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Cynthia had a use for Dad’s old dark room that was painted black and had no lights in it.
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The Black Room

My sister and I had a lot of close friends. I was three years older than she was, so my sister liked a lot of my friends, and of course I liked most of her friends too.

When our father still lived with us he had built a set of dark rooms in the basement for photography. We referred to them as the black rooms because of the paint color. Half of the basement was a family room with plenty of lights, nice thick carpet, big screen television, and a great sound system. The other half consisted of the three dark rooms. There were two smaller rooms on the ends that led to a larger room in the middle. The doors all locked to prevent someone from coming in when he was busy. With the double door system that the outer rooms provided, no white light could enter the center room to spoil any pictures being developed. They only had red lights in them. That was just enough to see a little bit as you undressed and got dressed.

My sister and I had found a few old mattresses that a motel was throwing out and scarfed them up for our use. We had given it some thought and we wanted a make out room.

We had decided that there would be a girl entrance and a boy entrance. That way we could get undressed and met in the middle in total darkness. If there were more than one boy and one girl and no one talked, then we would not know who our partner was. It was a variation on the blind man’s bluff game.

Our friends were all looking forward to it too.

Mom did not have a clue that we had found the keys to the dark room and done anything with them.

For Cynthia’s thirteenth birthday we threw a great party. Mom allowed us a lot of latitude so I invited eleven of my friends and she invited eleven of her friends. I was pretty sure that all of us were virgins including my friends, even though they talked the talk well.

Mom was letting the girls spend the night but my friends had to go home by ten o’clock. Cynthia talked Mom into letting the party start at noon with her giving us as much privacy as possible.

Cynthia had talked about letting six couples in at a time but then decided that three was better. She had even figured out who they would be in advance and wrote it down. Surprisingly she put both of our names in the same group. When I questioned her she said that the thought of me possibly fucking her was exciting. I had been having the very same thoughts too.

I said, “Maybe the two of us should try the sex room out first.” After a slight pause I continued, “Just to make sure that everything works okay.”

Cynthia giggled and said, “You just want to make sure that you’re the one to pop my cherry.”

I smiled and said, “I really do want you to be my first too.”

Cynthia said, “Why don’t we have a signal then. Like something that the other boys won’t do. Maybe you could suck the girl’s right thumb and if she sucks your right thumb then you will knew that it is me. Otherwise go on to the next girl.”

I said, “Well if you switch out one of the girls I would definitely know that it was you because of your tiny titties. You have Jill on our list and she has big tits so swap Amy for Carol because she has big tits too. Then all I have to do is feel them up and get right to you before the other guys do.”

Cynthia said, “I could just go to the corner to the left of our entrance and you come and find me.”

I finally said, “Okay. I like that idea.”

For the next couple of days I gave her idea some more thought. What if she sends another girl into that corner? Then I decided that I would just have to trust her.

Saturday came around finally and then noon arrived…finally. Our guests were just as anxious to get the party started as we were.

Cynthia lined the girls up in a circle in the middle of the room facing out. Then she told us boys to go around the outside of the circle kissing them. We had to use our tongue and we had to kiss them for at least a minute. We were allowed to caress one boob while we kissed them, but we were not to feel their pussies. Okay, let the games begin.

I started with Jill. I placed my hand on her big tit and pulled her close for a kiss. I was not very experienced at kissing. In fact Jill was the first girl that I had ever kissed that wasn’t a relative. She seemed to like the kiss and she liked my hand on her boob too.

When I got to Amy next I just slipped my hand up under her T-shirt to cup her bra and feel some warm flesh as I kissed her. Her mouth and tongue tasted really nice. I hated to stop and go to the next girl.

Carol was the next girl in the circle and I had gotten braver. I reached up under her blouse and slipped my hand up under her bra to cup her small tittie in my hand. She seemed really surprised that I had done that to her but she pulled me closer and shoved her tongue into my mouth. She was doing all of the work. I knew that she was excited so I took advantage of that and slipped my other hand between her legs, up under her skirt, and into her panties. I was French kissing her, holding her bare tit, and finger fucking her wet pussy all at the same time. I really hated to let her go.

My sister was next. Cynthia grabbed me and pulled me in close. I slipped one hand up under her blouse, up under her bra, and onto her warm tit. I slipped the other hand up under her miniskirt, into her panties, and into her wet hole too. Wow! Cynthia kissed me a lot harder so I knew that she was enjoying it.

When I finished, I had fingered nine of the twelve girls. I wasn’t sure if any of the other guys had fingered the girls or not.

We had to take a break because Mom wanted us to do the birthday cake thing, complete with pictures.

When we resumed our private party, Cynthia had all of the girls go into the first dark room and remove their panties and bras. They got back into their circle and we were given the green light to feel them up for five minutes each.

I was happy to be able to finger Jill’s pussy. I wet my finger and I rubbed her clit with it. I had learned a lot from the first circle. Jill collapsed to the floor as her orgasm hit her hard. I went down to my knees with her and kept up my assault on her clit. She was a blubber mass of quivering flesh when the five-minute alarm went off. I was the only guy to please his girl, that well.

Amy knew that she was next so she knelt down on the floor and spread her knees for me. I reached under her skirt and started in right where I had left off with Jill. Amy had tears running down her cheeks from all the pleasure that I was giving her. The other guys were trying to please their girls but I was so much better than they were that it wasn’t funny.

Carol loved it too. Finally my sister just grinned at me as she got comfortable on the floor. She was sitting on her ankles and her knees were wide. A few guys had been fingering her so she was pretty wet and she had been rubbed slightly sore. I gave her my best and she really appreciated it too. I figured that I gave her five orgasms in a row without hardly any rest in between. She was a quivering mass when I moved o, but she loved it. In fact all of the girls were anxious for me to get to them. The guys were sort of pissed that they couldn’t satisfy the girls as well as I had.

When that round ended Mom wanted Cynthia to open her gifts, again with pictures. Actually we all needed the break.

Mom was very surprised at most of the gifts. I’m not sure what she expected her to be given but I think she expected dolls and clothes. Cynthia received sexy thong panties, see through nighties, and micro miniskirts. She received sexy blouses, a box of condoms, and a dildo. Mom about freaked out but Cynthia assured her that the condoms and dildo were meant as a joke. The boys that gave them to her agreed and laughed about it.

As soon as Mom had gone Cynthia asked the boy that had given her the dildo to fuck her with it. Then she asked him to fuck all of the girls with it. The rest of us boys just watched and fingered the girls that were not getting fucked with the dildo. I took care of my sister that time and gave her multiple orgasms again. She was begging me to stop.

We took another break to eat the pizzas that Mom had ordered. She ate with us so the conversation was pretty normal for a bunch of teenagers. However, the one that gave Cynthia the dildo asked Mom if she had ever used one. That caused Mom to blush. He didn’t stop though. He kept asking Mom about her first time, weather she liked younger boys, and if she knew what a MILF was. After that even the girls got in on the action. They were curious as to how bad it felt to have a boy inside them the first time. They asked about blowjobs, sexually transmitted diseases, and then they asked if Mom had ever done anal.

To be fair, Mom really did try to answer their question honestly without being too specific, upsetting their parents, or embarrassing herself too much. Basically Mom told us that over several years of dating and marriage that she had tried almost everything that there was to try but that each girl would have to try things for herself and see what she liked best.

Of course that led to her being asked what she hadn’t tried yet. Mom blushed and seemed to be stalling for time before she said that she had not made love while standing up in a hammock yet. That got a few laughs and an offer from the boy that had a hammock in his back yard. Mom thanked him for his offer but said that he was a little too young for her. She finally went upstairs and left us alone. It was eight o’clock so the boys had two hours left.

Cynthia had already briefed the girls before hand so she knew that they all were expecting to have sex with an unknown boy in the dark room. However, she explained the rules to the boys about the first room was for undressing, the second room was for making love to a silent unknown girl for the very first time. She informed then that all of the girls were virgins and that some care should be taken even though they had all seen the big dildo get shoved into the girl’s pussies. She reminded everyone about absolute silence and sent the first three boys into their room. After a minute she sent the three girls. That way the boys didn’t know who the girls were.

The girls came out first and then Cynthia introduced them to the three boys when they came out. The girls got to tell us what had happened in there. Mostly the boys fumbled around and the girls had to help them. They did not seem to know who fucked who.

The second batch went in with just about the same results. The third batch did better. Then it was our turn. Everyone seemed surprised that Cynthia and I were going in together.

Us boys entered our room and undressed. We entered the big room and I rushed to the far corner that Cynthia had talked about. I got there first. When a girl came up to me I reached out and she had small tits so I knew that it wasn’t Jill. Then I reached up to touch her hair. Carol had her hair in a ponytail and I felt a ponytail. I was disappointed to have found Carol. Then Cynthia whispered in my ear, “It’s me. I just wanted to mess with you.”

Up until that point I had kissed her, I had felt of both of her titties, and I had fingered her pussy several times. I laid her down on the used mattress and got between her legs. I lined my cock up with her virgin pussy and then I just leaned in to kiss her. My cock entered her, my tongue entered her, and both felt great. I heard the other boys grunting next to us, I heard the girls crying out to God, and I knew who was fucking who. Bobby was fucking Jill and Tim was fucking Carol. They had all finished before I started filling my sister up. She kissed me afterwards and whispered, “Thank you.”

When we had rejoined the group Jill said, “Bobby was fucking me.” Carol said, “Tim was fucking me.”

Then all eyes looked at Cynthia and me and they giggled. Cynthia said, “I was hoping to get my brother. I wasn’t sure though until Jill and Carol announced who their partners were.”

Amy said, “That might have been your first time but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be your last time.”

Other girls wanted to know if I could use my cock as well as I used my tongue and fingers. Cynthia told them that I was very good and that she would recommend that they all give me a try. Especially since I would be the only boy left.

Mom called down the stairs, “Boys, say goodnight, it is ten minutes to ten. Time for you to leave the girls alone.” Then she called my name and said, “The same thing goes for you too.”

All of the boys kissed a couple of girls and headed up the stairs. I kissed all of them on the pussy as well as on the lips. I made sure to kiss their asses as well. I got great responses.

Up stairs Mom showed the boys out. She counted heads. Then she took me up to our bedrooms. After I was in bed Mom came in and asked, “So how did the dark room work out? Did you and Cynthia find each other in the corner?”

I asked, “You knew?”

Mom laughed and said, “Who do you think gave her the keys and the suggestions?”

Then I asked, “It’s okay with you then, if we have sex together?”

Mom replied, “You can have sex with me too. If you want to that is. Cynthia and I have already made out together.”

Then she threw the covers off of me and said, “You had better get back down there. The girls are expecting you, aren’t they?”

I managed to have sex with seven of the other girls before they had to leave on Sunday. The four that I hadn’t had sex with were invited back the following Saturday to spend the night.

The rest of the day I was sexually exhausted, but by the time I came home from school the next day I had fully recovered. Cynthia let Mom go first. It was incredibly amazing making love to my own mother. She knew exactly what she wanted and she wasn’t afraid to ask me either.

During dinner that night Mom told us the answer to most of the questions that had been asked of her on Saturday in front of the group.

Mom gave her first blowjob to her cousin at age ten, she let three boys see her naked and feel her up at twelve, and at thirteen she had let her brother take her virginity. Just like I had done with my sister. Mom had made out with several girls in high school, had a gangbang with most of the basketball players, and had anal sex with my father for the first time. Dad set her up on dates once a month for the last few years that they had been together. She never knew who was going to fuck her until they handed her a two-headed coin that Dad had bought years before.

Mom explained that fucking total strangers was the biggest thrill of her life. That was why she had suggested the total darkness and silence to Cynthia.

Then Mom handed me the two-headed coin and said, “I’ll fuck anyone that hands me that coin, young, old, or even women. Just hand it out and I’ll return it to you to hand out again and again.”

The End
The Black Room
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