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The Moms Club Revisited

John and Zack were sitting in Zack’s room watching a Mom porn flick. “Hey Zack “I’ll bet your mom would look great doing one of these”. “For sure dude but she’s been the most uptight bitch in the world these days”. “Probably need a whole lot of cock”. I’m sure, since my dads never home she does nothing but bitch at me all the time”.
Zack’s mother Jennifer was an olive skin beauty; she was small 5 and 115lbs. She had 34c breasts with large very sensitive nipples. Short blond hair and she wore clothes which accentuated her best assets. When she entered a room John and all his friends were squirming because she gave everyone a hard on.

John dad was a pilot and was gone most of the time so she and John were alone most of the weekends and many nights.

“How about we get her stoned and fucking her”? The idea was good but there were many things to work out. They heard a car in the driveway and saw Jennifer get out.
“Better turn the movie off before she comes in and catches us”. I’m already working on it”.
Jennifer came in the kitchen and yelled for her son and both boys came down. “Get the packages out of the car and bring them in here! One out of here being able to hear Zack turned to John “God what a fucken bitch”. “You are so right”.
Once the packages were in the kitchen Zack left and John headed back to his room. He was watching as Jennifer poured vodka in water glass and took a pain pill out of her bags looked quickly to be sure her son was not watching and swallowed. She went about putting things away and after about 15 minutes started humming softly.

John now had the makings of a plan, he called Zack and laid out how he was going to precede the call ended with “I’ll either call in the morning or send pictures to you later”.

John came down and sat at the table, “You seem in a good mood mom”? “Do I”? “I have no idea why your father is taking the Rome to Tokyo flight”. “The money is great but he’ll be gone over week”.

This would be the ideal time to put the plan into motion. “Zack is coming over after dinner to study with me, ok”? “Yes” John went upstairs and told Zack to stop by Jerome’s before he came over and get five ecstasy’s pills. The first part of the plan was working, now he watched as Jennifer poured another water glass full of Vodka and went about preparing dinner.

All John had to do was to figure out hoe to get the ecstasy into her, with any luck there will be an opportunity soon. As they ate John attempted to make small talk about his day and what she had done. No sooner had they finished the Zack showed up. “Hi Mrs. R how are you”? “Oh hi Zack, you’re looking good”. “Thanks, you ready john”?

They went up to John room and started the second part of the plan. The plan was simple wait about a half hour then go into the den to watch TV with her and offer to get her a drink, then they would see of the X worked.

“Are you ready Zack”? “Let’s get this started John”. The guys went down stairs and there was Jennifer in a chair watching the news. The boys entered the room and sat on the floor. “Zack want a drink”? “Yes please and maybe your mom would like one as well”. “Mom you want something”? “Yes matter of fact I’d like a vodka and cranberry”. “I’m on it”.

In the kitchen John took a crushed X and mixed it in with the vodka and cranberry got two sodas for him and Zack and returned to the TV.

The guys smiled at each other as Jennifer took a large swallow and kept watching TV. Both boys kept exchanging glances to see if the drug was having an effect, and within fifteen minutes or so they both realized she would rub her tit or slip her hand between her legs.

They both got up and headed to the kitchen, “Where you guys going”? Jennifer asked. “The kitchen for a snack” john replied. “Well I was keeping company with two very handsome men and they just left me flat. “No way Mrs. R but well be upstairs studying for a bit then we will back down”.

They grabbed a few brownies and headed for John bedroom but left the door open a crack. It took ten minutes before Jennifer crept upstairs to eavesdrop on the conversation. John nodded to Zack she was at the top of the stairs so they could start the conversation.

“Well Zack how are you doing with the contest”? “Well three moms have given pictures and they are hot but we need at least one more before we decide”. “John what about your mom”? “No she a prude, she would never let us take sexy pictures of her for the contest”. “Well ok but if you asked her, it’s a contest and the winner gets $100 bucks”.

Jennifer got up and made noise as she got to the door knocked and opened it. Smiling she asked “So what are you guys doing, watching porn”? Zack spoke up “Not yet were discussing a contest were having”. “What kind of contest”? “Hot moms posing in underwear in sexy poses contest”. “Really, sounds like fun, John do you think I’ve got what it take to be a hot mom”? “You definitely do, you’ll probably win hands down”. “Why don’t we go to my room and while I shower you guys put an outfit on the bed for me to wear”. “Wait in Johns room with cameras ready and I’ll been in for my photo shoot”.

They headed to her room and she opened a draw and told them get me something and headed to the bathroom wiggling her ass a lot more then she should have. Showered and trim my pubic area, hair and some makeup and they’ll be rock hard when I enter the room. She giggled as she thought if they can see through my panties they’ll realize I’m a brunette. Back in her room she was feeling really horny; the outfit on the bed was a very sexy outfit. They had chosen a pink bra and matching thong with black stockings and heels. Wow not much to the imagination her.

She entered the room and both boys just looked at her with there mouths open. “Is this the desired look”? “Damn right it is”, was John’s response. For the next five minutes they shot pictures of her in very sexy poses. Finally she sat in the chair laughed, “I guess these are jerk off pictures right”? They sure are was Zack’s response.

“Tell me honestly do you guys watch a lot of porn in here”? John smiled at Zack, “Daily mom why”? “Well I like porn perhaps we could watch a video some time”.
“Mrs. R that would be great want to do it now”? “I sure do”.

They got a Mom video on the screen and hit play. Jennifer looked over at they giggling and said, “Hay if I’m in my underwear both of you should be too”. Both boys were down to there shorts quickly. Just about the time the video had the mom sucking two large cocks Jennifer noticed both guys had tents in there boxers.

“Can I ask you two a personal question”? In unison they relied “Yes” “When was the last time you jerked off”? Zack replied first, “Three days ago”, John response was the same. Jennifer smiled, “So you’re both telling me your ball are full to overflowing at this moment”? In unison they replied right! “Would like me to leave so you can relive yourselves”? “Or I can stay and you can relieve yourselves as the on screen they already are”.

Jennifer’s intentions seem clear so John spoke up, “Mom we would love you to stay you can watch and participate if you like”. “We would both love to see your tits if you stay”. “Well that can be arranged “Zack unhook my bra”. As the bra fell away it was apparent she was horny as hell as her nipples were standing straight out. “Wow mom you’re really hot” honey that’s for sure”.

The boys walked over and each one started sucking on a nipple, all she could do was moan with pure pleasure. Zack’s hand moved into her panties and found her clit; he started rubbing it slowly in a circular motion which was driving her crazy. There was a fire starting to burn between her legs. Standing up from the chair she grabbed each boys cock, “First close the door, secondly what happens in this room stays in this room”. Both boys grinned yes was the response. “Now lets go over to johns bed and get comfortable.

Zack looked at her “Mrs. R., she held up a finger in here I’m Jen, got it”! “Yes Jen would you take off your panties for us”? “My pleasure” she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them off. “Now is that better and where were we”.

They started rubbing her clit and sucking her nipples, the fire between her legs was growing, “I would really like a cock now, please”. Zack got between her legs and started rubbing the head of his 7 inch cock on her pussy lips. A guttural moan escaped from her. The head slipped in, “Jen you have a really tight pussy”, thanks honey put it in deeper please”. John climbed up on her chest and put his cock head on her lips, she opened her mouth in went the head and she was sucking hungrily.

Jen knew she was going to climax and took her sons entire cock down her throat as she has a very intense orgasm. Slowly she let it slip out to her lips as her pussy spasms were milking the cock in her intensely. John cock twitched and she knew he was about to cum. The first splash of cum shot so far into her mouth it went down her throat quickly his cock continued to splash cum in her mouth for at least five of six splashes as she swallowed twice to get the load down. Zack was now pounding her tight pussy, John rolled off her completely spent she was pushing her pussy up hard as she could to meet his downward pushing. The fire between her legs was incontrollable. The orgasm would be gigantic, she pulled Zack’s head and shoulder down on her dug her finger into his back, put her mouth in the crook of his neck and felt a wave of lustful pleasure sweep over her. Zack grabbed her ass and gave one deep push and she felt hot cum filling her pussy canal. “Oh yes fuck me baby pump your load in me, yes, yes, yes, she was moaning.

It took several minutes for her breathing to return to normal. “Jen that is one great tight pussy you have there”. “Thank you Zack you have a very nice cock as well”, “For the record my very tight pussy is very wet and sloppy at the moment”.
John smiles,”Mom I’d really be up for sloppy seconds”. Looking over there was her son with a very hard cock. “Ok baby but it’s not going to be a tight for you”. “Not a problem”. John got between her legs his cock slid easily between her pussy lips and he pushed in until there pubic mounds met. Zack climbed on her chest and she kissed the head of his cock before swallowing it. My god there both hard again so soon. John took up a slow deep pumping motion which was causing her to feel the fire building to build between her legs again as she sucked lovingly on the cock that had just given her the best orgasm of her life. They were in no hurry as both boys had drained a good portion of there balls in her so the fucking went on for a good long time.
Zack stiffen and pulled his cock to her lips as the cum started to splash out of his cock, he filled her mouth twice. Looking into his eyes she showed him his second load of cum and swallowed. “All gone she muttered”. John pace was now in high and she grabbed him close to her, “come on baby shot a load in me. They both grunted here orgasm was great and the flow of cum going into her pussy felt beyond belief.

After several moments with there breathing back to normal, she asked them. “Would you guys like to go into my bed, it’s bigger”. All three got up and headed for the master bedroom. As she walked she was making squishing noises from her sloppy pussy. The boys jumped on the bed and at that moment s blob of cum popped out of her. Scooping it up with her finger she placed it on her tongue winked at them and swallowed.

“Come to bed mom” she did.

She woke up the next morning unable to believe what she had done. Both boys were still asleep on either side of her. Shaking the cobwebs out she wondered how many times they fucked me last night. Now what to do? They opened there eyes and she was almost instantly greeted but two hard cocks.

“Jen how about a good morning blow job”? For an instant she was infuriated but realized this was the cock that had given her the best orgasm of her life, she wasn’t prepared to loose it. “If that’s what my guys need I’m up for it”, “I just hope cum isn’t fattening”.

She was in the kitchen making coffee when they came down dressed for school. “I hope you have a good day guys”. We’ll try was a unified response. They headed for the door. “Zack honey would you please come home with John to study”? “You want me too”? “Very much”. “Then I’ll see you this afternoon Jen”.

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2016-12-19 15:25:47
write more stories of moms cludb 2 and 3

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2016-09-22 17:16:19
write more mom into the story zack mom other kids moms

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2016-09-14 12:59:50
I like it very much but you must continue the story tell us of the other moms

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2011-10-28 09:31:34
Had to stop reading cos it sounded like the author speaks in pigeon English. I liked where it was going though

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2011-10-09 12:52:17
Not a bad effort. Some grammar problems but a reading before posting will solve that. Even though she was drugged the sex was too quick and too short. More deions please. I'm sure part two will be much better.

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