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Part four of the series Amy introduces Lana to the boys.
****This is a work of fiction and it not in any way based on actual people or events. Enjoy*****

Walking down the path leaving the river Amy Smiled brightly thinking of the cocks that were inside her only a little while ago. She felt the cum squishing inside of her pussy as her legs moved back and forth. The boys had filled her up really well and the seed still in her made her hotter than ever before. Her little hole was still full of creamy cum, she thought about how it felt being taken from behind. She also thought of how it had felt to have the cocks in her mouth, pulsing cum down her throat, it was a bit salty but she loved it all. She pulled another cigarette from her bag and puts it between her lips lighting it. Inhaling deeply her mind drifted back to the day before in the mall dressing room. Grabbing her bag she quickly found the Victoria secret receipt with “Lisa 555-3432” written on the back. This beautiful older woman had given her an amazing orgasm, now Amy thought, she should return the favor to her. But not before she showed Lana some attention.

An hour later back at home Amy pulled Lana into her room and locked the door. Both their mom and dad were out of the house at this time, one at work one in classes. She knew that her dad wouldn’t be home for hours and her mom had to intern at the hospital after her classes. This gave her the perfect opportunity to show her little sister the new things she’d learned and experienced in the past days. Immediately after the door locked Lana jumped on Amy putting her arms around her and kissing her deeply. They fell back onto the bed, Amy moaned as her baby sister broke their kiss and licked her ear then down her neck. Her small hands pushed under Amy’s top caressing then finding her hard nipples. She gave them a pinch then grasp the fabric to pull the top off revealing Amy’s gorgeous 38c tits. Her tanned skin was highlighted by the dime sized nipples and darker areolas’ surrounding them. Stiff and erect Lana took a nipple into her mouth, sucking and licking as her hands caressed Amy’s body moving downward. Amy gasp with her sister on top of her as her small hand slid over her wet and recently used pussy. Lana then switched to the other nipple sucking then biting it harder making Amy jump a little as Lana slid her fingers inside of the wet cunt beneath her.

Sliding down Amy’s body Lana kissed her mouth, then moved to her nipples once again biting and licking. Down her torso she stopped at Amy’s pink panties, still with her fingers working her pussy she pushed them down with a hand and began to lick her clit with passion. Amy was thrashing in the bed, pushing her hips into her sisters mouth with her eyes rolling back into her head. Lana then decided to try for more, pushing her entire fist inside her sister. She paused waiting for a reaction, all she got was a gasp as she pushed in and out, licking her clit at the same time. Amy was in heaven, she felt dirty as she screamed “fuck me harder baby, please Lana fuck me harder”. Lana pushed as Amy’s body let loose, shaking as her orgasm hit her while she shot creamy juices. Lana placed her mouth on her sisters pussy, tasting the cum spewing from her young body. It was different this time, something did not taste the same as before, The boys cum had been mixed with Amy’s and now Lana knew.

After the intense orgasm Amy laid panting with her eyes closed when Lana said “Amy I love you, you taste so good, it’s different now”. Taking in what Lana had said now Amy realized that her little sister just took all of her juices plus Mike and Brian’s remaining cum. She thought for a moment about how to explain this to Lana then concluded she’d tell her straight out. “Well Lana there’s a reason I tasted different today that I was going to tell you all about”. She then explained about the past day at the mall, the toys, the river and getting fucked for the first time. “So I really tasted boy cum?” Lana ask “Yes hun you did and if you want it I bet I can get them to do it with you also” said Amy. Lana smiled “yes please Amy, it tasted good I want more”. Hearing this Amy knew that soon Lana’s virgin pussy would be taken by the cocks that took her very own cherry. Smiling Amy kissed Lana, her hands moved around her soft skin as she moved on top of her. She continued to kiss as she found her sisters erect nipples pinching them. They were the size of dimes and really stood out on the small frame of the eleven year old.

The small redheaded girl beneath her gasp for more, her blue eyes locking onto Amy as she kissed her freckled skin. She moved from her lips down to her ear sucking then to her neck and her nipples. Her hands moved down the bare skin to find Lana’s extremely wet pussy. Amy brought her creamy fingers to her mouth sucking them then returned to Lana sliding two fingers inside of her. “Oh My Damn” thought Amy, “her pussy tastes like the icing on a cake”. She pushed faster and harder inside her little sister causing her hips to push off of the bed into her hand. Amy kissed Lana’s neck and chest taking her hard nipples between her teeth softly at first then biting them harder. Lana was breathing fast and heavy, her small body shaking as Amy worked on her. She knew that soon her little sister would be cumming around her fingers, but she had another idea in mind. It was time to try out the strap-on she’d bought, stopping suddenly Amy pulled away standing. Lana cried no as she desperately needed to cum but watching her sisters every move.

Amy just smiled then opened the drawer and reached into the nightstand next to the bed. She pulled out the two magazines she’d picked up, and the black twelve inch long strap-on. Lana’s eyes got wide as she took in what Amy held in her hands “I have a present, if you wanna fuck the guys you’ll need practice” said Amy. She then handed Lana the two magazines as she fitted the strap-on around herself and tightened it up. Both magazines came with a free dvd, she took one to the player turning on the t,v, putting it in then pressing play. Lana was on the bed with one hand on her pussy, three fingers buried inside of her as she flipped through the pages of a magazine. Amy watched for a moment then walked to the edge of the bed and saw Lana had stopped on a page where a petite blonde was sucking a huge cock. In the next picture it showed the jizz running down the blondes face. “First things first Lana, if you really want the guys you need to learn to suck cock like that”. Lana nodded looking up as Amy put a hand on the back of her sisters head and pulled it to the black dong. “Just open your mouth and let it come natural baby” she said pulling Lana’s lips to the tip. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out while focusing on the t.v.,where a brunette girl with what must have been DD tits was sucking off a stud.

Thirty minutes later Lana was on her stomach in the bed with her ass up in the air, the black strap-on slamming in and out of her virgin cunt. She gripped the bed and pushed her head in the pillow screaming as she came the hardest in her young life. Her body tensed as she shook and the juices of her little cunt soaked the bed, Amy, and the black piece of rubber in her inside of her that her pussy gripped like a vice. Once the orgasm was over Lana laid limp on the bed, Amy stood and dropped the strap-on. She moved on top of Lana pushing her soaking pussy down onto her little sisters face. Lana’s tongue met Amy’s clit as Lana licked and sucked Amy rode her hard. It didn’t take a minute until Amy was having her own orgasm, filling Lana’s mouth with juices as her orgasm ripped through her. After it was over she collapsed, moving to cuddle with the tiny body of her sister their lips met kissing passionately. They laid with arms holding each other fully spend and exhausted as they fell asleep. Just before Amy drifted off she opened her eyes to look at Lana and thought “tomorrow Lana, you’re going to love it”

The next morning Amy dressed in a short denim skirt with a tight yellow tank top, she wore light satin blue panties and a matching bra. Lana wore a blue tank top and jeans that showed off her growing eleven year old ass. Amy had instructed her to not wear a bra or panties to school, therefore Lana’s large nipples showed through the skimpy top she wore. At school Amy scanned the hall to find Brian, it didn’t take long to find him at his locker. She propped up next to him smiling “Hey Brian, tutoring went well the other day, if you wanna do it again let me know”. She then slipped him a piece of paper, kissed him on the cheek and walked away. Brian was stunned, he looked down at the paper reading it “locker room at four, bring some friends XOXO - Amy”.

Four o’clock rolled around and Amy met Lana in front of the boys locker room door. They sat by the wall one pretending to read while the other listened to music. Brian had found Mike and showed him the note, both were ready for another good fuck from Amy. The note said bring friends so they’d both told a few people and gave them in invite. Brian approached and nodded to Amy, he then opened the door and went inside the locker room. Amy waited not knowing if she should go in or wait, suddenly Mike opened the door and said “c’mon lets go” to the girls. They stood and followed him in only to see fifteen guys standing around with Brian in the center. All of them were naked and their cocks on display, some limp some hard they all stared at Amy and Lana. “Holy shit Brian, I said a few friends not this many!!” Said Amy as she looked around. “Oh c’mon Amy, you know you want it, you have you’re cute little sister here to”. Amy heard the door lock, “well ok just be easy on her for now ok? She’s a virgin”. Everyone smiled hearing this, “yeah ok we will Amy” replied Brian, he then took his cock out and pushed it against her.

Instinctively she took his cock into her hand, she stroked it dropping to her knees as she reached for her bag. She fumbled around to find her cigarettes and lighter, pulling one between her lips and lighting it. She then turned to Lana just a foot away from her and put one between her lips also. “This will help you relax” she then lit it watching as three of the guys moved around Lana. Another two or three moved around her as she took a long drag then slid Brian’s cock into her mouth.
She watched as a guy stood Lana up, she took a puff of the cigarette then her shirt was pulled over her head exposing her small tits. Her nipples were hard as another hand reached out and unbuttoned her jeans pulling them down. Meanwhile Amy sucked Brian’s cock, it was hard in her mouth and leaking pre-cum. She licked and swallowed it all between a puff here and there on her cigarette. Her yellow tank top was pulled up and her bra was gone, the short skirt she wore was down and her panties removed. Brian’s hands were on the back of her head as she slid his cock down into her throat. She pulled back still sucking while a few guys watched, her 38C breasts were being fondled. She felt hands moving over her tanned body, her small pussy aching and soaking wet. Brian moved her around putting Amy on all fours as he moved behind her and lined his cock up. Someone moved in front pulling the tank top the rest of the way off to leave Amy completely naked, she now trembled in anticipation. Brian pushed one finger into her pussy then another “God she’s so wet” he exclaimed fingering her. She moaned as a cock pressed to her lips, she looked to see it to be about five inches as she opened her mouth sucking hard. Suddenly Brian’s fingers were gone as he pushed the head of his cock into Amy’s hole, she squirmed sucking and pushing back as his cock slid deeper inside.

By now every guy in the room was either watching Amy and stroking or watching the three guys toying with Lana’s body and playing with their cocks. Lana was on her knees with the three guys in front of her, she had one in her mouth sucking it between her cherry lips. Her red hair fell down the creamy freckled skin onto her back, her nipples were hard and her pussy wet. She looked up with her blue eyes at the face of the boy she was sucking, with one hand rubbing her clit and the other hand grasping Mike’s six inch hard-on. She alternated between the three, teasing them with her tongue then sucking. One of the other guys had an uncut cock, it was Lana’s favorite being seven and a half inches and more sensitive. The other was like Mike around six inches, Lana sucked hard moving to her favorite, she licked his balls to the head then slowing went down trying to do it like the girl in the dvd. Looking up into the guys eyes Lana couldn’t take it any longer “I’m a virgin, do you want to fuck me?” She then pushed her mouth back onto the cock and sucked hard “oh my god, oh yes I do yes” came his response. “Good, please fuck me, fuck me hard…” that was all that was needed. They moved Lana to a bench placing her on her back, Mike took her face in his hands and pushed his cock into her mouth. Lana’s favorite moved between her legs pushing them apart then slid his cock inside of her. She trembled at the intense pain and pleasure she was feeling while she furiously sucked on Mike. The cock pushed deeper inside of her, four inches in now Lana moaned as her pussy stretched around the shaft. Her eyes rolled back as her cunt contracted, the guy pushed harder and faster into her going deeper. Without warning Mike let loose with his orgasm as Lana sucked him hard, she felt the hot cum shooting into her mouth filling it up.

Lana swallowed the load as Mike pulled his now soft cock from her mouth, immediately someone stepped up and put their dick to her lips. She licked the head and sucked it in as the cock pounded her hole now with all seven and a half inches. Her body being rocked by orgasm after orgasm squirting juices everywhere she heard the guy say “Oh God I’m going to cum”. He grabbed Lana’s legs and pulled her hard into him releasing shot after shot of jizz into her pussy for what seemed like a minute. “Ohh he’s filling me up” she thought as she pulled the cock from her mouth and screamed out then plunged it down her throat. Her pussy was on fire with the hot cum inside of her she breathed heavy still sucking. The guy slipped away but another replaced him quickly sliding inside of her as she felt more cum being shot into her mouth. This time it was saltier she thought but she swallowed as the next guy moved to her.

Looking across the room Lana saw Amy being pounded from behind by Brian while she sucked on a cock. The first guy had cum in Amy’s mouth already while another jacked off and cum a massive load over her face which now was running down her chest. She pushed hard back onto Brian’s nine inch cock moaning “fuck me Brian, fuck me… cum in me”. His face was red sliding in and out hard as Amy’s orgasm raced through her body, Brian moaned and shot his load deep inside of Amy’s tight pussy. She felt the hot cum inside of her and running down her legs as Brian pulled out. She then felt the cum shooting in her mouth as she nearly collapsed sucking it down, someone else moved forward and pushed into her used pussy. After two or three strokes she was being filled with jizz again, then as one left another slid inside pumping her and cumming hard. Amy rolled onto her back, cum leaking from her pussy mixing with the sweat and cum on her body. A few guys stood over her as she watched them jacking their cocks, she fingered herself and moaned as they came onto her face and tits.

Lana was still on her back with a cock in her once virgin pussy, she shook as another load was being shot inside of her. Someone grabbed her head and shoved a cock into her mouth roughly pushing it down her throat choking her. She screamed barely audible as she felt something pushing at the entrance of her little butt hole then sliding in. Tears streamed down her face as the cock down her throat let loose cumming and filling her up. As he pulled away from her she moaned loud looking up to see the guy between her legs, Billy, a black guy on the team his cock was eleven inches long. Now only the head was inside of Lana’s tight asshole as she tried to move back he pulled her small body into him sliding three more inches inside. She screamed as someone came over and began cumming on her face, Billy leaned forward and put a hand on Lana’s neck choking her as he pushed hard into her slamming the full eleven inches inside.

Amy stood up from the floor, taking a moment to gain her balance and her thoughts. Cum leaked from her pussy as well as covered her body. She walked over to where Billy was on top of Lana, a few stood around and watched as he pounded Lana’s tight ass. Lana was moaning as she looked up at Amy and smiled just before she passed out while Billy shot his load inside of her and pulled off. Amy sat down beside her shaking her shoulder as the remaining guys in the locker room got dressed and left. Lana’s eyes opened looking around as she slowly sat up and hugged Amy. They kissed each other and smiled “Well sis how was it?” Amy ask “I loved it Amy, it was better than I’d imagined it would be and now I’m not a virgin”. Both girls stood and walked to the shower together where they rinsed their bodies off then dried and got dressed. The remaining cum still inside both of their pussies as they left the school and began walking home. “Do you think we can do that again?” Lana ask as they entered the trail in the woods to their home. “Oh I think we can if you want to baby, but we still have some more exploring to do ourselves” Replied Amy smiling as she took the pack of cigarettes from her bag. She gave one to Lana and lit it then took one and lit it for herself. Lana smiled laughing “you know I want to Amy, I’m still horny now but a little sore” she said as she took a drag from the cigarette and exhaled “I love you Amy”. As they walked Amy thought to herself what would be next, maybe she’d introduce Lana to the store clerk next…… “who knows” she thought smiling.

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