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My sister was two years younger than I was but she knew everything about sex and who was fucking whom.
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My Sister Makes Me So Jealous

My sister Maggie has always been the girl that I most wanted to be with. We played together and we even bathed together when we were young. We played doctor to explore our new found sexuality. We teased each other all the time.

Maggie would rub her tits into my back while I was getting things out in the kitchen, she would rub her ass onto my crotch if I was sitting in a chair, and she would grab my cock whenever she got the opportunity.

I would do similar things to her. If she were bent over I would rub my crotch into her fine ass. I would slip my arms up under her arms and grab her breasts. I would also reach up under her skirt and feel of her panty-cover pussy.

Then one day things changed drastically. Mom and Dad left us home alone while they flew out to see grandma. She had been hospitalized from a fall that broke her hip. Dad was only gone a couple of days because he had to come home to go to work. Mom stayed with her mother for three weeks until she could get out of the hospital and get into physical therapy.

That first night without anyone home Maggie suggested that we play house, she would be Mom and I would be Dad. It started out simple enough until after dinner when she put on one of Mom’s sexy nighties. It was yellow and transparent and it was pretty big on her. Not only could I see right through it but the strap kept falling off one shoulder and exposing that breast. She seemed almost embarrassed but I liked it and I told her so. After that she just let one breast stay out for me to play with.

When it was bedtime she insisted that we should sleep in our parent’s bed, after all we were pretending to be them, weren’t we. In the bedroom she reminded me that Mom and Dad sleep in the nude. Well that turned out to be more fun than I expected. You see we had not actually seen one another totally naked in a few years, Mom saw to that. I was impressed by Maggie’s pubic hair. It was blonde and fine while mine was dark and course. She took after Mom and I took after Dad. I smiled thinking that Maggie’s breasts would be as big as Mom’s were, someday.

Once I was in bed Maggie reached for my cock, stroked it a little, and then she sank her mouth over the head of it catching me by surprise.

When I questioned her she said, “Mom does this to Daddy ever night and then he fucks her.”

I asked, “How do you know that?”

Maggie smiled and said, “They let me watch them sometimes. Daddy liked to stick his cock in Mommy from behind as she licked my pussy. Daddy is going to break my cherry and fuck me on my next birthday.”

Shocked I asked, “Really?”

Maggie smiled and said, “That is what Daddy wants. Mommy doesn’t want him to fuck me at all but she doesn’t have a lot to say about it. What I want is for you to take my virginity. What would you like?”

What would I like? I had wanted to fuck my sister for as long as I could remember. When her mouth was on my cock I almost shot cum into her. I wanted to fuck her even more now. So I said, “I want to fuck you.”

Maggie laughed and said, “That’s exactly what Daddy says to Mommy. Go ahead, stick it in me.”

I was surprised at how easily my cock entered her virgin pussy. So I said, “I thought it was supposed to hurt.”

Maggie laughed and replied, “It did the first time Mommy stuck her dildo up me.”

I said, “I thought Dad wanted to break your cherry.”

Maggie replied, “He doesn’t know that Mommy broke me in. When Daddy goes out of town on business we girls sleep together.”

I said, “I know. Mom likes having someone in bed with her.”

Maggie laughed and said, “No Mommy like sex. She likes to fuck me with all of her sex toys and then she lets me do to it to her. She can take a real monster. What to see Jumbo?”

I said, “Hell yes.”

Maggie pushed me off from her and got up. That was when I realized that I had not finished fucking her.

Maggie walked over to Mom’s closet, opened it up, and took out a suitcase. She put it on the bed and opened it up. It was full of things that I knew nothing about. My sister picked them up one at a time and explained them to me. There were anal beads, butt plugs, vibrators, dildos, ball gags, and fur lined handcuffs. There were at least ten silicon dildos in a variety of sizes. She showed me the biggest one that Mom used on her and it was twice as big as my cock. Then she pulled out Jumbo. He was huge, he was bright orange, and he was three by fourteen. Mom had one that was even bigger at four by twenty. Maggie called that one Horse because it was suppose to be a duplicate of a horse’s cock.”

I asked, “How big is a soda can.”

Maggie started laughing and replied, “Just a little over two and a half inches. I can get one all the way inside Mommy. On Fridays Daddy puts a beer can in Mommy’s pussy and then he sends her off to work. She has to keep it in there until he takes it out when they meet for lunch.”

All I could say was, “No way.”

Maggie went over to one of Dad’s drawers and took out a shoebox. She opened it up and thumbed through some pictures. Then she handed me a small stack to look at. Mom was naked, lying on her back, and Maggie was sticking things in Mom’s pussy including Jumbo and a beer can.

She handed me another stack of pictures. They were of Maggie on the receiving end of several dildos, vibrators, and Mom’s tongue. I liked them.

Maggie asked, “Do you want to fuck me with some of them?”

I smiled and said, “I’d rather finish using my own cock first.”

Maggie’s eyes bugged open and she sad, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.”

Then Maggie got back on the bed and opened her legs for me. I slipped back in and she just started to moan. I pushed in and I pulled out about fifty times before I shot my load into her.

Maggie said, “Wow, that felt so good, no wonder Mommy likes real cocks better than plastic ones.”

I couldn’t let that slide, I asked, “Cocks! As in more than one?”

Maggie covered her mouth with both hands. I just looked at her as I sat on her upper legs.

Finally Maggie said, “You can’t tell anyone. Promise me.”

At that point I would have told her anything that she wanted to hear. I said, “I promise.”

Maggie then said, “Mommy has a few boyfriends.”

I repeated, “A few.”

Maggie said, “Well…yeah. She lets her boss and a couple of the out of town salesman fuck her at work, she lets Pastor Bob fuck her after church, and she lets the man that fixes our cars fuck her to get a better price on her repairs.”

I said, “She lets five guys fuck her.”

Maggie said, “Six if you count Daddy. Seven if you count me.”

I asked, “Is there anything else that I don’t know?”

Maggie smiled at me and took a minute to gather her thoughts. Meanwhile she pulled my face to her breasts and offered me her nipple to suck on.

Finally Maggie said, “Well, Mommy used to let her father and three brothers fuck her until she married Daddy. She still lets them fuck her occasionally, if she is around. Hey she is going to be around them in a couple of weeks. I bet she gets plenty of sex without Daddy around.”

Maggie continued, “Daddy still fucks his sister. Sometimes Aunt Judy joins them in bed for a threesome.”

Maggie continued, “Mommy wants to let you fuck her but Daddy says no, that incest must stop. However, he wants to fuck me. He’s such a hypocrite.”

I asked, “Mom really wants me to fuck her?”

Maggie giggled and said, “She sure does. I’ve seen her suck the dry cum out of your underwear.”

I was hard again so I just rolled over onto my sister and slipped my cock back into her. She moaned, she held me tight, and she kissed me. Somehow at the very same time we said, “I love you.” Then the phone rang. Maggie just reached over and picked it up with my cock still in her. “Hello…hi Mommy…you want to know what we are doing…really…we are fucking in your bed…yes…yes…Mommy wants to talk to you.” Then she handed me the phone. I said, “Hi.” And Mom said, “Good for you. I was afraid your father would get to her first.” I replied, “Maggie doesn’t want Dad to fuck her.” Mom said, “That’s okay he still has his sister if he gets horny or his new secretary. She is very small, she has really tiny titties, and she looks like your sister. He’ll deal with it. Pass me back to your sister. Oh, good night honey.” Maggie said, “Yes…okay…I will…good night Mommy.” Then she dropped the phone onto the bed and attacked me with a new vigor making me cum pretty quickly.

Maggie said, “Mommy told me to drain every drop of cum out of you before she gets home. Then it’s her turn.”

I said, “Mom really wants me to fuck her.”

Maggie giggled and said, “I told you so.”


We fucked each other senseless in our parent’s bed until Dad came home, then we moved into Maggie’s bed. Dad never said a word about fucking Maggie. Aunt Judy spent one or two nights a week in Dad’s bed though.

He also brought his tiny secretary home the night before Mom was to return. She really did look like Maggie. He asked Maggie to join them for a threesome and she said no. However, when Maggie asked her to join us for a threesome, she said okay.

I got to fuck the young woman from behind as she licked my cum out of my sister. It was nice and I knew why Dad liked to do Mom that way. Then I watch the two girls swing around into a sixty-nine that would have made Dad very happy, if he had been invited to watch it, that is.

When Mom came home she kissed Dad, smiled at Maggie, and took me to my bedroom. We did not come out until the next morning when Mom kissed Dad and smiled at Maggie again.

Mom invited Aunt Judy over for a threesome that night but with me instead of with Dad. She even invited Dad’s secretary over a few days later for another threesome with me. That following weekend Mom invited me to join her and Dad for a threesome…I got my first taste of anal sex and I liked it.

A few weeks later my sister was letting every boy she knew fuck her. I could still fuck her at night but I had to settle for sloppy fifths or sixths. Sometimes my sister makes me so jealous. However, she did point out that I was fucking three older women plus her. To sooth my wounds Maggie started setting me up with all of her girlfriends…many of which were still virgins.

The End
My Sister Makes Me So Jealous
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