My husband and I are both in our late forties and have been together for 25 years. We have a fairly good marriage and have (as far as I know) always been faithful. Well one evening my husband came home from work to tell me that he had been made redundant and that we had no money coming in so we were both going to have to get a job.

After weeks of us both looking we finally found a job as caretakers in an all girls school in the country. The headmaster on interviewing us said that we would be perfect for the job although he did explain to us that the school had a very strict disipline rules and that we would have to abide with them. Well, after not eating and going out for a few weeks we would literally have agreed to anything.

A few weeks went by and we were enjoying our new jobs, my husband as caretaker and me as a kitchen assistant. All the other staff seemed very friendly and made us welcome. The pupils were mainly nice although there were some trouble makers and sure enough one night my husband and I were called to be witness to the discipline.

When we arrived in the Headmasters room the two other kitchen assistants, Bob (who was about 70 )and Andrew (60) were waiting smiling. There were three seats and the Headmaster told my husband to sit next to Bob and Andrew. I had to stand next to a chair beside the Headmaster. There was a timid tap on the door and in walked one of the pupil. She as called Maisie and was in her last year which made her 16. She was an attractive girl but slightly plump. She came in and stood in front of the Headmaster gently weeping. "Now young girl" bellowed the Headmaster "tell the staff what you were caught doing". Young Maisie looked at the three men sitting down and whispered "smoking". "That is a punishable error you have made young lady, now remove your nightgown". I was slighly gobsmacked as I couldnt believe that the Headmaster was going to make her take her nightie off and stand in front of us all.

The young girl reached down and pulled her white cotton nightie off over head to reveal her naked body to us all. She had very large 36DD breasts and very large dark red nipples which were jutting out due to the chill in the air in the room. Her waist was quite small for someone who was plump but her hips spread widely and her bottom was bigger than the average girls. Her pussy was shaved bald and her crinkled lips were visible for all to see.

The Headmaster sat on the chair and ordered young Maisie to bend over his lap. I looked towards my husband and the other two men. My husband's eyes were glued to this young girls body as was Bobs and Andrews. All three of them, especially my husband were devouring her every curve with their eyes. My husbands eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when young Maisie bent over the headmasters knee, her big bottom staring straight at him a couple of feet away!! Without warning the Headmasters hand came down Smack smack Smack on young Maisies big bottom and my husband seemed to love watching her fat bottom jiggle and wobble with every smack the relentless Headmaster administered.

Poor young Maisie just bucked and kicked all the time the Headmaster spanked her, no doubt giving my husband full view of her anus and pussy!. After about 10 minutes of spanking the big girls bottom the Headmaster stopped and ordered Maisie to get up. With that and much to the mens amusement she jumped up and down rubbing her sore bottom and giving all the men a good view of her large bouncing breasts. Even the Headmaster seem pleased with that sight. My husband laughed and so did the other men who were witnessing the young girls humiliation.

Maisie was told to wait in the corner bottom on show, when another timid tap was heard. "Enter" bellowed the Headmaster. To my desolation in walked another 16 year old, this time it was Ella, the most attractive young lady. She stood 5'9" and had long flowing golden hair. "Another smoker" scolded the Headmaster. "Remove your nightie". I was green with envy as she revealed her perfect figure. Her breasts were again large but very pert with light brown nipples that stood out about 1/2 inch. Her tiny waist and slim hips and perfect pert butt were on full view to my husband. She had also shaved her pussy and was completely bald with her pussy lips neatly tucked away.

The headmaster pulled the perfect girl over his lap, bottom facing my husband and the other men and proceeded to punish the bucking, kicking wriggling girl. My husband looked at her perfect butt, taking in the sight of her little tight anus and pussy, which was on full show due to the fact her legs were so slim. My husband looked like "that cat who got the cream" as he watched the beautiful young 16 year old buck and jump at every smack from the old Headmaster. Ella also was told to get up and she also jumped and bounced around rubbing her sore bottom. The men again laughed and laughed as they watched her titties bounce and jiggle wildly as she jumped.

I was livid as my husband was obviously enjoying the view and the whole event but at least as I thought it was all over, the Headmaster called to Maisie. "Come over to the table Maisie". She walked over, titties swaying and was told to sit on the edge of the table. "One more smack and then you can go to bed". The Headmaster pushed Maisie back on to the table and lifted her legs up and pushed her knees onto her chest. Maisie was now nearly doubled in half. Her 16 year old pussy and tight little anus now on full view to my husband and the men who were sitting only feet away. The Headmaster administered three hard whacks on the girls quivering buttocks. She jumped involuntarily each time her fanny and anus twitching and trying to avoid the Headmasters hand. He kept her in the doubled up position for a further few minutes as he told her "Never smoke again". Maisie was now sobbing quite openly but all my husband cared about was getting a full view of her pussy and anus.

"Next" bellowed the old Headmaster and with that the perfect Ella walked over. Sat on the edge of the desk and allowed the old Headmaster to lift her legs and push her knees to her chest, giving full view of her bald slighly wet, slightly open pussy and also her tight light brown anus. "Ahh" the Headmaster said "I see someone likes to be spanked". My husband, Bob and Andrew all burst out laughing as they all took in the view of Ellas wet pussy. Smack Smack Smack came the Headmasters hand. Ella's pussy seemed to get wetter and more open with each smack. As the Headmaster kept her in the position to tell her off yu could just see a slight flow of Ellas juice making its way down towards her anus and the desk.

When the Headmaster let her up the humiliation was clear for everyone to see. Even Maisie who had stood their mesmerised like my husband looked sorry for her.

When the girls had been dismissed it was time for us to go to bed and I must admit my husband fucked me time and time again that night. I know he was fantasising about what he had watched but I didnt care as we both came all night!.
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