final part to this two part series enjoy :)
The moonlight reflected off the smooth skin of her lower back as she crawled up the length of his body. The coolness of the night air, combined with his hot touch, caused her nipples to pucker in excitement and anticipation. She groaned in delight as his lips kissed her right nipple lightly. It would be the first of many pleasures that night. As she started to slide her tight pussy onto Brad’s rock-hard cock, Lisa braced herself. She had waited so long for this moment...

It was hard to believe that just a year ago, Lisa and Brad began talking as online acquaintances. It quickly became apparent that the two would become more. Many nights and phone calls had passed since the first hello. Many nights when passion was exchanged from hundreds of miles away. Now that passion was becoming physical. Lisa was giving up her body and soul to a man for the first time.

Lisa’s body tensed as the tip of Brad’s cock pushed through her swollen, wet lips. She gasped his name as he helped guide her onto his cock. The tightness she felt was a painful pleasure beyond anything she had ever imagined. Lisa closed her eyes and threw her head back, breasts glistening in the moonlight, as she felt Brad’s rock-hard cock sliding inch by inch inside her.

Brad thought he would cum the instant his cock touched Lisa’s wet lips. He wanted to thrust his hips deep and hard inside her but knew that she wasn’t ready for that...yet. His hands on her hips helped hold her steady as she sank lower and lower onto his cock at an agonizingly slow pace. Brad felt the resistance as his cock slid inside Lisa. He soothed her as he felt her body tense when the barrier broke. After what seemed an eternity to Brad, Lisa was settled on his body, his cock buried firmly and deeply within her very being.

Lisa sat still on his cock, adjusting to the feel of a man inside her. She closed her eyes and thought back to all those nights, talking with Brad, that she had dreamed of this moment. She wanted it to be everything she had imagined, and marveled that although she’d not finished anything she’d wanted to yet, it had already exceeded her expectations.

Tentatively, Lisa began to rock back and forth slightly on Brad’s cock. He groaned in ecstasy, as her tight pussy rubbed his body. She moved slowly at first, back and forth, then circles. His cock stayed impaled deep within her, growing impossibly harder with each of her movements. Brad became lost in Lisa's eyes as she looked at him intently, sharing each movement of her body with him through the hot looks that passed between them.

Brad’s hands moved up her ribs, higher still until his thumbs brushed lightly over her nipples. Lisa moaned loudly in the cool night air and threw her head back, causing her waist-length hair to tickle Brad’s thighs. Her body began rocking harder and harder against Brad’s lap. Lisa was ready to feel Brad moving faster inside her....needed to feel it. She was ready to let go of everything inside her and give it away to him.

Unable to control her movements any longer, Lisa placed her hands on Brad’s chest and began pumping her hips up and down on Brad’s massive cock. Their bodies thrust together in rhythm, moving as one. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper the two lovers’ bodies met. Their bodies moved as one and their moans of pleasure filled the night air only to drift away with the balmy breeze.

Lisa’s fingers dug into Brad’s chest as she drew nearer and nearer to her ultimate release. Her pussy gripped Brad’s cock as he pumped into her over and over...pounding her harder and harder....losing all control.

Brad thrust into Lisa hard, holding her still on his cock as her body lost all control. Her pussy clenched and unclenched around his cock as she moaned and gasped his name over and over again. Her juices flowed from her body and drenched Brad's cock, allowing him to slide deeper inside her at a heart-stopping rate. Three more hard thrusts found Brad cumming deep inside Lisa, their juices mixing as the two lost themselves in each other.

In the moments afterwards, as the two tried to catch their breath, Brad rolled Lisa over onto her side, still buried within her. The two kissed each other deeply, sharing a closeness that can only be experienced the first time lovers meet.

Sighing in contentment, Brad watched Lisa drift off into sleep. She barely heard his words before wafting into the dreamworld that could never compare with what she just experienced....

“Get some rest, Sexy...the night has just begun”...
i have started to write the second installment to The New Neighbours it will definitly be longer an maybe only sex at the begining of it after that i plan on starting a new series about a couple who have sex over chat on the internet and meet up. or one were a boys cousin is about to be raped he saves her and so on so on let me know wotch on sounds best.

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- wonderful! His hat is aadorble, too! I'm right there with you on the props I think I might need to rent a storage space if I buy another prop chair lol :)July 18, 2011 8:46 am

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