A night of joy,
A night of lust,
between a boy,
& his urge to bust.

He found a girl,
of just Nineteen,
her name was Pearl,
for whom he had seen.

With one slick line,
he was off to the races,
but at his home,
there were many known faces...

aunt Sue,
he was in a jam,
with nothing to do.

He took the Vaseline,
to avoid them seeing
he left right quick,
he was simply fleeing.

But his sister must have known
as she pulled a horrid prank
but she didn't care,
she hated that skank!

So late it was,
time to fuck,
when he asked for anal,
she said yes, what luck!

so to please this fine teen,
& to make it enjoyable,
he grabbed the Vaseline,
the outcome...was horrible...

...Out of the night,
there came a scream...
his sister put sand in the Vaseline!

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2013-04-27 03:44:36
Such an imprsesive answer! You've beaten us all with that!

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2013-04-25 09:06:38
I can't believe I've been going for years without knwonig that.

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2011-10-25 22:34:35
Hahah Thts Realllly Goood! iLikee It ! Great Jobb! ( : 

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