Strawberry and Linda go to the doctor

Strawberry (Chap 5) Strawberry goes to the doctor

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. The irritating alarm wakes me up in the dark bedroom, again. I pull my right arm with the G-Shock watch up and its green light tells me its 5:30 am, again. Good grief, I can’t get used to getting up this early.

I lie there quietly and expect Janet’s hand to reach for mine when I realize it’s not Janet next to me. Strawberry’s naked body is glued to me and the alarm seems not to have bothered her. Now what? So I roll on my side behind her and cuddle her to me a bit more. My face is in her hair and I inhale her scent. Ah, so very nice.

Janet has hit the snooze and I know she will fall asleep for five more minutes before we have to get out of the comfortable bed. Janet was real clear about the morning routine to get herself ready for work and Strawberry ready for school. It means ‘Go take a shower and don’t spend time fucking Strawberry at 5:30 in the morning’. As I think about what I have to do this Wednesday morning; I can’t help but play with Strawberry just a little bit.

My hand slides around to her front and I feel her young breasts. Gently rubbing them in the dark, I can feel the softness of her a-cup sized beauties. My fingers glide under them and cup them upwards and gently squeeze. I let my finger dance across her nipples several times and then run circles around them. With my face still in her hair, I know I only have a few minutes left with her. I grasp one nipple and give it a little squeeze and Strawberry moves her hips against me a bit. I move her hair out of the way and kiss her neck. Strawberry giggles quietly and I know she is awake.

Now this is a more heavenly way to wake up.

Her hand covers mine on her tits and she squeezes. She rocks her pretty ass against me and she pulls my hand down past her belly. My fingers search for her pussy when time runs out. Shit.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. The alarm goes off again. Janet groans as she wakes again. Strawberry and I groan because it was just getting fun laying here in the dark and gently playing. “Baby, time to get up”, Janet says and I’m sure she means Strawberry; but I groan and get out of the bed.

Back in her own room Strawberry crawl back into her bed for her last ten minutes of sleep. I use her big bathroom’s fancy shower. We are getting the morning routine down pat. I shower and shave and head back to the basement to finish dressing. I behave in the morning and don’t have Strawberry in the shower with me.

By 6:15 I’m in the kitchen getting eggs and stuff out of the fridge to make breakfast. Something light; but nutritious. The pretty TV weather girl tells me it’s going to be a nice day. Unfortunately, I’m going to be inside for a long, long day catching up on work.

When Strawberry comes bouncing down the steps, I see today is ‘red’ day. A pale red cap and pale red top set off her freckles. Today’s pale pink eye shadow makes her green eyes sparkle and like every morning I just watch her glide across to the fridge. She drops the school book bag, which is red, of course. When she bends over to get juice out of the fridge, I admire her tight jeans stretching across her shapely ass. I do notice the little tease bends over a bit more each day.

I really wonder if she has a clue what she does to men of a certain persuasion. She definitely does it to me. As I said to myself on Monday morning when she did it the first time, “Eleven going on eighteen”.

Later, like the last two mornings, when we stand outside of the house the three young girls in school uniforms are standing in the next drive way. The girls’ wave to Strawberry and her mom as their car pulls away. When the car is down the street all three of them turn to me and give me a big smile. Beth looks over her shoulder to make sure her parents are not watching and she tells her two younger sisters to ‘cool it’.

Brit whispers somewhat too loud, “See ya tomorrow, Tom”. I swear Barb is mouthing, “Fuck my ass”. She makes a big ‘O’ with her mouth. Yes, we both know what fits between those delicious lips. The school bus pulls up before they get totally out of control. I watch them get on the bus and Brit is last. She seems to ‘accidentally’ bend over as she climbs the steps and her hand flips her short skirt up. Well at least she is wearing her white panties.

What a way to start the morning. No wonder the suburbs have a reputation.

Back in the kitchen, I put all the dishes into the dishwasher and turn it on. I make a trip through the master bedroom and straighten the sheets on the bed and generally do what I did the last two mornings before going for coffee.

And like the last two mornings, I think of yesterday’s adventures with my four honeys. I had intended to see if Beth was ready to go all the way and let me pop her cherry. Instead, Barb and Brit beat her to it by being more than ready. I can’t believe the little eight years old has such a flexible pussy to take me all the way inside.

Then I found Strawberry and Beth eating pussy in the basement. They got their little asses spanked as ‘punishment’ before I finally got Beth’s cherry. To top it off, I really had no intention of popping Strawberry’s ass cherry; but the opportunity was just too much to hold back. Strawberry seems to love anal. But best of all, Barb has promised me her ass twice now.

Too bad they can’t come over this afternoon; but I may just take Friday off to make Barb’s wish come true. Maybe, Beth and Brit will join in.

Unfortunately, it’s time to go to work.

At the coffee shop my favorite girl spots me and motions me to her register. She sees the big grin on my face and gives me a big smile. She tries to hide the move as she pops two buttons on her low cut blouse. By the time I get there, she has her hands stretched out against the register and she leans forward and takes my order. Her sixteen year old tits almost pop out of her half-bra and I play a little mind game with her. In the fairly dark shop, I stare into her eyes and figure out they are blue. As she takes my order I keep the eye contact up until she bends over even more to punch the order into the computer.

I enjoy the view and feast on her nice sized tits while she works the order and the computer spits out the ticket. I expect her to stand up and make my coffee but she stays bent over and gives it to another girl to finish. “So how’s your morning”, I ask her to see how long we can chit chat. She gives me the right answer while I pull out my wallet, “Oh, you’re my most fav customer.” We grin at each other and I tell her, “And you’re the only reason I come in here.” While she makes change her tits shake and I can’t help but think, “Now a sixteen year old could probably fuck me till I faint”. I fold a big bill and stick my business card into it and hand it to her as she hands me my coffee. “Hope to see you real soon, Kelly”, I smile and she nods.

I watch her button her blouse as I leave. When it rains, it pours as they say. And my apartment is totally available.

The morning at work goes real well until the boss invites me to lunch. I wonder what she wants, because she has a reputation for firing people outside of the office. This way they can’t come back in and destroy stuff. She is in her late-forties and looks fairly pretty. Her body is in great shape because she spends more time in the gym then guys spend watching football. She didn’t give me much notice, just told me to get my truck around front; which may be a sign that I am not going to be fired. The reservation is in an upscale restaurant and we are seated in a quiet corner in the back.

I played gentleman and held the doors to my truck and at the restaurant. She accepts with smiles and at least she doesn’t play the ‘modern woman’ bitch. When she climbed into my truck she showed a lot of thigh and I was impressed. My brain says, “Don’t even think about it.”

We order the food and she has a glass of wine and I decline because I’m driving. It’s lame; I know. Dori asks me how I’m doing and we talk about my bachelor status and her kids graduating from high school. She asks about the status of several projects I’m working on and tells me she is pleased with the results so far. Now what, not going to be fired?

Toward the end of the meal, Dori mentions my apartment again and seems to be interested if it’s quiet and secluded. I mention because it’s a gated community it’s very secure and quiet. Her hand is on my arm and she says in a straight forward way, “If you serve wine at your place, we can discuss your next move up in the company”. I lock my teeth down to keep my mouth from dropping open, then I smile and say, “Dori, I have a great selection of wines”.

I know about the ‘just fucked’ look; but do guys give out invisible signals which draw horny women? Holy shit; it’s raining pussy all over.

Dori picks a light rose colored wine from my cooler and I hand her two glasses. Then I carry her, the wine and glasses into my bedroom. I am so happy I had cleaned the place and put fresh sheets on the bed when I moved my stuff to Janet’s house. Dori grins and says, “Ah my favorite place to negotiate a promotion”. Yea, I can just envision how she became boss. The old fashioned way, by fucking some CEO senseless. Well, if it’s good enough for her, who am I to complain.

Dori mentions she has noticed my improved wardrobe this week and that I look very sharp. I just smile a ‘Thanks’ as she pulls on my tie. “Let’s see what you’re hiding”, she grins as she peels off my jacket. While she hangs it in the closet, I peel off my shirt and trousers. Dori smiles as she sees me in my jockeys and hangs up my pants. I hope she is teasing when she says, “If you pass this test and still have a job, I don’t want you to wear a wrinkled suit.” It almost deflates my half hard cock.

Dori asks me if I’m good at following directions and the little head is definitely talking when I say much too eagerly, “Sure Boss”. Dori smiles because she knows which head is in control. She tells me to hold a coat hanger and “Don’t move”. She unclasps her dress and peels it off and hangs it carefully on the hanger. She stands before me in a pink bra and thong. Her tight body looks way better than I had expected. Her tits stand straight up, her belly is flat and her long legs are muscular like a dancer’s. Wow, very nice. She smiles when I grin and say the words, “Wow Dori, you are super sexy.”

Dori bends way over and pulls her thong off showing off a clean shaven cunt. She comes to me slowly and holds the thong before my nose and I inhale a nice perfume. No pussy smell at all. She hangs the thong on the hanger’s cross bar. It’s teasing me merciless and I’m glad I’m hidden behind her dress. Dori turns around and pops her bra and turns back and plays with her boobs before revealing them to me. Yes, they do stand up by themselves. I really don’t care if she had surgery or not; they just look magnificent. She hangs the bra on the crossbar too and then hangs the dress in the closet.

Dori grins and looks at my jockeys, “Uuhh Tom, you’re about to rip your undies.” She kneels down and pulls my jockeys down and inspects my hard cock. She grabs my cock and pulls the skin back and holds me tight. “Now Tom, before I ride you until one of us passes out, I have a few questions, Ok?” Well it’s a unique interview method; but I’m in no position to complain. “Do you have a girl friend?” I nod ‘Yes’. She asks me if it’s serious and I shake ‘No’. Dori tells me it’s good because the new job means traveling with her to overseas locations to meet new clients and to host parties for clients.

“Since I have your cock in my hand, I assume you don’t mind fucking me”, she asks bluntly. My cock twitches and I tell her it would be a real treat to fuck her until she passes out. It must have been the right answer because Dori sucks my cock into her mouth and lets her tongue play all over my cock. In half a minute I know for a fact that Dori has talents I have never experienced or even heard about. My cock is rock hard and I swear Dori is making it grow inches more. Before I shoot Jizz into her mouth she squeezes my cock with her thumb near my root and it magically deflates and relaxes me. Holy shit, that’s impossible.

Dori stands up, grins and pulls me to the bed. “Lay down Tom and relax. This is not going to be a five minute fuck.” It takes me about twenty minutes to realize she tells the truth. After I got all comfortable on my bed, Dori straddles me and points my cock at her pussy and pinches me again. Blood shoots back into my cock like a river and I’m nearly hard again. Dori smiles and slides herself down to the root without any foreplay. Her high tits bounce in front of my face and I grab them. Dori likes it, smiles and says, “Relax baby, you’ll need your strength.” It sounds like a warning.

When her cunt tightens around my cock and squeezes till it hurts, I know what she means. “Baby, show me you can take a real women”, Dori moans as she lift herself up and drops back down. She relaxes on the down stroke, then tightens and lifts up again. It is not only different and weird; but it’s doing things to me, I don’t understand. My head hurts, my arms are shaking and my balls feel like a jet engine is sucking on them.

Holy shit, we have been doing this for nearly ten minutes when she changes the direction of the squeeze. Now she squeezes me hard on the down stroke. It pulls my skin downward hard and hurts like hell. I don’t feel like cuming at all. Dori leans down to me and feeds me a tit. I want to bite her hard; but I still have some control so I suck her nipple extra hard and hope it hurts like hell. Dori smiles and tells me, “That’s a good boy, suck Dori’s tits.” It does not seem to hurt her a bit. Then the bitch sneaks in another question.

She leans into my ear and asks, “Does Tom like little girls?” Shit, Strawberry and her little neighbors pop into my brain and my cock twitches extra hard. “Dori smiles into my face and says, “Thought so. Are you fucking your girlfriend’s daughter?” I shake my head ‘No’; but my cock twitches several times and gives me away. “Good boy, Tom. I like my employees to be honest with me. I need you to be very open minded about what our clients may need.” Shit, it only takes me a second to figure out we are going to have clients who want young girls.

Dori shakes her head up and down and ask, “Any problems with that?” She never slows down fucking me hard and squeezing my cock even harder. I take a deep breath and say, “I want to hear you say it clearly, Dori.” She grins and says, “We have clients who may want to experience unusual sex and it includes hookers and boys and girls. The younger the better. Clear enough?” “Yes Boss”, is my answer. Dori leans back down to me and squashes her tits against me. She French kisses me for dear life and finally says, “Congratulations Tom, you’re my new VP.” “Thanks Boss”, is all I can say.

Dori grins and says, “Enough foreplay, let’s really fuck.” She speeds up the rhythm of her up and down movements with less pressure. Pretty soon she is rocking her ass and pelvic so fast I can just hang on. Her tits bounce in front of my face and the pain is just one long constant for many long minutes. “Tom, give me all your cum; every last drop of it”, she says but I’m not near cuming. I feel dry as a bone from the constant squeezing. I know we must be hitting the thirty minute mark of non-stop action. “Baby, Dori loves you. I want you to fill me up with cum up to my throat. Do it for Dori, baby. Now, now, now”.

She does something different with her pussy and my cock shoot cum like a fire hose. Now the pain is exquisite. My balls are churning like two tornados and it feels like my cock is insider her up to her tits. This can’t be real. I shoot and shoot and grab her hips and pressure myself into her as hard as I can. I can’t stop filling her with cum. Dori grabs my head and whispers into my ear, “That’s it baby, you can do it. Give me more.” I fall back totally empty and inhale hard. Dori giggles like a little girl and says, “You are all mine now.” I can’t believe what just happened; there is no way she could have made me cum on command.

My cock is half hard and still inside Dori and she whispers, “Ready to do it again?” I shake my head ‘No” and she laughs. “Ok baby, it is your first time, I better take it easy. Next time we’ll do it twice. My record is four before the guy had a heart attack.” Why do I believe she is deadly serious? Dori rolls off me and cuddles to me and tells me, “You can sleep for thirty minutes while I shower, then we go back to the office.” I can’t believe I’m glad to go back to work. Where in the hell did this crazy woman come from?

On the drive back to the office, Dori tells me more about my new job. A key part is that everything I do will be “classified top secret” just like in the military. She casually mentions, “Strawberry is really cute” and when I gape at her she tells me, “Of course I know where you spend your afternoons, my silly boy.” Holy shit, she really has me by the balls. Then she mentions my new salary and puts an even bigger smile on my face.

Dori tells me to finish up my projects and to act like I just got a routine performance evaluation. The other employees have no clue about the hidden side of our company. Before we pull into the company lot she gives me a quick kiss and says, “And wipe the grin off your face.” “Yes Boss”, I laugh.

I work like a dog all afternoon and sip energy drinks. When I look up later, I notice it’s nearly dark outside. Time really flies when you work hard. My i-phone vibrates and I read the message from Janet, “Join us @ restaurant.” I text back, “Where, who.” She tells me the girls had their doctor’s visit and mom Sheila and she, plus the girls, decided to celebrate.

At the restaurant the girls and moms are waiting in the bar. The moms have wine and the girls have colas. Strawberry is first to give me a hug and she grins and says, “Hi, Tom.” Little Linda grins at me also, gives me a hug and rubs her big tits against me and also says, “Hi Tom”. I’m about to shake hands with her mom Sheila; but she steps forward and hugs me too. Because three sets of eyeballs are on me I keep my hands in safe territory. Sheila is careful too; but her lips run across my cheek. Oh, this is a good sign.

I hope little Linda has not confessed anything to her or the doctor. Janet does not hug me; she just says “Hi” and grins. It’s a good sign also because it seems the moms are really happy. We get seated in a large round booth and Sheila is next to me. Strawberry is opposite of me, Linda and Janet are next to her. Janet gives me a sly grin. It’s clear she is still playing the ‘landlady’ role and I wonder if Sheila is still clueless.

After the food is served, I ask Janet, “So how was the doctor visit?” I’m not supposed to know why they went to the doctor. Janet plays it cool and explains to me they went to visit the doctor because the girls are maturing. She talks about the ‘lerche’ is the maturing process for girls and the onset of puberty. Mostly it starts at age eleven. Strawberry and Linda heard it in the doctor’s office and they listen quietly.

Janet grins when she says Linda has obviously started maturing about age four and we all look at her big tits. The girls giggle. I notice when Janet talks about stories on the internet about eleven year old girls having babies Sheila starts fidgeting. Her legs cross and uncross. Yes, the sex talk is getting to her. I ask Sheila if she liked the doctor and she says, “I didn’t go. Janet took them.” Ah, so part of this conversation is an education for Sheila also. When I glance down at her, I can tell her nipples are hard.

I place one hand on Sheila’s leg and say, “Don’t worry, lots of people can’t stand going to a doctor.” Sheila grins gratefully and puts her hand on top of mine and gives me a squeeze. I add, “Now if I was a doctor, I would make you feel really great with a massage first and a personal shave before any exam.” Linda chokes on her cola as she remembers the shave she just received days before. I think it may have gone right over Sheila’s head.

After a very nice dinner, we are outside in the parking lot and Janet says, “By the way, Sheila’s husband is out of town, so I told her to spend the night at our place”. I smile and say that it’s a great idea. Janet asks me to give Strawberry a ride so her car will not be so full and we will meet at the house. Sheila gives me a smile as she gets into the car. Things are looking up and I’m happy Janet has invited Sheila.

In my truck, Strawberry cuddles up to me and I have my arm around her. “Careful babe, I have to drive”, I tell her as she rubs herself against me. She grins and kisses my cheek. “Linda wants to play, so we’ll be in my room”, she tells me and I read all kind of things into the word “play”. “Don’t let her show her pussy on the internet; especially not from your computer. It is really dangerous.” I tell her.

At the house, I help get their bags out of the car. The girls have their school bags and there are Linda and Sheila’s overnight bags. Janet tells me to put Sheila’s into the master bedroom. The girls drag their stuff up the steps to Janice’s room. Janet says, “Tom will you mix some drinks while I go change.” Sheila follows me to the bar and I ask her what she would like. She is not sure, so I pour her a nice bourbon with ice. We clink glasses and I tell her, “To a fun night.” She looks at me hard and then says, “Ok”.

We make small talk and Sheila is on the second bourbon when she asks, “Where you serious about the personal massage?” I grin and tell her, “It’s a massage and personal shave. I am really good at massages”. She sips some more and before she can say anything else, Janet joins us. She is wearing casual shorts and a low cut top. When she bends over to get ice, I can see she lost her bra. “Janet, I think Sheila is getting interested in a massage. What do you think?” Janet smiles at Sheila, gives her a hug and asks, “That’s a great idea, do you want me to call someone?” Sheila looks at the floor and then toward me and say, “Well, maybe, I thought…”

Janet smiles wide and hugs Sheila again and says, “Oh, I see. Let’s see if he is any good or just bragging.” She takes Sheila by the hand and pulls her into the master bedroom. Candles flicker in several places, the lights are dim and soft music plays in the background. Sheila’s eyes go wide as she looks around. “Just for you, Sheila”, Janet tells her as she steps behind her and I hear a long zipper slide down. Sheila looks at me and I hand her a drink. She grabs it with both hands and her dress falls down to her waist.

Sheila gasps and tries to grab her dress but my hand stops her. “Don’t Sheila; show me how pretty you are.” She smiles awkwardly and sips her drink to cover it up. Janet kneels down and lifts Sheila’s feet to get her to step out of the dress. She wears a nice black bra and panty outfit. Her tits are average size and look very nice on her slender shape. Janet pulls a clean sheet from a cabinet and spreads it on the bed. I pull Sheila to the bed and tell her to lie on her stomach.

I really try to do a good job of relaxing Sheila with a great massage starting with her legs up to her shoulders. About twenty minutes later she is nearly zoned out on pleasure. While I did her back I unhooked her bra and the final move is to pull her panties off. Sheila does not resist at all and she gets her buns massaged with baby oil. “Sheila baby, roll over”, I tell her and give her an assist to roll on her back.

Janet and I look at Sheila fully naked. Her tits are relaxed but still very sexy and her muff is covered with dark hair. Oh yea, time for the personal shave. Janet smiles because she knows what she has to do. “Sheila baby, let’s get you shaved” I tell her and help her up. Janet takes her hand and leads her into the bathroom. The bathroom, like the bedroom, is dim and has candles flickering. While the girls get settled, I strip to my jockeys.

I remember this very scene with daughter Linda a few days earlier. Linda got shaved and fucked and now mom will follow and I can’t wait. I quickly fix two drinks for the moms and join them in the bathroom. Janet clinks glasses with Sheila and tells her to relax. When Janet’s hand touches Sheila’s pussy, as she trims her hair with the scissors, Sheila inhales hard and moans a low ‘Oohh’. I can see her nipples are puckering as I watch the hair hit the towel on the floor. Minutes later Sheila moans even harder as Janet applies the shaving cream and massages her pussy. I worry she may not be able to shave her if Sheila keeps moaning and groaning.

Janet takes the pink razor and tells Sheila not to move as she shaves carefully and quickly. I can see Sheila’s pussy lips spread out as Janet works around them. Sheila’s eyes are closed and she hangs on to Janet’s shoulder to keep from shaking. This show is nearly better than watching Linda. When Janet finishes shaving her friend she pulls her up and tells her to stand in the tub. Janet strips her shorts and top off and joins Sheila in the tub. She motions me to clean up the items from the floor while she uses the sprayer to wash Sheila’s pussy.

Janet slides her hands between Sheila’s legs and lets the warm water flow over her cunt. I figure if Sheila is going to get any more agitated she will cum right now. Janet cuts the water off and I am ready with several towels. I kneel in front of Sheila and rub her gently dry and give her clean shaved pussy a quick kiss. When she turns around, I dry her buns and then kiss them both. Sheila giggles and then starts dancing around in embarrassment. She whispers to Janet, “Have to pee”.

Janet lifts the commode cover and tells her to sit; but Sheila shakes her head ‘No’. Janet blows out two candles and the light is dim but not dark. Sheila whines, “Tom can’t watch”. Janet chuckles and says quietly, “In a minute he’s going to eat your pussy and you need to show him you are clean.” Janet is having fun giving Sheila a hard time. Sheila’s eyes are big and she looks at me like it just occurred to her she is about to get fucked. Janet hands her a warm wash cloth and says, “Clean up”.

I wait next to the bed as naked Janet leads Sheila to the bed by the hand. I give Sheila a hug and kiss her lightly. She kisses back lightly also and I wonder if I need to be real gentle with her or rough. We French kiss for a few minutes and I slide my hands down to her breast and cup them. Sheila moans into my mouth and Janet comes up beside her and hugs us both. Sheila watches with big eyes as I kiss Janet hard. I’m not sure what she expected; but sharing with Janet was probably a surprise. I guess she realizes Janet and I have been fucking already.

Janet turns Sheila’s head to her and kisses her lightly also. Sheila closes her eyes and lets it happen. I watch her carefully and notice she is first to let her tongue come out and invade Janet’s mouth. Well, well, very interesting; they both swing both ways with the right partner.

I pull the girls down on the bed and Janet continues kissing Sheila. Ok, it’s a surprise for me too and I may as well do what Janet said. I get between Sheila’s legs and pull her knees up and spread her wide. Janet reaches for the baby lotion and hands it to me. Yes, I know what to do and apply it to Sheila’s fresh shaved pussy. Actually, I’m getting side tracked watching as Janet moves down to Sheila’s tits and sucks on them. Having two beauties in front of you playing girl games is just wonderful and every guy’s dream come true. Especially if you can join in.

More baby lotion goes on Sheila’s pussy lips and I insert two fingers into her pussy. She groans in pleasure as I give her a deep massage. I search for her clit and she rocks as I touch it. Letting my fingers glide lower I dab more lotion on my finger tips and rim around Sheila’s ass. My middle finger touches her pucker and she jumps and yelps, “No Tom, don’t do that”. Her whole body shakes like she got hit with an electric shock. “I’ll get her ass before the night is over”, I think as my fingers go deep in her pussy.

The deeper I go the harder Sheila rocks against me. I stroke my fingers in and out of her hoping to get her off before I fuck her when another idea hits me. “Janet, suck her clit”, I tell her and Janet moves down Sheila’s tummy and her tongue works on Sheila’s pussy. Janet spread her pussy lips and her tongue searches for Sheila’s clit. Sheila wails as Janet finds her clit and I move my hand back to her pussy. From three fingers before, I’m now gliding all four fingers into Sheila’s pussy and she is rocking up and down hard. Two more inches and I will be fisting her.

Why not? I dribble more baby oil on my hand and give it a push. With a pop I’m all the way in Sheila’s cunt and she cries, “OMG, OMG, don’t stop”. Janet watches as my hand disappears and she quietly says to me, “Tom, I can’t believe it. She always acts like a nun.” I say, “She may not have known if no one is fucking her”. Fisting Sheila is totally unexpected and I slide my hand in and out for about two minutes when her climax hits. Sheila groans and shakes all over but the biggest surprise yet is about to hit me. Literally. When I pull my fist out of Sheila’s cunt, she squirts a fountain of pussy juice. It hits my face and chest and shocks the hell out of all of us.

Sheila falls back on the bed and whines, “OMG, OMG, I didn’t.” Janet laughs and runs for towels. While she mops my face and chest and then between Sheila’s legs with the towels, she says, “Sheila, you have been keeping secrets from me. You are a major squirter.” The girls giggle and Sheila says, “I’ve only had little ones, not like that. It’s all Tom’s fault”. I grin and tell her she is really hot stuff. Janet mops Sheila’s pussy and it seems to take a real long time to get her dried off. Girls just want to have fun.

“You need more lotion on your shave”, Janet says and dabs more baby oil on her and rubs Sheila’s mons and pussy. Sheila is relaxed after her orgasm and smiles as Janet plays with her pussy. Janet looks at me and nods and I move back between Sheila’s legs and push my cock into her. Sheila moans and I swear she says, “Finally”. I pick an easy tempo and move into her and back out. From having her pussy open to accept my fist, she has tightened quite a bit. Her pussy surrounds my cock and Sheila gives me little squeezes when I bottom out.

While I fuck Sheila in steady motions, I see Janet move back up on the bed. Janet says, “Sheila honey, can you do me a little favor?” Sheila nods her head and Janet swings across her and settles her pussy on Sheila’s face. Holy shit, Janet and I are eye to eye and she has a giant grin on her face when Sheila licks her cunt. “Tom baby, take your time and make it last”, Janet tells me as she leans forward and plants a kiss on my lips. I last for about twelve minutes before I blast cum into Sheila. I shoot three loads and I think of this afternoon session. How did that witch make me cum on command?

Janet watches me get off and it sets her off also. She jerks a little and falls away from Sheila. Sheila has a wet face and I hand her a clean towel as we cuddle together in the bed. “Thank you Sheila, you are wonderful”, I tell her and give her a hug. She rolls toward me and grabs my face, “OMG, I didn’t realize how bad I needed it.” Her eyes sparkle in the candle light and I decide she really has the ‘just fucked look’. Curiosity gets the best of me and I ask her, “And how about Janet?” Sheila’s face gets red and she says, “It’s my first time. I didn’t do girls in college like all my sorority sisters”.

The two giggle like college girls and Janet says, “Wow you did so good. Do you want to switch next time?”

Before Sheila can answer, the door opens and she gives a little shriek. Naked Strawberry stands there and says innocently, “What’cha doing?” Sheila tries to grab for a sheet but we are lying on top and there is nothing to hide behind except a little wash cloth. We laugh when Sheila hold it in front of her. I tell her, “Relax Sheila, we are all family here.” Sheila’s eyes get big and she looks first at my cock and then at Janet. Janet says, “She’s seen it before.”

Sheila can hardly breathe and she says, “You’re not serious?” Janet nods her head and says, “She has seen us fuck”. Janet waits a few seconds and ads, “Sheila there is more.” Sheila has no clue until Janet says loudly, “Linda, come on in.” When naked Linda comes running in and jumps on the bed, Sheila almost faints dead away. “I love him, mom”, Linda declares as she climbs up on me. Her big tits are in my face and she nestles her pussy on top of my cock. “Linda, what the fuck are you doing?” Sheila shouts. “Same as you, so there”, comes Linda’s answer and it shuts Sheila up. Does she realize what ‘same as you’ means? I tell Janet, “Baby get us some drinks; we have to talk to Sheila about the facts of life.”

Sheila starts to get off the bed and I tell her harshly, “Sit and think. Are you going to be mad at Linda just because she is growing up and wants to see a cock? Or do you want some high school kid show it to her in the back seat of a car?” We sit quietly for a few minutes until Janet comes back with drinks. Everybody sips quietly and we wait on Sheila to say something. Finally she says, “OMG, you shocked me, Linda. You could have told me.” Linda giggles and says, “Alright mom, let me try this. Mom, after school today I went over to Strawberry’s and watched Janet fuck Tom”. Even Sheila has to laugh seeing how absurd it sounded.

Linda turns her head back to me and kisses me hard and rocks her ass against my cock. She pulls my hands down to her tits and rubs them hard. When we break she says, “And mom, then I kissed him and he rubbed my big tits.” Now all the sex talk is starting to make my cock recover and twitch. Linda notices and grins at me. She rocks her ass some more and says quietly. “And mom, his cock sure gets hard when he plays with my tits.” Sheila inhales sharply and looks at my cock, which had just been in her pussy minutes ago.

Sheila’s eyes get big and she answers back quietly, “You didn’t go all the way, Linda?” Linda grins wide and says, “Just like this, mom.” Linda straddles my cock and pulls it up to her pussy and lowers herself back down on it. Her big tits rub my chest and I push into her as deep as I can. Linda whispers, “I love you Tom” and moves her ass up and down as she fucks me like a rabbit.

Sheila watches in shock with huge eyes. Strawberry and Janet come over and hug her. Janet leans down and gives her a hard kiss and holds it for a minute. She tells Sheila, “Sheila you know it was going to happen. Be glad it’s with a guy you like. Just think of the mother-daughter fun you will have”. Janet laughs and it makes Sheila laugh again. Janet kisses her again and Sheila forgets about Linda for a second and let’s herself go.

Janet pushes Sheila back on the bed and tells her to relax. Sheila lies right beside me and she watches me fuck her daughter. Linda grins and rocks up and down on my cock extra hard. Sheila’s mouth is open like she wants to complain again but then she closes her eyes and mouth. Well, just for a second anyway. She gasps as she feels her legs being spread apart and sees Janet between them. Janet grins and her mouth goes down to Sheila’s wet pussy. Sheila moans hard as Janet sucks her cunt. I moan also because I know Janet is sucking my Jizz out of Sheila’s pussy.

Linda rides me hard for several minutes while I hold her against me. I love the way her tits glide up and down on me and I can tell her nipples are hard. Linda pulls my head down and we kiss passionately. I can’t believe an eleven year old can be so hot; but it’s apparent she matured way early. Her pussy is tight and wet around my hard cock. Linda murmurs into my ear, “Tom, I promised Strawberry we would switch.” I really don’t want to stop; but Linda lifts up and off my cock.

It’s frustrating as hell to stop in the middle of an enjoyable fuck. However, Strawberry has a big grin on her face as she jumps on the bed and straddles me. Her tight pussy has a bit of a problem as she pushes herself down on my cock. When she bottoms out on me, I forget about having to switch. Green eyes and freckles are in front of my face and I realize she is the number one girl for me. In just three days I have fallen crazily for her and I can even do without all the others.

I hug her to me and don’t even try to move to fuck her. I’m enjoying just having my cock deep in her and holding her. I think Strawberry gets it as she smiles. So I whisper to her, “I don’t care about anyone else, just you, baby.” She grins and we kiss some more. “Well and your mom, too”, I add. Strawberry asks, “How about the other girls?” I whisper to her, “It’s just sex; nothing else. It is fun; but nothing else.” “Good”, she answers and cuddles to me.

Next to us is a lesbian dream. Janet has her face buried in Sheila’s pussy and gets her off. When she lifts up, I swear I can see pussy juices and cum on her face. Linda is hugging her mom as Sheila shakes from her orgasm. “Janet, you girls get into the shower and sleep here. I’ll clean up the bedroom and leave you alone. Don’t forget to set the alarm clocks.” I tell them. Janet and Linda drag Sheila into the bathroom.

Strawberry looks at me and says, “You’re not going to sleep with Janet and Sheila?” I grin at her and tell her, “If you help me clean up, it will be just you and me in your bed.” Strawberry giggles and yelps, “Alright”.

When I pick up my trousers and check my i-phone, I see a text message, “Not working in the morning. Can we meet? Kelly”. I know my boss is keeping an eye on me; but teen Kelly may make missing a bit of work worthwhile.

Meanwhile, I got the whole night with Strawberry.

Before going up to Strawberry’s room, I run to the basement and sent a quick message to Kelly. Good grief, in three days, I’ve had more pussy than in the last three years. I need to cut back.

Janice-Strawberry has the master bedroom nearly cleaned up when I come back. She had a great idea and put two fresh glasses with a bit of wine out. We don’t want the moms to have a hangover. As we walk up the stairs she carries two more glasses with her. Now that’s a really good girl. She puts them by the bed and dims the lights. “Shower first”, I tell her and give her a little spank on her shapely ass to move her to the shower.

The warm water pulsates over us and I have to grin because Janice has her big shower cap on. I get down on my knees so I’m more at her level and squirt liquid shampoo over her front. Of course, I try to hit her nipples with it and she giggles at my effort as I miss the nipples. I know she and Linda have been watching the internet when she whispers, “Just like the guys on the internet. When a girl opens her mouth wide, they miss by a mile”. I chuckle and ask her, “So, do you want me to cum in your mouth or up your ass?”

That shuts her up for a minute. We both know she should not take it in her pussy until she has been on the pill for a week. Strawberry puts drops of shampoo on her hand and grabs my cock and strokes me a couple of times. “What do you like, Daddy?” she says and bats her eyes. It makes my cock twitch hard and Strawberry giggles. The little tease has me on that one. “If I’m Daddy, who the other guy?” I ask. She answers quietly but without hesitation, “He is the asshole I have to spend Saturdays with.” I cuddle her to me and hold her, “Tom is going to make it better.” She grins as we rinse off and step out. Strawberry lifts her arms up and lets me dry her from top to bottom.

I sit on the commode lid and watch her dry and fluff her strawberry blonde hair. When she pulls up a rubber band to put her long hair into a ponytail I stop her. I want to see her long hair flow loose. She holds up a tube of lipstick and I shake my head ‘No”. Instead she reaches for a perfume spritzer and shoots three little shots out. One goes on her pussy. The bathroom smell from the nice fragrance and we both grin.

In the stronger lights next to the bathroom mirror, I can really appreciate how pretty she is. From her fresh washed clean looking face down to her long slim legs, she really is a dream. Maybe I need to get up a bit earlier to watch her do this every morning. She holds up a bottle of body lotion and says, “You wanna do this or watch?” Oh, I definitely want to put lotion all over her preteen body.

“Get on the bed”, I grin and take the lotion from her. Normally I would start on her back and give her a massage like I did for Sheila; but Strawberry lies on her back and sticks her young tits up. She giggles as I drop lotion on both nipples and don’t miss. I put some lotion on my hands and glide them under her breasts and across her belly.

Janice closes her eyes and relaxes. As I glide my hands over her belly she moans a quiet, “Mmm, nice”. I enjoy looking at her in the dim light. Her flawless skin has a light summer tan with bikini tan lines. It makes her clean pussy stand out so inviting for kisses. After working on her legs and belly and shoulders for about five minutes, my hands gently move toward her a-cup girl tits. Strawberry lifts her arms up and pulls my head down to her tits and my lips caress her.

Kissing her breast gently makes Strawberry moan, “More, Daddy”. Hearing her call me daddy again makes my cock rise and I have to concentrate to stay gentle. Sucking her nipples makes them stand up more. When she moans with pleasure it makes my cock hard. I can’t wait any longer and move my mouth down to her belly. She keeps her hands in my hair and pushes my head down past her belly button.

Janice opens her legs wide and cocks her knees. Her fingers grasp my hair and she pulls my head up and says quietly, “Daddy?” “What is it baby?” I ask. She answers quietly, “Please don’t fuck my ass. Mommy is worried about it.” My first reaction is, “Good grief, when I was eleven my mom didn’t talk about getting fucked in the ass.” I swallow hard and say, “Of course, I won’t do anything you don’t want to do”. Strawberry tells me she and Mommy have been having conversations in the car on the way to school. Unlike the actors on the internet, real people can get sick from getting ass fucked.

Holy shit, we have come a long way baby. Mommy and daughter talking about getting ass fucked while on the way to school.

I lean down and kiss her lips and put a smile back on her face. She grins and pushes my head back down to her pussy. I move around and get between her legs and kiss her mons. Strawberry moans even more, “Mmm, don’t stop Daddy”. Holy shit, I can’t wait. I spread her pussy lips and find her red hot clit. When I lock my lips to her clit, she grabs my hair and holds me tight. I run my tongue around her clit and suck her and she moans hard. Her pelvic rocks hard and I work her pussy for minutes.

Strawberry pulls on my hair hard and pulls me off her wet pussy. When I look at her face to see why, she groans, “Daddy fuck your baby”. And I do. I enter her slowly and push deep. We both exhale when I bottom into her. When I look at her face, her eyes are closed and her hair is spread out over the pillow. She holds her tits and pinches her nipples. She is just perfect and I stroke into her faster.

Minutes later, Strawberry flexes her pussy and she squeezes me just a little bit. It’s fun, nice and sweet. In a year she will be able to squeeze the hell out of any cock. For just a second I think about my boss nearly killing me and making me shoot cum on command. It makes my cock twitch as I get near cuming. “Baby, I going to cum”, I whisper to her and she opens her eyes and says, “I’m going to swallow all of it”.

A minute later I pull out of her and straddle her body. She has her hands over her head and when I move in close she puts her hands around me. My cock is inches from her mouth and she pulls me to her hard. “Put it in my mouth, Daddy. Baby wants to suck your cum”, she whispers. It’s all that it takes and I push into her hard and shoot rope after rope of Jizz into my Strawberry’s mouth. Her eyes are wide and her tongue massages my cock when I fill her full. I shoot the last squirt I have left.

When I look down at her, Strawberry has a grin on her face and my cock in her mouth. She lets me stay in her for at least four minutes as we cool down before she pushes on me to back up. As I pull out she opens her mouth wide and shows me her white, cum covered tongue. Then she smiles and swallows. OMG, it nearly makes me hard again.

“Did I do good, Daddy?” she smiles at me. I collapse next to her as I realize how starved for affection the little girl is.

“Baby, you are the best and Daddy loves you”, I whisper. Strawberry cuddles to me and falls asleep minutes later with a smile on her face.

Daddy has a few more things to do before going to sleep.

Is Linda still waiting?

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You keep talking about her pelvic. I think you should say she pushed her pelvis into you.

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Harold, my brother sufefrs from a multi-faceted disability, whate28099s your excuse, or is it just a complete lack of proof reading that has led me to believe that youe28099re quite retarded as welle280a6? My brother disability should be 1 sentence. What's your excuse, or is it is also incorrect grammar. That should be a question. Otherwise or is it implies a choice. There was no choice in what's your excuse . All of your writing is full of mis-spellings and run-on sentences. Don't criticize others. 2: How dare you blaspheme? You say I will pray for you to open your eyes to the Lorde28099s ways , then later state where the good lord split chae28099 . You don't consider that taking His name in vain? Then you have the nerve to call others hypocrits (it's hypocrites, by the way).3: If he is as disabled as you claim, so disabled that he cannot tell the difference between right and wrong when it comes to arousal, and would instinctually look for sex, he would not look for or

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I went to boarding school when l was 13 and was surprised at the girls nightime behaviour. the very first night, myself and two other new girls found ourselves in bed with older girls. My partner Pam was very gentle with me and had me do to her what she did to me. By the early hours I'd had my very first orgasms and had my hand entirely in Pam's cunt although she could only get three fingers into mine. We bit, scratched and nipped each other and eventually went to the shower room together where we pissed on each others faces, washed each other and then went to bed to sleep. In the morning Pam tribbed my cunt with her own and l loved it. Millie who was tiny and only 10 had had a rough night with an older girl who'd made her sore but still couldn't wait to get into bed with her again that evening.
I learnt more at that boarding school in my first year than l'd done in the previous twelve years

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