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you want to act like a bitch then you can be mine
Author’s note
This story is completely fictitious it is just what I would have done given this opportunity
My cousin Rebecca came out to visit me on the west coast it had been eight years since I last saw her, she was seven when my family moved out here. When she got there she said hey and sat on the couch to text her friends, that’s all I got not even a hug after eight years of not seeing each other, a lot had happened, I was deployed for a year and spent another few at fort Erwin and all I get is a hey. After that she didn’t even talk to me, she was being a complete bitch,it was like my uncle brought her out her at gun point. My parents took my aunt and uncle to some winery in Cali so I had to watch my cousin till they got back Monday; it was going to be a long weekend. After they left I went to go get lunch for myself, when I asked her all she did was shrug her shoulders so forgot her. When I got back I sat my meal on the counter, Rebecca was asleep on the couch that is the first time I noticed how much she had grown up over those eight years.
She was wearing a pair of cotton short shorts that barley covered her ass cheeks, her legs were long and looked as smooth as silk. She had a green long sleeve shirt, one that clung so tightly to her that it was like a second skin. Her breast looked absolutely divine under her shirt her breast were almost full developed but they had began to fall yet. Her brunette hair had dirty blonde highlights and was cut so it ended just above her shoulder. Then I started thinking “I could do all sorts of things to her teach her a lesson as it were, she’s already a bitch, now I will just make her my bitch.
If I was going to put my plan into action I’d need to move quickly I went to my room to grab a few things from the box of toys my girlfriend had left under my bed. I grabbed two pairs of hand cuffs and a ball gag then I decided to bring the box with me just in case I needed anything else. Then I took two belts from my closet. My plan was to tie her down to the bar that my dad had put in I sat everything on the counter and went around the couch to collect my new bitch. I scooped her up in my arms and held her for a sec just in case she woke up.
She didn’t stir so I took her over to the bar and laid her chest on the bar top so her head hung over on end and her legs over the other. The bar was only three feet high with a brass foot rest about eight inches off the floor; I put a pair of cuffs on the far side of the closest support bar to her. Then brought her ankles to them and cuffed them so it gave a three foot spread between them. I pulled each arm behind her back putting her wrists to the opposite elbow and used two belts to hold them in place at the forearms. I made my way around the bar I took a four foot length of flat nylon rope from the box. I placed the center the rope on the back of her neck running it under another brass bar just below the counter top and back up over her shoulders and tied the ends to her forearms.
I grabbed my meal and sat down on the couch to watch some TV and eat figuring it would be more fun to have her wake up in that position halfway through my Big Mac she woke up
“What the hell is this let me go , “ she yelled
We lived a ways outside of town and neighbors were few and very far between so I was not worried about someone calling the cops but her screams were really starting to ruin my meal. I got up and walked around the counter taking the ball gag off the edge of the counter.
“You be quiet or I will put your muzzle in” I said to her crouching down to look into her green eyes as I showed her the gag.
“What are you talking about this isn’t funny” she said
“Ah ah ah what did I say about being quiet.” I replied
“You better” was all she got out before I got the gag into her mouth and fastened the strap around her head. The gag suppressed any more of her attempts at communication so that I could finish my meal. I was done my meal and was finally going to get started with Becky’s training.
“listen up cause I am only going to say this once” I said walking around the bar so I was in front of her, “you have been acting like a little bitch ever since you got here so since you like being a bitch so much you can be mine. Now I know you will not do this willingly so I will have to break you, what do you think of that.” Only a few mumbled words came through her gag “oh I am so glad you agree”
I walked around behind her saying “this is going to be fun” she started flailing around, struggling against her cuffs. Her shorts were already pulling tight against her ass and her attempts at escape started to pull at the seams.
“aww let he help you with that” I said grabbing her shorts and tearing the seam so that there was a very nice gap allowing me full access to her holes
“No panties, what a little slut you are” I said to her “you must drop to your knees for every boy who asks”
I decided to take it slow since I had all weekend I began to rub her thighs slowly working my way up to her pussy I ran my hand across her slit for a few minutes drawing whimpers from somewhere behind her gag. She began to spasm and I doubled my efforts until she went rigid and came all over my hand I walked around the bar pulling her gag off letting it fall to the floor.
“Clean my hand off slut” I said holding it in front of her mouth
“Let me go you had your fun” she pleaded
“ that’s where you are wrong Becky I have only begun, now lick” she opened her mouth I moved my hand closer so she could lick her juices from it as my hand got close she bit down on it I pulled back so she only caught the edge but it still hurt. I smacked her across the cheek causing tears to roll down her redden cheek.
“I see that you will need more training” I said wiping her juices off in her hair.
Then I pulled one of my girlfriends dildos out of the box, it was not her longest one, at only six inches, it was one of her thickest
“This should do” I said holding it in front of her eyes
“No you can’t that’s”
“Are you trying to tell me that a slut like you doesn’t have one of these under her bed” her face went red as the words left my lips “oh that’s right there is always a boy in your bed so there is no need for you to have one of these how silly of me to think otherwise, Well we better get started”
I made my way around the bar and crouched behind her pressing the dildo against her lips “no please don’t” she yelled as I began to slowly push the dildo into her tight pussy. She kept up a constant groan until it was all the way inside her then I began to slowly pull it back out and along with it another low groan from her lips. I began to reciprocate it inside her slowly increasing my speed until she was yelling, begging me to stop I kept it up until she came for the second time in less than an hour and blacked out .
“Now isn’t that a sight to see” I said laughing as she laid there like a dead fish, her own cum dripping down her legs. When she finally came to I was sitting in the stool next to her.
“Ah your awake “I said walking around the bar pulling her head up by the hair
“I’ll do whatever you want just let me go I don’t want this anymore”
“Becky Becky Becky when did you start thinking that this had anything to do with what you want” I said laughing as I let her head fall
“Let’s see how well you obey, I said undoing the button on my jeans placing my cock near her lips, “now suck, and know if I feel teeth there will be a severe punishment following”
She opened her mouth and took me in she bobbed her head up and down as best she could I rested my hands on the back of her head. She sucked on me for a few minutes she started to work my tool into her throat, slowly over the course of five minutes she swallowed my cock until my balls rested other chin then she started to gag with my cock still in her mouth her teeth came caught the underside of my cock as her body tried to eject my cock from her throat. I withdrew my cock from her and stepped back putting my still hard cock back inside my jeans
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I just” was all she said before I cut her off
“Now now my little bitch you did not obey me and therefore you must be punished. I have to admit I did never thought that you would disobey such a simple command, honestly I believed that a slut like you would be able to do it without even breaking a sweat, so I didn’t even think of a punishment for you ”
I walked around the house trying to come up with something truly diabolical then I looked out the back window and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My Great Dane was lying on the deck taking a sun bath. That is perfect; I said to myself, this is just what my little bitch needs. I opened the back door and called out for Saxon, he lifted his head up and looked at me as if asking “why should I” come on boy I got a very special treat for you. On the word “treat” he got up and came over to the door and followed me inside. He was a huge dog a little over three feet tall on all fours weighing in at around 140 pounds he was already to go since we had brought him for breeding a while back .
Becky was yelling from the kitchen all sorts of things from “where are you” to “when will you let me go”
“Quiet, I am getting you punishment ready as long as you stay like that you may enjoy it.” I said laughing
“Come here boy here’s your treat, a new toy to play with” I said slapping her ass hard
He came over to her and started to lick the juices from her cunt, “what the hell is that” she yelled and began to kick around all she could but all she did was make Saxon want her more using his head to wedge her against the counter as he pushed his tongue deeper into her after a few more licks she began to relax and enjoy it as I sat on the back of the couch and watch
“oh Paul I love your tongue in me”
“it’s not me licking you out Becky”
“then who is there”
“It’s Saxon”
“no you can’t make him stop this is wrong”
“but Becky you were enjoying it just a minute ago, besides he has only just begun”
“You will see soon enough” I said seeing Saxon’s cock slide out of his sheath
Saxon was a tall dog, Becky’s pussy was at just the right height for him to mount her, he was staring at her ass and he was ready for action.
“come on boy hop up, she’s your toy for now”
Saxon jumped up on her back, his red cock now at its full length of 13 inches and girth of two inches at its thickest point. As the pointy tip of his cock came in contact with her cunt lips she screamed “get him off of me don’t let him, nooooooooooooooo” she yelled as Saxon drove his tool all the way into her his huge furry balls slapping against her stomach. He stayed like that for a moment, just long enough for Becky to take a breath before Saxon began to hammer into her; she screamed another five times until her voices gave out and she could only grunt and moan as the huge dog pounded her. I walked around the bar to see the look on her face. Her mouth was hanging open her eyes were closed she had saliva dripping down her chin from her screaming.
“Becky how deep is he.” I asked her
“deep” she said in a raspy voice
“how deep”
“ he is in my womb”
“do you like it Becky” I asked she only moaned
“Answer me bitch” I yelled at her
“Yes I love it Paul” she yelled
I smacked her across the cheek again she looked at me tears beginning to roll down her reddened cheeks. “A bitch does not yell at her master, understood.” She nodded I stroked her hair telling her what a good girl she was. I looked at Saxon he had stopped fucking Becky once we started yelling.
“Come on boy” I said Saxon snapped out of his daze and began pounding into Becky again. My bitch began to moan once again, I continued stroking her hair until, Saxon’s knot took shape and he slammed it into her tight cunt, and she screamed and she went limp, her head now resting on the brass bar. Saxon moved his paws up to Becky’s shoulders, his claws digging into her he gave her shot, hard jabs seeking his release. Ten more thrusts and Saxon howled firing his seed deep into Becky’s womb, she screamed as another orgasm engulfed her. Saxon stayed locked to his bitch for ten minutes then his knot slipped out and along with it nearly a gallon of his seed it spilled out splashing onto the tile. He walked off to lie on the rug in front of the now dormant fireplace and clean himself off. My itch was catching her breath, “are you going to behave now Becky if you are I can untie you” I asked her
She raised her head and looked at me “yes, master I will behave”
Ha I had done it she is broken, she is mine I thought, wait what if she is trying to trick me
“I don’t think I believe you my bitch”
She was quiet for a minute “master could untie his bitch and put her on a leash”
“That was actually a good suggestion, master is pleased with it”
I took one of Saxon’s old collars and the retractable leash from the rack in the laundry room. I untied her upper body and placed the collar on her neck pulling it tight cutting off her airway a little. I hooked on her leash and undid the rest of her bounds she stepped down from the brass bar into a puddle of dog semen she slipped and fell landing on her ass. I laughed at her saying “why don’t you lick that up bitch” she looked at me then smiled, getting on her hands and knees she began to lick it up. I let the leash out long enough so I could sit on the couch while she complied with my orders. I watched an episode of cops before the credits she walked over and sat on the sofa I looked at her.
“What are you doing, no dogs on the furniture” I said
She looked at me a smile on her face thinking I was joking with her, the smile slowly faded and she slid off the couch sitting on the floor, her back against the couch. I sat forward scratching the top of her head then I detached the leash from her collar, she looked up at me and asked “can I help you with that master” eyeing my semi erect cock. I looked over the back of the couch at the bar she had licked everything clean.
“you did a good job, I guess you deserve a treat then” I said unbuttoning my jeans Becky scooted over kneeling in front of me her legs tucked under her ass, I sat back putting my arms on the back of the couch. Becky licked every inch of shaft soaking it in her saliva, then she engulfed my cock taking an inch into her throat on the first try she bobbed her head slowly working more of me into her throat with each downward plunge. Her collar was making her task of getting the last two inches of me into her more difficult, I felt my balls begin to fill I was nearing the end. I stood straddling her face forcing her to arch her back I grabbed the back of her head forcing the last two inches into her the tightness of the collar combined with the sound of her gags set me off I fired my seed down her throat. After a few seconds my bitch began to struggle from her lack of air, I pulled out of her throat pushing her back, so she was slumped against the ottoman, and fired the last few strings of my seed onto her face and hair. She was trying to catch her breath, when I told her to clean me off, she simple sat there for a minute coughing she finally leaned forward to lick now deflated cock clean, I guess I will have to lay some ground rules, perhaps after another punishment, I’ll have to think of something I thought to myself.
“Fetch me your muzzle” she stood up and walked over to the bar and bent over picking up the gag and bringing it back placing it in my hand before she kneeled in front of me her back facing me. I put her gag in. “Stay” I said to her, I got up and walked to the laundry room hanging up the retractable and grabbing an old leather one and walked back and surprisingly Becky had not moved her body. I attached the leash to her collar “turn around” she spun on her knees “take your shirt off I want to see those tits” she pulled her shirt off it was stinking to her skin from her sweat, underneath she was wearing a baby blue, lace bra. Becky looked at me then reached behind her back and undid the clasp, tossing it with her shirt. I took in the beauty before me then I undid my pants and pulled out my tool. She extended her hand towards it, I swatted her hand away “patience my pet, I want you to play with yourself I want to watch you” her face turned crimson, she began to massage her breasts closing her eyes as she did so. she went slowly massaging her breasts, squeezing them pinching her nipples, after a minute of this my cock was semi erect, then my bitch moved her right hand down her body to her shaved cunt, she rubbed herself for a few seconds before she inserted two fingers in her tight snatch she started to hump back against her own fingers, I was now standing at attention
“Turn around and get on all fours” I commanded with a slight delay and a scuff she complied I slid off the couch, kneeling behind her I buried my eight inch cock into her pussy in one thrust she grunted into her gag. I looked down to watch my cock stretch her pussy then he thought of the perfect punishment. I pulled out of her and lent forward whispering in her ear “you know I hate getting sloppy seconds.” She didn’t move I could tell that she was thinking of what I would do instead. I sat back spreading her cheeks with my hands that’s when she realized what I was going to do, I pressed the head against her asshole slowly pressing the head in she groaned into her gag as the head popped inside. I leant forward again putting my arms under her body taking a handful of tit in each hand.
“this is a punishment my bitch ” i whispered in her ear
Using her breasts as handles I plowed into her with a fury she screamed into the gag as i used her like the bitch she was over and over i slammed into her and over and over she howled. I released my hold on her tits and slapped her ass cheeks a few times before resting them on her lower back forcing her abdomine lower until her arms gave out and she fell to the floor, her ass held in the air for my amusment i slowed down giving her slower, harder, deeper thrusts she let out a yelp with each impact. i was nearing my end I moved my hand right up her back and into her hair. taking a handful i pulled her up violently while keeping pressure on her back as she screamed i fired my load deep in her bowels. i released my hold on her and she fell forward flat on the carpet with tears flowing from her blue eyes she lay there weeping.
i scooped my pet up in my arms and carried her to the tub and bathed her. the whole she acted in a daze. once she was clean i took her to my bedroom laying her down on one of saxons old doggy beds she curled up and drifted off to sleep as i did the same in my bed plannin tommorows activities.

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