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Daisy is given to the first prisoner and undergoes electric shock (short)

** The treatment program begins - the first prisoner plays out his electo-shock fantasies on Daisy. **

[Day 3 (Monday) - morning]

"Thirty-two years old. Five foot eight with long, dark curly hair and hazel eyes." The doctor turned and looked at Daisy. "Long, dark curly hair?" He ran his fingers over the bare back of her neck.

"Master cut my hair off, Sir," Daisy said.

"Why?" the doctor asked.

"Sir, it is not my place to question."

The doctor looked at Peter. "Every man's dream, eh? Is she always this compliant?"

Peter nodded. "Always."

"Really?" The doctor looked her up and down, his eyes widening. The doctor set his clipboard down on the desk. He walked around Daisy again, this time, touching her shoulder and neck, running a finger over her lips. "Yes, quite docile." He turned to Peter. "And you know what this agreement entails, yes?"

Bill stepped forward. "I've told him everything he needs to know."

The doctor nodded and held up his hand without looking at Bill. "Yes, but did you tell her?"

Bill smiled. "That doesn't matter. *He* knows." Bill nodded his head toward Peter.

The doctor leaned closer to Daisy. "Is that so?"

Daisy nodded her head, her eyes still staring at the floor. "Yes, Sir."

The doctor was quiet. "That's all that matters?"

She nodded again. "Nothing else matters." She raised her eyes slightly, stopped short of looking the doctor in the eye. "Nothing."

The doctor stood for a few seconds, then turned sharply. "Well, then, Bill, I guess that's it." He became animated, picked up the clipboard again. "We've been waiting for something like this for quite a while. It will prove my theory." He pressed a button on the wall and a voice came over he intercom. "Yes?" "Bring Mr. Alexander to Treatment Room B." He looked at Daisy, his eyes hungry this time. "And two guards. And Alice?" "Yes?" "Put the paramedic team on alert."

Daisy shivered.
The doctor released the button and the current running through Daisy's body stopped. She slumped forward as far as she could but the leather straps that held her to the metal T didn't have much slack.

Daisy felt the spit run down her chin and neck, then between her titties, mixing with the sweat that covered her chest, belly, and legs. The doctor tilted her head back and shone the flashlight into her eyes, checking her pupils for response.

"Amazing," he muttered, jotting something down on his clipboard. He walked back to the control table and sat down, watching Daisy's chest rise and fall in quick, shallow breaths.

The man in the chair next to him grunted. "Ya got yer measurements, doc?" He was a huge, fat blob of a man in his early forties, his orange prison suit stretched tight across his big belly and huge legs. They called him Fat Ron -- but never to his face. "I still got more'n an hour left with her." As he talked, he started to drool again. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, wiped his hand on his prison uniform. "And I ain't even fucked her yet."

"You want to fuck her now?" the doctor asked.

Fat Ron stood up and walked around the desk, his feet shuffling. Peter and the doctor listened to the chain dragging behind him as he walked toward Daisy. Fat Ron took her face in his big, ham-sized hand and squeezed her cheeks. "Look at me, bitch." She opened her eyes as much as she could manage. Fat Ron spit, a big glob of his saliva landed underneath her left eye. It ran slowly down her face as he squeezed her cheeks, working her teeth and lips against the rubber baton they'd strapped there earlier.

He shoved his other hand between her legs, four fingers pushing deep into her cunt, fucking her hard, fingertips to knuckles, shaking her head back and forth the whole time. "Like it, don't you?"

Daisy's body was fucking back, her hips pushing forward hard, thighs clenching, ass twitching. He let go of her face and pushed his other hand between her legs, two fingers joining the other four, fucking her harder and faster now. She was moaning and jerking up and down, her head shaking side to side, panting hard until finally, just as she was about to cum, Fat Ron motioned to the doctor to turn on the juice.

Her body went rigid, her legs opened wider, fingers clenched, nostrils flaring. Fat Ron pushed his whole hand inside her and made a fist but she was oblivious to it, the world was a series of white spots and flashes. The doctor turned up the current and she started shaking.

"Aw, fuck, doc!" Fat Ron whined as a stream of yellow shot out between Daisy's legs and arced across the floor. "She's pissing herself!" He pulled his hand out of her body and stood back, watching. Peter could see Fat Ron's hardon straining against the orange fabric.

"Incredible. She held it for nearly..." he looked at his watch, "nearly forty minutes." Daisy continued to jerk and groan, her toes twitching up and down, fingers stiff and splayed. "Let's get her down."

Fat Ron turned to the doctor. "Another ten seconds."

"No, it's..." the doctor started.

"It's my time, doc." Fat Ron turned back around and growled over his shoulder, "you want yer program to be a success, don't you?"

The doctor stared at his watch, the second hand slowly ticking off the last ten seconds of Daisy's private hell. When he flipped the switch and Daisy collapsed, her body totally limp and exhausted, he motioned to the paramedics. They stepped forward and, after a quick examination, nodded to him. "She'll survive."

Fat Ron said, "fuck time." He and the doctor removed the electrodes from her arms, legs and belly. "Gimme the stick," he said. The doctor handed him a six inch plastic probe with a balled metal head. He slid it up into Daisy's wet cunt, twisted it around a few times, then pulled it out and shoved it up her ass. "Get her down." The paramedics undid the straps and carried Daisy's body like a rag doll and poured her on the metal table against the wall.

Fat Ron unzipped his orange suit and stroked his cock hard. He slid Daisy's limp body around on the table until her legs dangled off the table and he could slide easily into her wet cunt. She was barely conscious but he heard her moan. "You never give up, do ya, slut?" He grabbed her thighs tight in his hands and used her like his hand, pumping her soft body up and down against his cock. Her body responded automatically, she tried to raise her thighs to open herself up but she was too weak. He laughed, fucking deeper, pulling her against him harder. "I sure could use some'a that snappin' pussy. Doc, zap her for me."

Daisy's body jerked as the doctor pressed the button that sent current up into her ass. "That's better, yeah! Keep it up, doc!" The doctor pressed and released the button, watching Daisy's hips jerk with every shock. Fat Ron was in heaven, muttering grunting animal sounds, living out his favorite sick game on Daisy, his big cock reaming her cunt while her body twitched from the shocks.

The doctor smiled. The first treatment in his experiment was a solid success.

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