A Twisted end to the series...thats why my name is Psycho
AUTHORS NOTE* SORRY I HAVENT WRITTEN IN A WHILE IVE BEEN REALLY LAZY I KNOW IM SO SORRY BUT IM BACK. Im sorry to say…this is the end of the series. I have an idea for two series but I don’t know which one im going to do first. This is going to be a P.O.V Story

I woke up to the sound of Amy humming some weird song as she turned around and looked at me. She looked so damn hot. Her naked body was amazing. All the curtains where drawn and the AC was blasting. No light shined in the room and I sat up. “He’s Awake. Morning.” Amy said as she bent down and kissed me. “Ya I am, so we goin on a honeymoon or what?” I asked. “Of course.” Amy said with a smile on her face as she took the covers off of me. “Well, Well.” She said looking down at my hard dick and placing a hand on it stroking it slowly. “What do we have here?” She asked in a seductive tone. “Your late wedding present.” I replied tilting my head back getting comfortable on the bed. Amy got back on the bed in between my legs and looked up at me giving the head of my dick a slow long lick. She still had the make up on from the wedding. Black eye liner and lipstick God she was sexy. She licked my dick a few times and kissed the head. “I like my present.” She said with a slutty smile. “It likes you too.” I said before placing my hand on her head and pushing the head in my mouth. She looked down and then closed her eyes greedily taking my dick deeper in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on my rod. She was amazing swirling her tongue around the base of my dick as she bobbed her head up and down. I ran my hands threw her silk hair and grabbed it in my fists. “Miss May could suck dick better.” I said closing my eyes. She let my dick slide out of her mouth. “Fuck her!” Amy said almost angry as she took my dick back in her mouth and started to ram her own face back and forth on my cock. Amy made the sluttiest gagging noises as her spit coated my pelvis and cock. She moved her head to the side and my cock pressed against her cheek. What an amazing feeling. She kept bobbing her head up and down letting the head of my pierced tool hit the back of her throat. She than let my dick pop out of her mouth with a slutty *POP* sound and started to stroke my saliva covered cock fast and hard. “Tell Me Im better than Miss May.” She said almost as a demand. “Y-You better than Miss May.” I said enjoying the pleasure her hands where giving me. “Fuck ya I am.” Amy said in an accomplished tone of voice as she dipped her head down and took my balls in her mouth sucking lightly and swirling her tongue tasting my ball sack.

She let my nuts out of her mouth and sat up positioning my dick at the entrance of her tight moist pussy. “I love this part.” She said smiling at me. My response was grabbing her hips and letting her slide down my hard rod. “Ohhh” She cooed as she sank down and our pelvises met. “God I love you.” I said as I lifted her hips up and down letting her nice plump ass hit my pelvises. “I love you too.” She said as she kept humping up and down. She leaned in forward grabbing the head board for support. I attached myself to one of her nice big tits sucking the nipple in my mouth. “Soooooooooooooo goooooooood.” She moaned. I sank my teeth into her nipple making her scream in surprise pleasure. I took her nipple out of my mouth and licked the nipple as I thrusted up into her tight twat. I grabbed her nice juicy ass and bounced her juicy ass up and down. Her nice tight wet pussy felt soooo good. I threw her off of my cock and turned her around so her fat ass was facing me. “Im glad this ass is mine.” I said smacking it a few times making her left cheek red. “Own it.” Amy said in a low moan. I spit on my already wet cock and spread her ass cheeks apart I looked at her nice asshole. I closed my eyes and jammed my cock deep into her asshole. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!” Amy screamed as I started to fuck and own that ass. She thrusted back to meet my thrusts making her ass smack and jiggle as our pelvises met. I kept thrusting my cock in that tight warm as fire asshole she had. I stretched it out as much as I could. “I-I…I Love it.” Amy cooed. I kept Slamming into her well used rectum. I pulled out and smack her ass with my dick making little waves. “Suck it sexy.” I said laughing as she turned around and smiled at me “Sure daddy.” She said which surprised me. She sounded like a ghetto hoe instead of my little Goth slut. She sucked in my rod and tasted her ass on my cock. Watching her happily bob her head on my cock was too much to bare. I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and started to pound her head on my cock. I felt my load creeping up into my dick. My balls tightened I got that funny feeling and I couldn’t hold it any more. I withdrew my cock out of her mouth and started to stroke and stroke until wave after wave of cum flew onto my babies face.

Amy took her index finger and scooped up all of my come and swallowed it all like a good girl. “Thank you for my breakfast baby.” She said smiling. As she got up and walked out of the room and downstairs. I put on a pair of boxers and walked out into the hallway making my way to the bathroom. I tried to open the bathroom door and it was locked. “Who?” I heard from behind the door. “John.” I replied. “Can you hold on a fucking minute?!” I heard the voice snap. I was startled but just stood there waiting for the door to open. When It did I saw Lilith standing there Black silk nightie stopping just below her pussy and white hair sticking to her face. “You ok?” I asked. “Why the fuck do you care. Apparently im just a toy for everyone here!” Lilith said bluntly. “Uh…Do you need to talk?” I asked. “Fuck off.” She said in a pissy mood as she walked to Max’s room and slammed the door. I was confused but brushed it off as I walked in the bathroom and took a piss. After I took my piss (Which felt amazing.) I walked downstairs into the kitchen to see Amy, Vampira, Max, and Jessica sitting down eating breakfast. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down joining the conversation. “Waking up Naked in a graveyard….Funniest thing ever.” Max said as we all laughed. “I wish I could say it’s the first time that ever happened to me.” Vampira said getting a laugh out of everyone. Lilith walked into the kitchen and sat down with a bowl of cereal and started to eat. “Here lemme clear the table.” Jessica said about to grab the empty dishes. “No, No Lilith can do it.” Amy said with a smile. “….After I eat.” Lilith said. “Or Now.” Amy said a little more stern. “Why don’t you take the fuckin dishes to the sink?” Lilith said a little angry. “Because Im telling you to do it!” Amy said standing up. “Well fuck you!” Lilith said standing up. The only thing separating them from killing each other was the table. “What did you say?” Amy said with rage in her eye. “You heard me bitch! Im tired of all this. I want respect” Lilith declared. Amy looked around mad as hell. Amy cocked her hand back and threw a fist at Lilith. Lilith ducked and threw a slap to Amy’s face. “Owww!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!” Amy said lunging over the table trying to tackle Lilith. Lilith ran from the table and up the stairs to her room. Amy got up and dusted herself off and was about to walk up the stairs when I grabbed her. “DO YOU FUCKING BELIEVE HER!!!?” Amy screamed. “Don’t worry about it. You could destroy her we all know it.” I said trying to calm her down. “I told you this would happen.” Max said in a semi pissed off voice. “Don’t start.” I warned. “No I told you this was gunna happen…Im glad she smacked Amy.” Max said. Amy rubbed her face and got an inch between max’s face. “Listen just because John won’t hit you doesn’t mean I won’t.” She warned. “And if you hit her. I waste you.” I said looking at him. Max knew he was defeated as he got annoyed and walked upstairs and into his room. I turned Amy around to look at her. “You ok?” asked. “URGGHHH” Was her only response as stormed upstairs and slammed the door shut. “Wanna help me clean up this place?” I asked Vampira and Jessica. “Sure.” Vampira said getting on her knees cleaning up the dishes that crashed to the floor as I picked up all the dishes that where still on the table. “Hey do you guys know what the deal with Lilith is?” I asked. “No I don’t.” Vampira said. “She was really quiet walking home from the graveyard.” Jessica said standing up. I put the dishes in the sink and walked upstairs knocking on the door to my room lightly. “Come in.” I heard the strain in her voice as I slowly opened the door to see Amy pacing back and forth and some fresh new holes in the walls. “I can’t believe this bitch!” Amy said in an angry voice. I could see the fire in her eyes. “Babe relax.” I said putting my arm around her but only to have her shrug me off. “No fuck her. I mean I try to be a nice friend a good friend. I was always her friend!” She said putting her fist back into the wall. “Babe….I mean treating her like shit isn’t really the best way t-“She cut me off. “ARE YOU TAKING THERE SIDE!?!” She yelled at me in my face. My voice grew stern and serious. “No im not now RELAX. Jesus Im with you all the way.” I said sitting down on the bed as Amy sat down next to me. “John…you don’t understand. I have to treat her like that. We all do but im the only one who does. She’s not right in the head. Shes clingy and everything I warned you about before.” Amy said sighing and looking at me eyes almost pleading for me to believe her. “I just don’t see it.” I said sitting up straight. “Ya cause your nice to her your sweet to her.” Amy started as she put her hand on my cheek. “You’re a nice guy. You may be insane and Psycho but you’re a nice guy. Lilith hasn’t done anything wrong in your eyes…But…Just please trust me.” Amy finished. “……..I trust you Amy.” I said giving her a big hug.

“Ow you fucking bitch!!!” I heard from the hallway. I walked out to see Max holding the side of his face. “What happened you ok?” I asked surprised and concerned. “SHE FUCKING SCRATCHED ME DEEP!!!” He yelled as little trickles of blood started to flow down his face. “Why?!?!” I asked. “How the fuck should I know UGH FUCK!!!” He yelled putting his fist through the wall and yelling to get rid of his pain and anger. I went past Max and banged on the door. “Lilith Open up!” I yelled. After a few seconds of silence the door opened a crack. I slipped in and locked it. “What the fuck is up with you?” I asked. Lilith was sitting on the bed like a little kid who just got scorned. “Nothing.” She said quietly. “No you smack Amy Scratch Max Flip out on me!!!” I felt my blood rising. “WHAT THE FUCK!” I yelled. “Listen it’s nothing just leave.” Lilith said getting up and trying to push me out the door. “No Im not leaving.” I yelled grabbing her by the shoulders. She surprised me by grabbing my face and pulling me in for a kiss. She gently putting her tongue in my mouth. I was surprised and pushed her away. “What the hell?” I asked. “Please…just…” Was all she said before she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again. I decided that if it would calm her down I’d play along. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back passionately making her moan nice and sweetly. I lifted her Nighty up over her head leaving her standing there in her Black satin panties and black socks. She looked so damn amazing. I pulled her back to me and kissed down to her neck attaching myself to her neck sucking and biting lightly. “Oh so good.” She cooed. I dragged my hands down to cup her ass lifting her up a little on her tippy toes. Lilith dragged her hand down my boxers and grabbed my dick. Her hand wrapped around it squeezing it lightly before slowly stroking it up and down making it hard again. She pulled my boxers down and pulled her neck away from me. “I missed you.” She said kissing the head of my dick over and over again sending shivers up my spine. Lilith giggled and she slid her tongue up and down my shaft. God it made me moan so much. “You love it don’t you?” She laughed as she devoured the pierced head of my dick into her warm wet wanting mouth. She sank my entire dick in slowly. Inch…by inch. Once her mouth met my pelvis she started to slowly suck and twist her head as she bobbed back and forth it felt amazing. I took my dick out of her mouth smacking her in the face with it a few times before I sat on her bed. And Lilith like the good little girl she is crawled to me.

She opened her mouth and I fed my dick back to her. As much as I loved the slow blowjob I wanted to get a little rough so I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her head on my cock back and forth using her mouth like a cunt. Little strings of spit fell from her mouth and coated her tits nicely. I took my cock out of her mouth and let her catch her breath. I got off the bed and laid her down on it. I kissed her on the lips and traced my tongue down to her boobs taking a nipple in my mouth swirling my tongue around it biting it a little. “Ahhh Go Lower.” She demanded almost pleaded. I kissed down to her stomach and kissed her navel before kissing down to her black waistband. I hooked my thumbs in her waistband and pulled them down her slender legs. I took off her socks and a naked Lilith was before me. I looked up at Lilith and smiled as I kissed the top of her landing strip pubic hair which caused her to squirm in pleasure. I licked down and licked both of her pussy lips encouraged by Lilith’s moaning and groaning. I kissed her clit lightly and started to stick my tongue in her pussy. Her cute little gasp was music to my ears. I kept tongue fucking her as I wet my fingers and put them in her tight asshole. “OH God!” She exclaimed and pressed her ass against my fingers. I couldn’t help it anymore. I took my tongue out of her tasty pussy and I took my fingers out of her asshole.

I stood up with my Erection standing at attention as I got between Lilith’s legs and rubbed my head up and down the slit. She was sopping wet and was so easy to penetrate. I slipped the head of my dick in making Lilith whimper. Inch by Inch minute by minute I started to fill her tight cunt up with my hard throbbing dick. Pretty soon our waist met and we both stayed that way for a little. “Well, Fuck Me!” she demanded. I thought for a second and then started to pump my hips. I started slow feeling every inch of my meat fuck her tight pussy. Then I started to speed up little by little making Lilith yelp everything I picked up my speed. Pretty soon I was ramming my dick into her pussy making her moan and scream. Her tight pussy was milking my cock so damn good it was unbelievable. I grabbed onto her pierced tits twisting one of the nipples causing her to scream hard. I took out my dick and started to smack her clit with it causing her to keep moaning and moaning. She had an awesome pussy. I flipped her over and put her on all fours sticking my cock back into pussy and kept at my hard high pace of fucking causing her ass to jiggle a little bit every time our pelvises met. I decided to take it further so I took my cock out of her tight snatch. She cooed as my dick left her.

I let some drool fall on her back and down the crack of her ass. I spread her nice ass wide looking at the one hole I haven’t fucked yet. I let her ass cheeks go as the head of my dick was at the entrance of her sweet tight ass. “OH YES, THERE!!!” Lilith yelled thrusting back trying to get the head of my cock into her asshole. Every time she thrusted I would pull back. “Please.” She said in a fake pouty voice. I spit on the head of my cock lubing it up before I pressed the head of my cock in her asshole. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” Lilith screamed as I started to thrust all of my meat inside of her. I kept pounding her ass felling how tight it was and how it expanded to fit my dick. It felt amazing. Lilith started moaning and thrusting back to match mine. I started to smack her ass and fuck it at the same time. I pulled out of one of the best ass’s Ive ever fucked and turned her around grabbing her tits and attaching myself to them. With one hand I started to stroke my cock and I started to suck on Lilith’s Beautiful pierced nipples. Lilith grabbed my dick and started to stroke it for me. “I think my boobs are better than Amy’s.” She said. When I heard Amy my dick jumped. “….Amy.” Lilith said and once again my dick jumped. Lilith took my head from her nipple and kicked me off the bed. “YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT AMY ARNT YOU?!?!” She screamed. “GET OUT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!” Lilith screamed grabbing her blanket to pull it on her. I walked out of the room bummed and blue balled when the bathroom flew open and Jessica walked out bumping into me. “Sorry.” She said laughing before looking down and noticed my shiny wet cock. “What’s up with this?” She asked stroking it keeping it hard. “Long story.” I said. “Would you like some help?” She asked me with a slutty smile. “I’d love some.” Was my reply as Jessica dropped to her knees and instantly started to deep throat my cock. I haven’t been in her mouth in a while. It felt good. She did everything to get me to cum. She started to lick all around the head and the shaft to licking the underside of my shaft just getting me completely on the edge. She let my cock plop out of her mouth and started to attack my balls with her mouth and tongue. She sucked and slurped on my balls made me go over the edge as I jerked my cock spraying all my cum on her hair and face as she smiled and took my load. After I was done I stuck my dick back in my boxers and Jessica stood up. “Another bath for me.” She exclaimed and walked back into the bathroom.

A few hours later we were all in the living room. Max, Amy, Jessica, Vampira, and me. We were just relaxing when Lilith came downstairs with Vampiras car keys. “Hey im going for a ride. John want to come? I need to talk to you.” She said. I looked over at Amy who nodded in approval. So I got up out of my seat and walked with Lilith out to the car. She turned on the car and started to drive as I chilled in the passenger seat. “Im sorry Ive been acting horrible today.” Lilith started. “Ya why was that?” I asked. “I….Im jealous.” She said quietly. “I-Im jealous of Amy. She has you.” Lilith said heading onto the high way picking up speed. Going faster and faster. “You’ll find someone.” I said smiling. “The Thing Is is I already have.” She said focusing on the road gaining more speed. “Really? Who’s the lucky guy?” I asked. “Y-You.” Lilith said. I felt really awkward. Flattered but awkward. “Listen Im flattered but I-“She cut me off. “John I love you. Be with me. Im so much better than Amy and I will always love you. More than she ever could.” Lilith said gaining more dangerous speed. “Amy told me about this.” I said under my breath. “What did she tell you?!” Lilith Demanded. “You tend to get a little clingy.” I replied honestly. “Im not clingy. John Chose. Me or her.” Lilith demanded putting her foot down on the gas. “Listen you’re a great girl but I love Amy. I want to be with her.” I said finally noticing how fast we were going 103 M.P.H. “L-Last chance we can go to Vegas….Get married and go somewhere and start over.” She said trying to convince me. “Let’s just go home. I want to see Amy.” I said getting really concerned. “I-I get it.” Lilith said looking down not paying attention to the road. “I love you…but you Love Amy. But John you need to know something.” Lilith said as a big rig truck was coming our way. “What?” I asked confused. “If I can’t have you neither can she!!!!” Lilith screamed as she went into the next lane and smashed into the big rig truck. The last thing I saw was the windshield smash into a million…Little…Pieces.

I sat in the living room looking at the clock waiting for John and Lilith to get home. “Retarded bitch.” I said to myself. “Watch when she gets home!” I thought out loud. “Just relax.” Vampira said. “She probably just needed to blow off steam. She’ll be alright.” Vampira said trying to calm me down. It almost worked…ALMOST! “Ya B-“ I didn’t get to finish what I was saying when the phone rang and Vampira answered it. “Hello?” She said. “Uhh ya right here.” Vampira said confused handing the phone to me. “Hello?” I asked. “Hi is this Miss Amy Fields?” A man on the other end of the phone asked. “Yes why?” I asked. “Well Im a doctor hear at J.F.K medical and we have your husband and his friend Lilith I think her name is.” He said into the phone. My heart skipped a beat. Three beats. I hopped to God he was joking. “What happened?” I asked quickly into the phone. “Car Accident. We had to get the Jaws of Life to get that boy out of there. “We’ll be right there.” I said slamming down the receiver. “What happened?” Vampira asked me. I tried to talk but all that came out was hospital and a bunch of tears. We borrowed the next door neighbor’s car and drove to the hospital. I kept crying hoping and praying that John was ok. Lilith must have been responsible. She must have. She was the one who wanted to go for a drive. I know she had something to do with it. I thought through my tears. Vampira parked the car and we went into the hospital. After checking in and getting John’s room we found out that he was in the ICU. We both ran at lightning speed to room 601. Vampira entered first than so did I. We saw a body wrapped in gose from head to toe. We only knew it was John because of his face and his tattoo. His face was pretty purple but his tattoo you could still see. “Oh my God.” I said as I broke down crying as I sat next to John watching the machines breath for him. “What happened?” I asked begging for an answer. “Car…Crash.” Was his only response. “Oh my God.” I started to cry harder and harder I could Hear Vampira crying. “I…Love…you.” He said weakening. “I love you too. Always and forever.” I said through sobs and breaths. He closed his eyes and the machine made a loud continuous beeping sound. He died…John Fields has died. The man who I loved more than anyone was taken from me. “I-Im going to check on Lilith.” Vampira said trying to control her breathing. I went with her crying hoping to God that John will wake up when I get back.

We walked over to the children’s unit oddly enough. One of the doctors told us that the Car accident didn’t kill Lilith but it left her very brain damaged. We saw Lilith tied up to a machine in Mickey Mouse pajamas with cloud wall paper around her. She belonged there. She was a helpless incompetent child. Vampira and I headed home. I kept crying I couldn’t stop. I was a wreck of emotions. I took two sleeping pills when I got home and Vampira sent me off to bed saying we would break the news to max and Jessica later.

I went upstairs and cried myself to sleep in the lonely bed. But at some point I passed out. My dream was amazing. I was in a black room with a purple abstract door. I was sitting there in black dress with see through fingerless gloves. My hair was dark with a purple streak in it and black mascara and lipstick and eye shadow with nail polish. I looked amazing. The door opened and a cold chill filled the air. But I heard footsteps and someone walked through the door. It was John. “JOHN!” I couldn’t express myself. I ran and hugged him as he hugged me back and for a split second I got that warm feeling. I let the hug go and looked at him. “I made it.” He said with a smile. “Not heaven or hell but my OWN personal blissful world…There’s room for one more.” He said smiling. I cried as he wiped the tears away and kissed my forehead and lips. The door opened scared me as John started to walk back. “JOHN PLEASE DON’T GO!!!” I yelled beginning him to stay for a minute more. His reply. A blown kiss a smile and he said “I love you. Always and forever.” He said before stepping back into the door as it closed.

I woke up in the morning with a weird feeling. Like I knew what I was supposed to do. I grabbed the rest of John’s money under the suitcase and went to the mall. I avoided Vampira and Max and Jessica as I snuck out of the house. I went to the mall and grabbed the most expensive black dress and had them ad a velvet line going around it. I got my nails painted black. Hair re-dyed, and got my new makeup. After that I decided to walk home. I looked good and I wasn’t even in my dress yet but from what the construction workers had to say I was pretty damn hot. I walked into the house ignoring Max, Jessica, and Vampira and walked into John’s old room. I shook off my clothes and put of the dress and applied my makeup to perfection. I thought of John and it made me want to cry but I held it in. John wouldn’t want to see me cry. I looked at myself in the mirror. Zombie hot. I thought to myself. I walked into my room and closed the door.


“Where the fuck is she? Dinners done.” I said looking up at the ceiling. “Maybe she’s not hungry.” Max said quietly with a red teary face. He had been crying. They all had. “Eating with us will do her good.” I said for a fact as I got up from the table and went to go walk upstairs to her room. I tried to open the door but it was locked. A knocked a few times but nothing. I knocked again. “Hey Amy open up…come eat.” No response. “Please?” No response. “It will help you out.” I said trying to unlock the door. No answer. I stepped back and kicked the door open…these Army boots where good for something. I walked in and looked at Amy sleeping on the bed. “Amy.” I said smiling walking over to her shaking her. “Amy wake up.” I said more concerned. Her body was cold but the AC wasn’t on. I pushed my fingers to her pulse….She didn’t have a pulse. I stepped back afraid and crying accidently knocking Amy more on the bed as a bottle of my sleeping pills fell out of her hand. There must have been 20 pills in there. I noticed a note on the table picking it up I read it aloud.

Dear who ever gets this
I decided life isn’t worth living anymore. I hate this world and most of the people in it. I loved John and he was taken from me. I can’t stand it. I love him and I want to be with him not matter what living or dead. Please don’t be alarmed. I committed suicide to be with him. I love you guy’s and I always will. But smile, don’t be sad. Im with John right now. Im finally happy.

Sincerely – Amy Fields.

I held the note close to my heart crying knowing that John and Amy are together and always will be. They got what they wanted. They will always be together no matter what.


I sat on the grass staring at the grave stones. Four in a row. Wanda Ivet Fields (mom) John Francis Fields (Dad) John Francis Fields (Son, Husband) and Amy Fields (wife.) I always thought it was funny that John had the same name as his dad. Any way I wanted to catch you two up. Jessica moved back in with her mom. Her mom dumped her boyfriend and I hear everything’s all better with them. We still talk once in a while. Max dropped out of school and works at the auto body center in Downtown Boston. He has one kid on the way. And Lilith……She had to go to Green View mental facility where she gets the proper treatment. She’ll be okay as long as she’s there. And as for me……I go on the road with Sydney and her band. I guess im like the sound check girl and the Cover artist. I won’t be back in Boston for five months so I wanted to catch up. I hope you two are together right now looking down on us…But with the shit we all did your probably looking up am I right?” I said giggling. “Any way I wanted to tell you two that I love you both and I still pray for you every night.” I said trying to hold back the tears. I placed a single black Rose on John and Amy’s grave stones and got up waving goodbye and walking out of the cemetery. And that’s what happened. I like to believe that there watching over me. Do you think there still together? I do.


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