Dreamily reaching across to silence the alarm clock before it could ring, I noted that the time was 5:50 am. Since I had taken Monday through Wednesday as vacation time in order to make a long Thanksgiving holiday with Dolores and the girls at home I had, and took, the luxury of sleeping in a bit and decided to give the beauty snuggled up beside me the treat of sleeping in a bit, especially after last night.

“Had it all been a dream?”, I asked myself sleepily as I snuggled up closer to my darling wife and placed my arm around her to feel her , in response, wiggle her body and gorgeous butt tightly against my belly, “Had I only imagined the wild night before? Had I only had a dream that we had fantasized about having the raunchiest of sex in front of our own children and letting them see me shoot sperm all over their naked mother’s tits and belly!?”

The first inkling I had that it had been real came when I realized that Dolores and I were both still completely naked and that we must have fallen to sleep that way. We almost always slept in either pajamas or sometimes a night shirt in her case.

The second came as I cupped a warm naked breast in my hand only to encounter a patch of my still sticky semen clinging resolutely to a nipple! Dolores, like me, had been too physically and emotionally exhausted from our nocturnal exertions to even get up and take a quick shower to clean up.

The third clue came as it dawned on me that our sheets were literally soaked in the various and large quantity of now cool damp fluids and procreative gels that had burst forth hot from both of our pulsating genitals the night before to now mingle in the sheets beneath us.

“She feels wonderful!”, I thought drowsily to myself as I continued to cuddle the delicious semen soaked warm female body next to me.

I finally decided it was time to get up and rolled gently out of bed in order to give Dolores the treat of sleeping in for a bit. I padded quietly into the bathroom and began to take a leisurely shower as I reflected on the wild night before. My dick went rock hard again by the time I was almost finished with the shower and I simply couldn’t push the now very real possibility out of my mind of my very own so cute little wide-eyed 11 year old Vicky girl watching me frantically sliding my penis in and out of her mom’s pussy before at last pulling my cock out of her mom’s belly and letting her see thick stringers of semen squirting out of my penis! I started to masturbate under the hot water but then stopped as I realized, from the expression on Dolores’ face last night, I might just want to save my release for something potentially better than simple masturbation.

As I finished brushing my teeth and shaving I heard the shower come on in the hall bathroom and realized that the girls were up and about getting ready for the school day ahead. I couldn’t resist giving my cock a couple of more strokes as I thought about my three daughters, especially Vicky, standing completely naked in the shower with her long auburn hair tired back and the water running down her face, her breast buds, her soft warm belly, over the lips of her vulva, then down her long curvy legs and finally across her miniature bare feet! I couldn’t help but wonder if she had any pubic hair on her vulva yet!

I slipped my robe and slippers back on and padded down the hallway to get breakfast ready for the girls, today was still a school day for them, and just let Dolores get a much deserved rest, especially after last night.

As I was making up some pancake batter Vicky appeared barefoot in the kitchen to greet me with a cheery, “Good morning Daddy!” as she rose up on her toes to gave me a hug.

“Good morning Baby girl!”, I replied as I returned her hug and pulled her tightly to me in a bear hug rocking her to and fro. I held her close just enjoying being able to feel the buds of her small but now rapidly developing breasts pressing against me through our bathrobes.

“Daddy!”, Vicky exclaimed with mock anger, “I’m not a baby!”

“Yes you are!”, I retorted, “You’re my little Baby girl!”

“Un-uh!”, she giggled

“Un-huh”, I replied, “My Baby girl! Daddy’s baby girl!” as she giggled again and buried herself in our hug!

She looked up me while as we hugged to ask, “Daddy, why are you cooking breakfast this morning?”

“Oh, I just thought I’d give Mom a chance to sleep in this morning since I don’t have to go to work today”, I replied.

Vicky just smiled and laid her head against my chest and rocked gently for a few moments as she said, “ That’s nice Daddy! It’ll make Mom very happy and besides I love your pancakes, they’re yummy!

“Yeah, I know, you don’t love me, just my pancakes!”, I teased her in reply.

Vicky tilted her head back to smile and say ever so softly, “I do too love you Daddy! I do! I love your big hugs too!”

I kissed her forehead and replied, “I love you too Sweetie! So much! How about you help me now and set the table for Mom and your sisters? Okay?”

Vicky snuggled up close to me one more time burying her face in my bathrobe before saying a muffled, “Okay Daddy!”

I continued trying to focus on pancakes and bacon as Vicky scampered about the kitchen pulling plates out of the cabinets, silverware from the drawers, as well as glasses and coffee cups. I noted that she was becoming quite the little house keeper and I marveled at how she got the knives forks and spoons on the right side of the plate (something I never could master). I couldn’t help stealing glances at the cute little curve of her calves and bare feet more than I should have as she worked.

I felt a surge of guilt as I recalled how I had held her in my arms only moments before and saw the innocent trusting pure love of a child in her big brown eyes as she looked up at me and now I was getting a hard on from thinking thoughts about doing the kind of things, things in front of her, and to her, that a responsible daddy really shouldn’t think about his 11 year old girl!

My thoughts were broken by Rachel and Donna bursting into the kitchen suddenly to take their places at the kitchen table and I began serving up breakfast.

“Daddy?”, Vicky asked, “I forgot the butter could you get it before you sit down please?”, Vicky asked in a most grown up manner.

“Sure Sweetie!”, I answered, “Glad too!”

I took the butter out of the fridge and sat down at the table with it while the girls chattered along about the upcoming school day.

Dolores came into the kitchen at the point with a towel rapped around her freshly washed hair, her eyes meeting mine as she blushed ever so slightly and smiled knowingly at me as she passed behind Vicky gently placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“Mom!”, Vicky exclaimed, “Daddy made us breakfast this morning so you could sleep late!”

“Thanks Gussie!”, Dolores replied, “That was sweet of you!”

“No problem Hon!”, I told her, “I just thought since I had the day off you might enjoy the treat.”

I got up to get Dolores a cup of coffee and her breakfast and she greeted me with a kiss and a hug both of which were a bit more protracted than usual before she pulled away long enough to say in a husky voice, “ I love my man, I love you Gussie!”

I pulled her to me again in a hug to tell her, “I love my woman too!” with my head looking over her shoulder making solid eye contact with Vicky, “I love my woman! I love my wife!” As Dolores pulled away I noticed Vicky blush slightly and dropped her gaze to the table. She clearly sensed that something was different this morning but she didn’t quite understand what, yet.

Dolores sat down at the table, the girls giggling at our display of affection.

I got Dolores her pancakes and coffee and the rest of breakfast passed uneventfully.

The girls finally jumped up and headed off to their room to get dressed for school and left Dolores and I at the table sipping our morning coffee.

“Want a second cup Sweetheart?”, I asked as I stood and headed for the coffee maker.

“Please”, she answered.

I poured her second cup with cream and sugar just the way she liked it and rejoined her at the table. We drank in a bit of an uncomfortable silence for a few a bit, neither of us willing to speak and broach the main thought weighing on our minds.

“About last night Gussie?”, my wife finally led off.

“What about last night Love?”, I countered

“You know what I mean Honey”, she continued blushing, last night when we did our little role-play with…..about… know.”

“You were amazing Sweetheart!”, I reassured her, “You were hot! Fully hot! I can’t remember ever feeling anything that intense before!”

The corners of her mouth turned up ever so slightly before she finally giggled to herself saying, “I know that’s true! I didn’t know the human male could produce that much cum in a single load! You squirted that stuff everywhere! My hair, my face, my tits, and all over my belly! You even got plenty on my pillow and then some on the headboard for good measure! I’ve never seen so much semen come out of a man before!”

“Yeah, I know.”, I replied, “ I made a real mess out of the bedding didn’t I? Don’t worry though I’ll change the linens out and put a load in the washer Okay? You cleaned up the mess I made all over you so I’ll clean up the mess I made on the bed. Fair enough? Deal?”

“Deal!”, my wife answered in a sultry voice with a sly grin.

“Just one question though”, Dolores continued, “Just pretending that Vicky Kaye and the girls were watching us fuck last night really did turn you on, didn’t it”

“It did you too”, I replied, “I never saw you cum so hard, or so many times, either!”

Dolores just nodded silently in response.

The girls re-appeared in the kitchen and brought our conversation to an abrupt halt. It was time to head for the school bus and get them on their way.

We stopped on the porch to each receive a hug from the girls and then Vicky herded the two younger ones towards the approaching bus. With a final wave from the door, and a hello honk from Laura the bus driver, Vicky vanished inside, the yellow doors swung shut, and the bus was off on its way down the mountain.

As we stepped back inside Dolores closed the door and I took her back into my arms again as soon as the door snapped shut for a real hug and a kiss now that we had the house to ourselves!

“I want them to see your cock in me Gus!”, Dolores blurted out suddenly, “Your cock buried deep inside my naked belly! Just like we pretended last night!”

“Are you sure you can handle it Dolores?”, I asked as my heart thumped in my chest, “Really sure?”

Dolores fixed her jet black eyes, blazing like coals, on mine and, taking a deep breath, said “Yes….yes I can handle it! I can deal with it! I just know that I want it, and I want it soon! I want Vicky to see us both completely naked and fucking!”

I swallowed hard feeling like my heart was going to jump out of my chest before I answered Dolores,

“Me too Hon! Me too! I just want to get her naked first before we do it in front of her okay? I really want to see her naked! I’ve never seen a totally naked 11 year old girl before! I want to be able to look up see her breast buds and her cute little vulva while I’ve got my cock up inside your belly!”

Dolores buried her head on my shoulder and said, “Okay Gussie, okay we’ll get her naked, completely naked first so you can… you can see her….her….v…vu….vulva and breast buds!

“Sweetheart,”, I continued, “There’s one more thing we need to get out in the open right now, okay? I guess I mean to say that….well…the sight of that sweet innocent beautiful naked eleven year old girl….you know….will turn us…I mean…..well at least me…on so much that things may very well go beyond us just letting her just watch us….if you know what I mean? Can you handle it…if it maybe happens and it goes beyond just her watching and turns into something….into something more….maybe even much more and it maybe gets out of control between her and me?”

Dolores considered my words for a second and then shuddered as she fully grasped their import, before she replied in a husky voice,

“I can handle it Gussie! Yes…I…I can handle it! Whatever happens with…..between her…and you…..and us….I can deal with it!”

“Even if it’s more than just her watching us?”, I pressed gently, “Even if it’s you that ends up maybe watching us before it’s over? Maybe even to the point of you watching me deliver a heavy load of living human spermatozoa deep up inside of her cute little naked eleven year old belly… right up into her little tight birth canal and on up into her womb? Even if it ends up with her carrying a baby? My baby?”

“Yesssssss!”, my wife hissed, “Even if it’s much more than just watching! Even if you and Vicky Kaye go ahead and,….and … know……you end up squirting a hot load up inside of her…her...deep into her….her…womb! Even if she…she…has your baby!”

“Gus?”, Dolores continued, “About babies? I want another one okay? I’m not taking anymore of the pills and it’s been two week since my last period.”

“Okay Dolores, if that’s what you really want!”, I replied.

“I want you to get me pregnant Gus and I want Vicky to watch you get me pregnant!”, she concluded, “ I want her to see us both naked while you cum in me! I want to fuck like an animal in front of her! Just like a filthy naked animal!”

We headed back into the kitchen to calm ourselves down a bit with another cup of coffee. I could tell that my wife was still in a highly agitated and aroused state as she sat at the table with the nervous fidgets still pretending to be concentrating on her coffee so I told her,

“Why don’t you grab another long warm comfortable shower Sweetheart?”, I suggested gently, “Maybe better still even relax yourself with a nice long bath? I’ll start getting things cleaned up in here and get the bedding in the washer too while you freshen up, okay?”

“Okay Gussie”, my wife replied, “Will you draw the bath for me please?”

“Sure Sweetie!”, I replied

I picked up the dishes from the table, scarped them into the garbage can and placed them in the sink to soak and then went to draw a bath with bubbles and lotion for my wife just the way I knew she liked it. I glanced back as I left the kitchen at Dolores and saw her staring into her coffee cup lost in thought.

I drew the bath water with oil and bubble bath and got it nice and hot with the bathroom all nice and steamy as well. I was stripping the sheets off of the bed when Dolores emerged through the bedroom door. She peeled her robe off and tossed it to me again with a delicious little giggle saying, “Toss this in the washer too Hon if you would please? I don’t know how, but you managed to hit it too!”

We embraced in a big bear hug and kiss and then I helped her slip into the tub and was rewarded with the look of shear bliss on her face as she disappeared into the bubbles.

“You just take a good long soak in there okay Hon?”, I told her, “Get yourself all nice and relaxed before you get out! You’ve got to have some muscles still tied up in knots after…after….you know…last night!”

Dolores just chuckled deeply and huskily, but didn’t say anything, closing her eyes to simply soak.

I closed the bathroom to keep the steam in and left her soaking to start the bedding washing and finish cleaning up in the kitchen and straighten the house up. As I worked, I could hear her run the hot water from time to time to keep her bath hot. I decided to just place fresh linen on the bed rather than wait for the stuff to finish in the washer and dryer and as I retrieved the fresh bed clothes from the linen closet in the hallway, I cast a guilty glance at the carpet in front of the door to the girl’s room and noted once more, with a little tinge of both guilt and lust, the still present very faint white stain left from the time I had knelt naked and masturbated outside of their door to the chatter of their little voices.

I couldn’t help but winder if Dolores would really go through with it; letting a naked girl, our very own daughter, see us nude and having raw sex in front of her young innocent wide eyes! To actually let her see streamers of raw sperm shooting out of my cock!

Back in the kitchen I finished washing and drying the dishes when I heard the washer spin to a stop in the laundry room. I went into the laundry room to put the linens in the dryer with a couple of sheets of fabric softener and started the comforter to washing. The air was full of the pungent aroma of lots of still damp semen as I pushed the comforter into the machine. The air was soon awash with the “whooshing” sound of the washer filling with water and the “ka-whump, ka-whump, ka-whump of the dryer as it tumbled. I had grabbed the mop bucket and was taking care of the kitchen floor when Dolores came back into the kitchen dressed in a stylish sweat suit, her purse over her shoulder and car keys in her hand and her hair tied back.

“Gussie”, she said, “I just heard a weather alert on the radio. It sounds like the big snowstorm is moving in before the weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised if the schools close early today to get the kids home. I’m going to run down into town and stock up on a few more things since we may be snowed in for a few days. Okay? I’ll probably be back around noon or one.”

“Good idea Love!”, I replied, “You do that and I’ll give the house a good once over while you’re gone!”

We shared a hug and a kiss once more and as we parted she placed her hands on my shoulders gently, fixed her eyes on mine and simply asked, “Gus?, They won’t be going to school tomorrow so tonight okay? Please? Tonight…? With just Vicky Kaye first this evening….watching us….okay? I need it Gussie! I just need this so damn badly! I don’t know why but I do? I just need to have her watch us fuck!”

I merely nodded yes and smiled. Dolores swallowed, blushed, and smiled shyly before turning and heading out through the kitchen garage door. Shortly I heard the garage door coming up, the engine starting, and the SUV backing out of the bay.

As the garage door rumbled back down I finished with the kitchen, ran the vacuum over the carpets, and then proceeded to clean up the master bathroom and tidy up the girls bathroom in the hall. As I emptied the clothes hamper in the girls bathroom and took the contents to the laundry room, I was a little ashamed that I got yet still another raging hard on as I handled the towels realizing that the these very same fortunate fibers had only recently enjoyed the most intimate of contact with the most private parts of the three cutest little naked bodies on the planet!

I couldn’t resist at that point, digging through the laundry to find a pair of Vicky’s light blue panties. I held the panties in my hands for a moment, noting the three cute little Powerpuff Girls flying formation out of the front towards me , before turning them inside out and putting them to my face to savor the ever so faint, but highly intoxicating, perfume of my very own daughter’s pre-pubescent pussy!!!

I was brought back to reality by the dryer coming to the abrupt end of it’s cycle with the linens and, after transferring the comforter to the dryer, and after one taking more final deep sniff, ever so reluctantly dropped the Powerpuff girls into the washer.

“I’ll see you three again later!”, I thought to myself .

I finished with straightening up the house and settled into my recliner in the living room to watch the news and enjoy another cup of coffee for a few minutes. The wintry weather did indeed sound like it was going to move in faster than predicted the day before and I was glad that Dolores had gone out to stock up on supplies.

I got up to stand in front of the living room picture window I studied the heavy grey thickening clouds as they gathered over the deep beautiful valley beneath our house. The girls would indeed very likely be back early this afternoon I thought as I recalled the earlier conversation with my wife and a shiver ran through me as I realized that this being Monday, and Thanksgiving weekend coming up, I would be in very close proximity to four cute beautiful females , snowed in, for almost a full week due to the coming blizzard.

I shook the thought off and decided to put some work clothes on and and check out our auxiliary generator in the backyard to make certain it was all ready to go in case we lost power. I wasn’t worried too much about heat since we had the big fireplace in the living room to fall back on and we had plenty of wood stored up too. After running up the generator as a test, I re-set the transfer switch back to co-op power and then gathered up enough firewood for a nice cozy fire that could last into the wee hours of tomorrow if need be.

The girls wouldn’t be going to school tomorrow and I felt it highly likely that Dolores, Vicky, and I might very well all end up spent, exhausted, and sound asleep on the big thick furry white rug in front of the fireplace if the evening went the direction it seemed to be going. I grabbed a big mink blanket from the closest and three extra pillows and cases and stuffed them out of sight behind and under the couch, just in case we didn’t make it all the way back to the master bedroom before the main event went down!

The dryer had finished it’s work by then and I took the comforter out and set the girl’s stuff to drying, making certain to smile at the Power Puff Girls as they flew into the dryer!

I folded the sheets and comforter and then placed them back into the closet where they belonged. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was still only 11 o’clock and realized that Dolores still wasn’t due back for a couple of hours yet so decided to get cleaned up from cleaning the house and my yard work and make a nice hot bath for myself.

After a good soak for about half an hour I got out of the tub and dried off before padding into the bedroom to find some comfortable sweat clothes and socks to just hang about the house in.

I made myself a quick sandwich for lunch and then I then went to my den and began to surf the web absent mindedly when the idea hit me.

I began to hit a few of my favorite husband-wife adult sites and started putting together a compilation of adult videos from on-line as well as a few items from my personal collection.

“We send the two younger girls off to bed at their regular bedtime and then have Vicky, whom we allowed to stay up an hour later than her younger siblings, come back to join us after she tucked them in”, I thought to myself, “The show I was putting together would be playing on the widescreen when Vicky came back into the living room, her girlish curiosity would take over and that then would be the opening Dolores and I would need to take it, and hopefully our daughter Vicky Kaye, to the next level

I was still assembling videos when I heard the garage door opening and went to help Dolores carry in the groceries and supplies.

“I’m glad I’m back Gus!”, she exclaimed, “Everybody is out there stocking up! It’s a madhouse!”

“I’ll bet it’s crazy!”, I replied. I noticed that the first snow had begun to fall from the thick grey clouds.

We finished unloading as Dolores said, “Thanks Sweetie for helping me bring the stuff in and for cleaning the house too! It looks nice! I’ll finish putting things away and you can go back to what you were doing okay?”

“Okay Hon!”, I answered, “I’ll just take the girl’s stuff out of the dryer and fold it up for them first and then I’m done with housework.”

I retrieved the towels and the delightfully miniature underwear and cute little white anklets from the dryer and, after folding, placed them on Vicky’s bed for the girls to sort out when they got home. I made absolutely certain the PowerPuff girls were flying out straight up from the very top of the pile!

I went back to the Den and was putting the finishing touches on my little project when Dolores came in to see what I was doing.

“Check this out!”, I told my wife, “I’ve put together a few videos show from our favorite husband-wife adult site! This evening, when we send Donna and Rachel off to bed at their normal time. when Vicky comes back to join us after she puts them to bed. We’ll have my little show playing by the time she gets back and then we’ll have the need to explain it and it will give us just the opening we need. If we play our cards and word things right, and with her curiosity, I bet she’ll even ask us if she can watch us!

I could tell that Dolores was as intrigued by the idea as I was when she said, “Wow! That’s a great way to broach the subject with her and break the ice! How much material do you have?”

“I figure about two hours but we should be well into the real thing well before that what with talking, petting, and coaxing, and so on.” I replied, “it can just play on in the background”.

“Show me Gussie!”, Dolores continued.

I showed her some of the opening soft-core stuff which then graduated into the more hardcore with cunnilingus and fellatio and finally lots of scenes with the guy just blowing his load all over various locations on his wife’s body.

“It’s good Gussie!”, Dolores exclaimed, I think it’s hot, but don’t you think that it’s maybe just a little bit too…well strong…. for an 11 year old girl’s very first experience with sex?”

“Sweetheart!”, I told her gently, “A naked 11 year old girl, in the middle of the living room watching her dad spray semen all over her mom’s naked body is pretty strong too! Don’t you think? Isn’t the whole point of the evening about Vicky Kaye learning and seeing where human sperm comes from? Letting her see her Dad’s erect dripping penis and hot white juicy sperm shooting out of it in front of her eyes?”

“Oh I’m sure she’s going to be a little uncomfortable, a bit embarrassed, and probably turn beet red and all that when we show her this stuff ”, I continued, “But, if she looks too uncomfortable with the adult material we can always stop the thing right there and not upset her by going any further. Okay? What do you think? If she gets by the porn show okay, I think she should be okay with seeing Mom and Dad doing the real thing? Right?”

Dolores didn’t say anything but nodded her head slowly in agreement as I pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “ I can’t wait for this evening Dolores! I’m so hot and I know you are too from just thinking about it! I can’t wait to see her face when I pull my dripping penis out of my pajamas in front of her and show her my sperm! Sperm Dolores…..the sperm that made her!”

“Yes Gussie! Yes!”, she hissed, “Well’ let her see your sperm! Lot’s of hot human sperm for the very first time in her life!”

“Great Sweetheart!”, I continued grabbing a quick feel of her tits, “Go ahead and check out the rest while I go and get myself a beer? You want a nice glass of wine too? Maybe start getting loosened up for what’s going to happen this evening?”, I grinned at her.

“Yes please Gussie!”, she answered, “I think we’ll both want to have a few to be a little bit tipsy and loose before we get started!”

I headed back to the kitchen to collect our drinks and by the time I got back to the den Dolores was busily fast forwarding away on my videos.

“Sweetheart?”, I went on, “ I stashed a sheet, blanket and some pillows behind and under the couch for the three of us, just in case we don’t make it back to the bedroom and end up crashed in front of the fireplace on the rug after the fireworks are all over. Just wanted you to know about it. Okay?”

“Thanks Gussie!”, she answered, “That’s a real good idea! I’ll put a couple of our sex toys there too for “training aids” during the presentation too”, she giggled, “I know just the right things!”

I grinned at my wife and told her, “Don’t forget the silver dildo either! Put fresh batteries in it too! I want to see the look on Vicky’s face when you use it in front of her!”

Dolores laughed and nodded as she got up to collect the items and said, “I’ll be back in just a few minutes Honey okay? I want to get them stashed under the couch before the girl’s get back home.”

“Okay Sweetheart!”, I said, Why don’t you put the two video camcorders under the couch too? I think we’ll want to save this one for posterity!”

“Okay Gussie!”, she replied, “I’ll do that too but you have to be the cameraman okay? No, on second thought I’ll just position a couple of cameras around the room to catch the action in case we aren’t interested in taking pictures!”

“Sure Hon!”, I told her, “No problem! I’ll go and turn the thermostat down and get the fire going in the fireplace and light a few candles to set a nice warm romantic mood.”

I busied myself with the fire and soon had a crackling fire going. I looked out the window at about two twenty, saw the school bus approaching almost two hours early through the now heavily falling snow. The valley below was now full of growing heavy clouds and big white snow flakes!

With a squeal of the brakes the bus rumbled to a stop by the mailbox and as the door popped open Rachel, Donna, and Vicky tumbled out and raced for the porch. The three burst into the living entry foyer sliding out of boots and coats still chattering and happy at the early out and prospect for an unexpected vacation at home without school for a week. I was greeted with a chorus of “Hi Daddy! We’re home!”, and a series of quick hugs and pecks on the cheek and another chorus of, “Daddy isn’t the snow so cool!”, before the chattering human female tsunami tumbled and rolled across the living room and finally swept down the hall and into the girl’s bedroom.

Dolores had finished what she was doing and was back in the living room when the girls clambered back to take their positions on assorted pillows throughout the living room to watch the TV. Vicky I noticed had let her waist length hair down and donned a cute pink pajama suit with white socks and was lying face down on the fireplace rug watching the TV with her head propped up on her hands and elbows. There was the usual minor squabble about what to watch before they came to a consensus and the room finally settled down to some semblance of quiet sanity and the crackling of the fireplace.

I was dozing off and finally decided to just go and grab a quick nap before dinner as well as take my mind off of Vicky and her cute long legs before me on the rug! My dick was already beginning to ooze pre-cum from just thinking about her and imagining what she would look like in the nude!

“I’m think going to take a little nap before dinner Dolores. Okay?”, I asked my wife.

“Sure Gussie!”, I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”, she replied, “Rest up for this evening Darling. It could be a long one!”, she added with a coy knowing smile, “A very very long one!”

I headed down the hallway and stretched out on top of the comforter and drifted off into a fitful sleep!

“Dinner’s ready!”, I heard my wife say as she stood beside the bed and placed her hand on my shoulder, “Time to get up now!”

“Okay…”, I answered still groggy with sleep as I eased out of bed to make my way down the hall with Dolores.

Dinner proceeded as usual and afterwards everyone piled into the living room to watch TV. Dolores snuggled up beside me on the couch and the girls on pillows on the floor in front of the TV.

As we watched TV Dolores and I teased each other quietly.

“Do you want to squirt your sperm on them Gus? Shoot sperm all over their long naked cute legs and bare feet?”, Dolores continued, “Maybe even your shoot sperm on Donna’s baby fat? On her face Gus? Spermatozoa and semen all over her cute little face?”

Dolores reached into my pajamas and took my cock out and began stroking it. The excitement was unbearable! The girls would see everything if they turned around!

“Dolores!”, I hissed quietly, “What if they see us?”

“Mmmmm good! I hope they do!”, Dolores whispered, “If they turn around and see us then the plan changes and I’ll just keep jacking you off until you cum in front of them! I’ll masturbate you Gussie! You’d like that wouldn’t you? I mean, letting three girls see your naked cock spurting hot semen out of it while I masturbate you in front of them! You said you masturbated to the sight of Vicky’s naked legs and her ass while I was gone, remember?! Just think about it Gussie! If Vicky had turned around she would have seen her father masturbating and sperm coming out of his dick! Think about Vicky’s ass Gus! Your daughter’s ass! Wouldn’t you like to fuck her in the ass!”

“Yes Dolores! Yes! Vicky’s ass, her asshole…. her rectum!” , I grunted, “ I want them to see the sperm coming out of me, shooting out of my cock right in front of them! Tell them to turn around and look Dolores! Do it! Tell them to turn around now and look at us!”, I said more a little more loudly almost hoping that the girls would turn and see their mom masturbating my exposed erect nine inch cock! “I want to fuck Vicky’s rectum Dolores! I want you to watch me fuck her in the ass! In her naked bare little ass!”

Dolores just grinned nastily and kept on stroking me. She finally put my cock back into my pajamas just as Donna, the seven year old, turned around to say something about the story we were watching. She never spoke but got a curious look on her face. Although she couldn’t see my cock in my pajamas, she could see her mom’s hand inside my fly still working my dick. We both made eye contact with Donna and Dolores just kept giving my dick a hand job with long slow strokes inside my pajamas while Donna watched entranced and wide eyed! I couldn’t help but hump my hips two or three times as she watched! Her cute little face and expression were irresistible!

“Unnngh! Better ease up a bit Dolores!”, I told my wife quietly placing my hand on her arm, Unless you want to pull me back out and just go ahead and let me do it in front of her now!”

“No Gussie! Not yet!”, Dolores said pulling her hand out of my fly and giving my cock one final pat through my pajamas. Donna continued to stare at us for a few more moments before finally turning back around, with a slight giggle, to watch the TV.

Dolores looked into my face with her eyes blazing like hot coals for a few moments before drawing my dick back out of its’ hiding place only to bury her head in my lap and take it deeply into her mouth!

Just at that moment Donna turned back around! She still really couldn’t see anything as my wife’s long hair spilled onto my lap and covered up all of the action but the quizzical look on her sweet little face told me she was trying mightily to figure out whatever on earth was Mom doing bobbing her head back and forth in Dad’s lap?

I met Donna’s eyes again and managed to smile at her and was rewarded when she answered with a huge smile of her own. I kept stroking her mom’s hair and smiling at Donna the whole time Dolores was sucking my cock!

“Damn!”, I thought, “I’m getting a blow job in front of my seven year old daughter!”, the thought that she didn’t understand or could even tell what was happening right before her very young eyes made it even more arousing!

Dolores finally put my dick away again and as she brushed her hair back and laid her head against me she was startled to see Donna staring at us!

“It’s okay Baby!”, I whispered to my wife, “It’s okay! She really didn’t see anything, your hair blocked what you were doing! She didn’t see anything!”

Donna giggled sweetly again and smiled then and turned her attention back to the closing minutes of the show.

“Donna, Rachel!” Dolores said as the closing credits rolled by on the screen, “It’s time for bed now!” It was now 10:00 and we always let the two younger girls stay up until 10:00 when it wasn’t a school night while Vicky could stay up until 11:00.

“Aw gee Mom!”, Do we have to they protested in unison (as usual), “Can’t we stay up awhile longer?”

“You know better!”, Dolores said, “Off to bed now and Vicky will tuck you in.”

“Vicky, after you tuck them in you can come back and watch TV awhile longer with us, if you want to”, Dolores continued, “Okay?”

“Okay Mom!”, was Vicky’s reply as she began to herd her two sisters to their bedroom.

As Vicky bundled Donna and Rachel off to bed I looked over at my wife.

“Any second thoughts Sweetie?”, I asked, “There’s still time to back out if you don’t think you can handle it.”

“Good grief! Donna just saw me giving you a hand and blow job Gus!”, she replied, “I’m just so hot now and I want to go through with it and…..and….do it! In front of them! Let them see both of us naked! See your dick and see it in me!”

“Okay then”, I replied, “Here we go!”, as I switched the TV to playing the porn clips I had downloaded earlier. The first scene began with the husband eating his wife’s pussy and now all we had to do was wait for Vicky to come back into the living room and see it playing!

A few tension packed minutes later, Vicky walked back into the living room and her hand flew to her mouth as she saw the guy on the screen fucking the woman doggy style! He suddenly pulled out of her and shot his load all over her back!

“It’s okay Vicky!”, Dolores said, “You’re a big girl now and your Dad and I think you are ready to enjoy some adult entertainment with us, that is, if you want to….”

Dolores patted the couch for Vicky to come and sit between us and after a few seconds she came over and sat down.

“Everyone has a need for sex!”, Dolores explained to our daughter as one woman after another received a load of semen on the screen at various locations on her body, “ A woman needs a man’s penis inside of her and a man needs to put it their! It’s a force stronger than anyone can resist!

“It’s all a part of a marriage Vicky!”, Dolores continued, “When two people who love each other get married, this is one of the things they get married for, to satisfy each other’s needs for sex.

“Mom?”, Vicky asked quietly, “Have you….I mean…. seen Daddy’s pee-pee?”

Of course Baby, the woman and man get naked and the woman sees the man’s pee-pee! She likes to play with it too and the man likes to play with the woman’s body too!

“Do you like it Mommy?”, Vicky asked, “I mean do you like it when Daddy shows you his pee-pee?”

“Yes Sweetie!”, Dolores exclaimed, “I love to see it and play with it like I said!”

Vicky sat quietly for a few minutes watching the raw sex acts on the screen as Dolores and I stroked and petted her. I was able to feel her breast buds through her pajama top as I caressed her!

After a few moments of thought Vicky continued, “Mom? Do you think? I mean…can…will Daddy let us…us… you know….see it!?”

“If you want to see it, I think we can talk Daddy into showing us his pee-pee, if we ask him very nicely that is!”, Dolores said with a straight face.

“How about it Gussie?”, my wife asked teasingly, “Will you let us see your pee-pee?”

“I dunno Dolores?”, I continued to play the game, “I don’t know if Vicky really wants to see it.”

“I do Daddy!”, my daughter exclaimed breathlessly, “I do!”

‘Do what baby girl?”, I asked

“I…I….I want to see your…your…pee-pee!”, she exclaimed.

“I dunno Vicky.”, I said with an equally straight face, “Daddies don’t normally let their baby girls see their pee-pees!’

“Daddy! I’m not a baby anymore!”, Vicky said with mock indignity and a giggle, “I’m almost 12 years old!”

I hugged her tighter and said, “No Sweetie! You’re not a baby anymore. You really are a young woman! A very beautiful one too! I guess you’re grown up enough to see your first pee-pee!”

Vicky just smiled at the compliment staring into my eyes.

“Okay Vicky, here we go!”, I continued, “Here comes Daddy’s pee-pee just for you!”

I reached into the fly of my pajamas and drew my penis and testicles out of my pajamas and then took my hand away to let her see the full nine inches of her father’s now fully aroused and dripping naked sex organ.

Both of Vicky’s hands flew to her mouth, her eyes became as wide as saucers, and every inch of her exposed flesh suddenly turned a bright scarlet

“Ohhh Daddy!”, she gasped in a hushed voice as she stared at my cock with those huge innocent big brown eyes, “Ooooooooh Daddy! Daddy!”

I placed my left arm around her shoulders to draw her still closer to my side while her eyes never left my erection!

“Shhhhhh baby”, I cooed gently, “It’s alright baby, it’s okay. It’s normal to be embarrassed the first few times….it’s okay Vicky….it’s okay!”

After about 30 seconds of her just staring at my dick I couldn’t stand the tension anymore and wrapped my hand around my cock and began to slowly masturbate it in front of my daughter.

I gasped as I thought to myself, “I…I…I’m masturbating in front of Vicky! I’m masturbating in front of an eleven year old girl!” A simultaneous wave of intense shame but, at the same time, incredible lust shuddered through me and the blood pounded in my head as I continued stroking my naked now fully erect dripping cock in front of my daughter

Suddenly one large solitary drop of clear pre-cum lazily oozed out the tip of my penis to form a sphere before finally becoming at last too heavy and dripped off the tip of my cock and soaked into my pajamas while Vicky watched wide eyed taking her breath in short sharp little gasps.

I groaned as the actual realization hit me again that I was masturbating in front of my very own eleven year old daughter!

Vicky’s raised her head from the visual overload in front of her to meet mine as I gasped, “ Sperm baby girl sperm! Say sperm Vicky! Say sperm! Say it for me baby girl…say the word…say it now!.....just keep saying it over and over! Do it baby! Do it”

Her big beautiful brown eyes were still as wide as saucers and she bit her lower lip nervously before swallowing and taking a deep breath as she looked back at my dick and stuttered, “S..s..s…sperm Daddy! Sperm!.....Sperm!....Sperm!.....Sperm!

“You’re so beautiful Vicky!”, I said to my daughter as I released my cock, “ Much more beautiful than the girls in the videos!”

“Really Daddy?”, Vicky asked in a hushed voice tinged with embarrassment and a blush as she fixed her big brown eyes on mine, “I don’t even have any…my…boobies yet! I mean…I do… but they’re so small, not like mom’s or even the girls in the videos. How can I be all that beautiful?”

“You are Sweetheart! Trust me! You are so beautiful!”, I answered, “You’re at a magic age right now that makes you so extra special and beautiful! Your long legs and those cute little developing boobie buds really turn a man on!”

I pulled the child tightly to me and held her close to my chest and stroked her long hair gently for a few minutes before saying gently, “Daddy loves you Sweetheart, so much!” You know that don’t you baby girl?”

“Yes Daddy”, I know that!”, she replied quietly while cocking her head back to fix her large round brown eyes on mine.

“You know Sweetheart, I could feel your boobie buds through your robe when you hugged me this morning and I’ve got to share a little secret with you okay? I’d really to do a lot more than just feel them through your clothes. I’d really like to see those cute little boobie buds!”, I continued.

Vicky’s eyes became as big and round as saucers and her face turned beet red as my words sank in before she cast her gaze back to my erect cock again. Dolores lay wordlessly snuggled up beside me on the couch breathing heavily and her eyes blazing like two hot coals as she watched me, with my dick poking obscenely out of my pajamas, trying to talk our daughter out of her pink pajamas.

“Do you love me Sweetheart?”, I continued using her love for me to coax my daughter out of her pajamas and into her birthday suit!, “You said you loved me this morning, not just my pancakes!”

“I love you Daddy!”, she answered, “You know I do!”

“Then go ahead and show me Princess, show me how much you love me okay?”, I pressed gently, “If you really love me, you’ll prove it to me by getting undressed for me Sweetheart, okay? Will you do that for Daddy precious girl? Please? If you really mean that you love me then get yourself pretty and pink for me! I really want to see the beautiful little baby girl angel that I love so much completely naked!”, I said as my heart pounded in my chest!, I want to see your girl part Baby! Daddy needs to see your vulva and booby buds!”

Vicky glanced back towards Dolores cuddled up beside me to ask the single question, “Mom?”, the rest of the question unspoken but understood all too well by both females.

“It’s okay Vicky! Mommy says it’s okay.”, Dolores replied in the deep husky voice that I knew so well meant that she was already entering a state of passion, “It will make Daddy and me so very verrrrry happy if you do it Sweetheart! You love Mommy and Daddy don’t you Vicky? You want to make Mommy and Daddy happy don’t you?”

“Yes Mommy! I love you both so much!”, my daughter replied, “ I want you and Dad to be happy!”

“Then go ahead do it Vicky Kaye!”, Dolores said gently, “Undress Sweetie! Okay? People who love each other do it all the time Honey, okay? Daddy and I do it all the time, four or five times a week, just so he can put his pee-pee up inside of me! Get undressed for Mommy and Daddy okay? Daddy wants to see you Vicky! He loves you so much and he really needs to see your cute little boobies and vulva and I want to let you watch lots of juicy semen and sperm squirting out of him all over me, okay Sweetie?”

“Mom? When you were….were…a girl…did Grandpa ever let you watch him squirt sperm out of his pee-pee all over Grandma?”, she asked again using the child’s term for the male organ and which I found to be a deliciously super hot turn on as well!

Vicky’s question though, caught me by no little surprise I had to admit and I waited with no little curiosity to see what my wife’s response would be.

It was Dolores’ turn to blush now as she pause a few moments before responding to our daughter’s question.

“Yes”, Dolores answered finally, when I was in the fifth grade, just like you, your grandma and grandpa let me come into their bedroom one night, closed the door and turned the lights down low and then they…they let me watch my dad, your grandpa, shoot his sperm all over my mom!”

Vicky’s eyes widened once more as she asked, “When it happened, I mean when you watched the sperm coming out of grandpa’s pee-pee were you….you….naked too?”

“Yes Sweetheart!”, Dolores replied nodding, “I was completely naked! When it comes to sex Vicky, men almost always want the women or girls involved to be naked.”

“Wow! Were you embarrassed Mom?”, Vicky continued asking, “What happened?”

“A little bit at first, just like you are now”, My wife continued, “But I got over it quick when I saw how good it had made my mom and dad both feel! My dad was so excited that as soon as I got naked and he saw me that way, he got between my mom’s, your grandma’s, legs and began to maturbate his pee-pee and sprayed his semen all over my mom and then without stopping he slid his penis up inside of her and they kept right on making love! Grandpa kept looking over at me the whole time just standing beside the bed while he had his pee-pee up inside of grandma and just he kept telling my mom over and over how much he enjoyed seeing my naked legs and feet, my breast buds, and my vulva! Grandma reached out to hold my hand and suddenly she felt so good that when she came her eyes rolled up into her head and all I could see were the whites! Her face and hair were soaked with grandpa’s semen too!” I remember that just as your grandpa began to squirt more sperm up inside of grandma’s belly he told me again how much he loved looking at my naked vulva!”

“Wow!”, said Vicky as she absorbed the story.

“Uhh…Mom?”, Vicky went on, “Did you ever let Grandpa…you know… put his pee-pee up inside of you? I mean….like in the videos?”

My wife took yet another deep breath before answering, “Right after grandpa finished filling grandma’s belly with his sperm he pulled out of her and got up from the bed and stood in front of me and I could see his pee-pee was getting soft and it was still shiny and slippery with his sperm from being upside my mom. He told me to take it in my hand and stroke it, which I did. It was really really slippery and gooey but it felt nice and soft and warm! His pee-pee began to get hard again after a few minutes and he suddenly picked me up and laid me down on the bed beside my mom! He played with and sucked on my breast buds for a few more minutes and he told me how much he loved me then he opened my legs and slid his pee-pee right up inside of me! He moved in and out of me for about ten minutes and kept saying how much he liked feeling my legs and breast buds and how he liked seeing his pee-pee disappear inside me, inside my vulva, then he suddenly grunted and pushed inside me as deep as he could get and stopped there. His pee-pee isn’t as big as your dad’s! After a few seconds I felt his pee-pee jerking inside me and then I felt a hot wet sticky sensation deep inside me too and then I felt like something warm was running out of me and down along the crack of my butt and onto the bed and I knew that his dick was pumping me full of his sperm too just like it had inside of your grandma!”

I was almost on total overload myself from hearing my wife tell our daughter how, as a girl, she had been introduced to sex by her own parents by watching them fuck in front of her!

I looked at Dolores questioningly and she said, “It’s true Gus, I never told you before…. I guess I was too…too…”, She left the thought unfinished obviously a little embarrassed.

“Dolores!”, I exclaimed, “That’s amazing! That’s so…so…super hot! Now I know how we “got off” on this topic last night! No pun intended!”, I chuckled.

Dolores just pursed her lips for a moment and then grinned sheepishly.

Vicky took it all in for a few moments before responding with an uncertain nod and a subdued, “Okay…..I guess…Wow! Oh wow!”

“Vicky Sweetie?”, I asked softly, “Why don’t you hop up and stand in front of me, between my legs okay?”

Vicky got up from between Dolores and myself to stand between my legs and stare at my aroused cock!

“I love you Vicky! You know that don’t you?”, I asked the beet red girl.

“Yes Daddy!”, she exclaimed softly, “I know. I love you too Daddy and Mom too! I just want to make you both happy! Just like Mom did grandpa!”

“You will Precious!”, I continued, “You’ll be perfect and make us both very very happy!”

I pushed my cock back into my pajamas and then slid out of the bottoms exposing myself to Vicky nude from the waist down, raging hard-on and all!

“Vicky….I went first okay? Now it’s your turn baby!”, I said, “Do it Sweetie!”, I commanded gently, “Pull your pj’s down for Daddy okay? I showed you how much I love you and let you see my pee-pee so show me how much you love me and lose your pj bottom!”

Vicky hooked her thumbs into the elastic of the waist band but hesitated after pulling it down only a couple of inches. She looked up at me with those big brown innocent eyes and I could tell she really didn’t want to go any further but I was far too horny at that point to be overly sensitive to her girlish embarassment,

“I guess you really don’t love Daddy then do you?”, I said disappointedly.

“I love you Daddy! I love you!”, she exclaimed as she turned her gaze to her feet and after taking a few steps backward into the center of the room with one swift motion pulled her pj bottoms to the floor and stepped out of them.

The sight was incredible! Vicky stood there in front of me beet red, with her soft bare legs, two white anklets hiding her precious little feet, a pink pajama top, and YES!, the three power puff girls guarding the entrance to her soon to be exposed virginal genitals!

I pulled the top of my own pajamas up and over my head and now laid back on the couch completely naked in front of mother and daughter!

Dolores sat up beside me and also slid out of her pajamas to get naked as well. The curtain was definitely going up as Dolores reached over and took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it while Vicky watched ever more wide eyed!

“All the way Vicky!...All the way now okay?”, Dolores coaxed her along gently, “Naked Vicky, get naked for Daddy and Mommy okay? Completely naked!” We want to see our little Vicky girl naked! I want you to watch while Daddy puts his pee-pee up inside of me and then pulls it out and cums all over me! You won’t believe how much sperm is going to come out of him if he sees you watching us naked! It’s going to make mommy and daddy feel so good and so very happy!”

“Daddy?”, Vicky asked quietly, “Are you really going to….I mean…are you…are you…going to put your pee-pee up inside of Mom while let me watch you squirt your sperm on her….like grandpa did?”

“Yes baby”, I replied, “I am. Your Mom is going to lie back and spread her legs wide apart and then I’m going to kneel down between them and push my pee-pee as far up inside of her birth canal as I can get it in and the, when I just can’t stand it any more, I’m going to pull out and cover her tits and belly with my spermatozoa while you watch!”

I stood up, gently easing Vicky aside, and stood between my wife’s long slender naked legs as she sat on the edge of the couch.

“But watch this first though Vicky!”, I exclaimed as I slid my erection between Dolores’s now nude D-cup breasts and began to titty fuck her in front of my daughter!”

Dolores looked up at me, her turn to be wide eyed now, as I continued saying to her, “Unnnnghhh Dolores…over the line now…no going back! I’m fucking your tits! Fucking your big naked tits while she watches!

Dolores let out a low moan as she exclaimed, “Oh Gus!.....Oooh Gus!....Nooooo! Not in front of our baby!….our baby! Daddy’s big naked dick between my tits in front of our baby! Nooooooo!”

“Yes Dolores! Yes”, I grunted hoarsely in reply, “Our baby girl is watching us titty fuck! Watching my cock slide between her mom’s warm soft naked tits! Do you want me to let her see my sperm squirt out now?! Do you want her to see me cum now?! Let her see my sperm shoot between your tits?! Your tits woman! Your naked tits!”

“No Gussie! No!”, Dolores grunted, “Don’t cum yet! Don’t shoot your load yet!”

Dolores had slid a hand between her legs and was masturbating furiously as my cock worked it’s way between her tits. I took her hair and pulled her head around hugging it against my belly to face Vicky saying,

“Look at her Dolores! Look at Vicky! Look at her face Dolores, Look at her big brown eyes watching us!”

“Oh Vicky!”, my wife gasped, “Oh Vicky!, Oh my baby, Oh Gussie! Oh God! …Oh…….God……….forgive….me!....I…I….I’m…sorry….so sorry,,and and I….I….I’m…….going…to…to...cum…cum…cum! Vicky Kaye!, Vickeee Kayeeee!....Vickeeeeeeeeeeeee Mommiiiiii’s cumiiiiing! Sheeeees Cummiiiiiiiiiiiig!”, she squealed as her eyes rolled up inside of her head leaving only their milky whites visible!

I continued stroking between those luscious soft warm naked tits as I glanced over at Vicky.

“Sperm Vicky Kaye!”, I grunted, “Spermatozoa!”

I slid out from between Dolores tits and placed the tip of my dick to my wife’s lips saying, “ You know what to do Dolores!....Don’t you? Do it then!”

I heard an audible gasp come from behind me as Vicky watched her mom take my swollen cock into her mouth!

“Uggggggghhhhh Daddeeeee No!”, Vicky blurted out involuntarily, “That’s so gross! You put you pee-pee in Mommy’s mouth!”

“Oh baby it’s not gross!”, I grunted hoarsely, “Men love to put their pee-pees into a woman’s mouth! It’s so nice and warm and wet in there! Your Mom loves it too!”

“Tell her you love it Dolores!”, I grunted, “Tell her!”

“Yes Vicky! I love it!”, she paused to exclaim, “I love to suck and lick a daddy’s cock and balls! Sometimes I make him squirt in my mouth and swallow it too!”

Dolores would then pull her mouth off of my dick every now and then to lick the full length of it with her tongue and to swirl her tongue around the tip a few times before taking it back into her mouth once more as she fondled my testicles.

“Sperm Dolores! Sperm!”, I grunted as my wife sucked me, “Hot human sperm! Vicky’s going to see my hot male sperm squirting in just a few minutes! Your eleven year old daughter is watching you suck my cock and soon she’ll see the sperm coming out of it!”

“Yessssss!”, Dolores hissed as she stopped sucking for a moment, “Sperm! I want her to see you giving me your sperm! I want her to watch me sucking your cock! I want her to watch you shoot another baby up inside of me!”

Dolores and I continued the blow job and dirty talk for another minute or so before I pulled away to sit back down on the couch.

“Okay Vicky do it!”, I commanded gently but still more firmly than before, “ I want to see you little girl, I want to see your boobie buds and your vulva Vicky Kaye! I want to see your vulva, your naked feminine vulva! Now!”

Vicky slowly raised one leg at a time to peel away the white anklets and then slipped her pajama top over her head. I caught my breath at the sight of the two large perfect reddish brown hemispheres that would eventually becomes her areolas and nipples as well as the two small fatty mounds beneath them that constituted her developing breasts!

“My God Dolores!”, I gasped, “ I’ve never seen a girl’s developing breasts! I had no idea that they…they…. formed perfect little hemispheres and looked like that! They’re exquisite! They’re so….so beautiful….so cute!”

Vicky crossed her arms to quickly cover her sweet little buds with her hands and looked down at her feet quickly wiping a few tiny little tears of shame and embarrassment from each eye with her crossed arms.

“On Baby please!”, I exclaimed, “Don’t hide them! They’re sooooo beautiful!”

“But Daddy!”, Vicky exclaimed in a hushed voice as she looked back up at me with a tiny tear still in each eye, “They’re still so small! They’re just bumps! Nothing like Mom’s or even the girls in the videos! You couldn’t even rub your..your…you know? Your pee-pee between them!” Like you were doing between Mom’s!”

It was the perfect opening!

“No Vicky”, I countered, “They’re not big enough for me to slide my pee-pee between yet but they are incredible anyway! Someday you’re going to be a D-cup girl just like your Mom and then the men in your life will want to slide their pee-pees between them and squirt sperm between them every time you let them!”

Vicky blushed now from the compliment and not from embarrassment and let her hands fall to her sides again. She was beginning to get over the initial shock of the whole thing and a few of her inhibitions as well.

“Sweetie?”, I asked my baby girl, “Since they are so cute, there is something I really want to do right now if you’ll let me?”

‘What Daddy?”, she answered nervously with a slight tremor in her voice.

“You’re right that I can’t stroke my pee-pee between them yet, but I really would like to rub the tip of my pee-pee against your boobie buds!”, I finished, “that is ,if you’ll let me!”

After hesitating for a few seconds Vicky swallowed and took a deep breath before answering, “Okay….Daddy….I guess so…if you want too!”

“Ohhhhh Yes Sweetie!”, I replied, “Daddy wants to! He definitely wants to!”

I rose from the couch and motioned her over to sit on the arm of the couch to put her precious little buds at just the right height for what I was about to do to her.

Vicky’s eyes grew wide again as she saw my massive dripping cock approaching her at almost eye level and she swallowed hard as I took the shaft and made the organ almost horizontal. I moved up close to her and held her gently behind her head to keep her from pulling away from me as I squatted slightly and began to brush the tip of my dick slowly back and forth across her naked left breast bud!

“Look at me baby!”, I commanded gently, “Look at my face Sweetheart! Don’t look down, just look at me okay?”

“Okay Daddy!” she replied softly, “Okay”

Vicky stared into my eyes and gasped as she felt my cock contact her developing nipple!

“Doing okay Sweetheart?”, I asked my daughter, “Are you embarrassed? Maybe a little ashamed?”

“Y…ye…yes Daddy”, Vicky stammered, “A little bit….”

“It’s okay to be a little embarrassed Vicky”, I crooned, “It’s okay to be a little ashamed the first time you’re naked in front of a guy! It’s okay baby girl! Daddy and Mommy love you so much! You know we’d never ask you to anything wrong don’t you? Sex is so wonderful and beautiful!”

“I know Daddy!”, she replied, “I love you and Mommy so much too!”

After a minute or so I could see the back of her head and beautiful hair as she garnered the courage to look down and watch her first actual contact with a male cock! I switched to a left–right motion from one bud to another.

Vicky looked up at me suddenly and with something akin to wonder in her voice said., “Daddy!, It feels… feels…..good! My tummy feels warm and …and…good!”

“It feels good to me too Sweetie!”, I gasped, “Ummmmmm so good!, Better than words can ever say! I love you Vicky! I love you so much!”

I couldn’t resist the temptation to bump the bottom of her chin with the tip of my dick each time as I swung it to and fro between those precious little buds!

The delightful innocent little girlish giggle that followed each teasing bump, along with the delicious feeling of my dick touching her tender little soft warm tits and chin was truly beyond description but, with those big brown innocent eyes looking up at me, I had to stop after only a minute or so to keep myself from cumming!

“Why did you stop?”, Vicky asked a little disappointed, “I liked it? It was fun! Doesn’t it feel good to you? I thought you said you liked my booby buds?”

“Oh Sweetie, believe me they feel wonderful! The problem is that they feel too good Sweetheart!”, I answered, “Another minute or two of that teasing and I wouldn’t have been able to keep from cumming all over you!”

“What’s cumming Daddy?”, Vicky asked.

“Cumming is when a person has an orgasm Sweetheart!”, I answered her, “It’s what causes the semen to squirt out of a man!”

“I thought you said it was sperm that comes out?”, she cocked her head quizzically, what’s semen?”

“Semen is the white juice that sperm cells live in until they reach the woman’s egg and make her pregnant”, I explained, “When a man has an orgasm the spermatozoa race out of his testicles where they’re made”, I paused to place a hand under my balls to show her, “They shoot round back up inside the man and get mixed with a thick juicy liquid called semen which looks a lot like egg-whites. Semen, chocked full of sperm, is what actually comes out of a penis when a man has an orgasm! It feels wonderful while it’s squirting!”

“You can then, if you want to Daddy”, Vicky went on, “If it will make you feel wonderful!”

“Can what Vicky?”, I asked.

“You can go ahead and let your pee-pee cum on me if you want to!”, she replied with a hint of a coy smile and another precious little giggle. “I want to see lots and lots of semen come out of your pee-pee Daddy!”.

She really was getting over the embarrassment stage much quicker than I had thought she might.

“I want to do it too Vicky!”, I continued, “And I really want to do it in front of you but just not right yet okay Baby Girl? We need to wait for just a little bit yet but tomorrow I’ll shoot my semen and spermatozoa all over your cute naked body…while Mom watches us…okay?” I said, recalling the words I had whispered to myself the night I had masturbated outside her bedroom door, “You can be Daddy’s little spermatozoa angel okay? My very own precious little naked sperm angel!”

“Dad?”, Vicky asked hesitantly, “Can….Can I….can…I….?

“Can you what Sweetheart?”, I asked my daughter gently.

“Can I touch it!?”, she blurted out, “Your pee-pee!…I mean….you know…..touch it with my hands!? Is it okay?”.

I didn’t answer but just moved back closer to her again with my dick at the level of her face as she sat on the arm of the couch.

“How do I touch it?”, she asked so innocently and seriously and so obviously full of concern to do it just right!

Taking both of her hands in mine and guiding them to my cock I said to her, “Okay baby, you just wrap your fists around it, one hand as close to the bottom as you can and wrap your other fist around on top of the first, okay?”

The feeling was beyond description as the two tiny soft warm little eleven year old fists closed around my cock!

“Now stroke it Vicky! Just rub it okay?”, I continued, “Just move your hands up and down along the shaft and squeeze it a little bit as you do!”

It took her a few seconds but she very soon sensed the correct grip and rhythm as I gasped, “That’s it baby!.....That’s perfect! PERFECT! Dolores! Ummmm Ahhhhhh Dolores! Look at her! Look at Vicky masturbating my cock! Masturbating her Daddy’s cock! Masturbate me baby girl! Masturbate me! Ummmmmm masturbate my naked cock! Jack me baby girl! Jack Daddy off!”

The sensation of Vicky’s tiny soft warm little hands stroking my cock was unbelievable, like nothing I had ever experienced before! The intense expression on her adorable sweet face was so serious that it was actually cute! I placed my hands behind her head again as I felt a wave of pure exquisite love flood over me for this adorable precious and special tiny person manipulating the very manhood that had helped create her!

“I love you Vicky Kaye!”, I gasped finally, “I love you so much!”, I said again as I began to hump and rock my hips inside of her hands!

“Dad?, Vicky asked as she continued stroking me, “Did you like it when you put your pee-pee in mom’s mouth? I mean….did it feel good to you?”

“Yes! Sweetie!”, I answered, “I love it when your mom lets me put my pee-pee in her mouth! We do it almost every night and it feels wonderful when she sucks and licks it!”

Vicky didn’t reply but she stopped stroking me and I could see from the look on her face that she was seriously studying the tip of my dick, as if trying to figure out what she was supposed to do with it next, when suddenly, without warning, she leaned forward, both hands still wrapped around my dick, to take the large swollen tip into her mouth! I gasped when felt her little pink tongue begin to tentatively flick around the tip and actually explore the opening at the end! I could hear a faint slurp…slurp…slurp as Vicky’s saliva mingled with the pre-cum I could feel oozing freely out of my cock and into her young pink little mouth! I placed both of my hands on her beautiful long auburn hair and gently stroked her head and shoulders as my little girl continued to experience the first ever penis in her mouth!

“Good Baby! Good!”, I gasped, “You’re a natural Sweetheart! You’re a natural pee-pee licker! A perfect little pee-pee licker! Oh Sweetie you make daddy’s pee-pee feel so good!”

Vicky giggled as best she could with her full mouth as I stoked her hair.

“Man!,” I thought to myself, “I’m glad I really emptied my balls all over Dolores last night or I’d never be able to control this sweet torture!”

I was just about ready to say to hell with it anyway, as I felt that familiar tingle starting in my testicles, and just go ahead and unload in her tiny young mouth when suddenly Vicky exclaimed,

“Daddy!”, Wide eyed again as she suddenly stopped stroking and sucking my dick but still keeping both of her hands wrapped firmly around my shaft as she looked past me to ask again, “Daddy!, What’s Mom doing!? What’s happening!?”

I gently pulled Vicky’s hands away from my penis before she made me cum, (I was getting really close now), and turned to see that Dolores, completely naked and being unable to take it any longer, had laid back on the couch with her feet flat on the floor with her long bare legs spread wide open! She had recovered the silver dildo from under the couch while watching me rub my dick against our daughter’s breast buds and now after watching our own daughter giving me a hand and blow job simultaneously was literally in a world of her own making, far from either of us, grunting, gasping, moaning and masturbating furiously!”

I took Vicky’s hand and led her gently into position between her mother’s long naked legs where she had a clear view of everything that was happening! Dolores was pushing the dildo in and out of her cunt with one hand and working her clitoris fast with the other.

“Mom’s masturbating!”, I explained to Vicky standing behind her with my hands on her shoulders, “Having you watch us titty fuck and then her watching you let me put my pee-pee in your mouth made her want to have the same good feeling she had before called an orgasm, or a cum! It feels incredible when it happens! All the muscles in her belly snap tight and then release over and over again. The feeling is super intense like a million butterflies fluttering in your belly! A person can rub and play with their own private parts like Mom is doing now, and like I did awhile ago when I pulled my pee-pee out of my pajamas, and make themselves cum or orgasm too!”, I continued to explain, “An orgasm, remember, is what will make the sperm shoot out of me later because the muscles will spasm and just push that sperm filled semen right up and out from inside of me!”

“Mom is getting herself ready to cum again for us and I think she just wants us to watch her and enjoy the beautiful sight!”, I continued.

Dolores opened her eyes briefly and groaned loudly as she saw Vicky standing between her legs clad only in her Power-Puff panties watching her with me behind her! Dolores gasped and slid the buzzing dildo back up deep inside of her vagina!

“Dear God! Oh Dear God”, Dolores gasped as she opened her eyes to see our daughter watching her intently as she masturbated herself!

I stood behind Vicky with my penis pressing up against her back and slid my hands under her arms and around her chest to gently knead those ever so perfect absolutely precious little pink hemispheres between my fingers!

“Ummmmm Daddy! Nice!”, Vicky sighed, “It feels good again!”

I didn’t answer but slid my hands down along her sides, stopping to stroke her belly before, to sliding them inside the elastic of her panties to cup her buns in my hands.

“Mmmmmmm!....Daddy!.......Nice!”, Vicky purred!, “Feels good!......Good! I like you rubbing my tummy! It’s nice!”

“I’m going to pull these off now Sweetheart, okay?”, I asked tugging gently downward on her panties, “Are you ready for it Baby?”

“Okay Daddy….it’s okay”, came her answer in a soft quiet voice, “I’m ready!”

“I love you Sweetie!”, I said as I kissed her neck and then slid her panties down to her ankles as she gingerly stepped out of them as they hit those precious little tiny bare feet!

A wave of lust and desire flooded through me unlike anything I had ever felt before as I realized that the completely naked little person in front of me was my own eleven year old daughter!

I stood there behind her for a few moments with my hands on her shoulders, just admiring the curvature of her adorable little buns as she continued watching her mom masturbating!

I saw Dolores open her eyes again and said to her,

“Look at her Dolores! Look at Vicky’s vulva! Her naked vulva!”, I commanded roughly, “Masturbate for her Dolores! Masturbate your naked female vulva! Masturbate yourself in front of Vicky Kaye!”

After a few seconds I began to gently massage my now completely naked Vicky girl as she continued watching her mom masturbate. As I squeezed her soft small buns I placed my head on her left shoulder and quietly licked her ear and whispered,

“Sperm! Vicky Kaye! Human sperm! Hot human spermatozoa! Birth and sperm Vicky! Birth and Sperm!”

Suddenly Dolores hips began to hump as she gasped,

Yes Vicky, YES! YES! YES!, Sperm! Daddy’s hot juicy sperm!,” sputtering, “Sp…sp…s”, before ending with an, “Unh…unh....unnnnnn….mmmmmmm!” before a load scream of, “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”, burst from her lips as she rammed the furiously buzzing dildo deep up inside of her femininity!

Vicky stood straight up with a sharp gasp as she watched her mother go into an orgasm with a dildo sticking out of her!

I ran my hands down Vicky’s sides and then down the outside of my daughter’s legs, stopping to caress her tiny bare feet and then ever do slowly began to work upwards, caressing her inner legs and thighs until I could go no further because her legs were too clamped too closely together.

I gingerly spread her butt cheeks to brush her anus lightly with my left index finger before pausing briefly to put some KY on my right hand and then kept rubbing her bare soft legs and buns with my left hand, first up one leg across the buns, then down the other leg and back again pushing my hand between her adorable little ass cheeks briefly as I crossed over them to insert the first digit of my little finger into her tiny little asshole before continuing on back across and down her legs once again to squeeze her calves!

“Ohhh Daddy! Noooo! Not There!….Not There!”, Vicky gasped softly the first time my finger probed at her snug young virgin anus.

“It’s okay Sweetie!”, I replied as I slid my finger tip up into her butt, “It’s okay Baby! Daddy loves you so much! You know that don’t you?”

“I know you do Daddy!”, she answered, “I love you too!”

“Vicky!”, I said gently after a few minutes of petting and stroking her in this manner, “I want you to spread your legs open a little wider for Daddy Sweetheart, Okay? I want to reach up underneath your bottom and feel your private girl parts down there okay!?”

Vicky didn’t respond but just spread her legs apart as I had asked. She was breathing heavily now and had turned beet red again, and was staring straight ahead as she complied. Very slowly I reached up under her butt to cup the two fatty little well formed lips of her Venus mound in my right hand and beagn to squeeze and knead them both very tenderly! As I rubbed her most intimate and private part of her female body I could also feel the faint wispy peach fuzz that was beginning to sprout!

“You feel so wonderful Vicky!”, I told her as I gently massaged her genitals, “You’re so soft and feel so nice and soft Sweetheart! You really are daddy’s little sperm angel!”

I slowly worked my finger into the crack formed by her outer lips and encountered the now semi-erect shaft of her clitoris and began to lightly rub the tip with my middle finger for a few minutes. I was a little surprised at its’ size and though I couldn’t see it yet as I was behind Vicky, couldn’t help but think it almost a miniature penis from the way it felt!

“Daddy!”, Vicky gasped suddenly, “It feels….feels….good! Really good! What are you doing!? What’s happening! I’m starting to feel all….funny down there!”

“I’m tickling your clitoris Sweetheart”, I replied, “ It’s that small little shaft with a pea sized head at the top of your girl part. It would have been your pee-pee if you had been a boy instead of a girl but it’s very sensitive and has even more nerve endings than a pee-pee so it’s super super sensitive and just rubbing it makes a girl have that funny good feeling you’re getting!”

“Wow!”, Vicky exclaimed, “Oh wow! Wow! It’s starting to feel nice! Really nice! I’m getting a warm nice tingling feeling like butterflies fluttering all the way up into my tummy and down my legs!”

I kept on with my foreplay and enjoyed the beautiful erotic sight of my daughter enjoying her very first sexual sensations.

“Daddy?”, she purred in a deepening and somewhat hoarse voice, “Is this what it felt like for you? I mean when I stroked your pee-pee and put it in my mouth?”

“Yes Sweetie!”, I replied, “That’s just exactly what it felt like! Butterflies warm feelings and all!”

“Ummmmmmmmm”, Vicky purred, “I like it too! Feels good! Naughty butterflies!”, she giggled, “I see why you liked it!”

I began to use my index finger to rub her button more firmly and then ever so slowly began working my well lubricated middle finger past the tight ring of her vaginal opening!

Dolores reached forward from the couch to take both of Vicky’s hands in hers just as I felt my finger slip past the tight ring of my daughter’s feminine opening and then on up into the soft inner depths of her girlhood!

I slid my finger all the way up inside of her with one smooth motion and just let it stay there flexing it to massage her velvety soft birth canal!

Vicky gasped as she exclaimed, “OOOOOOOOOOOO! Mommy! I think Daddy just put his finger clear up inside of me!”

“It’s okay Vicky! It’s okay! Just relax and go with it okay!?”, Dolores explained gently, “It’s okay for the man to put his finger inside the woman! It’ll feel really really good in a few seconds and make those tummy butterflies of yours flutter even stronger!”

“O…oh….okay Mommy!” , Vicky stammered with no small hint of uncertainty in her voice.

“Just remember Baby!”, Dolores went on, “That it will feel ten times better yet when Daddy slides that great big pee-pee of his that you sucked on way up inside of you and lets it squirt juicy semen full of millions of sperm cells deep into your naked belly!”

“Your belly Vicky Kaye!”, I grunted, “I want to squirt my sperm in your naked belly!

“Naked Vicky! Naked!”, I continued, “Just think about Daddy seeing you completely naked!”

My words were like a trigger and Vicky suddenly began to involuntarily hump her vulva to and fro against my hand as she rose up slightly on her toes and began to arch her back all at the same time!

“I’m naked! Mommy!”, Vicky squealed, “I’m naked in front of Daddy!”

“Oh my God this is it!”, I thought to myself, “I’m watching my baby girl going into her first orgasm!”

“Unh…unnnh….mmmmmm…..unnnh…..Aghhhhhh!”, Vicky grunted as I massaged the depths of her vaginal cavity and rubbed her now fully erect clitoris faster and faster while tweaking her anus occasionally with my thumb! I reached up with my left hand and began to gently squeeze her soft breast buds as well

I began at last to stroke my finger in and out of her like a penis. The room was completely silent except for Vicky’s heavy breathing, (my wife’s and mine too!) and the faint slurping sound made by my finger as it stroked rapidly in and out of her. After about two minutes of this she suddenly rose up fully on her toes and arched her back even more than previously, then throwing her head backwards shaking it back and forth, before settling back flat onto her feet and squatting to force her vulva down hard into the cup of my hand to hump it as hard as she could! Her body was now out of manual and on autopilot!

“Nnnn….No!…..No!.....Daddy!.....Oh No!...Please No!......Don’t Daddy! Daddy! Stop! Stop! Please stop!……Mommy! Daddy! No! No! No!”, Vicky sobbed over and over as tears ran down her cheeks, “Mommeeeeeeeeeee! Dadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Noooooooooooooooo! Ohhhh Nooooooooooo! Noooooooooo! Butterflies! Butterflies! Butterflies in my Tumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! MY TUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!”, She squealed as her first sexual spasm burst over her!, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

I felt her small little vagina clamp down on my finger so tightly as to almost cut of the circulation to it while her soft bare legs had clamped tightly together trapping my hand between them.

I pulled my daughter close to me with my left hand and whispered into her ear, “It’s okay baby, it’s okay! Daddy’s beautiful little naked baby girl is okay!!

Vicky convulsed, and gasped, and sobbed for maybe a full minute before I felt her legs sag, her knees buckle slightly, and finally her vagina relax and allow me to pull my finger from inside of her depths and release the gentle but firm pressure I had maintained on her vulva!

Vicky stood there naked for a few seconds glassy eyed, hair disheveled, and very very wobbly on her feet and panting heavily before Dolores, still holding both of her hands, pulled her into her lap and rested Vicky’s head against her luscious bare D cup breasts.

Vicky was shaking slightly as she lay in her mother’s lap.

“Mommy!...Mommy!”, Vicky gasped, “Oh Mommy!”

“It’s okay Sweetheart! It’s okay Baby! It’s okay!”, Dolores crooned softly as she rocked gently to and fro while stroking our daughter’s long auburn hair, “It’ll be okay! You just had your first cum! The very first orgasm in your life!”

“Gussie!”, Dolores said to me as she petted our daughter, “Why don’t you get our little romantic fireside bed set up?”

I knew we were getting ready for the main event and so began to scurry around and get the bedding and blankets from behind the couch set up in front of the fireplace as Dolores continued to pet and hug our glassy eyed daughter as she recovered from her first orgasmic episode.

As I finished setting up our little bed I turned to face the two females on the couch and the delicious tender sight of the daughter in the mother’s lap. Vicky was starting to recover and I could feel her big brown eyes staring at my erect dripping cock as I moved back towards the couch.

I joined Dolores for a few minutes just petting Vicky and stroking her long legs and little bare feet as Dolores continued to croon softly and stroke her hair.

Finally Vicky tilted her head back to look at her mom.

“Mom! That was…was…the butterflies went crazy all of a sudden1 I dunno….what happened! Amazing!”, she said, “You said it’s even stronger when you have a….a….real pee-pee up inside of you?!

“Ohhh yes you bet it is Sweetheart!”, Dolores answered, “A pee-pee is bigger and longer and it fills you all the way up. It always sets my butterflies off again too when I feel your dad’s warm juicy sperm shooting up inside of me!”

“Wow!”, Vicky exclaimed, “You mean it’s even stronger than what I just felt??? She being clearly intrigued by the fact that something could be more intense than what she had just experienced! “Oh wow!,

“Can we do it Daddy?”, Vicky turned to ask me so very seriously, “ I mean ….can you ….will you….put your pee-pee up inside of me! I want the crazy butterfly feeling again! Please?”

Dolores and I both chuckled at her question before Dolores replied, “ Vicky Kaye Sweetheart, I don’t think it’s going to take an awful lot of persuasion to get your dad to slide his pee-pee up inside of you!”

“I think we can manage that too Vicky!”, I also responded.

“First though, I want us all to move to the bed by the fireplace so we can get more comfortable okay?”, I asked my daughter and wife , “Daddy and Mommy are going to do something now and we really want you to watch and just enjoy watching us! Okay Sweetheart?!”

“Okay!”, Vicky exclaimed excitedly and jumping up out of her mother’s lap, she obviously wanting to get the butterflies back into her preteen belly just as soon as possible and me, quite frankly, wanting to get something else in there as well!

We all stood up and moved toward the makeshift bed. Dolores laid back onto the pillow in front of the fireplace and I spread her legs wide in order to kneel between them.

“Vicky!”, I suggested to my daughter, “Why don’t you go and kneel down behind Mom’s head? Maybe move the pillow and just let her rest her head on your legs?”

“Okay!”, Vicky said excitedly and Dolores didn’t resist the idea.

As Dolores settled her head into Vicky’s lap, the sight of my wife’s open genitals was too much for me and I stretched out face down on the floor and began to lick her now wide open vulva in front of Vicky!

“Daddy! Ohhhh!”, Vicky gasped as I paused briefly to look at her and see her wide eyed once more!

“Oh Baby Girl!”, I managed to say between licks, “I love licking Mommy’s naked vulva! I love licking and seeing the same hole you came out of eleven years ago!

“Oh God Vicky!”, Dolores chimed in, “I love too it when Daddy licks me down there! It makes me feel the same as he does when I let him put his pee-pee in my mouth! “Ohhhhh Vicky….ohhhh Gawd…..oooooooo Vicky… naked Vicky! beautiful naked Vicky! Cunnilingus Vicky! Cunnilingus! Daddy’s licking the hole that my naked babies came out of! My babies…….my naked babeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!”, Dolores screamed as she began to climax again.

I had finally had all I could stand at that point and as I got to my knees.

I looked into my daughter’s eyes while at the same time using my right hand to stroke my cock a few times before positioning the head of it at the entrance to my wife’s pussy.

“I love you Vicky! I love you Dolores!” ”, I said to my wide eyed daughter and my orgasming wife as Vicky saw my dick poised at the opening of my wife’s vagina.

Vicky swallowed hard and stared at my dick ready to enter her mom and, without taking my eyes off of her sweet ever so serious face, I watched her cute expression and her eyes widen as she saw my cock begin to disappear up inside of her mom’s belly!

I began to thrust into and out of my wife more vigorously. Vicky tilted her head up to fix her big brown eyes on mine.

“Daddy! Oh Daddy!”, was all she could manage to say.

“Sweetheart?”, I asked her slightly short of breath, “In just a bit I’m going to pull my pee-pee back out of mommy’s belly, okay?

“Daddy?”, Vicky asked quietly, “Is….is the sperm getting ready to come out of your pee-pee?”

Her big innocent brown eyes staring into mine with that question was too much and I knew it was over as I began to rapidly thrust involuntarily in and out of Dolores!

“Yesssss Baby!”, I hissed in reply, “The sperm’s getting ready to come out of my pee-pee!

I looked up to see Dolores watching the show wide eyed with her legs spread wide open!

“Oh God Dolores!”, I gasped, “I’m going to do it….I’m going to ejaculate in front of Vicky! In front of Vicky!

“Sperm Vicky Kaye!”, I grunted as I passed the point of no return, “Sperm baby, sperm! Birth and sperm baby girl! Birth and sperm……sperm… human spermatozoa! Spermatozoa Vicky Kaye! Daddy’s spermatozoa! Daddy’s juicy spermatozoa squirting in front of my Vicky Kaye! Sperm! Human Sperm!”

I kept looking at Vicky’s bare sweet breast buds, but it was the so serious and intense look on Vicky’s face and those incredible, now huge, big brown eyes that told my balls it was all over as time seemed to go into slow motion. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I caught a slight movement out of the corner of my eye in the darkness of the hallway adjoining the living room. I glanced up and, while I couldn’t see clearly, I knew from the diminutive size of the figure that I could make out that Donna was watching us!
“She must have gotten up to use the bathroom and came to see what all the commotion was about!”, I thought to myself as I felt my dick grow harder and longer from the raw lust of the moment!

“Do it Gussie!”, I heard Dolores grunt through the haze of raw lust, “Do it NOW! Shoot it all over me! Ejaculate Gus! Ejaculate while Vicky Kaye watches you! Let our baby girl see her daddy ejaculating! Let her see your sperm Gussie! See male sperm for the first time in her life! See her daddy ejaculate! Human sperm”

“Vicky Kaye! Gorgeous naked little Vicky Kaye! Love…you! Unnnnnnnngh Unnnnnnnnnnngh! Watch me baby girl! Watch me…cum!”, I grunted as a small spurt of semen erupted from my dick and onto Dolores’ pussy followed by two thick solid streams that shot over my wife and hit Vicky between her tiny tits and her navel, then one all the way to Dolores’ chin followed by yet another across her tits and belly before the last thick streamer landed between her navel and pussy.

“Mommy! Mommy! Oh Mommy”, Vicky gasped as I came!

Dolores screamed as she went into yet another orgasm and Vicky watched wide-eyed through it all!

I glanced up again and could tell in the faint flickering of the firelight that Donna had covered her mouth with both hands!

“”Look at my dick Vicky! Look at the cock that you squirted out of eleven years ago!”, I said roughly while squeezing the last few drops of semen out of it as my daughter watched! The look on her face was indescribable!

I hunched forward a bit and began to guide the head of my cock towards Dolores’ vaginal opening! I pushed back up into my wife again as Vicky’s hands flew to her mouth with a sharp gasp!

I began stroking in and out of Dolores and motioned Vicky around to squat over her mom’s belly facing me as I pumped in and out of my wife’s naked body!

“Daddy! Omigosh”, Vicky said startled, “My butt’s in your….your sperm!”

I reached forward and pulled played with her buds while Dolores had begun to rub her back and butt cheeks!

“You look good Vicky! So good!”, I told her, “It’s hot, really hot to see your butt on mom’s belly in my sperm!”

I pulled Vicky to me in a hug as I began to thrust faster and faster inside of Dolores!

“Fuck me Gussie! Fuck me naked! Fuck my hole! Fuck my hole!”, Dolores moaned, “ I want cock in me Gussie! Cock! Deeper Gussie! Deeper! Fill me up with your sperm Gussie! Get me pregnant Gussie! Let Vicky watch you get me pregnant! I want her to see your cock in me! Your cock and your sperm!”

Dolores suddenly reached forward to squeeze Vicky’s bare ass with both hands!

Vicky was staring straight down at the very spot where I was pistoning in and out of her mom when suddenly I felt my balls start to erupt again and, after burying myself as deeply into my wife as I could, I began shooting hot raw semen up inside of Dolores!

“I’m cumming Vicky!” I gasped as I placing my hands on Vicky’s shoulders, “I’m cumming! I’m shooting sperm into Mom! Making a baby in your Mommy! A baby in your naked Mommy!”

“She’s watching Dolores!”, I grunted looking into my daughter’s eyes as I continued to cum, “Vicky’s watching us fuck, she’s watching you get a bellyful of baby sperm from my cock! Vicky’s watching my cock get you get pregnant!”

I eased Vicky off of Dolores and leaned forward to kiss my wife, feeling the still warm semen from my first ejaculation spreading between our bellies, as she wrapped her long bare legs around me, hooking her ankles under my butt still trying to pull me ever deeper inside of her!

“Pregnant Dolores!”, I whispered in my wife’s ear, “Our naked daughter just watched me getting you pregnant! Dolores, she actually watched us fucking! We fucked naked in front of our own daughter! Did you like it Sweetie? Did you enjoy letting her see my cum shooting all over you and up into your belly?! She saw my semen Dolores! She saw my spermatozoa! Eleven years old and she saw her dad’s spermatozoa! Spermatozoa Dolores! Human spermatozoa! She watched her naked mom take a cock in her belly!”

“Mmmmmmmmm Gussie Yesssss! Yesssss!”, Dolores hissed, “It was good! So good! I don’t think I’ve ever…ever…cum like that before! I loved the look on her face! Her sweet sweet face when she saw her first sperm!”

We rocked to and fro in this position for a couple of minutes with Dolores long bare legs wrapped around my back before I knelt back up and pulled gently out of my wife’s body.

“Lift your bottom up!”, I told Dolores, “ We need to keep those elevated for a bit and keep as much of my stuff inside you as we can, if you want another baby that is!”

When Dolores didn’t answer but merely raised her butt in the air for me to slide a pillow underneath her, I knew the stork was on it’s way again!

“Dad!”, Vicky exclaimed staring at my dick and pubic hair now both heavily coated and soaked with a mixture of my semen and Dolores’ juices, “It’s going down! It’s getting smaller! Your pee-pee’s getting smaller!”

“I want butterflies Daddy! Make it big again and put it up inside me too!, “Vicky said, the disappointment clearly evident in her voice.

“I sorry but I can’t make it big again Sweetheart!”, I said and saw her face darken even more with disappointment, “But you can!”

“How Daddy?”, she asked excitedly and with obvious relief that the situation was not lost!

“Just kneel between my legs Sweetheart!”, I told her, “You already know what to do, don’t you? Just do like you did before that’s all there is to it!”

Vicky responded by cocking her head and getting a puzzled look on her face.

“Your hands and mouth Vicky!”, I guided her, “Rub daddy’s pee-pee and then put it in your mouth and tickle it with your tongue!”

“Uggggh Daddy! No way!”, Vicky exclaimed disgustedly, “It’s all slimy and gooey now!”

“It’s okay”, I told her. “It’s only the semen that squeezed out from inside mom and a womans’s natural juices that make her slippery inside so she can accept a penis up into her belly! It’ll be just like you did it before, only just maybe a little taste like salty egg whites is all, okay Baby? Put it in your mouth now! Okay baby? If you love me, you’ll put my pee-pee in your little warm wonderful wet mouth and lick it with your cute little pink tongue! Show me you love me Baby! Lick my pee-pee!”

Vicky silently stared at my cock with a somewhat dubious expression on her face.

“Do it Vicky!”, I commanded gently, “Go ahead and do it if you want it to come up inside of you to make the butterflies go crazy again! If you love me as much as I love you, you’ll do it!”

Vicky didn’t answer but her head dropped down and suddenly I felt the incredible warmth and wetness of her perfect little mouth enclose the head of my member!”

“That’s perfect Sweetheart!”, I cooed, “Perfect! You feel so good! I know now how much you love me too! Thank you Sweetie! It feels soooo good!”

I felt Vicky’s warm hands begin nursing my limp dick back to life as I took one of her soft tiny warm hands and guided it under my testicles saying, “Rub these too while you work the shaft Baby, okay?”

“Okthway!”, she mumbled cutely with her small mouth so very full as she went about her task.

The next ten minutes or so were heaven! My beautiful eleven year old daughter was playing with my dick and balls, I had already cum twice, and could now just simply enjoy the sheer erotic beauty of the moment and the sensations of having her soft tiny hands manipulating my genitals, without having to try and hold back, as well as enjoy the sight of my naked wife, with a bellyful of my sperm inside of her, just sitting back with her legs and vulva spread wide open, waiting for her ovum to be fertilized and licking her lips from time to time and watching our daughter doing it all!

“Enjoying it Dolores?”, I asked my wife, “ Do you like watching our naked daughter sucking my cock and knowing my dick is in her mouth? My dick Dolores….my naked sperm dripping dick in our Vicky Kaye’s mouth! My dick Dolores! I’ve got my dick in her mouth!”

“Oh God Dolores!”, I groaned, “Just look at her! She’s completely naked! Look at her arms and her long legs curled up under her and her feet Dolores! Her precious bare little feet and her tiny toes… tiny cute soft toes….and her breast buds Dolores! Her naked breast buds!! I’m going to fuck her Dolores! I’m going to stick my cock up inside of her and squirt cum in her belly!”

“Good Gussie! Ummmmmm it’s Good!”, Dolores gasped, “Oh dear God you two are so hot! Yes! Hot! Hot! Hot! I want to see you fuck her Gus! I want to see you fuck her vulva! Her vulva Gus! Her vulva! Her naked vulva! Her vulva….fuck her vulva….fuck her vulva! Fuck her vulva and sperm her womb Hubby! Squirt her tiny baby womb full of your living hot human sperm!”

“It’s getting big again! It’s working! Wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!”, Vicky exclaimed excitedly, “Your pee-pee’s getting big and hard again!”, as I began to suddenly and rapidly stiffen in her hands, “You’re right too! I mean about it tasting salty!”, she giggled delightedly as she watched my dick become fully erect once more!

I pulled her up to me and cupping her head in my hands said, “I love you Vicky Kaye! I love you so much!”, before leaning over to kiss her on the mouth.

I placed my hand behind her head to keep her from pulling away and saw her eyes widen as I pushed my tongue past her lips and into her soft mouth!

Vicky got the idea almost immediately and soon our tongues were swirling together as one in her mouth!

“Mmmm….mmmmm….mmmmmm!”, Vicky grunted as our tongues cavorted!

I moved my hands slowly down the length of her back to finally grasp firmly the buns of her cute little butt and pull her up and even closer to me! I could feel my dick and balls grinding and churning against her bare belly with the tip of my dick well above her belly button!

I began to draw my tongue back out of her mouth ever so slowly in the hope that she would take the bait and be lured into my mouth. She hesitated for a bit as her tongue reached my lips but I clamped my wide open mouth over her’s gently for a few seconds and suddenly felt her tiny soft tongue darting into my mouth! Soon my daughter’s tongue was racing playfully around in my mouth! Our tongues were like playful squirrels in the yard with one first chasing the other and then switching roles!

I broke our kiss off and let my tongue trail down along her throat and onto her chest before beginning to gently lick her left breast bud! As she purred her pleasure I took the entire perfect little hemisphere into my mouth and began to suck on it and flick at it with my tongue as she had the tip of my cock!

I moved lazily from one bud to the other and then back again as Vicky stroked the back and sides of my head with her tiny soft hands and purred contentedly. I could feel my dick hardening even more and begin to drip again as I realized my daughters developing breasts were themselves swelling from the attention they were receiving from my mouth and tongue.

I slid my hand down her belly and heard her exhale sharply as I slid my hands over her vulva and wormed my finger back up inside of her vagina once again to finger fuck her.

“I really do like the feel of my pee-pee in your mouth Vicky!”, I said as I pulled my finger from her vagina and took her face in my hands again and stroking her hair, “Do you think you can do it some more for me Baby?”, I asked, “I mean will you put my pee-pee back in your mouth again? Do you mind? For just a few more minutes I love the feel of your hands and mouth on my pee-pee! I’ll slide my pee-pee up inside my little sperm angel after that, okay?”

“Yes Daddy! If it makes you feel good, I like to do it too!” she exclaimed with her big brown eyes fixed on mine, “I luuuuve your pee-pee too Daddy! And I love you!”, she said softly as she lowered her head to my crotch.

I felt her warm hands close about my member to stroke it once again and then the indescribable warmth and wetness of her mouth and her tongue flicking at the opening in the tip of my dick!

I stroked her long hair and then began to work my hands down her back. Our difference in height allowed me to be rewarded with yet another giggle as I slid my hand between her butt cheeks and massaged her soft tiny anus!

My pelvis began to slightly thrust involuntarily in time with my daughter’s skilful working of my manhood and I knew that it would be soon…soon….be time!

In order to get us all three worked up to the max before penetrating her naked pre-pubescent body, I began to talk aloud and dirty about what was about to happen.

“Vulva Vicky Vulva!”, I said as I touched her back and hair while she sucked my cock, “Your beautiful naked female vulva! Oh Vicky your so beautiful and naked! Naked Vicky! Naked!”

I pulled the child up from my crotch against me so that I could look directly into her big brown eyes.

“Your vulva baby girl! Your vulva! Lay back on the blanket and show me your vulva!, “I said with no attempt to cover the raw lust I was feeling, “I’m going to put my pee-pee up into your vulva Vicky Kaye. My pee-pee is going to go up inside you girl. My cock clear up inside of you!”, I grunted, “Daddy wants to fuck his sperm angel NOW!”

Vicky blushed at the rough talk and dropped her gaze but I took her firmly by the hair and tilted her head back to look at me wide-eyed.

“Daddy’s getting ready to put his pee-pee up inside you Vicky Kaye! Put his pee-pee up into your birth canal!”, I gasped, “My dick is going to squirt living hot human sperm deep up into your belly Vicky….deep into your birth canal and your womb! Sperm Vicky Kaye! Living hot human spermatozoa deep into your belly!

I eased my daughter onto her back on our makeshift bed before the fireplace and spread her legs apart. I stroked each of her long smooth naked legs for awhile, making certain to spend some time with each soft tiny foot and perfect pink little toes, and then reached over her to gently knead her tiny breasts before working my down slowly across her belly to her most intimate part!

It had taken a lot of coaxing to get Vicky naked but it was worth it as I spread her lips with one hand and began to stoke her clitoris lightly with the other saying, “My baby’s vulva! Her beautiful tiny vulva! Her genitals! Her beautiful naked genitals!”

“Oh God Dolores!”, I grunted, “Look at her vulva! Her vulva”

“Yes Gussie! Yes!”, Dolores grunted, “Her vulva Gus! Her cunt! Vicky’s naked cunt! Put your penis in it Gussie! Put your penis in our baby’s naked cunt!

I spread Vicky’s vulvar lips open further and took a sharp breath at the sight of the small little hole that was the entrance to her vagina and her cute little clitoris, (it really was almost a miniature little penis)! I leaned forward and began to lick my daughter and to take her clitoris tip in my mouth and suckle it!

“Butterflies Dad!”, Vicky gasped suddenly, “The butterflies are coming back! Pee-pee Daddy….pee-pee……want your pee-pee…. Now Daddy…NOW!”

I got back up on my knees and slid forward between my daughter’s legs. I began not by entering her but by sliding the length of my dick between her lips and along her clitoris, as I had with her mom the night before!

The sight of this adorable little girl completely naked in front of me, along with the knowledge that she was my own Vicky Kaye was irresistible!

Taking my dick in my hand finally, I placed the glans against her vaginal opening and, with a slight push, I watched as it began to disappear up inside of her!

“Owwwwww!” Vicky gasped sharply as I felt the slightest resistance to my cock suddenly vanish. I had obviously broken her hymen, but it must have been thankfully very small as it caused only a sharp twinge and that only for just a second!

The warmth and tightness was incredible as I inched my way slowly, ever so slowly, up into my daughter’s dark tight feminine warmth. Vicky emitted a slight gasp and took a sharp breath each time I penetrated a little deeper into her. Dolores had slid over and was holding Vicky’s hand and stroking her hair.

“Good girl Sweetheart!”, Dolores said gently to Vicky, “Good girl! You’re doing great! We love you so much! You’re making us all feel so good and happy!”

“Mom!, Oh Mom! Gosh!”, Was all that Vicky could gasp in reply!, Butterflies Mom! Butterflies are coming back!”

“Oh my God Dolores!” It was my turn to gasp as I eased further up into Vicky, “You can see where my cock is moving inside of her belly!” I exclaimed as I saw the bulge formed by the presence of my engorged dick inside my daughter!

Dolores placed her hand over where my dick was and I could feel the pressure of her hand through my daughter as she pressed lightly down on Vicky’s belly!

I watched the bulge grow longer and longer as more and more of myself disappeared up inside of my daughter until, with about two inches remaining, I felt myself “bottom out” and knew that the tip of my dick was now resting solidly against her cervix, the very entrance to her tender young fertile womb! I knew I couldn’t dare risk thrusting in and out being this far into her without hurting her, especially with her being so tight, so I began to rub her exposed and erect clit once more as my wife gently massaged her belly and breast buds! I closed my eyes and I could feel every time that Dolores crossed over the bulge where my dick was inside of my daughter as she softly caressed Vicky’s bare belly!

We managed to stay in this position for only a few minutes when suddenly Vicky gasped as she arched her back, “Butterflies!…Mommy!….Daddy! Butterflies are coming back…Butterfliiiiiiiiiies….Belly Butterfliiiiiiiiiiiiiies!”, before a long high pitched squealing, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” sound filled the room!

Vicky’s eyes suddenly rolled up into her head leaving only the milky whites visible! Her mouth opened in a grimace and her vaginal muscles clamped down hard on my dick, almost painfully, and then began to rhythmically contract and subside as if they were milking me!

As her back arched it caused my dick to pull slightly back out of her and I was very careful not to push it forward until her back came back down to rest on the blanket. I knew that when I shot my load, I wanted my the tip of my dick right up against her cervix!

“Daddy! Oh Daddy!”, Vicky gasped, as her climax subsided and she fixed those big brown eyes on me again, “Daddy! Daddy!”

I began to gently stroke back and forth inside of my daughter slowly pulling back three or 4 inches and then easing forward to gently bump up against her cervix

Dolores, after knowing me for so many years, knew how to time it perfectly when she slid around behind me and began to rub and squeeze my testicles. As she touched my balls I couldn’t help but wonder if the sperm I had ejaculated into my wife earlier had had time yet to find her egg and fertilize it!

I took a sharp breath as I suddenly felt the start of my dick beginning to spasm uncontrollably deep inside of my daughter,

“Spermatozoa Vicky Kaye!” I groaned, “Sperm! Hot human sperm…squirting into your birth canal….. your birth canal!”

I pushed up into her until I felt the tip of my dick resting firmly against her cervix!

“Daddy’s cumming Vicky!, He’s cumming!”, I heard my wife say through the fog of lust that had enveloped me, “He’s filling you with his sperm! Daddy’s pee-pee is squirting and filling your birth canal and womb full of hot human spermatozoon!”

She was so tight it felt like a solid wad was passing through my dick each time I ejaculated into Vicky’s belly! The sight of her sweet innocent wide-eyed little face and the bulge on her tummy where my cock was clearly and visibly jumping inside of her aroused me even more!

“Baby Vicky Kaye! Baby”, I gasped, “I want you to give you a baby! My baby! Do you want to have my babies Vicky girl? My little naked babies?”

“I want them Daddy!”, Vicky gasped, “I want your babies! Your babies Daddy! Your babies! Your naked babies! Make babies in me Daddy! Make babies in me!”

The volume of the flow was enormous! I had came twice already and had really thought the third one would be a mere anti-climactic oozing of semen into her reproductive tract. Was I ever wrong! I felt at least six huge loads of semen shoot out of my dick and up into my daughter’s birth canal! Truly unlike anything I had ever felt before! It seemed as if each time I realized just who it really was down there, impaled on my cock, the realization caused yet another wad of semen to shoot out of me and into her tight naked vagina!

“Sperm Vicky Kaye Sperm!”, I grunted once more as I felt the last semen jetting out of my cock like water from a fire hose, “Ummmmmm! I love you so much baby girl! Daddy loves his baby girl so so much! Daddy loves to have his penis up inside of her squirting sperm!”

After I stopped cumming, at last, I just kept kneeling in front of my daughter for several minutes and enjoyed the crackling sound of the fireplace, the warm flickering light, her big brown eyes looking up at me, and the delicious sensation of having my penis deep up inside my baby girl’s belly!

Vicky’s vagina was so tight, and formed such a perfect seal around my cock, that I could feel the pressure of my own semen squeezing all around my dick within the snug confines of my daughter. As my dick began to subside I realized that semen was both oozing back down the length my dick and out of my daughter and, I also imagined, a solid white pencil lead thick stream of semen, under high pressure, was also shooting through the opening of her cervix like water from a fire hose far up into her female parts and filling completely her tiny young womb for the very first time in her life with millions upon millions of flagellating human spermatozoon all swimming frantically, searching for her ovum!

“Mom! Oh gosh!”, Vicky exclaimed, “I feel it! Just like you said! “Something wet and warm’s running down my butt! I feel all wet and warm and full inside me too!”

I leaned forward to kiss Vicky as she wrapped her bare legs around my back as she had seen her mom do! I could feel her hard little ankles pressing into my back!

We just held onto each other like this for several minutes as I looked into her face and those amazing big brown eyes, stroking her face and hair, and kissing her sweet mouth!

“I love you Vicky!”, I finally said to my daughter.

“I love you too Daddy!” She replied softly, “I love you so much!”.

“Did I do it right Daddy?”, she continued softly and with great concern, “Did I make you feel good and happy? Did I make your pee-pee feel good?”

“Oh Sweetheart! You were perfect!”, I replied, “It was lots better than I ever thought it would be! Lots better! Daddy’s pee-pee feels fantastic Sweetie! It says thank you! Thank you!”

I kissed and cuddled her again as I considered that fact that her young womb was at that very moment getting its’ very first taste of human spermatozoa!

“Daddy?”, she asked huskily, “ It feels sooooooooo nice and warm in me now! Can you squirt more of your sperm into me? I mean…now….while your pee-pee is still up inside of me? Please! Daddy! More sperm! Please? Please?”

“Ummmmm Baby!”, I groaned as I savored the feel of cock held so snugly by my daughter’s warm wet cunt!, “If I can do it one more time there’s something Daddy really really wants to do now, if you’ll let me, okay Baby Girl?”, I asked as I squeezed those perfectly formed little breast buds that had tantalized and fascinated me all evening. “If you let Daddy do what he wants now he promises to shoot his love sperm up into you several times tomorrow, okay?”, I continued.

“What do you want to do Daddy?”, Vicky asked, her eyes wide with wonder.

“I want to squirt my sperm on your cute little naked boobie buds Baby!”, I told her.

“Okay Dad!”, Vicky giggled, “But I want nice warm sperm up inside me tomorrow! Lots and lots and lots! Your pee-pee too! Okay?”

“Okay Sweetie!”, I replied, “I think I’ll need your help to get hard again after I pull out of you! Do you mind helping Daddy out again Sweetheart?”

“I don’t mind Dad!”, she answered so sweetly, “I like making it get hard!”, she giggled!

I rose higher and began pulling my now flaccid penis from Vicky’s small nude body. Her young little vagina was still so tight that it was able to maintain a very firm grip on even my limp penis and I had to actually pull it out of her! As the head emerged with a slight pop, a large volume of semen oozed back out of her, down along the crack of her butt, and onto the blanket!

Vicky quickly hopped to her knees and took my slippery dick in her hands one more time to play with it and stroke it.

“Wow! It’s really really soft this time!”, she giggled loudly, “And really really slippery and all gooey too!”

“It’s a little tired right now!” I chuckled as she gently pulled, tugged, and played with my now completely limp penis and testicles! Her small warm tiny little hands felt wonderful as they caressed my limp sex organ and testicles!

Her eyes looking at me and the feel of her tiny hands massaging my genitals was incredible! I pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply as I hugged her close to my chest. I could still feel her tiny warm hands on my cock!

“Lick it Vicky girl!”, I told her softly after a minute or so, “Put my pee-pee in your mouth and lick it…. suck it!

“Okay Daddy!”, she said quietly with her big brown eyes on mine, “I love you!”

“I love you too Vicky!”, I replied, “Daddy loves you so much!”

She knelt down low again and suddenly I felt the amazing wet warmth of her mouth as it encased my member!

“Beautiful Vicky Kaye!”, I gasped, “That feels wonderful!”

It was just like before in that having came already I could just enjoy the sensation of a child’s mouth stimulating my genitals without having to worry about coming!

“Birth and sperm Vicky Kaye! Birth and sperm!” I grunted, “Human sperm baby girl! Hot human sperm…..human sperm! Daddy wants to shoot his hot human sperm all over his baby girl’s breast buds! Her cute naked baby boobie buds!”

The dirty talk had it’s desired effect and after a few minutes I felt my dick stirring to life for what I knew would be the last time this evening. I had come before four times in an evening with Dolores, when we were both really worked up, and I guess the sensation of an eleven year old girl’s tongue on my dick put me in that category again!

I glanced back to the hallway and saw that Donna had taken a step forward having been drawn involuntarily closer to the sight of her sister performing a sex act on her own father and also by her curiosity and I could see her face clearly in the flickering firelight!

Donna looked so sweet and innocent! She was so precious and cute in her frilly white night shirt and her little bare feet! Our eyes met and I knew that she knew that I seen her but she didn’t run away! She just stood there watching intently and silently! I smiled at her but she didn’t return my smile as she had earlier, she just kept staring intently at Vicky and me, staring at what I was doing with her big sister!

“Donna! Oh Donna!”, I thought as my cock began to harden in Vicky’s mouth, “You’re too young to be seeing this! To be seeing your father’s penis in your big sister’s mouth!”

My dick was now fairly solid again and I knew it wasn’t going to get any harder so I told Vicky, “I’ve got it now Sweetheart just lay back on the blanket and put you’re your legs together okay?”

“Okay!”, was her reply as she lay back on the blanket.

I stood up and straddled her naked legs above her feet as I began to masturbate my cock furiously. I knew it would take a firm fast hand to get me off one more time and Vicky wasn’t that experienced yet. I also wanted to put on a proper show for Donna who was still watching us wide eyed, hands over her mouth, from the hallway and wondering what was next!

As I masturbated I just kept looking at the slit of Vicky’s vulva and her breast buds!

I finally felt I was close and knelt down over Vicky straddling her tummy as I continued to masturbate!

I positioned the end of my dick about a foot above her right breast bud as the first load of semen emerged from the tip. It didn’t shoot out this time but rather oozed out very quickly. I kept thinking too that Donna was watching me cumming on her sister and I ejaculated three more times this way with the volume being sufficient to coat the bare bud completely with my baby batter!

Stealing a glance at Donna again, the look on her face was adorable!

“Oooooooooooooo Nice Daddy! Nice”, Vicky mewed, “Your sperm feels warm and nice on me!”

Vicky looked up into my face with those innocent big brown trusting eyes so full of love and I could see that she was suddenly getting very tired now that the fireworks were over and it was well past her normal bedtime. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was just past midnight and that we had been hard at it for a little over two hours.

I glanced back to the hallway one final time to see that Donna had at last vanished, apparently sensing the show was over for the evening and had decided to return to her bed. She was right, I was spent!

“Dolores and I would have to have a little talk tomorrow with Donna!”, I thought to myself, “Maybe while we are slowly pulling her clothes off and stripping her naked!”

Dolores and I guided Vicky between us as we all snuggled up beside the fire under the covers and we both caressed her gently, from her hair to her breast buds then cupping the mounds of her vulva gently, but firmly, in our hands and back again! I just loved the sensation of cupping her small little Venus mound in my hand!

“I can still feel it Daddy!”, she said dreamily before going to sleep, “I can still feel your nice warm sperm inside me! It feels….nice…(yawn)….really nice! I…(yawn)…like it!”, she said as she extended her arms to stretch!

“Daddy?”, Vicky asked quietly with her big brown eyes fixed on mine, “Am I…(yawn)….going to have a baby?”

“I don’t think so Sweetheart”, I replied, “I think Mommy will, but you won’t be able to until after you start having your periods. We’ll get you on birth control next week since we’re going to be making love regularly and you’re going to have Daddy’s penis inside of you almost everyday!.”

Vicky rolled over close to me, placing her head on my shoulder, and put her arm across my chest while sliding her soft warm bare left leg on top of me to rest against my now limp member. I could feel her soft naked breast buds pressing against my side and her slender soft little foot on me!

She cocked her head slightly to once again fix those magical sleepy brown eyes on mine one more time to say,

“I love you Daddy!...Love you Mommy! Glad I (yawn) made you happy!”, she whispered as her eyelids closed and she fell into a deep exhausted sleep!

My eyes met my wife’s and her eyes were now wide as it sank in what had just happened.

“Oh Gus! Oh Gussie!”, she whispered, “Oh God! Oh dear God! We did it! We did it! What have we done? What have we started?”

“Didn’t it feel good Dolores?”, I asked my wife.

“Yessssss Gussie!” she hissed in response, “It felt wonderful! You know it did! I’ve never felt so hot or so alive! To be naked and fucking like a slut whore animal in front of her! She’s so sweet! But it was all so wrong so very wrong! But I loved it! Ohhhhhhhh Gawd I just loved the look on her face when you blew your load all over me!”

“Did you know that Donna was watching us from the hall?”, I asked my wife, “And that she saw everything from the time I blew my load all over you until I came on Vicky Kaye’s tit? The look on her face was amazing! I don’t think I could have cum again without her sweet little face watching us! I kept think how cute her vulva must be”

“Oh Gussie!” Dolores whispered hoarsely again, “ She’s so small Gussie! So petite and innocent! Oh Gussie…Gussie!”

I saw Dolores shudder briefly as she struggled with the war between her conscience and her libido, only to nod off shortly thereafter and the last thing I could remember, besides the sound of her deep heavy breathing, before falling asleep myself, was thinking how warm and beautiful both of them were, how nice Vicky’s bare leg felt against my cock, how hot and nasty it had felt to ejaculate heavily in front of two of my daughters, then actually to shoot semen up inside my wife and older daughter’s soft naked birth canals and how two of them were now sound asleep and naked beside me, each one having a reproductive tract packed full of millions and millions of my own life giving spermatozoa now swimming ever and ever deeper up inside of them, through vagina, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes frantically beating their tails in unison and swimming in search of an ovum to fertilize and babies to give life to!

(Rachel and Donna’s education will occur in PART 3)

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Wooooow...yeah that was a really awkwars use of vocabulary, there. This story is just as awkward as it is disturbing. Who the fuck screams "spermatazoa" during sex.



I think the worst part about this is that the author has kids. Two little girls. That's a scary thought.

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Amazing Story. I really liked the frequent "vulva" and "spermatozoa" and the frequent reference to her age. I loved it when the younger daughter is caught looking. Maybe the hottest story every.

This story was a fucking joke, seriously, spermatoza? Vulva? birth canal? This shit made my dick limp in a second. Waste of time

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