what happens when you allow someone to gain control
The next day, as Cici and I were walking back from the bus stop I decided to share my secret with her.
"I found out my mom has a vibrator, too." I told her.
"Really?" she said, "did you use it?
"Uh huh," I smiled.
"And?" she asked.
"I don't know how you could feel nothing, Cici. It was better than anything. Even better than when I used my hand the other day." I said.
Cici looked disappointed.
"You are doing something wrong." I added.
She again said nothing but hung her head.
"Would you show me?" She asked not looking at me.
"I don't know if I could do that in front of you," I said.
"But I'm your best friend," she said.
"You think you could do that in front of me?" I asked.
"Sure," she said, "I think so," shd added.
"Okay, when?" I asked.
"What about now?" She smiled.
"Okay," I said.
When we got to my house she followed me into my parents bedroom and stood behind me when I opened the drawer that held the toys.
"Wow," she yipped when she saw the large supply of goodies.
"You used all of those?" she said, with her mouth wide open.
"Nope," I said, "Just this one." I held up the white vibrator.
"What's this thing do?" she asked, pointing to the one with a small and large thing sticking out from it.
I shrugged.
"Can we try that one?" She asked.
"We can try them all," I said as I pulled them out and we carried them to my room.
Once inside the room we played with each one, trying to figure out how to turn them on. Cici wasn't shy at all and she was fascinated with the one with two things sticking out from it. Without hesitation she pulled her white cotton panties down and started moving the humming object over her hairless mound.
"Mmmmm," she said with her eyes closed. It feels so good. Then she opened her eyes.
"But what's this little thing for?" She asked.
"Maybe you turn it around," I said.
She turned it around and the little protrusion snuck up between her little white ass cheeks.
"You think?" she asked. Then smiled as the little humming object squirmed between her ass cheeks.
"I think you are right," she smiled. This feels really weird, but kind good."
I was fascinated at watching her as she slowly laid downo n the bed and spread her legs. The larger pink protrusion hummed loudly as she moved it around her little pussy lips which glisted in the light. The smaller protrusion was moving like a worm against her puckered anus like a worm trying to find it's way into a hole.
I watched as she closed her eyes tightly and continued to manipulate the larger protrustion over her pussy lips. I waited to see if the little worm was going to find her other little hole and as her gyrations became more rapid and her breathing got heavier the little worm stuck it's head into her back hole.
"Oh my God," she yelled, opening her eyes wide open.
"Does it hurt?" I asked.
"Oh no," she said, pushing it in a little further. Her body froze as the larger protrusion slipped an inch between her pussy lips.
She stared at the ceiling wide eyed and for a second I thought she was dead as she did not move. The little worm was now buried it's full length, which was about 3 inches, up her butt. The larger protrusion was between her pussy lips which were slowly oozing juices down the slended humming machine.
Her hips moved faster and her breath was coming in gasps and suddenly she bit her lip and I saw her body tremble as she stifled a scream and pushed the vibrator into her a fraction of an inch more.
I could feel my own juices running down my leg as I watch this performance and I decided if she could be so bold I could also. I picked up my little white friend and turned the bottom of it to turn it on. I looked at Cici again and her eyes were still tightly closed and she had a very peaceful look on her face.
I didnt want to disturb her so I pulled my pink panties down and slipped them off. I laid down on the floor and started to move my white humming friend slowly over my outter pussy lips. That familiar feeling returned as the tip of the toy danced over my hairless nub. I opened one eye and looked up to see Cici's spread legs hanging off the sides of the bed. The two headed monster that had just satisfied her was glistening with her juices and lay humming on the bed between her spread legs. I stared at her wet pussy lips as I manipulated the white vibrator over my nub. The added stimulus of looking at her naked pussy that I had just watch get masturbated made my trip to orgasmland that much quicker. When I started to whimper and thrust my hips harder into the air, while rubbing the vibrator faster across my pussy lips, I saw Cici sit up on the bed with lust in her eyes. We made eye contact just as I was having an orgasm but I could not keep my eyes open as the pleasure was too intense. I collapsed on the floor and dropped my white friend which danced around on the floor sounding that much louder. Cici slid off the bed and took the vibrator from my hand and twisted the knob to turn it off. As she did, her hand brushed against my sopping pussy lips which sent an electric shock through my body. I glanced up at her and she was smiling down at me. I didn't know if her touch was an accident or not but I was surprised at my body's reaction.
"That was unbelievable," she said.
I only had the energy to nod my head.
"I could do it again," she smiled.
I smiled back at her.
"You know what might be fun?" she said with a twinkle in her eye.
I shrugged.
"Maybe you could use one of these on me and then I could use one of them on you." She said.
"You don't think that's a little bit lesbian?" I asked.
I could tell from her expression that she didn't know what I meant and that made me feel a little superior to her. I had read in one of my mom's Cosmopolitan magazines about lesbians.
"That's when girls have sex with other girls." I said.
"Oh," she said.
"So you think it would be wrong?" she continued.
I shrugged again.
"I won't tell if you don't," I said.
"You want to do me first or me you first?" she smiled.
"I'll do you first," I said. I didn't want her to know how much I enjoyed watching her masturbate herself and I could hardly wait to start using one of these toys on her.
"Which one do you want me to use?" I asked.
"Oh, the one I just used," she said as she grabbed it. "That was the most incredible feeling. You have to try it."
I picked up the dual headed boy and turned it on. Almost as if it was a signal, Cici pulled herself up onto the bed and her little pussy was staring me right in the face. She spread her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest. I was amazed at how bold Cici was and it made me tingle between my legs. I slowly moved the humming toy over her pussy lips and it slid easily between her pussy lips because she was so wet. She lifted her hips and spread her legs a little more. At the same time she pulled her ass cheeks apart to allow the little 3 inch worm that was pushing at between her cheeks, to have access to her little anus. The juices were leaking down between her cheeks and it made it easier for the little worm to slowly slip into her anus. I was hyponotized by the sight before me and watched as she thrusted her hips toward my face as I moved both heads of the vibrator into her. I took care to not push the larger head too far into her pussy as I knew that she would experience the same sharp pain that I had experienced the previous day.
The little worm was buried it's full 3 inches into her anus and I twisted it back and forth from side to side as my face moved closer to her pussy lips to get a closer view of the larger head as it penetrated an inch or two into her pussy. The juices flowed from her gyrating pussy and I could tell by her movements that she was very close to having an orgasm but couldn't quite get there.
She was whimpering and tossing her head from side to side and I tried to get the larger head of the vibrator to move up to her little nub because I knew that would be enough to send her over the top and have an orgasm. But the little worm was embedded so far up her anus and Cici had such a grip on it with her anus that I could not manipulate the larger head up to her nub.
Without thinking I took the thumb of my other hand and rubbed it across her little nub. She opened her eyes and stared at me through glazed eyeballs as I slowly manipulated my thumb over her slippery little nub.
"Aiiiiiiiiii" she screamed and grasmed my hand tightly against her pussy.
I knew that she had had an orgasm greater than the one she had experienced earlier and that made me feel good.
When I was done, I was hotter than I had been when Tony had kissed me at the movies. I was hotter then the first time I masturbated thinking of Tony. I slid back down on the floor and took the double headed toy that I had just used on Cici and started rubbing it on my pussy lips. The fact that Cici's juices were still coated on the boy made me that much more excited. I slipped the little anal worm up my anus slowly as the larger head rubbed against my pussy lips.
"Cici is right," I thought, "This is an incredible feeling".
The worm made it's way up my anus and I spread my legs further.
I felt hands pulling mine away.
"Let me do that," Cici said as she took the toy from my hands and pushed it further into my ass. I closed my eyes and concentrated on what Cici was doing. She rubbed the larger head over my pussy lips and I opened my legs to allow the little worm to slip out of my ass a bit so she could manipulate the larger head over my little nub. Something I couldn't do to her before because she had clenched the little worm tightly with her ass muscles and not allowed me to get to her little nub with the larger head.
Cici understood and slowly moved the larger head over my little nub. The little worm slipped out of my anus once and I felt her cool hand reach down and insert it back into my anus. The sensation of having her cool finger touching my anus caused sparks in my brain and I felt the first wave of orgasm hit me. I then felt her slender tongue on my little nub alongside the vibrating head and that sent the second wave of orgasm through me. I looked down and saw her little head up against my pussy and that sent the third wave of orgasm through me. I don't know if it was one orgasm or three, it felt like a 20 foot wave that I would surf out of and back into and back out of again. I fell asleep or passed out. I don't know which.

* * * * *


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very very good great description enought story just very good


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That was good. When does part 3 come out


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