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Names changed to protect people’s privacy but locations are real.
New job; new start; not for Fiona: 7

Names changed to protect people’s privacy but locations are real.


Once the door had slammed shut behind her she continued to follow behind Graham and Steve until they reached the foot of the stairs just in front of the director’s exit. The men stopped and Fiona did the same.

“Right Steve thanks for your hard work but you won’t be needed for the rest of the day”

“Ok uncle, I’ll see you at work tomorrow. Have fun!” Steve had said winking and nodding in Fiona’s direction before heading out the door leaving her alone with Graham who was stood staring at her.

“Upstairs” was all he said to her and stepped aside so she could pass and head up the three flights ahead of Graham. As she walked up she occasionally felt Graham’s hand stroke her bum, she ignored this and continued to the top and stopped just in front of the door that lead through to the top floor where the boardroom and directors offices were located. “Go on in Fiona”.

She did as she was told and immediately stopped in her tracks on the opposite side causing Graham to bump into her knocking her from behind and another couple of steps into the open plan room. What made her come to such an abrupt halt had been the sight of Donald Symons and the other director Gary Tebbutt; again her stomach knotted as the realisation of the situation hit home. Fiona was far from stupid and realised that before she received the obvious sack she’d probably be used by all of them, that she could deal with as after all she was a whore so what difference would three cocks make. What bothered her the most was losing such a lucrative job.

Fiona didn’t have long enough to even think about what was going to happen as Graham frog marched her over to the sofas where Donald and Gary were sat waiting; once there she was told to stand on the rug which was on the floor and surrounded by the sofas and armchair, Graham slumped down on one of the sofas opposite Gary and to the left of the armchair that was occupied by her top boss Donald Symons. He edged forward on his seat until he was perched right on the edge where he stayed for a long minute just staring at Fiona. She felt very uncomfortable for the whole minute until the silence was broken by Donald himself.

“If I’d known what I know now about you Fiona I could of put you too good use from day one, but at least I know now so your ‘special qualities’ will no longer be wasted on the lower end of the food chain shall we say!”

She didn’t quite know what he meant but was stupid enough to think it wouldn’t involve being fucked by all the directors.

“I’ll explain a little bit about your new role as you take your clothes off Fiona”

He’d said it so matter of fact like he already knew that she’d obey any instruction that was given to her so she continued to strip whilst Donald began talking.

“I’ll make it clear straight away Fiona that you’ll still be paid your sixty five grand so don’t worry about that I won’t see you struggle. From tomorrow you’ll report straight to my office every morning and that will continue until I direct otherwise is that clear?”

“Yes Donald” she said slipping of my shoes before I could remove my jeans.

“If for any reason I’m out of the office you will report to Graham or Gary, whoever is in at the time is that clear Fiona?”

“Yes Donald” she replied clocking Graham’s massive smirk as she straightened up to unclip her bra.

“No no just remain in your underwear and get on your knees Fiona”

She dropped to her knees on the woolly rug and Donald got up and walked towards her, unbuckling his belt as he came. Once in front of her he stopped and unzipped then let his trousers fall around his ankles.

“Pull them off Fiona” he nodded towards his Y fronted pants and she took the hint and pulled them down exposing a modest semi erect dick that was growing before her eyes. “I’m waiting Fiona!” he said in a slightly annoyed voice looking at her over his growing shaft.

She took her bosses penis in her right hand and lifted it up and aimed the purple helmet towards her mouth that she opened as her head moved forwards and a moment later Donald took a sharp intake of breath as her full lips slid down his shaft and only stopped when his pubic bone stopped her going any further. He then continued his little speech.

“You will be provided with a constant supply of new sexy underwear that must be worn whenever you are working or on company business. You will attend meetings and help to secure new deals with new clients, but if we have no meetings or ongoing negotiations to attend to then you shall be at the beck and call to me, Graham and Gary is that clear Fiona?”

“Yes Donald” she said coming up for air after sucking his cock to a decent seven inches.

“When I ask you a question and you’re sucking my cock a grunt will suffice in acknowledgement is that clear Fiona?”

“Yes Donald” she realised what she’d done as soon as the words left her mouth and quickly stuffed his cock back into her mouth.

“You are a stupid bitch aren’t you Fiona?”

“Hmmm mmmmm”

“But a quick learning stupid bitch which is what I’d hoped for. One more thing Fiona, the answer no will no longer be in your vocabulary is that clear?”

“Hmm mmm”

“Good now get over there and suck Grahams cock”

He picked her up by her hair lifting her off his slimy shaft and pushed her over to Graham who was already lying back in the sofa with his trousers and boxers around his ankles. His cock was the biggest she had seen since being coerced into being such a wanton whore; it was easily nine inches and had a good girth from tip to base. Graham wasted no time in pulling her head down from her standing position and ramming his cock into her mouth. It wasn’t the thickest cock she’d had as she was able to get a good seven inches in but it easily the longest and it didn’t take long for her to gag and cover his shaft and balls in saliva. After the initial invasion of her throat Graham had took a firm grip of her head on both sides and bobbed her up and down his slimy shaft in a quick but comfortable rhythm.

She felt a presence behind her and from the corner of her eyes saw that Gary was still sat on the other sofa, so it must've been Donald hovering behind her. Her knickers were then eased from her bum and pulled down to the bottom of her cheeks and were held in place as Donald kicked her ankles so that she opened her legs a little. Fiona felt fingers probing her fleshy folds until at two maybe three fingers slide into her moist hole and began fingering her; she began to moan as the pussy play worked her up whilst Graham continued fucking her mouth.

Donald stopped after four or so minutes leaving her wanting more as she knew she wasn’t far from coming all over his thick fingers. She was then pulled up by Donald and walked over to Gary who was waiting with his cock in hand and once Donald had bent her forward Gary gripped her head as Graham had and lowered her open mouth onto his average sized dick for the same treatment his colleagues had just received. Donald immediately started up with the fingering and it wasn’t long before Fiona's moans were becoming louder and more frequent as her orgasm boiled deep inside.

As her orgasm built and threatened to explode her pussy she pulled her head from Gary’s grasp and lifted her head throwing it back and let out an almighty scream but Donald didn’t stop; instead he just hammered his three fingers into her harder and faster as her legs shook and clamped together as they would’ve if it was a dick in her pussy and she was trying to milk it of its creamy contents. Her orgasm lasted for a good fifteen seconds and once it stopped so did Donald who removed his soaking fingers and let her fall back towards Gary as her legs gave way, he filled her mouth again and used it until Donald picked her back up and bent her over the arm of the leather single chair where he was originally seated.

“Let’s hope this early enthusiasm is a sign of things to come Fiona, if it is I think you’ll excel in your new role. Now let’s try you out properly shall we”

Donald used both his hands to push her bum cheeks apart opening up her wet entrance in the process making it easier for his helmet to pop into the opening and slip all the way inside until she could feel his saggy hairy balls resting against her sensitive lips.

“She’s still nice and tight for the amount of prick she’s had which is good”

He then began fucking her. And for a bloke in his mid to late sixties he gave a very good account of himself managing to fuck her through to orgasm before filling her cunt with his old seed. The difference Fiona noticed was the small amount of come that Donald produced, it felt like a little trickle running it her cunt rather than the full thick blasts she’d experienced many time before. Still she didn’t have long to dwell on it as Donald told Gary to take his place which he did in a flash and didn’t need asking twice. His cock was no bigger than Donald's but he was slightly younger only in his very early sixties and he seemed to be a lot fitter, have a harder dick and fucked for twice as long. When Gary came he blasted her insides with a torrent of hot sticky semen and as he pulled his cock from her now well used pussy his come oozed out and Fiona could feel it run down her thighs until it reached her knickers that were still round her legs.

Graham was next to approach her and she lifted her head and watched him walk round towards her, his cock was big and looked pumped up and solid ready to fuck her. She watched him all the way round his big dick pointing and swinging as he walked and she subconsciously felt her cunt moisten even more at the thought of Graham’s massive dick inside her. She didn’t have to wait long.

Graham rubbed his extra large helmet up and down the length of her soaking slit each time applying a tiny bit more force until it popped inside her opening filling it completely. Fiona's moaning began at this point and got louder and louder as inch after inch disappeared into her until Graham was fully inside. He pulled out slowly leaving just the helmet in prising her velvet puffy lips open and then hammered in hard.


Her screams were load and piercing and didn’t stop for a full five or six minutes as Graham dished out a brutal fucking making her come twice in quick succession leaving her spent and shaking from the waist down. Graham slowed his pace after her second orgasm and his dick was now easily sliding in and out of her loose well lubricated tunnel. Being the youngest at fifty something and easily the most athletic and fittest he spent nearly another fifteen minutes using Fiona's cunt in this way, making sure she was getting his full nine inches each and every time. After recovering and getting his breath back Graham slapped her bottom and increased the speed and force of his thrusts again until he was back to giving her another hard brutal shafting; again he didn’t stop until up Fiona had screamed out loud that she was coming twice and only then did he seemed satisfied that he’d proved his sexual prowess and filled her well womb with masses over of gooey spunk. He even pulled put and had enough in his sack to blast a dollop over her cunt lips. He walked away leaving her bent over the sofa and totally fucked, leaking come, and weak from the waist down.

Graham and Gary were now sat next to each other on the sofa opposite leaving Donald standing, he soon wanted his seat back so told Fiona to get up and let him sit. She did but was very unsteady on her feet and nearly fell down; it was made even more difficult with her knickers still round her thighs. Donald slumped in the armchair leaving Fiona standing unsteady on her feet by the side of his chair; she looked around at the three men all now sat still half naked with their limp slimy cocks resting between their legs. The conversation soon turned to her and for the next five minutes they decided whether she’d impressed enough to fulfil her new demanding position in the company. The directors, especially Graham and Gary were all in agreement that she would become a very good asset to the company; Donald was still unsure and put it to the others that they tested her out a little more.

Of course they were soon in agreement so Donald left, pulling up his suit trousers and heading towards his office. He returned five minutes later and told them all to get dressed. He then fixed himself, Gary and Graham a stiff drink and gave Fiona water; they then sat on the sofas chatting amongst themselves about new up and coming contracts; or potential new lines of enquiry they could follow up in which they could expand their business. Fiona knew and understood what they were talking about as she had a lot of dealings with setting up new contract negotiations and selling their business to new would be clients. The discussions went for nearly half an hour or more when Donald's mobile phone rang and he had a brief conversation.

“You made it, great come on up to the top floor were waiting up her for you”

Donald got up and hovered by the door for a couple of minutes until the door pushed open and he welcomed two men who Fiona knew to be the owners of a sports clothing company she was currently in discussions with in order to bring their business in their direction. She’d had a few meetings over the last few weeks with Simon Tranter and his partner Mark Lyons but the price was always a sticking point and a deal seemed to be slipping away. They said hi to Gary, Graham and herself as Donald led them to his office for a brief discussion; the content of which Fiona guessed would involve her.

She waited nervously on the arm of the chair with Gary and Graham looking at her smiling which made her slightly more nervous as she suspected they probably knew all about the contents of the conversation.

Donald came back into the open plan sofa area closely followed by Simon and Mark who were both carrying glasses of what Fiona thought was whiskey, Donald slumped back in the armchair next to where Fiona was perched and told her to get up. Simon and Mark placed their drinks on the little table next to the sofa that Gary and Graham were sat on then both turned to Fiona and stood either side of her. Without even speaking to Fiona Simon lifted her vest top up from the bottom all the way off her head so she was stood in her bra, Mark popped her bra open with an expert flick of his fingers and pushed it off her shoulders sending it from her boobs and on to the floor.

Simon then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off throwing them to the side and then proceeded to remove her damp knickers from her still very moist used cunt. They too were thrown aside with the rest of her clothes. They then led her away from the seating area a little so that they had more room to walk around her admiring her now naked body.

“Negotiations could of been over a long time ago Fiona if you’d of told us about everything you had to offer, by hesitating like you have has cost Donald considerable amounts of money but Donald assures me you keen to make amends for that and we’ll see if you can convince us to sign on the dotted line. Now shall we begin Fiona?”

She answered the question by reaching out to Simon’s belt buckle which she undid before unzipping his fly and pulling his jeans down around his ankles. His cock was already growing in his boxer shorts and she pulled his boxers down to ease the strain on his aching penis; it was an average six and a half inches by the time it was fully erect and not very thick but that didn’t bother Fiona a cock is a cock in her eyes so she wasted no, more time and stuffed it into her wet mouth and began sucking franticly. She felt a hard smooth sensation behind her and a moment later her already lubricated pussy was full of Mark’s cock which felt pretty big filling her up nicely; he was rough and hard with every thrust making her stumble forward and she had to place her hands on Simons hips for support.

They used her like this until Simon asked Mark to swap and they quickly changed places meaning her holes were only vacant for a matter of seconds at most. After Graham’s big dick earlier and then marks cock, Simons was a big letdown but she went through the motions of moaning and groaning like he was giving her pleasure anyway. Her thoughts on Marks cock were confirmed as he stood before her and guided his solid eight inches towards her open mouth, forcing her lips wider as his helmet then shaft eased towards the back of her throat making her gag a little forcing her to come up for air before having her head rammed back down on his huge cock.

Again she was fucked in both ends for what seemed like ages but was in fact probably only seven or eight minutes. Her cunt and mouth were then vacated by cock and she was positioned on the floor on all fours with them changing ends again and Mark stuffed his big knob back inside her gaping pussy that she could feel was dripping juices down her thighs again and she knew that if Mark persisted with his hard rough fucking she would be coming again very soon. Simon got down on his knees in front of her and offered his cock that tasted very sweet and salty from her own juices and a mixture of the three cocks that had already filled her earlier. Simon adjusted his position to one of lying down as the hard floor was obviously hurting his knees as it was Fiona's; and she managed to look across at her bosses. They were all leant back against the back of a sofa with their hard cocks pumping in their hands.

“Keep up the good work Fiona your doing a grand job” said Graham bringing laughter from all five men in the room.

Before Simon had got himself comfy and lined up underneath Fiona's head she let out a high pitched squeal and her body shook as Mark managed to bring her off with his fantastic cock; they all seemed to love the fact that she came with such a noise and she was called a few degrading names that she’d become so accustomed to over the last couple of years that she barely even noticed anymore. She was soon quietened down by Simon lowering her head onto his dick again and he set about bobbing it up and down with a new revitalised endeavour and Fiona could sense he was close to emptying his sacks; she thought she’d help the process by playing with his nuts with her right hand and it seemed to have the desired effect as he jumped up back onto his knees and held his cock over her face that he angled up towards his japs eye.

“Oh yeah Oh yeah here we go here we fucking go ah ah ah arrrrgh” his face screwed up tight and his cock twitched just before his cock erupted; Fiona managed to close her eyes just in time as a large blob of spunk splashed down across her forehead and left eye, she felt two more blobs hit her cheek and chin before it ran down her face. Simon pushed his cock back between her lips for her to clean off and he told her to open her eyes.

The string of come was across her eye and distorting her vision but she finished cleaning him off as requested just in time for Mark who had came to stand in front of her and began wanking his huge swollen prick in her face. She watched as he beat it for a minute and then it seemed to swell in his hand and he popped the tip just into her mouth and exploded filling her mouth with a huge amount of come. “Swallow it” was all he said as he pulled out and fired four more huge loads all across her face covering her completely. Again she was made to clean his cock after opening her mouth to prove she’d swallowed his cream.

They then dressed leaving her on her hands and knees with come hanging from her chin, forehead and cheeks. Donald came over with a thick wedge of paper and pen and rested it on Fiona's back and held the pen up to Simon.

“Do we have a deal Simon?” asked Donald

“We sure do Donald, is it written in that she’ll visit our offices once a month?”

“It’s all in there Simon”

She felt pressure on her back as Simon scribbled his signature before handing the pen to Mark. “Are you happy with the arrangement Mark?” Donald asked again.

“Sure am Donald it’s been good doing business with you”

She was told to remain on her knees as Simon and Mark dressed and left saying their goodbyes on their way out the door.

“Great job Fiona I knew you’d be able to seal the deal for us” Donald said striding over from the door he’d just shut on Simon and Mark. He had his cock in his hand and was wanking it hard as were Graham and Gary who were now stood only a few feet away. Donald chucked the wedge of paper on the floor as he got nearer and a moment later he thrust his dick into her mouth. “Before you leave her Fiona you’re going to suck the come from our cocks have you got that, call it your first bonus for such a good first job”

And Donald wasn’t lying; she sucked each of their cocks until they had creamed off in her mouth and covered her face in yet more of the stuff. It was in her eyes and up her nose, it was in her hair and ears as well, her boobs were catching what dripped from her chin and there was a sticky pool on the floor near her knees. She was only allowed to get up and clean up once she’d sucked their cocks completely clean and they’d dressed. They waited for Fiona to come from the ladies toilet after cleaning up as best she could; she couldn’t really do anything about the spunk in her hair and would sort that later.

As she turned to walk around the far side of the building to where she’d left her car Donald told her not to be late on Monday. Then they all jumped in there flash motors.

To be continued..........................

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