Julia is at the bank checking her account and after the teller updates her bank book she sees the $50,000 dollars Jim said he would put into her account every year if she keeps fucking her son Simon and make sure he graduates from school. With a huge smile on her face and her pussy starting to get wet she takes a taxi home and after locking her front door she looks for her son.

Simon is taking a shower when Julia opens the shower curtain and steps into the tub compltely naked and says " My big strong son, let mommy help you with that " she takes the soap and starts to wash her sons body. Simon says " Yes mommy I'm a dirty boy who needs to be cleaned " she washes his whole body spending a lot of time washing his rock hard cock and balls. Letting the water from the shower wash all the soap from his pulsing rock hard cock she gets on her knees and starts sucking it, Simon grabs a fistfull of hair and he deep throats her.

After a lot of sucking he lifts her up and bends her over and he says " Does you want me to clean your dirty pussy mommy? " she moans and he takes the bar of soap and starts to slide it up and down her labia. Getting on his knees he sticks the soap inside her cunt and she squeezes it out then he slides his big fat cock deep into her wet cunt and placing one hand on her hip and grabbing her hair he starts to fuck her hard, fast and deep and he says " Do you like this mommy? do like your sons cock inside you mommy? Julia moans loudly as she orgasms and cums all over his cock and she screams " FUCK MOMMIES CUNT, FUCK MOMMY HARD ".

He fucks her harder and harder until his body stiffens and letting out a loud moan he cums deep inside her cunt and keeps pumping her pussy until he finally pulls it out then getting on his knees he spreads her legs and watches as his sperm leaks out of her well fucked cunt. She says " Thanks son, I really needed that and I have good news, I went to the bank today and the $50,000 dollars is already there, as long as you keep fucking me and you graduate from school Jim will put $50,000 dollars into my account every year " Simon smiles and says " Then I better start studying " and after they both dry off he goes to his room.

A few hours Julia hears a knock on her door and when she opens it she sees a man says " I have a package from your friend Jim " he enters her house and within minutes he sets up a customized camera in her bedroom and he hands Julia a note then he leaves her home. The note reads : Very, good my people have told me that Simon has been fucking you often but I want to see all of your sexual encounters so when you do have sex you will have it infront of this camera. The phone rings and Julia picks it up and Jim says " I can see you right now, go get your son and earn that $50,000 dollars ".

Julia calls Simon who enters her bedroom room and sees the camera, she tells him what just happened and she says " Come and fuck your mommy ". They take their clothes off and they start hugging eachother and making out, rubbing their hands all over eachother until she grabs his cock and starts jerking it while he sucks on her nipples and grabbing her ass. She gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock while he puts both hands on her head he deep throats and she has one hand on his ass and playing with his balls with the other. He puts her on the bed and spreading her legs he starts to lick and finger her cunt for a while until he places her legs over his shoulder he slides his cock deep into her pussy and he starts to fuck her hard and fast.

Through the camera Jim can see Simons balls slap against her anus as he drills his mothers cunt, Simon has one hand on her hip and one hand squeezing her large tit he says " You love my cock don't you mommy? " moaning she says " Yes, god yes mommy loves your big fat cock, fuck mommy with your big fat cock, make mommy a mommy again " and after a lot of pussy fucking Simon moans as he shoots his load deep inside his mothers womb, then moving away so the camera can record Simons sperm leaking out his mothers vagina as she orgasms.

The phone rings again and Simon picks it up, Jim says " That was amazing no matter how many times I see it It's still amazes me, good job and keep up the good work " and he hangs up the phone. Simon tells him mother that Jim is very pleased and wants me to keep fucking you again and again then he says " Now lick the sperm off my cock " and she gets on her knees and taking his cock in her mouth she sucks and swallows all the every last drop. Simon then says " I'm thinking since he's going to be filming us why don't we live as in-door nudists? " Julia says " That's a very good idea and they stay naked as Simon goes back to his room to study and Julia prepares dinner.

Naked and in the kitchen her son wraps his arms around her grabbing her tits and she feels his rock hard cock parting her pussy lips she says " Jim wants to see you fuck me in the bedroom " and Simon says " Don't worry I plan on fucking you there later " he bends her over and rams every inch of his cock inside her cunt and he says " I want to fuck you so hard " and he bites her shoulder, she moans and says " Your such a bad boy, fuck your mommy hard, make mommy scream ". Still squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck he fucks her so hard they can both hear the clapping sound, she backs herself into him taking even more of his cock inside her and he fucks her harder, faster and deeper he moans and shoots his load inside her cunt and watches as his sperm leak out of her pussy and he says " I love watching my sperm drip out of you knowing I probably got you pregnant ".

She gets on her knees and after sucking and swallowing all the cum off his cock and she says " You want to get me pregnant? Simon says " Of coarse not but I have to admit that the idea of getting you pregnant makes me so hard " and she laughs and says " Your such a dirty, dirty boy ". Simon says " Give me an hour and meet me in your bedroom I can't wait to cum inside you and make myself a baby brother or sister " and he starts laughing.

1 hour later they meet eachother in her bedroom still naked she smiles and says " Are you ready to make mommy a mommy again? " Simons cock becomes rock hard and pulsing he says " Your such a tease " and she gets on her knees and starts sucking his rock hard cockwhile he grabs and squeezes her tit with one hand and grabbing her head with his other hand he viciously fucks her throat. Then lifting up up and bending her over the bed he slides his cock deep inside her and he says " Give me a baby " and he starts fucking her harder than he's ever fucked her with both hands on her shoulders he fucks her wet cunt. She orgasms and cums all over his cock and he fucks her so hard they can hear his balls slap against her until he screams " GIVE ME A BABY " and he cums deep inside her womb but he doesn't pull it out he just lays on top her with his cock still buried deep inside her cunt making sure all of his sperm enters her womb.

After a few minutes he finally pulls his cock out of her and he says " That was amazing, I came so hard on that one " he backs away and watches as his sperm starts leaking out of her cunt but he uses his fingers to push it back in. She looks at him and says " Yeah it was great but you know I won't give you a baby right? " he smiles and says " I know it's just part of my fantasy " and she says " oh ok but how about from now on you don't cum inside me anymore? " Simon stops smiling and he says " Are you serious? " she says " Yes you can cum in my mouth or my ass but not in my pussy ".

Simon looks at the camera and he says " Ok I won't cum inside your cunt anymore " and he goes back to his room, Julia looks for her jar of Morning After Pills but she can't find them, she can't remember if she had any left and decides that she'll go pick up a new bottle tomorrow. Later that night she enters Simons room asking him if he wants anything before she goes to bed, both still naked Simon gives her a big hug kissing her neck and grabbing her ass he says " I want to fuck " he puts her on his bed and spreading her legs he starts eating her cunt and she says " You such an animal, multiple times in 1 day, it's good to be young " and she laughs and moans as he licks her clit. Holding her ankles in his hands he slides his cock inside her and starts fucking her hard, fast and deep, he stares deep into her eyes not saying a word just grunting and breathing hard.

After fucking her for a while she says " Let me know when your about to cum ok, I'll put it in my mouth and swallow every drop " he doesn't say anything he just focuses on fucking her as hard he can while she moans and orgasms all over his cock, Simons body stiffens up and he starts to moan loudly, Julia screams " DON'T CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY " and she tries to push him off her but he shoots load after load of his baby making sperm deep into her womb and he lays on top of her with his cock still inside her until she's finally manages to push him off her.

She screams " WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? I TOLD YOU NOT TO CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY ANYMORE, I'N NOT GOING TO HAVE YOUR BABY " he looks at her, smiles and says " The way I see it that part of the deal with Jim is that you have to make sure I graduate from school but If I drop out of school then the deal is over " then he says " In other words you have to do whatever I want if you want to keep getting that $50,000 dollars a year, and I want you to get pregnant, you can get an abortion right after but I want to know that I got you pregnant, it's a huge turn on for me ".

He laughs and says " That's why I threw out your Morning After Pills " she looks at him and says " So you want to get me pregnant and then abort the baby? Simon looks at the cum leaking out of cunt and he says " yes, I don't want you to give birth to an incest baby, I just want to know that I got you pregnant then you can have an abortion, if you do this for me then I will graduate and guarentee we keep getting the $50,000 dollars a year ". She looks at him and says " And this turns you on? " he smiles and says " In ways you can't imagine " she says " Fine well do it your way, let me know when your ready to go again ".


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2011-10-22 05:12:06
Good story..mother and son sex are good and healthy. Mature women with hard young dicks in their cunts are natural. Mother let me stick my hard 6" in her juicy cunt and cum 6 oz. into it almost every day. Mom and I live in a country house happily together since my dad left 3 yrs. ago.

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Get going with the series!!

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I am into it until the Abortion thing. Abortion is 1st degree murder, and there is nothing wrong with an Incest baby.You have to inbreed for a long time before you get a jelly fish.

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