Lets Pick up where we left off
When I woke up it was 4:30 in the afternoon. Dylan was out of bed, and Ryan was just staring at me smiling. I figured his brother had gone out or something.
"Sleep well?"
"Where did your brother go?"
"I have no idea"
"How long have you been awake."
"Not long, you?"
"Am i the only one whose hungry?"
"No, i could eat."
"Well lets go have something then."
We went into the kitchen and found Dylan sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee.
"Whatsup guys?"
"Nothing much, how long have you been up?"
"About an hour."
"Sleep well?"
"mhm, you too?"
"As always."
"Yeah i slept good too."
"It's only 4:35, you guys want to go into town and get something to eat?"
“Sounds good.”
“Lets take my car.”
“i want to show it off. If you owned a 69 Camaro, you would want to show it off too. (To any gearheads that are reading this(A gearhead is someone who loves cars) My 1969 Camaro has a 383 Supersport, the original engine, manual transmission, its black with red racing stripes down the center, black vinel interior and pulls around 400 horsepower. its all original accept for the pain and interior.)
“okay then.”
I grabbed my wallet phone and keys. and we left. Gasquet is about a half an hour from Crescent City which is on the coast. The only way to get there is to drive through the red woods. We just talked on the way there.
“So how long have you had this?”
“My dad got this for me when i turned 16, it had all original parts in it, was not restored, one owner before me. All we did was repaint it and re-upolster the interior.”
“How much did he pay for it?”

“He never told me.”
“What? who payed for your truck?”
“My parents did.”
“How much was it?”
“How many miles did it have on it?”
“Any problems at the time?”
“How many miles now?”
“125,000 or so.”
“How long have you had it?”
“A little over a year.”
"It's nothing special. It's just a truck, not like this i mean. This is fucking nice. I am soooooo jealous."
"Hahahaha, you really don't strike me as a car lover."
"I am but I'm not, it has a lot to do with my dad and what he has."
"What does he have?"
"A 56' Corvette, and a 78 Firebird."
"Are they both restored?"
"Oh shit."
"Yeah i know right."
"Well it's about time you started talking again, are you sick all of a sudden or something?"
"You have been sitting back there twiddling your thumbs. I look back at you in the mirror and you look away. What is wrong Ryan?"
"I... was just thinking, i don't know. I'm..."
"Uh, what exactly happened between you too yesterday?"
And the question i knew would eventually come is there. I don't want to answer it but i don't know what else to do. I was raised to be honest with people. But this was way different then anything else before....
"What do you mean?"
"You know what I mean, don't play dumb, I'm no stranger."
"Come on!"
"We just hung out."
"No ya didn't. I know what the subject matter is, what exactly happened. I am not going to tell anyone, because if I did I would be a hypocrite and that is something I am not."
"Dylan we didn't do anything."
"Ryan, just stop. I know you guys had to do something."
"Oh come on, it wouldn't be the first time it happened and you know it!!!!"
This was going on, and we were just pulling out of the redwoods, and almost to town. I didn't know what to do.
"DYLAN, RYAN STOP!!!!!!!!"
They both just looked at be and I figured it was time to tell Dylan.
"Anything else?"
"Well some mouth to mouth, and some cuddling."
Ryan's mouth was wide open. Was Obviously shocked that I had said something.
"I see. Ryan, did you do anything you didn't want to?"
"Did you do anything you didn't want to?"
"What? NO."
"Okay. We can stop talking about it. It never happened."
I had no clue why he just dropped the subject like that, but I didn't fell like arguing with him, and we were at the resturant by then anyway.
"Have you guys been here before?"
"Okay well its the best seafood on the planet."
"How do you know, have you been to every seafood place on Earth?"
"O don't have to go to every place on Earth that sells seafood to know that this place is the best."
"If you say so."
I don't need to go into detail about dinner. We ordered our food and talked about anything you could imagine boys our age would talk about, we were in the corner booth, (LOL) and no one was near enough to hear what we were talking about so we talked about guys. Like who was hot in movies and tv shows. Shia Lebouf, Justin Beiber, Zach Efron, Taylor Lautner, you get the idea. Cars, music, what we were in to. But the drive home, got very interesting. We got back into the car and not a minute back on the highway and Dylan ask Ryan...
"So Ryan, how good of a blowjob does William give, and Will, how good is Ryan?"
My heart stopped and I had no fucking clue what to say...

And BOOOM! I am sorry this one didn't have any sex. I am trying to spread it out as much as I can. Sorry it took a while for this one to get finished. I have been busy. Please vote and leave comments and don't forget to look for the next one!! :)

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2011-12-14 10:00:11
I came at the part about the camero

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2011-10-13 03:32:58
To our author :
This story is just fine as is.
To all of you who suggest where the story should go - PLEASE read the header - "True Story " means just that. .. it happened and the story will play out as it occurred ;deal with it.
Mine author please continue & thanks for sharing!

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2011-10-13 02:48:12
i think you are an amzing writer and i wish you would write much much more :D i must say i am a big fan off your stories :) -chris16


2011-10-12 09:02:16
Okay first of all. Have you ever thought that maybe i know little about cars. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE CAR I OWN! It's Not a fantasy. And i didn't know why Dylan was acting that way. It won't take you very long to figure out why he was acting that way in the fourth one. Oh and if you haven't read the first two. Read them and then read this one again.

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2011-10-11 12:09:52
This was good. Though I thought you could have give a hint or something about why Dylan was acting the way he was during the car ride to and from the restuarant.

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