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Jessica knows that there's no escape, she can't tell the police, or take Jim to court, she can't tell her brother especially after the last video and she will never ever tell hers sons, she must face the fact that she's doomed to fuck her sons and other family members again and again. Before the weekend starts Jessica tells her sons that she'll be visiting a friend and that she won't be back until midnight, then later calling from a payphone she asks her sons what time she should come over and her son says " Our mom won't be back until midnight so come over now, the address is on the card I gave you ".

Wearing a long thick coat and making sure no one is looking she puts on her mask and knocks on her own appartment door, her oldest son opens the door and says " Come in bitch " she enters her own appartment and her youngest son says " welcome to our home you slutty whore " her oldest son looks at her nylon covered feet in their black platform high heels and he says " take off the coat, we want to see what you wearing under there " she removes her coat and reveals that she's only wearing nylons that stop at her thighs and connect to a black garter belt. Her youngest son says " I bet you can't wait to get our cocks in your mouth, pussy and ass, infact I bet you have been thinking about it all day, am I right whore? " Jessica says " Oh god yes, I was thinking about how you boys fucked me so hard in all my holes and then came inside me again and again and how you boys treated me like a whore verbally and physically ".

Jessica says " What about you boys? I bet you spent the whole day thinking about all the nasty things you wanted to do to me when I got here " her oldest son says " yeah you can say that, infact here's the first thing I wanted to do " leading her into the kitchen he grabs an empty Corona bottle from the kitchen counter then putting his hand on his mothers chest he pushes her against the wall and he places the bottle under his mothers vagina and starts to push it in. Her youngest son laughs and says " Wow that's a pretty good idea, I'm suprised I didn't think of it ", Jessica moans as the bottle enters her pussy and her oldest son says " You like that don't you whore? " She moans and says " Yes I love it, push it in deeper, abuse my pussy " and her older sons starts fucking her with the bottle.

He let's go of the bottle then looks at his brother and says " look at that " and they both watch as their mother stands there with the Corona bottle sticking half way inside her cunt. Her oldest son pulls the bottle out of her pussy and says " Ok buddy now let's see what you had planed for the slut ", her youngest son says " Watch this your going to love this one " he walks into his room and comes back with a dog collar and leesh. He puts the collar around his mothers neck and makes her to get on her knees then he says " Your my little doggy, bark for me dog, bark for your master " Jessica swallows her pride and she barks twice, then her son pulls on her leesh and says " Let's go for a walk " and Jessica crawls where ever her son pulls her. After a while her youngest son says " Good doggy, your a good little dog aren't you?, does the little doggy want a dog bone to chew on? " he takes off all of his clothes and puts his rock hard cock in her mouth and she starts sucking.

Her older son says " You sick bastard, that's a lot better than what I did " then he takes off all of his clothes and he walks towards his mother who starts jerking his rock hard cock while sucking her other sons cock. Jessica stops sucking and says " You boys wanna do something really kinky? " her sons agree and Jessica says " Take me to your mothers bedroom ". In her own bedroom she looks at a picture of herself and says " Wow your mom is so pretty " then she says " Have you boys ever tried role-playing? " her boys say yes and she says " Oh that's good because I love to role-play, I'll pretend to be your pretty, pretty mom and you 2 can be my horny sons who need some sexual relief ".

Her oldest sons says " Oh man that's nasty, your really are a dirty slut aren't you? " and his brother says " Sounds like fun let's do it ". Jessica says " Ok you boys have to call me mommy or mom from now on ". She leaves the room and then knocks on the door and her older son says " Come in mom " she enters the room and says " How are my 2 handsome sons doing today?, I have to ask you boys something and I want you both to be honest ok " they say " No problem mom you can ask us anything " and she says " Do you boys think I should let some hair grow on my pussy or should I keep it shaved? " her sons smile and one of them says " Yes you should let it grow and then trim it so it looks like an arrow pointing to your cunt " her mother says " Such language, I should wash your mouth out with soap young man but I have a better idea " she grabs her sons still rock hard cock and slaps it.

She then gets into doggystyle position on the bed and she says " Mommies back is itchy can 1 of you get behind me and scratch mommies back please? ". Her youngest son gets on the bed behind her and placing the head of his cock at her vagina he pushes it in and starts scratching her back, Jessica moans and says " You boys always know how to make mommy feel better ". She looks at her other son and says " Mommies head itches can you scratch it for mommy? " her other son gets on the bed infront of her and sliding his cock in her mouth he scratches her head.

Her youngest sons says " Do you like that mom? do you like it when I scratch your back? as he keeps fucking her wet pussy and her oldest son says " Yeah mommy do you like it when I scratch your head? she moans as she's fucked by her 2 sons. They get off their mother and one of them says " Do you feel better mommy? " and Jessica smiles and says " Mommy loves you both very much, you always know how to make mommy feel so good now come and give your mom a big hug ". She lays on the bed and one of her sons gets under her and sticks his rock hard cock into her ass while her other son gets inbetween her legs and rams his cock into her pussy and they gangbang her. Jessica moans loudly and says " Oh my big strong boys you really want to make mommy happy? I want you to shoot your loads deep inside my pussy ". Her sons fuck her harder, faster and deeper and both of them scream " YOU LIKE THIS MOMMY? YOU LIKE IT WHEN YOUR SONS FUCK YOU HARD LIKE THIS? " and she screams " YES FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR MOMMY HARD, CUM INSIDE YOUR MOMMY" and she orgasms all over their cocks.

Her sons fuck her until her son moans and screams " I'M CUMMING MOMMY " and he cums deep into her pussy, he pulls it out and his brother pulls his cock out of her ass and shoves it her pussy and after a few hard pumps he screams " I'M CUMMING, I'M GOING TO MAKE MOMMY A MOMMY AGAIN " and he cums into her womb. She sits on her own bed as her 2 sons sperm starts leaking out of her wet cunt and she says " So did you boys like that? did you like fucking your mother " and one of her sons says " Honestly, yeah my cock was harder than it's ever been and I cummed so hard " and her other son says " Yeah me too, I wasn't to sure about it at first but it was amazing ".

Jessica says " Wow I would love to be a fly on the wall if you boys ever saw your real mom naked or in her bra and underwear, I wander what you boys would do? " her older son says " That's nasty but assuming she acted like you then I'd giver a night she would never forget ". Her youngest son says " well she hasn't had sex in such a long time, I'm sure she would love to have some cock " Jessica says " She does, wait,,, I mean I bet she would " . Jessica gets up and says " I have to go now but we definately have to do the mommy and son role-play again " she goes to the bathroom to wipe the sperm from her cunt, then putting on her coat she says " Good bye boys, I'll see you very soon " and she leaves her appartment.

Around midnight she comes back home and says " Mommies home, how are my big strong handsome boys? so what did you boys do while I was gone? " her oldest son says " Not much, just hung around and watched t.v ". Jessica goes to her room to get changed and she comes out in a tiny robe that shows off her long sexy legs and feet and she sits between her 2 sons and says " My back is really itchy can one of you scratch it? " her 2 sons look at eachother and start laughing as her older brother starts scratching her back. Jessica says " What's so funny? " and her youngest son says " Oh it's nothing, we just both remembered a funny story a friend told us ", Jessica says " this stupid robe, my back still itches, then she stand up and takes off her robe revealing a tiny black bra and black thong underwear and she says " could you scratch my back again please? ".

Her 2 sons look at eachother in shock and Jessica says " what's wrong boys? you've seen me in my underwear before, it's not like I'm naked ". Her 2 sons take off their clothes until their both only in their boxers and her oldest son says " Well if your going to get comfortable then so are we " Jessica stares at the obvious erections that both her sons are sporting and she says " Wow you boys look like your really happy to see me or is there screwdriver in both your shorts? ". Her younger son pulls down his boxer and his rock hard cock pops out and he says " Nope, no screwdriver here " then his brother pulls down his shorts revealing his rock hard cock and he says " Same here, no screwdriver just Mr, Happy " Jessica says " Wow I had no idea you boys were so big down there, wait,,, you call your penis Mr Happy? ".

He says " yes and right now Mr Happy is very, very happy " before Jessica can say anything her other son says " Yeah I call mine Mommies big boy and right now he's very, very happy too ". Her oldest son says " what about you mom do you have a name for your parts? " she laughs and says " well it's very silly " she grabs her large breats in her hands and she says " I call these The Man Traps " then she points to her vagina and says " I call this this The Man Eater " then turning around and pointing to her ass wich her thong does not cover she says " I call this The Man Breaker ". She can see that her 2 sons cocks have gotten even harder in their shorts and she sits on the couch and says " Doesn't that hurt you fellas? you know when your really hard but it's trapped in your shorts? ".

Her oldest son says " Yeah it does but it's not like we can just take off our shorts " and she says " Why not? it's not like I've never seen them before, I used to bath you remember? go ahead both of take them off if it's hurting you ". Both her sons look at eachother and they both take off their shorts exposing their rock hard cock and their balls to their mother and she says " Does that feel better? " and they both say at the same time " YES ". Her youngest son feeling really brave looks at his older brother, winks and says " What about you mom? were both naked here so it's only fair that you get naked too " Jessica smiles and says " Oh you boys don't want to see your fat momma naked ". Her oldest son says " Fat? what are you talking about? all my friends at school say your the hottest milf they have ever seen " Jessica smiles, laughs and then says " Wow that's a compliment I think " then she says " Oh ok, what the hell, besides this bra is killing me " and her sons watch as she removes her bra exposing her huge tits and her youngest son says " Wow, they look really familiar ". Jessica says " What do you mean? " her son paniks and says " I mean they look like some breasts we saw on the internet ".

They both stare at their mothers huge tits and their cock are rock hard and pointing right at her, then they both look down at her crotch and one of them says " I bet that thong is pretty uncomfortable too? ". Jessica says " A little but I'm not taking them off " her 2 sons look at eachother then look at her and scream " BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR WERE SHOWING YOU OUR JUNK , IT'S ONLY FAIR THAT YOU SHOW US YOURS ". She looks at her boys, smiles and says " Well that does sound fair " and they watch as she takes off her thong.

Her 2 sons star at her hairless pussy for a long time and she says " Hello boys, Earth to my boys, is everyting ok? " her oldest son swallows hard and says " listen mom do you need anything? a massage, a foot rub " and her youngest son says " A big hug? ". Jessica smiles, laughs and says " Wow why so much heart warming affection all of the sudden? " she then says " Well to be honest I could use a shoulder massage and a foot massage " Her youngest son sits on the couch and says " Come and sit over here mom between my legs, I can massage you you with all 3 arms ". Jessica laughs and sits infront of her son between his legs and feels his rock hard cock rub against her back. Her other son gets on his knees infront of her and grabbing one of her legs he starts massaging her feet, his eyes keepshifting trying to look at her labia.

Jessica eyes are closed and she moans as her 2 naked sons massage her shoulders and feet, her older son slowly seperating her legs getting a good view of her vagina hole while her younger sons cock keeps rubing against her back, his hand sliding up and down her naked body just under her large tits. Jessica says " Thank you boys I feel so much better now, so give momma a great big hug, get some sleep and I'll see you both tomorrow, she stands up and her older son hugs her from the front and she feels his rock hard cock between her legs sliding against her vagina but before she can say anything her younger son hugs her from behind and she feel his rock hard cock slide between her ass cheecks.

She says " Seriously, I don't know how you boys can walk around with those things? it looks like they have minds of their own " she smiles and says " They almost went inside my holes " and she laughs then picking up her bra and thong she puts her tiny robe back on says " Ok boys, goodnight and see you tommorow ". Her 2 sons just stand there starring at her walking away their rock hard cock pulsing and one of them says " Wait mom, do you think it would be cool if we could do this whole naked thing again? " Jessica smiles and says " Sure, I don't see any reason not too ". The 2 boys go to their rooms and one of them says " I was so close, I was almost inside her vagina " and his brother says " Yeah me too, if I had gotten just a bit closer ".

As they lay in their seperate beds thinking about what almost happened the older brother says " is it just me or did her body look exactly like Christinas? " and his brother says " No way, all chicks shave their pussies these days " and then he says " I wander if mom would freak out if we met her tomorrow morning completely naked? " and they both laugh and the other brother says " Only one way to find out ", and they both go to sleep..


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