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longest day of school turns in relaxing seductiveness
The day was long. Sometimes, even teachers dread the length of the school day. I watched the clock during that final class of the day. The seconds were hours, the minutes were days.
To make matters worse, once the drone of the bell came to a halt, my desk managed to pile up to the rafters with work to be marked. Work to be failed.

I sighed, my class was a failure and it was likely that I would not return home for many more hours.

I readied my pen and grasped the first of many papers to mark; I studied the first notes on the page and prepared to write when suddenly a voice filled the air.
“Sir?” whispered the voice.
The noise was a soft buzz in the back of my brain, it tickled the hairs on my neck and stood my nerves on end. I fumbled the pen.
Scrambling around the mountains of paperwork I reared my head to the questioner.

I recognised her instantly. Her name was Alexandra, Alex to her friends, and a girl of immense beauty. It seems weird to be thinking of this eighteen year old in this way coming from a twenty two year old teacher. I studied her movements as she approached my desk. Her school uniform skirt swayed around her thin legs and her breasts bloomed from the depths of her shirt. I swallowed as quietly as I could, and tried not to look up.

“I thought you might like some help sir.” She continued, her voice echoing throughout my ears. It continued throughout my body, shaking me to the core.
The words on the paper seemed to be a lost convention of ink, I was not interested in the slightest. I looked up at Alex.

Her eyes were the first thing that grabbed me by the throat. Those huge eyes of emerald green, I loved the look of her eyes, they spun magnificent colours of gold and green, blue and violet into my own. Her hair fell in perfect locks of red hair, natural and light, it bounced flamboyantly on her shoulders. She smiled at me then as I examined her and her pink lips curved into a position of desire. I felt something swarm in the back of my brain; the desire to have her, the desire to want her. I opened my mouth to speak but the call for words did not come. As an English teacher I expected the words to come naturally, but my throat was dry, the clamminess of desire clotted my speech.

Alex moved slowly and reached out, pushing away the papers that clouded my midst and then looked back at me again, her eyes entering my own once more. My hands began to sweat at the palms and I sat motionless as she moved closer.
She lay on the desk and her stomach tensed at the cold touch of the wood to her skin and her bottom lip curled into her mouth, she bit it slowly and swayed her hips.
I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. The skirt had ridden up far enough for me to get a glimpse at the underwear beneath, a black lace clung to her body and as I watched her legs rose, covering the view.
“Are you content sir?” she asked seductively.

I swallowed, this time, the result was not quiet, the sound of my drying saliva blasted a hole in my stomach ten miles wide.
Then she reached down below my desk, between my legs, and began to rub. She could already tell I was hard. She stroked my shaft gently through my jeans and released the bite on her lip; her own saliva had endowed itself upon it, wet with desire.
I could feel myself becoming harder by the second. My mind was racing, this was dangerous.
I stood up and walked towards the door. I should have opened it and left the classroom, but the eyes of Alex upon me and the gaping hard-on between my legs compelled me to stop.
I locked the door.

I returned to my seat and looked into Alex’s eyes; she could see the desire in my own. She could see right through me.
She un-zipped my jeans and pulled at my underwear, becoming exposed.
Alex looked down at it for a while before looking back up. “It’s huge,” she said, “did I do this to you sir?”

She didn’t give me time to respond, her head sunk down and I felt her lips wrap around the tip of my hard cock. Her lips were soft and gentle, the tip of her tongue swirled around me and with each circuit, my dick pulled further inside her mouth. I could feel the roof of her mouth, and the back of her throat as she lowered down further on me. Her tongue swirled around every inch of it as I groaned and grew harder.

Her hands grasped my shaft as she rose up and began to suck at the tip. With her hands she thrust down while her tongue licked at the sides. She would stop every now and again and lick from the base to the tip and every time her tongue swept over my dick I almost begged for more. She was teasing me and I knew it, her mouth curved into a smile as she stopped sucking again. I stood up and kicked away my pants. Desire had taken over.
I reached into her skirt and pulled it off, revealing her lace underwear and body. She reached inside her underwear and began to rub with her fingers, her lip was in her mouth again and when I pulled the lace from her pussy, she had a finger inside. I pulled her arm away and knelt down, her scent was enough to drive me crazy, my dick throbbed and begged to be there but Alex needed a little teasing too.

I opened my mouth and cupped it around her sobbing pussy, my tongue overlapped her cervix and I pushed it against her clit, she moaned in pleasure as the soft touch of tongue passed over the spot again and again. She tensed and squirmed as I pressed myself against her clit harder and harder, her pussy soaked itself and I pressed my tongue deep inside her, I twisted and turned it against the walls of her drenched pussy licking up and cum she had emitted. She was moaning hard now and her breathing was ecstatic, her hands gripped the side of my desk tighter as my tongue slipped in deeper and deeper. I moved it out and against her clit again now and as I did she yelped quietly, she was cumming. I opened my mouth wider and pressed my tongue against her pleasure points, her pussy tensed and came, I took it all in my mouth and swallowed. She brought me up with her arms and kissed me, pressing her own soft tongue inside my mouth.

Down between my legs, my cock throbbed and moved towards her pussy, she was soaking wet and throbbing too, she grabbed my shaft and brought it close to her. The wetness of her body flowed around my dick as I pushed inside her. She threw her body backwards against the desk and let out a long moan as I pushed the entire thing inside her. Her body stiffened with excitement and she began moving her hips back and forth, grinding against the hardened cock inside her. I bent forwards and pulled her torso up, making her sit on the edge of the desk, from there it was easier to thrust inside her. I moved my hips backwards and pushed deep inside, her pussy tightened and tensed, cumming more of her juices around the shaft of my dick. She let out another long moan and threw her arms around my neck, she was limp and exhilarated, her hips grinded in tune with my own and added to both of our pleasure.

I forced the rest of her uniform off and undid her bra, revealing her gorgeous breasts. In that position I fucked her solidly for five minutes, her cum was filling her pussy. I slipped my hands under her ass and lifted her body off the desk, she didn’t stop moving, she forced her hips downwards onto my stationary dick, drilling herself and drenching me more with her cum. I slammed her against the blackboard and thrust harder into her, she yelped again and again as I forced my dick inside her begging body. I felt myself stiffen more, I was getting closer to cumming myself. I didn’t let up, she clung to my neck and my grip tightened around her ass, she moaned slowly as I slammed another thrust of my cock inside her and that was it. She threw her head backwards and contracted. I could feel her entire pussy tighten up, almost forcing my cock out, her body became as stiff as my hard-on and when she released, her cum overflowed her senses. She screamed in delight and shook slowly. I held her there against the board for a few moments while she re-gained her breath.

I didn’t expect what happened next.
With a sudden burst of energy, Alex forced me backwards, I fell onto the desk as she rode me.
“We’re not finished yet sir, you haven’t came.”

She drilled me inside her, burying my dick in her pussy now covered with cum. She moved her hips backwards and forwards, faster with each movement over my dick. The pleasure was building quickly.

“I’m going to cum.” I said slowly, closing my eyes. She didn’t stop, she raised herself up and then slammed back down onto my hardening cock, then repeating herself, up, down then up and down. I was a split second away from cumming when she raised off me completely and got on her knees. I moved to the side of the desk and came, my load spurted all over her breasts and body, none went to waste as she raised up and took me in her mouth again. The cum I had wrapped against my cock was sucked clean. She then simply stood up, grabbed her uniform that was crumpled around the floor and put it back on. I could see her cum seeping through the lace underwear, she bit her lip and opened the door.
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