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Hello my name is Elijah I'm 21 years old and this is how I meet my wife, I found a site where they sell drugs and saw three drugs that I liked they are penis enlargement pills, sleep powder, and sex drops. the pills make my dick grow, cum more, and make my sperm taste good, the sleeping powder can knock someone out in ten minutes, and the sex drops can make a person horny in twelve minutes.

I finally got all three in the mail got a bottle filled with pills, a big jar filled with sleeping power, and a box filled with small sex drop bottles. With in a month I took the pills and my dick grew to 16 inches long and 6 inches around and I could shoot 17 fl oz of cum.

Around that same time my hot 18 year old step sister Amber moved in with me after our parents died in a car crash. I bought both of us Chinese food and when we got home, she went into her room to change and left her take out food on the table. I always dreamed of her giving me a blow job so I got an idea to cum into her food.

When I heard her room door close and lock I got my dick out and started to masturbate, it didnt take long for me to shoot a load of cum all over her food and mixed it around until it started to blend in. I wanted more and I saw her large drink filled with pineapple fanta I opened the lid and shoot a load of cum into it and mixed it around with my dick and closed it.

She came back five minutes later wearing a long white T-shirt that stops at her thighs and I could she the out line of a black thong and bra as she sat down to eat, I watched her eat the first bite and she had a smile on her face and said "Wow this is good" she then took a sip of her drink and said the same thing about her drink. My dick was hard watching her finish her food and drink and said "Wow you really enjoyed your food and soda".

"Yeah it was good wish I had more" she said, My dick twitched when she said that making me want to fuck her. I got an idea and asked "wanna watch a movie together?" "Sure I have nothing else to do" she said. We sat down in the living room and watched the movie, half way through it she got a drink and left it on the table to go to the rest room.

I got the sex drops and put two in her drink and I also put two drops in my mouth. she came back and drank the rest and sat right next to me. Ten minutes past and I started to feel my dick getting hard from the drops, I looked at her and I saw her hand under her shirt and rubbing her pussy.

"I'm starting to get hot how about you" Amber asked "Yeah but the ac doesn't work right now" I said "Do you want to take off some clothes to see if that helps?" she asked with a nervous look in her face. "Sure sounds like a good idea" I said, we got up and took our clothes leave us in just our under wear.

She saw my dick poking through my boxers and she knew I saw her thong wet and her nipples poking through her D cup bra and said "I still feel hot lets take off our under wear." So we did and now Amber is standing in the living room staring at my fit naked body with my 16 inch long rock hard dick pointing at her.

"Nice dick" she said "Thanks nice set of breast" I replied back, "Thanks um can I touch your dick, this is my first time seeing one" she said "Oh so your still a virgin?" I asked "Yes I never had sex with a man before" she said with a shy look. I sat down and said "Sure go ahead" Amber got her knees in front of me and grab my dick with both hands and started to give me a hand job.

She started to lick it and put her mouth around it only getting 6 inches and started to suck on it. As she was giving me a blow job she was able to get all of my dick in her throat without gagging. I put my hand on her head and started to run my fingers through her long black hair as I started to feel the need to cum.

I pushed and held her head and shoot loads of cum down her throat and watched her swallow it all, She pulled it out of her mouth and said "Wow that was good your cum tasted sweet, why is that?" "Because I read that if you eat a lot of fruit it can make your cum taste good" I said.

"Thats cool I want your dick in my pussy now" She said showing me her pussy. "But I don't have any condoms" I said "I don't care I can't even get pregnant because I was born without eggs" she said.
Amber and I went to my room and jumped on the bed, she was already on her hands and knees and I got ready to put my dick in her pussy.

I guided it in and her pussy was tight with only 4 inches of it in "What happened to your hymen I don't see any blood?" I asked "I lost it during cheerleadering practices when I landed with a split" she said with a moan. I stopped asking questions and continued to fuck her and pushing more of my dick into her tight pussy.

Amber was pushing back on my dick making it go all the way in, she was now moaning really load with each thrust. I started to feel her pussy started to twitch and pull me in more and soon she screamed while having a big orgasm that lasted for five minutes and making shot loads of cum deep into her womb soon after.

"Your cum feels good pouring into me" she said "thats good I want to fuck your ass next" I said to her. After pulling out I lined up my dick with her ass and pushed the head of my dick into her ass making her scream. Ignoring it I pushed it in more with each thrust, as I was fucking her she stopped screaming and just pushed back on my dick again. Her tight ass muscles felt good around my dick and made me fuck her fast and harder.

Amber had several more orgasms one after the other and really loved my dick the way she was grinding on it making me shoot a bigger load of cum deep into her ass. "I love you Elijah" she said kissing me " I love you too" I said also, "Can I tell you a secret?" she said "Sure you can tell me anything" I said.

"OK my hymen broke because I was raped by a neighbors dog when I was walking around my back yard naked" she said "You love walking around naked thats so hot!" I said "thanks and I also love having sex with dogs ever since I was 13" she said. "Well Amber I love girls just like you, you can walk around the house naked when ever you want and lets go adopt some dogs for you" I said.

"Thanks my pussy and ass are sore do you have anything pain killer?" she said, "Sure I do but it will make you really sleepy" I said "Thats good I was getting sleepy any way" she said. I went to the kitchen and got her a cup of orange juice and pour one tea spoon of sleeping powder into it and grab fast acting pain killer pill, and gave it to her.

"Here you go" I said handing her the pill and the cup, she put the pill in her mouth and drank her drugged drink in two gulps. "Thanks for the pill I can already feel it" she said with a yawn. She got up and walked to her room, by the time she got to her bed she was passed out.

I waved my hand in her face to make sure she was asleep and she didn't move, so I fucked her all night in her sleep four times in her pussy and six times in her ass making her moan and orgasms more then ten times before leaving I also enjoy playin with her tits and sucking on them.

Next morning I woke up and made pancakes for her mixing my cum with the pancake mix, She walked into the kitchen naked and said "I had the weirdest dream I was having sex and I woke up really wet and my nipples were hard" well maybe you really enjoyed the sex we had last night" I said with a grin. "Yeah maybe so when are we going to get the dogs?" she asked, "We are getting them today how many you want?" I asked.

"I want six of them all of the a mastiff/ rottweiler mix and one years old" she said with a smile "OK sure let me call and see" I said while giving her the pancakes filled with cum. After calling a place we got ready to go Amber put on a tight belly button shirt and a mini skirt with a blue thong under it with sandals.

we got in the car drove to the pound, the man I called gave them all the shots they need and had all of them ready to go by the time we got there, I paid him and we left. Amber named the dogs Rex, Dex, Ace, Don, Ben, and Jake I paid a few builders to set up a 12 foot long fence in the back yard and where already finished by the time we got back.

Amber couldn't wait so she took all her clothes off set up a big beach towel on the living room floor but then started to look nervous so I gave her cup of juice mixed with my cum and two drops from the bottle. By 1:00pm she was feeling really horny and got on her hands and knees, Rex was the first one he started to lick her pussy making Amber moan.

She raised her butt up and opened up her legs so his tongue can go deep in her pussy, Rex took it as a sign and quickly mounted her making her scream when his dick entered her pussy. Rex was now fucking her fast and hard with each thrust "AH this feels so good1" she screamed as she started to push back on his dick.

A few minutes past and he started to slow down "I could feel his knot rubbing up against my g-spot its making have an orgasm" she moaned. Rex stopped and started to pour his cum into her, "His cum is really warm and he pouring a lot into me" she said. Rex finished cumming and was knotted to her for an hour before pulling out with a pop and quickly replaced by Dex before she could even take a breath.

While Dex was fuck her she called Rex over so she could suck his dick, Watching he suck his cum cover dick and lick his knot made so hard that I couldn't help but masturbate cum all over her face.

Hours past as She fucked and suck all six of the dogs at least once, She looked a mess cum dripping from her pussy and onto the towel and cum all over face and hair. I told her I wanted a turn and that I'll let her be on top.

So I got flat on my back with my rock hard dick pointing in the air, she lined up her pussy and dropped down on my dick and I grabbed her ass while she was grinding her hips up and down my dick. Ace came over and started to lick Amber's ass and at times I would feel it touch my dick.

As Amber bent over to kiss me Ace mounted her and started to fuck her ass, Amber was Now screaming in pain as she was now being fucked in both holes. I could Ace's dick fucking her ass and rubbing up against mine making me fuck faster.

"AAAHHHH it really hurts" She screamed, "Sorry but I can't get with both of your weights on me" I said. twenty minutes past and Amber had four orgasms, I could his knot form inside her ass and both of shot our sperm into her, "I can feel both of you cumming inside me its really warm and making me have another orgasm" she said with a moan.

Ace pulled out and was replaced by Ben, More hours past and the dogs and I keep on filled Amber up with our cum and giving her count less orgasms.It was 1:00am after the last dog finished and they left to go clean theirs selves off and sleep. "Amber are you OK?" I asked "No I cant feel my legs and my both of my ass is sore" she moaned, "Same here I came so much that my dick is going soft and numb" I said.

"Can you carry me to a bath I don't think I can walk" she said, I got up and carried her to my rest room and put her inside my jacuzzi bathtub and turned it on and got in with her. We after washing each other off we stayed in there for two hours resting, we got out and we both took sleeping pills before falling asleep on my bed naked.

A year past and our relationship got bigger so we married each other, I soon told her about the drugs and me putting my cum into her food and drinks when ever I had a chance and she loved it. We even started to record her having sex with the dogs and me and sold it on the Internet and made a lot of money. We are living a happy life are even thinking about adopting a child.

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Don't over exaggerate. It just makes you look like a fool. Try rewriting this without being such a teen boy.

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16 inch dick. I think not, I stopped reading at that point, try writing something people might believe.

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Good story but terribly written you need to get the right tense first try harder and learn better english

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