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My sister was pissed when she found out that she had a bad reputation among the boys.
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My Sister Was Pissed

I came straight home from school, went into my sister’s bedroom and asked, “Are you really fucking every boy in my class?”

Emily looked shocked and asked, “Who says that they have fucked me? I’m still a virgin.”

I asked, “Can I feel your hymen then?”

Emily said, “I’d let you if I had one. I used a big carrot to break it myself. Donna said that the first time that I had sex would feel much better if the guy didn’t break it on his way in.”

I asked, “Did you by any chance tell Charlie about that?”

Emily said, “Yes. That lousy son of a bitch, I’ll kill him.”

We talked about the difference between boys and girls and sex. What we decided was that boys would lie about doing it with a girl a hundred times more than a girl would.

The next day in school the teacher told the girls to go to the gym for a discussion. Then she told the boys to stay where they were. Soon the school principle, the nurse, and my sister entered the classroom.

Emily stepped forward and said, “My brother told me that all of you boys have had sex with me. I don’t know how you could have, since I am still a virgin.”

She let that sink in and then she said, “Charlie I only told you that I had broken my own cherry with a carrot.”

The boys started giggling and the Principle snapped his fingers and it stopped.

Emily said, “Billy, I let you kiss me and you shoved your hand up under my shirt and squeezed me nipple. It hurt, I pushed you away, and then I slapped your face.”

“Sammy I watched you jerk off but I never let you touch me. Isn’t that right?”

Sammy said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

Emily then asked, “Now who wants to tell me to my face that you have fucked me?”

The school nurse said, “Had sex!”

Emily said, “Sorry! So who wants to tell me to my face that you have had sex with me?”

Not a hand went up.

The Principle stepped forward and said, “I do not want to hear any more gossip about any of the girls in this school…real or made up…is that understood?”

All of the boys mumbled, “Yeah.”

My sister smiled at me before she walked out. Then the Principle walked out. However, our teacher and the school nurse stayed and we got the “sex talk” in great detail. She put emphases on us boys using condoms. She handed each of us a box of our own. Then she told us not to think that they were a get out of jail card and that abstinence is still the best form of birth control.

When the bell rang we were allowed to leave and go to our next class.

At lunch Emily caught up with me and said that the girls had the “sex talk” too. She giggled and pulled a box of condoms out of her purse.

At the end of the day Emily was waiting for me instead of going home with Donna and her mother. Along the way we discussed her talk to the boys. She certainly felt better and I told her that several of the boys had apologized to me about spreading rumors about her. A couple had also apologized to her too.

I told her that I knew almost nothing about a girl’s body.

We had another hour before Mom would get home from work so Emily told me to come with her if I really wanted a lesson in female anatomy.

She took me into the bathroom that we shared. She made sure to lock both of our bedroom doors and then she told me to sit on the edge of the tub.

Emily removed her blouse and tossed it onto the bathroom floor. Her blue jeans followed. She then started to explain that her breasts were developing, her hips were flaring, and her uterus had started producing an egg every twenty-eight days in preparation to reproduce…to bear children. The way she phrased it women were certainly an essential part of human creation. Her monthly periods were specifically for making babies. Her breasts were strictly there to feed those babies. Her hips widening and her uterus thickening were to carry the baby to birth. The way she explained it girls are miracles. She said that basically all us boys did was give them the X or Y chromosome needed to create life.

I had no idea.

Then Emily said, “I know that you cannot tell anyone about what I am going to do next so I feel comfortable to get naked in front of you. However, I want you to get naked too…but me first.”

Emily remover her bra and pointed out her nipples where the baby got it’s milk, her areolas, and her breasts that contained her milk ducts. She removed her panties and showed me her pubic hair. Then she sat up on the edge of the counter and spread her knees out wide. She pointed out her outer pussy lips, her inner pussy lips, and then she pointed out her clit and her vagina. Her clit would cause her vagina to secrete a slimy fluid that would coat her walls and help lubricate my cock as it entered her. She said that up inside her vagina was her cervix that was the opening to her womb where the baby would grow. I was amazed at her knowledge of her own body. In fact she seemed to know more about my body than I did.

It was my turn to undress and let her tell me about my body. My cock was specially designed to be inserted into her pussy far enough to do the job of getting her pregnant. She said that the reason that my cock got hard was in anticipation of having sex with her. Needless to say I was harder than I could ever remember. It didn’t help when she held my cock and explained to me about the shape, the length, and the angle that it assumed when hard. Now I felt somewhat like a miracle myself.

Next I watched my sister sit down on the toilet, spread her knees for me, and then pee. Wow, things just seemed to get better and better. She wiped, she flushed, and then she took me into her bedroom.

Before I knew it I was on my back on her bed and she was sitting on my cock. It was up inside her and it felt good, it felt incredible.

She said that our sexual feelings were to stimulate our minds and our bodies to make sure that a baby would get a fighting chance to survive. Emily said that sex for the sake of sex was okay but that a couple that actually loved and respected one another would make love. Making love was something special and even spiritual, while sex was just a quick fuck.

Emily only wanted to make love with a boy that she loved and who truly loved her. That boy was me…her own brother.

She pulled herself up a little and dropped back down on me. She smiled and did it some more. She pulled my hands up to her breasts and asked me to pinch her nipples gently and that it would help her achieve an orgasm.

Suddenly I remember the condom talk that our school nurse gave me and told Emily. She giggled and said that we didn’t need to worry about them because she was on birth control. She said that we could make love every day after school and after we had gone to bed every night. Other than that we should play it cool around our parents. I agreed and thanked her.

Then I started cumming inside her.

That was the start of our love affair that continues to this day. We live in another city as husband and wife since we both have the same last name. We have not made a baby even though we continue to practice.

The End
My Sister Was Pissed
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