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She looked even better after childbirth.
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Daughter Looking Mighty Fine

I never thought that this day would ever arrive. I got sexually excited over my own daughter. Why not, she was much better looking that most girls her age.

Let me back up just a little bit. My daughter graduated from high school with very good grades but decided to marry her sweetheart instead of going to college. The wedding was nice but he didn’t have much of a future so he joined the Navy.

Less than two years later she has a child and is back living at home because her husband is out to sea for the next six to nine months.

At twenty she looked even better than she did at sixteen or eighteen. Her breasts were full of milk and swollen most of the time. She had a cute rounded tummy and she still had that great ass that attracted her husband in the first place.

She thought nothing of flipping out a tit and feeding her baby right in front of me. Then of course she would get up out of a chair by spreading her legs wide to get more stability first. That move almost always exposed her panties to me. I very much enjoyed seeing red, black, or white between her legs when her short skirts rode up a little in the process.

One day I finally said, “You lost some of your modesty.”

My daughter laughed out loud for a full minute before replying, “Modesty! What’s that? I gave birth in a Navy Hospital. All of the doctors and nurses were men. I spread my legs so many times during my pregnancy for so many different men that I lost tract. It seems that every visit I was introduced to a new doctor by a new nurse. Then after birth I had several men every day checking my recovery, washing my pussy, and applying new pads between my legs. Hell two of them even sucked on my nipples to get my milk to come in. Modesty! No! I don’t think I have any left.”

I smiled and asked, “Is there anything I can do?”

My daughter just smiled as she gave that some thought. Finally she asked, “Can you give me the best oral sex of my life? Mom used to tell me how good you were and hoped that I would find someone as good as you someday. Well Mom’s gone so how about it?”

I could not turn down her request.

She put the baby in its crib and came with me to my bedroom. I watched as my beautiful daughter undressed. Her top was pulled up and her nursing bra was removed to reveal that her wonderful engorged breasts were exposed and her nipples and areolas were a dark chocolate brown. Her nipples were swollen and pointed out.

She pushed her short black skirt down to her knees and let it fall to the floor before stepping out of it. Her silky yellow panties were next. Her pussy had a month’s growth on it and there was plenty of stubble.

She saw where I was looking and said, “I’m sorry Dad, I wasn’t expecting to let anyone see it just yet. I can shave it if you want me too.”

I laughed and said, “Honey it’s been so long since I’ve seen a pussy, just leave it alone. Your mother tried to keep hers natural for me but she trimmed the hell out it every summer. She didn’t want other men seeing her pubic hair.”

I was amazed at how her pussy lips opened up for me when she leaned back and spread her legs. Her lips were full and engorged with blood as a testament to how excited she was. On occasion her mother’s pussy opened up like that. I could see deep into her love hole, I could see her tiny pee hole, and I could definitely see her aroused clitoris.

I leaned in and sucked that nub into my lips, I batted it around with my tongue, and then I raked my teeth across it just like I used to do to her mother.

I got the same results too. She screamed out as an intense orgasm rocked through her. She screamed out a second and third time too. Then during or right after her forth orgasm she passed out. The ecstasy was too much for her.

I was sucking on her nipple and drinking some Mother’s milk when she came to.

She said, “Oh Dad, that was everything that I had hoped for. Can I return the favor?”

I asked, “When did the doctor say that you could have sex again?”

She smiled and said, “He suggested six weeks but I’m game right now if you want too.”

I asked, “When was the last time you had sex?”

She choked and replied, “The day I found out that I was pregnant. That bastard wouldn’t touch me after that. Thank God that I found another Navy wife in the same position. We sort of took care of one another, if you know what I mean.”

I chuckled and said, “So you turned lesbian for eight months.”

She laughed and replied, “You could say that. She was a very good carpet muncher but no where near as good as you are at it.”

I said, “Thank you.”

She said, “No…thank you. Now do you want to fuck me?”

I asked, “What about your husband?”

She growled, “He can go fuck himself.”

I looked at her and she added, “He’s fucking a girl in his squad. I found her military boxer briefs in my laundry one day. It seems that they put each other’s on after sex one day. Her name was written in the back of them. He never denied it either. I think our marriage is over.”

I put my knees between her legs and lifted her feet up to my shoulders. She smiled at me as I positioned my cock at her opening. I licked my lips and could still taste her juices on them. I watched her close her eyes as I entered her. Slowly but steadily I entered her until our pubic bones mashed together.

My daughter said, “Oh Dad, that is exactly what I’ve needed. I wanted a man to love me for who I was and I never dreamed that it would be my own father.”

I fucked into her slowly, each stroke being as long in length as possible. I wished that I had another inch but she wasn’t complaining. I held on long enough to see her face contort as her orgasm started. She reminded me so much of her mother. Then I came in her, kissed her, and held her in my arms until she finally spoke.

She said, “If you can do that to me every day…and change a messy diaper occasionally…you would make me the happiest girl in the world.”

I replied, “I’d love too.”

I pulled the covers up and she fell asleep in my arms that night. She didn’t even hear her daughter cry at three in the morning. I went in, changed her diaper, and brought her back into bed with us. She latched onto her mother’s nipple and never woke her up.

I had tired the poor girl out.

I smiled and fell asleep with my daughter and granddaughter in bed with me. Other than a diaper we were all naked and we pretty much stayed that way for almost a year.

Her husband came back into port, called her up, and asked her for a divorce. She told him that the papers were on his commanding officers desk and to sign them.

His commanding officer was not happy to learn that her husband was fooling around with his daughter. Yes, the shit did hit the fan and she got a fantastic settlement out of it. She received full spouse benefits, his daughter received full dependant benefits, and he had a good portion of his salary sent to her every month.

Her lesbian lover during pregnancy stopped in with her daughter for a couple of weeks when her husband went out to sea. Those two women almost killed me with sex. Luckily they had each other.

A month later the girlfriend tried to accuse me of getting her pregnant. My daughter politely told her that I had had a vasectomy shortly after her birth and that I could not possibly have gotten her pregnant. We never heard from her again.

The End
Daughter Looking Mighty Fine
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