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The Poker Game

My name is Sarah and my husbands name is Ed. He’s 33 medium build I’m 31 5”2” 135 lbs strawberry blond hair, 40DD and a tight butt. Because I’m so short my tits stand out nicely.
We both work in the catering business so our hours are screwed up most of the time. Ed drinks entirely too much and smokes way to much pot.

This is about his usual Tuesday night poker game. There are usually anywhere between 4 and 8 guys at the table playing cards, drinking smoking and trying to feel me up. I admit several of the guys I’ve allowed to feel my tits and rub crotch.
The problem is Ed always gets drunk and passes out and they just leave him on the floor until the game ends and then they leave me to take care of him.

The last two games I am seeing new faces and all these guys are suppose to be working with him but I doubt it.

I get home from work at about and the game is getting started six guys and Ed. Two are big black guys, one is Latino and two white guys are the two who I know. These two have been allowed to feel me up when Ed wasn’t looking

“Hi Ed how are you doing”? With an already slur in his speech “Holing my own so far”. I turn and say Hi to Bill and Jim the two I know and then the black duds say “I’m Rick and I’m Andre”. The Latino is Jesus and a guy named Oscar. Well have a good game I’m going to take a shower. Off I go to my bedroom for a shower. After the shower I fix my hair, put on a little makeup and now what to wear. Yellow boy short panties, a yellow bra a t-shirt and short shorts.

I head out for a beer and as I step into the kitchen all eyes are on me except Ed’s, the room is so filled with pot smoke I’m starting to get high. I’ll get a beer and turn to go back to my room for TV.
Bill gets up and walk over to me, Sarah you look hot. “Thanks Bill I’m glad someone noticed”, Rick and Andre are staring and Jesus licks his lips. “Well have a good game” and I head for the bedroom. Bill says I’ve got to piss and starts heading for the bathroom about to steps behind me. My bedroom door is across the hall from the bathroom so holding my beer I stop to open the door.
From behind I feel a hand on my shoulder, Both Bill and Jim are standing there and without a word I’m in the bathroom with them. Bill pulls my shorts and panties down in one motion, they lift me onto the vanity Jims pants are already down and he is sporting a good sized boner.
Precum is leaking out of it already and with no lube the dick still went in easily. The guys always make me hot and wet which helps. My eyes and mouth shot open but before I can say anything Bill clamps his hand over my mouth. Wow I never saw this coming but the cock going deep into my pussy really feels really good, he’s pumping slow and steady and my juices are starting to flow. T-shirt off and Bra clasp undone and my 40 are out. I have large nipples, we all three looked at them and they were standing 2 inches out. Well my nipples betrayed me, the hand went away from my mouth and he started sucking on a nipple. I gave a moan and realized Jim was close and so was I, “I’m Cumming baby shoot that load in my pussy”. Then he pulled me closer and I felt him Cumming in me the feeling was great hot warm cum flooding my pussy. He pulled out and was replaced by Bill who wasted not time in a steady pumping motion which had me moaning again. Five minutes of steady pumping and I dug my nails into his shoulders and came hard. “God your cock feel great baby” and he kept pumping until I felt him stiffen and he came in me with a flood of cum. He must have spurted six times, cum and pussy juice, were starting to flow out of me like a faucet.

As we both relaxed I said “thanks guys that was really great and just what I needed but next time just ask”. They both smiled “Would you have said yes”? I just smiled and got off the vanity, took there cocks in my hands kiss both there cocks on the head with a wet sloppy kiss and pulled up my panties. The short had the button ripped of so I wasn’t getting them back on.

Now they smiles and said come on and the three of us headed to the kitchen, there limp dicks swinging and me in cum soaked panties. I was concerned about Ed but they laughed. Rick looked at me and said “Don’t worry about Ed he’s already asleep. The guys all gave thumbs up as we got to the kitchen. There I was standing there topless with my pussy leaking cum. Jim said “this is a great pussy guys”. “Believe me you should all get some”. Ed was on the sofa out cold but I was still concerned he would wake up..

Rick and Andre got up came over to me Rick took a nipple in his mouth and started sucking it while Andre started rubbing pussy and clit as cum continued to ooze out. Stop doing that out here if Ed wakes up we’ve got a problem. “Not to worry” I heard
Jesus say, he walked over to Ed pulled his pants down and gave him a shot of something in his ass. He’ll be out cold for at least 6 hours.

The sucking and rubbing has gotten to me, my nipples were standing straight out.
They were really making me hot and starting to give me another orgasm. “Sarah ever been jerked off in front of six guys? I was breathing heavily but managed to get out “Not until now”. “Well there’s a first for everything”. Rick was working my clit slow and steady and Jesus had started sucking my other nipple.
“Oh my god you are making me cum” I said loudly and I came really hard. Besides the fresh cum Jim and Bill had put in my pussy, which was already leaking out of me now my pussy juice was added to the mix and flowing out. The guys all applauded at my performance, I smiled “ It was really my pleasure, really”.

After my breathing slowed a little I looked around and they had taken pictures with there cell phone. “Can I assume you liked watching me get jerked off in front of you? Rick looks at me “Sarah I thing everyone agrees you gave an explosive performance”, “If you cum like that with a cock in you were all in for a great time”. Everyone laughs and they take me by the hand and start leading me down the hall to the bedroom. As I’m walking I’m making squishing sounds as my panties are soaked, it’s oozing out down my legs.

Andre takes me over to the bed, “take off your panties” I smile at the hard cocks I see “You don’t have to ask me twice”. Rick gets between my legs spread I do and he proceeds to place his large cock at the entrance of my pussy. “Put it in baby”, I garb it and he sinks it in, it feels great, Oscar is on the bed feeding his cock in my mouth and both my tits are being sucked on. Rick has his cock as deep as he can get and is working a slow rhythm which is causing a fire in my pussy. I feel Rick tense up and he starts to cum, honey shoot a big load in my pussy, please that put me over the edge and I’m Cuming too, once again hot warm sticky cum is flowing into my pussy. Rick leaves and is replaced by Andre, just as cock goes in my wet pussy Oscar’s cock twitches and starts to blow a huge load in my mouth. I swallow twice and then let the rest sit in my tongue, as he is getting off me he tells the guys “watch she has a mouthful to swallow”. I smile and swallow I open my mouth to show them I’ve swallowed.
Andre is pushing deep into me and the fire between my legs is growing all I could think of was I’m going to orgasm again. I started to moan with delight and he lets go of another load of hot cum which he is pumped into my very wet pussy. As it is spewing into me I moan I’m again Cumming fuck me baby, fuck me as I explode again.

I give six blow jobs and got laid seven times. Were all sitting on the bed and Rick and Andre are feeding me cum from my leaking pussy, they scoop up a glob put it on my tongue and I smile swallow and thank them. In all I must have swallowed nine loads of cum.

“Well Sarah what do you think”? “Well three things”, “One, you all have great pictures to jerk off too”, second my pussy feels well fucked and sloppy and I’m really glad cum isn’t fattening because as you all know I swallowed quite a bit”. “Third does anyone need a blow job before I take a shower”?
“Oh and by the way guys”, “We are having another game next week, right”?

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-30 02:15:02
this pig is a typical cheating bitch wife............... knock her husband out, then fuck all the other guys without him knowing........... she should be shot for this............. fucking women are all no fucking fgood


2011-11-18 13:17:33
Great concept. Flesh out more the fact that Ed is passed out right there as she's being used.

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-06 10:42:25
Great story but what happens if she is Pg by one of the black guys or the latina guy. what will her husband do. Thats the big question?. As my wife and I are swingers and she can do any guy as long as they were a rubber. But have told her that any but mine are allways in a glove. the same gos for me with any other lady allways in a rubber. liked the story lets have the next part with more action

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-06 10:20:46
I'm not fast to say that you should work on your English, but you should.
The story is somewhat unbelievable but not too much.

I'd rate this a 7 out of 10 right now. Work out your English and there would be an 8 in it for you.

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-06 09:18:20
Started out great but fell short when it came to the group participation at the end, soft of like you ran out of time to describe the full experience.

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