actually quite fascinated. You must tell me more once you have finished your shower.”

I turned on the shower and stuck my hand in to adjust the temperature then climbed in the shower. I leaned into the corner with a hand against each wall as I let the hot cleansing water wash away the days dilemma’s thinking soon I could jump into bed and pull the covers over my weary head and go to sleep. Just then I felt something small and hard against my back. It was Sister Angelina’s rock hard nipple. She reached around and started stroking my cock. She had taken her robe off and followed me into the shower.

I barely reacted at all, I think it was the combination of being too tired to react and also being totally unsurpriseable after the strange day I’d had. I turned to look at her and my jaw dropped. Surely she was the most magnificent creature ever made. She had a perfect hourglass figure. Her gorgeous movie star face was framed with beautiful burgundy coloured straight hair that went down to the top of her small, firm ass. Her breasts were large and round but not so big that they drooped; they were firm, round and perfect, topped with small brown nipples. Her stomach was flat and smooth leading own to a predominantly shaven pussy, only a tiny tuft of very short hair remained directly above her slit. Her skin was a dark Caucasian tone naturally as her habit prevented her from getting much of a tan. She was a doll, perfect in every dimension.

Despite the day I’d had my cock responded immediately. If Sister Angelina was my favourite before then she was definitely my favourite now. I could not imagine what to do, I looked up to this woman so much I did not want to disappoint her or embarrass myself for that matter. I reached out and hugged her. My hard Knob poked her in the belly button, so much for not embarrassing myself. She saw the panic in my eye. She leaned in closing her eyes and kissed me on the lips which immediately made me feel better; she always knew what to do. I realised as her she pulled back from her awkward kiss blushing that perhaps I was the one with more experience than this stunning woman that was 10 years my senior.

I leaned in and parted her lips with my tongue and began kissing her passionately. She followed my lead and as we tongue wrestled I began to knead her amazing breasts with my right hand as my left hand sat on her ass pulling her to myself. My kiss trailed off from her lips moving down her neck and across her shoulder. I then took her left nipple into my mouth teasing and flicking it with my tongue making her gasp. As I sucked at her nipples I explored her body with my right hand, searching until it came to rest over her expectant pussy. I stroked her gently and her legs parted slightly giving me better access to her luscious box.

I continued to circle her lips and then flick her clit with the tip off my finger as my hungry lips left her breasts and headed down to join my finger. I turned and backed her against the wall for support and then started eating her out. As I inhaled her lips and sucked her clit I reached up with one hand and resumed kneading her gorgeous boobs. I continued stimulating her until her panting suggested an orgasm approaching then I placed my hands on her ass and started plunging my tongue in and out of her in a frenzy causing her to erupt in orgasm. Her whole body shook and I took her weight in my hands as her l weakened legs failed to hold her up temporarily.

Taking advantage of her weakened state I lifted her up and held her to myself with my throbbing cock sitting along her slit. I moved slowly against her massaging her pussy with my cock. I backed her up against the wall taking her weight in one hand with the wall to support her and began to rub my swollen knob up and down against the entrance to her pussy. Her big brown eyes pleaded me to go slow and as the knob was in position and in its way up I took her weight in both hands again to ensure a slow steady entrance.

I slid slowly in with her fingernails tearing at my back and her pussy quivering and when I was a little way in felt a resistance; the same resistance I had felt with Mother Ingrid. I looked at her for permission to keep going hoping desperately to get the go ahead as I had wanted to be in this spectacular woman for a long time, possibly before I even knew it, if that makes sense. She bit her lip and gave me a nod and closed her eyes expectantly awaiting the most excruciating pain she had ever felt in her blessed life.

I poked a little harder and suddenly her precious seal gave way and she let out a tremendous scream. Her virgin juices flooded my balls and covered my legs as I stood motionless inside this remarkable woman. There came a knock at the door

“Are you all right dear boy” it was Mother Helena.

“Yes Mother, I um slipped on the soap. I am fine now, sorry to disturb you”

“Ok dear”

I waited to make sure she had left and then pulled out slowly and looked for Sister Angelina’s go ahead which came immediately in the form of a blink from her big brown eyes which were now nearly popping out of her head. I pushed slowly in as she bit her lip and turned her head away. I started with slow small strokes as Sister Angelina hung on for dear life, then when I felt her begin to bounce I increased my thrust. Slowly she released her lip from her teeth and began to moan deep and low. She urged me to go faster assuring me it no longer hurt. I shifted my hands from under her ass to behind her knees. The top of her back was against the wall as she kind of dangled. I started slamming into her. Moments later her body again jerked and twitched as it gave way to another tremendous orgasm.

She climbed down off of me and I turned her to face the wall. She placed her hands against the wall and pushed her ass toward me. I lined her up again and entered her from behind placing my hands on her hips. I moved slowly and gracefully in and out of her as I raised my hands along her hourglass figure and began to squeeze her tits. I held on tight to her tits and started pumping her harder. Gaining a grunt of approval I continued to increase the stroke depth and intensity. My wet balls slapped hard against her glistening ass cheeks. Her head dropped between her shoulders as she began to moan and pant again and again.

“Oh dear boy, have I died and gone to heaven?”

I began slamming into her furiously and moments later felt my balls tighten and my cock began to twitch. In response to the beginning of my orgasm Sister Angelina’s pussy clamped down on my cock, choking the life out of me as she too began to convulse in orgasm. I pumped my custard deep inside her as her quaking climax came to a halt and I kissed her back softly.

We finished showering, got dressed and headed back to my room. Sister Angelina stayed with me for a while. We continued to make love early into the morning until our exhausted bodies collapsed and we fell asleep.

We were awoken by a knock at the door.

“Stephan dear boy, have you seen Angelina?”

“I in here. I was praying with the boy” she replied.

“Oh, ok” came the confused response.

We dressed hurriedly and went about our chores. I was frequently accosted out in the barn by Annabelle and my exercise routine was regularly replaced with mutual pleasuring. I was even bailed up in the kitchen by a very frustrated Mother Helena from time to time. I did not mind, how could I? I was convinced that this was my calling. So I did my job eagerly and diligently.

Then it happened one day that I came across Sister Annabelle sobbing bitterly in the kitchen with Mother Helena comforting her.

“It’s ok pet. We’ll think of something”

“What is wrong?” I asked

“Oh dear Stephan, I missed my period. Doctors told me I would never have children after a bad beating one night, but now I have missed a period and, well, what am I to do?”

“Stop making such a fuss, you will have us all ex-communicated” scowled Mother Helena. “Let’s all sit down and have a nice cup of tea and talk about it”

We chatted and decided that there was a chance that Annabelle would not show until the latter stages of pregnancy and that when and if people became suspicious we would deal with it then. As it turns out, Annabelle’s gown hid her secret well throughout the whole pregnancy and one night while the Nuns were all at dinner a baby girl was born in the infirmary of a small Swedish convent, in the south of Sweden. It was decided that Sister Angelina would surprisingly ‘find’ a baby on the doorstep of the monastery as this was a somewhat believable story.

“After all” said Mother Helena “I’ve pulled it off before” she said beaming from ear to ear.

“You have” I said as I smiled back at her.

“Yes, yes” she replied proudly. “For dear Mother Ingrid” She bit her lip realising what she had just said.

“You mean me? Was I...........”

“Oh dear God, yes boy” she blurted out with tears welling up in her eyes.

“Ingrid was my............”

Helena nodded. My world had been turned upside down.

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