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(Reading the earlier chapters may be helpful.)

Emily didn’t know what to think. Last week, she discovered her parents’ door left open slightly when they were having sex and was able to turn the dry lessons, stories, and gossip into solid fact.

The next time she watched, she didn’t realize that her brother Justin was still up. He found her in the hallway watching, but instead of freaking out or turning her in, he showed her the holes he had in his wall for watching from the safety of his room.

And while she was watching, Justin gave her a first-hand education about sex. She was quiet and passive during his seduction (molestation?) but really wanted it to happen. Sex was so much better than she ever imagined it would be – much better than when she rubbed herself off at night.

She would die if anyone knew she was fucking her brother, but the sexual awakening in her was so great that she couldn’t hide from her best friend Jill that something had happened. Emily just said that she found her brother watching and he invited her to watch too.

Jill had been just as curious about sex as Emily was. It was probably one of their top conversation topics, even though neither girl knew very much at all. She begged if there was some way she could watch too so she had Justin help sneak her into the house to watch.

But then disaster struck. After Jill left, Emily was so worked up from watching her parents that she started fucking Justin. What she didn’t know is that Jill came back to the house and saw the two of them going at it through the bedroom window.

Now, she’s running down the street, trying to catch her best friend before she can make it home. She has no idea what she’s going to do when she catches up to her. It took her brother’s urging to even chase after her rather than just collapse in an emotional heap on the floor. But he’s not here now.

Emily was running in such a panic, she almost didn’t see Jill. She was sitting on a bench in the corner of the neighborhood playground. Catching her breath, Emily slowly walked over to the bench. “Hi, Jill,” she said tentatively as she sat down on the bench beside her.

Jill glanced up at her friend, but said nothing as she looked down into her lap again. Her long hair concealed her face as she sat silently. Emily also sat in silence as she couldn’t think of what to say. While the silence lingered, Emily heard a soft wimpering sound and realized that Jill was crying.

“What’s wrong?” Emily asked.

“You’re going to hate me now,” Jill replied through her tears.

Among the many possibilities that had gone through Emily’s mind, this was not one of them. “Why would I hate you?”

“Because… Because… Now you’ve got Justin…”

“That’s ridiculous,” Emily replied. “I’m not going to leave you to go hang out at the mall with him.”

“Yeah, but you won’t need me to talk about sex anymore when you can just do it whenever!”

“Don’t be silly. That will just give us more to talk about.”

“Really?” Jill sniffled. “Do you mean it?”

Emily put her hands around Jill and hugged her. “Of course. You’re still my BFF.”

The two shared a close hug for several minutes. Suddenly Jill sat up straight and pointed an accusing finger at Emily. “Why didn’t you tell me! You left me out of all the fun!”

Emily chucked. “Justin did offer, you know. I think I can share him.”

Jill laughed, “Not him. I meant…” Jill looked down and continued quietly. “Can he share you?”


Jill pulled Emily’s hand towards her skirt. “Please,” she asked as she pulled Emily’s hand lower. “Earlier, it felt so good…”

Emily had never considered doing anything sexual with another girl before. She and Jill had practiced kissing of course, and they brought themselves off once during a sleepover. But Emily sensed that her friend needed this right now.

She slid her hand up under Jill’s short skirt tracing a path up her thighs. Emily put her other hand around her friend and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips met at the same time Emily’s fingers found the damp material of Jill’s panties. The dampness was a cold, clammy feeling probably left over from her earlier excitement, but as her fingers traced up and down the outline of Jill’s vagina, the cold dampness was replaced with heated moisture.

The kiss they shared was unique. It did not have the animal passion when Emily was kissing her brother, nor the practiced exploration when she was practicing with Jill earlier. Instead, the kiss was slower, softer, and gentler, but with more of a caring, comforting emotion behind it.

Emily slid her fingers underneath the panties to explore Jill’s vagina directly. Her opening was very hot and very wet. At the first direct contact, Jill’s body twitched in excitement. Her body started undulating against Emily’s hand as it traced around and through her womanhood. Emily knew only what made her feel good, but the language of sex is mostly universal as the same caresses that excited her also brought her friend to higher levels of excitement.

Jill’s participation in the kiss became more and more detached as her attention focused on the orgasm that was building within her. Almost unconsciously, her hand moved up to squeeze her breast to complement the feelings her friend’s caresses were bringing in her.

Her release came like an avalanche. It started slowly, building at the top of her belly, and then grew in a long rumble as the feelings tumbled down to her groin and rebounded through her legs, arms, and head. A long, low moan of satisfaction escaped her lips as the orgasm ran its course through her body.

When it passed, she sat forward and embraced her friend in a big hug. “I love you so much, Emily.” Suddenly conscious that they were on a park bench in the middle of their neighborhood, Jill glanced around at the dark streets around her. “Do you think anyone heard?”

Disengaging from the hug, Emily responded, “I don’t think so. Nobody’s around.” She thought about what just happened and while she was glad to help her friend out emotionally, even sexually, it felt very strange to her. “Um… Jill…” she started. “Do you think you’re a lesbian?”

The dim light made it hard to see, but Emily noticed that Jill flushed red at the thought. “Oh, no! Am I?” Jill asked. “Will you hate me? What will I do?”

“Shhh… calm down,” Emily said. “I won’t hate you. Just think about it. What did you think when you were watching my parents?”

“That was so hot!” Jill replied immediately.

Reassured that she knew the answer, Emily continued. “Imagine yourself making out with someone. Do you picture a guy or a girl?”

Jill pondered then smiled. “Definitely a guy.”

“So you’re probably not a lesbian.” Emily gave her friend another hug. “I’d still be your friend either way – I just don’t love you ‘that way.’”

“Is what we did wrong?”

“Of course not, silly. We can do anything we want! Besides, it isn’t much different than when we practiced kissing.”

Jill smiled devilishly, “Except it felt so much better! You’re so lucky! What’s it like?”

Emily’s eyes got a dreamy expression as she reminisced. “It’s so amazing. When he touches me, the sensations are so strong.”

“Better than when you touch yourself?”

“Oh, yes. I guess it’s like tickling – you can try to tickle yourself but it doesn’t work. It’s only when someone else tickles you that you feel anything. When he touches me, the feeling is so much stronger.”

“And when he fucks you?”

“It’s this incredible feeling of fullness! Like that satisfied feeling when you stuff yourself on a good meal…” Emily paused. “Well, not like that, but you know…” She started giggling. “It’s complicated!”

She pondered something before slowly continuing, “Can I ask something weird?”

“Of course. What are friends for?”

“Well, this is really weird,” Jill explained. “You know when we were watching tonight. It was amazing, but it was dark and a little hard to see. Um…”

Emily’s eyebrows shot up as she realized where her friend was headed. “You want to watch us?”
“Is that weird?”

“Well, a little,” Emily said.

“Sorry,” Jill replied quietly.

Emily shook her head. “Don’t be. It’s just odd having an audience during something like that. Imaging if I was watching you make out with someone.” Emily thought for a moment. “But I think I could do it for you.”

“Really? What about Justin?”

“I’m sure he’ll go along with it. He’s probably hoping he can have you too. Remember, he did offer?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Jill blushed. “I think I just want to watch for now.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep him under control.” Emily winked at her friend,” But he’s available if you want him.”

Jill shook her head again, but then asked, “Is that really okay with you?”

“Only for you,” Emily replied. “Besides, he will always be my special big brother.”

“Thanks,” Jill replied sincerely as they hugged again. “I should get home though. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sure. Later!”

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