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The Long Road To Getting My Wife To Fuck Other Men

I love to watch my wife with other men, I've had this desire almost as long as I have known her.
She was 15 & I was 17. We were both virgins on our first encounter so neither of us had
ever had sex with anyone else.

The desire to see her with other men all started for me one night on a date with her when we
parked in a neighborhood park. We were in the back seat totally nude & enjoying each others
Suddenly a light was being shone on us & the car door opened, we were startled & scared as
we could see nothing with the light shinning in our eyes. Turned out to be a cop, he informed
us we were breaking the law having sex & being nude in a public place. He told me to get
dressed & for her not to move from the corner she was huddled in.

He took me to his car & placed me in the back seat telling me he was going to get her.
I was alone for quite a while thoughts racing through my head of what was going to happen to
us. As I thought about him catching us fucking & seeing her body my cock began getting hard,
the more I pictured him seeing her the harder it got. I was really scared at the same time, I kept
wondering what was taking so long & what was going on.

Eventually he returned & told we me could leave, but gave me a very stern warning telling me
that due to our ages he should notify our parents of what we were doing & to have them come
to the police station to get us but he would let us go but if he ever saw my car in that park
again that I or both of us would be arrested.

When I got back to my car she was just finishing dressing when I asked what had he said to
her, she said when he had gotten back to the car she was dressing, He shined the light on her
& very roughly told her he had told her not to move so why was she dressed. He told her when
I give you an order you will follow it to the letter or I will slap the cuffs on you & haul your naked
ass to the police station & call your parents to come get you.

Having said that he told her to remove her clothes & get back in the corner where she was
supposed to be. She then informed me that he kept shinning the light on her naked body for a
while then told her he had better check to see if I had cum in her, so slide over here so I can
check you out. She told him no ,so he angrily said fine we can do it here & now or you can get
checked at the police station then your parents can come pick your naked ass up.

She relented & said he could check her if we could just go & not be arrested. She told me he
had her slide over to the edge of the seat & spread her legs for him. He then inserted one fringe
r then two fingers into her young cunt & stroked around for a while finally pulling his fingers out
& saying I guess you are clean so get dressed & I'll send your boyfriend back to you then get
your asses out of here & never come back to my park again.

As she relayed this story to me I was really distressed that my love had to go thru this hurt full
experience but at the same time I had a raging hard on picturing him with his fingers buried in her
hot little cunt.
For months I could not get the thoughts of her being sexually used by another man out of my mind,
I was constantly picturing her with any good looking guy we were around etc.

After we were married I kept planning on ways to get another mans cock buried in her sweet little
cunt.She was raised in a religious home the old fastened way, you get married have kids, stay with
your man, so trying to get her to accept having sex with another man seemed like a mountain
I would never get across. I got books on swinging trying to get her interest up, showing her pics
of two men doing any & every thing to the woman. Especially reading her excerpts from swinging
wives of how sex with other men made them feel so much more fulfilled & made their home life
so much more enjoyable with their husbands.She would have none of it her old fashioned up bringing
would only let her believe that sex was for your husband only for ever & ever.

Before we were married I got a wild hair in my ass thinking I wanted to go back to my home state
to be with my old girlfriends. I just did not feel that Al was the one I wanted to spend my life with so
we broke up. I went back to my old girl friends for about 3 months but all I could think of was her &
every time I did I pictured her & me in bed with another man buried in her pussy.
I finally went back but she was dating another guy & a friend told me they were in love & going to
get engaged. I sulked for a while but I could not shake the fact I was going to spend the rest of my
life with her. I set out to win her back & finally succeeded.

The reason I bring this up is because in the processes of trying to get her to swing I was looking for
any little thing that would help me get a big stiff cock buried in her hot little cunt. So one day I brought
up her ex & how much sex they had together, at first she tried to tell me that they were waiting till
they got married & had no sex but I knew her better so after pressing for a while she admitted they
had been fucking. I got an instant hard on & kept pressing her for details, so I kept pressing the issue
she had already fucked someone else besides me so it would do no harm to continue to have fun sex
with other men.

I asked her if she enjoyed it with him of course I knew the answer cause I know how much she liked sex.
She said yes it was good but way better with me, I kept pressing for details on their times together finally
she opened up & went into detail. I got a raging hard on pulled it out pushed her back on the couch &
buried my cock in her, fucking like a madman telling her to keep telling me about their sex together.
She was actually getting off on telling me about it. I asked her if the memories of his cock fucking her
hot little cunt was making our sex better. She gave me a hug let out a little moan & shoved her hot little
cunt into me pumping away like a wild woman.

As we lay talking afterwards I said see sex with others can make our sex better I think this just proved
my point. If you got this hot just remembering his fucking you how do you think you would feel if you
had two guys pleasuring every inch of your body licking, sucking, shoving their hard cocks into your
hot cunt over & over again.

She let out a moan climbed on top of me & slammed her dripping cunt down on my waiting cock. It took
a few years but eventually I got my strongest desires filled & got to enjoy hot sex in a MFM situation.

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-04 13:26:59
Subject matter excites me but the story did not. I've discussed sharing my partner with her but she's apprehensive about it. If I were female I'd be a multiple partner slut! LOL


2011-10-04 10:30:42
Keep writing, I think your stories will get better with time. Include more detailn the sex department for starters!! Do u still share your wife? I know you got more stories, so get tto writing!

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-04 08:09:46
I would say the details you had to pry out of her are the details this story actually needs to improve the quality of the story.

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