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As a sex story, some of the vocabulary might not be very "historical". I hope you enjoy the story, but if you have any negative opinions, please keep them to yourself.

Serenity wrapped her lips around my erect phallus, making my whole body jerk in an instantaneous euphoria. No matter how many times she sucked my manhood, I could never get used to the incomprehensible feeling of it entering her soft mouth. I had never experienced oral sex, but I knew that no human attempt could create the bliss I was feeling.
Her saliva seemed to vibrate and change in temperature on the shaft and head, with a sweet sugary feeling sinking into my skin. Her mouth was softer than a summer breeze and as deliciously wet as the fruits that hung from the trees of our orchard, but the muscles in her cheeks and tongue were strong enough to crush stones and she could work them better than her own hands.
When my manhood entered her mouth, I could feel the strength of her muscles working on the shaft and sending the massage-like bliss all the way through my member. She sucked on my erect cock with such skill that it felt like she had forty tongues and they all were somehow rubbing against every exposed spot.
With Serenity lying on top of me, I buried my face in between the cheeks of her perfectly sculpted ass. I covered her very full (yet very well toned) thighs in kisses before sending my tongue up into her wet slit. The gorgeous nymph gave a muffled moan through my cock in her mouth as I sucked on the wet lips, savoring the taste of the nymph’s juices flowing from her gates of paradise.
As I slathered the inner-walls of her sweet body with my tongue, I worked my finger in an out of her anus, making her hum and purr. Eventually, she relinquished my manhood and sat up, letting me lick her anus. She gave a soft moan and squeezed her round breasts as she felt my tongue anally penetrate her voluptuous body.
“Oh Felix, I love your touch! I love feeling of you in my heart and in my body.” She moaned as she ran her fingers through her long lustrous hair.
“And I love the taste of your flawless body and your sweet soul. I love to sample the divine rejuvenation that you bless me with.” I replied as she moved off my face and gave me a tender kiss.
She shifted again, straddling my lap. She purred and hummed in arousal as she grinded the shaft of my cock against her wet slit. She wrapped her hands around the head and slowly guiding it in, shivering as it entered her. Chewing on her lips, she began to bounce up and down on my dick, driving it deep into her magic-enriched body. I wrapped my arms around her waist, picking her up myself and slamming her back down with all of my strength. As Serenity bounced on my lap, I held out my tongue and licked her breasts, which were bouncing with the same enthusiasm as the nymph’s lust for sex.
Three years had passed since I arrived at the forest, and they were without a doubt, the greatest years of my life. Every day consisted of lounging in the shade of the trees, swimming in deep sections of the creek, and taking long strolls through the woods while basking in the sun. Every night consisted of dancing in the moonlight or sleeping in out small tree chamber, pressed tightly together under the warmth of our blanket. My diet was entirely made up of the addictively sweet fruit that hung from the branches of every tree. They supplied all the nutrients I required and I never grew tired of them. I would gorge myself on them until I was filled to the brim, and then curse the fact that I could not eat any more.
It was a very simple life, one without any exertion of obstacles. Every moment was filled with unending happiness and relaxation. It was in all sense a perfect life, and with the help of Serenity’s healing powers, it was a perfect life that would never end.
Serenity gave a shrill moan as she had one of her magical orgasms, illuminating the tree chamber with her sexual aura. I pulled out of her and she quickly got on her hands and knees, shaking her rear with a coy smile on her face. I sat up and got behind her, stroking my ready cock. I pressed the head against her anus and pushed it in, making Serenity moan in ecstasy.
“Oh yes darling, just like that! Felix, I want you deep inside me!” She called out.
Taking the rhythm I had mastered over the years, I began slamming my cock into her tight asshole. The forest was filled with the clapping of her cheeks against my thighs as I drove my member as far up into her body as possible. As I stretched her anus as far as it could go, Serenity had her face buried in her elbow and was rubbing her pussy with her other hand, giving a rising moan with each thrust.
Finally, I looked up and groaned as I came, coupled with Serenity’s second orgasm. Thick streams of semen shot from the head of my cock, filling her anus until the white slime was overflowing. Her arms and legs buckled and she collapsed, rubbing her semen-filled anus.
“I love the feeling of you essence inside of me.” She purred. I laid down beside her and wrapped my arm around her slender waist.
“And I love the feeling of being able to hold you and be inside of you at the same time.” I replied as I kissed her neck. Her turquoise skin tasted so sweet, I couldn’t get enough of it. She then rolled over and kissed me, slipping her tongue between my lips.
“I never get tired or used to making love to you. Every time is just as magical and incredible as the first time.” She hummed. I smiled and placed my hand on the center of her chest, feeling her heartbeat.
“Me neither. I must admit that I am obsessed this beautiful body of yours. I’m so curious and I just want to keep exploring it. You are the most gorgeous thing that has ever blessed my eyes and I’m desperate to memorize every detail and secret. But every time, there is a new inch on your body that I want to study and admire for hours on end. I am haunted by the fact that I will never completely understand you, but that also relieves me, because every time we are intimate, I am surprised and amazed by something new.” I replied.
“Well you can never be sure, you might someday know everything about me. After all, we have the rest of eternity to spend together.” Serenity said softly before we both fell asleep.

The sun was shining brightly as we walked along the shallow creek, picking up pretty stones. In a life where there are no obstacles or hardships, Serenity and I sought playful challenges in abstract art, taking small pieces of nature and rearranging them to create works to represent nature as a whole. My old clothes had been replaced with a new outfit of the same silky material as Serenity’s and our bed sheets. Serenity’s hair was adorned with flowers and she was carrying a basket of interwoven vines.
“Oh, this one is perfect.” She said sweetly as she picked up a piece of mica, perfect for the collage she was working on.
Just as I was about to speak, the sound of a twig snapping reached my ears. My whole body became rigid as three years of relaxation were pushed aside by my military training.
“Serenity, scan the area, I think we aren’t alone.” I said softly, trying to be nonchalant. Serenity looked at me with worry on her face.
“There can’t be anyone here. Everyone and everything beneath the sunlight and moonlight is under my watch. No one could have possibly entered this forest without me noticing. It was probably just a squirrel you heard.” She replied as she stood up.
“Please, just give one thorough search.” I muttered as I finally looked around, scanning for any movement. Serenity closed her eyes, focusing her mind on her outsight to examine the forest for any intruders. She finally gave a sigh and opened her eyes.
“There is nothing, we are the only ones here.” She said reassuringly. While my mind was put at ease, my muscles did not relax.
“Sorry, I just always worry about us. After all, this is just a small forest out in the wilderness, not a sacred garden on Mt. Olympus.” I mused.
“Well you can be at peace, as this forest is our private Eden.” She said sweetly. Just as the words passed her sweet lips, an arrow shot past my face, grazing my cheek. With blood running down my neck, I grabbed Serenity’s wrist and we ducked down behind the bushes along the creek.
“What is going on, I thought you said you didn’t see anyone?” I cursed.
“I didn’t and I still don’t, something must be blocking my sight.” She replied with her voice filled with fear.
Behind us, I could hear over almost half a dozen sets of feet hitting the ground, coming towards us. This wasn’t just a stray hunter or explorer, this was a group with the intention of search and capture or search and destroy. Whoever it was, I would die before letting them harm Serenity.
“Come on, and stay close.” I said as Serenity and I got to our feet.
We sprinted along the side of creek with arrows flying past us. With every step, I could feel my body returning to its original strength. Even after three years of relaxation, my muscles had not forgotten the strain of battle and my reflexes had not dulled to the demands of fighting. The Felix that been living in peace was stepping aside, and the Felix that was originally a Trojan war-hero was returning to fight.
Up ahead of us, a soldier stepped out of the brush with a sword in his hand. From the plate designs of his bronze armor and the shape of his helm, I instantly recognized him as soldier from Mycenae. It wasn’t too long ago that I would slaughter over a hundred of them in each battle…
I charged ahead of Serenity and the soldier lashed out with his sword, trying to deliver a one-hit kill. I dodged the clumsy stab, knocked his arm aside, and tackled him. I knocked him to the ground and pinned him. Before he could try and slash me with his sword or grab a stone from the creek, I snapped his neck by slamming him in the jaw with my palm. I stood up and retrieved his sword. While the shape and weight was different from my old Trojan sword, my body recognized the form and function upon contact. Serenity stared at me with wide eyes as I slashed the air, familiarizing myself with the art of swordplay.
“When we run, stay close. When I fight, stay back.” I instructed. Serenity nodded and grasped my hand. We ran into the woods, keeping our senses open to the presence of enemy soldiers.
“I can’t see them at all with my outsight. Somehow they are blocking my vision completely.” Serenity cursed with worry.
“Then how about we find our why…” I cursed through gritted teeth.
I then released Serenity’s hand as I spotted four soldiers up ahead, standing in a clearing. Following my instructions, Serenity slowed down and I increased my speed, jumping into the clearing and surprising the soldiers. Without the slightest hesitation, I slashed the throat of the first, sending a fountain of blood from the laceration.
I then turned and blocked a slash from another soldier, responding in kind by sidestepping behind him and lopping off his head. I quickly stepped back, dodging the arrow from the third soldier. Before he could draw another one, I shattered his bow with a wide slash and drove the tip of the sword straight through his chest, managing to pierce his armor with my full strength.
I looked back at the forth soldier as he pulled out a horn to the signal the rest in the area. Just as he began the call, I knocked the horn out of his hand and then stabbed upwards, piercing him in the lower jaw and driving upwards until my sword burst through the top of his skull and knocked off his helm.
I let loose a howl of pain as an arrow shot through the air and stabbed my shoulder, piercing the muscle and flesh with ease. Serenity stifled a scream at the sight of my injury and the blood streaming from it. Gritting my teeth, I ripped out the arrow and turned to see the approaching crowd of Mycenaean soldiers. There were over two-dozen of them, all armed and ready.
“For Serenity, for my family, and for the city of Troy, I will kill all of you!” I roared at the top of my lungs.
The first soldier jumped out into the clearing and tried to stab me with his spear. I ducked to the side and stepped forward, stabbing him through the gut and making him cough up blood. I grabbed the soldier’s spear as he fell to the ground and used it to stab the next that entered my range of killing. Running him through, I stabbed him in the chest and slammed him into a tree, lodging the blade in the trunk and pinning him there.
The third soldier charged with a large battleaxe, swinging from the side with enough force to cleave me in half. Sending all my strength to my legs, I jumped over the attack and stabbed him between the shoulder and the neck, killing him in a single blow.
As he fell to the ground, an arrow launched by the fourth soldier struck my palm, bursting out of the back of my hand. Ignoring my agony and the blood streaming from my fingers, I charged towards him before he could reload. I swung my hand, stabbing him in the eye with the tip of the arrow. With the soldier screaming in pain, I ripped my hand off and then slammed the arrow, forcing it all the way into his skull and ripping away his life.
I turned and raised my sword above my head, bringing it down on a soldier with a shield and a spear. He blocked the attack with his shield, and before he could respond with a spear thrust, I swung my hand in front of him, spraying his face with blood and blinding him. He staggered back, trying to wipe the blood from his face. With that quick opportunity, I slashed his throat and gave it a wide bloody smile. With red fluid flying from the soldier’s throat, I ripped off his shield and threw it, sending it flying like a giant discuss and striking an oncoming soldier in the head. Even with his helmet on, the blow shattered his skull.
The sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth all charged towards me, armed only with swords. Snarling and roaring like an animal, I carved them all down without mercy. I pierced the armor of the sixth with a stab as if it was made of parchment and then I cleaved off the arm of the seventh and grabbed his sword while he bled to death. Using the two swords, I blocked the coordinated attacks of the eight and ninth, kicked the eighth to knock him back, and then beheaded the ninth with a twin-scissor slash. With the eight still on the ground, I raised my swords above my head and stabbed down into his chest, tearing through his lungs and soaking the ground with blood.
Soldier after soldier charged towards me with the intent of murder, but with a sword in each hand and the thought of protecting Serenity in my heart, I slaughtered them all without hesitation or opposition. As I tore through the armor of my nineteenth victim and slashed him from shoulder to hip, I lurched forward in pain and looked down. An arrow had pierced my chest, driving through my body and passing just under my heart.
“Felix!” Serenity screamed.
Ignoring the injury, I slashed the throat of my twentieth enemy, sending yet another fountain of blood flying into the air. Another arrow was launched, striking me in the gut. I staggered back with blood pouring from my mouth. I looked up and spotted the soldier that had launched the arrows. His friends were running past him, taking advantage of my injury.
With what little strength I had, I stabbed the first that came close, managing to pierce his heart, but lacking the power to send it driving through the back of his armor. A third arrow was launched, stabbing me through my right lung. Barely able to stand on my feet, I could not stop the rest of the soldiers from delivering their attacks. With swords and spears, they stabbed me through the torso, attacking from all angles. With every organ torn to shreds, I could do nothing but shout in frustration and vomit blood.
Knowing that I could no longer fight, the soldiers pulled their weapons out and let me fall out of the ground. With my mind falling into darkness and my body refusing to respond, I was unable to help Serenity as the soldiers grabbed her, tying her up and dragging the sobbing nymph away.
For the second time in my life, I had failed to protect what was important to me. No matter what I did and how hard I fought, I could not keep those that I loved safe. And this time, the strength to run was not in me. As my blood soaked the ground and my eyelids slowly sank, a bright flash filled my senses.

The sky was filled with golden clouds, moving faster across the blue abyss than a stampeding horses fleeing from hungry wolves. I took a deep shuddering breath, realizing that I was alive. Had that really happened, or had it only been a bad dream? I looked at my chest and had the breath ripped from my lungs as I saw the amount of blood that soaked my shirt. My wounds had disappeared, but the blood was still wet. It had really happened, and that meant…
“Serenity!” I called out as I bolted to my feet and stepped forward.
The ground didn’t greet the bottom of my foot and my whole body instantly panicked as I began to fall. I looked down and almost swallowed my tongue at the scene below me. I was flying through the sky, several miles above the safety of solid ground. A hand reached out behind me and pulled me back before I could fall off of whatever surface I was standing on.
“Easy noble Trojan, I didn’t save your life so that you could fall to your doom.” A deep voice said.
I turned around, facing a man with clothes of silk and blond hair. He and I were riding through the sky on a chariot of solid gold, pulled by four horses made entirely of condensed fire. My eyes had to be deceiving me, for there was no way the man that had just pulled be back from a terrifying death could be who I thought he was.
“Is it possible… are you really Helios?” I gasped.
“Well I am certainly not that brat Apollo. I am indeed Helios, the god of the sun and moon. I am also the father of Serenity, as you well know.” He nodded.
“Serenity, what happened to her?!” I demanded.
“That is what you will learn from the others.” He said, obviously trying to hide his fear and worry.
“From the others, you mean the rest of the gods?” I asked with my voice shaking.
“But of course. Welcome Felix, to Mt. Olympus!” He called as he held out his arm.
I looked ahead and my jaw sank so low that it was almost ripped from my skull. With the sun shining on the sea of clouds and giving them a golden shade, a colossal temple of diamond and marble was built into the summit of the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Olympus. The temple was decorated with statues of the gods and surrounded by courtyards containing entire geographical areas. Fields, forests, and even lakes were all being held in creases of the colossal mountain, held up so high that no one on the ground could ever see them
The courtyards were filled with the mystical creatures of legend, all living peacefully in their Eden. Winged horses flew between gargantuan pillars, the Ceryneian Hind grazed in a sunlit field, the Laelaps was lying in the shade of a tree while chewing on a bone, several hundred phoenixes were all perched in a small forest, with each tree charred from the death and rebirth of the birds, and the Teumessian Fox could see seen wandering among the cliffs.
Helios and I passed through a towering gate of solid glass and the golden chariot came to a halt on the marble floor.
“Come with me, Zeus and the others need to speak with you.” Helios said as he stepped off the chariot and walked down a glowing hallway. In utter astonishment at what he had just said, it took me a moment to shake myself awake and follow him.
Helios led me to a large set of doors, both made of sterling silver. With a flick of his wrist, Helios opened the doors without touching them and brought me through. We entered a circular room with every surface made of a precious mineral, jewel, or metal. The walls were lined with thrones, and sitting in each was a god or goddess. Without having ever seen them before, I could instantly identify deities like Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, and all others. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I was actually in the presence of the gods. I would have normally bowed, but my mind was too fixated on Serenity.
“Felix, son of Clemens, welcome to Mt. Olympus.” Zeus said with a booming voice. He had white hair, a long beard, and a wreath around his head.
“Thank you, sir.” I said humbly.
“We have brought you here because we all share a common enemy and a common purpose. We need your help Felix.” Poseidon said as he spun his trident in his hand.
“What do you need my help with?” I asked with confusion.
“You know of Agamemnon, correct?” Zeus asked. My heart was instantly filled with anger.
“Yes, the king of Mycenae. He started the war with Troy after Helen left the king of Sparta and fell in love with Paris. It is because of him that my family is dead.” I swore.
“The war was never over his brother losing his wife or for political reasons. He was after an artifact within Troy, and the war was just a ruse to get it.” Zeus explained.
“What artifact?” I asked.
“The Palladium, the wooden statue that should have won Troy the war. It had the ability to protect a city from enemies and ensure victory. It was why Troy lasted as long as it did.” He answered.
“Why was he after it? Did he want it to strengthen his own city?” I asked, trying to imagine what the link was between the sacred statue of Pallas and Serenity being captured.
“No, he wanted what was inside of the statue. You and your fellow Trojans originally believed that it was I that created the statue and sent it down from the heavens, but that is not truly what happened.” The goddess Athena muttered.
“Only recently did we find out what the Palladium truly was and who created it. It was vessel to hold and protect a dangerous artifact. The powers imbued in the statue protect whatever city is its home, in order for the city to protect the statue and what it held, so that the artifact within could not be taken and used.
The one who created the statue was Pandora, and the artifact is her cursed box. It is the darkest and most powerful object in the world and Agamemnon somehow found out about it, even when we did not know the secret of the statue.” Poseidon interrupted.
“But what does that have to do with Serenity?” I asked.
“Pandora’s Box is pure malevolent evil, and I curse the day that I made it. Over the years, the vessel has aged and become more tempered. The darkness within it has grown more powerful than I would have imagined. Even without being opened, it has the power to affect the world around it with its deathly influence. However, at the cost of this increase in strength, you could say it is being crushed under the weight of its own power.
The box could originally only be opened by a mere human with the innocence of curiosity, light being used to set free darkness. But now that the box has become more powerful, it requires sacrifice to be opened, something more pure than a curious human.”
“So it needs a nymph…” I gasped.
“Not just any nymph, but the most powerful nymph alive. Of all the nymphs in the world, Serenity is the most pure and mystical. Even after being intimate with you, she is still far more pure than even a virgin human. You have seen the healing abilities that she possesses and the way that all life reacts to her. I loved her mother with all of my heart, and she was born from that love and my power.
For three years, he’s been hunting down nymphs and sacrificing them to the box, trying to get it to open. Only by rumor of the fruits in Serenity’s orchard did he ever learn of her exceptional powers. He wants to open the box in the hope that he can wield its power and rule over all in existence.” Helios muttered through gritted teeth.
“If that box is opened again, the world as you know it will end. Not even we can stop it if its evil is set loose.” Zeus said with his voice full of dread.
“Even if you can’t stop the box, can’t you at least stop it from being opened? Can’t you go down to the human world and stop Agamemnon yourselves?” I asked in desperation.
“No, for Pandora’s Box isn’t the only artifact he got as a spoil of war. He also stole the Apple of Discord, the apple that started the argument that led to the war itself. With the dark energy radiating from the box, Agamemnon was able to change the nature of the apple. Originally, it only affected goddesses and made them argue, now it is so powerful that it repels all gods and can even drain them of their powers. If we were to enter Mycenae, we would be weaker than regular humans. We need you to stop him.” Zeus said.
“Why me?” I couldn’t help but ask.
“Because in the Trojan War, you were one of the finest warriors alive. You were in league with Hector, Paris, and even Achilles. It is in sieges like the Trojan War that legends are made, and you are the last legend still alive. You are one of the finest fighters in the world, and what separates you from all others is the fact that now, you truly have something to fight for. You can fight with vengeance in your mind and my daughter in your heart.” Helios said, frustrated that he could not save her himself.
“Then I will do it. But I have one last question; how is it that Serenity was not able to see the soldiers of Mycenae, and how is it that you didn’t know of Agamemnon’s plans until now?” I stated in confidence.
“Because he is a retched thief.” A course voice swore. I looked to the back of the room and saw a man step out of a shadow as dark as night. His skin was deathly pale and he was wearing dark clothes that looked like rotting animal skins.
“Hades…” I muttered in fear.
“On his way home from the war, he managed to sneak into my realm while I was busy dealing with all of the dead from the end of the war. While I was distracted, he stole my helmet of invisibility. Using the box that my brother so foolishly created and forgot about, he changed its nature as well. Now the helmet’s power can affect those that aren’t even wearing it, and not even we can see them from our realms. But at the cost of this change, gods and regular humans when face-to-face can see those that are under its affects.
Agamemnon knew we would be watching him after the war so he had the nerve to personally steal from me!” He spat. I turned back to Zeus.
“You will be facing the entire city of Mycenae on your own, but you will not be unarmed.” He hummed.
On cue, Poseidon slammed his trident down on the floor. Ten feet away from where I was standing, the marble tiles opened and three pedestals rose up, each topped with an artifact. On the first was a golden single-edged sword with a weighted end for hacking that was tempered off to a sharp tip for stabbing, on the second was round shield with a surface of goatskin and edges lined with golden tassels, and on the third was a cape of lion skin.
“The blade is the Sword of Peleus; it grants the user unstoppable strength throughout his body and the weapon itself never breaks and never dulls. The shield is the Aegis; it is layered with hide of a goat from my foster-mother and I used it in my battle against the titans. Like the sword, it will never break or sustain damage. The cape is the Nemean Lion Hide, and it will increase your durability to the point where getting slammed in the chest with a war hammer wouldn’t even crack a rib and a sword slash across the back would barely draw a bead of blood. With these three weapons, you will be able to fend off the armies of Mycenae when you storm the city, and you will be able to fight on even ground against Agamemnon with Pandora’s Box.” Zeus explained.
“What should I do with the artifacts in Agamemnon’s possession after I defeat him?” I asked with my body shaking with excitement.
“Use this.” Hades said as he threw an object from a pocket of his cloak. I caught it an examined it closely. It was a thick metal spike, covered in incantations and topped with a small skull.
“Plant this in the ground and it will open up a portal to my realm. The Apple of Discord, Pandora’s Box, and my Helm of Invisibility will be pulled in, along with that retched thief. The helm will be back in my possession, the artifacts will be dropped in the river Styx and lost forever, and Agamemnon will burn for eternity in my realm. Just make sure you use it when the box isn’t open and he isn’t holding it, or he might able to stop it.” He cursed.
“So Felix, will you slay Agamemnon for us?” Zeus asked. In reply, I ripped off my blood-soaked shirt and put on the lion skin cape.
“If it meant rescuing Serenity, I would slay everyone in the world.” I snarled.

Serenity dangled naked in the Mycenaean throne room, hanging from a chandelier by her wrists. Sitting on the floor below her was a goblet, half-full of her tears. She was wrapped in a glowing aura that was protecting her from the toxicity of the world outside her forest, but that wasn’t all it was protecting her from.
Agamemnon was sitting in his thrown, with his hand over the jet-black jar of Pandora. The vessel was wrapped in a dark fog and seemed to emit the sound of deep chanting. Under normal circumstances, prolonged exposure to the box would result in death, but Agamemnon had kept the vessel around him for so long that his body had almost adapted to its evil. However, anyone that looked at him would know he was experiencing heavy negative affects.
His skin was deathly pale, in contrast to the black swollen veins that bulged just below the surface. His hair was little more than scraggly white wire, while his eyes had an icy blue shade, but were so sunken in his skull that it gave him a demonic gaze. He hadn’t slept in over a year and his blood was dark and thick with sickly evil, but his strength was far beyond human limitations and his endurance was in whole other leagues. He was no longer living, but neither was he dead. He was a dark abomination. Up above his throne were the Apple of Discord and Helmet of Hades, both twisted by the power of Pandora’s Box and protecting Agamemnon from the sight and wrath of the gods.
As he stared at Serenity’s naked body, he couldn’t help but lick his lips. She was the most beautiful and voluptuous nymph he had ever seen and he desperately wished to ravage her. For as long as he had been hunting nymphs, he and his men loved to rape them as well. While the violation of their purity almost always killed them like poison and prolonged the search for a way to open Pandora’s Box, they all agreed it was worth it.
But Serenity was different; she was much more powerful. The aura that was wrapped around her was known as the Nymph’s Shade and it protected her from the outside world. Nymphs could never leave the place they were born, but if they did or were taken away, they would prolong death until their return with the Nymph’s Shade. But Serenity’s Shade had taken a whole other purpose; it was protecting her from touch.
The second Serenity had been captured, the Mycenaean soldiers had tried to violate her, but were frustrated with the discovery that they could not touch her skin. The energy of her Nymph’s Shade had condensed and hardened into a solid membrane that was as hard as glass and strong enough so that it could not be broken. Her skin could not be touched in any way, meaning that she could not be violated or entered and semen and saliva would just burn off like water on hot metal before it could even make contact.
The throne room was almost pitch-black, for all windows were covered and only a few torches and lanterns were burning. The room reeked of blood and rotting flesh and the floor was covered in bones and half-eaten bodies. Not long after Agamemnon came back from the war, he stopped eating fruits vegetables all together. A year later, he was a ferocious cannibal that would rape and kill his prey before eating them. His personal assistants had to search the city of Mycenae for orphans and homeless people to throw to him.
One of his personal assistants walked through the dark room, kicking aside the bones and pieces of human flesh in his way. He was a very sadistic man, also taking pleasure in torture and rape, especially when it came to nymphs. Like his king, he couldn’t help but lick his lips and stare at Serenity’s beautiful naked body.
“It won’t be long now, she’ll only be able to keep her Nymph’s Shade going for another few hours.” He hummed.
“Yes, once that membrane finally breaks, I’ll be able to sacrifice her to Pandora’s Box. Of all the nymphs in the world, she is the one that will be able to open it.” Agamemnon chuckled.
“It’s strange that she refuses to lower her Shade. Doesn’t she know that the stronger she makes it, the less time she has to live? She would rather die early than let us sample her body…” His assistant replied.
“I think that is what she wants. She wants to die early and die untainted. The soldiers told me that they encountered a man with her in the forest and that she was crying when they killed him. She obviously loved him, and wants to join him in the afterlife without having been violated. It’s so pitifully sweet.” Agamemnon growled.
The doors at the end of the throne room opened and a soldier stepped in, instantly averting his gaze so that he wouldn’t have to look at his demonic king or the half-eaten bodies that littered the floor.
“My king, there are reports of a man being lowered from the sky in a golden chariot at the outskirts of the city.” He stated nervously.
“Ha! It looks like the gods have finally found a messenger boy to thwart me. I will not let one man ruin my plans; send every soldier in the city to kill him! I want you to bring me his severed head so that I can force this nymph-whore to look into the eyes of the man who died for her!” Agamemnon laughed sadistically.

I stepped off of Helios’ chariot at the outskirts of Mycenae. In the distance, I could see Agamemnon’s palace, sitting beneath twisting black clouds. The entire city was like an overturned anthill as the citizens locked themselves in their homes and soldiers were brought into formation to apprehend me. On my left arm was the Aegis Shield, in my right hand was the Peleus Sword, and hanging from my neck was the Nemean Lion Skin.
“This is as close as I can bring you, the power of the Apple of Discord won’t let me enter the city.” Helios said as I cricked my neck.
“Thank you.” I said simply.
“Do not thank me, just please save my daughter.” He nodded before taking off. I nodded in return and turned back to the city.
“AGAMEMNON!” I roared at the top of my lungs.
I then bolted forward, sprinting into the city as fast as I could. With the Sword of Peleus increasing my strength and stamina, I was able to run twice as fast as before. As I ran down the streets of Mycenae, I could hear the shouts of soldiers as they all swarmed towards my position.
Up ahead, a line of soldiers blocked off the street and turned to face me with their bows raised. In perfect synchronicity, they all launched their arrows, sending the barrage of bolts flying down the muddy street towards me. I didn’t slow down or raise my shield as the arrows whistled through the air and bounced off my skin. With the Nemean Lion Skin increasing my endurance to superhuman levels, the arrows were less harmful than bee stings.
With a challenging roar, I raised my sword above my hand and then slammed it down onto the ground. From the force of the impact, a devastating shockwave erupted from the point of contact, surging outwards in all directions. Carts along the sides of the street were ripped to pieces, buildings shattered into storms of splinters and shrapnel, and the soldiers were all knocked off their feet with bone-breaking force.
Without missing a beat, I jumped over them and continued onward, facing my next challenge. Fifty feet away, several dozen soldiers had filled the street and were charging towards me with their shields raised and their spears drawn. I ducked down behind my shield and increased my speed, slamming into the mob headfirst. Their spears instantly shattered against the power of the Aegis shield, and any that weren’t destroyed were deflected or missed me completely.
The soldiers were thrown back by my enhanced strength, and with that opportunity, I began hacking and slashing with my sword. With a monstrous snarl, I carved down all the soldiers in my path, cutting through and piercing their armor as of they were all garbed in parchment. Blood filled the air with every slash and every stab, as I would send the Peleus Sword driving through their hearts and lungs or slash them from shoulder to hip and tear open their ribcages with ease.
As I moved deeper and deeper into the horde, the soldiers began to attack me from all sides, trying to attack from some exposed angle. While my magic-rnhanced skin protected me from harm, few could even make it past my sword and shield as I fought with every last drop and shred of experience from the Trojan War.
Five years of fighting were all flashing through my mind, with memories of all I had killed mixing with the image of those currently dying before me. In my mind, I was invincible, and no one could challenge me. In the past, I was practically a legend in the city of Troy, and now that legend had returned to wreck havoc upon the enemy of my old home.
As the battle progressed, more and more soldiers were being drawn from throughout the city. In a matter of minutes, the entire Mycenaean army was grouped around me, with every soldier reaching out in the hopes of delivering the lethal strike that would turn them into heroes. But no matter how many stepped up, they could not overcome the power of the Olympian weapons.
Every slash or stab they delivered barely managed to break the skin, every attack that I blocked cause my enemy’s weapon to shatter when it touched the Aegis Shield, and every strike I dished out with the Sword of Peleus carried with it the strength to rip entire soldiers in half.
I moved through the city at the same speed as a runner carrying a message, hacking away at every soldier in my path without a moment’s hesitation or drain of time. To kill multiple soldiers at once, I would slash the air with all my strength and send a crescent blade of compressed wind that had the power to rip over dozens of soldiers at a time, or stab the ground with the tip and create a seismic shockwave that would level the entire area.
In just a couple hours, I had slain several thousand soldiers, and the rest were fleeing the city in fear for their lives. I staggered up the front steps of the Mycenaean palace, gasping for air and completely exhausted. After all the men I had just killed, I barely had the strength to walk, and even with the Nemean Lion Skin increasing my endurance, I was covered in blood from all of the slashes I had sustained in battle. They were shallow, but every inch of exposed skin burned. I fell to my knees, trying to catch the breath that would not return.
‘So tired… I can’t move…’ I thought to myself.
Collapsed to the ground without a single spark of energy within me. But when I hit the ground, I landed awkwardly with my sword beneath me. The tip of the magic blade had poked my side and blood was slowly streaming out. The pain of the knick brought up memories of when I first met Serenity, and how she healed my wounds with her tears. The image of her beautiful face and the sound of her sweet voice echoed through my mind, reigniting the flames within my heart.
“No, I refuse to let Serenity die. I refuse to let the one I love lose her life because I am too weak. I refuse to stand by while all that I care about is taken away from me.” I cursed as I pushed myself back up onto my knees. I slowly got back on my feet, ignoring the aching tiredness in my body.
“SERENITY!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.
My voice echoed through the halls of the Mycenaean palace, carrying the single word all the way to the throne room. Hanging from the ceiling with her Nymph’s Shade dwindling, Serenity’s tears ceased their steady fall. Her eyes widened as she heard her name and recognized my voice. She thought she had seen me die, but there was no way she would mistake my voice.
“FELIX!” She cried out with new hope in her heart.
As her voice reached me, all of the aching tiredness that weighed me down fell away like water. My limbs stopped shaking, my wounds stopped bleeding, and my breathing became calm once again. By hearing her voice, my body was fully rejuvenated and my resolve was rekindled. With this newfound burst of strength, I ran into the Mycenaean castle, desperate to find the woman I loved.
Guided by my heart and my instincts, I found my way to the huge twin doors of the throne room. With my sword ready, I kicked the massive doors off their hinges, letting light flood into the dingy chamber. I gasped as my eyes fell on Serenity’s naked body, reflecting the light off her glistening turquoise skin.
“Serenity…” I gasped as I ran over to help her.
“Felix, look out!” She screamed without even being able to look at me.
Before I could react, something tackled me from the side, throwing me through the air and sending me crashing into the wall with enough force to send cracks through the marble. Without the Nemean Lion Skin, such an impact would have shattered every bone in my body and instantly killing me. At worst, I just suffered a painful crack to the head and some bruises all over. As I got to my feet, a dark laugh echoed throughout the room.
I looked around, trying to spot my enemy, but the room was too dark to see anything. I looked up at the top of the far wall and could see the faint lines of light from the sun outside. With all of my strength, I slashed the air and sent a blade of wind whipping across the room and cutting through the curtains blocking the windows. Sunlight flooded the chamber and I nearly vomited at the sight of the human skeletons and half-eaten bodies that littered the floor.
“So, the champion finally arrives.” I maniacal voice cackled.
I turned to the corner and spotted Agamemnon, standing with Pandora’s Box in his hand. His dark clothes seemed to be made of a shadowy fog that shifted and swirled while maintaining their form. He looked more demonic than human and the miasma being given off by Pandora’s Box was making me sick to my stomach. Not even Hades gave off an aura as foreboding this man’s.
“So you’re the bastard that started the war. It was your men that destroyed my city, butchered my family, and kidnapped Serenity!” I snarled. The dark king just laughed.
“Then I am to assume that you really are Felix of Troy. During the war, I had a bounty put out on your head, and even after the night of the horse, that bounty was never collected. I thought that you had fled the city or were just killed in a fire, Once I heard the reports of you slaughtering all of my soldiers, I knew that of the handful of people in the world with such skill, it was you. How fitting is this; the last Trojan vs. the king of Mycenae, fighting over a nymph and the future of this world!” He cackled. I pointed my sword at him.
“Enough! You are no longer fit to walk among the living! You have ruined the lives of countless innocent people and blasphemed the gods! I will kill you once and for all!” I roared.
“Go ahead and try!” Agamemnon laughed as he held up Pandora’s Box.
A low hum filled the air and a jet of compressed black smoke shot from the box towards me. I ducked to the side and the blast sprayed the wall and floor, burning through the stone and leaving a toxic black sludge behind.
“It seems that the gods didn’t know how powerful the box has made me! Even with your weapons, you are no match for its dark energy!” The king laughed as he fired another blast.
I crouched down and blocked with the Aegis Shield, sending the shadow blast spraying off like a waterfall on rock. Even through the mighty Aegis, I could feel the darkness and malevolence of the vessel seeping into my flesh. Without warning, Agamemnon completely disappeared and reappeared behind me. He delivered an inhumanly powerful kick, throwing me across the air and sending me crashing straight through one of the pillars holding up the ceiling.
Coughing up blood, I quickly got to my feet and ran to dodge another shadow blast from Agamemnon. The malicious beam tore through anything it touched, and I knew that even I would die if it struck me. As I ran, I picked up a piece of rubble and threw it with all my strength at the demonic king. The block of marble was reduced to dust before it could even reach him.
“Do you really think you can kill me? With Pandora’s Box in my arsenal, I have become a god! You have no chance of defeating me!” He thundered.
“The titans said the same thing, and you shall end up like them!” I replied, changing my course of action and sprinting towards him.
Agamemnon shifted the aim of his shadow blast and sent it straight towards me, but I blocked with my shield as I ran. Just before I could reach him, Agamemnon again disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. I quickly reverse my grip on my sword and thrust back, knowing where he was going to materialize. The guess was correct, and the demon king appeared behind me, just before my sword was driven through his heart.
The blade pierced his chest and pierced his heart, but he showed no reaction to it at all. He didn’t gasp, stagger black, or even bleed.
“Like I said, you have no chance of defeating me.” He stated dryly before pulling the Peleus sword out of his chest and stabbing me through the gut with it. I immediately vomited a mouthful of blood and Serenity released a teary scream. Agamemnon then punched me in the jaw and threw me back. I hit the ground below Serenity with blood pouring from the stab wound in my stomach.
“Pathetic.” Agamemnon scoffed as he threw the Peleus Sword aside.
“Felix, the chalice beside you is filled with my tears. Use it, quick!” Serenity begged. With shaky hands, I picked up the chalice and poured the glowing fluid on my wound, instantly healing it. I slowly got to feet and spat out that last glob of blood, glaring at Agamemnon.
“Why do you bother getting on your feet? There is no way you can win.” Agamemnon taunted.
“No, but I can die. And if I am going to die, then I am going to die for Serenity!” I snarled.
“No Felix, you don’t have to die for me.” Serenity whispered as her Nymph’s Shade broke like a vase. She was choosing the sacrifice herself. The second her Shade broke, Pandora’s Box began to rumble.
“Ha! The vessel is finally reacting and ready for a sacrifice! Once your soul is taken, the box will open and I will become the king of the gods!” Agamemnon laughed before breaking the chain holding her up with a snap of his fingers. Before I could catch her, Agamemnon appeared behind me and knocked me across the room with a powerful kick.
He then grabbed Serenity by the throat, holding her in front of the box. Serenity began to glow with a pale aura as her soul was slowly being pulled out of her body by Pandora’s Box, which was glowing brightly as the lid began to slowly rise.
“I won’t let you take her from me!” I roared as I got to my feet and ran over. In desperation, I got between Agamemnon and Serenity, taking her place halfway through the sacrifice. I howled in pain as Pandora’s Box stopped feeding on Serenity’s soul and began feeding on mine.
“The soul of the most powerful nymph, or half of her soul and half of her lover’s, no matter what the sacrifice is, Pandora’s Box wants to be opened!” Agamemnon laughed.
Up in the sky, jet-black storm clouds blocked out the sun and began to spin above Mycenae and every plant around the city turned grey with death. Finally, the lid flung open and we were all tossed in opposite directions. I was thrown against one wall with Serenity in my arms and Agamemnon was thrown against the over. Pandora’s box hovered in the air with black and crimson flames streaming of the small vessel with a pressurized scream. The storm above Mycenae spread out, encompassing the entire planet in only a few seconds. Up on Mt. Olympus, all the gods had combined their powers to try and stop the evil tempest, but the power of the box could not be denied.
“The power of darkness is now in my control! Come to me vessel, come to your master!” Agamemnon boomed, holding out his clawed hands.
Regardless of the command, the box stayed in position, continuing to let evil stream out. Agamemnon’s smile instantly disappeared as he realized that the box was no longer following his orders. Unless he got to it and reasserted his control before the lid became permanently lifted, he would become a victim to its power as well.
“Felix, I’m so sorry. I just didn’t want you to die for me again. I wasn’t thinking straight and I thought that everything would be ok if I just gave Agamemnon what he wanted.” Serenity cried. I just held her in my arms, savoring her warm touch.
“No, it’s ok. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to protect you.” I murmured.
“At least now we can die together.” Serenity whispered with her face buried in the side of my neck.
“No, I am not going to let us die. We still have a life to live together. We have to get back to the orchard; there are still so many beautiful days to enjoy, so many sweet fruits to savor, and so many times we still need to make love.” I replied.
“No Felix, I am not long for this world. My Nymph’s Shade has been broken, and even now, I can feel what is left of my soul being extinguished.” She said with her voice getting softer and softer.
“Then I will stop Agamemnon here and now, and carry you back to our home, even if I have to run faster than the greatest horse. I am not going to let you die; I refuse to let that happen. You told me once that it was not time for me to leave this world and that I still had a life to live. You told me to not despair when my life is far from forfeited. Now I’m saying it to you; hold on so that we can live together. Just wait, and we will be home before you know it.” I said before kissing her on the forehead. She closed her eyes and became silent as I slowly laid her down on the floor.
With my whole body shaking, I slowly got to my feet and began staggering forward. Agamemnon cursed when he saw me and got to his feet. Without Pandora’s Box in his hand, he had none of his powers. Fighting against the waves of evil energy surging from the dark vessel, we both moved across the room towards the box, trying to maintain our balance against the pushing waves of darkness. With each step, I could feel my organs shutting down and my blood becoming more and more toxic, while Agamemnon’s flesh was rotting at an accelerated rate and pealing off his body.
We both reached out, trying to grasp the box, but our hands could not penetrate the event horizon around it. From my vantage point, I could see into the inner depths of the box. The inside of the vessel was far larger than it seemed on the outside, with the interior walls resembling a cylindrical whirlpool of red and black flames. But in the bottom of the box, I see could see a bright golden light.
“You cannot stop me or the power of Pandora’s Box! A simple human like you could never be strong enough to thwart me!” Agamemnon roared with all air of confidence gone.
“You are a power-hungry fool Agamemnon! For years, you’ve sacrificed countless innocent people for your own selfish desires! But it ends now!” I countered.
Then with all of the strength in my battered body, I broke through the event horizon and reached into Pandora’s Box, grabbing the bright light in the bottom. I pulled my hand out, with the golden aura shining from between my fingers.
“Now, Pandora’s Box! In the name of Troy, the gods, and my resolve to protect the woman I love, I order you to seal!” I called out as I slammed my fist down on the lid, forcing the box shut.
A great thunderclap echoed throughout the world as the evil energy pouring out of Pandora’s Box was cut off mid-stream, and all of the dark influence that had entered the world of the living was drawn back into the shadowy depths. Again, Agamemnon and I were thrown in opposite directions, crashing against the far walls.
We slowly got to our feet, struggling to maintain our balance and gasping for air.
“You haven’t beaten me. While the box has been shut, its powers weren’t locked away. Once it is in my grip again, I will be as powerful as before, and you will be doomed.” He spat. I took a deep breath before responding.
“Well you won’t get it again. I’ve been waiting for you to let go of the box, because now I can finally use my final gift from the gods.” I said coldly as I pulled out the metal spike that Hades had given me.
“What is that?” Agamemnon stammered.
“Your doom!” I shouted before I threw it, sending it flying through the air and lodging it in the wall above Agamemnon’s head.
The second the spike became locked in place, it instantly exploded and transformed into a wide disk of dark energy, similar to the power streaming from Pandora’s Box. The disk was fifty feet across and a chorus of screams echoed from within its depths. Two black pillars materialized beside the disk, covered in incantations, and large black skull appeared over it. Agamemnon jumped back out of fear, falling to the ground and scrambling away.
He reached out to grab Pandora’s box, but before he could touch it, three long chains burst out of the portal. The first chain grabbed Pandora’s Box, the second grabbed the Apple of Discord, and the third grabbed Hades’ Helm of Invisibility. The three artifacts were quickly yanked into the portal and disappeared.
“What is this?!” Agamemnon shouted over the screams echoing from the portal.
“It is the Underworld and your fate. For deceiving the gods and threatening the world, you shall be forced to suffer for all eternity in the darkest depths!” I roared. At the sound of my voice, a huge skeletal hand reached out of the portal and grabbed Agamemnon, who was screaming in terror.
“This is your punishment for all of your crimes! This is where you shall pay for every life lost in the name of your schemes! Now suffer for all eternity and repent your sins in the pits of the underworld!” I bellowed.
Agamemnon gave one last scream before the huge skeletal hand pulled him into the spinning clouds of darkness. With Agamemnon and the three artifacts taken care of, the portal slammed shut and disappeared. I gave a deep sigh of relief and fell to my knees. It was all over.
I slowly moved over to Serenity and lifted her head. Her turquoise skin had turned sickly pale, her life force was incredibly weak, and she would be dead in less than a minute, but there wasn’t a single twinge of fear in my heart. I held up my fist, with the light from Pandora’s Box clutched tightly in my fingers.
“According to legend, when the box was first opened, all of the evils of the world streamed out. By the time Pandora closed the box, all of the darkness had been already set loose into the world, and by closing it, all she did was seal the last thing inside; Hope. Evil may have refilled that box, but there was still Hope inside.
Now I give it to you, the hope that we can live together in our forest home and be happy forever.” I said as I opened my hand and pressed the Light of Hope against her chest, reviving her with its power. Instantly her skin went from sickly grey to its natural and lively turquoise and she gave a shuddering gasp. I had a warm smile on my face as she opened her beautiful eyes.
“Felix.” She gasped.
“It’s ok Serenity, we can go home now.” I said softly. With tears of joy, the nymph wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly while crying on my shoulder.
“We can finally go home.” I whispered, savoring the feeling of her warm body against mine.

“The box and the apple are lost in the river Styx. I made sure that no one knows where they are, not even me. They shall be lost until the end of time.” Hades said, standing in the corner of the council chamber of Mt. Olympus.
“And what of your helm?” Athena asked.
“That bastard Agamemnon really messed it up, but I should have it back to its original form soon.” He mumbled.
“And has Agamemnon been taken care of?” Poseidon asked.
“Let’s just say that Cerberus is going to enjoy his new chew toy for all of eternity.” Hades said with a maniacal grin.
“And how are Felix and Serenity?” Zeus asked. Hades turned to Helios, who had a warm smile on his face.
“They are safe and happy.” The sun god hummed.

Down in our secret orchard, Serenity and I were curled up in the bed of our tree chamber. The blanket was over us and we had our foreheads pressed together. We were whispering how much we loved each other, and how we always would.

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