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Fun time with some friends
If you do not believe in young boy material this is not a story for you. Please give me feed back as this is my first story.

Hi, I'm Charlie. I'm a 14 year old boy with brown hair. I'm 5"4" and reasonably skinny. I have greeny-blue eyes and have always thought of myself as straight but I do fantasize about guys every so often. So im going to tell you little story of what happened not to long ago.....

It was the holidays and I had been chilling so far but was getting bored so I rang up two of my mates and asked them if they wanted to stay a few nights at my place.

Hamish and James arrived just after lunch and we went and kicked a rugby ball around for a while. Finally we went inside for dinner. James is 5"1" with semi-long blonde hair, blue eyes and is skinny as such. Hamish is taller being 5"6" with short brown hair (like mine), brown eyes and is lean meaning he has no extra fat but isn't skinny. They are both 14 as well.

We ended up playing some playstation in the rumpus room where we would sleep for the night. My mum came in and told us to get our beds ready and to go brush our teeth.

"how late should we stay up tonight?" Hamish asked James and me after my mum had left.

"I reckon we should try and pull an all nighter." James replied

"What's an all nighter?" I asked.

"It's when you don't go to sleep at all." Hamish answered.

"I am so keen!" cried James.

We got into our beds and started playing playstation again. I Asked if anyone wanted to play truth or dear but the others said to wait until later.

After playing playstation for 2 hours we decided we should play truth or dear. It ended up being just dare. The dares were the usual until I got to dare James. Now I had fantasizes about James in the past but only now did I realize I was hugely attracted to him and Hamish for that matter. Now I dared James to get a boner a show us his dick through his jockeys. He did after some hesitation. I could feel my dick twitching when I saw the outline of his 3" dick but I controlled my dick to stay soft.

It was now James' turn to dare some one. He chose Hamish and dared him get an erection and then to pull down his pants and show us his dick. Hamish objected at first but James and I persuaded him into doing it. Hamish then started playing with himself for a minute and the stood up. You could see the outline of his boner. He slowly pulled his pants down and there in front of me was a beautiful 5" cock with a neat patch of black pubic hair above his dick. His balls hung low and were pretty large for a 14 year old boy.

I was so turned on by this and had to cover up my boner with my duvet. Hamish pulled his pants up and sat back down. Hamish then said " I dare you (pointing at me) to give James a 10 secound handjob." I looked at Hamish in disbelief. This was a dream come true. I was curious and horny. I turned to James and winked at him. He winked back at me. I went over to him and pulled down his pants. His 3" cock stood there at alert with no sign of puberty yet. I felt my dick throb. I grbbed his dick in my righthand and started to pump up and down slowly. He let out a soft moan. "time up." Hamish stated. I pretended to look releaved but I was actually over the moon in my head.

James then said " okay from now on anything that happens here stays here, okay." Hamish and I nodded. Then Hamish said. " have you guys ever fantasized about guys?" I felt my dick throb again. I then said, "I have fantasized about guys. You guys in particular." there was an awkward silence until Hamish said "same." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My fantasies were coming true.

I saw Hamish started to rub his hard on through his jockeys and I started to do the same. I put my hand on James' thigh and moved my hand upwards. I stopped just before his crotch and lingered there, teasing him. I then felt some one grab my ass. It was Hamish and he started to massage my ass. I then got down on my hands and knees and started sucking on James' nipple. I then kissed all the way down his hairless body until I came to his undies. I slowly put my finger tips under the elastic and pulled down his jockeys once again revealing his hairless crotch and small penis.

Meanwhile Hamish was rubbing my crotch had ass through my undies. He put one under the elastic and grabbed my cock. I thought I was gonna blow then. he then pulled my jockeys completely off and revealed my 4.5" hard on surrounded by a forest of pubic hair and my plump balls. Hamish moaned with delight. He then took my balls in his mouth and sucked softly.

I stared down at James' dick and then licked it. James moaned in pleasure as I did this so I kept on doing it. I then cupped his tight balls in my hand and started sucking passionately on his dick. I moved my finger around to his ass crack and started rubbing it up and down. He found this over stimulating and he climaxed. Because he hadn't hit puberty yet only a little bit of clear liquid came out but I didn't stop there. I kept on going until his dick went soft again.

After this I started doing a 69 with Hamish. Hamish had also been playing with himself while sucking on me. We lay on our sides and startedsucking each other. His cock was quite a bit thicker than james' and longer but I could still fit all of in my mouth (only just). I then felt Hamish deepthroating me so I returned the favor. I could feel my climax coming but didn't warn Hamish. I felt a ripple course through my body and I came. Hamish kept on sucking me not letting any cum out of his mouth. I felt myself squirt 6 times. Hamish swallowed it all and then fondled with my balls. I then felt Hamish's dick suddenly enlarge and his balls tighten. I shoved his cock down my throat and then he came. The first shots went straight down my throat but as I put the head of his cock into my mouth to breathe, my mouth filled with cum and I swallowed it all not letting any escape. I sucked his dick until it went soft.

Hamish and I got up and kissed pasionatly sharing each others cum between our mouths. James the joined the kiss for a 3 way kiss.

We all hopped back into bed smiling and went to sleep. I thought to myself as i was dozing off. I wonder what will happen tomorrow night.

Thank you for reading this story. Please give me lots of feedback as I know I can improve :)

Anonymous readerReport

2017-02-06 10:55:25
Great creativity for a first story, keep it cumming dude.


2012-03-14 11:45:05
Hi, it was good. More detail and making it a little longer would improve it greatly, but that isn't a negative criticism.

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-05 14:27:12
Luved ur story brought back great memories

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-19 23:04:22
For your first time it was a good effort. I enjoyed your deions.

However, from an author's standpoint, I'd suggest walking away from the story for 2-3 hours after you "finish," then coming back and editing it. That way you can read it with a more objective standpoint.

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-06 22:38:25
You should keep writing.

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