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nine chapters worth, of a man and his wife, who havent seen eachother in 10 months.

As he opened the door to her hotel room, John saw her just the way he had left her an hour earlier. Curled up on the bed, and sound asleep. He crept into the room, silently closing the door behind him, and setting down a bag of juice and snacks on the floor. As he walks up behind her, he thinks to himself, about how beautiful she really is. The light of the moon through the window caresses her face, as he tenderly sits by her side, placing his hand upon her shoulder lightly. She stirs slightly, responding to the soft touch and he thinks about all the things that have brought them together, at last. John leans down, and kisses her cheek, watching as her eyes flutter lightly.
“John?” Brooke asks sleepily. Slowly she starts to sit up, and the small blanket slips down into her lap, revealing her large creamy breasts. Smiling, he moves closer and wraps his arms around his sleepy wife, holding her tightly against him. She leans into him, kissing his neck delicately, before resting her head against his chest. She hums softly, slowly waking up and slides her arms around John, hugging him tightly. Slowly, she starts to untangle herself, and stand, stretching in the moonlight. The gentle light plays softly across her body, accenting the curves of her hips, her long slender legs, and her toned torso. Slowly, Brooke leans over John, placing a kiss lightly on his lips, and entwining her fingers in his. Silently, she pulls him to his feet, placing her other hand along his jawline, gazing into his deep blue eyes. Smiling, she turns and walks toward the bathroom, lightly pulling John behind her. She bends over, to turn on the water for the shower, and John takes this opportunity, to rub his hands over her thighs, slowly massaging her tight ass as she makes a small surprised sound.
“John.” She says, with no sleepiness left in her tone. Brooke turns to him, and runs both her hands down his chest, sliding her hands under his shirt, and scratching lightly at his abs. Groaning, he takes off his shirt, slowly kicking off his shoes, as he wraps one arm around her and pulls her close.
“Damned tease..” He groans, voice full of lust, after not seeing Brooke for 10 months. Barefoot and shirtless, he leans forward, and kisses her passionately, her bright blue eyes opening widely as she accepts John’s hungry kiss. Brooke slides her hands along his sides to his back, pulling him close, and deepening their kiss. Sliding his hands along her silky skin, John reaches her small, lacey underwear, and reluctantly breaks the kiss, to pull her sexy undergarments off, throwing them haphazardly on top of his shirt. She starts to unbutton his pants, as he stares at her body, through the steam from the shower. Trying to wet his dry mouth, he helps Brooke, stepping out of his pants, leaving them both completely naked in the steam.
“John,” Brooke moans, as she places her hand on his muscular chest, “I’ve missed you so.” Without waiting for his reply, she steps into the shower, leaving the curtain open for him. John silently steps into the shower behind her, pleasantly surprised as she quickly kisses him, pressing her tongue slowly into his mouth. Searchingly, she passionately kisses him, one hand on his chest, and the other slowly, lightly, clawing up his thigh. Nervously, she slowly slides her hand over his balls, cradling them gently as he moans into her mouth. He puts one hand on her hip, and the other lightly caresses her breast, as he slowly pushes her into the shower wall. Whimpering back in her throat, she arches her back, secretly loving the attention on her breast, as she tries desperately to concentrate on massaging John. He breaks the kiss, looking longingly into her eyes.
“Brooke,” John catches her wrist in his hand slowly pinning it to the dripping wall behind her. He rubs his hard cock, against her smooth shaven pussy, watching as she shudders and looks up at him blushing. He releases her wrist, to run his fingers through her auburn hair, kissing her roughly, and lifting her leg up to his hip.
“Yes, baby, please..” Brooke pleads with her husband, whimpering, and shuddering as he teasingly rubs his cockhead against her wet cunt.
“Please, John,” She moans, clinging desperately to him. “Please love, fuck me. God, please fuck me.. “
“With pleasure, wife.” John slowly presses his hard 7 inch cock into his submissive wife’s wet puss, groaning as he is slowly enclosed in the wet warm paradise. With one hand holding her leg, and the other on her breast, tweaking her nipple, he slowly pulls himself almost all the way out of her, before sliding his cock in all the way, pressing her roughly against the shower wall. Brooke gasps and whimpers lightly, clawing down John’s back.
“Yes, please,” she gasps, “please fuck me hard baby. God, please..” Grinning, he obliges, roughly sliding his thick cock in and out of her soft, shaven pussy. She claws down his back, whimpering and moaning, as he pistons in and out of her wildly. Grunting, he slows to a near crawl, pulling almost all the way out, before forcing himself as far into Brooke as he can, biting her shoulder lightly, as he starts to fill her with cum. After 10 months of no sex, John was in heaven. His sexy wife, horny and more than willing to please him, at least, for the next 9 nights…
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