i have benn writing this before i sighned up i just want to publish it know also my next story after The New Neighbours will be one woth cousins in it
Part 1:
      It all begin a couple of years ago. I watch through a hole in the bathroom. It was just in the best position to see her as she took a shower seeing her rubbing her body. dd breast that bounced as she moved soaking her body with soap. she began rubbing her legs slowly going up as she spread her legs showing her tight pussy she slowly began penetrating it with one finger she was biting softly her lower lip. she slowly let go a moan of pleasure as her finger went inside her.i couldn"t help but to get closer touch her rub my hands all over her as I tried to watch more my dick got bigger harder than ever almost ripping out my pants. I couldn"t hold it anymore as I tried to unzip my pants my dick rushing out my heart began to beat faster my hands started to shake. oh yeah I began to slowly say as I stroke my dick faster as I almost came I got up and look for the first thing I found to shoot my cum. I saw her panties lying down the floor I reached to grab them quick to shoot my load. I could feel my cum coming through my dick. I felt the hot cum on my sister panties as I shoot my load on it I heard the bathroom door unlock holy shit I thought to my self I got to get out. I quickly shut my room door and locked it behind me. my heart pumping as fast as I ever felt it my hands shacking I should take a nap I thought as I lied on my bed. I closed my eyes but I couldn"t sleep just thinking of that body those breast thinking what I would do to them how I would start bi sucking those tits. after a minute my head began to clear my eyes began to shut my heart began to slowdown my cock started to go down that was awesome I said to my self. I heard some footsteps reaching my door but noting to bad I didn"t got to excited as I heard a loud knocking on my door my eyes open wide open I heard my sister calling me my as I suddenly remember that I drop mi sisters panties on the floor with my cum all over them holy shit I said I"m dead meat. are you there she said I pretended to be asleep. your not asleep she said what do u want I repeated. open your door I want talk to you she said.

i got up and began walking to the door as I open it she was there wearing her pink bathrobe that reached up to her knees and on her hand she had her panties full of my cum. what do you want I said whats this as she showed me her panties there your panties I said I know that but what do they have she said I do not know there yours I said as I turn my back on her I began walking to my bed. I heard the door shut on the back of me there I know what you where doing she said I saw you my eyes open my heart began pumping shes going to tell mom I thought. did u like it I heard her said. what I looked back did you enjoin it watching me fuck my self. my head began spinning I didn"t know what to say did you or did you not as she locked the door she began to walk up to me as she slowly took her rob off as it feel I watched her breast pop out her shaved pussy her naked golden body in front of me she got closer and began undressing me my cock began to get harder. lets fuck before mom gets here she said I grab her head and began kissing her I kissed her lips going down to her neck yeah she said my hands grabbing her tits squishing them my lips going down to her breast sucking them dry my hands began going down rubbing her pussy yeah that"s it rub my pussy she said her pussy juice began coming out filling out my fingers.

just fuck it she said I threw her on the bed open her legs began licking her pussy she grab my head and began shoving my head insider hear. you sure know how to suck pussy. yeah show me how you suck cock I said. she sat on the bed as I got up her eyes pop when she saw my cock fully erected. its going to be a hard one to deep throat you know as she began massaging it in her warm hands her mouth open wide open she began to suck it as she pleasured sucking herself with my cock in her mouth. its the biggest cock I have had she said. my I grab her head and pushed it in deeper go deeper I said as I felt the saliva going doing my cock she began to suck it faster my cock getting harder as I never felt it. her hand began going down to her legs two fingers went inside her pussy as her mouth was full with my cock her moaning got louder by the minute. she turned around that"s enough sucking for know she said just fuck me I grab her legs I began to spread them as far apart as possible my cock slowly began to penetrate her. as my cock began to go in her moans began to get know I always imagine how good of a fucker you where but you are the best I never had it so good I can feel your cock so hard and hot I"m almost cumin so don"t stop I want to cum all over you she said. my hands grab her hips and began pulling her deeper oh my her teeth began biting her lower lip I"m almost cumin faster faster!!!! she yell. her pussy began to get tighter I"m cumin her hands began to get tighter on the bed. she let out a loud scream as her pussy began to squirt all over my cock I"m almost cumin to I said my cock got to its hardest I felt the cum coming through my vain as I took it out I felt it explode all over her tits and mouth I let out a moan as it came out she began to rub my cum all over her body graving some with her fingers and licking them. so good and tasty I love your cum. we laid there on my bed she full of my cum all over her body my cock full of her pussy juice. look at this now I"m going to have to take a shower she said as she got up she began walking to the door when she got down grab her panties with my cum on them you can keep it so you can jack off when I"m not here she said she threw them to me she open the door and looked at me. I"m going to take a shower are you going to take a peek through the hole in the bathroom she said with a smile on her face as the door shut. I lied down naked on my bed naked ill wait a while before I go I thought.

Part 2:
       I lied on the bed naked. my cock erected after that hour of passion with my sister. i never really thought that this moment was really going to happened.
i couldn"t help but feel a bit unusual after that moment my head kept on going remembering what had happened i could steel hear her soft moan"s as my cock went in her pussy.
I could feel my cock getting erected again just thinking of her.
"i have to get up" i whispered slowly.
as i got up i sat a moment on the bed.i could smell the sweat on the air the passion the heat.

i knew i had to get a glass of water to calm my self down and think straight. as i got up i put on some boxer"s.
when i opened the door i could hear i stare at my sister"s room i could hear her inside as she seemed to be looking for something. as i walked down to the kitchen i couldn"t help but think what she was doing.
as i reached the refrigerator door i heard the bathroom door closed i could hear the water running down. as i began to drink the water i couldn"t help my self nut to feel horny again. just thinking what had happened and what she had told me before she left.
my cock began to feel erected again. my heart began beating faster my nerves got stronger i couldn"t hold it again not after what had happened.

i knew i had to see her again. as i threw the cup on the sink i rushed over to her room to watch her on the small hole in the wall.
as i opened her bedroom door i rushed to the closet threw all of her thing"s on the floor. i could hear my breath"s getting louder as i reached the small hole.
as i saw through it i saw her looking as if she had been waiting for me. she gave me a soft smile as she took her robe off exposing her body. the body that had been mine a moment ago and now she was giving it to me once again. i could feel the moist of the warm water going through the hole.

as she turn around kneeling i could see her ass spreading her hand"s reaching her back her hand"s massaging her cunt.
i could feel the pre cum coming down my leg. her finger"s penetrate her soft moist pussy. her juice coming down her finger"s her moan"s filled the room.
as my heart was beating at his peak i got up and began walking to the bathroom i was willing to throw the door down to get inside if i needed.
as i reached the door i stare at it i slowly grab the door knob as i softly twisted. the door slowly opened i could hear the noise of the water hitting the floor. i could hear my sister moan"s as she fucked herself.
i knew she had left the door opened for me. as i walked inside i slowly opened the bathroom curtain.

as the curtain slowly opened reviling my sister naked body on the floor. the water running down her body her hand"s massaging her warm body.
as i stood there next to her. she got up her hand"s going to my cock her mouth began to suck my cock. her hand"s grab my ass as she pulled herself deeper my cock went all inside her mouth. 
i could hear her sucking my cock her hand"s on my ass.

my hand"s grabbing her head pulling her deeper i almost felt her throwing up on my cock as it rammed inside her mouth.
i walked inside the tub as i stood up she kneeling down sucking me. the water cooling my body even it was a bit warm still it felt good.
i knew it was going to be a while till i cum again so i could let her take a while sucking me.
      as my cock went out of her mouth she stared at me while her hand"s jacked me off her tong licked the tip of my cock.
her mouth made it"s way to my ball"s.
the adrenaline rushed through my body the though of fucking my sister was in my head yet i love the idea of fucking her.
as she lied on her back the water slipping through her body i kneel down.

my mouth began kissing her i started wit her stomach my hand"s rubbing her leg"s my mouth making it"s way up to her tit"s. my tong licking her nipples i softly bit her nipples as she moaned with pain and pleasure. as i went up kissing her neck licking it.
my tong went up licking her face her lips.
as i got up turning the water off i grab her pushed her up grabbing her by her ass her leg"s locked on my hips as i took her out of the bathroom.

i began to walked to her room as i kissed her i could feel the warm of her body all over mine. as i reached her bed i threw her on the bed as she turn"s around spreading her leg"s getting ready to take my cock inside her. as i grab her ass i began licking her juicy cunt my tong going inside her her moan"s made me more exited.
as i got up i slowly penetrate her first the head. then all my cock went inside.
"fuck me" she yelled.
"fuck my tight pussy" 
"ill do more then just fuck it" i reply.
as i my cock rammed her pussy her moans getting louder as i got it out.
"don"t take it out" she yells.
"i wanna fucked your ass"i told her.
as i opened her asshole spiting on my cock i rammed it.

her asshole sucking my cock as if it was trying to devour it. her finger"s going inside her pussy my cock going inside her ass.
the sweat started to come out again as i fucked her tight ass.
"oh yeah" she kept yelling.
"give me that cock".
"want my cum inside your ass".
"cum inside me"

her ass seemed to get tighter around my cock i felt the cum coming as it came all inside her ass.
as i got it out my cum seemed to be squirting out of her ass as she reached her hand"s graving some with her finger"s.
her mouth began sucking her finger"s fulled of my cum.
i lied there my body felt so tired i couldn"t help it but to close my eyes.
as my eyes closed i felt her leg"s going on top of my leg her tit"s on my side her hand on my neck we where both tired and decided to sleep for a while.
i opened my eyes around a hour later. as i looked at the clock it was still early.
as i got up my sister was gone i heard the shower again.

as i looked at the clock i knew i had still like two hour"s still my mom got home and decided to make her some company.
as i walked to bathroom the door was opened and knew she had left it opened for me.
"i think I"m going to make you some company today sis" i told her.
as i opened the curtain my heart once again began to beat faster my entire body went numb i couldn"t move my body as i watched.
"MOM"!!!!! i said.
"what are you doing she yelled at me".

Part 3(finally):
      I stood there in the bathroom unable to move a single finger my hand griped on the curtain. my hart pumping my the adrenaline rushing through my body as i stood there.
"what are you doing". she said.

i couldn"t seemed to be able to even say a single word as i stood there with my naked body my cock seemed to be getting a bit erected. 
even as i knew that i wasn"t going to get out of this one without a few scream"s and even perhaps a few slap"s on the face, i couldn"t help but to notice the wonderful tits the sexy long leg"s the water dripping down her gorgeous body her, as she tried to cover her tits with one hand with the other she tried to cover her pussy.

yet i couldn"t help but to get exited, my cock seemed to be getting erected as i looked at my mom"s naked and sexy body.
as i seemed to be able to move a bit i manege to rush out of the bathroom, as my heart seemed to be calming a bit as i rushed to my room.
the door closed behind me.
"what the hell I"m i going to do now" i tough to my self.
"oh boy i fucked up good this time"was all i could think.

my head seemed to be rambling on about the excuses that i was going to tell her once she got out of the bathroom. 
"what I"m i going to say" i kept thinking.
it was on till about a minute that i realize i was still naked, so i decided to put on some underwear.
as i put my short"s and a dirty t shirt on i notice that the water was still running on the bathroom, it was kind of awkward knowing that i had just running on the bathroom wile my mom was taking a shower and yet she hadn"t turn it off or even rushed out of the bathroom to kick my ass.

my heart slowly began to calm down as i listen to the water. 
"perhaps she wont get mad," or perhaps she understand that I"m a teenager and decided not to get mad.
it was until about seven minutes later that the water stopped the and a couple of second"s later the door open. i could hear the footstep"s reaching my door my heart began to tremble once again.
"don"t open the door please " it said it in slow voice.

the footstep"s seemed to be getting a bit farther towards her room my heart slow down as i realized that she was going to her room.
i open my bedroom door i decided to go as i slowly tried to walk to the living room carefully walking making sure not to make a sound.
"honey can you come in" my mom yelled at me.
"SHIT" i said.i walked to her room as i stood in front of the door as i grab the door nub not sure if to make a run for it or actually enter her room.
i decided to go in, as i turn the door nub the door slowly open reveling her room, she was siting on her chair in front of her desk putting on a bit of make up she was wearing her pink bathrobe.
i stood there trying not to look nervous as she put on her red lipstick. 
"what where you doing in there ".
"i didn"t know anyone was in there".
"is that so".
"well then why did you scream I"m coming in".
"you where fucking your sister weren"t you" she said.
"who me, of course not" i told her as i slowly turn away.
"you are" she said in a low soft.
she got up of her chair as she walked towards me, as she sits next to me
"well honey did you fuck your sister pussy".
"no i didn"t".
she began to unzip my sort"s.
"what are you doing" i said.
"well what did you thought, that i was going to let you go like this". she said.

her hand making its way to my cock as she began to gently stroke it, her gentle hand"s slowly massaging my cock as it began to erect on her hand. 
"oh honey your so big i cant believe that your sister could fit this cock in her pussy."
my heart pumping my cock erecting to its fullest "oh yeah mom" "yeah".
she began walking to her desk.
what are you doing aren"t you going to finish? i ask her.
"don"t rush baby I"m just settling the mood".
she stretch her hand pushing play on her stereo, the soft jazz began playing the, oh yeah just what was needed to set the mood, she turns as her bathrobe open"s revealing her tits her hairy pussy her golden hair all the way down to her stomach, her soft long leg"s being covered by a pantyhose.

i couldn"t stop staring at her body as she stood naked the music playing on the back. she began walking towards me, she grab"s me by the shirt she pulled me up, as she pulled me she began to take my shirt off, i pulled to her lips as i kissed her passionately.
"hold on baby, don"t be in a rush we have all day" she tells me.
"here lay on the bed honey".
what are you going to do? i ask her.
"ssshhhh, honey don"t say a thing and let me do my thing"
"okay" i respond.
as my naked body lay on the bed, i could feel her tong as she began to lick my stomach, i could feel her warm mouth making its way up as she slowly lick every part of my stomach.her hands rubbing the rest of my body, her tits rubbing against my body as she went more up. her mouth made its way to my chest, her mouth had made it to my neck.
"oh yeah mom yeah ".

her mouth made its way to mine as she began to kiss me her tong twisting inside mine as our saliva mixed in our mouth.
her tits rubbing my chest her nipples grew harder, her pussy seemed to have been dripping as my legs seemed to be getting wet, my cock almost went inside by it self as i couldn"t resist it anymore. 
"tell me honey, tell me how you want to fuck me?
"i wanna fuck that pussy and just cum all inside it"
"you know honey i always imagine how big you where going to be, but it seemed you have grown to be a fine stud"
"and now you tell me mom how long have you wanted to do this"
"the truth is it has been a while, since i knew you where jacking off actually"

but how did you knew wen i began to jack off? i ask her.
"well honey that"s when you started to jack off in your sleep and you got your cum all over the bed shit"s, the truth is that i use to lick it all the time before i washed it, i just rubbed it all over my body"
and you honey how long have u want to fuck me?
"well its been a while but i had never seen you naked, so i always imagine you telling me to fuck you as i cum all over your pussy" 
"oh honey, well then fuck me honey fuck the shit out of me and cum all over me, just use me to make all your fantasies come true "
her leg"s spread open as she guides my cock inside her pussy.
"tell me honey is your sister pussy tighter or am i tighter and tell me the truth"
"well i couldn"t say both of you are so tight"

my cock squishing making its way deeper inside her pussy, she began moaning slowly as my cock went inside. some how her pussy seemed to get tighter as i penetrate her deeper.
"oh honey your bigger than your dad was, your dad was never avail to went that deep inside my pussy"
"yeah honey i wanna feel your cock more inside so just ram it inside more"
our lips once more meet in a passion it way, our tong"s twisting inside as my cock rammed in her pussy, the adrenaline pumping the cock growing inside her, i could hear her moans even as our lips where sealed with one another, her breast rubbing harder against me, my hand"s wondering around her leg"s rubbing them taking her pantyhose off to fell her soft skin in my hand . 
so glorious i almost felt as if i was in heaven for a minute, her pussy tight around my cock her hand"s scratching my back, her moans filling the room her soft skin wrapped around my body. my cock getting ready to cum and filler her pussy my body leaning up as my cock got bigger inside her her mouth opening letting go a loud moan as she felt my cock all inside her.

"cum inside me honey fill me up with your warm and steamy cum baby" she softly whispered on my hear.

as i shot my load all inside her, as she lets her moans out my cum slipping out, getting it all over my cock. 
she laid down next to me as i could hear her loud breathing her heart pumping hard as i could feel it, and yet i couldn"t stop feeling her warm body on top of me.
"i love you mom"
"me to honey. me to"



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