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When I was younger I went to to school with a guy who many considered to be a loser. I was his friend but when ever my other firneds were being mean to him I wouldn't defend him, even worse I would join in...
He later moved away and I always felt bad for how big of a jerk I was towards him.

Fast forward five years, I'm 19 and he happens to be back in town so I invited him over to catch up. We chat more a bit about what we've been doing the for the last five years. Any way I felt as if I had to apologize for how had treated him when we were younger, he said don't worry but I could tell he was still upset about and I wanted to repay him. Now at this point I knew I was bi but I wasn't sure how he would react if ask him so I just went for it. I got up and moved over next to him, he seemed a bit confused as to why I had moved. I then placed my hand on his crutch. His eyes widened but he didn't try move my hand away... I whispered to him, "wanna move this into my room?" He nodded and got up and we moved into my room.

I asked him to make this easier could you just get fully naked please. With out hesitation he removed his clothes and exposed his rock hard cock. I wasn't too impressed, it was no larger then 5 inches but it was rather thick and was circumcised so I just smiled and said "Wow". I then directed him to lay down and relax as I did my thing.

I moved myself down to his legs in a steady position to start jerking him off. I slowly start stroking his thick cock, and every few seconds I'd pick up the pace and slow down again. Watching his reaction to this started to get me hard as he breathed in and out moaning, loving it, which made me happy. However roughly a minute into the handjob I felt him squirm, I thought he was just getting really excited and enjoying it, which he was... too much... He fired a huge load out which landed all over my hand and his stomach. I could tell he was kinda embarassed but I didn't think anything of it and smiled.

I noticed he was still rock hard though so I opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth. He gasped as I sucked the remaining cum off his dick then went backing to jerking him and then wraping my mouth around his cock every 10 or so seconds which he enjoyed (I could tell by his breathing getting heavier) after about a minute of that I stopped and consentrated on sucking his dick wrapping my lips around his cock and bobbing my head up and down faster and faster as well has rolling my toungue around his fat cock. I did this for about 2 minutes and with out warning he fired a load into my mouth. I was in shock at first that he had cum again so quickly and secondly there was a huge load in my mouth haha. I slowly continued to suck his dick for another 10 seconds to make sure I got every drop of cum then tilted my head forward and shallowed it right in front of him. He seemed pleased as I poked my tongue out to show him.

At this point I'm amazed coz his dick his still hard so I get up and remove my clothing and get in the same spot as before but in a reversed cowgirl position and grab his cock and put the tip in a position ready to pierce my ass. He literally gasped and said "You can't be serious?!" I giggle and slowly slide down on his cock. He moans as I'm sure it probably hurt at first, the only lube was my salivia from me sucking his dick. For me it was a new experience... Popped my anal cherry I guess you would call it... And I loved it! After all 5 inches was all the way in, I went crazy and starting riding his cock like crazy. Honestly the feeling is amazing its just the first few inches that really hurt. Any way 5 minutes into me riding his dick he came... again... It was a strange feeling for me, hot cum in my ass but I enjoyed the anal and I'm sure he did too so I was glad.

Amazingly he was STILL hard so I asked him to go wash his dick and I sucked him off one last time. I asked him to cum on my face he nodded and I went back to sucking his dick like crazy until he started to squirm, I pulled off and stroted his cock until he came all over my face.

Amazed I layed back on my bed. 4 times... I thought to myself. Amazing... He asked me if he could stay the night I didn't see why not so I said sure.

Later that night is when it got rough for me... He basicly dominated me. I'd be lieing if I said I didn't enjoy it. He came into my room ripped me out off my bed and before I could even say anything he shoved his cock into my mouth and face fucked me. To be honest it was really uncomfortable but I went with it. After about 2 minutes of face fucking me he pulled out and pulled my jocks off, shoved my to the ground, grabbed my legs and put me in a position so my ass was in the air and the back of my head was against the ground. While holding my leg he rammed his cock into my ass and well... Fucked me into the ground... Really is the best way to put it. At some point he grabbed my cock and started stroking it which felt good while being fucked up the ass, too good infact man I felt myself building up, about to cum and before I even realised my cock was pointing straight towards my own face I came and at the same time my friend moaned and filled my ass with cum again. He released my leg and I fell to the ground in a mess, my own cum on my face and cum in my ass. He stood over me still hard and I knew he was wanted to go another round... I simply nodded and let him have his way with me.

Thats it I haven't seen him since but I would love to see him again 1 day...

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2011-10-09 07:26:02
Awesome story, felt... real. I'd love some more stories from you :D

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2011-10-06 23:06:00
Very good story. Would really like to hear more about you and your friend and other friends that you have had upto that point.


2011-10-06 15:52:16
I enjoyed your story! It got me hard right of the bat! Before i had finished reading the whole story, I ejaculated. And I am still hard, just like your story!

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