A big sis shows her pissed off little brother how much she loves him
Authors Note* I noticed some…actually a lot of you were not really happy with the ending. Someone said “You don’t just kill off main characters.” That’s true but that’s what makes my story so unique. And the ending was dark because it was original. I didn’t get the Nickname Psychopath because I was sane. Lol my teachers say my writings are *Disturbing* and *Edgar Allen Poe Like* I take some pride in that. Anyway Im starting 3 new series. 1 is called Only a Sisters Love. Another is called Dad Caught another One. And the last one is called Sold.




*Beep Beep Beep* my annoying alarm clock set off at 7 a.m. like it always did. It ment time for another day in school. Not that I minded it. I got good grades and had a girlfriend to make things interesting and a best friend to joke with during class. I mean I guess I was considered the class nerd but it wasn’t by choice. I studied my ass off just to graduate and slack off. I had to dress appropriate and watch my tongue and be polite and ace every fucking test IT DROVE ME CRAZY! But at least when I graduate I can drink and party and do all the shit I should have done in High school.

Anyway. I got out of bed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes and looked at my room. White walls clean floor computer desk with homework finished. I got up and stripped out of my Pajama bottoms and black wife beater. I opened my closet throwing my dirty clothes in the hamper and grabbing a blue button down shirt and black jeans. I hated the fact that I was so clean. But I had to be. I had to be my parents “Wet Dream” as John Bender from the Breakfast club had put it. I don’t know why. I guess there had to be the black sheep and the perfect child. My sister was the black sheep so I went with the perfect child. I didn’t care but it came with some perks. Anyway. After putting on some new boxers and my pants and shirt and socks and shoes I smiled looking at myself in the mirror. God I hated myself. Just a big fucking act for the world to see. I was going to explode soon. I just know it. But what I didn’t know was when it was going to happen.
I walked out of my room and walked down the hall knocking on the bathroom door. “Im in here.” I heard my sister say. “Let me in how long have you been in the bathroom? A few days?” I asked. “Fuck off Mark!!!” was her reply. Her voice reminded me of Freddy Krueger’s claws on a chalk board. I was a major horror movie fan. I gave up trying to use the bathroom. I walked back down the hall looking at my sister’s room. Black walls. Posters and art she drew. She was dark. Her art was about death and despair. Piles of clothes all around the room. Dirty bed and music blaring. I think it was Nirvana. I envied my sister. She went through life not caring. She didn’t think of the future probably because she didn’t think she would be around in the future or what. “Out of my way squirt.” She said shoving me aside sailing me into the floor as she walked into her room and closed the door. I got up and brushed myself off thinking it wasn’t always like this. I remember when I was 5 and she was 7 we use to be inseparable. She was really an awesome sister. But we grew up she started to hang out with a different crowd and I was lucky if I made one friend. I lost my sister and gained an enemy at home. I walked back into my room grabbing my watch looking at myself in the mirror one more time. Brown shaved hair and brown eyes. For 16 I wasn’t built. I was skinny but I could always get by on that if need be. My sister however was way different than I was. I don’t think she owned an article of clothing that wasn’t black. She always wore short Black skirts or Tripp Pants and either a black top or a black tank top with a fishnet top over it. Her hair was a mixture of Black and red and she wore green contacts all the time. If there wasn’t baby pictures of her around the house than I wouldn’t even remember her natural eye color. I checked the clock. 8 a.m. School started in 30 minutes. I went downstairs into the kitchen where mom and dad where eating breakfast. “Morning sport.” My dad said patting me on the back and drinking coffee. “How’d you sleep?” My mom asked. “Ok I guess.” I said grabbing an apple from the fridge and taking a bite into it. “Morning.” My sister Liz said as she walked into the kitchen. “Morning.” My dad grumbled as he stuck his head into the newspaper. “What is that on your lip?” My mom asked. “Snake bites, Cool huh?” Liz said smiling. Jesus I think that makes her thousandth piercing. She had two on each eye brow. A hope in her left nostril. A piercing in the middle of her lip and now snake bites. Plus her ears pierced. Two industrial piercings and her belly button. I think those are all her piercings. I dunno if she got any more. “No, you’re wrecking your body.” Mom protested. “Well if I take em out now my lip will get infected than it will cost money for the hospital and everything else. Might as well let me keep em.” Liz said with a smile as if she won. “So what are you doing today sport?” My dad asked. “School and maybe hanging with Maria after school.” I said smiling. “The Golden child does that every day.” Liz said with a snarl. I hated being called the poster child. “Leave your brother alone.” Dad snapped. “At least he has a plan in life.” Dad defended me. “I have a plan in life.” Liz snapped back. “Im going to be a tattoo and piercing artist.” “Ugh you and your dreams.” Mom said getting up to clear the table. My family wasn’t the richest but we weren’t poor. Dad was a business manager and mom was a high school teacher who teaches a town over. “Want a ride to school guys?” Dad offered. “Sure.” I said not caring. “I’ll get a ride from Taylor.” Liz said grabbing her keys and walking out of the door. She was wearing Black Tripp pants some Black boots that made her taller and a Columbine like trench coat with a black shirt. She was Goth all the way. I sorta wanted to dress like that but why fuck up this world although painful it works for me. “Come on.” Dad said grabbing the keys.

We walked outside to see a black car pull out of our drive way blaring some metal music. Yup it was Taylor’s car. Dad drove me to school and I got into my home room in seconds flat. Im a junior and my sister is a senior but because she failed Bio we have the same science class. First period rang and I was on my way walking to my class when a felt a tap on my shoulder. “Hey babe.” I heard someone say. Turning around I say Maria. My amazing girlfriend of a year. She was the definition of Amazing. She was a little short 5’3. Freckles and red hair but red short hair. She was always smiling and we loved each other so much. “Hey babe.” I said smiling and kissing her on the lips quickly. “I missed you yesterday.” She said in a fake pout. “I know im sorry but dad needed my help.” I said but was cut off to finish. “You so nice. Sometimes too nice.” Maria said in a serious tone. “Well it’s better than nothing.” I said with a laugh as she playfully pushed me into the wall and got up on her tip toes pressing her lips against mine. Kissing her always gave me a light warm feeling. “So are we on for today?” I asked. “Oh babe I have to tutor Zack in Bio.” She said looking afraid that I might get mad. I was mad but I wasn’t going to show it. Instead I just laughed. “Man Zack really sucks in Bio.” We laughed and went our separate ways. School was boring. Just more hazing from the jocks more gawking from the preps and Populars and getting rejected…from the Rejects. The fucks up with that? The Goths, Emo’s, Punks, Outcasts, And Rejects rejected me. I was the only kid in school who wasn’t welcomed at all. Shit even the racist in our school had their own little clique. Anyway lunch ended and it was time for the final period of the day Bio. I entered class 10 medium sized table that fit 2 to a table. We were all assigned seats. My best friend Zack and Maria sat behind me. So it made Bio kinda fun. But Liz sat next to me which sucked. The Ying to my Yang. Whatever. Zack noticed me when I walked in and smiled at me. “What’s up man?” He asked. “Nothing just going through this day on auto pilot.” I said laughing. “Hey sorry about today. I didn’t know you had plans with Maria, but I need to pass Bio bad or else I repeat the 11th grade. I’ll make it quick so you two can hang out.” He said smiling at me. I appreciated that. I took off my hoodie and sat down in front of him as class started. Liz came in late…again. She sat next to me as Mr. Roberts passed out our pop quiz. I was done in 5 minutes. I think I was the second one to finish. Liz was having trouble so I tried to help out. “Number 9 is C.” I whispered. “Fuck you I can do this.” She hissed at me. My sister was a bitch. I just sat there day dreaming of whatever came into my head. I kinda wanted Leatherface to come in and just mutilate my science teacher.

The bell rang as everyone was packing their stuff. “Ok Everyone Homework is pages 159 and 160 in the text book do questions 1-6. Zack Collins and Maria Buckley you two are staying here for tutoring.” Mr. Roberts said looking down reading the paper in front of him. “I have a meeting to go to. Have Zack do his homework and when it’s done leave it on my desk and you two can leave.” They both nodded. I walked out of the class and into the hall. “I hope I passed.” I said to myself. “Of course you do. God why does it matter? I bet you get a hard on every time you get an A don’t you?” I heard Liz behind me comment before she shoulder bumped past me. Just more shit I had to deal with. I didn’t even care if I passed or not. I didn’t care at all. All part of this half assed act I was forced to play to please everyone. I walked out of the school watching all the kids gather in groups talking to their friends making plans and waiting to get picked up from school. The day was nice so I decided to walk home. But a breeze reminded me that I left my hoodie upstairs in Science. I walked back into the building and walked up to the third floor. I walked down the hall to the science lab and crept in to grab my hoodie but something was weird. Maria wasn’t there. Zack was there with his head back breathing heavy. I figured he was hyperventilating or something so I was going to grab my hoodie and leave until I heard a gagging noise. It peaked my interest. I walked silently forward behind Zack and peered over to see Maria…My Maria with Zack's dick in her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down like she loved it.

“What the hell?” I said out loud making Zack snap his eyes open and jump up zippering up his pants. “Mark!” He said in surprise. “What the Hell?” I repeated. “It’s not what it looks like.” Zack said panicking. “I can explain.” Maria said wiping her mouth knowing she was caught. The room got quiet and if you listened closely…very very closely you could hear something inside of me. I don’t know what it was…But it snapped. Something inside of me snapped. I looked at them both. I turned around, grabbed my hoodie and walked home. I was quiet the whole way there. I didn’t say a word. I just walked quietly hearing the leafs crunch under my shoes and letting the hatred and everything else bottled up rush into my body and fill me to the brink. I walked into the house to find Liz in the living room watching TV. “Note for you in the Kitchen Retard.” She said not turning around. I walked into the kitchen and red the note. Holding it in my trembling hands. “Hey Sport, I had to go away for an emergency business meeting. I’ll be gone for a little over a week and remember your mom is doing that Natures retreat with her class and will be gone for around 3 to 5 days. You’re the man of the house until I get back.” I crumbled the note and left it on the kitchen table. I walked upstairs while my sister was on the phone talking about some guy she would “Totally Fuck” I walked in my room and sat on the bed. I sat there for a little over an hour just taking everything in. My girlfriend of over a year cheated on me with my best friend. My sister treats me like shit. And I hate…HATE my fucking life.

I got off of my bed and walked up to my full mirror. I stared at myself for a little. I was disgusted with the image of myself. I cocked my head back and slammed it full force into the mirror as shards of glass flew everywhere and fell on the floor. I checked my head for blood and there wasn’t any. I threw my computer against the wall and started to punch and kick and throw my desk until was all over my room. I picked up my mattress and grabbed Liz’s pocket knife and started to stab and shred apart my mattress wishing it was Zack or Maria or one of those jocks that fucked with me or one of those girls who mocked me when I did nothing wrong. After I had shredded up my mattress I lied down on the floor catching my breath. I heard the door knob turn but I was too lazy and tried to turn my head to look. “Whoa what happened here?” I heard Liz ask with a laugh. I didn’t say anything. “Little shit what happened…I better not get blamed for this. If I do I’ll fucking slaughter you.” She said as she slammed the door. That right there fueled my fire. I got up off the floor and walked out of my room. I cocked my foot back and slammed it right into Liz’s door causing it open and smash against the wall. “What are you doing!?” She screamed. “FUCK YOU!” I yelled getting in her face. “Excuse me?” She said on her bed acting as if she didn’t hear me. “YOU HEARD ME YOU BITCH I SAID FUCK YOU!!! WANNA HEAR IT AGAIN? FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCK YOU!!!” I don’t know how long it took for her to process what I said but when it did her face grew red. “Listen you” She started but I cut in “NO YOU LISTEN YOU WANNA TREAT ME LIKE SHIT? YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD FUCKING REASON!!! YOU TREAT ME LIKE SHIT YOU STEP ON ME AND INSULT ME USING ME AS A LITTLE JOKE FOR YOUR FRIENDS WELL FUCK YOU!!! YOUR NOT EVEN MY SISTER TO ME YOUR JUST SOME CUNT WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR FROM ME!!! YOU’RE NOT MY SISTER!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I quieted down and looked at her. She was silent and listened. “When the last time you I talked without fighting? Or hung out? Oh here’s a good one whens the last time we even said I love you?” I asked. Dumb question I know. “You don’t remember do you?” I asked. “Neither do I. Fuck you Elizabeth.” I said as I walked out the door and back into my room. I shut the door and lied down on the ground grabbing my pillow and blanket and sleeping on the floor.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* my alarm clock buzzed. I got up off the floor unplugged my alarm clock and threw it against the wall. I walked to my curtains and drew them so no sun could shine in. I walked back to my blanket and crawled back in it trying to go back to sleep. About 30 minutes into my sleep the door creaked open and I heard a quiet voice “School.” I heard Liz say. “I’ll go whenever.” I said drifting back to sleep as the door closed. I woke up feeling refreshed as I checked my cell phone. 2:00 P.M I decided it was time to go to school. I picked up a big shard of glass and looked at myself. Dirty hair and dirty clothes I wore yesterday. Eh good enough. I walked to school feeling like I was on auto pilot. I walked into the building ignoring the security guards request that I go to the dean’s office. I walked up to Bio class and opened the door. The students looked back at me giving me the weird look like “what the fuck happened to him?” Liz looked at me worried and so didn’t Maria and Zack. I walked to my seat. “You’re late.” Mr. Roberts said. “So What? At least I showed up.” I said putting my head down. Mr. Roberts decided to continue his lesson instead of dealing with me. “Hey…Mark.” I heard Zack say. I turned around to face him. “Shut…The…Fuck…Up.” I said looking forward. Liz looked at me with a worried look on her face. She put her hand on my shoulder. “Mark.” She started as I shook her hand off of me. “Don’t touch me.” I said looking forward. “Mark Please.” Maria said. I turned around. “Next time one of you says something to me Im going to kill Zack.” I said looking forward. My blood was boiling in my veins and my fist tightened. The veins in my neck stood out and all I could see was red. “What happened?” I heard Liz ask. “Close Enough.” I decided out loud. As I stood up and turned around throwing my fist hitting Zack in the mouth knocking him to the floor. I got on top of him as all the kids in the class formed a circle to see what was happening. “FUCK YOU ZACK!!! IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT A FRIEND!!!” I yelled grabbing by his shirt and furiously throwing right hooks into his mouth and face. He kept trying to squirm free but that only got me angrier. “YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD FUCK ME OVER LIKE THAT NOT ON YOUR FUCKING LIFE!!!” I yelled. Mr. Roberts finally broke through the crowd and got me in a choke hold and dragged me away as I was yelling at Maria. “THERES THE GUY YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH!!! LOOK AT HIM NOW!!! DOES HE LOOK ATTRACTIVE WITH BLOOD POURING OUT OF HIM!!!?” I yelled.

Mr. Roberts dragged me into the hallway. I broke free and walked out of school. I walked home with blood drying on my fist and a smile on my face. I got home and dragged my mattress and flipped it upside down. I fell on it and closed my eyes.

“Wake Up.” I heard Liz say as I opened my eyes. “Catch.” She said tossing a video camera at me. “What’s this?” I asked. “Just press play.” She instructed. I pressed play and nothing came on at first. But after a few seconds I saw a girl get thrown into the frame and my sister running kicking the girl in the stomach. “THAT’S MY BROTHER!!! YOU DON’T EVER FUCK OVER MY BROTHER YOU LITTLE CUNT!” I looked up from the camera. “You fucked up Maria?” I asked in disbelief. “Just a little piece offering.” She said with a smile. She sat down next to me and decided to just talk. “Listen I know I haven’t been the best sister in the world…and Im sorry about that.” She said looking at me with a weak smile. “Ya why is that?” I asked. “Truth?” “Truth?” I replied. “Ive been jealous. You’re the poster child. I mean you get good grades your mom and dad’s favorite. You get to use the car you get the best shit. It sucks because you’re always in the light. Im 18 and the only time I get attention is when mom or dad needs to bail me out of jail.” She said with a chuckle. “I hope you know it sucks. I mean I don’t enjoy this. I hate this…I hate everything about this. Im jealous of you, I mean you act like you don’t give a shit. You do what you want dress how you want and act how you want. I wanna do that.” I said laughing. Liz chuckled and looked at me. “Ahhh you know I love you little brother.” She said smiling and hugging me. I hugged her back.

“So what did you see in her?” Liz asked. “See in who?” I asked. “Maria.” Liz replied. “She was cool and she had big tits.” I said with a chuckle. I looked at Liz and noticed her. Dark green eye shadow dark green lipstick liquid paper white skin blue and black hair. Black and blue Tripp pants and a small black shirt that stretched over her boobs. They were real big. Maybe DD’s or D’s….Wait….this is my sister what am I saying. “So Big boobs are enough to turn you on?” She asked with a laugh. “Im a guy what can I say.” I said laughing. “I mean was she really your type?” Liz asked. “I guess. I mean she wasn’t a prep.” I said chuckling. “You guess? Ok so if she wasn’t really your type and preps aren’t than what is?” Liz asked. “Well I like Goths and emo’s.” I said truthfully. “Ahhh Little brother has a dark side.” My sister said laughing. She got up and was walking out the door when she looked back. “Wanna beer?” She asked. “Sure.” I answered. She came back a few minutes later with a 18 pack of Budweiser and set it down cracking a beer for me and her. We sat drank and talked for a while it was honestly nice to catch up with my sister. After about 6 beers for me (im a light weight.) And after 9 beers for her I started feeling a little drunk. We started to laugh a lot and things got real funny.

I don’t know how late it was but it was pitch black but the light was on in my room and music was playing. I kept staring at my sister as she talked. She was actually really beautiful. Pale with green eye liner and lip stick. Her nice tits where about a foot away from my face. “Uhh My eyes are up here.” Liz said taking chugging her beer. “Oh..I-Im sorry.” I said apologetically. “Little bro why where you staring at my tits?” Liz asked looking serious. Her words didn’t sound lightly slurred anymore. They sounded on key. “What?” I asked. “Why where you staring at my tits.” She asked almost demanded. “I dunno.” I said drunkenly putting my head down like a little 3 year old that just got yelled at. “Mark do you like your sister?” She asked giggling a little finishing her beer and getting close to me. “I-I guess sorry.” I said “Why are you sorry?” She asked putting her arm around me. “Your my sister I guess that’s a big deal.” I said hiccupping. “Ah little bro little bro little BRO!” She said tightening her arm around me. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to be more like me?” She asked. “Ya.” I replied. “Then the first thing you need to think is…Fuck everything. Make your own rules. You decide what’s right and what’s wrong. For example. I pretended to be drunk to get to relate to you a little more.” She said grinning. “Y-you where pretending?” I asked. “Please it takes more than 9 beers to get me drunk. And another thing.” She said getting real close to my face. “You need to just take what you want.” She said with a certain look in her eyes.

I don’t know if it was because I was drunk or because she was close to my face but I grabbed the back of her head and pressed my lips to hers. She took my hand off her head and broke the kiss looking at me. I panicked. “Im sorry I did-“ She shushed me and looked at me. “Im older…I take control.” She said before grabbing the back of my head and pressing her lips to mine kissing me deeply. I didn’t get that warm feeling that I did kissing Maria…I got this cold feeling sort of dark. I put my hand on her cheek and slid my tongue in her mouth. Our tongues danced and she lightly pushed me on the bed getting on top of me. I grabbed her by her waist pulling her into me. She broke the kiss biting my lip lightly and smiling. “Im going to show you the love only a sister like me can give you.” She said kissing me again on the lips and sitting up still pinning me on my ripped up mattress. She took off her black shirt and tosses it across the room. I stared up at her in a black studded bra as her short black and red hair got in her eyes. “You like em?” She asked grabbing her boobs through her bra. “Ya I d-do.” I said smiling she unhooked her bra and shook it off showing me how big natural tits. She grabbed them squeezing them in her hands. Staring at my sisters boobs got me hard and she felt it. “Ohhh a little stiff now are we?” She asked smiling. “Can you blame me?” I responded. Grabbing her ass through her Tripp pants. She bent forward bringing her tits to my mouth. I notices little spikes going through them and it only got me harder as I took one of her nipples in my mouth and grabbed the other one with my hand. Her tits where soft, squishy but they didn’t sag they stood up. I bit her nipple lightly making her close her eyes and coo in pleasure. She got up lightly and unzipped her Tripp pants pulling them down and kicking them off. She stood in front of me with black panties on and her Goth boots. The tent in my pants was obviously noticeable.

“You got to see me now let me see you.” She said reaching forward and grabbing the head of my dick in my pants making me moan loudly. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down and took off my boxers and out stood my 7 inch erection. “Ohhh Little Bro isn’t so little now is he?” She asked stroking my dick. Her soft hand and black nails where so amazing on my dick. “Are you a virgin?” She asked. “….” I didn’t respond. “It’s ok to tell me.” She said bending down and kissing the head of my dick lightly. “Y-Ya Im a virgin.” I said embarrassed. “Well I’d be glad to be the first girl you fuck. Keeping it in the family is always a good thing.” She said as she got on her knees between my legs brushing my dick with her tits which just added more pleasure to the evening. She stroked my dick with one hand while the other hand was busy. I didn’t see what she was doing then she threw her panties at me. “Smell these.” They will make this so much better.” She said as she bent her head down and lightly traced her tongue around my balls and up my shaft circling her tongue around my head. “Ahhh” I moaned and slowly pressed her panties to my nose and took a breath in. Her pussy smelled pretty good. And she was right it got my dick harder and harder. “Look at me little bro.” She said as I focused my eyes on her. Her mouth was hovering over my cock her hot breath breathing on my head. She locked her eyes with mine and slowly sank her mouth on the head of my cock. Her tongue circled around the head as she took inch after inch into her mouth until her nose met my pubic bone. Her tongue licked the underside of my dick and started to tighten her lips around my dick. As she started to bob her head up and down my dick. I put my hand on the back of her head making her go a little faster. I pushed her head all the way down and humped my dick up into her throat making her gag until she shot her head up for some air. Little strings of saliva where connected between my dick and her mouth she stroked my dick with one hand and tweaked her nipple with the other hand catching her breath and laughing. “A little anxious are we little brother.” She said smiling.

She stood up showing me her shaven pussy with a ring through the clit. I wanted Liz and I wanted her bad. She got up and crawled on the mattress crawling to me and kissing me on the lips snaking her tongue into my mouth. Her boobs where resting on the top of my head and she broke the kiss. She leaned forward and kissed my chin than my neck. She crawled on top of me kissing all the way back to my dick and her pussy was in my face. “Eat me little brother.” She said as she put her mouth back on my cock. I stuck my tongue out unsure of what to do. I gave a tentative lick up and down the slit making my sister moan which sent vibrations up my cock into my spine. She tasted good. I gave another lick and another. She tasted good. I licked her clit which got a big moan out of her. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started to lick an sick it “Ugh More.” She moaned as my dick popped outta her mouth. I sucked my index finger and middle finger into my mouth getting them coated in saliva and inserted them into her pussy as I went back to licking her clit. “Ugh Ya Lil bro.” She moaned. She rose up and started to ride my face grinding her pussy into my mouth. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her. “Ugh fucked this. Stick your dick in me little bro.” She said getting up and turning around positioning her pussy at the head of my cock. “Your gunna LOVE this.” She said before leaning down and kissing me shoving her tongue back into my mouth as she lowered herself onto my dick shoving all my cock into her tight twat. Her hot wet tight cunt was so amazing.

“AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!” I broke the kiss and moaned out loud. She started to ride me. Rise up and down on my dick occasionally rocking herself back and forth on my dick. I grabbed her hips and started to thrust in her. It seemed the deeper I went into her the tighter and hotter she became. I wanted to go all into her. “FUCK ME LITTLE BRO!!!” She screamed as I kept thrusting Even thought she was the same height as me I had like twenty pounds over her. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. I got between her legs. Liz grabbed my dick and guided it into her sopping wet hole. I thrusted back into her rising her ass up just a little higher to get more of my cock into her. “God it’s so tight!” I said in between breaths. “Y-You wanna feel tight?” she asked. “He-Hell Ya.” I said. She cocked her left leg back and drove her boot into my chest knocking me to the floor and knocking the wind out of me. “I’ll be right back.” She said smiling jumping up and down a little causing her big boobs to bounce. As she was walking away I noticed her pussy juice dripping down her leg. Liz came back into the room a few minutes later with a bottle in her hand. She squirted some clear gel into her hand and rubbed my cock up and down. It started to warm a little. “Now don’t get freaked out.” She said with a smile. “It will feel amazing trust me.” She said before hovering over me and squatting down. At first I thought she was going to let me back into her pussy but she shifted her position and I felt the head of my dick at the entrance of her ass. “Are you sure about this?” I asked. “Relax. Trust big sis.” She started. “One…two…three.” Was the last thing she said before sinking down and shoving my hard cock into her tight asshole. It was by far the best feeling in the world. After a few seconds Liz’s ass connected with my pelvis. We sat there for a few seconds. I felt her ass mold onto my dick. “Ready?” She asked. “Ready.” I said. She started to rise up and down as my slick greasy dick slid in and out of her. Liz started to shake her ass up and down my dick. It felt amazing. Liz kept moaning and groaning her hands where pinching and pulling her nipples. I grabbed her hips and started to thrust up into her tight asshole. One hand grabbed onto her hip and I shoved three fingers into her tight pussy pumping in and out of her making her moan louder and louder.
Mar-Mark I-Im Gunna C-C-CUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Liz yelled as she slammed down. I took my fingers out of her as she started to rub her clit and squirted on my chest. Her screaming shaking orgasm clenched her ass on my dick I started to hump faster and faster as my balls started to tighten. I fucked faster and faster and I couldn’t take it anymore. “UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH FUCK!!!” I yelled as Wave after wave of cum flew from my dick and into her tight ass. I thought I was never gunna stop. But it did. She bent forward and sucked up the liquid she squirted on my chest and went to my face kissing me and shoving her tongue in my mouth and we kissed as the liquid in her mouth went in mine. She broke the kiss and I swallowed it. “Taste good?” She asked. “Ya…It actually does.” I said smiling. “It’s my cum. I wonder how your cum tastes.” She said as she got up and got between my knees taking my deflating cock in her mouth and cleaned off my dick. Every time her tongue swirled around my tender dick it sent a shock up to me. She let my cock fly out of her mouth with a pop. “Mmmmmmm tastes good.” She said smiling. I was tired and out of breath and Im sure she was ready to pass out too. She walked up and kicked her shoes off as she turned off the light and grabbed the blanket throwing it on us. She snuggled up to me and held me putting her head on my chest. “I love you big sis.” I said smiling. “Love you too lil bro.” And we passed out.

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