what happens when you allow someone to gain control
I guess I was no different than any other girl in that I wanted to be older than my actual 15 years. I started wearing makeup when I was 11 and I started trying to wear sexier clothes when I was 12. I say "trying" because my mom and dad were very much against me wearing anything that looked sexy.
I had gone to the movies with my girlfriend Cici on Saturday afternoon to try and see "Trainspotting". Every couple of months I attempted to get into R rated movies at a multiplex theater and this was another attempt that failed so we went to see "Tuskegee Airmen" because it was rated PG-13.
I saw the two boys looking at us and laughing when they saw us get asked for our ID's. I started to glare at them when we turned to walk into the theater, but when I saw the one boy's dark eyes and black wavy hair my glare melted and I simply smiled. His laughing eyes turned to lustful eyes and I felt myself getting moist between my legs.
We went to the back row of the theater and sat in the center. The previews were flickering on the screen and Cici and I talked about the two boys who had laughed at us. The theater was about half full but no one was in the back row with us. That was until I saw the dark figures of the two boys that had been outside climbing the stairs to our row. I nudged Cici and she giggled when she saw the boys making their way down our row.
When they got to us, the one who had stared at me outside plopped down in the seat next to me while the other boy climbed over my and Cici's legs and sat in the other side of Cici.
"Hi, I'm Tony," the dark one said to me. "Me and Ted have come to rescue you from this shitty movie and sneak you in to see the movie you wanted to you."
I looked at Tony and could feel myself blushing. He looked to be about 18 or 19. I couldn't believe that he would be interested in me even though I had dressed up and put make up on. He had to know I wasn't much older than 14.
"Okay," I said, not believing my own voice.
"What are you doing?" Cici asked me as Tony took my hand and led me from the theater.
"Oh, come on," I said to her as I was being led down the stairs.
I looked behind me and saw the other boy, Ted, taking Cici by and hand and pulling her along behind us.
When we got to the door that led to the other theater, showing "Trainspotting", there was a young boy standing outside checking tickets. Tony walked by him holding my hand and smiled at him.
"Hey, Tony," the boy said.
Tony said nothing and the four of us went into the theater and made our way to the back row. There was one other couple there. I could see them kissing as the reflective light from the movie, which was already playing on the screen, flickered on their faces.
We sat down and Tony let go o f my hand and immediately slipped his arm around me. He pulled me closer to him and I allowed myself to slide close to his body. He smelled of cologne mixed with perspiration and the smell was driving me crazy. I watched the movie but I could not concentrate on the plot as I waited for Tony to make his next move. But he didn't.
Finally he leaned over and whispered in my ear.
"So, how old are you anyway?"
I was in a panic. Should I lie?
"How old do you think I am?" I smiled, stalling for time to think.
"16?" he asked.
"What's the youngest girl you have ever been out with before?" I asked, still stalling.
"8", he replied.
I couldn't see in his eyes if he was lying or telling the truth.
"Ofcourse, I was 10 at the time and our parents had taken us to the circus. Does that count?"
"Well, what's the youngest girl you have kissed?" I asked, not thinking about what I was saying until the words were out of my mouth.
"And what makes you think I am going to kiss you?" He shot back.
"That's....uh....I mean...." I was tripping over my own tongue.
"14", Tony interrupted me, laughing.
"Oh," was all I could muster.
Tony leaned over and kissed me. His tongue slipped between my lips and his hand went to my breast. Despite my small, undeveloped breasts, I had worn a bra and my nipples were hard as he manipulated them beneath the bra.
"Well, now are you the youngest?" he asked as he pulled away.
I didn't know how to react to what had just happened. He was the first boy to kiss me or at least to kiss me using his tongue. And he was definitely the first boy to touch my breast, even though he technically didn't touch my breast.
"I don't think it was right of you to do that," I said.
He was silent and sat back in his seat to watch the movie. He pulled his arm from around me and I could see he was angry.
I started to tell him I was sorry, but then stopped. He was trying to get me to say I was sorry and that would be like giving him permission to do it again. And I wouldn't do that no matter how much I really wanted him to do it again. So I sat back in my seat and watched the movie.
Nothing happened for the rest of the movie and when the credits were rolling Tony jumped up and went down the stairs two at a time. I saw that Ted had his hand on Cici's leg but he pulled it away, got up and ran down the stairs after Tony.
Cici stared at me in shock.
"What just happened?" Cici asked, wide eyed.
I shrugged. Tears were welling up in my eyes and I knew that if I talked I would burst out into tears.

* * * *

When I got home I ran to my room and locked the door. My parents had gone to a basketball game so I didn't have to explain to them why I was crying. I cried for a half hour on my bed and then fell asleep. I dreamt of Tony and in the dream he had his hand between my legs and was rubbing me. When I awoke I found that it was my hand that was between my legs and my panties had become soaked. I had never masturbated before but I had read in a magazine at the store about where I should rub, so I continued to rub and stick my fingers inside of me until I felt a wonderful feeling that was better than anything I had ever felt before. I saw stars it was so powerful. I laid back, breathing heavily and realized that I must have had my first orgasm.
When my parents came home I didn't mention anything to them about what had happened but my mom knew something was wrong because she asked me about three times during dinner if everything was okay. I told her it was but she kept looking at me funny.
I could hardly wait to get to bed so that I could rub myself again and see if I could get another orgasm. I usually stayed up til 11pm when the news is on during the weekends, but at ten o'clock I was in bed. I told my mom I was tired and she didn't say anything.
Once in bed I pulled my panties off and spread my legs. I pretended it was Tony's hand that was softly stroking the inside of my thighs and I could feel my pussy getting wet. It felt good to tease myself and when I slipped my middle finger into the lips of my pussy I could hear the squishy sound that was made because I was so wet down there. I moved my finger up and down the folds of the wet lips and a shiver ran through me when I touched the upper part of the lips. When I touched it again I found that there was a little nub there at my pelvic bone and it felt so good when I touched it. I started rubbing it a little harder and more wetness came from between my lips. Soon I had my whole hand rubbing it and it was so wet that it felt like I had peed myself. I was breathing so hard I thought I would faint and then the feeling hit me again and I started seeing stars. I shook so hard on the bed as the feeling swept over me that I thought I would pass out.
That night I again dreamt about Tony and in the dream he had kissed me and rubbed me like I had done that day. When I woke up in the morning my fingers were again inside of me and I was panting hard with that tingling feeling between my wet pussy lips.
After school on Monday, Cici and I walked home together from the bus stop.
"Cici," I blurted out, "have you ever masturbated?"
"What?" she looked at me shocked.
"Have you ever masturbated?" I asked again. "I did it for the first time this weekend and it was wonder."
Cici blushed and looked at her feet.
"I've tried," she said, "but nothing happened."
"What do you mean nothing happened?" I asked.
"Well, I found my mothers vibrator in her bedroom, and I used it on me but nothing happened," she said.
"Vibrator?" I asked, knowing I must sound stupid.
"Yeah," Cici looked at me. "Doesn't your mom have one?"
I didn't know, but I was going to find out.
When I got home I went straight to my parents room. Since my parents were at work and I didn't have a brother or sister to worry about catching me, I was free to search the entire room.
It didn't take me long. In the bottom drawer, under some of my mothers bra's was the treasure. But there wasn't one vibrator there, rather a collection of plastic devices. Some were curved and some were long. Some had two things sticking out from it, a little one and a big one. I had no idea what these were for but I couldn't wait to try them out. I took a pillowcase from the closet and filled it up with the battery operated boys and took them to my room.
I picked the device that looked the easiest to understand. It was a white plastic vibrator that was about 7 inches long and slender at the tip, expanding out to the base to about 2 inches in diameter. I couldn't find a button to turn it on, but when I tried twisting the bottom it began vibrating in my hand. I quickly pulled down my panties and jumped on the bed with my green skirt pulled up around my waist. I laid the end of the humming white toy against the lips of my pussy and a feeling of pleasure ran through my body. I couldn't believe the sensation as I gently rubbed it back and forth along my slick lips. I slipped the narrow edge between my lips and the sensation was almost too much to bear. I began slowly moving it in and out of me, daring to go a little deeper with each movement until about an inch and a half was inside me and I felt a searing pain shoot through me. The pleasure disappeared immediately and I sat up quickly on the bed. I was afraid that I had hurt myself but I looked down and only saw the glistening juices rolling down my naked thighs.
I was still panting heavily and after a few seconds got the nerve to slowly start rubbing the white toy up and down the outer lips of my pussy again. It didn't take long before I felt the sensation flood through my body again. I got lost in the feeling and slowly started inserting the tip of the vibrator into my pussy an inch and pulling it out. My hips were thrusting off the bed and after a few minutes I found that the greatest feeling came when I rubbed the tip of the vibrator just outside my lips on the little nub that I had found gave me so much pleasure when I rubbed myself.
I felt my body tingling and I knew that I was about to have an orgasm. The toy was so much better because I only had to lay there and let it vibrate on my little nub to cause the most fantastic feelings to flood through me. Suddenly the orgasm hit me and I screamed it was so intense. I rubbed the vibrator harder against my little nub until the orgasm subsided and I became very sensitive there.
I laid there for a long time letting the feeling run through me. I suddenly realized that I needed to get the toys back in my parents room before they came home and caught me with them.

End of part I


2007-11-25 20:06:58
Male domination lol nothing much happened


2006-07-01 17:45:33
good lord, that must be the worst labeled story i have ever read on here. it should be something more like, "female teen, solo masturbation, first time"


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It was should have more about the guy taking advantage of the chick tho

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