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A young girl finds herself violently raped and abused.
Its my first attempt at a story so be constructive....


Cathan had to admit, she was beautiful. He had first noticed her a few weeks before and then, like now, he was struck by her flawless figure. Now here she was no more than 6 feet away from him. He sipped his coffee and adjusted his chair to get a better view of her.

His eyes sought her feet and he noticed that her brown sandals were lying discarded next to where she was standing on tiptoe. Her bare feet were tanned a warm brown like the rest of her legs. They stretched upwards to support her body, their delicate form a stark contrast with the hard floor beneath them.

His gaze swept up her bare legs. They were blemish free and toned, untouched by the ravages of time and not yet a victim to the flabbiness of excessive living. He liked the way they seemed to glow in the light of the room and he felt himself wondering what it would be like to stroke them.

Tearing his glance away from their coltish appeal he craned his eyes to try and see up under the hem of her understated floral summer dress. Damn - the dress was just a fraction too long. Swallowing his disappointment with another sip of his coffee he let his eyes move upwards, taking in her lithe torso.

Her dress was fitted and buttoned up the front. As she was reaching upwards it strained up under her small breasts and framed them perfectly for him. Feeling his arousal moving around in his trousers he longed to be able to unwrap and devour them, to explore their taut beauty and find out the shape and texture of her nipples. However, they remained wrapped in their cotton case, invisible to his probing eyes.

The fact that she was reaching upwards had made her back arch and he noticed the graceful curve as the small of her back met her pert ass. He imagined what it would be like to run his hand over her soft golden curves and pull off her panties (or was she wearing a thong?). He closed his eyes for a moment and savoured the thought.

She moved and the soft sound of her dress rustling made him open his eyes and smile. His eyes continued their journey up her body, taking in the soft brown hair cascading down her shoulders. Her eyes were hidden to him but he knew that she would look his way soon and that he could drink in their beauty. He nose was small and her lips... he groaned inwardly thinking where he would like to feel those lips, what he would have them do.

Her arms were stretched above her head as if reaching up for something unseen…… In fact they were manacled and chained, the chain reaching through an eye bolt and down to a spindle near Cathan’s seat. She moaned as she started to come around, the effect of the chloroform wearing off.

He finished his coffee as she began to realise her situation, her arms chained above her head, blindfolded and barefoot in a strange place. He smiled as she tested the chains, rattling them in an effort to break free. He watched her gather in her breath, and he throbbed with excitement as she let out a piercing scream for help.

He stood up and walked around her, admiring her form and fighting the desire to rip her dress off and fuck her there and then. He wanted more than that. He wanted to break her, to hurt her and to fuck her hard in every orifice. She was his to soil now and he was going to have fun.

He waited until her scream had faded with the breath in her lungs and put his mouth close to her ear.

“Scream all you want Claire, no-one can hear you”

He found her name on her driving licence. Claire Mack, aged 18. She was a student at the local college, at least she had been until Cathan had decided to take her.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Her voice was shaky with fear.

“Who I am is not important right now. What I want, however, is a very good question. I want you.”

She flinched and went pale at his answer. Cathan imagined that she had closed her eyes, but the blindfold hid them from view. He would take it off soon enough.

“What do you mean?” she asked him naively.

“I have watched you from afar and now it is time to take you and break you. I am going to rape you Claire. I am going to hurt you and cause you to scream in pain. I might even kill you, I haven’t decided yet” Cathan whispered in her ear, quietly so she had to strain to listen to him. As his words sank in she started to panic and scream.

“HELP MEEEEEE………RAPE……H E L P… ooooooofh” her scream was cut off abruptly as Cathan punched her in the stomach, forcing the air out of her lungs. She struggled for air, taking great racking breaths.

Cathan smiled. “Like I said, screaming won’t help you Claire. This room is soundproof and anyway, you need to save your strength for when I decide to cause you pain – I will want to drink in your agony then, to bathe in the sounds and smells of your pain and fear”.

“Please, whoever you are, don’t hurt me. I can get you money – just let me go and I won’t tell anyone. Please.” Claire sounded desperate, her voice cracking with the strain.

Cathan said nothing. He slowly padded around her, careful not to make any noise, and bent down. He grabbed an ankle and stood up, putting Claire totally off balance and preventing her from kicking him. He snapped a manacle on the ankle and chained it to a bolt in the floor. He did the same with the other foot, spreading her legs about 3 feet apart. The strain on her shoulders as she was pulled downwards caused Claire to cry out in pain. Cathan smiled a cruel smile and turned the spindle a notch, tightening the chain a little more, causing more discomfort.

“Aaaarghhh…Please, talk to me, let me go. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

“Won’t tell anyone what Claire? You don’t know who I am or where you are. You don’t even know what country you are in. You are mine to do with as I please and I want to hurt you.” With that Cathan ran his hands over her lithe body, feeling her warmth under the flimsy dress she wore.

She sobbed under her blindfold as Cathan’s words sunk in. Her body instinctively tried to pull away from his touch but it had nowhere to go. She shuddered as his hands cupped her small breasts, fingers searching for the nipples beneath the soft fabric and sobbed gently as his wandering hands roamed freely over her taut stomach and down her long legs.

“You have a lovely body Claire. I am going to enjoy making it mine.” Cathan could see her shiver as he spoke, could feel her fear. He felt his manhood swell and throb, aching to get out of its cotton prison, as he continued to caress her bare legs.

Cathan stepped back and admired Claire’s clothed form one last time. He toyed with the idea of taking some photos of her but knew that the video cameras he had trained on her would do the job for him. Walking over to the table he quietly undressed, folding his clothes neatly on the chair. Picking up a pair of scissors he walked quietly over to his captive and whispered into her ear once more.

“Time to see what you are hiding under those clothes”

Cathan cut the dress from her body and let it fall to the floor. Stepping back to admire the view he felt a surge through his aching cock as his eyes took in the view. Her skin was flawless, lightly tanned and toned. She was wearing a white thong and matching bra which was there more to augment her small breasts than enclose them.

He cut the bra and thong away, leaving her totally naked. The cool air made her nipples stiffen slightly, the slightly darker brown aureole crinkling as the nipples lengthened slightly. He ran a hand over them, pulling gently on them to see how big they grew.

Claire tried to pull away, twisting her body to break the contact with his hands but all he did was squeeze. Hard.

“Aaaarghhhh…stop please, you’re hurting me..” She cried out desperately. He said nothing.

Instead, Cathan slapped her breasts and moved his gaze down to her exposed pussy. It was smooth and soft, the hair having been waxed away at some point recently. Her slit looked tight and inviting with only the barest hint of her clit discernible. He moved his hands down and slowly rubbed his fingers along the crack, gently probing, pausing only to give her clit a rub. He focused his attention on her little nub, rubbing slowly and softly, knowing the effect it would have on her eventually.

“Noooo, stop it...” Claire tried to move her hips but Cathan held her firm with his other hand. The tears trickled down her face from under her blindfold as she tried to block out the stimulus. He played until her body betrayed her, moistening her opening. Her sobbing left him in no doubt - she was not enjoying the experience. Good.

Cathan ran his fingers over her wet slit and smelled them, inhaling her musky scent. Heaven. He watched her trying to ease the discomfort on her shoulders and decided to help her take her mind off the strain. He walked over to his table and selected a leather strap. Turning to look at her he took a step forward and swung.

Thwack. The belt made a satisfying intense slapping sound as it hit the soft tissue of her tiny breast. As if in slow motion Cathan could see the belt hit and sink in, the remaining tissue expanding out from its sides like a balloon.

Claire screamed. Long and loud. The pain was intense. Cathan waited until she was drawing breath to release another shriek and then he hit her again on the same tit. Harder. And again….and again.

He stopped and stood back, admiring his handiwork. He left tit was striped a deep red, her once erect nipple looked purple and swollen. He right tit was still flawless. He would soon see to that. He bathed in her sobbing and crying, drinking in the sounds of her pain.

He reached out and pulled off her blindfold. Claire blinked back the tears as her eyes adjusted to the light. She moved her head, trying to take in her surroundings. Cathan walked up to her and licked the salt water from her face. Using one hand he grabbed her by the hair whilst the other prised her jaw open and kissed her deeply, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. Claire tried to resist but was not strong enough.

He stepped back, admiring her. “Why me?” she asked weakly through sobs. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I can.” Cathan turned round and took something from the table. When he faced her again he could see the fear in her eyes which grew as wide as saucers when he held up the bamboo nipple clamp.

She tried to wriggle frantically but it was no use. Cathan punched her in the stomach again, knocking the wind and the fight right out of her. He sucked gently on her abused left nipple and watched it grow stiff and proud. Almost reverently he placed the clamp over it and let it snap closed. Claire’s scream was almost inhuman.

He watched her writhe in agony as he picked up the leather strap again. He lashed her right tit, giving it the same treatment - 4 hard and heavy strokes, each one in the same place. When he finished he applied the other clamp.

Cathan walked behind her and took off his shorts. His aching cock sprung free, precum dripping off the end. He looked at Claire’s pert ass wriggling as she tried to ease the pain in her tits. Taking a riding crop from the table he focused his attention on her ass and thighs, hitting her with enough force to cause her to feel it but not enough to cause pain yet.

He decided that he couldn’t wait any more. He put the crop down and stood right behind her, prising her ass cheeks apart. Her little ass gave ups its charms - the crinkled brown hole looked so inviting that Cathan pushed the head of his cock against it and before Claire could register what he was doing he pushed his cock-head against her sphincter, forcing it in.

He could hear her screams again as he forced his thick shaft into her hole. Man she was tight and she was fighting him. He reached round with both hands and grabbed her nipples, forcing the clamps to bite down harder. As she screamed her ass relaxed and he bottomed out deep in her bowels.

Cathan grabbed her waist and started to pump in and out. He picked up speed and was soon pounding her ass for all he was worth. He felt it tear a little and the blood lubricated things a little. He was in heaven. As lust took over him he grabbed Claire’s hair with one hand, pulling her head back. He used the other to slap her tits and ass, punching her in the back and head.

His balls tightened as he felt himself get ready to cum. With a savage thrust he buried himself to the hilt in her ass and came, pumping shot after shot of scalding sperm into her abused body. He wondered why she had not made a sound and noticed she had passed out and was now hanging limply against the chains.

Cathan pulled out of her and smiled. He released he legs and let her hang. There was plenty of time to enjoy more of her before deciding whether or not to keep her. He decided to have a bath and a drink, turning out the light as he closed the door behind him.

Claire hung in the darkness, the pain in her body dragging her back to consciousness.

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2012-01-06 07:47:17
Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, tahkns!

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2011-11-06 16:10:02
Well written althoug you could consider varying the pacing of the sentence and paragraphs.

I would like to know more about his motivations and moe about her history. There are rich veins to be mined her if you dare.

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Yes please write more about the abuse of this little whore

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