This is a side story for the Breaking of the world series that I'm writing... it seemed fitting and it's a Caw Entry.
Hello to my wonderful fans... sorry its been a terrible year for writing. For the rest of you ravenous readers, I present to you the Seed Witches... Enjoy, but be careful it's a little more than a little bit dark... But you will see... Thanks for reading and don't forget to go to the Forum and Vote for your favorite Caw 8.5 "Halloween story" Thanks CJ

The night was dark and the wind blew chill through the thick woods that surrounded the house. The four friends approached with apprehension, the house was dark it had been dark for as long as they could remember, their parents had told them to stay away from the house. They were there on a dare; spend the night at the old house on the hill. The wooden boards on the front porch creaked eerily as they walked the short distance to the front door. “Do we go in?” Jeff asked

“Of course we go in” Maria said reaching for the door. She opened it and it was as if the whole world stood still and took a breath as their feet crossed the threshold. The flashlights came on as they separated, the house was quiet a dusty rug lay on the floor. There was an old clock against the wall Brad reached out and touched it, it clicked and he jumped back it started ticking, he looked at it and looked at his watch.

“Check this out guys…” Brad said

“What?” Jeff said opening a door “a clock is always right twice a day” he said as Brad looked at the clock and followed his friend. Maria and Karen advanced up the hall stair.

Jeff walked into what must have been the living room, there was a large dusty couch, and he flopped down on it. “Dude, that’s it you’re not going to check out the rest of the house?”

“Fuck no, those girls are going to get all creeped out and then they will want to come and cuddle and well… I’ll creep up inside their panties.”

“Bastard” Brad said.

“What and you aren’t planning the same thing?”

“No I’m not”


Brad pushed another door open.

Jeff lay on the couch relaxing this is stupid he thought to himself. He felt drowsy… his eyes were heavy and he struggled at first to stay awake. He closed his eyes for a moment. He felt a hand on his thigh… gently caressing its way up from his knee. He opened his eyes a woman he had never seen before was kneeling beside the couch; She was wearing a bustier, black with white lace just below her ample cleavage. “Um hi!” Jeff said.

“Hi yourself” the woman said in a musical voice her fingernails tracing the outline of his hard cock oh his jeans. “You here alone?”

“Um no my friends are here with me”

“Mmm” she moaned softly as her bright red tongue slipped across her lips. Jeff quickly opened his pants and the woman helped him shuck them into a pile on the floor. She lightly teased his cock with her fingernails before she started to gently stroke it with her fingertip. Jeff gasped as he felt her breath against his cock and then the warmth of her tongue as it teased the very tip. She pursed her lips and kissed the tip. A few moments of her talented teasing was all it took and Jeff’s cock was soon jetting hot cream between the strange woman’s lips...

Brad walked slowly down the stairs into the basement; she flashlight panned back and forth over t stonewalls encrusted with all manner of corruption. He reached the bottom and looked around there were chains and various boxes and barrels most of which had seen better days at the turn of the century, the 19th century he thought to himself. He walked back to the back of the room where a door appeared rotting on its hinges, he pushed, it didn’t budge. He forced it inside the beam of his flashlight skittered across a pile of bones, yellowed from age he turned and hurried toward the stair the fear inside him growing with each step, he tripped his head hit a box, and there was blackness.

Maria pushed open a door upstairs it appeared to be a bedroom the bed had long since turned into a pile of rubble but a chest of drawers still stood against the wall. Atop the chest of drawers sat a statue, carved in crystal of some kind. She admired it; the statue was of a woman with wide flared hips and large pointed breasts. The woman was squatting her legs spread apart the details of her sex barely visible yet still distinct in the translucent material, her hands held her breasts up as if in offering them to someone. Maria felt somewhat jealous of the statue; she had small almost indistinct breasts and boyish hips that she hated, because males barely noticed her. She picked it up and there was a flash of light, Maria tumbled to the ground her hands clasping her treasure.

Karen, walked to the end of the hallway, she pushed open the door a large red circular design decorated the floor, in the middle of which sat a pedestal atop which was a book. She walked quickly toward the book. She opened it and there was a flash of light, Two white shapes slowly came into focus in front of her. They spoke “Behold I am the Guardian of the North, Master of Water”

“Behold I am the Guardian of the South Master of Fire” the second one said.

“What? Who are you, what are you?”

“We are ghosts what is left of a coven of four trapped here until we are four again”

“Your real ghosts, why aren’t you trying to run us out of here I mean isn’t that what ghosts do.”

The second figure that seemed a little clearer than the first said “We need something from you of course”


“We need you to join our Coven, to help resurrect us.”

“Um I don’t understand”

“I’ll explain” said the first figure.

“Good I have something tasty downstairs that I need to check on.” The second figure said and vanished.

“What? What is she talking about.”

“I said I would explain and I will, we are seed witches, there are two where once there were four, we grew old and died when two of our number died the west, the earth, and the East wind. We were trapped here, as we grew old our magic lessened until we could barely perform the simplest spell. The hunger made us a little crazed in our decrepitude, when we died we were not mourned nor buried.

“Excuse me, the hunger?”

“We are seed witches we get our power from, the seed of men.”

“What does that mean?”

“A low chuckle” came from the figure “That means that the thing men want most, to spill their seed inside a woman is what gives us our power, that and the milk from mother earth kept us eternally young.”

“So um you like let guys do you and it makes you powerful?”

“That has always been true of women, but taking the seed of a man for a seed witch allows us to alter perceptions, and do other interesting things.”

“Um so I don’t… What do I have to do? Wait why haven’t you done this earlier. I mean why haven’t you recruited other women.”

“There had to be two” the shade smiled at her. It had to be near hallows eve, when we are at our strongest, and we had to have sustenance from which to draw.”

“After two of our number died we were shunned families kept their daughters away from this place, everyone kept away from this place, we were able to scare off or otherwise keep this place safe from destruction.”

“So what do I have to do to be a seed witch?”

“You must drain one of your blood and drink the seed of two others.”

“Eeew you mean you want me to put… their… in my mouth… until it… Ewww that is so gross”

“There is the cloak of the East wind” the shade said pointing “I cannot force you to make a choice” and the shade faded into the darkness. Karen’s flashlight played against the wall in the direction that the shade had pointed. There against the wall hanging on an ancient hook was a cloak patched and frayed, moth holes clearly visible from a distance.
Karen didn’t move, until Maria pushed open the door, she had a tiny amulet around her neck. She didn’t look different but she had sort of a hungry look in her eyes.

“What’s going on Maria?”

“I’m not sure Karen, I just have this urge to, well you know be with a boy… a man… and let him… no… that’s not right I want to have my way with him.”

“Maria what’s the matter with you?” Karen asked.

“I’m fucking horny that’s what is the matter with me I swear I have never been this horny in my life”

“Well Jeff and Brad are downstairs, we still have the bet remember…”

“Oh I remember the bet… not that it matters at all.”

“What are you talking about, those bitches will never let us live it down if we left before spending twenty-four hours here.”

“Those bitches can suck my cunt if they say a word” Maria responded glaring at Karen.

“What are you saying Maria” Karen asked…

“I’m saying I need something to take the edge off Karen, now get on your knees.” Karen helplessly dropped to her knees Maria shucked off her dress and panties and stepped up to Karen. Karen looked at the tangle of black hair between Maria’s legs before Maria pushed her face against it, “lick it” Maria commanded. Karen’s mind was screaming at her to stop but at the same time the pungent odor of Maria’s sex enticed her more she leaned forward and licked, she dove into the mass of hair sucking and licking the other girl’s juices.

“Enjoying yourself dear” a voice that seemed to come from nowhere said

“Not really” she thought she couldn’t stop what she was doing her tongue digging into the groove between her friends’ leg.

“Should have taken the cloak,” another voice said.

“We can’t make her take it”

“No but she wouldn’t have had to eat her friend” the second voice argued.

“True, I hope you enjoy yourself then… Karen was it?”

“Yes” Karen thought as her tongue twirled around Maria’s clit. Maria grabbed Karen’s head and just started grinding her pussy against the other girls face until she was gasping for air, and collapsed on the floor Karen still doing her best to make Maria cum with her mouth.

“Stop” Maria commanded “its not working, why isn’t it working” Karen sat back stretching her sore jaw and walked to where the cloak was hanging she picked it up and put it on. It swirled as she turned matching her strawberry colored hair. She felt an odd hunger too it was as if her whole body thirsted for something that she had never had.

“Lets go find some boys” Karen said helping Maria up, Maria fixed her skirt and the two strode out of the room and down into first floor. They heard moaning coming from one of the front room and looked inside to see Jeff, naked on the couch one of the shades was hanging over him as he jerked his cock. Karen looked at Maria and in that moment both girls licked their lips they could smell the hot cum that had already spilled from Jeff’s cock and they wanted some.

“Go find your own” the Shade told them.

The two of them hurried down the forest path a few moments later into the outskirts of town. Maria squealed when a hand reached out of the darkness and grabbed her leg “Spare some change” the ragged old man groaned.

“Sorry” Maria said the old man was smelly and really not all that enticing, but he pestered on, until Maria turned to him and told him to go fuck off. That was when he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall of the building, Karen watched in shock and horror as the man pushed Maria’s skirt up and dropped trough In one deft move.

“Nasty little slut aren’t ya” he mumbled as he gripped his cock and pressed it against her slit. He pushed it in and Maria arched her back in pleasure as she reached back to caress his balls. He started spurting almost the second she touched them she held on and he kept cumming. Soon he was screaming as his hips bumped against her ass. And then there was silence, the sound of Maria’s skirt flapping in the wind. As she stood up a small pile of dust was all that remained of the bum.

“You… K.. Maria he’s…”

“Apparently that’s what happens.” Maria said when someone fucks with me.

The shade had said that they were to drain three and one must be of their blood, what did that mean. They walked on. And came to a park nearest the neighborhood where the two of them lived. There were some boys in the park… they appeared to be drinking and bullshitting around a pick nick area. Maria looked at Karen and they both grinned at each other. They strode purposefully toward the four guys they could see. As they got closer they could make out faces, no one they knew or went to school with, except Karen did see her Cousin Ernie who was apparently smoking a joint.

“Hi” Maria said as she came into the light.

“Where did you two come from” the first guy asked.

“Oh we were just out walking” Karen said.

“I’m thirsty, is there something to drink?” Maria queried.

“Sure if you like beer” one of the guys said.

“I can give you something to suck on if you’d prefer” another guy said.

“A beer first” Karen said.

Maria glared at her but the guys handed each of them a cold beer, they slowly drank while they chit chatted. When Karen set the empty bottle by her foot, she looked at Maria who looked as though she read her mind. “You were saying about something to suck on” Karen smiled.

“Yeah” the guy said whipping his cock free from his pants. It wasn’t as large as Jeff’s had been or appeared but Karen knelt down and fondled it looking up at the guy, “Yeah baby stick that pacifier in your mouth” Karen did she felt a little bit less inhibited from the beer and she actually found herself enjoying sucking cock. That was until the guy grabbed her hair and started fucking her face harder than she would have liked. But she quickly reached up and grabbed his balls with her hand and he started spurting into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily as his balls emptied and then some. She took her hand away and he fell to the ground with a thud.

“Holieee fuck” one of the other guys said and whipped out his dick into Karen’s face. She immediately took hold and started sucking she glanced over and out of the corner of her eye she could see that Maria was doing the same. When the Second and third guys passed out Karen’s cousin Ernie stepped up and whipped his cock into Karen’s face as if daring her to do what she did to the first two guys. She looked up at him as she opened her mouth and used her tongue to guide it slowly between her lips. That was all it took for him to start squirting. Karen reached up and grabbed his balls as she pulled him deeper into his mouth she savored the feeling the fullness the power that was pulsing through her. Ernie let out a scream as his cock was forced to pulse and pump more cum with every passing heartbeat until… There was nothing left.

“Holy shit” The one guy who was standing said, “Did you see that?”
“Uhn” the guy said who was pumping his cock into Maria’s hungry slot; Maria was slurping on the guy in front of her and loving every minute of it.

“Stop” Karen commanded the guy who looked like he was about to make a break for it. She stood and pushed him onto the pick nick table and deftly removed his pants. She quickly plunged his cock into her already heated and dripping sex and rode him hard and fast. She slammed her hips against him again and again he reached up and grabbed her tits and she reached back and grabbed his balls. The effect was instantaneous as he started spurting inside her, she didn’t let go she just let him vaporized beneath her. She walked over to the Guys working Maria and tapped the guy who was pumping his cock into her juicy slot and grabbed his cock as he turned and popped it between her lips Maria looked back at her and the two of them Held on to cock and balls for several minutes until there were just three guys passed out on the grass.

The two of them straightened their clothes and Maria headed for home Karen waited with the guys, they woke up after a little while. “Lets go party some place more private” Karen suggested.

“Fuck yea” one of the guys said and they hopped into one of the cars parked nearby and drove close to the haunted house. She led them into the house.

“Maria where have you been?” Her father asked.

“Out” Maria said simply.

“With who you out getting knocked up like your sister, that puta no se cerra los peirnas”

“Daddy are you, have you been drinking?”

“Damn right fucking got fired today putaso pinche carbon jeff have to speak English what the fuck he think I speak”

“Spenglish” Maria giggled

“Oh you think that’s funny you little puta?”

“Hell yes I think its funny” Maria said glaring at her father. He reared back as if to hit her but Maria was ready, “Stop” she commanded “perdio su ropa” he didn’t know why but he started undressing a few seconds later Maria walked up to him “I can see why mom left” she lowered her mouth to his thumb sized cock and started sucking

“Madre de dios” He said and then she touched his shriveled little sack and he was screaming and exclaiming and then there was silence in the house.

Maria walked to the back of the house where her sister was nursing her son “Is everything okay I heard dad yelling”

“Everything is fine daddy left and he is never coming back. I’ll be back to check on you later okay? I have some other things to do”

“Okay hermana con cuidado,”

“I will” Maria promised

When she returned to the old haunted house she was greeted by Karen and two Middle aged women. “Maria” Karen began this is Angelique and Carina”

“Its nice to meet you in the flesh” Carina said her accent strange.

“Indeed” Angelique smiled at her “we have work to do. They walked past one of the guys they had met in the park. He was passed out on a couch.

“The others?” Maria asked

“They had to be drained to restore us to where we are, we will look closer to your age once we have collected enough seed but these forms are fine for our purposes tonight.”

The four women walked up the stairs and into the room a movement caught their eye. And then something flew to the center of the room, it appeared to be a small green dragon.

“What the hell?” Maria asked.

“The battle begins” the dragon said and then disappeared into the air.

“The Battle? What battle ?” Karen asked.

“The Battle between good and evil” Angelique sighed.

“It has finially begun?” Carina asked.

“Yes the dragons would not be awake if it had not”

“What there are more of them?” Karen asked.

“Oh yes” Angelique laughed lots more.

There was a knock on the front door. a few minutes later a Man stepped into the room, he smelled wrong Karen thought, she looked at Maria and then at Carina for some clue.

“So you have come to enlist our help” Angelique asked.

“Of course darling” the man’s voice was musical hypnotic Karen shook her head.

“No” Angelique said firmly “We choose our own path”

“If you do not fight for me then you fight for him”

“We choose not to fight”

“Oh you may choose not to but you will, you will have no choice in the matter.” There was a blinding flash of light and a Six foot tall woman appeared beside the man, she was still a few inches shorter and her skin was reddish.

“We found it” she said, “Come now before he learns to use it”

“We are not finished here,” the man said.

“We are” Angelique responded, “be gone”

The woman smiled and started to take a step toward them, as she did a man appeared Clad in armor and bearing a sword. “Damocles” the woman spat.

He smiled at her “They choose neutrality leave them to it”

The woman disappeared in a flash that left a small scorch mark on the floor, Karen looked back and the man had faded into nothing. “What the hell was that?”

“Which that are you referring to Karen”

“That…” She gestured to the empty space where the three figures had been.

“That was a visit from Beelzebub, and one of his minions, the third I’ll assume was Damocles.

“Dio’s mio” Maria cried.

“Indeed” Carina said, “the powers of good and evil incarnate and walking around with us”

“So… That was Satan? The man was Satan…”

Angelique chuckled “yes that was the great deceiver”

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2011-10-06 12:53:42
Lets see, it jumped around a lot, the detail wasn't there when it should have been and it felt rushed, very rushed.

It was still a decent story but with the way you had things going on and not describing the scene or settings very well it was like someone flipping a hundred cards in front of you trying to retell the tail of Romeo and Juliet.

But the over all story that I got out of it sounded interesting and that's why I kept with it to the end. But again, when you were trying to set up characters and the setting or scene they were in you failed.

Keep writing though, it was an interesting read, you just need to take some more time in the development and make sure things make sense when they are read.

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