Chapters 4 though 6 of Closing the Deal
Closing the Deal - Part 2
by Horseman919 - Copyright September 8, 2010, All rights reserved.

This is the continuation of the Closing the Deal story.

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He said, "I know some of you struggle with little spelling, grammatical issues, keeping the tense right, etc. But, most every good writer from Poe to Hemingway did as well! Focus on your ability to tell a story as that is a rare ability. Editors can be found by the thousands and hired for minimum wage! This class will judge your writing and not you editing!" You can see I took him at his word!

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Chapter 4 – Tuesday Later

As the new contract was being printed in the hotels Business Center, we did find a solid gold choker that fashioned like a collar and even had a little heart shaped - lock attached as a charm.

Armed with a new briefcase, the re-printed contract and dressed to kill – I kissed Jessica just before she ducked into a taxi and disappeared.


I watched the taxi until it disappeared and then went up to the suite and got on my computer to work! I checked some email with no real comprehension of what I was reading. So, I gave up and tried to do a drawing I had been working on before I left for Vegas. Again, I could not focus enough to lose myself in the drawing like I normally can.

Christ, I had known Jessica for only about 48 hours and yet all I could think about was what was happening with and to her. I scolded myself for not being willing to let her do what she clearly wanted to do! But, I still couldn’t concentrate so I turned off the computer and went to the gym. I decided burning off my nervous energy would clear my mind.

An hour and a half later I came back to the suite tired and sweaty, but still feeling like I was wired. So, I showered, but that did no good either as I was still pacing around like a nervous cat! So I called down stairs and made a reservation at one of the local 9 hole executive golf resorts. I hate playing golf with rented clubs, but I had to do something.

About 5:45pm I let myself back into the suite. I called out to Jessica, but there was no reply. Then I saw a copy of the contract with a post-it note on top of it sitting on the credenza behind the sofa. Next to the contract sat an ice bucket with a fresh unopened bottle of champagne.

I picked up the contract and read the note which said, “Contract is signed! You weren’t here so I went to the pool. Join me?”

I flipped open the contract to the last page and sure enough it was signed. Then flipping back to the fees section I found that there had been no modifications. Even the marketing fee of $130,000.00 was left untouched. I let out a low whistle and thought, ‘So the secret to John is sex appeal!’

I showered again for the third time that day and putting on a swim suit and a robe I headed for the pool.

When I got to the busy pool I scanned the area for Jessica. I was just about to give up when I noticed her on the far side of the pool sitting in the shade stretched out on a lounge chair in a vibrant green bikini. As I approached I noticed she was engrossed in some woman’s magazine and that there was a drink with a little umbrella sticking out of the top sitting on the table next to her.

I took an empty upright pool chair form a table and sat down beside her. “Had a successful afternoon in Marketing?", I asked.

She looked at me from behind her sunglasses and with a slight smile said, “I think so!”

Then she added, “I looked at the bathing suit I had packed and decided it wasn’t right for Las Vegas, so I went down and charged this one – and these sunglasses and a pair of sandals to the room. I hope you don’t mind!”

“Even if they cost $130.000 dollars, I don’t mind!”, I replied.

I couldn’t see her eyes but she smiled and said, “So you did look at the signed contract!”

I nodded.

“Did……………………………did you………………………”

“Let him screw me?”, she asked tilting her head.

I knew I had turned red in the face, so pretending unconcern was not an option, so I nodded.

“Noooooooooooo!”, she said slowly studying my face. “There was sexual contact but he didn’t screw me!”

She must have noticed the confusion and concern on my face, because she ran a finger from my forehead down my nose to my lips. Then she lowered her sun glasses to look at me, asking, “Are you jealous?”

“NO!”, I said way to quickly to be believable.

“Are you jealous?”, she repeated.

“Well a little!”

She just stared at me with those big green eyes boring a hole through me.

“Ok! Yes, I admit I’m jealous! I kept thinking of John’s big paws roaming your body!”

Her lips turned up in a smile and with green eyes sparkling she kissed the tip of my nose and said, “Dan, I’m glad that you care about me, but I gave myself to you last night! You are my master and I’m here with you!”

“I know but………….”

She put her finger on my lips and said, “You now have ….. or will have 1.43 million dollars. The $130,000 is to be billed immediately! I know what I did was …………. well sort of prostitution. But it was not the low class prostitute my ex-husband wanted me to be. And, I’m here, unless you want me to leave!”

“I want you here and I know but ……………………..”

Again she put a finger on my lips and said, “Sex is a tool unless you are committed to the other person! And, I made my commitment last night!”

She did the little shy submissive duck of her head and eyes again, but she again looked deeply into my eyes and leaned forward and kissed me passionately!

As the kiss ended she looked at me and said, “You want to know what happened, don’t you!”

Again I nodded, feeling like a little boy whose mother could read his dirty mind!

“Let's go up stairs and celebrate the contract being signed and I’ll tell you everything that happened!”

She got up and pulled me up with her. For the first time I was able to see the full effect of this ……….. no …… my … little Minx in her new bikini! Surveying her from head to toe as she slipped into some high heeled sandals I said, “You didn’t get any sun!”

Putting her arm through mine she said, “Silly, I won’t “sun” tan! Women who do that look 50 at 35! It damages your skin!”

As we stepped onto the elevator she gave a slight shiver and I realized she had no robe to protect her from the air-conditioned temperature change. I opened my robe and gathered her into it with me! She put her arms around me and kissing my neck and then up under my chin as she said, “Thank you Master! I know I’m safe in your arms!”


I asked if she wanted to try the Champagne the way we had before, but she said, “Later! Come snuggle me and I will tell you what happened!”

I uncorked the bottle and poured two glasses. Handing her one I went over and sat on the sofa. She raised her glass saying, “To a 1.43 million dollar - done deal!”

I raised my glass to her and said, Thank you!” before we both took a long drink of the sparkling wine.

Then Jessica came over to the sofa and putting her glass on the coffee table she lay down and put her head in my lap!

Her eyes were dark green pools as she looked up at me stretched out clad only in that little vibrant green bikini. My fingers trailed over her stomach and as they reached her belly button I said, “Where is the pearl?”

“I took it off! I didn’t want to lose it at the pool! It is a fake anyway!”

“Fake? I thought it was real!”

“No It clips on and is not a real pierced one. That is why it could slip off at the pool!”

I must have looked disappointed because she said, “I’ll get a real one if you want me to!”

“I liked it!”

Running her fingers though my chest hair she smiled and said, “Then I will have a real one – JUST FOR YOU MASTER!”

I started to reply and she again put a finger over my lips saying, “Let me tell you what happened today!”

“As you know I left here dressed as ………….well exactly as you have chosen to dress me ………… as a sexy ‘arm candy’ …….. very expensive ….slut!”

With that she kissed my stiffening cock through my bathing suit! I thought, ‘Christ how can you be getting hard again – old man!’

“When I got there John’s secretary showed me right in to his office! We spent about twenty minutes discussing your firm’s role on the project. Then flipping the proposal open to the fees he noticed the added marketing fee! He chuckled and asked what made me think I was worth $130 thousand!”

“I told him he would never know until he signed the contract!”

“He had been reaching out teasing my nipples through the dress fabric ……… getting them to stand straight out, with the tip of his fingers, when he sighed and said, ‘I might as well it isn’t my money anyway!”

“He signed the contract, and I put it into my briefcase and locked it. He then asked me if he could see me without the dress!”

“So, I did a slow strip tease for him“

“As I stood before him dressed in just the open nippled bra, hose and the garter belt, I thought the man was going to have a heart attack!”

My hand had drifted to the knot that tied the bikini bottoms on and I pulled it loose pushing the fabric aside. I slid my hand over her smooth pussy and then slid my finger along her lips, she moaned and her hips pushed toward my hand.

I said, “What happened next?”

“That was the strangest thing! I asked what he wanted, and he asked me to hang my dress in his private bathroom and would I get under his desk and give him a blow job while he had a couple of meetings! He said it was a fantasy he had always had!”

“And, that is what we did! I don’t think he was prepared for my sucking!”, she said laughing. “And, he had a great deal of trouble not climaxing a couple of times during the meetings!”

“I’ll bet!”, I said knowing what her suction like throat could be like, my hand slid along her very wet and slick slit.

“When the second meeting was over and the last person closed the door behind themselves, he must have shot a year's worth of cum down my throat!”

With that Jessica had a small climax of her own, pulling my hand hard against her clit.

I knew she was getting off just reliving the scene. Hell, my cock was stiff as a flag pole just hearing about it.

“And, that was it?”, I asked.

Her eyes were slightly glazed over but she said, “Well, he didn’t move for a long time, so I got out from under the desk and after he made no move for anything else I went into the bathroom and washed my face and redressing combed my hair and re-did my makeup.”

“That was it?”, I asked, my fingers moving faster and faster inside her.


“What happened?”

“As………….As I…….as I was about to leave with…………..the briefcase and my purse…………..he called to me!”


He said ……………..said he had a ……………a boat on Lake Mead………… and…………..”

“And what?????”

“………..he would give me…….30 thousand dollars cash………..if I would spend the day………..Saturday with he and his son on the boat!”

“What did you say?”. I asked not sure what I wanted the answer to be.

“I told him ……………told him… was………up to…………**YOU!**”

With that Jessica climaxed like I had never seen her climax before!

We lay together on the sofa breathing hard from wild sex!

There hadn’t much to Jessica’s bikini or to my bathing suit, and both had soon been discarded. After her story we had mated like two feral animals. We had tried about every position possible to have sex on a sofa from over the back and arms to upside down.

Several times she would say, “And all the time, he was having this meeting!”, and she would climax again just from the thought of it. I may not be a rocket scientist, but it was clear she was living a fantasy. And, I had to admit to myself, I seemed to enjoy living it as well!

As we lay there snuggled together I asked, “So, I take it playing the prostitute is a fantasy of yours? And, you wanted to do this didn’t you?”

After a long pause she said, “It started as my husband’s fantasy really! But over time I came to share it, but there was a difference!”


“His vision was of a tramp – streetwalker, mine was of a courtesan or someone who drove rich men wild!”

“Well at 130 thousand it looks like you got your fantasy!”

She snuggled into my shoulder and giggled saying, “Sure did! And, I got the right guy to be my Master and protector to!”

We were quiet for a long time and then I asked her, “You said your ex-husband finally got you to play the role, tell me about that!”

“It was a joke really! As I said, his idea of a prostitute was a tramp image and he had asked me to dress the part around the house. For a long time, we would role play with him playing the John and me the prostitute!”

“At home?”

“Yea! It started as an occasional thing and then he wanted to play the scene more and more often until he started insisting I dress the part all the time at home!”

“Was this before or after he had you see the Hypnotic Therapist about being able to swallow the bananas?”

“After, I think!”

“How did he want you dressed?”

“Oh, high heels, hose (mostly net), a mini skirt or short shorts and a tube top with no bra. Then exaggerated makeup with lots of eye shadow and fire engine red lipstick topped off with my hair done up in a twist!”

She snuggled tighter against me and said, “But you have such a classier image of me! I like that!”

With my fingers playing with her hair I said, “But at some point playing the part at home wasn’t enough I take it!”

Jessica sighed and nodded. “At first he just wanted me to go out with him in the car. He would pull up next to a truck and ask me to play with myself when the driver looked down into the car. Then he wanted to go to bars and for me to act like he had just picked me up! They weren’t fancy places! In fact they were places where no one would know us!”

“Did it charge up your sex life?”

“Yes………….…well no not really! It did for me, but all he wanted, was for me to suck him off while he called me a tramp and whore. If I wanted him in me … I pretty much had to climb on top and do all the work! He would just lay there!”

“I thought this was his fantasy ….. your playing the prostitute role?”

“It was, at least when he started asking me to role play!”

‘Interesting!’, I thought but asked, “But, I thought you said he got you to actually solicit someone?”

“Well actually he had been trying to get me to do it for a long time, but I just couldn’t bring myself to approach a stranger for sex! I kept asking if playing the role with him wasn’t enough!”

“And, he would say, what?”, I asked.

“Oh just things like – ‘It made him excited to think about me with a stranger!’ or ‘If I really loved him I would make his dreams come true!”

“And, all this time you were working with the Therapist on the ‘deep throat’ swallowing thing?”

‘Yea and I was getting pretty good at it! Then one day I just thought – Seducing some guy might be a real turn on!”

“Did your ex set it up?”

“No! He went along to a bar we had visited before and he went in and found a table. Then I came in afterward and let the guys hit on me at the bar. He had a little video camera and he videoed the whole thing. The next night we did the same thing at another bar, only this time I took a guy up on his offer to pay me for sex!”

“What happened?”

“I said you can’t afford $500 bucks! He offered $100 and we settled for $250. Then we went out to the parking lot by the building and between two cars I gave him a blow job! He wanted to screw me, but my ex said suck them off first like most hookers do because then they can’t get it up again quickly and you can do blow jobs all night long!“

“Did your ex put that on tape as well?”

She nodded and said, “Yea! He found a place between cars across the lot and got the whole thing on tape!”

“Did you leave then or try it again?”

“Yea! We left ……….went home and watched the video together!”

“Did he get off on that?”

“No! But, I did! You know, now that you ask, I rode him to get myself off and then he wanted me to suck him off while he watched the video!”

We were silent for a long time and then she said, “Then his attorney came to my office the next day and showed me the video on his computer! He said that as I was a common whore his client was filing for a divorce and if I knew what was good for me I would just let it happen. If I made any fuss the tape would be used in the hearings!”

“Didn’t you say he was asking your best friend to play the street hooker role as well?”

“So I heard through mutual friends! She isn’t a friend anymore! I found out she and my ex had been having an affair for over a year!”

“Did you say she is working with the same Hypnotic guy who had helped you swallow the banana/”

“Yea! Isn’t that funny! I heard she is having trouble getting it to happen even with help!”, she giggled at her former friends lack of skill!

I lay there thinking, as she played with my nipples with her finger nails through my chest hair. ‘I’d bet money that the ex is gay! He might not even have figured it out yet, but he has found a way to make any woman he is around a thing he is disgusted by! And, if all women are whores and tramps it justifies his repulsion of them! And, I’ll bet the Hypnotic Therapist is his friend ………… or even a male lover!’

Jessica pushed back to look at me and said, “I’m glad you're not like him and while you selected cloths for me that are certainly provocative you treat me like a classy lady! And, you make love to me like I’m special!”

“I make love with you because you are special!”

She smiled and said, “Thank you!”, and kissed me once ….. then again more deeply.

Propping herself up on one elbow she looked down at me, her eyes flaring with excitement, and said, “So are you going to have me accept John’s offer Master?”

“NO!”, I said fingering the pink collar she had put back on.

“Oh!”, she said disappointment written on her face.

I smiled and said, “Wrong question!”

She tilted her head and she looked at me with big green doe eyes.

“Do you want me to let you accept John’s offer?”

She got real shy and looked at me from under her eyebrows and whispered, “Yes Master please!”

I smiled at her and said, “Thy will be done!”

She smiled at me.

“But ……………..! There will be some new rules!”, I added.

“Like what? Do you want video tape?”, she asked eyes wide.

”No silly your story telling is enough! First, I want a STD and HIV test that is not more than a week old! Then there is ……………….”

She snuggled back unto my shoulder and I heard her say, “Ok Master, protect me!“

She let her fingers nails drift to my manhood, and …………………we never made it to the reservation I had made for dinner! But then………there is a lot to be said for sharing a room service ………..Champagne Dinner together …….in the nude!

Chapter 5 - Wednesday

I awoke early with Jessica’s legs wrapped around my left thigh like she thought I would escape. Her soft breath was tickling the hairs on my shoulder as her head lay on the pillow next to me. I had woken twice during the night as my mind raced with the list of things that needed to happen if she was determined to play the courtesan role. God her health – our heath – had to be protected as a first priority!

I thought again, ‘Do you want to let this little Minx play the role of prostitute? You know she is going to do this, with or without you, which was why she came to Vegas. Now she has asked you to help her, as a protector – her term Master, but not to clip her wings! If you try to hold her to close - she will just vanish’

Lifting up Jessica’s left leg; I slipped a pillow between her legs where my leg had been. Then slipping out of bed being careful not to wake her, I slipped into the bathroom thinking, ‘There is a lot that needs to be put in place before I speak with John about this weekend’s boat offer!’

As I stood in the shower I wondered, ‘Is this Minx – in love with you? No! Be honest with yourself! But, in the almost 72 hours since you met her she has given herself to you! She has placed all her trust in you and asked you to accept her for what she is. She has pledged her loyalty to you and asked you to return that loyalty as a guide, mentor, protector and yes even lover. Clearly she has no problem with the idea of being paid for sexual services, for whatever reason, but based upon the way you have treated her – she sees a way to have self respect and still do what she wants to do!’

As I shaved I thought, ‘She is talented as a sexual partner! Heck, she has gotten you stiff several times – when you thought you were way past your prime. Both of you clearly get off on reliving her sexual adventures! But, there are also many dangers in having sex with strangers.’

After a shower and shave I went down stairs and spoke with the Concierge. I made the Minx standing reservations with a doctor, whom the Concierge had recommended after slipping him a $500 dollar tip, for every Monday morning at 9 am. There would be a mandatory STD and HIV check and the Doctor would tend to any other concerns she had. The doctor had a list of celebrities and show girls that he saw once or more a month! We were both to be there for the first STD / HIV test at 11:00 this morning.

Then, I asked the Concierge to make Jessica an appointment at a high end day spa from 1pm until 6:30pm every Monday Wednesday and Friday. She was to receive a massage, pedicure / manicure (as needed), shampoo and any beauty treatment she desired at each appointment.

On Friday morning, and then each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Jessica was scheduled at 10:00 am gym where I had made an appointment for her to work with a physical trainer three days a week. After the gym she would go to the spa where lunch would be prepared for her before the 1 pm to 6:30 appointment.

I returned to the suite and roused Jessica with little kisses.

She stretched and put her arms around my neck pulling me into her. Kissing her I said, “You’re sexy as hell, but we have some things to talk about and we have an appointment in an hour and a half!”

“What kind of an appointment?”, she asked.

“It’s with a Doctor who will check us both for STD’s and HIV! Assuming the results are negative you have a standing appointment every Monday morning at 9:00 am for as long as you might be with someone other than me!”

She put on a pout saying, “I don’t like needles and he will think I’m cheap!”

I put my hands on either side of her head and held it so she was staring into my eyes as I said, “First, this Doctor sees several women here in Las Vegas including star stage performers – who want the freedom to play but fear the health risks! You may even see stars you recognize when you go!”

“Oh!”, she said her green eyes large.

“And, if you’re with someone for the kind of money John offered, perfect health has to be guaranteed. And, we will expect that in return. You’re not a street merchant!”

I could see in her eyes that she got the point as she said, “Thank you for seeing me as ……………..” I watched her shake off several terms that came to mind. “…………………..special!”, she finally supplied.

“And, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you have a 10:00 am gym appointment where you will work with a physical trainer three days a week. After the gym you will go to the spa where lunch will be prepared for you before a standing 1 pm to 6:30 appointment.”

“Five and a half hours at a Spa is outrageously expensive!”

She was shocked by my making these standing appointments, but I pointed out that if she was serious about offering herself, as a very high class “marketing consultant”, she had to maintain the quality of the packaging.

As she got up out of bed, totally naked … slipping on 4” heeled sandals, I thought she is a quick study! All I had said when we were shopping was that high heels shape your ass and legs beautifully. Since then she had always worn heels even now as slippers.

I also enjoyed the fact that clothing was not required around me. I thought to myself, ‘She enjoys having you watch her kick ass smooth body!’

She was clearly thinking over all of the new things I had set up as she drifted off to shower.

Over a room service breakfast, I told her I had thought about it for most of the night and if I was to be her protector / master there were going to be rules that she and clients had to follow.

“Like what?”, she asked fork held in mid-air.

“Well the biggest one is the health issue! I want you to tell any man who comes on to you that you wouldn’t consider being with anyone who didn’t have a current health statement! And, you or I would have to see it – not just be told about it!”

“Ok!”, she was thinking about that one.

“Next I will not always be here!”, she looked up sharply. “I still have to run my business, and while I will be here a lot – thanks to you!”, I said holding up my coffee in a salute, “I will still travel a lot!”

“I see! I guess I need to find an apartment!”

“No! I arranged with the hotel this morning to have this suite for the next two years on a lease! They know I’m working on the Convention Center connected to the Hilton so they gave me a good deal. The suite is your – our – home in Vegas and I would prefer you stay here. It is secure, has maid service, and the hotel can arrange for anything you might need!”

Jessica said, “Wow!”, looking around like she was seeing the suite for the first time.

“I told the Manager your name and that you were using the second bedroom as my Marketing Assistant. And, that you had full use of the suite and were free to charge your needs even if I was not here!”

“What will I do about money………………for other things?’

“I called my office in Indiana this morning before I woke you, remember they are 3 hours ahead of us, and explained that we had gotten the Convention Center contract with your help and that the Convention Center had agreed to pay a Marketing up charge payable immediately. I told the office you were now our Las Vegas Marketing Assistant and to send you a check based upon dividing up the $130,000.00 into 12 payments - the first one to be paid today as an advance on the contract.”

“But……..”, I put my finger over her lips and said, “Hush! I put a thousand dollars cash in the safe in the closet the code is the date we met. Because the $130 thousand will be billed through the Convention Center Contract – it has to be treated like salary – but even after taxes you will have about $7,200.00 deposited to an account - you will open today right after we leave the doctor's office. The money will be wired there tomorrow and then on the 1st of every month after that for a year. It is not my money – I would never have seen it if it were not for you! So, save it, invest it or spend it as you see fit!”

“That is a lot of money!”, she said her eyes big.

“But, there is more!”, I said.


“The firm will pay for the suite, the gym, and the spa as a cost of Marketing! But you will pay the Doctor weekly – including any aches and pains you wish to have looked at – in cash! He and any clothes and incidentals you desire are simply ‘not on the books’! Understand?”

“But, where does ………………?”

“The cash come from?” She nodded.

“John offered you $30,000.00 to spend Saturday with he and his son, right?”, she nodded again and her eyes went wide – a glittering green!

“I will tell him – cash only! He can justify the money anyway he wants, but it will be off the books! 10% will be put into a security box downstairs in the hotel safe for you to play with – you set the code there for you alone. 15% will go to overhead like the doctor, tips, security, etc. and will be put in the safe here in the room. Except for the Doctor - who you will pay for cash at each visit – I will take care of the other items. The remaining 75% will be put into an off shore account in your name. I will be on the account for deposits and investment questions only with the exception of if you should die. I will set that up while you’re at the Spa today.”

“You need a will! Because if something did happen to you, I want the money to go towards the things you would choose and not just be frozen there!”

“You really have thought this through! I picked the right protector!”, she said running her finger down my nose before kissing me deeply and settling on my lap clad only in hose and heels.

I smiled and said, “And you are never to accept more than two invitations in a week and not for more than three days in a week – even allowing for an overnight. And any invitation has to be after at least one full day of gym, spa and rest.”

“That is a pretty easy week!”, she grinned accepting my decision with another kiss and curling into me like a child.

As the deep sexy kiss ended I said, “Minx, John is offering you that much money not because of your beauty, there is plenty of that in Las Vegas! He is offering it because you are fresh and not a jaded hard mannequin like most of the showgirls men escort around town!”

Thinking about the average showgirls I asked, “Are you on into any recreational drugs?”

“No silly!”

“If you start on drugs………………I’m gone!”

She looked into my eyes and then she purred, “I won’t I promise!”, as she snuggling deeper in my arms, like a child.


Because we had a late “brunch” really, we shared an ice-cream before I took her to the Spa and turned her over to the staff. I explained, she could have any treatment from hair, nails, facials, makeup to massage she desired. But, I would pick her up at 6:30 and I wanted her to be prepared to go to dinner with business friends at 7:30.

I had dinner set up with the management of one of the casinos who was planning to renovate a showroom for a new Cirque show. I wanted the contract to re-design the showroom and I wanted Jessica on my arm as “eye candy” during dinner! It had worked with John, so it might again!

But, before I could pick her up I had much to do including dealing with John Meeker about the lake invitation.


Back in the suite, the phone conversation with John went surprisingly well and much easier than I had imagined. John had balked a bit, not by my asking for the $30 thousand in cash by tomorrow, but about the health certification I required.

I had told him to just tell the Doctor he had been with a showgirl and wanted to make sure. And, while I didn’t think he or his son were not clean … as Jessica was on my payroll and health plan – I couldn’t risk that kind of health cost exposure.

He said he would have the cash and the certifications delivered by messenger before end of business the next day. I told him I would email him a set of simple rules he and his son needed to agree to. If they were not acceptable the money would be returned immediately.

“Like what?” he asked getting a bit offended.

“Like no one else except the agreed to parties touches her!”, I shot back.

“Oh - I see - ok! Send them over!”

“John she wants to do this – I have no idea why – but she asked me to protect her and that is what I will do!”


As I met Jessica in the reception area of the Spa, I let my eyes roam over her. She was typically beautiful – now she was simply stunning. Hair coiffed, make-up perfect, nails done to perfection (legs waxed I later learned) she looked hotter than ever.

I gave a low whistle and she did a little turn for me saying. “Pleased my Master?”

“Worth every penny!”, I said giving the girl behind the counter a wink as I open the door for her. As the door was about to close behind me I heard a little giggle come from behind the counter. Could it be that not everything in Vegas was jaded?

When we got to the curb Jessica looked for the hotel limo. Not seeing it she turned to me in question. I held up a set of car keys and indicated they were for the dark cherry red 2009 BMW Z4 M Roadster sitting in front of her with the top down.

Jessica’s eyes became huge!

“I leased it for 24 months and it is ours to use. But, if I’m not here I want you to be able to go where you want when you want.” I held up a hand to get her to listen! “But, if you have the slightest doubt about where you’re going or whom you are meeting call this number and order a limo – the drivers are also bodyguards!” I gave her a business card and said, “Please memorize that number and program it into this cell phone!” As I handed her a cell phone I added, “I never want you far from help! My number is already programmed in there!”


Jessica looked back at the car saying, “I feel like a little girl with her first ‘fancy’ car! Wow!”

Then she jumped toward me throwing her arms around my neck and showered me with kisses ending with a deep sexy one on the mouth. When the kiss ended she lifted my sunglasses so she could look into my eyes and said, “I really did pick the best Master!”

“Wait until you find out the car has heating and cooling seats!”

“Cooling?”, she said looking confused.

“I don’t know if heated will be required here in Vegas, but cooled might be real handy with the remote start feature”

She stared at the car again as I said, “Drive us to the hotel Minx; we have to get ready for dinner!” With that I climbed into the passenger’s seat.


Back in the suite I walked up behind Jessica as she ran a brush through her hair to repair the strands blown by the convertible ride. “Look at these rules I have come up with and add any you wish!”

Jessica looked down and found (*):

*No one other than those Jessica has agreed to meet with may touch her. And, anyone who might touch her must have a current health screen – in writing.

*Jessica is free to come and go at her pleasure and will not be detained if she chooses to end the meeting.

*There will be no hitting, choking, or marking – and failure to observe this rule will trigger retribution.

*No photographs or video will be taken without Jessica’s prior permission, and if images are allowed (*):
*They will not be shown publicly, to include print or electronic publication
*Copies of all images will be provided to Jessica

*Return of advanced deposit money will be at least 12 and not more than 24 hours after the meeting.

Jessica tapped the second and third points with her newly manicured fingernail, and said, “I would not have thought of those points! Will they agree to these?”

I smiled and said, “They will have to!”

“Then add anal to number three!”. She said.

I raised an eyebrow, but said, “OK!”

I had just hit send forwarding the rules to John by email when Jessica came out of the bedroom. She looked stunning – no better “Ravishing”.

“Ready!”, she said. Then she lifted the hem of her skirt to show her naked bald pussy.

“I can tell you are, and if you keep that up we will never leave!”


As we walked through the lobby and casino at New York, New York I could feel every male head turn to watch Jessica. Sensing the eyes on her she swung her hips with a bit more emphasis causing a few guys to whistle and an older woman to hiss, “Hussy!”

“I guess my Minx is a Hussy!”, I said.

She giggled and swung her hips even more as we disappeared into the restaurant.

Tony noticed us immediately and came to meet us at the reception stand. He shook my hand and offered his bear sized mitt to Jessica.

“So Dan, who might this beautiful lady be?”

“Tony this Jessica Miller my Marketing Assistant - Jessica this is Tony Patullio who is the principle owner of New York, New York, and our dinner host!”

Tony lifted Jessica’s hand to his lips and kissed her hand saying, “I’m charmed! I know Dan wants to design the new showroom we are planning – I think he should leave the negotiations to you and I – don’t you agree?”

Jessica flashed Tony a big smile and said, “My thinking exactly!”

As Tony put Jessica’s arm through his, he turned toward the table effectively putting him in the middle separating us.

I said, “Are we late?”

“Not at all! We were just shown to our table and Jessica is well worth waiting for I see!”

That’s Tony – Mr. Smooth! I thought back to my last meeting with Tony about the project and realized I have needed a Marketing Assistant like Jessica for a long time.

Tony made a small adjustment in the seating arrangements to open up a space on his right for Jessica putting me on his left in the empty seat. He had not expected the addition of Jessica but with a snap of his fingers had the wait staff re-lay the table service.

He made the introductions for Jessica’s benefit as I had met everyone previously.

When he introduced Morgan, as his Personal Assistant, Minx caught my raised eyebrow and smile over Morgan’s shoulder. Morgan looked like she was plucked from right off of the showroom runway. She was very pretty – blonde, tall and statuesque - but exactly the cold, jaded, hard mannequin type I had described to her that morning.

As a little smile played along Jessica’s lips, I was sure she got the point.


The dinner and the evening went very well! I discussed the design of the new showroom with Tony’s staff while Tony, clearly smitten discussed marketing with Jessica.

At one point I heard Jessica exclaim, “Oh Tony my services are more than you can afford!” She did know how to challenge.

At another point she giggled and gushed, “Well the last time I was connected, out here on a project with Dan, there was a 10% marketing fee added to the project.

Unlike John, Tony never touched or even tried to touch Jessica. Except for the kiss on the hand and leading her to the table on his arm he seemed content to let his eyes do the caresses. I was sure he had undressed her in his mind and I thought, ‘Boy are you in for a surprise!’

I did notice Jessica’s eye wander to Morgan whenever Tony’s attention was diverted. I couldn’t figure that out as Morgan for her part sat like an animated statue detached from both conversations like she was in a world of her own. She would smile at Jessica when the little Minx looked over at her, but that was it.
I had tried to catch Morgan’s eye several times but she seemed to barely notice.

Morgan was attractive and had that Blonde “American Beauty” look with long hair that fell in ringlets! She was about 5”-7 or 8” and had the perfect showgirl figure of thin hips and big boobs. I found myself wondering if they were real or store bought. She was so thin and tall, my money was on surgically enhanced.

After dinner the staff departed with the exception of Morgan and Tony who suggested we retire to the lounge for a night cap.

I had not seen any communication between Tony and Morgan but at the bar Morgan was suddenly extremely friendly. She flirted with me and rubbed her boobs against my arm every time she reached for her drink, which she did often taking tiny sips each time.

It was clear she was a diversion so Tony could make a play for Jessica. For my part, I didn’t care as I was having fun watching Jessica totally captivate ‘Mr. Casino Owner Big Shot’. There is nothing like fresh in the land of the jaded.

Finally before we had finished our second drinks Tony took his leave taking Morgan with him after planting another kiss on Jessica’s hand.

As they vanished Jessica said, “I think Morgan likes you!”

“Why do you think that?”

“She was certainly rubbing herself all over you!”

“I think that was to make you jealous my Minx! Every time she did it she would glance at you to see your reaction!”


“I think that show was to distract me for Tony, but I also think she has the hots for you!”

“You're kidding?”


I could see that concept slowly sink in as we finished our drinks and started for our hotel.

Jessica said, “This is another contract I think I can get for you!”

“Only if you play hard to get! Tony is used to getting what he wants without paying for it, if you understand what I mean!”

“Hummmmmmm!”, I heard her say under her breath.


As we opened the door to the suite I noticed an envelope lying just inside the door on the floor.

I picked it up and with Jessica reading over my arm, I read, Dan and Jessica: It was a delightful evening and I hope to get to know you both more in the coming months. Consider this a down payment gift to the start of our new contract! Tony. P.S. Jessica we can work out the rest of the terms later!

Jessica looked up at me like, ‘What?’

I shrugged my shoulders and we stepped into the suite. As we cleared the entry alcove we both noticed a light coming from the master bedroom.

Then we became aware that someone was standing in the bedroom doorway. The person was female by the shape.

As I flipped on the living room lights we both saw Morgan with her arms bound up and attached to the top corners of the door frame while her legs were spread and tethered to the two bottom corners of the opening making her an “X”. In her mouth was a red ball gag that buckled by straps around and over her head.

Other than high heels Morgan was totally naked. Her big breasts stood straight out pointing enormous hard nipples straight at us! ‘Defiantly enhanced, I thought, but well done!’

At that moment a thin line of pussy juice extended from Morgan’s pussy and stretched down until it threatened to drop to the floor.

Jessica reached out and gathered the juice string with two of her fingers and ran them down between Morgan’s breasts. Then Jessica’s fingernails flicked the pierced nipple rings and slightly tugged them as she noticed Morgan dance a bit in reaction.

“Hummmmmm!”, Jessica said watching Morgan’s eyes.

Jessica took the note from my hand and looking up at me she said, “Some down payment! Do you suppose Tony intended her for you or I?”

”Both I would have to assume based upon the way the card is addressed!”

Jessica ran a long finger nail down the center of Morgan’s stomach, and over her belly button jewelry which was clearly not a fake.

Then she put two fingers between Morgan’s legs and stroked them through her pussy slit bringing them out loaded with warm sex juice as Morgan squirmed against her bindings.

The little Minx put the two fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. Then looking at Morgan I heard her say, “Sweet!”

Chapter 6 – Very early Thursday morning

“Jessica!”, I shouted. “We were just cleared as being clean of STD’s and HIV do you know that Tony’s toy is clean?”

“Oh! No! Sorry!”

I unbuckled the ball gag and removed it from Morgan’s mouth! “When was the last time you were checked by a doctor for STD’s and HIV?”, I demanded.

‘Not long!, she replied.

“Not good enough!!” I said taking the nipple jewelry between my thumbs and forefingers and pulling enough to hurt just a little.

“Last week Ok! Tony has me checked all the time. He uses me like this and his biggest fear is getting a disease …..any disease. He takes every preventative thing that appears in the papers.”

I relaxed and let go of her nipples thinking, ‘So, there is something the tough guy is really scared of ………….. interesting – we share one thing at least.’

“He won’t like it that I told you!”

“We won’t tell him if you don’t!” With that I saw her relax a tiny bit.

“Well Minx, what do you want to do with her?”, I asked.

“Let her down will you!”, Jessica said with a mean look in her eyes.

I went through the bathroom to get behind Morgan. The tethers on the cuffs at her wrists were attached to the upper door frame by clamps. I undid one and the leather strap fell and Jessica snatched it up and crossed it behind Morgan’s back pulling her arm with it! As the other strap fell she repeated the process pulling the other way forcing Morgan’s arms together just above her butt. Then Jessica tied the straps in front if the girl at her waist so that her hands were effectively secured behind her.

Jessica slid her hands up and grabbed two hands full of Morgan’s hair and pulled her head down to hers – where she gave Morgan a big kiss. Morgan looked amused and got into the hot kiss, but then all of a sudden I saw the muscles in her back tense. I knew from experience what was happening. Her tongue had just been pulled down Jessica’s powerful throat.

I watched smiling – shaking my head! The little Minx was taking charge of Tony’s offering and I was curious to see what she would do with her!

After feasting on Morgan’s tongue until she forced Morgan to breathe through her nose a few times, Jessica ended the kiss, but kept hold of her head.

Morgan’s eyes now had a hint of fear in them as Jessica said, “So, Tony wanted you to see what kind of a distraction you could be to my relationship with Dan, I take it! Would that about sum it up?”

Morgan didn’t move or say a thing!

“Do you need me to give you another kiss and suck your tongue off this time?”

Morgan still didn’t say a thing.

Jessica put her thumbs into the sides of Morgan’s mouth forcing it open! Morgan might have had 5 inches on Jessica but there was no doubt about who was in charge.

Jessica’s knee came up and hit Morgan squarely on the pubic bone. Trying to yelp, but with Jessica’s thumbs in her mouth, all she could do was stick out her tongue in a grunt. It was exactly the reaction Jessica must have expected, because she seized the tongue down her throat again.

She must have added a lot of pressure because Morgan was squirming now!

“Yeeeeeee……………muuuuuuuum…………….ffff….un………kk…………….!”, Morgan tried to get her mouth loose but it was a losing battle. Between Jessica’s hands holding her head and that throat pulling on her tongue she was effectively stuck.

“uuuuuuuuuuuuunna………..ugggggggggggg!”, Morgan’s eyes were wild with fright!

Jessica let up on Morgan’s tongue.

‘SHHIIIII…………uuuuuuuuuuun!”, Morgan had started to scream but it was cut short when Jessica’s knee came up into her crotch for the second time.

“If you scream – I will take your tongue the next time. Now answer my question, Did, Tony want you to see what kind of a distraction you could be to my relationship with Dan?”

“Yeeth!”, Morgan got out her tongue was clearly sore and she was frightened.

I had never thought of a kiss as a weapon, but combined with Jessica’s powerful sucking throat it seemed to work like that.

“We don’t need Tony’s fuck doll to have a good time! Tell him if he wants to negotiate – to do so because he is willing to flatter me and turn me on! Not because I’m a toy to be played with like you seem to be!”

“I caaannn’tt…”

“Tell him that? Sure you can!”

Jessica got an ottoman from in front of one of the chairs and pushed it in front of Morgan. Then she forced Morgan to her knees and then chest down onto the foot stool. Her knees were spread wide because her feet were still tethered apart. Thus her ass was presented to me standing behind her in the bedroom!

“Use that swollen tongue of yours on this and Dan and I will show you how a man makes love to a woman!”, with that she pulled Morgan’s head back by the hair and straddled her face.

Jessica moved her hips a bit and Morgan must have started doing something because her motion settled into a rhythm.

Jessica said, “Dan I know you are interested in anal. Are you going to try what is presented to you?”

“I don’t have a condom!”

“Well then use your fingers to spur her on! I want her to get me hot enough to put on a show for her to tell Tony about!”

I went to the drawer in the master bedroom where we had stashed the things we had purchased and got out a tube of KY jelly and a butt dildo with a tail that I had purchased before I realized that anal was not Jessica’s thing.

Jessica clearly was showing no mercy to Morgan. She had a fist full of Morgan’s hair in each hand and was riding her face like a motorized sex toy. I couldn’t see much, but Jessica’s clit was clearly riding up and down the bridge of Morgan’s nose. The thought passed through my mind, ‘I wonder if she will break her nose?’

“That is mine!”, she said looking at the butt plug tail in my hand.

“I thought you didn’t like anal!”, I said surprised!

“My one virgin hole is for you alone! But, show me how it is done using this fuck toy!”

Jessica’s eyes were glazing over a bit as she watched me apply the KY jelly to Morgan’s ass crack and then squirting a liberal supply into her anal passage. I looked up at Jessica as she said, “Make her squirm!”

It was clear Jessica was making it rough on this girl as a payback for what she saw as Tony’s presumptive behavior. And, as Jessica was orchestrating the show I played my part.

First I shoved my thumb into Morgan’s anal opening so my fingers could play with and enter her wet pussy. This made Morgan lurch forward where her face met a forward thrust from Jessica’s hips. I pulled my two fore fingers up to try to touch my thumb so I could feel my fingers and thumb slide along the thin passage separating the two canals.

Clearly this was a new sensation for Morgan as she pushed back into my hand with a groan and a more determined attack on Jessica’s snatch.

I have never had large hands so I decided to try to see how much of mine I could get into Morgan at once. I let all four fingers pry open and enter Morgan’s pussy, which they did with more ease than I had expected. Clearly she didn’t have the muscle tightness I had come to expect from Jessica.

This stretching seemed to be a turn on for Morgan as she was pushing back into my fingers trying to get them to go deeper into her sex.

Jessica seemed to notice as well and she said, “Try to fist her!”

Using my thumb I opened Morgan’s passage and with my free hand I squirted more KY Jelly into her hole. Then sliding my thumb out drove my fingers all the way into her in one stroke!.

“UUUMMPPP!”, came a sound from Morgan as Jessica screamed “Oh Wooooooooooooow!”, and climaxed.

Jessica clearly was not done and as she moved her hips faster and faster against Morgan’s face and tongue. “Now fist her!”, she moaned at me.

I made the ends of my fingers and thumb into as small a point as I could and they started their entry up Morgan’s love canal thinking, ‘This will either split her or she will expand to meet me!’

Morgan felt my probing and she decided to take matters into her own timing as she slammed back into my hand once then again and again until suddenly my whole hand vanished into her.

Jessica had bent over Morgan’s back to watch my manhood stuffed into her bottom and as my hand disappeared inside of Morgan, Jessica climaxed again covering the girl’s face with her juices as she screamed “Oh yesssssssssss! You fucking slut you!”

Pulling my other thumb out of her ass, I slid my free hand under Morgan and started to play with her clit. The action tightened her vaginal walls around my hand and wrist and drove me to move my hand inside of her faster and faster.

“Yes, horsy YEEEESS!”, Morgan screamed as she began to have one climax after another in quick succession. “Come on horse! Fuck me good!”

Jessica’s eyes met mine and I knew she was having the same thought I was, ‘HORSE? Was Morgan off in space thinking she was fucking a horse?”

The thought must have been too much for Jessica as she climaxed again yelling, “Oh God! OOOH GGOOOOD! OOOOOOOOOH GGGGGGGGGGGGOD!”

I watched in amazement as the two women climaxed several times, each clearly focused on their own images and sensations.

Jessica had been looking into my eyes when all of a sudden I saw their color change and she focused hard on me.

She dropped Morgan’s head and walked across the ottoman where Morgan lay and slid past me into the bedroom. I was not sure what she was up to until I felt her hand under me.

Then she slid under me between my legs and then she took my hard member into her mouth. It was then I realized she must have noticed that only she and Morgan we getting off – and that I must be frustrated.

Morgan was still breathing heavily and dancing on my hand and wrist as Jessica’s crazy strong throat pulled me deep. My one thought was, ‘I wonder if she could suck my dick off? She had certainly sacred Morgan about losing her tongue!’

I chuckled and realized Morgan was in total collapse with just her hips twitching, as she murmured “Good horsy!.............Good horsy! …………….Good horsy!”

The thought of Morgan thinking she was being fucked by a horse and the power of Jessica’s attention to my pleasures was too much – and in seconds I was shooting cum I thought I was drained of - down my Minx’s throat!

I jerked several times and Jessica kept the pressure until she was sure she could feel me start to shrink. Then as I pulled my hand out of Morgan and looked down at Jessica she smiled up at me and said, “Did I leave my Master to long without relief?”

“No Minx! You did fine, I’m ok!”

Jessica reached up and grabbed the area of Morgan’s clit and twisted hard! All the action did was get one great twitch out of Morgan followed by a grunt.

Jessica got out from under me and stood beside me looking down at the prostrate Morgan. She shook her head and said “She is not good for much else unless you want her!”

“Minx, I said I’m fine!”

“You can have her ass if you want it! I don’t mind!”

“Minx, I told you I’m fine and if I want an ass it is yours!”

Jessica’s eyes searched mine and then she smiled, “I’m not sure I will ever want that, but if I do it …………will be yours …………..first!”

“Thank you for the offer! So what do you want me to do with Morgan here?”, I asked - realizing this was Jessica’s call. I didn’t understand it completely but what Tony had done clearly had pissed Jessica off!

“Do you know where Tony lives?”

“In a gated estate ….. out by a Country Club … north of town! Why?”, I asked.

“Could you find it at night?”, she asked.

“I guess so! What do you want to do?”

“Rent a car big enough for all three of us and help me get her ready to take home! Tony needs to find his mare in his own pasture!”

I shook my head and thought, ‘Damn! Jessica can be a tough cat when you step on her tail! But, it is fun to watch!’

Twenty minutes later Morgan was trussed up with her leg straps tied loosely to her hands which were still tied behind her back. The ball gag was back in her mouth and Jessica had covered her with a robe from the back of the bathroom door.

I had gotten the rental car and taken it around by the loading dock for the hotel. So we half walked – half drug Morgan to the freight elevator the maids used to bring their carts to the various floors as it would let us out right by the loading dock.

As the doors opened on the first floor, I saw the backs of two people disappear around the corner of the hallway leading back into the hotel.

We slipped out the door by the dock and propped Morgan in the back driver’s side seat. I got into drive and Jessica slipped into the back on the passenger’s side where she could prop Morgan up if needed.

Morgan was still mostly out of it! And, I took off for the area of Tony’s estate.

As we drove we came to the adult toy store where we had selected items two days before.

“Stop here a moment!”, ordered Jessica.

Five minutes later bag in hand Jessica jumped into the back seat again and said, “To Tony’s!”

Thirty minutes later we were stopped just beyond the gate to Tony’s driveway on the shoulder of the road! It was after 2 am in the morning and not much was moving.

Jessica got out and checked around.

After a moment she was back saying, “There is just a little space between the gate columns and the gate that we can slip through sideways!”

Jessica grabbed the sack from the toy store and together we lifted Morgan out of the car.

Jessica slipped through the space in the fence first and then we got the groggy Morgan through.

I thought several times we were going to lose Morgan right there as she thrashed around.

Finally we were all on the inside and Jessica took the robe off of Morgan. Then she untied all of the straps that were still attached to Morgan’s ankles and wrists.

I wasn’t sure what Jessica was doing until I saw her move Morgan to the center of the gate and tie her ankles to the wrought iron one leg at a time splayed out as far as they could go.

She looked at me and said, “Tie her hands high and spread eagle like she was in our suite!”

Once Morgan was attached to the fence, Jessica took a giant rubber dildo out of the sack together with a new tube of KY Jelly. She greased up the dildo and then proceeded to shove it up into Morgan until it was gone.

I didn’t think Morgan could take it all – but then she had taken my hand and part of my arm. As it vanished Morgan rolled her head and mumbled around the gag, “Nicishhhhhhh Hooorsssy!”

“How are you going to keep it in there?”, I asked.

“Hold it in place!”, the Minx said eyes flashing.

As I did as asked, she reached into the bag and came out with a pair of black leather panties with an elastic waist that had a zipper that closed each leg part up the crotch.

Jessica put the panties on Morgan and zipped them closed encasing the dildo inside the girl.

Then she reached once more into the bag and came out with a small vibrator attached to a control. This she placed inside the leather panties directly on Morgan’s clit and zippered the crotch completely closed.

She then turned on the vibrator and tucked the control in the waistband of the panty.

Morgan’s hips began to twitch as we looked at her. She looked for all the world like a struggling insect caught on a spider’s web!

“Nice imagery!”, I said followed by, “Let’s get out of here!”

As we started the car and were about to drive off I was aware of headlights coming down the drive way toward the gate.

Moving away I had an image of Morgan caught in the headlights of the car!

I tried to picture the driver’s face when they saw what Jessica had written in bright red lipstick across Morgan’s bare chest and stomach.

Used Mare for sale! Can’t take a Stallion!

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