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Here is how it started
Part 3
Mary called me before I got home and she seemed to understand why I had left. I was back in my motor home by afternoon. Throughout the drive my troubled thoughts had kept me going but as the AC removed the heat from my home I lay down and dropped into a deep restful sleep. I awoke about sundown. At first I thought it was morning but then I realized the sun was coming from the wrong direction. I prepared a light meal and as I ate I determined that I had to straighten out my thinking before my dear one’s return. She was due back in three days.
I sat down at my computer with the intent to begin at the beginning. What follows is that beginning.
Our parents had gone back east to a funeral leaving 17-year-old Mary and seven-year-old me alone. We were living in an unfinished home without plumbing. It was in the great depression remember. Mary was a clean freak wanting us to bathe every other day. It did not matter that to take a bath a thirty gallon wash tub was placed in the middle of the kitchen and water carried from the spring was heated on the stove. When she finished her bath she would add a bucket of hot water to her cooling bath water and call me in to take my bath.
This day, instead of going to my room to read I had spied on her. I watched her undress. I don’t think I was seeing anything I had not seen before but the sight gave me a boner. I had begun getting boners often and I had discovered that it felt good when I played with it. So, I pulled it out and stroked it while I watched. When she finished rinsing off she stood in the tub and dried off. When she had dried all except her legs she placed one foot on a nearby chair. In doing so, she opened her sweet young pussy to my view. Now this was something I had never seen before.
I remembered back to a few months earlier a neighbor boy who was a year or so older had talked me out of a candy bar by promising me he would let me see his twin sister’s pussy. She had refused to let me see but of course by that time I had given up my candy bar. Well, here I was seeing my sister’s and I was sure it was better than seeing a little girls.
Mary put on her white terrycloth robe and poured a bucket of hot water into the tub. I stepped back and put my dick in my pants. She called, “Em, it’s time to take your bath.” I waited a moment and then walked into the kitchen. She was seated at the table running a brush through her hair. “Better hurry before it gets cold.” She always said the same thing. I undressed and stepped into the tub. Just as I began to squat down I heard her say, “Oh my.”
I looked at her and saw she was looking straight at my hard-on. I quickly sat down and asked, “Why does my peepee get big?”
She did not respond right away and I began to think I should not have asked. Then she asked, “Does it happen often?”
“Just about every day,” I responded.
“What do you do?”
“Nothing, it just pops up.” I had memories of having been told to not play with it so I avoided telling her that I did.
As I sit here typing my memory went blank as to what was said next. It seems my mind insists on telling the story its way and that is to skip ahead to later when she had brought me into her room to examine my hard-on. I was sitting on her bed. She touched it and squeezed it. She pulled it and pushed it. Precum oozed out of it and she rubbed that all over its head. It felt so good. I got lost in the ecstasy, laying back and closing my eyes. Suddenly without warning she stopped. I lay there for a while then opened my eyes and sat up. She was sitting at her dressing table braiding her hair. I looked down and saw that my dick was still hard.
“Get in bed,” she said. I scooted off her bed and pulled up my pajama bottoms. I started to leave her room. “No, get in my bed,” she said, adding, “and take off your bottoms.” I complied and suddenly she turned off the light and got in bed with me.
It was pitch black. She pulled me on top of her. My face was at her breasts which were bare. I took a nipple in my mouth and she put her hands on the back of my head. I could feel my legs between hers. After a time she pulled me up a little and I felt my dick touch her pussy. I remembered that first time as clear as if it had happened yesterday. That first time my pecker slid between those slippery lips, the feeling was sensational. I am not sure whether I pushed or she pulled but the result was the same. It felt so much better than playing with it. I pushed in and pulled out. Soon I was pumping as rapidly as I could. I did this until I tired. I stopped with my dick still in my sister’s pussy and soon I was asleep.
The next day was either Saturday or Sunday because we did not have school. I awoke in my own bed. In my sleep she must have carried me to my bed. At breakfast she asked if I had liked what we had done in her bed. I said I had. She asked if I wanted to do it again. Excitedly I said yes. She then talked about making a promise to keep a secret. The details of this discussion are lost in time but I remember feeling the importance she put into it.
I stop the telling her because I had not intended to make this an erotic story. As I type this the memories come back clearly but I do not have to put the details down here. Let us be happy to know that that day she taught me to do cunnilingus and I became addicted to it. It was nearly two years before she performed fellatio but that is another story.
It seems that we always had to rush to catch the school bus. School was a bore. My teacher did not think much of me but as I looked at it I already knew everything she tried to teach me and it seemed so stupid to have to recite it back to her. If I had already read a book, why should I have to read it aloud to show her I could read?
Sis and I rode the bus after school. We would get off either below our house and walk through a cemetery and part way up the hill to our house or we would ride the bus up the hill and walk down through a plum orchard to our house. There were a couple of boys near my sister’s age who always teased her and to get away from them we had started getting off at the first stop. Mary did not like the cemetery but she preferred it over those boys. However, these days, since she was in a hurry we would ride the bus up the hill and walk down through the orchard because as she said, “It’s quicker.” It was a shorter and downhill walk.
She always had me washing up so that is what I had to do as she fixed a snack. While I ate she would wash. She no longer attempted to be modest, stripping down and wiping a wash cloth over every place she wanted refreshed. I’d get a boner watching her and when I finished eating she had me drop my pants and she would wash my boner. While doing this she would tell me how we had to keep this secret and when the folks returned we might not get much chance to do it again. I always agreed to keep the secret. She then would lead me to her room where she had me eat her pussy until her orgasm then I’d get on top of her and pound her pussy with my dick until I tired.
I would then take a nap while she did her school work and fixed dinner. She’d wake me and we would eat. If it was a bath night that would take place next then came story telling. Usually we each told a story that we had heard before. She did tell a story about a mother who had an affair outside of marriage, got pregnant and then lost the baby. I asked a lot of questions during this story and learned many things that I at seven, I did not know before. When she finished the story, I asked, “When did that happen?”
“Couple years ago,” she responded.
“How do you know?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you some other time,” she said. That time did not come until my visit with her in LA.
After story time, it was off to her bed for some more pussy eating and pounding. I slept well with her in her bed but would always wake in my own bed in the morning. She would wake me and soon we were rushing to catch the bus. I was looking forward to having a whole day with Mary on Saturday but she had something she had to do so she left me with a neighbor girl name Carol Ann but actually I spent most of the day with Carol Ann’s brothers Tom and Tim who were only a little older than me. Carol Ann was busy entertaining an older boy. Tom said she was probably fucking him. I so wanted to tell Tom and Tim about fucking my sister but I kept the secret. Tom and Tim were always doing entertaining things like seeing who could piss the farthest. Neither of them was circumcised like me and they would stretch their foreskin out making a kind of nozzle out of it. This made a fine powerful stream which I could not do. But it was still interesting watching them try to out piss each other.
Sunday was nice with Mary and I spending the whole day together. I told her about what Tom had said about his sister. She said, “I believe it but I bet she doesn’t have as much fun as I do.” Then we had another talk about keeping our secret. She told me a story about us marrying and going on a honeymoon. Then we pretended we were on our honeymoon and went to her bed.
The school week went the same as the week before but when Thursday came she expected our parents back any day so we started practicing being like we had been before. It was hard for me to keep from touching her and going to sleep in my own bed was difficult. Friday was a repeat of Thursday but after I went to bed but before I got to sleep our parents arrived. Both Mary and I got up to welcome them home. For several hours they told us about their trip. Then everyone was too tired to stay up.
Big changes took place after that because my father received an inheritance which allowed him to purchase a better home. This home was on a small farm where we had a couple of milk cows, chickens, and rabbits. It was near the end of the great depression but both of our parents were able to find work. Mary and I continued to have our time together nearly every day. Even after she graduated from high school she continued to live with us.

Part 4
It was just after my tenth birthday that Pearl Harbor occurred. Both our parents got on swing shift at the ship yard, mother as a guard and father as a welder working from 4 PM to midnight. To be continued.

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2014-01-13 02:19:14
no paragraphs make it to hard to read delete and rewrite and use a good editor before posting

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2012-08-07 01:48:10
This is the last story my Grandpa Em wrote before he died.
One day soon I will write the rest of this story as I know it.
Grandpa Em nicknamed me Timid One.
I now pretend to be a man and go by the name Tim I Done.

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