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The girl next door.
Fbailey story number 630

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Mary had lived next door to me forever. We were the same age but we had almost never been together. You see Mary is a Jehovah’s Witness and not allowed to mix with commoners like myself. Her parents are mightier than thou. They preach the bible constantly and they are always going door to door pushing their religion on others.

When I turned thirteen my father helped me build a tree house out behind our garage. Now at age fourteen I spend a lot of time out there, especially in the summer when school is out. Mom lets me sleep out there too.

It wasn’t quite dark yet when I headed back to my tree house for the night. Mom had made a great dinner and she had even packed me a snack for later and she gave me a big bottle of soda to drink.

I was almost there when I heard someone crying. It was Mary. I asked her why she was crying.

Mary replied, “Today is my fourteenth birthday and not one single person said happy birthday to me. I’m tired of being a Jehovah’s Witness, a goody two shoes, and a Holy Roller. I just want to be a normal girl.”

I felt the need to sit next to her, wrap my arm around her, and pull her tight. I cuddled her as she cried and babbled on about her religion. They didn’t celebrate anything…all they did was pray and preach and she was tired of it.

Somehow in recent months she had learned about other girls that were not Jehovah’s Witnesses and that they were having fun and hanging around boys, and some were even having sex.

I was aware of what she was saying but I was shocked that she knew it.

Mary was still in my arms when she kissed me and then asked me if she could go up into my tree house. She had run away from home and she needed a place to stay. I chuckled to myself that she was going to hid out less than a hundred feet from her own house. I chuckled again thinking that they probably would not look for her there either. After all we were not really friends, we had seen one another hundreds of times over the years, but until that day we had never actually spoken. Oh, I was polite and would smile and nod my head as a gesture of hello and respect. Hell, I had even jerked off to thoughts of her. She really was cute.

Up in my tree house I shared my snack with her and some of my soda. I could not believe that Mary had never tasted soda before.

Mary kissed me again and asked me why I wasn’t trying to kiss her. Whoever had told her about the ‘outside’ world had mentioned that all boys wanted was sex. I tried to explain to her that I really wanted sex too but that my parents had brought me up to respect girls. That was when she pushed me down and jumped on top of me. She was sitting right on my hard cock and I could feel the warmth of her pussy on it through her panties. Mary was wearing a long dress, like all of her dresses. I had never seen her in anything else, no skirts and blouses, no blue jeans, and no T-shirts.

Mary leaned down to kiss me again and again until I started to cooperate. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her breasts into my chest as my tongue entered her sweet mouth. She was rubbing her pussy into my hard-on and she liked it just as much as I did. When she finally sat back up I noticed that her dress was bunched up around her waist and that it covered most of my stomach. I slowly slipped my thumbs under her hem and started bunching it up as my hands got closer to her. She just smiled at me but she didn’t try to stop me. Soon I was touching her legs and yet I was still bunching up her dress and it was then climbing up toward her hips. I revealed her white cotton panties and still she just smiled at me. So I kept going up and up until I revealed her entire belly, her white bra, and had that dress up around her ears. Mary then finished taking it off and she was still smiling at me. She reached back and unhooked her bra for me, then I got to pull it off and expose her nice breasts. She got up and slipped her panties off while I got undressed for her.

We sat on my sleeping bag bed and looked at one another as the sun set in the sky and turned everything to dark. That was when we started exploring one another with our hands, our fingers, and our tongues. In the dark I touched ever inch of her body as if we had done it a thousand times. She had no inhibitions about me feeling her up, playing with her breasts, and fingering her pussy. She was doing similar things to my body. She loved my hard cock and kept playing with it I told her that if she kept it up any longer that I would cum. That was when she engulfed it in her mouth and sucked every drop out of it when I came. I had never had a blowjob before, in fact I had never done anything before. I was a virgin in every sense of the word…so was she…but somehow she knew more about sex than I did. She was the one that asked me to stick my fingers into her vagina and then rub her clitoris until she couldn’t stand it any longer. She screamed into my pillow when I gave her an orgasm…the first one that she had ever had in her life.

We just lay there together listening to the crickets chirp. Then we heard her father calling her name. He only called out three times for her and then we heard his door slam shut.

We were tucked down into my sleeping bag, we were both completely naked, and she was cuddled into me. After a while she said that she had to pee. I told her that I just pee out a window. She said that she couldn’t do that. Then she asked me if she could pee down the opening in the floor. Sure she could. There was just a hint of light from the street lamp. I opened the trap door and helped her to straddle the opening. I watched her squat down and pee, and pee, and pee some more. She had been holding it for quite some time. When she asked me for some toilet paper I handed her a paper towel from the roll I kept up there. She wiped, I closed the trap door and locked it, and then we climbed back into my sleeping bag.

Mary asked, “Would you make love to me?”

I replied, “Sure I would. Are you sure that you really want to do this?”

Mary said, “I think so. Yes, I think I do. I know that I want to do it with you. I’ve thought about doing it with you for a couple of months now. Will you?”

I rolled her onto her back and got between her legs. Thanks to our exploration of one another’s bodies, I knew where to put it. So I grabbed my hard cock in one hand and opened her pussy up with the fingers of my other hand. Then I slowly inserted my cock into her. When I hit her hymen she thrust up at me breaking her own cherry on my cock. She cringed and squeezed my shoulders hard before telling me to continue. It took me a moment to realize that Mary had just made the ultimate sacrifice that a girl can. I felt honored that she had chosen me. I lost my virginity too but it was no where near as dramatic or painful. I had no idea for how long we made love like that but when I came it felt so good. It felt much better than jerking off ever had.

We made love two more times that night before we fell asleep. In the morning Mary had to pee just as much as I did. I opened the trap door for her and I peed out the window like I usually do.

Unbeknownst to either of us Mom was hanging out the wash and noticed two streams of pee coming from my tree house. She had walked closer to the tree and looked up to see Mary’s pussy straddling the opening at the top of my ladder.

Mom waited patiently before climbing up the ladder and poking her head in. She said, “Hi Mary. Your parents are looking for you. I’m glad that you are safe. You are safe, aren’t you?” Then Mom came all the way up and closed the door, sitting on it.

Mary and I had gotten back into my sleeping bag to cover up.

Mom said, “So you finally rebelled against you parents and your religion. I take it that you are not on the pill and that you two have had sex.”

Mary blushed and I held her closer and said, “Yes, we have. Are we in big trouble?”

Mom smiled and said, “I couldn’t have picked a nicer girl for you myself. Mary you stay right here and I’ll get you two something to eat. Try to stay quiet or you will draw attention to yourselves. You might be able to hid up here for a day or two but we will have to get you into the house as soon as possible.”

Mary said, “I have to use a real toilet.”

Mom said, “I’ll bring out a bucket and some toilet paper. Maybe we can get you in the house after it gets dark tonight. Until then you might as well make love. You two seem to be in love.”

Mom brought us food, a bucket, and some toilet paper. She also brought Mary a washcloth and a thermos of hot water to wash up with.

Mary and I made love several times that day, we never got dressed, and we talked about everything. We were perfect for one another. Mom was right she couldn’t have picked a nicer girl for me either.

We had dozed off when Mom came to get us. It was three o’clock in the morning, there was no moonlight, and the neighborhood was quiet. Mom had a long coat with a hood for Mary to put on. Mom then took Mary into the house. I got dressed and picked up Mary’s clothes and followed them. Mom took Mary right into her bedroom and into her shower. Luckily Dad works nights. When I got in there, Mom told me to climb in the shower with Mary and to make sure that she got clean. Then Mom smiled at me and slapped my ass.

My bed had clean sheets on it when Mary and I climbed in. Mom told me to lock the door and not to open it to anyone but her.

The next morning Mom brought us breakfast in bed after Dad had gotten home from work. She told him about Mary and said she was taking care of things.

Mary and I lived in my bedroom for two weeks until Mary missed her period. Mom bought three pregnancy testers and used them all to verify that Mary was in deed pregnant.

The search for Mary had ended after the first week and her parents had actually written her off, disowned her. So when Mom contacted them, said that she knew of Mary’s whereabouts, and then she told them that Mary was pregnant. All they did was kneel down and pray. They didn’t pray for Mary, instead they prayed that she wouldn’t infect her other sisters.

They told Mom to keep Mary and that she was dead to them. We were able to get married before the baby was born, thanks to a very nice judge.

The End
Jehovah’s Witnesses
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