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Attending that concert was a big mistake...
My friend Jen and I were so excited. We waited months to buy tickets for the Mosh pit extravaganza concert in Detroit. Little did we know it would be a huge mistake attending the concert. Our lives would be changed forever. Let me describe myself. My name is Brittney. I exercise everyday and am about 5'2" and 100 pounds soaking wet with rocks in my pocket. My tanned legs and bumble bee bum make guys whistle at me all the time. I have long blond curly hair past my waist and am completely tanned with a six pack and completely shaven. Not bad for a 19 year old girl. That makes many girls jealous of me. My friend Jen is 21 and just about six feet tall. She has long brown hair and works out like crazy. She is thin and has a stomach to die for. Her firm tits stand at attention and love it!
She came to my house that afternoon and we had to decide what to wear. I decided to wear a really small pair of jean Guess shorts. They were inappropriately short and frayed on the bottoms. They barely covered my ass. From in seem to top they were probably only 6 inches. I had little slits up the side seems to show off a bit. Under them I wore little white lacy boy shorts. For a top I wore a white t-shirt over a white string bikini. I had on brown well worn cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Jen jokingly said to me that dressing like that would cause trouble.
Jen didn't like to show off as much skin, but she should have with a long tall tan slender body like she possessed. She decided to wear light blue denim jeans that were torn vertically everywhere. That's the new style. She had on little white socks and runners. For a top she wore a spaghetti string shirt over a two piece really skimpy black bathing suit.
On the way to the concert we drank a few beers and mixed some shots. Jen started to get a little too wasted and I told her to slow down. When we got to the concert; it was packed. We made our way down to the mosh pit area and it seemed guys parted and made way for us.
The music started out and was super loud. As the night went on we drank some more and at a few points I could tell drunken guys were eyeing us up and undressing us with their thoughts. At one point I could feel hands grabbing and rubbing at my ass. A few smacks even came my way. I kind of enjoyed it until later. By about eleven pm Jen was wasted. She couldn't even stand. That's when the trouble began. Jen was hoisted up into a crowd surf. She was so drunk she couldn't keep her head up. Her drunken body was passed across an endless sea of drunk mostly horny men and some women. I thought it would be ok but it turned bad. At first hands touched her everywhere and then the clothes started to be removed. Jen tried to resist but hands grabbed her wrists and legs and held her while she was groped everywhere. I saw her first lose a shoe, then the other. I almost swore she had an orgasm from the attention. As she was surfed around her socks were torn off. All the hands engulfed her and I could see people shouting and cheering and yelling to strip her. A group of people held her still, suspended in the air by her waist (securing her by her belt above her ass and hoisting her face up into the air). A bunch of hands, probably 20 or more clawed at her jeans. The tears in them gave way easily. It was weird, I could see them being torn from her ankles up. The denim slowly disappeared. The crowd thought it was a game slowly taking more and more denim as the tears would see fit. Then they were torn off in a frenzy into little and I mean little shorts. The remaining denim she wore only covered her ass barely, and had the seem still connected under her crotch area. The fingers felt up her legs and I'm sure people were finger fucking her. I could see her moaning and was sure fingers in droves took turns entering her asshole and pussy. She wiggled to get away but was held as if suspended. The crowd roared more and the frenzi continued. Her remaining "little shorts" were torn right off. All that remained was a small black bathing suit with strings on each side holding it on her. The frenzy of hands then went for her top. It was like she wore paper. She was stripped right down to a small black bikini. Even girls in the crowd grabbed the little strings and tugged on them. They pulled them releasing her perky tits. She was flipped over face down to the crowd and guys grabbed and sucked her tits while her ass was raised up in the air. Her bottoms were pulled off and guys clammered to lick her pussy and asshole. She was lowered to the ground in the mosh pit and at least 30 people had their way with her. I could see them pumping away on her body taking turns. Some guys came in seconds in her. Others had their way for minutes in her pussy and asshole. A lineup had formed.
As I tried to get near her to do I don't know what, a group of twenty guys at least lifted me. It was going to be my turn. I know they wanted to see my naked body and have their way with me. I was a little excited but somewhat scared. I didn't last nearly as long as poor Jen crowd surfing. The hands grabbed at my cowboy boots and they were gone in no time. The hands continued up my tanned firm legs like a wave. Some squeezing others massaging me. I didn't know how many people tugged and grabbed at my shorts. I heard guys screaming that they wanted to see that sweet ass under the denim. I was on the big video screen. I tried to hold on to my shorts but too many hands grabbed the pockets, seems and belt loops. I didn't expect them to last the animalistic tugging. The denim lasted only for about a minute. I could hear guys saying that a girl who dressed in jeanshorts like that should get it hard! My sexy cutoff $90 Guess jean shorts were pulled and yanked off by sheer force down my legs and disappeared into the crowd. Guys fought over them like a trophy. I saw a group around them cuming all over them and in their pockets. I think they kept my boyshorts on for awhile to tease me. I was getting a bit wet and had orgasmed twice from all the groping. My boyshorts were getting soaked. I think the frenzied animals in the mosh pit could smell pussy. That was the only thin fabric protecting my body from being ravaged. I had never had my ass squeezed and pinched and fondled so much. A finger even stretched the fabric and entered my ass. It felt good. It went way up. Alot of hands reached up under my shirt and destroyed my bra. Once that was gone the shirt was ripped off. As I was surfed around some pervert decided to have the panties. Off they came. They were pulled down my legs and at least they were kept in one piece. I was thrown to the ground and a group of guys surrounded my. Two guys picked me up and started DP'ing me. Guys held my wrists so I could not move. This went on for it seemed like hours. Eventually my shorts and t-shirt made it back to me somehow. I put them on, but they were soaked in cum. Probably 150 guys had used my clothes as a cum depository. I figure 56 guys had their way with me in the mosh pit.
I saw poor Jen. She was lying on the ground and it looked like it had rained around her. The ground and her was soaked. It was cum everywhere. I helped her up and we got the hell out of there. We would think next time about attending another concert!

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Very hot! Going to read part 2 now. Please use paragraph.

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Very hot! Going to read part 2 now. Please use paragraph.

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Very hot! Going to read part 2 now.


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heya sorry about the punctuation--it was my first story--read crowd surfing 2 if u want more detail--thanks.

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